AMC Transcript Tuesday 12/10/02


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 12/10/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Mateo: Your agent called. He said he forgot to tell you you got to go to L.A. by the end of the month. So, what's up with L.A.?

Hayley: I got an offer to syndicate my show.

Officer: You're under arrest for the attempted murder of Mia Saunders.

David: Freeze!

Maria: You're going to take my life over this again?

David: I don't have to take your life. I can just kill him instead.

Woman: Ok, everybody, good evening. We're getting ready to start the show. Stand by. Have a great time, folks. In five, four, three --


["Wave" theme plays]

Hayley: Good evening. Thank you. Welcome to a very special prime-time edition of "Wave"!


Hayley: For those of you at home who may be confused by our evening time slot here, I guess it's just our local station trying to test the waters and see if we can pull a big-time prime-time number and maybe catapult us to national syndication. Who knows? As for our locale, this is compliments of my wonderful, fantastic husband, Mateo Santos. It's my favorite nightclub on the east coast, anyway, in Pine V Valley -- S.O.S. That's -- give yourself a hand. Thank you, honey.


[Hayley giggles]

Hayley: He was nice enough to give us the place for free. So now that the plugs are out of the way, let's get to our first guest. You all know her as Meadow Soprano on the hit show "The Sopranos." Please welcome the very talented, very beautiful Jamie Lynn Sigler!


Hayley: Hi. Thank you so much for doing the show.

Jamie Lynn: You're welcome.

Hayley: I really appreciate it.

Jamie Lynn: Thanks.

Hayley: Now, I don't know about you, but my day has 24 hours in it. It seems like yours must have, like, 72 hours. You're writing, you're singing, you're acting, you got engaged.

Jamie Lynn: I've been quite busy, but it's all really wonderful.

Hayley: I'm getting tired just looking at you, so what we're going to do is we're going to take a break so I can recover. And then we'll -- Jamie Lynn will tell us about the secrets to her success. Don't go away. Stay tuned.


["Wave" theme plays]

Millie: You ought to eat something, Mrs. Chandler. The potatoes are usually ok. Well, if you've finished, I'll take the tray.

Adam: Liza? Liza, I thought this was some sort of insane joke. Barry called and said you'd been arrested. What did you do? Liza, why didn't you call me?

Liza: There's nothing to say.

Adam: For God's sake, I would've come right over.

Liza: So you can start the party earlier? You've got me exactly where you want me.

David: Your choice, Maureen. Either you hand over that vial or I get rid of your playmate. That's not very flattering, Aidan. She's having trouble deciding.

Maria: Why don't we just discuss this, David?

David: Why? There's nothing to discuss. What, do you want to distract me so the commando-boy here can get the jump on me? I don't think so. Just hand over the vial -- now -- or I take your friend and I give him a 9 millimeter ticket to eternity! I will do it, Maureen!

Maria: Do it. Shoot him.

Hayley: So I know it's not the bada-bing, but what do you think of the club?

Jamie Lynn: A little too classy for Tony and his pals. It's nice.


Hayley: I know you've got tons going on in your life that is -- has nothing to do with the mob, not mob-connected in any way. So tell us about your stage career.

Jamie Lynn: Where I'm working with a beast.

Hayley: Yeah -- so it's not that far off from your friends at "The Sopranos."

Jamie Lynn: Oh, well, we're just acting, Hayley.

Hayley: So before we get into "Beauty and the Beast" and your book, "Wise Girl," tell me a little bit about the fame factor in your life and how it's affected you. Do you like being recognized?

Jamie Lynn: It still surprises me sometimes and, of course, people get me, Jamie, confused with the character I play. You know, telling me to be careful and things like that. But it's all sweet. And they're always surprised Iím not taller.

Hayley: That -- me, too. Isn't that funny?

Jamie Lynn: Yeah, they talk about my hair and my clothes and my weight, but you know what it's like. It's a point that you work so hard to get to where people recognize you, so you learn to appreciate it.

Hayley: What about your family? Was there anybody in your family that was in the business?

