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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 11/12/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Jamie: Get this -- my mom and your dad are hooking up.

Maria: I know there's something here! I know it. I know it!

Anna: David --

David: Stop!

[Maria screams]

Tad: Maybe what you and I have here is a second chance as a family.

Laurie: You were great with Jamie.

J.R.: I wouldn't have to be great if my old man would stop messing up people's lives.

Laurie: He does this a lot?

J.R.: I wish he would take up golf -- something that didn't trash people.

Laurie: Will you tell your dad's wife what he's doing?

J.R.: With Brooke? My dad's problems are totally his deal. Besides, it's not like it would freak out Liza.

Laurie: She's used to it?

J.R.: She married my dad, like, three times. She knows the score. It's no secret how many marriages my dad's thrown on the trash heap. I mean, he -- he looks after number one. He doesn't really -- he doesn't give a -- I'm sorry. You probably wish I'd take you home already.

Laurie: What I wish is that you would kiss me.

Brooke: You want to put our family back together again?

Tad: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh --

Tad: What's so funny?

Brooke: Nothing, nothing. It's just my life has been sort of a disaster and I don't see any end in sight, so I think you would rather be running the other way than planning some sort of a reunion.

Tad: I'll take my chances.

Brooke: I don't know what to say.

Tad: Don't say anything. Just promise me you'll think about it.

Brooke: Well, I mean, you're certainly right about one thing -- our family does need some work.

Tad: Well, maybe we should start by moving beyond the past and dealing with what's right in our lives.

Brooke: Jamie.

Tad: Yeah. I've been an absentee father for far too long. I know I want to work on that.

Brooke: I know he certainly deserves a mother who's got her act together.

Tad: We all deserve to be happy. You and I can make that happen. There was a lot that was right about us. And as a family, I think it could be even better.

Brooke: It sounds very simple when you just say it.

Tad: Well, after the year we've had, simple is good.

Brooke: I -- I don't know what I would do without you. I --

Jamie: Dad?

Tad: Yeah. Who were you expecting?

Brooke: Honey, I didn't think you would be home this early.

Jamie: Yeah, well, next time Iíll call. I'd hate to interrupt anything.

Brooke: Jamie --

Tad: James -- what's the problem?

Maria: Oh, my God.

Anna: What is it?

Maria: Oh, my God, what did you do?

Anna: Oh, God.

Maria: What did you do?

Anna: David -- tell me that's not what I think it is.

David: Anna --

Maria: He'll lie to you.

David: Listen to me.

Maria: Don't listen to him.

David: I won't lie to you.

Maria: That's all he has done.

David: I swear to you on the life of our child, it is not as bad as it seems.

Maria: That's a body. How much worse could it be?

Jamie: I'm not the one with the problem.

Brooke: Jamie, did something happen at school?

Jamie: No.

Brooke: I mean, if you want to talk about it, I --

Jamie: I don't, ok? Besides, you kind of got your hands full lately.

Tad: If something's bothering you, why don't you just tell us about it without all the attitude?

Brooke: It's ok.

Tad: No, it's not. Wait a minute -- whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going?

Jamie: Upstairs. She said it's ok.

Tad: No, she didn't. Come here. Apologize.

Jamie: Is that an order?

Tad: What is with you? Since when do I have to order you to be respectful of your mother?

Jamie: Since -- it's no big deal.

Tad: Yes, it is. It's a very big deal. Your tone sucks. I don't want to hear it again.

Jamie: I'll make a note.

Tad: Do that. You make sure you do that. Look, I haven't a clue as to what is bothering you, but you owe your mother an apology, now.

Jamie: You're right, you don't have a clue.

Tad: James. Jamie.

Brooke: Oh, my God, he knows.

Tad: About you and --

Brooke: He knows about me and Adam.

Tad: Ok, just -- don't panic, all right? Just -- we don't know what's bothering him. I'll find out.

Opal: Well, was that blur Jamie?

Tad: Ma, I got to go. Sorry.

