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All My Children Transcript Thursday 12/12/02

By Suzanne
proofread by Alicia

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: My love for you is the one true thing in my life.

Man: He's OD'ing! Call an ambulance!

Second man: What'd he take?

Woman: I don't know!

Man: Call an ambulance! Come on!

Woman: Can't you do something?

Man: Come on. You're going to be ok.

Aidan: I've been trying to put you out of my mind, but you're still there.

Edmund: You just got a grant. You get your life's work back and I get my wife back.

Brooke: Is this ok -- I mean, my being here?

Liza: What do you want?

Brooke: I thought maybe we would have a chance to talk.

Liza: Well, I didn't exactly expect a visit from my husband's mistress, but I'm not going to slam the door in your face.

Brooke: Liza, you know, I feel like I'm the one who should be in the cell, not you.

Liza: You're right. You should.

[Music plays]

Simone: You know what? This is almost too normal -- you, me, with nothing to string together but popcorn and cranberries. Hmm -- no lies, no secrets.

Frank: That's the way it should be.

Simone: Mm-hmm. That's the way we are, aren't we?

Frank: Ahem. Simone, there's something I need to tell you.

Simone: Oh --

Frank: No, there is something that you des--

[pager beeps]

Frank: Ah!

Simone: Yeah -- never to be interrupted by that thing ever again.

Frank: Oh, it's the hospital. I got to go.

Simone: Oh! You were going to tell me something.

Frank: No. It was nothing.

Simone: No, no. At least tell me that you'll pick up with it later.

Frank: I promise.

Simone: Yeah?

Frank: Yeah. See you.

[Simone hums]

Simone: Oh.

[knock on door]

Simone: Ah. Dad. Come in.

Zeke: Simone.

Zeke: You look so happy.

Simone: And, obviously, something's wrong.

Zeke: I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

Simone: What?

Zeke: Your boyfriend --

Simone: All right, you know what, dad? No. No, I -- not again. I --

Zeke: Simone, you have to listen to me.

Simone: No, I donít.

Zeke: Frank is even worse than I thought.

David: Anna, come on. It's a desk. It's not a torture chamber. Well, just until the baby comes, all right, and then you can go back to active duty.

[knock on door]

David: Just hold on, all right? There's someone at the door. No, don't -- no. Just wait a minute. Just -- Oh, great. This day just keeps getting better and better.

Edmund: Your data checks out, Hayward. I'm ready to go forward with our deal.

David: Forget it. Deal's off. Find somebody else to restore your wife's memory.

Edmund: What?

David: You heard me. I'm pulling out -- unless you tell your wife to back off, and her psycho attack dog, Aidan.

Edmund: What are you talking about?

David: The two of them attacked me here last night!

Maria: Hi, is Aidan there? Do you know where he is? Oh, no. No, thanks. No message. Yeah. Bye.

Aidan's voice: There are other ways to extract justice.

David: You won't do it. You're not crazy.

Aidan: Shall I?

[knock on door]

Maria: Oh, thank God. Come in, come in, come in, come in.

Aidan: Thought you wanted to spend some time alone.

Maria: Yeah, I did, I did.

Aidan: Did Hayward come after you?

Maria: No, he didnít. He didnít.

Aidan: Well, then, why all the urgent messages?

Maria: Because. I really have been feeling like I wanted to pay you back because I'm working and everything now, so --

Aidan: Maureen, you know I'm not going to accept your money.

Maria: Yes, you have to --

Aidan: Put it away.

Maria: Because I hate when I feel like I owe somebody, so I really would like to pay you back.

Aidan: Hey, why don't you be honest with me? Why have you really got me here?

Maria: Because I was -- I couldn't stop thinking about what you said last night.

Aidan: Well, I said a lot of things last night.

Maria: But specifically, you said that you wished that you had pumped David full of all of those drugs.

Aidan: Well, life's full of regrets.

Maria: Look, I -- I got a really sick feeling last night that maybe you had gone after him again, so I was worried.

