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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 11/26/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Edmund: Did you hear what you just said? "I remember."

Maria: I do.

Liza: Mia didn't do anything to us. Because of us, she could die. We did this to her.

[Heart monitor flatlines]

Doctor: Clear!

[Flatline stops]

Frank: You did it, man. She's back.

Jake: Well, we're not out of the woods yet.

Mateo: I mean, the whole day at the park? The kid's zonked.

Hayley: That's the idea.

Mateo: I love the way you think.

Hayley: What else do you love?

[Enzo cries]

[Phone rings]

Hayley: You get the baby --

Mateo: Uh --

Hayley: I'll get the phone.

Mateo: Okay. Hold my place.

Hayley: Hold mine.

Mateo: Okay.


Hayley: Hello? Yeah. Did they call? What'd they say?

[Enzo stops crying]

Hayley: You are lying. Are you serious? Are you sure? Are you kidding? It's my dream come true! You're kidding. No, that's very bad. That's very, very bad. Yeah. All right, thanks for calling. I got to go.

Mateo: He just dropped his Tarzan doll, and I put his favorite music on. Everything's good.

[Hayley sighs]

Hayley: I wish everything was so simple to fix.

Mateo: Yeah. Who was on the phone?

Hayley: Um -- just work stuff.

Mateo: Hmm. Right.

[Knock on door]

Reporter: Ms. English, what do you have to say about your son's disclosure that you and Adam Chandler had an affair?

Edmund: Say it again.

Maria: I do. I remember. I -- I remember. I mean, not a lot, but I remember.

Edmund: This -- this is how it happens. This is how you get your memory back. First one memory surfaces, and then 10, and then --

Maria: But, Edmund, this is a memory. This is my -- the first time I've remembered something about us. I mean, this happened before the plane crash. This was -- oh, my God, Edmund, this is going to come back. I'm going to remember our life together.

[Heart monitor beeps]

Jake: Hey, beautiful. How you feeling?

Mia: Like hell. What happened?

Jake: You tested our skills. Then we operated.

Mia: Am I okay?

Jake: Of course you're okay. You're a fighter.

Mia: Just skip the bedside pep talk, Jake. Level with me.

Jake: Honest, I need you to fight hard, Mia. I need you to fight for your life.

Adam: Liza, what do you mean, we're responsible for Mia's fall, that -- that it's our fault?

Liza: Adam, I --

Adam: It was an accident, wasn't it?

Marian: Well, of course it was an accident, and you two have a lesson to learn from that.

Adam: And what's that?

Marian: Well, I mean, why do you think Mia was in the attic in the first place? To get away from all the tension in this house. You two have to stop tormenting this family with your fighting. I mean, this time it was Mia, next time it could be Colby.

Adam: Marian, that's --

Marian: Liza, you have to concentrate on your daughter right now.

Adam: That's all very interesting, Marian. But, Liza, you seem terribly responsible for all this. And I'm betting it's something more than just tension. So tell me. What, exactly, do you know about Mia's fall?

[Music plays]

Mateo: So what happened on the phone that wrecked your mood?

Hayley: Nothing. It's nothing. I'll get over it once I --

[Music stops]

[Enzo cries]

Hayley: Once I put this stuff away.

Mateo: Ah --

Hayley: The music stopped. I'll get it.

Mateo: All right.

[Phone rings]

Mateo: Hello?

[Enzo stops crying]

Mateo: Hey. How you doing? Uh, no, she's actually with the baby right now. You want me to go get her? Oh, okay, cool, I'll take a message. Just one second, I'll get pen and paper. All right, shoot. What? Yeah, no -- yeah, yeah, she told me. Okay. Is that it? Yeah, I got it. All right. All right.

Hayley: He's out but I suspect it's temporary. I don't know why he's so restless, but I think he's teething again. Is everything okay?

Mateo: Your agent called. He said he forgot to tell you you got to go to LA by the end of the month.

Hayley: You don't have to do that.

Mateo: No, we have to do this. We're partners, right?

Hayley: We are.

Mateo: Right?

Hayley: We are.

