AMC Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

Previously on "All My Children" --

Maria: You've got to let me take you to the emergency room, Aidan.

Aidan: No. No one can know about this.

Hayley: I was under the impression that we were partners.

Mateo: And if that means moving to LA, then Iím ready.

Mia: You have a son.

Lysistrata: Both of you require time apart to re-establish your own identity.

Liza: I hope this works.

Adam: So do I.


Mateo: My head is not that big.

Hayley: Really, I wish one of you had stayed in art school.

Mateo: Hey, thanks, guys. It's great. Appreciate it.

Hayley: Ah. It's happening too fast.

Mateo: Oh, listen, when we get to Los Angeles, we'll catch our breath, ok?

Isabella: Ooh, it was so cute. Enzo gave me a big hug.

Hayley: How did you get him to stay in his stroller?

Isabella: We wrestled. I won.

Mateo: Good, good, get him all tired for the long flight to L.A., all right?

Isabella: Oh, I wish you'd go on a later flight.

Mateo: No, mom, it's not going to work.

Hayley: I have to work first thing in the morning.

Isabella: I know, I know. But Christmas without Lorenzo and both of you --

Mateo: Listen, you're going to be so busy with all the girls, you won't even notice us.

Isabella: Don't you ever say such a thing.

Mateo: Hey, where am I going to be?

Isabella: In my heart.

Mateo: Ok?

Isabella: Ok, and soon we'll visit.

Mateo: You have to visit. Tell her who's going to be on your show.

Hayley: Antonio Banderas.

Isabella: No.

Hayley and Mateo: Si.

Mateo: You better control yourself.

Isabella: Yes.

Adam: You spare a couple of minutes for your old man?

Hayley: Sure. Of course.

Isabella: It's not easy. First Julia in the witness protection program, and then Maria, and then --

Mateo: Mom, mom, she's back. She's back.

Isabella: Oh, Mijo -- Mijo, I thank God for that, but she's not really back. Not completely.

Mateo: She's getting back her memory little by little. You know that. It's --

Isabella: I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but -- but now you're going away, and I'm -- I -- I'm sorry. I just --

Mateo: Hey, listen, listen -- come here.

Isabella: I know --

Mateo: Come here. It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok.

Adam: Don't do this to yourself.

Hayley: I'm not doing anything to myself. It's what I'm doing to Mateo and his family. I hate this.

Liza: Are you hoping for snow? Is that why you're taking your snow queen wand to Brittanyís house?

Colby: Yes, and if it snows, daddy will take me sledding.

Liza: He would love that.

Colby: Is daddy going to take me to school tomorrow?

Liza: Actually, you are going to drive with Brittany and Mrs. Cox.

Colby: Oh.

Liza: But I can make sure that he drives at least one time this week.

Colby: Ok. But can Aunt Mia take me, too? I miss her.

Liza: Well, we'll see.

[car horn honks]

Liza: Oh, there's Mrs. Cox. Come on, Brittanyís waiting. Give Uncle Stuart a kiss good-bye.

Stuart: Hey, sweetie. Give me a kiss. I want you to have a snow dance with Brittany because I want a white Christmas, ok?

Colby: Me, too.

Stuart: Me, too, ok. Ow! Boink!


Stuart: Listen, when you get back, we'll do -- we'll string some popcorn for the Christmas tree, all right?

Colby: Ok.

Stuart: Ok. Here we go.

Liza: Bye, darling. Have fun!

Colby: Bye, Mommy.

Liza: Bye, Peanut.

Stuart: Be creative.

Liza: It's never going to be the same, is it? You're never going to look at me and not see what I did to Mia, are you?

Stuart: Liza -- nothing is ever the same. But whether you forgive yourself or not -- that's up to you.

Mia: Frank.

Frank: Mind if I come in?

Mia: Are you feeling better about everything?

Frank: No, actually, I'm feeling worse.

Mia: That's too bad. I was hoping maybe you would find a little peace.

Frank: That Iíd say, "you gave away my kid and never told me -- what the hell"?

Mia: No --

Frank: You don't get off that easy, Mia.

Mia: I haven't gotten off easy at all, Frank! I'm sorry. Look, William is with a family that loves him --

Frank: Because you didn't have the guts to tell the truth. William's adoption should've never happened.

Mia: That is not your call.

Frank: Like hell it isn't.