Jamie Lynn: No.

Hayley: Or show business or --

Jamie Lynn: I grew up on Long Island with two older brothers. I played sports. My dad ran an amateur baseball league and my mom was just at home with us.

Hayley: So you're just this nice, normal girl from Long Island that happens to have this incredible talent and --

Jamie Lynn: And very lucky. That played a big part.

Hayley: So tell me about this adorable man in your life that I met backstage. He's really played a big part in your career.

Jamie Lynn: And my life. We're engaged.

Hayley: Oh, let's see. Show it off. Oh.

Audience: Ooh.

Jamie Lynn: Thank you.

Hayley: Oh, that's so great. Congratulations.

Jamie Lynn: Thank you.

Hayley: Now, how long has he been your manager?

Jamie Lynn: For the past two and a half years, and we've been dating for the last year and a half.

Hayley: So I guess that's a sign it's working out. That's good.

Jamie Lynn: Yeah.

Hayley: I sure hope your parents like him.

Jamie Lynn: They love him. But it's not like my real dad would sink him in concrete if he didn't.


Hayley: Yeah, my dad would, but that's another story. Yeah, totally. But let's get back to you. Now, you've got this amazing career. It's all ahead of you. You've got this incredible man that gets it.

Jamie Lynn: It's really wonderful, especially in this business, to have somebody that's 100% supportive and appreciative of what you do.

Hayley: Hmm.

Jamie Lynn: And A.J. also reminds me that what I do is such a small part of the picture and what really matters is coming together and coming home to each other and our family and our friends. And I'm sure it's the same way for you.

Hayley: Oh, it is. I could kiss the spotlight good-bye tomorrow. You know, as long as I have my husband and my son, that's all I really care about. It's such a great life. But, listen, I know you don't have enough to do, with acting on "The Sopranos" and being engaged, but now you're starring on Broadway. You're in "Beauty and the Beast" for how long?

Jamie Lynn: Through January 19th.

Hayley: Now, is playing Belle -- the role of Belle -- I'm assuming you're not playing the beast, are you?

Jamie Lynn: No, I'm playing Belle. You're right.


Hayley: Is that a lifelong dream for you?

Jamie Lynn: Absolutely. Just being on Broadway is huge.

Hayley: Oh, well, I am a big fan of dreams, especially the ones that come true, so congratulations for you.

Jamie Lynn: Thank you.

Man: Your wife is the best.

Hayley: And when we come back --

Mateo: Yeah. No question. She is.

Hayley: Don't go away.


Adam: Why did they arrest you?

Liza: I pushed Mia out the window.

Adam: That's ridiculous. You -- it was an accident.

Liza: It was attempted murder.

Adam: Liza, she fell because she tripped or -- or lost her balance.

Liza: It's my fault. It's all my fault.

Maria: Go ahead, David. Pull the trigger.

David: Guess you haven't made much of an impression, Aidan.

Aidan: Maureen -- you know what -- you know what you're doing?

Maria: Yes, I know what Iím doing. He's not going to shoot you. You're his wife's nephew. And even if you weren't related to him, whatever he is, he's not a cold-blooded killer. He took an oath to relieve suffering. He wouldn't shoot.


Maria: David!

Aidan: What, are you bloody crazy?

David: I'm determined! So you should keep that in mind!

Aidan: So much for that "do no harm" doctor bullocks, yeah.

Maria: Look, I thought you wanted to have your freedom so that you could spend time with your wife and child! Are you crazy? If you kill him --

David: Then Iíll have to kill you, too, then, won't I?

Maria: Well, guess what, you're going to go to prison for the rest of your life!

David: Well, what's the difference? If I let you walk out that door with that serum, then my life is over, too.

Maria: No, it's not, David.

David: No, it is. It's the same thing -- my life is over. I go to jail, I never get to practice medicine ever again, right? Might as well shoot myself.