Aidan: Well, I havenít. I havenít.

Maria: Ok, will you promise me that you won't?

Aidan: Why? Why do you give care about Hayward?

Maria: I donít.

Aidan: So you just hunt me down to check out where I am so Iím not hurting the guy? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Maria: Yes, because I don't want -- look, if you even get the slightest inkling to cross paths with David again, just at least call me first, ok?

Aidan: Why should I?

Maria: Why should -- because -- because, I care about you.

Edmund: What are you talking about? Maria and Aidan -- you're saying they tortured you?

David: Yeah, that's right. Well, I guess the vigilantes didn't come running to Wildwind to brag about it.

Edmund: What are you trying to pull now, Hayward?

David: I'm not pulling anything, Edmund. You just tell your wife to back off or else she can find somebody else to give her back her memory.

Edmund: That antidote -- isn't that your shot at the Nobel Prize?

David: Yeah, that's right, and I almost lost that chance. Aidan played commando here last night. He raided my house. The maniac tied me to a chair, he found a sample of my serum, and he threatened to inject me with it!

Edmund: Wow. Too bad Maria wasn't part of that.

David: Well, it shows how little you know. She was this close to shooting me up herself. She wanted to wipe out my memory, Edmund, and she didn't do a thing to help me.

Edmund: But she stopped herself, didn't she?

David: Yeah. Yeah, she did, at the very last second. She decided she didn't want to be as bad as I am.

Edmund: That's not saying much.

David: Look, you're lucky I didn't call the cops. You're also lucky that you didn't find out about your wife's dark side on the evening news.

Edmund: All right, look. I will talk to Maria tonight and find out what really happened last night.

David: No, I don't think she's going to tell you a thing.

Edmund: Oh, really?

David: You know why? Yeah, because I think that Maria and Aidan are on their own little private frequency.

Edmund: You know, you got to watch that mouth of yours, Hayward.

David: Ok, go ahead. Deny it at your own risk. If you asked me, you're next on her boyfriend's most hated list.

Edmund: I think you almost got a dose of your own medicine and you deserved it, so quit being a coward and get to work.

David: I'm no coward, Edmund. And I will neutralize Aidan and Maria if they come after me again.

Edmund: Just concentrate on the research, ok? Now, are you ready to start the lab trials for the antidote?

David: Like I said, you make sure they steer clear of me. And you get me that money right away.

Edmund: Why? What's the rush?

David: Just being cautious. Who knows? Maria might be thinking about skipping town with Aidan as we speak.



Aidan: Well, I don't mean to worry you, Maureen. Sorry. Maria: Ok, well, don't worry me again, then, Aidan.

Aidan: I promise I'll always wear my seat belt.

Maria: Excellent. No, but, please, promise me that you won't -- you won't go near David again.

Aidan: I can't make promises I might not be able to keep.

Maria: Aidan, please. Come on, for me -- really.

Aidan: You know, David almost hurt Anna. You know?

Maria: That's right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to assume it was just me.

Aidan: You and Anna. You both mean a  lot to me. And my gut says that David is still a threat to the both of you.

Maria: Well, I don't care because I don't -- I don't like what we almost did last night. Do you realize that we almost wiped this guy's memory out, his whole life, all of his training, his connection to people and places? Everything.

Aidan: Right, but we never wound up doing anything, did we?

Maria: We came way too close.

Aidan: After what Hayward has done to you, he deserves a lot, lot worse than he has gotten so far.

Maria: What do you mean by that, Aidan -- "so far"? Aidan?

Aidan: How's Edmund doing with -- with what we almost did last night?

Maria: He doesn't know anything about it, and Iím not going to tell him.

Liza: I never would've thought that my husband was cheating with my sister --

Brooke: I know -- if Adam hadn't been with me. I know. I mean, Tad told me. And -- look, Liza, I -- I blame myself for everything that happened.

Liza: So, what did you come here to do, apologize to me?

Brooke: I -- I'm sorry. I am sorry.

Liza: What were you thinking?

