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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/15/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Trey: Help me, Leo. Help me get her through this.

Jack: Please show Dr. Hayward to that cell he knows so well.

Maria: How are we going to find what he's been hiding?

Tad: It's all got to be linked somehow -- what he did to Dixie, what he did to you, and what he was doing on that beach. Where are you going? What is it? David?

Maria: What he did to me -- it's beyond my worst nightmare.

[Street accordion plays]

Trey: Wow. It looks like you're going to have a headache in a couple hours.

Greenlee: No, I wonít. Champagne is for celebrating. That's what Leo always said. There is nothing that a good bottle of bubbly couldn't cure. I'll never drink this stuff again.

Trey: Well, I've heard of people taking champagne baths, but whoever's getting the shower -- ok. I guess it's a release. You know, whatever works for you.

Greenlee: Trey, go back to sleep.

Trey: Well, I wasn't sleeping. I'd like to just be here with you, if you let me.

Greenlee: Whatever.

Trey: You know, I was thinking I could talk to your landlady -- what was her name?

Greenlee: Madam Davis.

Trey: Yeah, yeah, and see if she could get some boxes to pack you up. You know, maybe she could help us ship some of this stuff that you want --

Greenlee: Every single thing in this apartment is staying right where it is.

Trey: Greenlee, I know this hurts right now, but you might need some of this stuff when you get back.

Greenlee: You don't understand.

Greenlee: I'm staying here in Paris. I'm not going back to Pine Valley.

Edmund: All right, look at me, look at me. Just one bandage. I'm ready to be released.

Brooke: Edmund, what are you doing out of bed?

Edmund: I have to get out of here.

Frank: Brooke, would you please help me here?

Brooke: Listen, "Tempo" can do a couple of days without you. It's just very hard for him to stay away.

Edmund: Look, this isn't about "Tempo." It's about -- ahem -- it's about Maria, all right? She's going to court to testify against Hayward.

Brooke: She is?

Edmund: Yeah, yeah. It's about that body she found on the beach. Ok, maybe she shouldn't be alone.

Frank: Edmund, I know. Really, I understand, ok? But you're pushing it.

Edmund: Well, if you knew Hayward, you would understand why I'm doing this.

Frank: I know he saved your life.

Edmund: He's the reason why I got into that accident, ok? The hearing's started. Ok, just let me sign myself out. A release. What do I need?

Frank: I can't be responsible for this.

Edmund: Ok, then don't be.

Brooke: Look, I will drive you to the courthouse. I will make sure that he doesn't overdo it.

Frank: He's already overdoing it.

Brooke: If he starts feeling bad, I promise you I will bring him right back here.

Edmund: Brooke, you don't have --

Brooke: I want to do it, all right? Just go get yourself ready, and I'll start the paperwork.

Kenny: Dr. Hayward?

David: So this isn't going to take too long, will it?

Kenny: It shouldn't. There is no way Montgomery has enough evidence to take this thing to trial.

David: Great. Just checking, just checking. So, you sure you feel all right?

Anna: I want to be here.

Maggie: Me, too.

Anna: Yeah.

David: Well, thanks for the support.

Anna: Who are you looking for?

David: Oh -- Maria. Yeah, I know she's going to be testifying for Jackson. If I could just get a minute with her --

Anna: Why don't you just leave her alone?

David: No, I know I could convince -- look at Jackson. He thinks he's going to pull this off. These trumped-up charges are a waste of the taxpayers' money.

Jack: Normally, the court takes dead bodies very seriously.

David: It was a cadaver.

Jack: We'll let the judge decide, huh?

Carol: The judge could rule in Haywardís favor. You know, without Maria Grey's testimony, we really don't have a case.

Jack: Yes. Yes, I know that. Have you heard from Maria?

Carol: No. Nothing.

Jack: How about Tad Martin?

Carol: Tad Martin? No. Look, Judge Connally doesn't like delays.

Jack: Yes, Carol, I'm aware of that. Will you do me a favor? Would you please try to find Maria and Tad?

Carol: Will do.

Jack: Thank you. All right, Tad, where the hell are you?

David: Ok.

Maggie: Are you nervous?

David: No. These charges are groundless.