Opal: He didn't even slow -- well, at least I know where Jamie got his manners from. What the heck's going on around here?

Brooke: I'm not sure I want to know.

Laurie: What are you doing?

J.R.: I'm doing you a favor.

Laurie: I don't get it. Why'd you stop?

J.R.: Because if we don't stop now, I won't want to and you will, so I'm taking you home.

Laurie: Maybe I do -- want to go further.

J.R.: Really?

Laurie: But not yet.

J.R.: Right.

Laurie: Listen -- it's just I don't even know how you feel about me.

J.R.: You know.

Laurie: I donít.

J.R.: We're dating. Doesn't that mean something?

Laurie: Dating? You only call me once a week. You ask me out even less.

J.R.: Maybe I'm trying to spare you.

Laurie: From what? Why are you acting all harsh?

Jamie: What if I'm like my old man? What if I'm out to break the Adam Chandler record for busting up lives and breaking hearts?

Laurie: You're nothing like your father, J.R. and, besides, how do you know that I won't break your heart?

David: Anna, this is not the way it looks.

Anna: It's a body, David.

David: Yes, it is. But if you would just let me explain, you'll understand.

Anna: Ok. You're so bloody good at explaining. Go on.

David: I didn't do anything wrong here.

Anna: You do horrible things. I just think that you're incapable of --

Maria: This is murder.

David: You're wrong. That's not true.

Maria: Are you kidding? I saw you bury this body, and then I come back here and I find you digging it up, and you can still stand there and try to deny it?

David: Anna, I did not murder anyone.

Maria: No, you tried to make me believe that I did.

David: That's not what we're dealing with right here!

Maria: That is exactly what we're dealing with -- you trying to protect yourself!

David: If you would just stop and listen, maybe you would understand.

Maria: I am done listening to you! He murdered someone and he tried to convince me that I was the killer.

David: Maureen, please, please just stay focused on right now, all right?

Maria: You told me that I killed a man, and then when that lie didn't hold, you told me that I killed myself --

David: I'm telling you --

Maria: No, no, no!

David: You've got this wrong.

Maria: And then you told me that the whole thing was a lie, but that's a very real body, David!

David: You've got something wrong here. It's wrong.

Maria: No, I finally got it right. I finally got it right. You did this, not me. You ripped away my life to cover up your crime.

David: That's not true! There is no crime here!

Maria: We are looking at your crime! You tore away my life all to cover up your past. And I swear to God, David, you are going to pay with your future.

Anna: Maria, we don't know the whole story.

Maria: Oh, no, no, don't you dare -- please, don't let him get away with lying again.

David: No, Anna, I won't lie to you. I wonít.

Maria: With all you have done, what more proof do you need?

David: If you would just listen to me, all right?

Maria: No --

David: You'll understand.

Maria: All you did was tell me that whole time that all you cared about was what was best for me.

David: That's right, I did, and I do!

Maria: No, you care about what's best for you.

David: No, I care what's best for everybody!

Maria: Really? Including this poor soul in here? You are the killer, David, not me!

David: Anna, it is not the way that she thinks it is.

Maria: Oh, right.

Anna: How is it, then?

David: I was treating a patient, all right? A situation arose.

Maria: Doctors are supposed to save patients, not kill them.

David: The man was dying when he came to me!

Maria: Oh, that's so convenient.

David: It's the truth! You just don't want to hear it right now!


Maria: Oh.

[Maria laughs]

David: I don't believe it. You called your men? You didn't even hear the facts.

Anna: I didn't call them.

David: After you said that you would give me another chance, us another chance?

Anna: I didn't call for backup, David.

David: You didn't? Then you believe me?

Anna: I didn't set you up, David. That's what I'm saying.

David: Anna, then help me. If you ever loved me, help me now.

J.R.: It's best just to avoid the whole broken heart thing.

Laurie: Why not take a chance?

J.R.: Chances are I'd mess up.

Laurie: Maybe you wouldn't.

J.R.: You're a nice girl.