Brooke: I wasn't thinking. I just -- I had this overwhelming urge to just lose myself, I guess.

Liza: Don't we all.

Brooke: I mean, I have no excuse, really, Liza. It -- but after last summer --

Liza: You mean when you kept Edmund from Maria?

Brooke: Yeah.

Liza: Maybe you just felt lonely.

Brooke: But I can deal with lonely. I mean, you know, I can deal with being screwed over or getting raw deal after raw deal. I found out I can even deal with being scared to death. I found out I can deal with anything -- except guilt.

Liza: So you went after a married man?

Brooke: Yes, because Adam laughed at my guilt and he told me I should just, you know, grab ahold of happiness any way I could, and I -- I clung to that.

Liza: No, actually, you jumped into bed with it.

Brooke: Well, no, I -- I dove into bed with it because, you know, Adam convinced me that your marriage was over, and Tad confirmed that, and I convinced myself that I wasn't hurting anybody.

Liza: I think I pretty much told myself the same thing.

Brooke: What?

Liza: Adam and I have been at war for so long, I just thought to myself, "please, let somebody else love him for a change," but --

Brooke: But deep down --

Liza: Yeah.

Brooke: You wanted to clobber the other woman. I know. Well, you know, I've been a wife. I've been Adamís wife.

Liza: Oh, I'm painfully aware of what you've been to my husband.

Brooke: Liza, look, I didn't expect you to forgive me or even to understand. I just -- I just wanted to apologize.

Liza: Well, the damage is done, Brooke.

Brooke: I know.

Liza: You know what, though, Brooke? You know what the absolute kicker of all this is?

Brooke: What?

Liza: I understand. I understand why you would jump into bed with Adam.

Simone: So you came over here to trash on my boyfriend. You know, daddy, just give it up.

Zeke: I don't want to trash Frank Hubbard, but I need to look out for you.

Simone: You know what? You're trying to control me.

Zeke: I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. You're the only child I can keep safe.

Simone: All right. You know what, dad? Just say what you have to say and go.

Zeke: I hired a private investigator.

Simone: What? Oh, my gosh! You -- are you crazy?

Zeke: To look into Hubbardís background.

Simone: You're a control freak.

Zeke: The investigator discovered --

Simone: Who -- who asked you to butt into my life?

Zeke: Simone, you don't know Frank Hubbard --

Simone: Yes, I do!

Zeke: The way he used to live!

Simone: I know him. He's already told me about his life in New York, ok? And I don't hold that against him!

Zeke: Well, you will very soon.

Simone: No, I won't! Daddy, I have done things, ok? I have had wild days. I've done things that I regret.

Zeke: Oh, I'm all too aware of that.

Simone: So, what did your P.I. tell Frank's mom about me?

Zeke: Nothing that compares to the --

Simone: To the sick B.S. that you're about to tell me about him? Hmm?

Zeke: Simone, I've always been --

Simone: What news flash, huh? What news flash do you have for me?

Zeke: I have always tried to be honest with you.

Simone: No, that's a lie. You have hated Frank on sight.

Zeke: I'm trained to read people, and I read him exactly right!

Simone: I don't believe a word that you say. Not one word.

Zeke: I know that. You don't have to believe me. You just watch this.

Edmund: Look, don't worry about Maria running off with Aidan anywhere, all right? You -- you probably got attacked by Aidan because of the way you treat his aunt.

David: Whatever story you can handle, Edmund.

Edmund: Just keep your nose in drug research, all right, Hayward, because you're an idiot when it comes to people.

David: You know, I don't care what you believe about last night. Just know that Iím still not your boy in the lab.

Edmund: Oh, yes, you are, and I don't care how much Aidan scares you.

David: What, you going to torture me, too?

Edmund: No, what Iím going to do is use your ego. The ego that's hurt so many people, I'm going to make it my slave.

David: What is that supposed to mean?

Edmund: You've already proven you'll do anything to perfect that compound. I'm giving you legitimate means. This is your ticket to the Nobel Prize, Hayward, and your ego will not let you walk away from it.