Maggie: So you're not going to go to jail or anything?

David: No, Maggie. I'm going to stay right here. I'm going to be there for you and for Anna and the baby.

Anna: Excuse me.

David: Sure.

Anna: Jackson, can I talk to you?

Jack: The hearing's about to begin, Anna.

Anna: I know. Just this won't take a second.

Jack: Sure.

Anna: I know we're on opposite sides right now, but I wanted to make sure that we still have an understanding.

Jack: An understanding? Well, I understand this -- I understand that your mind's made up. I just hope you know what the hell you're up for, because I'm going to do my job.

Bailiff: All rise and come to order. The honorable Judge Robert Connally presiding.

Jack: And if I do it right, I may be putting the father of your child in prison for a very long time. Excuse me.

Tad: You still thinking about what's in that file, aren't you?

Maria: Yeah.

Tad: I'm sorry. Really. I am. But you wanted answers, and you finally got them. And at least we can prove how out of control Hayward really is.

Maria: Yeah, I just hope it's enough.

Tad: It will be.

Maria: I don't know, but the second I think that that man has done the worst possible thing that anybody can do --

Tad: He does something more vile. Yeah, welcome to the club.

Maria: And what he did to me and to that homeless man all in the name of science, it just makes me sick. How much longer is this flight?

Tad: Not that much longer, ok? Just try to take it easy.

Maria: I just want this to be over with, Tad.

Tad: I understand. But right now you got to keep that beautiful head of yours screwed on straight, because if you lose it, on a plane, the way things are today, Edmund would definitely hold me responsible.

Maria: Well, I'll calm down when I know David is in jail for good.

Jack: Jackson Montgomery for the Commonwealth, your honor.

Kenny: Kenneth Adler for the defense.

Judge: All right, let's get moving. Theft, abuse of corpse, criminal mischief, and criminal trespassing.

Kenny: Motion for immediate dismissal, your honor. These charges --

Judge: Let's just hear what Mr. Montgomery has to say first, Mr. Adler.

Jack: Thank you, your honor.

Judge: What are you waiting for, counselor? Call your first witness.

Jack: Yes, your honor. The commonwealth would like to call Anna Devane to the stand.

Kenny: Objection, your honor. Ms. Devane was not scheduled to take the stand.

Judge: Overruled.

Anna: Why are you doing this?

Judge: Is there a problem, Ms. Devane?

Anna: No, your honor.

Judge: Proceed.

Bailiff: Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Anna: I do.

Jack: Please state your name and your occupation for the record.

Anna: Anna Devane. I'm currently on personal leave as Chief of the Pine Valley Police Department.

Jack: But your resignation is pending.

Anna: Correct.

Jack: Isn't it true that two nights ago you were at the beach with Dr. David Hayward and Maria Grey?

Anna: Yes.

Jack: And you found human remains there?

Anna: Yes. They were buried in the sand.

Jack: Buried there by Dr. Hayward?

Anna: Yes, but the body was dead for months before it was buried.

Jack: How is it a thing like that happens?

Anna: Well, it was a cadaver. Dr. Hayward had been using it for research, and that's all I know.

Jack: Ms. Devane, you were married to Dr. Hayward, and yet you would have us believe that he never spoke to you of his medical research or even of his penchant for burying dead bodies?

Anna: No.

Jack: Why is it I have the feeling that you could share more with us if you wanted to?

Kenny: Objection, your honor. If counselor is reduced to speculating, he should excuse the witness.

Judge: Mr. Montgomery, do you have an actual question?

Jack: I do. Ms. Devane, isn't it true that you secretly eloped with Dr. Hayward despite the fact that he was the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation --

Anna: I don't see what my personal life --

Jack: Despite all the rest of his actions -- his betrayals, his total disregard for medical experimentation protocols -- despite the fact that you recently divorced him, you're still defending him?

Anna: Yes.

Jack: Why is that? Is it because you believe he's innocent?

Anna: It's because I love him.

Tad: Nobody wants to see Hayward go down more than I do. Believe me.

Maria: I know. I'm sorry. This is just making me so crazy.

Tad: Well, David does that to people. You stick around along enough, he gets you to do some pretty strange things.