Mia: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry. I don't mean to get upset. Frank, leave him alone. Let William be happy.

Frank: What makes you think I can't make him happier?

Aidan: Oh, my God, how long have I been asleep?

Maria: Well, you slept through breakfast. Ok, and I'm really -- I'm really, really worried. Please let me call a doctor because there might be some sort of complications, anything --

Aidan: No, Maria, no. No one can know about this. No doctors.

Maria: But I'm really worried because I've got to go out for a while.

Aidan: Fine. I can manage.

Maria: Ok. Ok, sip on a little bit of this. It's some chicken broth.

Aidan: Oh, you're a darling. Where are you off to, anyway?

Maria: Well, my brother and sister are leaving for California today. They're having a big going away party, so I have to go.

Aidan: Sure.

Maria: And I'm afraid that if I don't go, they might come here, and then -- you know, we can't have that, so --

Aidan: Fine. Don't waste any time. Go on. Off you go.

Maria: Ok. Ok.

Aidan: Maureen -- thanks. I really shouldn't have put you in this much danger.

Maria: Well, you put yourself in danger by letting me treat you. But -- ok, just try to get some rest. I will be back as soon as humanly possible. Just be still, ok?

[Aidan groans]

Aidan: Oh, me --

Aidan: When is the next bus to Montreal?

Mia: You want to blame someone? Blame me. But don't take your bruised ego out on an innocent child.

Frank: Is that what you think Iím doing?

Mia: I'm afraid that's what it could lead to -- that you could destroy Williamís life.

Frank: I would never hurt my son.

Mia: You may not mean to, but if you try to change his life, Frank --

Frank: We had a son together. You decided to get rid of him on your own.

Mia: I didn't "get rid of him"!

Frank: As far as I'm concerned, you did.

Mia: You see? You see this? This is why I couldn't tell you I was pregnant. You can't put a baby in some power play.

Frank: Is that how you see this?

Mia: Please, look, just -- please, just try to be objective, ok? Just try to stand back and see this from my point of view --

Frank: How can I stand back?

Mia: I didn't do this to make you suffer, ok? I didn't. I did it so that William wouldn't have to suffer, so that he could be happy. And I won't apologize for it. I wonít. Our son's happiness is worth it.

Frank: So Iím not supposed to have any say in my son's life?

Mia: Frank, right now Williamís entire future is in your hands. You can just let him be at peace with the people who he knows and who he loves, or you can just rip his whole world apart.

Frank: I have to see how he is.

Mia: No.

Frank: Mia, tell me where he is.

Mia: No.

Frank: I can find out.

Mia: Please don't, Frank.

Frank: All right. You've made your decisions. I'll make mine.

Mia: According to my lawyers, Frank, your rights are not as clear-cut as you might think.

Frank: And who lined up these lawyers of yours? Jake? No? How many other people knew about my son before I did, Mia?

Mia: Liza and Adam have helped me to keep William where he is right now --

Frank: Yeah, away from me.

Mia: That's not the point!

Frank: Forget it.

Liza: Mia could've died.

Stuart: It was an accident, Liza. You can't control what Mia thinks. But you have to live with yourself, not Mia. Colby deserves to live with a happy mom.

Liza: Thanks, Stuart.

Stuart: Marian and I -- I'm going to go pick up Marian at the -- uh -- uh -- where'd she go?

Liza: Aerobics or something.

Stuart: Aerobics or something. Then we're going to go Christmas shopping. You going to be ok?

Liza: Yeah. Well, you know, we'll just have to see.

Stuart: Ok. If you like yourself half as much as I do, you're going to be fine.

Mateo: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Mateo: Thank you for everything.

Jake: All right.

Mateo: I mean it. Keep in touch, all right?

Jake: You, too. Don't forget about us back here.

Mateo: Ok.

Jake: All right? Take care, buddy.

Mateo: All right.

Jake: Hayley --

Isabella: Daddy! Look, daddy! Here you go. Daddy's here.

Hayley: I can't even look at Isabella.

Adam: What is your crime? That you're a success? You've given your family the opportunity of a lifetime, Hayley.

Hayley: I see them. I see the little dollar signs and Nielsen ratings floating around in your eyeballs.

Adam: No, what you see is paternal pride. You're good at what you do. And if that makes you wealthy -- hey, hooray.