David: Is that enough for lab trials?

Edmund: But you're going to need more to publish and publicize your results. Now, my experts say your calculations are promising.

David: "Promising"? They're genius.

Edmund: I'm going to need regular updates on your work.

David: Why? So you don't entirely trust my ego?

Edmund: I've seen your ego and the results when they're out of control. We'll be double-checking your progress.

David: I'm tired of playing games, Edmund.

Edmund: So am I, Hayward. Did you tell Maria about our deal?

David: No. No, I was too busy being tortured --

Edmund: Good. Keep your mouth shut.

David: You know, in fact, with Aidan here, your name didn't even come up.

Edmund: Get to work -- now.

Brooke: Don't be nice to me, Liza. That I -- I can't handle.

Liza: Look, Brooke, as much as Iíd like to blame you for every terrible, horrible thing that's happened in my life, I also have to be honest with myself.

Brooke: Well, Adam couldn't have cheated without me.

Liza: Yeah, he could've. He has. What were you -- what were you supposed to do? You did what you did. You were supposed to come and find me and sit me down, have lunch and confess?

Brooke: Well, I didn't have to let you host a party for my charity.

Liza: It was for the homeless shelter, not for you.

Brooke: Fair enough.

Liza: Brooke, I've been where you are -- lonely and angry. I've cheated on Adam with Ryan Lavery.

Brooke: Liza, you don't have to tell me this.

Liza: But when Mia fell and every day since, I have been in a pit of guilt.

Brooke: Well, I hear that your sister is -- is better.

Liza: Yeah, she's going to be ok.

Brooke: I'm relieved.

Liza: Guess it gives me ample time to stare into the face of my messed-up marriage.

Brooke: I know I made a bad situation worse.

Liza: You helped.

Brooke: I am sorry.

Liza: Adam and I agree that there's really nowhere but up from here.

Brooke: What?

Liza: We have agreed that we're both going to try to work on our marriage.

Brooke: Wow.

Liza: Yeah. He's -- he's trying to get me out of here. So you can stop beating yourself up -- that is, unless, of course, you want to continue the affair with my husband.

Simone: Why are you doing this to me? Daddy, Frank is my one real chance. Why don't you want me to be happy?

Zeke: I do. I only wish to God you'd find boyfriends that gave you half a chance.

Simone: Daddy, I have. You know, right before you came over here, Frank was going to tell me something really important.

Zeke: And what do you think that was?

Simone: Well, that he wanted us to move in together and start planning for our future.

Zeke: Then Iím glad I got here before you had that talk.

Simone: And that means that you want me to be miserable and --

Zeke: No.

Simone: Alone forever. You had someone check him out.

Zeke: Only because Iím scared for you. And when I think of your brother -- I know how wrong things can go, Simone!

Simone: Frank is not like Anthony, dad.

Zeke: No, he isn't.

Simone: Then why?

Zeke: Anthony had a drug problem.

Simone: Yes.

Zeke: But he wasn't a bad person.

Simone: Right -- neither is Frank.

Zeke: Simone, I'm sorry to have to hurt you, but you need to know --

Simone: Please, dad, no. Just for once, hear me.

Zeke: No, you need to know --

Simone: Listen to me. I do not care about Frank's past. What drug, what girl, what crime -- nothing. I don't care. I just hate you for trying to take him away from me!

Zeke: You're picking a man you hardly know over me?

Simone: Yes, I am. So, please, go.

Zeke: Just watch the tape. Then you'll understand.

Simone: Oh, dad.

Man: Come on. Just keep moving. You got to keep moving. Keep moving.

Simone: Oh, dear God -- Anthony?

Aidan: So why didn't you tell Edmund that we paid Hayward a visit last night?

Maria: Because it's just that -- it's not like he would've turned us in or anything, but he definitely wouldn't understand anything that we did.

Aidan: Why not?

Maria: How can you even ask that?