Maria: Yeah. I defended him to an entire town. I let this psycho off the hook. Everybody tried to tell me not to, and all I could think of was "oh, no matter else he'd done, he saved my life" and blah, blah.

Tad: And --

Maria: Well, now I know that he wasn't just in it for saving my life. He was just trying to extend his research. Now I wish to God I had prosecuted him then.

Tad: You know what? So do I. But hindsight's 20/20 always. You can't go back. The good news is if you survived Hayward, you can get through anything.

Maria: Maybe.

Tad: No. You can. I'm sure we'll be landing any minute.

Maria: Oh, I hope so, because I don't want to miss this trial.

Tad: Oh, man, we're not missing anything. You're going to give that file to Jack and you're going to tell that judge everything you found out.

Maria: Got it.

Tad: I've waited a long time for this, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

Edmund: I owe you one. Thanks.

Frank: Don't overdo it.

Edmund: It's over and done.

Brooke: Listen, I will tell Jake that he's a terrific guy on staff, really.

Jake: Hey. Did someone just say my name?

Edmund: Hey, Jake. How are you? Listen, Dr. Hubbard just signed an early release for us, and we got to go.

Jake: Frank? What --

Frank: I'll explain later.

Jake: Yeah, I'll hold you to that.

Mia: Hey.

Jake: Mia! When did you get back?

Mia: Just now. Did you miss me?

Jake: Oh, what do you think, huh? Of course I missed you. How was New York?

Mia: Good. Adam's lawyers are incredible. They found loopholes in the loopholes.

Jake: Yeah? Is that good?

Mia: Yeah. It clears things up for me. I know what I have to do now.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Mia: First, I have to tell Frank the truth. And then Iíve got to -- I've got to call Williamís parents and, you know, explain about Frank and let them know that he could possibly contest the adoption.

Jake: Ok, so listen, listen, I'll go with you if you want me to --

Mia: They're going to think Iím so irresponsible. I mean, they've made this perfect life for William, and I could mess all that up just because I didn't have the guts to tell the baby's father.

Jake: Wait, wait, you had no way of knowing that that decision was going to --

Mia: Destroy the only family my son's ever known?

Jake: Mia --Mia, he probably doesn't even know that he's adopted. I mean, he's 5 years old. How's he going to understand this?

Jake: Mia --

Mia: Oh, just forget it.

Jake: Hey. What is it, huh? Tell me what's going on, huh? What is it? Hmm?

[Accordion music plays]

Trey: So Paris is your home now? Just like that?

Greenlee: That was the plan, Trey. It's not "just like that."

Trey: You don't know a soul here, Greenlee. Right now you need to be around people who --

Greenlee: Don't give me that "I need to be around my loved ones" garbage, ok? I'll pour this right over your head.

Trey: Well, go for it, because it's true, whether you like it or not.

Greenlee: The only loved one I ever had was Leo.

Trey: Well, you're wrong about that.

Greenlee: Who? Give me the list.

Trey: Well, your mother was very worried about you.

Greenlee: Oh, mother wants to play mommy right now because she's in between art shows. She'll find another project. She always does.

Trey: Well, what about Woody?

Greenlee: Ok, now, there's the exception, but the pity factor's raging out of control. I mean, the stares, the phone calls, the fruit baskets. My husband is dead, and they're sending me pears?

Trey: It'll stop.

Greenlee: No.

Trey: You'll see.

Greenlee: I'm going to stop it, because I'm not going to be someone that they have to look after. Here I can be Greenlee Dupres. Or at least the Veuve Dupres. A little dignified, don't you think?

Trey: Well, what are you going to do here, huh? Stay holed up in here, pouring champagne? Leo would puke if he could see you.

Greenlee: That's exactly what Leo would want for me. Fresh pasties from the bakery downstairs, street musicians right outside our -- my window, weekends in St. Tropez.

Trey: And do you still want all those things?

Greenlee: Wherever Leo is, he's happy that I'm staying in Paris.


Trey: Looks like Leo disagrees with you, big-time.

Trey: Looks like Leoís not very happy with your decision.

Greenlee: You're a real jerk. You know that? Some stupid wind blows through and now it's Leo coming back to haunt me. Ooh, cue the scary music.