Hayley: Money can't buy happiness.

Adam: You don't need to buy happiness. You already have it. Look -- look over there.

[Isabella laughs]

Adam: That's your husband, who's thrilled at your success because he isn't intimidated by it. He's not threatened by it. And the little one, the short one? You know him, your boy? He's smart and he's healthy. And he adores his parents because they put him first.

Hayley: I don't know. Maybe we used to, but this move -- what if I force them to give up everything? What if I force Mateo to give up his family and his business and everything he knows and what we have together disappears?

Adam: No.

Chris: Look at him.

Isabella: Here you go. Come on.

Mateo: Let me buy you a drink.

Chris: Sure. Look at that.

Mateo: Thank you. I owe you for this.

Chris: I'm glad I could do it.

Mateo: Are you kidding me? My mom's going to survive this holiday because of this. Are you sure it's safe?

Chris: Yeah, I put a full detail on it.

Mateo: All right, no risk?

Chris: Mateo, relax. I'm overseeing the whole operation myself.

Mateo: Ok.

Chris: Is Maria going to show up?

Mateo: Oh, gosh, I sure hope so.

Maria: O, ye of little faith.

[Aidan groans]

Aidan: Oh, I got to get out of here.

Jake: Ho, ho, ho! Mia? Hey. What happened? What's going on?

Mia: Oh, life just happened, and I screwed it up.

Jake: No, no, no. Don't say that. What is it?

Mia: These roses are beautiful.

Jake: Thanks, thanks. What, did Frank come back here?

Mia: He didn't get what he wanted last night, so -- yeah.

Jake: All right, look, look -- we're not going to let Frank do anything stupid. You understand?

Mia: He -- he's not out to hurt anybody. At least I don't think he is.

Jake: Well, that's exactly why I want Liza to pay for what she did.

Mia: What -- what exactly does this have to do with Liza?

Jake: It's this whole thing with her. It's just this "I didn't mean to hurt anyone" defense.

Mia: Jake --

Jake: Mia, there are selfish people out there in the world every day recklessly ruining other people's lives, and then they're saying, "oops, I didn't mean to." And they're getting off scot-free, and it's a bunch of bull.

Mia: Well, I guess it depends on your point of view. Frank sure wants to punish me.

Jake: You didn't do anything wrong. You're trying to give your son a great life. What's wrong with that? Liza, on the other hand, she nearly kills you. Mia, she needs to face the consequences. That's all there is to it.

[knock on door]

Liza: All right. No, I'm not greenlighting the research -- somebody's at the door, ok? Just find out the cost and get back to me. Frank, hello.

Frank: A maid up at the house told me you'd be down here.

Liza: Colby and I are staying here for a little while. Please --

Frank: Thanks.

Liza: Is this about Mia and the accident at the party?

Frank: No. It's not about the fall.

Liza: Well, it'd be easier if you just came out and said what you want to say.

Frank: You knew all about it, didn't you?

Liza: About what?

Frank: Keeping my son away from me. You knew all about it, didn't you?

Maria: I mean, did you really think I wasn't going to show up to say good-bye to you?

Mateo: I don't know. It's kind of a unique situation, you know? It's --

Maria: Yeah, but it doesn't matter how far away you are. You're my brother.

Mateo: Yeah.

Maria: Nothing's going to change that.

Mateo: You have no idea how much we all love you.

Maria: I am really hoping that that comes back to me.

Mateo: And listen, if -- Maria or Maureen -- it doesn't matter. You're an exceptional person.

Maria: Thank you. I wish I could be the sister that you lost.

Mateo: You're alive. You're here. Listen, if you remember the past, that's great. If not, that's what was supposed to happen, right?

Maria: Yeah -- I don't think our mother would agree with you, though.

Mateo: Oh, is she leaning pretty heavy on you?

Maria: Yeah, but, you know -- I mean, if I don't remember the past, it doesn't matter because I can obviously appreciate people for who they are. And I know that I am so lucky to have you as a brother. And this is not good-bye. It's not.

Mateo: Are you kidding? Going to be back and forth so many times, and I want you to come visit us.

Maria: Oh, I would love to. Of course, of course.

Mateo: And, listen, if you need me, call me, all right? I'll come back. I'll get on the next plane.

Maria: Thank you. Thanks.

Mateo: Wait a sec.

Maria: Ok. Who's this?