Mateo: So what's up with L.A.?

Hayley: I got an offer to syndicate my show.

Mateo: And you don't share that with your husband?

Hayley: I got an offer to syndicate my show, to go national. I have to move to LA.

Mateo: That's crazy.

Hayley: It's a deal breaker. My agent's been in negotiations with these people for over a month.

Mateo: A month? When -- when were you going to tell me?

Hayley: I am superstitious. I didn't want to jinx it.

Mateo: Oh, yeah, just sign on the dotted line and call me from the airport? Send me a post card or something?

Hayley: No, I -- we'll just -- we'll all together move there as a family.

Mateo: What?

Hayley: We'll get a caseta, you know, in the Hollywood hills. It'll be really nice. We can take the baby to the beach in the afternoons instead of freezing our butts off in the park.

Mateo: My family is here. My whole life is here.

Maria: It was so clear, Edmund. It was like something that just happened last week. We were making the flight plans; we were talking about Brooke's award. Oh, my God, this could really -- this could be a really big breakthrough.

Edmund: Okay. Call Zeke.

Maria: But it's too late to call Dr. McMillan.

Edmund: No, it isn't. He said call anytime.

Maria: No, Edmund, I'm here to take care of you. Okay.

Maria: Dr. McMillan? Hi. It's Maureen Gorman. Yeah. I'm sorry to be calling you this late, but it's just I remembered something and it -- yeah, it was from before the plane crash. Fifteen minutes is perfect. Perfect. I'll meet you there. Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay. Bye.

Edmund: Okay.

Maria: Okay.

Edmund: Take it easy. Don't push yourself.

Maria: Yeah, look who's talking. Okay, I'm going to come right back here after I'm through, okay? I'll see you.

[Knock on door]

Edmund: Did you forget what --

Reporter: Mr. Grey, care to comment on your ex-wife's fling with Adam Chandler? We're headlining the story tomorrow.

Mia: I'm willing to fight, Jake, but I need the facts. All of them.

Jake: Fractured ribs. Bruised kidney.

Mia: I know this part.

Jake: The fall caused internal injuries. Your heart stopped.

Mia: Oh. Oh, you've been busy, huh?

Jake: Kind of. We shocked your heart back into rhythm, then we did a laparotomy.

Mia: So I -- I have a scar.

Jake: The good news is there's no paralysis. Feel that?

Mia: It tickles.

Jake: That's a good thing.

Mia: God, Jake, they took my ring.

Jake: It's safe. Hospital regulations -- you know that.

Mia: But I barely got to wear it.

Jake: You're going to have the rest of your life to wear that ring. And we're going to fight this together. All of it. Okay?

Mia: Okay.

Jake: Hey, Dad.

Joe: Hey.

Mia: Dr. Joe.

Joe: You'll soon be calling me Dad. We're also very happy you'll be joining the family.

Mia: I'm the lucky one.

Joe: I need to borrow your fiancé for a moment. I'll send him right back.

Jake: I want you to think about that wedding dress, okay, and the kind of reception you want to have. Dream big.

Mia: I love you.

Marian: Liza only knows what we all know about Mia's fall -- that it was a terrible accident.

Adam: Where were you when it happened?

Marian: Adam, will you stop grilling her? Can't you see she's coming apart here?

Liza: This is the worst yet.

Marian: Darling, what do you mean?

Jake: Her crit is low. I'll order two more units.

Joe: Now, son --

Jake: What? You think that we missed a bleeder when we went in there?

Joe: Go ahead and transfuse, but we may have to go back in, as you know. We'll do our best and pray.

Adam: Hi. How's my girl?

Mia: I'm okay, for a pincushion.

Adam: Anything you need, I'll get it for you.

Mia: Thanks.

Adam: I need to ask you one question.

Mia: Sure.

Adam: How did you fall?

Mia: I was going up to the attic. And then I was on the ground.

Adam: That's all you remember?

Mia: So far, yeah.

Adam: Is there any chance that maybe you went up there to get away from Frank?

Mia: What?

Adam: Well, you were so afraid of him taking your child away.