Aidan: Because Haywardís taken you away from Edmund for years. And he's thrown a few punches at the doc himself.

Maria: Doesn't mean it's ok for his wife to go ballistic.

Aidan: Well, then, Edmundís got a double standard. Maybe a Maria standard?

Maria: Well, it's just that everything about last night would've completely freaked Edmund out. I mean, he would just -- he'd worry, ok?

Aidan: About what?

Maria: "About what?" About -- I didn't exactly do a Maria saintly thing last night, you know? I -- he would start wondering how my shrink appointments are going, if I'm going, when I'm going, how they're going, and I -- you know, I just don't -- can't --

Aidan: Then he won't do that?

Maria: No -- can we stop talking about David, please?

Aidan: Yeah, sure, sure.

Maria: Can we just forget all about what happened last night?

Aidan: Fine, sorry.

Maria: Great. Thank you. Thanks.

Aidan: But if you find yourself driving around all night, not knowing where to go, you've got my numbers.

Maria: I do. I have all of them. I'm really -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to have you come rushing over here and --

Aidan: I should go.

Maria: Ok. Look, I -- I'm sorry. I just -- I had so many crazy thoughts. I didn't know what happened to you.

Aidan: "Crazy" how?

Maria: Well, crazy because I thought maybe David had you arrested. Maybe he had you thrown in jail. I didn't know. He could've called the cops -- anything.

Aidan: Listen, listen, Maureen. Nothing happened, ok? Don't worry about me or the cops.

Maria: Ok. Thanks.

Edmund: Hi.

Maria: Hi. Hey, come on in. Aidan was just on his way out --

Edmund: It's none of my business.

Maria: No, he was -- he was just leaving. Actually, I borrowed some money from him, so I was in the middle of paying him back.

Edmund: How you been?

Aidan: Pretty good, thanks.

Edmund: Good. Haven't seen you in a while.

Aidan: Oh, I've been busy.

Maria: Ok, so now you're not going to argue with me. You're just going to take the money and you're going to be quiet about it, right? Ok.

Aidan: Fine, I'm going to do it your way for now, but Iíve really got to go. See you later.

Maria: See you.

Aidan: See you.

Maria: Bye. Want to come in?

Edmund: Sure. I didn't know you guys were still so close.

Maria: Well, actually, we haven't hung out in quite some time.

Edmund: Yeah, well, some people you just pick right up with.

Maria: Yeah, yeah. What brings you to this neck of the woods?

Edmund: Oh, listen, I didn't mean to listen in.

Maria: Well, what did you hear?

Edmund: Well, Aidan mentioned something about cops and -- did something happen?

Maria: No, no. I mean, stop worrying. Please, Edmund, you're always worrying about me. It's just Aidan and I were talking, you know.

Edmund: About what?

Maria: Just, you know, about how this place is such a cop magnet. Every time any purse goes missing in Pine Valley, we hear the [imitates siren]. Just -- it's crazy. So --

Edmund: Yeah. That keep you both up at night?

Maria: Well, not Aidan, because he lives over at the Valley Inn. But I don't sleep anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Edmund: I'm sorry to hear that you're still having trouble with that.

Maria: Yeah, I'm used to it.

Edmund: You've gotten used to a lot of difficult things, Maria.

Maria: Well, it's a good thing I'm tough.

Edmund: So, have you given any thought to Haywardís antidote? It might make things easier for you.

Maria: Yeah, I think about getting my memory back all the time. But I'll never let David Hayward touch me again. I don't care what kind of a miracle he creates.

Brooke: Oh, God, no, Liza. I don't want Adam. Going to bed with him was --

Liza: What, fun?

Brooke: Well, whatever it was, it was also a huge mistake and one that I will never repeat.

Liza: That's good. Then we won't have to have this discussion ever again.

Brooke: Does that mean you're accepting my apology?

Liza: It means that I really don't have a choice. You are a member of the club.

Brooke: Oh -- that club.

Liza: Yes, the elite, twisted sisterhood of the Adam Chandler Wives Club.