Mateo: That's you. And that's me. And that's Julia, our other sister.

Maria: Julia.

Mateo: You called her "Shrimpy."

Maria: Why? Was she shorter than me?

Mateo: No, you were just mean.

Maria: Oh, my God.

Mateo: But the good thing was that she grew about five inches in high school. She's actually taller than me now.

Maria: Oh, good, good. Did I still call her "Shrimpy"?

Mateo: Yeah, sometimes.

Maria: Yeah?

Mateo: But she liked it. She liked it. I mean, we kind of were like her, you know, unofficial bodyguards. We -- you know, we looked out for each other. We still do.

Hayley: Hey.

Maria: Hey.

Hayley: I'm glad you could make it.

Maria: Oh, yeah, I wouldn't have let you guys leave without wishing you luck.

Hayley: I need all the help I can get, believe me.

Mateo: Are you kidding? You've got it made. You've got talent. You've got the looks. You've got the wonderful husband.

Maria: See?

Hayley: If he do say so himself.

Maria: Yeah. Well --

Mateo: You know she's going to come visit us.

Hayley: Are you?

Mateo: Mm-hmm.

Maria: Oh, yeah. And, well, Iím really dying to get to know you guys, so when you come back here, we'll have to all hang out. I'll go there, Iíll visit.

Mateo: Absolutely.

Hayley: I would like that.

Maria: Good.

Hayley: I'm going to get some coffee. You want anything?

Maria: No, I'm good, thank you.

Mateo: No.

Adam: Hayley, you're going to make yourself sick.

Hayley: It's too late. I'm already sick.

Adam: Well, stop it. It's not healthy.

Hayley: You're right. I'm going to put a stop to it.

Adam: Good!

Hayley: The move to L.A. is off. We're going to stay right here.

Isabella: Isn't it great? Your sister took the time to drop by when she has so much to do.

Maria: I don't have that much to do, believe me.

Isabella: Oh, well, maybe not most days, but with Maddie and Samís Christmas Pageant today, I know that --

Maria: Oh, my God. I completely forgot. You know what? If I run, I can probably still make it, and I won't miss it.

Isabella: Oh, but before you do, make sure you get in touch with Edmund. He said he was going to pick you up at the motel. Oh, Enzo! Wait -- oh, put down the crayon!

Mateo: Mom, it's ok. It just washes right off -- Enzo! Hey!

Maria: Aidan Ė

[Aidan groans]

[knock on door]


Edmund: Maria? Are you there? 

Liza: You should talk to Mia.

Frank: I did. That's why Iím here. Why'd you help her?

Liza: What kind of question is that? She's my sister. She confided in me.

Frank: You think all fathers don't love their children?

Liza: On the contrary, Frank. I think some fathers love their children more than anything in the world.

Frank: You just decided that I wasn't one of them? What makes it ok to keep my child away from me?

Liza: I didn't feel that it was my place to give you that information.

Frank: So it was all Mia's decision, huh? Well, did you tell her that maybe she should come and talk to me about it? Did you?

Liza: I respected her decision. I think you should do the same.

Frank: I can't respect her decision, Liza. I have a son that I've never met, and that's all I can think about. She should've come and talked to me about it.

Liza: Mia had a responsibility to this baby to give him the best possible life that she could.

Frank: And now she's allowed perfect strangers to choose how our baby grows up? Do you honestly think that that's the most responsible decision she could've made?

Liza: Mia felt it was best.

Frank: No. She chose the coward's way out.

Liza: How dare you. How dare you, Frank. Mia is no coward.

Jake: Mia -- you can't let Liza get away with what she did. It was attempted murder.

Mia: It was not. It wasnít. What is this really about?

Jake: Excuse me?

Mia: Jake, I understand. You were attached to Colby. I mean, you thought she was your daughter, and then she was just yanked away from you by Liza.

Jake: Mia, that doesn't make any sense, all right, because Colby wasn't my daughter. She's Adamís daughter.

Mia: Yes, but you already loved her. And it broke your heart to lose that connection with her.

Jake: Why are you digging this up?

Mia: I can't just ignore it. I canít. I mean, you're so set on prosecuting Liza, and it just -- I don't understand what you expect to accomplish.

Jake: Justice. For once, Mia, justice. She doesn't get a pass on this. She pushed you out a third floor window.

Mia: She says she tripped.