Aidan: Hey, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Maria: Aidan --

David: Oh, that's very funny, Aidan. Not a very good time to develop a sense of humor. You should really think about this, Maureen, because if I'm dead or I end up in jail, I can never help you get your memory back.

Maria: As if you ever intended to.

David: Of course I intended to, and I can still do it, but I need access to my research. You have to think about this, Maureen. If you take that serum to the police, the chance of your memory coming back goes along with it. All deals are off. You will never remember being Maria Santos Grey ever again, except in tiny bits and pieces from time to time. I don't have to kill anybody. Don't make me do this, Maureen. Just hand over the serum.

David: You know something, Tarzan, why don't you just face the fireplace. Turn around and face the fireplace!

Maria: David --

David: Put the vial on the table, now. Just put it on the table!

Maria: Look, David, let's just say that I even accept your offer. You don't have the funds to be able to -- to fund this whole project. You don't have any money.

David: You don't have to worry about it.

Maria: You lost --

David: You don't have to worry about that. I have sufficient funding.

Maria: Where? Where are you getting the money?

David: I have an anonymous donor, ok?

Maria: Who? Vanessa? What, are you getting the money -- are you benefiting from your own mother's death?

David: That's not your concern. I have a benefactor who believes that I can live up to my claims even if you donít.

Maria: And I suppose I'm just supposed to believe you?

David: Yes, you are supposed to believe me because it's true, and, in time, I can prove it to you. I've been reviewing the changes that I made in the formula from the time I gave it to you and the pure form that I used on Dixie and Roger Smythe. I know why your memory was affected, and I also know that I can reverse the degeneration of cells. But I need the vial and I need my freedom to do it!

Maria: So you're blackmailing me again?

David: Look, just put the damn vial on the table right now or else I put a hole through your watchdog. You know something, Aidan? The first time you tied me up, I thought that you were just desperate. Now I know you're a head case.

Maria: What do you mean, "the first time"? What are you talking about, "first time"?

David: Oh, Aidan didn't tell you, huh, that he did this once before to me? Threatened to break my fingers, my hand, with a sledgehammer?

Maria: Aidan? Aidan?

David: Oh, it's all right. Don't worry about it. That attack had nothing to do with you. He was all bent out of shape about Auntie Anna. I'll tell you something -- if you both get out of here alive, Iíd stay clear of this guy. If you fall out of favor with him, who knows? He's going to come after you with a -- with a syringe someday.

Aidan: I don't think so. I save my anti-social behavior for you, Davy.

David: You know, maybe I should contact the veteranís administration, Aidan, for you, huh? Might get that psychiatric care that you so desperately needed after Tora Bora.

Aidan: Why don't you shut up?

David: Why? What are you going to do, huh? What, are you going to catch bullets in your teeth and spit them back at me? Maureen, my arms are getting tired. Put the -- put the damn vial on the table! Make your choice!

Maria: You win, David.

David: No. You win, Maureen. So does commando-boy. Stand by the door.

Maria: Let's get out of here.

Aidan: Yeah.

David: That sounds like a good plan. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Liza: It's my fault, and now everyone knows it.

Adam: Liza, stop saying that. It's not true. You are not to blame.

Liza: I followed Mia up to the attic, and I heard her on the phone, and she was talking about how excited she was about getting pregnant.

Adam: What does that have to do with anything?

Liza: I thought she was talking to you.

Adam: You mean you -- you thought that -- that Mia and I --

Liza: I thought she was sleeping with you.

Adam: How did you come up with that?

Liza: Well, you were having an affair. I just had the wrong woman. I now know that you were involved with Brooke. But I didn't know it was Brooke until after Mia fell.

Adam: Oh, my God. Then my being unfaithful to you was more than you could stand?

Liza: I don't -- I -- I don't know. I actually didn't think that I would care what you did or who you did it with. But then when all the pieces started coming together and all of them seemed to point to Mia -- and I heard her on the phone, and she was so excited and so in love and -- and then, that night, you know, at the party, Mia was dressed just like my daughter. I was -- I was angry. I was so angry. I just -- I wanted to confront her. I wanted to -- I just wanted her to turn and look at me and admit the truth. And when I went up to the attic and I started to go for her and I tripped on my dress, I put out my hands to stop myself and I -- I ended up pushing her. And the glass breaking -- I looked up, and she was gone. There was just glass everywhere.