Laurie: Kiss of death.

J.R.: I mean I don't want to disappoint you.

Laurie: Would you settle for just having a good time, some fun?

J.R.: It starts out that way. Then it goes straight to serious.

Laurie: That's so horrible?

J.R.: I don't do serious very well.

Laurie: Don't think of it as serious. Think of it as more.

J.R.: "More --"

Laurie: More time together. Is that so horrible?

J.R.: No.

Laurie: So we date, really date, and see what happens.

J.R.: Date? Date, like, exclusive?

Laurie: If it's a problem for you, there are plenty of guys who can handle it.

J.R.: But they're not me.

Opal: Brooke, it's not as if you set out to hurt Jamie, you know.

Brooke: No, but I did hurt him. All right, it was my fault. I made a terrible mistake. And then, in his efforts to defend me at school, he got beaten up.

Opal: Well, he defended you because he loves you.

Brooke: Opal, you didn't see how he looked at me when I had to tell him that I lied about Maria being alive.

Opal: Honey, he just found out that you're human, you know? It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Brooke: It just doesn't seem right that -- that he has to suffer for that. You know, it's like I feel I should be able to protect my own son.

Opal: At any given time, we're all just doing the best we can, that's all.

Brooke: Well, it doesn't seem enough sometimes, does it?

Opal: Well, that's what you got Tad for.

Brooke: I hope he found Jamie.

Opal: Oh, don't worry about that. I'm sure he's found Jamie and he's setting him straight.

Brooke: You know, Tad shouldn't have to take this on.

Opal: He shouldn't? Why not? He's Jamieís father, for crying out loud. That's his job.

Brooke: I know, but I'm his mother, all right? I feel like I'm half a mother to him. I can't give him the things that he seems to need. I --

Opal: There's a simple fix for that, you know.

Brooke: What is it?

Opal: Let Tad into your life permanently.

Tad: Hi. Want to tell me what that little scene with your mom was about? Come on. You can do better than that.

Jamie: It's nothing.

Tad: Apparently it's a whole lot of nothing.

Jamie: I don't want to talk about it, all right?

Tad: I think your mom would like to know why you're so angry at her.

Jamie: I've got nothing to say to her.

Tad: What are the chances that this is one of those teenage mutant things?

Jamie: Maybe it's not about me. Did you ever think of that?

Tad: Yeah, well, you're the only one throwing around all that anger. And your mom's a good woman. She doesn't deserve it.

Jamie: Like she's so perfect.

Tad: No, but she is the best mother around.

Jamie: Says you?

Tad: That's right.

Jamie: Mom isn't who you think she is lately.

Tad: What does that mean?

Jamie: You think you know so much about her. You donít.

Tad: I know enough. I know that she would do anything in this life to make sure that you were healthy and happy. I know she loves you more than anything else in the world.

Jamie: She's sure spreading that love around.

Tad: Excuse me?

Jamie: Forget it.

Tad: No. I won't forget it. And before you pass judgment, you remember one thing -- for the last few months, your mother's been through a living hell. Right now she's hanging on. She's doing the best she can.

Jamie: So that makes it ok?

Tad: I don't know. And you stick around long enough; somebody will ask you that question. But in the meantime, your mother needs your love and your compassion.

Jamie: She's getting plenty of that. Dad, mom's sleeping with Adam Chandler.


David: Anna, please. You're the only one who knows the truth.

Anna: I don't know anything yet.

David: You know me. You know the man that I am.

Maria: Yeah, you're the same man who buried a body in this and tried to cover it up.

David: Anna, the police are going to believe the worst. They have the remains and now they have a witness.

Anna: Yeah, and they don't have the truth, do they?

David: They will bury it.

Maria: Ah, fitting.

David: No matter how it looks right now, Anna, believe me, I did nothing wrong.

Anna: I would like to believe you, but how can I? A man is dead.

David: Anna, come on! You know that I'm not capable of murder.

Anna: No, I don't know that.