Trey: Ok. If you know him so well, what would he say if he were here right now?

Greenlee: He'd say -- he'd --

Trey: You can't do it, can you?

Greenlee: Let me think.

Trey: You used to be a fighter. Now look at you. Pouring champagne out the window? My God, if Erica and Kendall could see you now.

Greenlee: You know, you can quit the head job, ok? It's not going to work. You can either go to sleep or just shut up and let me --

Trey: You know, you're lucky that all Leo did was knock over that nameplate. He should have given you a swift kick in your --

Greenlee: You have no idea what it's like for me back in Pine Valley.

Trey: My life's not exactly a joyride, either. I'm still facing arson charges.

Greenlee: If you're comparing my life to yours --

Trey: I'm saying that your life is not the only one that's been trashed.

Greenlee: My husband was murdered, you twit, so don't expect me to have any compassion for you.

Trey: You know what I wish? I wish that you could have seen the big old smirk on Kendallís face the other day when I stopped by her office. Or was it your office? There she was, sitting behind your desk, answering your phone.

Greenlee: Do you think I care about lipstick or eyeliner or Kendallís pathetic power trip? The minute Leo went over that railing, it all became meaningless.

Trey: So that's it. You're just going to let her take credit for all your hard work? You know, Leo told me how proud he was of you, everything you've done --

Greenlee: Drop it, Trey. Leo and I were working towards something.

Trey: Well, so was Vanessa.

Greenlee: Don't mention that creature's name in my presence.

Trey: You know, if you stay here, all curled up in a little knot, hmm? Blocking out the entire world, she's won. She's gotten everything she ever wanted -- you, a complete mess, defeated.

Greenlee: Vanessa didn't win. I still have my memories, and I'm going to honor my husband.

Trey: By letting the woman that he fell in love with evaporate? By moping around your apartment thousands of miles from your home, what, with a nameplate and old photos, genuflecting in front of some shrine?

Greenlee: Shut up! You barely knew him.

Trey: I know that you're throwing away your entire life, everything that Leo ever cared about, and I know that Vanessa is laughing at you from her own reserved place in hell.

Trey: Finally, that is the Greenlee that my brother fell in love with.

Jake: I know those lawyers have got you spooked, but what else has happened?

Mia: Nothing.

Jake: All right, so you're not going to tell me? Are we back at that again?

Mia: Why do you think Iím holding out on you?

Jake: Because that's what you're doing, all right? You're not being honest with me. You're lying to me.

Mia: What? I am not lying.

Jake: Yes, you are, and it's not your best event. I care about you. Tell me what's happening with you.

Mia: When I tell you this, you are going --

Jake: Mia, you are stuck with me. Don't you know that I admire you and I think that you're really brave?

Mia: Me?

Jake: Yes.

Mia: After I just told you that if I had dealt with Frank differently none of this would have happened, and you think I'm brave?

Jake: All right, listen, come over here and sit down.

Jake: You love your son. You loved your son. And that's the reason why you're trying to straighten all of this out with Frank, so you can protect your boy and the people who love him.

Mia: Jake --

Jake: And I know that you are going to be an incredible mother.

Mia: Stop it, please.

Jake: And you need to hear this. You need to hear it, because someday you're going to get the chance again to be a mom.

Mia: It could happen sooner than you think. I might be pregnant.

Kenny: And did you see Dr. Hayward burn the cadaver?

Anna: No.

Kenny: No further questions.

Judge: You may step down.

Anna: Thank you, your honor.

Brooke: Jack, how's it going?

Jack: Frankly, it could be going better. Do you have any idea where Maria is?

Edmund: No. I thought she'd be here.

Jack: So did I. Your honor, if I may be allowed a moment to confer with Ms. Miller?

Judge: Two minutes, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: Thank you, Judge. Do you have any idea where Tad and Maria are?

Brooke: I left messages everywhere.

Kenny: Your honor, these stalling tactics are an insult to the court. In fact, this entire case is a complete waste of time.

Jack: Your honor, a man, a doctor buries a body in secret. These are not the actions one normally expects from an innocent man.

Kenny: This is ludicrous.