Brooke: Hmm.

Liza: No one knows what we go through, good or bad.

Brooke: No argument there.

Liza: You know, I know Iím not really in a position to offer you advice, but maybe I could help you, from one member to another.

Man: Come on, bro, you're going to be all right.

Simone: Anthony?

Woman: Come on.

Man: Come on. You're going to be ok. Hold him up. Come on.

Simone: Help him.

Man: Come on, come on.

Simone: Oh -- oh, Anthony, no. No, please. Somebody.

[Simone sobs]

Simone: No. No.

Man: Turn it off, please! Come on, come on.

Woman: Somebody help!

Man: Come on. Come on, buddy, you're going to be all right. Come on.

Simone: No, no. Somebody --

Man: Come on, buddy.

Simone: No, no. Oh, Frank. Oh, Frank. Oh, thank God you're here.

Simone: That's my brother. That's Anthony.

Frank: Oh, my God.

Simone: That's the night that he O.D.'d and he went into his coma.

Frank: Yeah, I know.

Simone: He's as good as dead right there. Worse than dead.

Frank: Simone, how did you get this tape?

Simone: Frank, somebody filmed it.

Frank: I know, baby. I -- I know.

Simone: What kind of sicko would film something like that and not do anything to help?

Frank: I wish I could explain. I do.

Simone: Oh, Anthony.

Frank: Simone, who gave you this tape?

Simone: My dad.

Frank: Oh, God. Oh, man.

Simone: Why -- why would my dad give this to me?

Simone: No. No --

Frank: What?

Simone: No -- daddy said that -- that this tape was about you.

Simone: But you're not on this tape.

Brooke: Well, Liza, what am I supposed to do? I mean, you know, I went to bed with a married man. For God's sakes, your husband.

Liza: Yeah, well, on the Adam Chandler moral Richter Scale, you didn't even register a tremor, and neither have I.

Brooke: Well, if you're going to judge yourself according to Adamís, you know, scale of destruction, you can go ahead, but you can count me out.

Liza: We couldn't even match Adam if we tried. Anybody with a moral conscience would just sort of bug out.

Brooke: What's your point?

Liza: My point is maybe we should just take a page from one of Adamís playbooks.

Brooke: And what page would that be?

Liza: Well, the day after strategy.

Brooke: Oh, the trash a bunch of lives and then grin charmingly?

Liza: Yeah. I think we deserve to move on, don't you?

Brooke: And this is your advice?

Liza: All right, what do you tell Jamie when he messes up? Do you tell him to hate himself?

Brooke: Well, no, of course not. You know, he's -- you know, he's -- he's a kid.

Liza: Right. And he deserves another chance, like you, like me.

Brooke: Well, yes. I mean, he's -- he's still in high school. You and I graduated years ago, so --

Liza: When Colby messes up, when she is hurting, I tell her to say she's sorry, to do better next time. I'm sure you tell Jamie the same thing.

Brooke: Mostly.

Liza: Brooke, we're our best when we're moms. And as moms, we set an example, right?

Brooke: You know, Liza, you are weirdly sunny for being where you are.

Liza: Well, you know, I was just ready to just curl up and -- I thought that I had killed my sister. I thought that I was going to lose the one thing that meant the world to me, and that was my daughter. I thought that Adam was going to use every screw up Iíve -- and he was going to take full custody of Colby. And then he waltzes in here and he says that he loves me.

Brooke: I always knew he did.

Liza: We're going to try to make our marriage work. He's even said yes to marriage counseling.

Brooke: Oh. That is a miracle.

Liza: Yeah. I think it's the season for them.

Brooke: True.

Liza: I'm just encouraging you to move on. From one weirdly sunny prisoner, hopefully you can see that anything is possible.

Edmund: Sounds like your mind's made up about Haywardís efforts to restore your memory.

Maria: Oh, yeah. No way.

Edmund: No way? That's it? No discussion?