David: Anna, you can believe in me, in us, in our family. The police are going to believe what they want, but if I don't have you, I've lost, Anna. So please tell me that you're with me. Tell me that you will stand by me and help me through this.

Maria: No, no, no, Anna, please, tell me you're not falling for any of this.

Anna: I'm not falling for anything, but we don't have all the facts. That's what I'm saying.

Maria: You're kidding. Fact -- there's a man buried there that he buried there. Fact -- he lied and told me that I was the murderer. Fact -- he stole years from my life.

David: If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even have a life!

Maria: Oh, do you think breathing is living?

David: But you're here, right? You're strong, you're healthy! You should be thanking me!

Jack: Yeah? And what exactly should you be thanking him for, Maria?

David: Oh, for crying out loud! It figures you'd be here leading the troops.

Maria: He killed a man.

Jack: He killed a man? All right, I want you to call forensics. I want this whole area sealed. Do it now.

Ofc. Perry: Yes, sir.

Jack: Are you ok?

Maria: Yeah.

Jack: Edmund thought you might be here. Why --

Maria: Because I remembered David burying something here on the beach, and I had to know what it was, and now I do.

David: You don't know anything.

Maria: I know that you buried a body here in this spot five years ago. And he was hoping that I wouldn't remember what happened that night, but I did.

David: There's an explanation.

Maria: You know what? I am so through with your explanations. After all that you've done to me and my family, Iím going to make sure you pay, David, no matter what it takes.

Tad: That's a pretty hard thing to understand, but try, ok? Please don't hold this against your mom.

Jamie: You know about Adam, too, don't you? And this is all right with you?

Tad: I didn't say that. Listen, pal, I got to be honest with you. I'm making this up as I go along. Just because you get older doesn't mean you got all the answers.

Jamie: Yeah, no kidding. Wait -- is this adult talk for "it's cool to sleep with a married guy"?

Tad: No. Of course not.

Jamie: Well, that's what she's doing, and you're sticking up for her.

Tad: I'm not -- Iím telling you you should stick up for her. I'm telling you your mother needs your understanding.

Jamie: I don't understand. For months she has me lined up with a new little family unit at Wildwind, but she blows it with Edmund. So she shacks up with the biggest bozo in town? It makes a lot of sense.

Tad: She is not shacking up with Adam.

Jamie: She's sleeping with him. When is that ok? And when is it ok to lie to get what you want?

Tad: Never. It's never a good idea to lie.

Jamie: Oh, really? Did you have that talk with mom?

Tad: Things are a little complex right now. She's got enough to sort through.

Jamie: I can make it real simple. She's a liar. I don't even know who she is anymore.

Tad: Brooke is your mother and she loves you.

Jamie: Yeah, right, when she's not busy crying or caring and being there for Sam and Maddie. I'm so freakin' sick of this!

Tad: Are you through?

Jamie: I guess.

Tad: Good. Because now that you've had your say, maybe you'll listen to me.

Brooke: Tad and me?

Opal: Why not? It worked before.

Brooke: Opal, you know, we kind of just set up house.

Opal: Why? Not even for your own son?

Brooke: Jamie knows that we are both here for him.

Opal: Does he?

Brooke: Yes, he does. He knows -- he knows that we both love him.

Opal: Well, sure, he knows it, but he'd really feel it if the three of you sat down to dinner every night, helped him with his homework. The two of you sitting together cheering him on at his soccer games.

Brooke: Sometimes that's just not possible.

Opal: Yeah, don't I know it. I was never able to offer that to Jenny or to Tad, and now, what, with Palmer, I can't even give it to Petey. But you can. You're getting a second chance, and with a good man.

Brooke: Opal, you know, I know that Tad is the best there is.

Opal: Yeah. I mean, I think that growing up the way he did, nothing means more to Tad than having a real family.

Brooke: He had that, I know, with Dixie.

Opal: Yeah, that's true. Doesn't mean he couldn't have it again.

Brooke: We're not talking about Jamie anymore, are we?