Adam: Liza, it wasn't intentional.

Liza: In my heart -- in my heart, I wanted to -- I wanted to hurt her. I -- I wanted to kill her.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: So there you have it. You have everything you need.

Adam: I need for what?

Liza: No judge in the world is going to let me keep my daughter. You'll get full custody.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: Adam, I -- I know you'll get her. But, please -- please don't. Please don't take her from me. Please don't take my girl from me. Please don't take her, Adam. Please. Please.

Maria: You sure this is where you parked your car?

Aidan: Yeah. It's right over there behind those trees. You don't want to talk about this, then?

Maria: You know, if you're so anxious to talk, why don't you tell me what you thought you were going to accomplish back there. 

Hayley: Jamie Lynn, you're, like, 20 years old and you've written a book. And I love the title -- it's called "Wise Girl." There it is. Is it autobiographical?

Jamie Lynn: It is, and I wrote this book just strictly to help people. I've had a couple experiences in my life, particularly an eating disorder, and it chronicles every stage -- how I fell into the disease, how I got out, and how I deal with it now.

Hayley: I was -- very interesting in here. I was reading this one chapter, and you talk about how you would exercise for hours on end.

Jamie Lynn: I did. It was more of a control issue than anything for me, but it ended up spinning out of control.

Hayley: And so you got involved with the National Eating Disorder Association. Did they contact you or did you contact them --

Jamie Lynn: I actually contacted them because I wanted to take a bigger role in the prevention and awareness. But it ended up being a wonderful thing for me because it was very therapeutic to constantly remind myself, as I was speaking out, about what Iíve been through and how much happier I am right now.

Hayley: Have you gotten a lot of reader reaction?

Jamie Lynn: I have. I've gotten a lot of letters and e-mails from young girls telling me how nice it was to have somebody they could relate to.

Hayley: Yeah.

Jamie Lynn: So it's been really rewarding.

Hayley: It has to be very fulfilling to know you have such an influence over these young girls.

Jamie Lynn: Absolutely. I mean, it's a bigger problem than people think, it's really widespread, so it's nice to know Iím taking part in the situation.

Hayley: Was there a specific instance or person or thing that happened to you that let you know that, you know, "this is, like, hitting rock bottom, this is it, I have to do something"?

Jamie Lynn: It built up over time, but there was a certain point where I almost became suicidal because it all just seemed like too much. And that was a time for me to step back and say, "ok, now Iíve got to do something about this."

Hayley: Hmm. Well, it's really -- it's an incredible book. I cannot -- I can't believe I'm getting a time cue already, but I want to thank you so much. I know you don't need it, but best of luck to you with everything --

Jamie Lynn: Thank you.

Hayley: And especially with "Wise Girl." It's a great book. And if you have a young daughter or niece, you don't know what to get them for the holidays, I suggest Jamie Lynnís book, "Wise Girl." And thank you so much for being here. You're doing so much good for so many people.

Jamie Lynn: Thank you.

Hayley: And thank all of you for being here with us, ok? Good night.


["Wave" theme plays]

Jamie Lynn: That was one of -- no, the best interview Iíve had.

Hayley: Oh!

Jamie Lynn: You should have a national show.

Hayley: You're so sweet. Did you hear that? Jamie Lynn said it was the best interview she ever had, we should have a national show. Thank you so much.

Jamie Lynn: Oh, you're welcome.

Hayley: Listen, I want to take Enzo to see you at "Beauty and the Beast," ok?

Jamie Lynn: Oh, good. I'll see you backstage.

Hayley: Great.

Jamie Lynn: Bye, Hayley.

Hayley: Bye. Thanks so much.

Man: I'll show you out.

Jamie Lynn: Bye, everyone.

Hayley: Jamie Lynn, everybody.