Maria: Nope, nope. I can't even believe -- I mean, you are my husband. I can't even believe you would even think about letting that psycho touch me again.

Edmund: I promise you this -- I will never really trust Hayward.

Maria: Ok, well, guess what? I don't really want to talk about David anymore, ok? Please? Can we just talk about something else?

Edmund: Like?

Maria: Like -- Sam and Maddie's Christmas presents. I really need your advice on that. What do you think?

Edmund: How can I say no?

Maria: Ok. I was thinking for Maddie -- because she's sort of -- she's into imaginative play, and Iím guessing that's helping her cope --

Edmund: With all the changes in her life.

Maria: Mm-hmm.

Edmund: Yeah.

Maria: So I was thinking that maybe if I got her, like, a doll community, you know, with a bunch of dollhouses, and all of her important grownups can come and visit and live and --

Edmund: Sounds perfect.

Maria: Ok. And then for Sam -- because he's a little more tentative with me than Maddie is --

Edmund: Yeah, yeah.

Maria: Yeah, so I just thought that maybe if I got him something that we could do together -- like if I got him a dinosaur model kit and then we can put it together. It would be like our little special project.

Edmund: That sounds perfect.

Maria: It would be -- Edmund, why are you mad at me?

Edmund: What makes you think Iím mad?

Maria: Well, because you usually light up when we talk about the kids.

Edmund: There's nothing usual about these days.

Maria: Is it Aidan? Tell me you're not jealous of Aidan.

Edmund: I don't have a reason to be, do I?

Maria: None. No, I -- look, I just know that you probably felt uncomfortable when you walked in and he was here, so --

Edmund: I think -- I think you hang with him when you want to be Maureen.

Maria: Ok. Ok, I get it. So -- so you're mad at me because I don't want to let David Hayward use me as a guinea pig again.

Edmund: It would not be like that.

Maria: It would be exactly like that, Edmund. Would you please be honest? You want Maria back at any cost.

Edmund: You already know that.

Maria: Yeah, but what I didn't know and what I just figured out is that you want me gone.

Edmund: You know what I want more than anything else in the world? Is to love the woman Iím looking at right now.

Maria: But?

Edmund: Maria, I have -- I have tried as hard as I can to get to know you, and I still have no idea who you are.

Maria: What do you mean, you don't know who I am?

Edmund: I think the limbo between Maria and Maureen is just too hellish for you to bear, so you go in the direction that you know.

Maria: Do you know what the worst part about limbo is for me? It's disappointing you. Because every time I do anything that Maria would never do, it breaks your heart.

Edmund: You can still tell me anything. I'll handle it.

Maria: Well, I just -- maybe we just need more time.

Edmund: Let's hope.

Maria: But thank you for being patient.

Edmund: Sure. Listen, you -- you rest up. You look tired.

Maria: Yeah, I am, thanks. Will you -- will you kiss Maddie and Sam for me?

Edmund: I will. Bye.

Maria: Bye.

Edmund: Hayward, it's Edmund Grey.

David: What was Mariaís spin on what happened last night?

Edmund: Rush that research.

David: Desperation's going to cost you.

Edmund: You'll get whatever you need. Just recover Mariaís memory. I want my wife back.

Simone: Anthony --

Frank: Shh, shh. Baby, come here.

Simone: He never opened his eyes. He never spoke another word.

Frank: I know. Shh, shh. Come here.

Simone: Where did my father get this tape?

Frank: I wish I knew.

Simone: Why -- why -- where does he come up with the idea that it's about you, Frank? I mean, it's like he blames you or something.

Frank: Baby, come here, sit down.

Frank: Oh.

Simone: Did you know about this tape and not tell me about it?

Frank: Yeah.

Simone: Because you wanted to protect me?

Frank: That was part of it.

Simone: I understand, totally. Why can't my dad?

Frank: Because -- Simone, I didn't just see that tape.

Simone: What do you -- what do you mean?

Frank: I was there.

Simone: No. No.

Frank: I shot that video. I filmed your brother OD'ing.

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