Mia: So?

Adam: Is there any chance that your fall wasn't an accident?

Mia: What are you saying, Adam? That I -- that I jumped?

Adam: Did you?

Jake: What's your problem, Adam? What is it? Mia didn't jump.

Liza: How could I do something like that?

Marian: Like what?

Liza: I just -- I wanted to talk to her. I was trying to turn her around and, Mom, I tripped over my dress. I didn't mean to push her out the window.

Marian: Of course you didn't.

Liza: She was on the phone, Mother. She was -- she was talking on the phone about how she wanted to have a baby someday, and I thought she was keeping secrets from me.

Marian: Shh. Shh. Liza, please keep your voice down.

Liza: I thought she was talking to Adam!

Marian: Shh! Liza, it was an accident. It was an accident.

Liza: It doesn't matter because I did it. And now she might die. I was wrong. I mean, I was so wrong.

Marian: Stop it, Liza. Stop it, right now. Do you hear me? This is guilt talking. You never meant to hurt Mia.

Liza: But I did.

Marian: Listen to me. Mia had a terrible, terrible accident. You will never, ever tell anyone you had a part in it. Do you hear me?

Edmund: Look, I already told you at the hospital -- no comment. Now, please, leave the property before I have you thrown off.

Reporter: I'll find my way. And I'll put my own spin on what drove your ex-wife into Adam Chandler's bed -- unless you help me with some personal insight.

Edmund: Let's not get personal.

Liza: I caused Mia's fall. I'm the one who pushed her.

Marian: You didn't push her, Liza, it was an accident.

Liza: But I told you --

Marian: You told me that you tripped, Darling. You're all mixed up right now.

Liza: I wish I was.

Marian: Liza, try to calm down, okay? You need a strategy right now.

Liza: Mia deserves --

Marian: What? Justice? Is she going to feel any better to know her sister was involved in this?

Liza: Mother, our family has lived behind lies and deceit for so long. I -- I have to have a clean conscience.

Marian: A clean conscience is a luxury you can't afford right now.

Liza: Why not?

Marian: Because you're married to Adam Chandler, and he's already tried to take your child away from you.

Liza: Oh, my God. Colby.

Marian: That's right, Colby. Spun out the wrong way, spun out by Adam's lawyers, this accident could make you look homicidal.

Liza: Make me look like an unfit mother.

Marian: You got it. So stop being so selfish and concentrate on how you're going to protect your daughter.

Jake: All right, Adam, out.

Adam: Jake, the question has to be asked. She's been very depressed about giving up her son. If she needs psychiatric help --

Mia: I don’t.

Adam: But you've been so worried about your son, Mia.

Jake: All right, Adam -- Adam, this is enough. Not that it's any of your business, but Mia and I were on the phone whenever she fell, and she was the happiest that she has ever been.

Adam: Well, I just want to make sure she's taken care of, that's all.

Jake: She is. Now, I'd like to be alone with my fiancée.

Adam: Of course. Liza told me that you two are engaged. Congratulations. The offer still stands. If you need anything --

Jake: Adam, she's heard your offer. Now it's time for you to leave.

Adam: Just call me.

Mia: Jake --

Jake: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Listen, just -- I'm going to have the nurses' station screen all the visitors, okay?

Mia: I can't remember anything. Could Adam be right?

Jake: No. No, no. Mia, you cannot believe that. Adam is just being Adam. He's working some sick, self-serving angle. We need to concentrate on your health right now, all right?

Mia: Are my test results bad?

Jake: There may be some internal bleeding. We might have to go back in.

Mia: Jake, what is my condition?

Jake: Still critical.

Liza: How's Mia?

Adam: She's being very brave. I just -- I can't imagine how she could've fallen out our attic window.

Marian: Well, none of us can, Adam.

Adam: Which is why I find what you said before even more puzzling. It's still bothering me. If Mia's fall was an accident, then why are you blaming us?

Zeke: But as I've told you before, memory recovery can be a long, difficult process.

Maria: Yeah, I just -- I don't buy your professional caution, Dr. McMillan.