Jake: Mia, she'd say she flew if it'd keep her out of court.

Mia: Isn't it possible that it was just an accident?

Jake: You know, I know how much you'd like to believe that. I'd like to believe that. Liza was my friend, Mia. I cared about her. We were close.

Mia: So why are you turning against her?

Jake: I love you. You don't seem to understand that. You should ask yourself -- why was it that Liza turned against you? I think the problem is here that you're having a hard time dealing with the fact that a sister that you wanted so desperately to love you wanted you dead.

Mateo: So, you know, missing Christmas with my mom -- it's the worst thing, you know?

Chris: Yeah, well, hopefully this surprise is going to take her mind off everything else.

Mateo: That's the idea. So, was it tough to pull off? I mean --

Chris: Oh, Mateo, it's the holidays. It's a time for miracles.

Mateo: You know, I'm just thinking about how I doubted you, you know, I thought you were Proteus? I'm sorry --

Chris: No, forget it, forget it. You know, back then it was impossible to know who was the good guys and who was the bad guys, remember?

Mateo: Yeah. Well, on behalf of my family, thank you. You saved my life. You saved my family's life.

Chris: You're welcome. Tell me, do you really know how to surf?

Adam: You would be making a terrible mistake not going to L.A.

Hayley: Yeah? Well, anything is better than ripping my husband away from his family. They have been through too much. I can't do it to them.

Isabella: Excuse me. May I have a private word with my daughter-in-law?

Adam: Absolutely. Maybe you can talk some sense into her.

Hayley: Don't worry, Isabella. The move is off. I can't do it. I can't take Mateo away from you guys.

Isabella: Hayley? You're not taking Mateo away. You're bringing him home.

Edmund: Hey, stranger. Thought you'd never get here. What are you waiting for? Let's go in.

Liza: But Mia wanted her son -- your son -- to have a mother and a father and siblings. She wanted him to have the best possible start in life. And no matter what you think, it was a very courageous decision to give up her baby.

Frank: It wasn't just her baby.

Liza: All right, but -- I just don't want you to think that there weren't any feelings associated with this. This was the most painful decision.

Frank: This was her choice.

Liza: It was a brave choice.

Frank: Don't expect me to sympathize with Mia, all right?

Liza: You know what? I just want you to understand one thing. What she went through for five years -- every single day she would wake up and she'd realize that somebody else was feeding her child breakfast and reading him stories and kissing him good night. When you're a mother, you have a connection to your child that you never knew existed within you. And accepting that you might not be the right person to raise your child, the one you love more than anything -- it's the hardest decision in your life. Honestly, I don't think that I would've been brave enough to have made that kind of choice. Frank, you have so much of Jesse in you. You are going to be a wonderful father someday.

Frank: I already am a father.

Mia: You know what? You're right. I don't want to think that it's possible, so I put myself in her place.

Jake: You could never do what Liza did to you.

Mia: She was angry. She wasn't homicidal.

Jake: Mia, she tried to lie her way out of it. She tried calling it an accident. I mean, that makes it even more hateful.

Mia: But look at me, Jake. Look -- I'm ok.

Jake: You are ok, thank God. I got you back. And I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Understand? No one is going to hurt you.

Mia: You can't protect me from everything.

Jake: You bet I can. You wait and see.

Mia: I'm lucky to have you. I really need your strength now more than ever.

Hayley: You don't have any family in California.

Isabella: Hayley, wherever you take my son, he's home.

Hayley: But we're going to be 3,000 miles away.

Isabella: Come here. Come on. Come here, come here. Mateo was born a wanderer. Even before he could crawl, he would squirm all over the place. All this energy directed someplace else. Do you know when they gave him to me in the hospital, I remember his eyes darted all around the room. My Mateo was always staring off at the horizon, searching for something that no one else could see.

Hayley: I never noticed that.

Isabella: Because it stopped with you. Whatever he was looking for, whatever he needed, he found in your eyes, in your heart.

Hayley: Do you really believe that?

Isabella: Every time I see you two together, I know it's true.

Hayley: Yeah, but --

Isabella: Wait. I brought you something.

Hayley: You didn't have to do that.

Isabella: It's a mother/daughter necklace. The heart is open so that the love can flow in and out. Hayley, you're my daughter, just as much as Maria and Julia and Anita and Rosa. Turn around.