Mateo: So you still handling commercial properties? No, not buying. I'm selling. Yep, Iím serious, Marian. I need to sell S.O.S. as soon as possible. Tell you what -- if you can't come by tonight to talk about it, we'll touch base in the morning? Great. All right. I'll talk to you then.

Hayley: Hey!

Mateo: Hey. How are you, star lady?

Hayley: What are you up to?

Mateo: You know, just a little business. Little bit of this, little bit of that.

Hayley: Huh. How come you didn't come over and meet Jamie Lynn?

Mateo: It's your time to shine. I'm not going to get in the way there.

Hayley: That's ridiculous.

Mateo: I'll meet her at "Beauty and the Beast."

Hayley: If you're not too busy stabbing me in the back.

Mateo: What are you talking about?

Hayley: Don't compound it by lying. I heard what you were up to.

David: Sit down, Adler.

Kenny: Call me at my office tomorrow. I want to get home.

David: Jackson Montgomery told Maria Grey he doesn't have enough against me to go to trial.

Kenny: Who told you that?

David: The lady told me herself. Give me a scotch on the rocks.

Kenny: Why would Maria Grey tell you anything?

David: It's not important.

Kenny: So you'll get off with a slap on the wrist. Congratulations.

David: No. I want to cop a deal.

Kenny: Wait till they sweat and make an offer. They're liable to drop the charges altogether.

David: I'm willing to take a slap on the wrist now if it means I can stop looking over my shoulder.

Kenny: You're nuts.

David: Look, I don't want this thing popping up in my future, all right? I want the whole thing dead. I want it buried.

Kenny: Then try giving me the whole story. What is your hurry, Dr. Hayward?

Aidan: I thought it was what you wanted. Was that not you ready to jab him in the arm with a needle?

Maria: And thank God that I didn't. And thank God that you didnít.

Aidan: I wasn't trying to tick you off or scare you, Maureen.

Maria: I know you weren't. I know.

Aidan: Why did you come to the cabin in the first place?

Maria: You -- because it occurred to me that you might do something crazy. And if I had known that you'd already gone after the guy before, I would never have vented to you in the first place!

Aidan: For the last time, I only scared him. I didn't bruise him or even put a nick in his precious little skin.

Maria: Ok, but if I had shown up -- if I hadn't shown up when I did, would you have only scared him?

Aidan: You wanted justice.

Maria: So you just appointed yourself my vigilante?

Aidan: Come on, I was solving a problem.

Maria: Well, do your solutions always include a hammer or poison?

Aidan: Whatever's necessary, I do it.

Liza: I don't know what I would do without her. Please -- please don't take her from me.

Adam: Liza -- Liza, get up. Come on. Now.

Liza: Not until you promise. Not until you promise that you won't take her from me.

Adam: You don't have to worry about that. Come on.

Liza: But you will take her, won't you?

Adam: You really think I would, don't you?

Liza: Ever since I knew that she was your daughter, I was waiting for the day when you would come and take her from me. Everything Iíve done Iíve done because I wanted to keep her with me. I wanted to protect her. I know you want her more than anything in the world.

Adam: No. What I want more than anything, what I love more than anything, is my family.

Liza: Well, I've -- I've given her to you. No mother is more unfit than me.

Adam: You didn't mean to hurt Mia.

Liza: I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to strangle her. I wanted to choke the truth out of her.

Adam: Liza, listen to me. Listen. Did you follow Mia to the attic to kill her? Did you?

Hayley: I'm sorry. I was under the impression that we were partners.

Mateo: Why do you think Iím selling this place? Because we are partners. And after watching you tonight, there's no way that you should be stuck here.

Hayley: I don't feel stuck.

Mateo: You know what I mean. You should be someplace where you could be seen by more people all over the place.

Hayley: I don't care about that.

Mateo: Sure, you do.

Hayley: I care about you and Enzo.

Mateo: And we know it's not a contest. We know that you love us.

Hayley: More than anything.