Zeke: Why not?

Maria: Because it is way, way after hours, and I just don't think you'd be here unless you thought something huge could happen.

Zeke: You're right, Maureen. Do you still want to be called Maureen?

Maria: Uh, yeah, for now. For now. But I -- I think I'm ready to get back to being Maria.

Zeke: All right. Why don't you try lying down this time?

Maria: Okay.

Zeke: Close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths. Imagine yourself in a safe place.

[Knock on door]

Brooke: No comment!


Brooke: Get away from my house or I swear I --

Edmund: If you don't want to invite me in, just say so.

Hayley: The back rub worked. I don't know for how long. I don't know why he's so restless. Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about L.A.

Mateo: Why didn't you tell me? I mean --

Hayley: I -- I'm sorry. I guess I just figured that, you know, if I said it out loud, I'd have to admit it to myself.

Mateo: Admit what?

[Hayley sighs]

Hayley: Mateo, it's -- honey, it's everything you said -- you know, your whole life is here, your whole world is here. Your niece, your nephew. You built a business from scratch here. Maria's back.

Mateo: And this thing comes along. It's something you always dreamed about, right?

Hayley: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I -- I guess I just wanted to savor the idea and fantasize about it before I turned it down, that's all.

Mateo: So you're turning it down?

Hayley: Give me some credit. I would never ask you to pick up and move away --

Mateo: Wait, wait, wait --

Hayley: And leave everything.

Mateo: So, wait, hold on. This is something you've always wanted to do, right? Be honest.

Hayley: It's my dream come true.

[Heart monitor beeps]

Jake: You should feel stronger in a few minutes.

Mia: I'm getting help now.

Jake: Help is good.

Mia: Hold both of my hands.

Jake: You need more pain meds?

Mia: No. I want to stay clear. I want to stay with you.

Jake: That's good.

Mia: Jake, I need to tell you --

Jake: Shh --

Mia: I need you to know --

Jake: Shh. Tell me later.

Mia: When you proposed to me tonight, I was the happiest that I've ever been.

Jake: Me, too.

Adam: Liza, I asked you a question. How could we possibly have hurt Mia?

Liza: It's just like what my mother said -- the love that we feel for one another hurts so many people. Colby and JAR. and Stuart and now Mia.

Adam: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. Even when we're fighting, you are a very loving mother and a loving sister. It makes no sense that you'd blame us for Mia's fall.

Liza: All right, then I'll make sense.

Marian: No, Liza, please --

Liza: I don't blame myself, Adam. I blame you.           


Maria: This is not working, Dr. McMillan.

Zeke: Maureen, hypnosis is really a state of deep relaxation. Perhaps you're too keyed up.

Maria: Yes, I am keyed up. Yeah, because this is my chance to remember my life.

Zeke: Maureen, this is a very big change. Now, you've been hesitant about recovering your past. Why are you so eager now?

Maria: Let's just do it again, all right? I'm ready. I'm ready now. Let's do it, please?

Zeke: All right, can you get to the safe place you've created? Just take deep breaths.

Maria: Okay, I'm trying.

Zeke: I know. It's okay.

Maria: Oh, my God, it's not okay! What is wrong with me? This is hopeless. This is --

Zeke: Maureen, it isn't hopeless.

Maria: It is, isn't it? Just -- okay, just say it. I'm not going to get my memory back. Am I just stuck like this forever?

Edmund: Look, I'm here because a reporter came to my house and he wanted a -- ahem -- comment on your latest encounter with Adam.

Brooke: You can say it -- my affair.

Edmund: Anyway, I just wanted to warn you because he may come here next.

Brooke: Well, guess what -- he's been and gone. You didn't think he'd come to the primary source first?

Edmund: This was a bad idea. I'm sorry. Good night, Brooke.

Brooke: Edmund?

Edmund: Yeah?

Brooke: If you just wanted to warn me, how come you didn't just pick up the phone?

Edmund: Hearing about you and Adam got me thinking.

Brooke: About what?

Edmund: About you and me and how quick I was to blame you for keeping Maria from me.