Opal: You know, you and Tad have been dealt some pretty lousy hands. I think you both could use somebody to lean on.

Brooke: Oh, Opal, I'm not exactly a pillar of strength at the moment.

Opal: You don't need to be. What you do need is somebody to take care of you, and so does Tad.

Brooke: Opal, I love Tad. I really do. But I can't jump into the arms of another ex. I --

Opal: What? Are you still kicking yourself over Edmund?

Brooke: For starters, yeah.

Opal: You ever think about taking a peek at the silver lining? You found Maria for a reason, you know. Maybe you brought her back to Edmund so as that you would be free to go back to your true love.

Brooke: Tad?

Opal: Well, now, I know you've had problems in the past, but he has always been there for you.

Brooke: I know --

Opal: Who did you turn to when you went looking for Maria? And who was there, right by your side, when Edmund turned away from you?

Brooke: I know --

Opal: It was Tad. He never let you down, did he? And Tad could say the same thing about you, Brooke. I mean, when Dixie died, you were the one that was there, grieving right along with Tad, helping him through it.

Brooke: Opal, we're friends.

Opal: It's a lot more than that. You know, maybe you both had to go through all these trials and tribulations just so as that you could find each other again.

Jack: Ok.

Maria: So that's when I got here and I found him digging up the remains.

Jack: Do you have anything else to add?

Maria: No, nothing. That's everything. That's everything that I can remember. But is that enough? Does that help?

Jack: Yeah, I'd say that's more than enough.

Maria: To put him in prison?

Jack: If you will testify to what you just told me in a court of law, yes.

Maria: Absolutely.

Jack: All right. Come here a second.

Anna: Could I have a moment alone with Dr. Hayward?

Ofc. Perry: D.A. doesnít want me to leave his side --

Anna: That's all right. I take full responsibility. It's ok.

Ofc. Perry: You got it, Chief.

Anna: Thanks.

David: Do you believe Maureen?

Anna: She seems credible.

David: She's angry. She blames me for everything she's lost.

Anna: No, no, and it's not your fault, is it? What did you bury a body here for five years ago? Why did you slink down here to dig it up and hide it? You know, if you ever meant one word that you ever said to me in this relationship --

David: Of course I did.

Anna: Well, tell me the truth now.

David: Five years ago, I was doing research on a drug that was not approved by the F.D.A.

Anna: Oh --

David: This man in the grave -- he volunteered to participate in that project.

Anna: He volunteered to be a guinea pig?

David: Yes, yes.

Anna: Did he understand what the consequences were?

David: Yes, of course, he did. He knew full well of the possibilities. But he had no hope, Anna. He was homeless and he was mortally ill. If anything, my research helped prolong his life.

Anna: Oh. So he allowed you to pump him full of this untested drug?

David: The drug was an earlier version of the same one that I used to save Dixie.

Anna: But he died. So does saving one life justify losing another?

David: No, no. Anna, he died of natural causes.

Anna: Well, what's all the drama about?

David: I had to perform an autopsy. It was the only way that I could study the drug's effects on the man's body.

Anna: All right, so, after the autopsy, then you have to take the body to the morgue, right?

David: No. I couldn't take the chance of them doing an autopsy as well. It was an unapproved drug, Anna. If they saw the drug coursing through his body, I would lose my license immediately. Anna, I dedicated my life to medicine. I've risked everything to save people's lives who trusted me. The end result would be that I would lose my license for good.

Anna: I know how much medicine means to you. Saving lives -- I mean, I saw that last night. But, David, really, this --

David: Back then -- back then, medicine was all I had, and I thought that was enough. But now, Anna, I have you. I have our family. And when I realized that Maureen remembered and she was going to expose it, I didn't care that I was going to lose my career. I was worried about losing you. So I didn't know what to do, all right? So I came down here --

Anna: To remove the body.

David: Yes. Now I've just made things worse. I mean, I've jeopardized our entire future on some choice that I made five years ago. Anna, please, believe me. I could learn to live without medicine. But I can't learn to live without you.