Judge: All right, that's enough.

Kenny: Your honor, I have a good mind to consider slander charges against Mr. Montgomery. The medical examiner confirmed the cadaver died of natural causes. David Hayward is no murderer.

Maria: Yes, he is.

Judge: You have evidence that's relevant to this matter?

Maria: Yes, I do, your honor. Dr. Hayward may not have taken the life of the man that we found on the beach, but he took the life of Maria Grey.

Judge: Order! Order in the courtroom!

Maria: I know exactly what you did to me now, David, and I have it right here in this report. I can prove it. And I knew you were a bastard, but I didn't know that you were capable of doing this.

David: Maureen, stop.

Tad: Jackson, you got to put Maria on the stand.

Jack: What did you find out?

Tad: There's not enough time. Just do it. Trust me.

Judge: Mr. Montgomery?

Jack: Yes, your honor. The Commonwealth would like to call Maria Grey to the stand.

Kenny: Your honor, this is highly irregular.

Judge: You'll get your chance, Mr. Adler. Young lady?

Maria: Thank you, your honor.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Maria: Yes, I do.

Jack: Please, for the record, state your name and occupation.

Maria: My name is Maureen Gorman. I'm a nurses' aide.

Judge: Mr. Montgomery, you just said the lady's name was Maria Grey.

Maria: Oh, it is, your honor. I'm sorry. It's actually both. I've had amnesia for many years, and I took the name Maureen Gorman.

Judge: Very well. Proceed.

Jack: Ms. Grey, would you please tell this court how it is you know the defendant, Dr. Hayward.

Maria: Yes. Five years ago, I was in a plane crash, and Dr. Hayward found me and nursed me back to health.

Jack: But you had lost your memory?

Maria: Yes.

Jack: Ms. Grey, could you please tell this court, why are you here today?

Maria: Because I started having memory flashes of David burying something on the beach that night that he found me, and so I decided to investigate. And, first, I found the body that he buried there in the sand.

Jack: And then what happened?

Maria: Well, then, I went to Baltimore to the clinic where David used to work, and I got the deceased's medical records.

Jack: And what, if anything, did you learn from these records?

Maria: I learned that this man was a patient of Davidís, that he was a homeless man that had come into the clinic for treatment, and that he had consented to experimental procedures and drugs.

Jack: Please. Please go on.

Maria: Well, according to the clinic's records, which I have right here, this man's condition was very similar to my own.

Jack: Similar in what way?

Maria: Well, when David found me, I was very near death. My heart nearly gave out, and he saved my life, and it seems as though he did the same for this man.

Jack: But --

Maria: But his drug has a side effect, a very serious side effect, and he knew all about it when he injected me with this unapproved miracle cure. This man lost his memory just like I did.

Jack: So you're telling this court that the experimental drug that Dr. Hayward injected you with -- that's what caused your amnesia?

Maria: Yes, absolutely. I thought that I had lost my memory because of the plane crash and all the trauma that came after that, but it wasn't. It was his drug. This report proves it. And this man stole my entire life from me, wiped out my entire life. He would have you believe that his patients come first, but it's not. It's all about him playing God and then trying to cover up his mess so that he doesn't get caught.

Greenlee: How dare you insult the love that Leo and I shared. Like you could ever in your entire life have the privilege of feeling 1/10 of the love that we had together.

Trey: No argument here.

Greenlee: And Vanessa hasn't won.

Trey: Well, the people in Pine Valley thinks she has. Can't you see? If you stay here, the love that you and Leo shared will fade away, out of mind, out of sight.

Greenlee: No, no, it won't. People know that Leo died a hero. They know he died trying to save my life.

Trey: You have to go back to Pine Valley and make sure they don't forget.

Greenlee: You're right. You're right. I do have to make sure that they don't forget. I have to go back. I owe it to Leo.

Trey: Exactly.

Greenlee: He said I could trust you.

Trey: You can.

Greenlee: I guess. You did save my life.

Trey: I only --

Greenlee: And I want to do something to show you that I appreciate it. And it would make Leo happy, too. I mean, you don't exactly have a lot of opportunities back in Pine Valley.