Brooke: I don't need this again, Edmund.

Edmund: Brooke, you've apologized over and over. This is -- it's my turn.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: You're not the only one who tried to keep Maria away from me. Um -- she didn't want to come home. As a matter of fact, Maria did everything she could to -- to stay Maureen.

Brooke: She was scared.

Edmund: And so were you. You were scared to -- to lose me and to lose the future that we had planned.

Brooke: I should've handled things differently. We both know that.

Edmund: Yeah, well, maybe I should've handled some things differently, too.

Brooke: Well, I mean, you know, it's -- it's too late for that.

Edmund: Brooke, would you just let me get this out, please?

Brooke: Okay.

Edmund: Ahem. When I found out that Maria was alive and how she'd been so alone and tortured for five years, it -- I had to blame somebody, and I blamed you. And that was selfish. And I didn't have to be, and I didn't have to completely mess you up.

Brooke: You think I'm messed up? What -- what are you talking about?

Edmund: Adam.

Brooke: Adam? What does Adam have to do with anything?

Edmund: Well, maybe if I hadn't been so wrapped up with Maria's memory loss, I mean, so eaten up by it --

Brooke: You could've kept me out of Adam Chandler's clutches?

Edmund: I didn't even ask how you were feeling.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I'm stunned. You're jealous.

Mateo: I mean, you've helped me realize all my dreams. I've -- I've got to let you go for yours.

Hayley: Yeah, I love you for wanting to make all my dreams come true, but there's no way we can do this.

Mateo: I'll do anything for you.

Hayley: I appreciate that, but you cannot leave your family. Ever since your father died, your mother has come to depend on you.

Mateo: Well, we'll take her with us.

Hayley: Mateo, your mother is not going to leave Maria. And Maria can't leave her kids.

Mateo: We'll commute.

Hayley: 6,000 miles a day?

Mateo: Every weekend we'll come back.

Hayley: I'm not putting my baby on two planes a week.

Mateo: You're right. That's no life for a kid.

Hayley: It's no life for any of us. Believe me, I've been thinking about it and thinking about ways we could possibly make this work, and there's just -- there's no way to make this work. It's impossible.

Mateo: I know you. You're going to be miserable if you turn this deal down.

Hayley: You know what? I'll get over it.

Mateo: How can you be so sure?

Hayley: You know, as much as I love it, my job is my job. You guys are my life.

Mateo: I can't help it. My family's everything to me.

Hayley: Me, too.

Adam: Of course you blame me for Mia's accident. You blame me for everything because I had an affair.

Marian: Again.

Adam: It was terrible the way you heard about me and Brooke, and -- and I'm so sorry.

Marian: To have your wife host a party for your mistress is a new low even for you, Adam.

Adam: I never meant to publicly humiliate you.

Marian: You were the one humiliated.

Adam: Brooke and I are over. It's over. I won't -- it'll never happen again.

Marian: Oh, really?

Adam: Marian, would you sh -- sorry. I should've learned to control myself by now, and you have every right to blame me.

Liza: I don't blame you for having an affair with Brooke.

Marian: Yes, you do, Liza.

Liza: Mother -- you did everything you could to try to save our marriage. You reached out to me and I pushed you away. I don't blame you for looking for comfort with another woman.

Adam: I'm -- I'm stunned.

Liza: But Mother's right, and Stuart is right that the love that we share is toxic. The people we care about, we -- well, they're not safe. And I don't even like the person that I've become.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: Adam, when you look in the mirror, do you think, "This is the person I always wanted to be"?

Adam: Whether or not we like what we've become is really not the important question here.

Liza: Then what is?

Adam: Where we go from here.

Zeke: Maureen, can you tell me what you're feeling?

Maria: Yeah, I feel like a -- like a door to my past cracked open tonight and I am trying to push my way through and I can’t.

Zeke: And what's in the way?

Maria: I don't know.

Zeke: My guess is that your subconscious senses a danger and it's protecting you.

Maria: But from what?

Zeke: I'm not sure.

Maria: Edmund is going to be so disappointed. He's --

Zeke: He'll handle it.