Mateo: Right, and we love you, too, and that's why. I mean -- tonight I got it. I really, really got it. And I think that I should share you with as many people as I can. And if that means moving to L.A., then I'm ready.

Hayley: What about your mother?

Mateo: She's got Maria back. Come on. Edmund can watch over them.

Hayley: Oh. I -- you know, I don't want to force you into doing anything, Mateo.

Mateo: You're not.

Hayley: Are you sure about this? Are you entirely sure?

Mateo: I have never been more sure about anything in my life.

Hayley: Why don't you sleep on it and let me --

Mateo: I -- hey, listen -- I know this is what you want.

Hayley: What about what you want?

Mateo: I want you. Ok? I am married to an amazing woman, and Iím not going to hold you back. Ok?

Hayley: Do you think I look fat in this?

Mateo: You look great.

[Mateo chuckles]

Maria: Aidan -- look, I -- I -- I know that you did this for me. I know you wanted to help me. And I really -- I appreciate that you wanted to help me.

Aidan: Yeah, but it's ok.

Maria: I mean, I do. I just -- you were my only friend when I came to town before you and I ever even knew who I was.

Aidan: And I accepted you then and I accept you now.

Maria: I know, but, Aidan, I don't need that kind of help anymore. I don't need a guardian. I don't need an avenging angel.

Aidan: Right. Well, I never thought you did, Maureen.

Maria: I can take care of myself.

Aidan: I noticed that when I first saw you. I wanted you in my life then, and -- and I still do.

David: Anna resigned from a job she loves because I am a conflict of interest for her.

Kenny: I understand that, but it's done.

David: If I cop a plea, Anna can ask for her job back. And Montgomery will make sure that she gets reinstated.

Kenny: As your attorney, my advice is to wait, let the whole thing cool down.

David: What kind of a deal do you think we can get now? Right now?

Kenny: Now, with the few charges they have against you, the best you could possibly hope for is a suspended sentence.

David: I can avoid doing jail time altogether?

Kenny: Possibly, but you'd definitely pull some kind of community service.

David: Like what?

Kenny: Could be picking up trash. Whatever makes the court feel like they're extracting their pound of flesh.

David: A suspended sentence and exercise in the great outdoors -- yeah, I can live with that. Call the D.A.'s office.

Kenny: What, now?

David: Right now. Make the deal.

Adam: Liza, you're too devoted to your sister. You wouldn't want her dead no matter what she'd done. Me -- you'd have pushed me -- hard. But not Mia. I know you too well. There was something else going on in your head that night. What was it? You wanted an admission from Mia, a confession. But you didn't want her dead. What else were you thinking? Who were you seeing? Liza, tell me the truth or, so help me, I will take Colby from you.

Liza: You. It was all about you.

Adam: Yeah. You wanted to kill me.

Liza: I could never hurt my sister or hate her that much. It was you.

Adam: You hated me that much?

Liza: No, I -- I loved you that much. The thought of you with anyone -- it killed me. That's the truth.

Hayley: I don't know. What about you? You thought it was good?

Woman: I thought it went very well, sweetie.

Hayley: All right, good. See you tomorrow.

Woman: Ok.

Hayley: Oh. Hear that? Mmm. Reserve cider for moi?

Mateo: Yes.

Hayley: Hmm. "Granquist Orchard, Weston, Vermont," the good stuff.

Mateo: Always.

Hayley: You're going to propose a toast?

Mateo: To the future.

Hayley: And the past.

Mateo: And everything in between.

Hayley: For the rest of our lives?

Mateo: Hmm -- for the rest of our lives. Place has seen some good times, huh?

Hayley: It can still see good times. We don't have to sell.

Mateo: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is just a stop on the journey.

Hayley: What a journey it's been so far.

Mateo: Man. Do you remember when we decided to open up a club?

Hayley: Yeah, I do. We wanted to spend 24 hours a day of every day together.

Mateo: Some things never change, huh?

Hayley: That's true.

Hayley: You built this place from nothing.