Jack: Ofc. Perry, would you please read Dr. Hayward his rights?

David: What's the charge?

Jack: The charge is homicide.

Tad: Like I said, your mom's having a hard year.

Jamie: She's not the only one.

Tad: Are you going to listen?

Jamie: Are you going to tell me she gets a free pass to act out?

Tad: No. But I will tell you she's been through more than anybody else I know. She buried a child, ok? And yet she manages to get up every morning, go to work, be the best mother to you that she possibly can be. As far as Maria is concerned -- if it wasn't for your mother, nobody would know that Maria exists, including Maria. She'd be out floating around somewhere, thinking she was somebody else. And in terms of Edmund -- lying to him? How do you know? Were you there? Because I donít. I wasn't. What I do know is this wedding fiasco was the worst, most embarrassing thing that your mother has ever had to live through and she's having a really hard time picking herself up. So along comes Adam. Big freakin' deal. Sometimes people got to crash and burn before they can put themselves together again.

Jamie: Is that what you told J.R. when you found out Dixie was messing with David Hayward?

[pager beeps]

Tad: Just a minute.

Jamie: Go ahead, take the call. It's got to be more important than this.

Tad: Nothing is more important to me than you are.

Jamie: When you're around.

Tad: Well, I intend to be around a lot more.

Jamie: Good. Because mom needs someone to keep an eye on her.

Tad: What about you? I know you've been through a lot this year. No, I mean it. You've come through it like a champ and I'm proud of you, but I got to ask you to go the extra distance on this one. I have to tell you, pal -- your mom is a human being. She is going to make mistakes. Sooner or later, she's going to disappoint you -- and herself.

Jamie: But she never has. Not that Iíve seen. I -- I used to be able to count on her.

Tad: You still can. Life isn't about being perfect. It's just about doing your best. You know, you get out there, you take your lumps, and once in a while you cut the people you love some slack when they make their mistakes.

Jamie: Even one like sleeping with Chandler?

Tad: Yeah, even that.

Jamie: I'm sorry I went off on mom. I just -- I don't want her hurt again. J.R.'s dad is bad news.

Tad: I agree. But for her, running around thinking that she's disappointed you or embarrassed you in some way is far more painful than anything that Adam could do. That's why I think you should come home with me, talk it out.

Jamie: No way.

Tad: Yeah.

Jamie: No!

Tad: Yes.

Jamie: No, I am not going to go home and tell her I'm on to her and Adam.

Tad: She needs to know that you are ok.

Jamie: I --

Tad: She needs to know that you still love her.

Jamie: I'll apologize to her for being a jerk, but Iím not going to tell her I know about her and Adam.

Tad: Ok. I can live with that.

Jamie: Promise me you won't tell?

Tad: On one condition -- someday soon, not too far distant future, promise me that after you're finished dissecting your parents' mistakes, you'll focus on your own life.

Jamie: My life?

Tad: Yeah.

Jamie: I go to school, I play soccer, come home, do homework, and go to bed.

Tad: What about that little cutie at the hospital? What's her name, Joanie?

Jamie: We hang out. We're just friends.

Tad: Don't be an idiot. That's how it starts.

Jamie: That's where it's going to stay. From what I've seen, relationships just mess you up.

Tad: Come on.

Laurie: Wait.

J.R.: I thought you said we were going to have some fun.

Laurie: We will.

J.R.: Like when?

Laurie: I want the first time to mean something.

J.R.: It would mean a lot to me right now.

Laurie: I just -- I want to know that it's me you want to be with, not just any available body.

J.R.: It's you, Laurie. Definitely you.

Laurie: It'll be worth the wait. I promise.

Ofc. Perry: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present. If you cannot afford one but want an attorney, one will be appointed to you free of charge prior to your questioning. Do you understand your rights as they have been presented to you?

David: Just do it.

Jack: Listen, Anna, do you want me to get one of these officers to take you home?

Anna: No. That's not necessary. Just glad it's over.