Maria: No, it just -- he seems like the most devoted husband in the world, and he was the one who urged me to come down here right away tonight.

Zeke: And why shouldn't he?

Maria: Because he's the one who just got out of the hospital. I was going to be there to help him tonight.

Zeke: I'm sure Edmund managed just fine.

Maria: Well, just the same, do you mind if I use your phone? I just want to call him and let him know that -- I don't know, just let him down easy.

Zeke: Maureen, there's no reason to give up hope.

Maria: Yeah, but, well, can I call him, at least tell him I'm on my way?

Zeke: Sure, just dial nine first.

Maria: Okay. Thanks.

Edmund: You think I'm jealous?

Brooke: And arrogant.

Edmund: I -- I came here because I'm concerned about you.

Brooke: You came here because I slept with somebody else!

Edmund: That is not true.

Brooke: Oh, it -- excuse me. I'm the woman that you left in the dust weeks ago.

Edmund: We talk all the time.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, we talk. We talk about helping your wife get her memory back and how I can help pitch in with your kids.

Edmund: You wanted to help me with the memory research, and I thought you loved my kids.

Brooke: I do love your kids.

Edmund: So?

Brooke: But we don't talk about us. You never even mentioned our marriage or your feelings. The only reason that you're here is because I went to bed with somebody else.

Edmund: Letting Adam Chandler seduce you is self-destructive.

Brooke: As in what? A cry for help?

Edmund: Why else would you let that womanizer touch you?

Brooke: Because he finds me attractive. Because it felt great. Because it was fun. Because he doesn't judge me.

Edmund: He used you, Brooke.

Brooke: Excuse me, but maybe I used him.

Edmund: I don't buy that.

Brooke: Well, I don't really give a damn.

Edmund: You were vulnerable and he took advantage of you!

Brooke: It was my choice as much as his. You know, I'm not just some object that Adam knocked over on the rebound. It happened because I wanted it to happen. And you know what, you can take your bogus concern and your hurt feelings and you can get the hell out of here!

Maria: Ahem.

Zeke: Was Edmund asleep?

Maria: No, Edmund wasn't home.

Zeke: Are you sure? I thought you told me that he was just released from the hospital.

Maria: Yeah, he was. I guess he's feeling much better because the housekeeper said he went to go visit Brooke English.

Edmund: There's nothing bogus going on here, okay? I'm really just concerned about you.

Brooke: I loved you too much, Edmund. Turned me into somebody I didn't want to be. Really, it made me somebody I didn't even recognize, and it made me hurt you so much. And believe me, that was the last thing that I ever wanted to do.

Edmund: I believe you.

Brooke: I'm sorry, Edmund.

Edmund: Brooke, you've apologized enough. I don't want to -- it doesn't really matter anymore who's at fault.

Brooke: Do you mean that?

Edmund: Yeah. I'd like to drop this for the rest of time.

Brooke: Does that mean you don't hate me anymore?

Edmund: I never hated you, even when I was hating you.

Brooke: I never hated you, either.

Edmund: I miss you.

Brooke: I miss you, too.

Edmund: You know, even though I found Maria and that was a miracle, I don't want it to cost our friendship because that means just as much to me.

Brooke: She's your soul mate. And you know what I've decided to believe? That there's more than one soul mate out there for each of us. So you don't have to worry. You're not my one and only. It's very late.

Edmund: I should be getting home.

Brooke: I'm glad that you cared enough to come by.

Edmund: I'll always care, Brooke.

Brooke: Me, too.

Mia: Jake?

Jake: Hey.

Mia: How -- how am I?

Jake: You're gorgeous, inside and out.

Mia: A real answer, please. It scares me when you're so cheerful.

Joe: Excuse me.

Jake: Dad, did you get the latest CBC?

Joe: Yeah. She's bleeding out.

Liza: What's going on?

Adam: Liza, can I speak to you for a moment, alone?

Liza: What's happening with Mia?

Jake: Emergency surgery.

Liza: Why?

Adam: Jake? Jake, is Mia dying?

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