Trey: Well, my only chance is if Jackson Montgomery comes through for me.

Greenlee: You burned down Ericaís house, ok? She's not going to let you have any peace for the rest of your natural life.

Trey: Get to the good part.

Greenlee: Trust me. So, here.

Trey: What is this?

Greenlee: Fake passport. Leo had this box in storage in London from his old con days. He had it shipped here.

Trey: Greenlee, I don't know.

Greenlee: What? Is that name not good for you? I mean, because there are others. There's -- let's see -- Ira Berstein? No. Let's see. Joseph Mancuso? No. No. That won't work. Ok, what about Mark O'Rourke? Yeah, you could be a Mark OíRourke.

Trey: Greenlee, I just --

Greenlee: Trey, this is your chance to start over. I mean, and we have everything here that we need. We have birth certificates. We have social security numbers. I mean, look at it this way. This is Leoís final con -- helping his brother start a new life.

Jake: Pregnant?

Mia: I'm only a few days late. What, did you think that I wasn't going to say anything to you?

Jake: Were you?

Mia: Yes. You're not Frank. I just -- I didn't know how to say it.

Jake: Wow. We used protection. How did --

Mia: It could be a false alarm.

Jake: And if it is?

Mia: I want to have that baby. Go ahead. I'm waiting. Lay it on me. You think that I --

Jake: Wow -- you know what I'm thinking? I'll tell you, I'm thinking exactly what I was thinking a couple of minutes ago. I think you're going to be the most incredible mother.

Mia: You know what? It wasn't exactly planned.

Jake: The best things in life aren't planned. My mom didn't -- my parents -- they didn't plan to have me.

Mia: Really?

Jake: Yeah, yeah. I was a late-in-life pregnancy, born on Christmas day.

Mia: That is so sweet. Well, you know, I didn't sleep last night. I was just walking around Times Square and walking and walking and thinking, and I did the same thing when I was pregnant with William.

Jake: Did it help?

Mia: No. But I was thinking I was a different person then. I don't know if it's finding my sister or spending time with Colby, I don't know what it is, but I want to raise this baby.

Jake: I was hoping you'd say that.

Mia: And listen, there's no obligation on you, ok?

Jake: No, hey, hey, I'm all right. I've been there. It's too late for that, ok?

Mia: There's no pressure.

Jake: Mia -- Mia, don't -- listen --

Mia: I don't want you to feel any pressure, whatsoever.

Jake: Listen to me. I love you.

Maria: Would you just admit it, David?

Judge: Order!

Maria: You wiped out my memory on purpose so that I wouldn't remember you burying that man.

David: I saved your life!

Maria: One little injection and then you're a free man!

Judge: If this continues, I will have to clear this courtroom.

David: Why don't you try being grateful, all right?

Judge: I have asked you to control your client or I will have him removed.

Maria: You think I'm going to believe your lies? No, not anymore, not that you cared about me, that you loved me. You know what? To think about you kissing me all those years ago -- it makes my stomach turn. Edmund! Edmund!

Maria: Edmund! Edmund!

Judge: Remove this man from my courtroom immediately!

David: So for crying out loud!

Judge: Get him out of here. And, you, sir, you control your client or he's next. This court will take a five-minute recess.

Jack: Your honor, if I may --

Tad: Where are you going?

Brooke: To help Edmund.

Tad: That's not a good idea. This is none of my business, but you should --

Brooke: You're right. It's not your business.

Maggie: I'm sorry. I can't believe any of this. It's not true, right? Hey, you want me to take you back to the Valley Inn?

Anna: No.

Maggie: Are you ok?

Anna: I'm not sure what Iím feeling right now.

Greenlee: What are you waiting for? You can have a new identity and be rid of Pine Valley forever.

Trey: I can't do it.

Greenlee: Why not?

Trey: Greenlee, this is probably the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. But how can I tell you that you have to go to Pine Valley while I take the easy way out?

Greenlee: You could go to jail.

Trey: I could, though I doubt I will.

Greenlee: You're bluffing.

Trey: Nope.

Greenlee: What happened? You worked out some kind of deal with Jackson Montgomery?

Trey: Well, let's just say he's been more understanding than I expected.