Isabella: Oh, my hands are shaking. I want you to take this necklace with you, ok? You have my son. You have my grandson. Now you have my heart, too.

Hayley: I'm so honored to be part of your family.

Isabella: Take care of each other. Love him forever with all your beautiful heart.

Hayley: I didn't get you anything.

Isabella: Well, when you get Antonio Banderas on your show, that will be my gift. I'm serious. I am.

Hayley: If you come, I will make it happen.

Maria: I am sorry Iím running so late, but Iím just going to run in, Iím going to shower and change really quick, and then Iíll meet you at that pageant, ok?

Edmund: The pageant, the pageant -- Iím sorry, it's off. All three wise men have chicken pox.

Maria: You're kidding me. Sam and Maddie must be so disappointed.

Edmund: Yeah. They're home stringing popcorn. I'll tell you what -- I figured Iíd pick you up, we'll go grab a bite, and then we can do some shopping for the kids.

Maria: Ok -- well, if we don't have to go to the pageant, then Iíve got so many zillions of errands to run. I think I'm going to do that instead --

Edmund: Well, we can do them while you're out.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: Ok?

Maria: Ok. Then why don't you go to B.J.'s, get us a table. I'll run in, Iíll change really quick, and Iíll meet you there.

Edmund: We missed the lunch hour. Getting a table will be no problem. And I promise you, I won't look while you change. Scout's honor.

Maria: But it's -- ok, look -- I can explain.

Edmund: Explain what?

Mateo: How are you holding up?

Isabella: How do you feel about this move?

Mateo: I feel good. Hayley seems kind of down, though.

Isabella: I talked to her. She'll be fine.

Mateo: Yeah. If you say it, it must be true.

[Isabella laughs]

Isabella: Never lose sight of what's truly important -- the love of your wife, your son, and your integrity. You are the perfect son.

Mateo: Wouldn't the perfect son stick around?

Isabella: Did your Papa stay with his mother? No. He took us to live in San Antonio so he could better provide for us. And then we moved here for the same reason. I know Hector would be so proud of what you're doing. In fact, if he were here now, I know he'd be crying more than I am.

Isabella: My daughter -- stay in love and in faith. Dios los bendiga. Lorenzo -- who gave him that cookie?

Hayley: She's something.

Mateo: Something wonderful, huh?

Hayley: Yeah.

Mateo: You know how much I love you?

Hayley: Where do you think I get my courage?

Adam: He's smuggling cookies.

Hayley: Let me see. Give me that face. Mmm, semisweet. Bittersweet.

Isabella: Hey, hey, hey, hey, come on. Come on. Have a wonderful flight.

Adam: Good luck, kids.

Hayley: Thanks.

Isabella: Be sure and call when you get there, ok?

Mateo: Yeah, we will.

Singer: Hey, I love the way you smile when I look in your eyes I love the way you laugh when I try to be funny and all the tears roll down your face when I say no one could ever take your place 'cause, baby, when you sleep I watch you breathing and, baby, when you dream I dream with you 'cause everywhere you are is where I want to be it's true everything you do makes me know how much I love you the way you touch my lips right after every kiss and softly whisper that Iím your everything the way you pray our love and I every night just before you close your eyes 'cause, baby, when you sleep I watch you breathing and, baby, when you dream I dream with you 'cause everywhere you are is where I want to be it's true

Maria: I can explain why the place is such a disaster area. It's because I woke up really late this morning, I was running, I wanted to go out and see Hayley and Mateo off, and -- it's just not always like this.

Edmund: Don't they have maid service?

Maria: Yeah, they do. They do, but I usually do it myself because it makes me feel a little more like home. So --

Edmund: You seem nervous.

Maria: No. No, not at all. I -- you know what I am thinking, though? Let's bag B.J.'s and let's just go home and eat dinner there and we'll spend time with the kids. We'll play with them. We'll take their mind off being disappointed with the pageant.

Edmund: Sounds great.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: Ok?

Maria: Good. Then you go. I'll change, Iíll shower, I'll be lickety-split, and Iíll meet you there.

Edmund: You look great. You don't have to shower. I mean, if you really feel like you have --

Maria: I feel like I do, I do. I totally do.

Edmund: See you soon.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: Here.

Maria: Thank you, thank you. See you.

Maria: Are you crazy? You can't go anywhere. Ok.

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