Jack: I'm just sorry you had to find out like this. I mean, I know how much you care for David. I understand that. It's -- now that he's -- looks like he's murdered a man, I mean, it's -- it's got to be rough.

Anna: You have no idea.

Jack: Anna, you knew that his lies had to catch up with him eventually. You knew that. But I must say, even Iím surprised the way it turned out.

Anna: Yeah. I am, too.

Jack: Listen, maybe this isn't the appropriate time and maybe I'm just being selfish, but Iíd kind of like to see you stick around as Chief of Police. I mean, now that David has pretty much taken himself out of your life.

Anna: It would appear that way.

David: What do you want?

Maria: You know, my family didn't understand why I forgave you because all they could think about was the time that we lost.

David: I've told you over and over how much I regret that.

Maria: No, they just -- they didn't understand what it's like to owe somebody your life, that every breath that you take is because somebody decided to take a risk and put themselves on the line.

David: Are you thanking me?

Maria: Oh, I've already thanked you, David. Every day I feel the weight of my debt to you because you have done nothing but make me feel as though you've done some huge favor in saving my life. But you're a doctor, David, and that's your job, and that's what you were supposed to do.

David: You said it yourself -- I risked everything to honor my oath and to keep you alive.

Maria: Yeah, it's too bad that you forgot the rest of your oath -- "first, do no harm."

Jack: All right, you know what? That's enough. Get him out of here, will you, please?

Ofc. Perry: Let's go, Hayward.

Anna: David, wait.

Laurie: You want to come in?

J.R.: Thanks, but I'm kind of on overload dealing with my own dad. I'm not really up for handling yours.

Laurie: All right.

J.R. And Laurie: I --

Laurie: Tonight --

J.R.: Yeah. Go ahead.

Laurie: I had a good time.

J.R.: So did I. I'll call you. I will. I really will. I promise, tomorrow.

Laurie: I'd like that.

J.R.: Just so you know, I might not be too good at this.

Laurie: Maybe you will.

Brooke: I'm glad you're back

Tad: Jamie has something he wants to say.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Tad: And --

Jamie: I was an idiot.

Brooke: Honey, did I do something to upset you?

Jamie: Just a bad day. I didn't mean to bash you like that.

Brooke: Do you want to talk about it?

Jamie: I'll deal.

Brooke: Listen, if you do, I -- you know I'm here.

Brooke: Is he all right? Is he?

Tad: He's trying.

Brooke: So, what did you talk about?

Tad: It was just guy stuff.

Brooke: "Guy stuff"? That's it?

Tad: At his age, guy stuff is enough.

Brooke: So Jamie doesn't know about Adam?

Tad: Don't worry about Adam. Adam is history.

Brooke: Ok.

[pager beeps]

Tad: Oh. Must be my guy at the jail.

Brooke: Oh, yeah? What are you up to?

Tad: Keeping tabs on Hayward. He must have something. Can we pick this up later?

Brooke: Yeah, sure.

Tad: Ok. Just think about what I said --

Brooke: I will.

Tad: Being a family again.

Brooke: I will. Tad, wait -- thank you.

Tad: For what?

Brooke: For just being a great dad.

Tad: Well, I'm trying.

Anna: Don't answer any questions until I get you a lawyer, all right?

David: Thank you, Anna. I'm going to prove to you that you made the right choice.

Anna: I hope so.

David: I love you, baby.

Ofc. Perry: Move it, Hayward.

Jack: Well, I don't know about the right choice, but it was an interesting choice from a law enforcement point of view -- telling David not to cooperate?

Anna: Just taking care of the father of my child, that's all.

Jack: You just take care of yourself, Chief, ok?

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Tad: You got 36 hours.

Maria: To do what?

Tad: To make sure that Hayward pays for everything he's ever done.

David: We're going to prove to them that this time, I am completely innocent.

Anna: We both know that's not true.

Greenlee: There's a bright side to everything. At least one person is profiting from Leoís death.

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