Greenlee: Well, yeah, that's probably because he doesn't have concrete proof that you burned down Ericaís house, but he's going to find something, something major. You reek guilt.

Trey: Hmm. Wrong again.

Greenlee: The D.A.'s going to let you steal some dead guy's identity and get away with it? You'll get disbarred at least.

Trey: Well, try a three-month suspension with a psych evaluation, and the clock's already started ticking on that one.

Greenlee: You can't be serious?

Trey: Oh, but I am. You see, here's why -- nobody filed the charges against me. My only crime was a forgery misdemeanor.

Greenlee: That's all?

Trey: Jackson could have come after me for perversion of justice, but that's pretty difficult to prove.

Greenlee: So you're free?

Trey: Let me see. Like I told you, I'm not a very good person, but I am a very good lawyer. Though I don't think anyone would want to hire me, especially in Pine Valley.

Greenlee: But you're going to go back anyway?

Trey: Yeah, because I told you I would. I told you that I would help you live your life in Pine Valley, and I intend to do that if you need me.

Greenlee: Would it be crazy if I told you I'd love to be out of here by tonight?

Trey: Not at all.

Greenlee: I can be packed and ready in an hour.

Trey: I'll call Madam Davis, and then Iíll call the airline and make sure we get back on the first flight back to the states.

Greenlee: Trey? Thanks.

Trey: Don't worry, Leo. I'll take care of her.

Mia: Oh! I can't believe it.

Jake: Oh! We're going to be parents!

Mia: That you want this, too. I mean, I thought that you were going to completely freak out on me.

Jake: I am freaking out. I'm freaking out because Iíve got some big shoes to fill up to. I mean, my dad -- he's number one in the dad department.

Mia: Oh, maybe your mom can give me some tips on being pregnant and everything, because I don't know --

Jake: If you want, she will, sure.

Mia: Yeah, I do. Wait a minute. What am I doing? I don't even know if Iím pregnant yet. What --

Jake: Yeah, you're right.

Mia: Yeah.

Jake: You're right. We can find out.

Mia: Yeah, yeah. Ok.

Jake: Ok, come on. Let's go.

Mia: Let's go.

[Street musician plays "La Marseillaise"]

Trey: You all set?

Greenlee: I think so.

Trey: Madam Davis said that she'll send the rest of the stuff as soon as she can.

Greenlee: Great.

Trey: The cab's outside.

Greenlee: I'll be down in a minute.

Trey: Sure, sure. Take as much time as you need. I'll wait in the car.

Greenlee: Oh, Leo. This place, this city -- it was supposed to be the start of our dream come true. But since it's not, I have to go back and try to live my life, even if it's without you. But I'll always remember what might have been here in Paris. I love you, Leo.

[Street musician plays "La Marseillaise"]

Greenlee: To celebrate.

Brooke: Edmund, you keep this up, you're going to cause some permanent damage.

Edmund: I got to get back in there.

Brooke: Maybe -- let me take you home.

Edmund: No, just leave me alone!

[Edmund coughs]

Edmund: Sorry.

Brooke: No. You're right.

Edmund: No. I didn't mean that.

Brooke: No. You're right. I -- I shouldn't have come, Edmund.

Edmund: Brooke wait.

Brooke: It's wrong for both of us. You belong with Maria, not with me.

Judge: Gentlemen, are we ready to proceed?

Kenny: Yes, your honor, and I'd once again like to request that these charges be dropped my client had permission to use the body in question for medical research. The commonwealth has no case.

Maria: No, you can't do that.

Kenny: All that's really at issue here is the disposal of the corpse, and my client's not contesting that.

Judge: Mr. Adler, I've heard enough. And, Mr. Montgomery, I have to agree with you. What you brought before me today is very compelling. However, it has very little relevance to the charges leveled against Dr. Hayward, and I do not feel there's enough evidence to proceed the trial.

Maria: Please, your honor.

Judge: Ms. Gorman, I'm sorry for the trauma you've suffered, but my decision stands. These proceedings are over.

Maria: No, no, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. I -- I know more. I remember. I remember everything.

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Brooke: Tad, we were just --

Tad: I know. You were discussing the power I have over the prince of darkness here.

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