Mateo: We built this place. Come on, nobody thought -- nobody thought Iíd make it. They just -- except you.

Hayley: That's because I am your biggest fan.

Mateo: And I'm yours. Oh. Remember when we opened this place, the first day?

Hayley: Mm-hmm. Boy, you were some dancer back then.

[Salsa music plays]


Mateo: Ah -- everybody left. I thought they'd never leave.

Hayley: Yeah, you and me both.

[music plays]

Mateo: How about an encore?

Hayley: Like you'd have to ask.

Singer: I love the way you smile when I look in your eyes I love the way you laugh when I try to be funny and how the tears roll down your face when I say no one could ever take your place 'cause, baby, when you sleep I watch you breathing baby, when you dream I dream with you 'cause everywhere you are

David: For crying out --

David: You don't look too happy, Kenny.

Kenny: I don't feel you're acting in your own best interests, Dr. Hayward.

David: Did they reject our offer?

Kenny: Pending Jackson Montgomeryís approval, you've got yourself a deal.

David: Ok, so what did they put on the table?

Kenny: Carol Miller thinks they'll go for a suspended sentence and 500 hours of community service.

David: 500 hours? I don't have that kind of time.

Kenny: Well, it beats a prison sentence.

David: So what am I going to be doing?

Kenny: They'll be making use of your talents at the free clinic downtown.

David: Oh -- are you kidding me? That is like a third-world outpost. The facility's an outdated dump.

Kenny: Be it ever so humble, it'll be your home for 20 hours a week.

David: Kenny, Kenny, I'm a world-renowned cardiac surgeon, all right? I don't belong down there.

Kenny: Well, then, keep it up. They'll have you cleaning the highways with a toothbrush.

David: Well, that's great. So Iím going to be handing out band-aids? Is that it?

Kenny: No, you'll be doing routine checkups and performing surgery on patients who deserve the same type of care you give your country-club set.

David: Ok, ok.

Kenny: Lots of people are a single paycheck away from the street. They lose their job, their insurance falls --

David: I said all right. I said all right. Well, you're a real pro bono kind of guy, huh, Kenny?

Kenny: My sister owes her life to a free clinic in Chicago. But, hey, you don't like the terms, reject their offer when they make it.

David: Oh, yeah, that's great advice -- jerk them around. Montgomery's office is going to love that.

Kenny: Look, it's your call. 20 hours a week for six months in that hellhole, then you can go back to stitching up the filthy rich at Pine Valley Hospital.

David: Yeah, with Jake Martin as Chief of Staff? That's not going to happen. All right, fine. Look, finalize the deal as soon as you can, ok? I guess I better start thinking about what Iím going to do with Jake Martin.

Aidan: I've been trying to put you out of my mind, but you're still there.

Maria: Oh, Aidan, I -- I can't take this in right now. I really -- I canít. This is -- this is just too confusing. It's --

Aidan: I know. For you and me both. You know, I'll -- I'll try and keep out of your way. But -- that David Hayward -- he had you so worked up.

Maria: No. I'm so sorry that I even dragged you into all that. I didn't mean to --

Aidan: You don't have to apologize. I just -- I went with my gut feeling.

Maria: But it's not what I --

Aidan: What you want. I know. I got it. But I don't regret sticking it to Hayward, you know? In fact, I regret not sticking it to him. That guy deserves a big injection of regret after what he did to you. Anyway, I'll see you.

Adam: You love me in spite of everything Iíve done?

Liza: Yes, I -- I love you. I can't help it.

Adam: I don't know what to say.

Liza: I -- I don't think Iím crazy, but I might just be self-destructive. I -- Iíve tried to stop loving you. I thought I succeeded, and I realized when I thought I might lose you that I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop loving you.

Liza: So that's it. There's -- there's nothing else left to say. You win.

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David: I'm taking the plea for one reason. Do we have a deal?

Tad: You could possibly send Liza to prison for years. I suggest you make sure you can live with it.

Liza: You've won. You get Colby. What more could you possibly want from me?

Adam: I want you.

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