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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/8/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Mia: William's father may have rights, but he doesn't have any right to hurt his son.

Adam: So you want to prevent him from seeking custody? I don't want you beating yourself up about this, and I hope to God you don't have any regrets about it.

David: You did it. You saved Edmundís life.

Maria: You're going to be ok. You're going to be ok.

Tad: Liza? Liza?

Liza: Yeah?

Tad: Hey. Thanks for letting me bring these by. I really appreciate it.

Liza: Yeah, well, I have nothing but time.

Tad: Well, I donít. I want to get over to Brookeís, see how she's handling the accident.

Liza: Brooke had an accident?

Tad: No, Edmund. Edmund and Maria? You know, car went off the road?

Liza: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. My mind, I guess, was really somewhere else.

Tad: Yeah, evidently.

Liza: So Iíll just sign these --

Tad: Yes.

Liza: And let you go.

Tad: Yes. Right there by the x.

Liza: Yeah. You have a pen?

Tad: Oh, see, for, you know, starters you might be able to --

Liza: Oh, oh, oh --

Tad: Use that one there, you know.

Liza: Yes, yes --

Tad: If it was a snake, it would've bit you.

Liza: Yeah. Give Brooke my best.

Tad: Yeah. I'll do that. After you give me a full confession.

Liza: Confession?

Tad: What the hell is wrong with you?

[knock on door]

Adam: Hello, Brooke.

Brooke: Adam, I meant it when I said never again. I meant that.

Adam: Brooke, Brooke, I came because I know you're upset about Edmund.

Brooke: You came to check on me?

Adam: If I don't, who will?

Brooke: Adam --

Adam: Come on, let me in. I want to hold you. And don't tell me you don't need to be held. I was paying some attention when we were married.

[monitor beeps]

Maria: Edmund.

Jake: How's he doing?

Maria: There's no change. Shouldn't he be awake by now?

Jake: Well, he's still stable.

Maria: Yeah, but if he was awake, if he was conscious, that would be a good sign that he would recover, right?

Jake: He's going to be all right, Maria. Oh, excuse me, Maureen.

Maria: Whatever. It doesn't matter.

Frank: Hey, can I just break in here? I wanted to tell you that what you did last night was amazing.

Maria: Oh, I was just following instructions.

Frank: Well, whatever. Around here, they're calling you the medical MacGyver. A tracheotomy on the fly in the dark -- that's pretty amazing.

Maria: Well, David Hayward talked me through it.

Frank: Really? You two practice tag team medicine often?

Maria: We met about five years ago. If I could just remember what he did then, I think my future would be very different.

Jake: Well, I'm sure in time it'll all come back to you.

Maria: Right now I would just settle for him opening his eyes.

Jake: He will. In the meantime, maybe you ought to try to shut yours, get some rest.

Maria: I will -- soon, soon.

Frank: Hey, keep up the good work.

Maria: Thanks.

Maria: Edmund, you have to wake up. You have to wake up and tell me all about us and tell me why you loved me and tell me all about what we had. Help me to feel it again.

Isabella: Excuse me. Dr. Martin hi.

Jake: Hi. Hi, kids.

Isabella: How's Edmund?

Jake: He's stable. Nothing's changed in the last four hours.

Isabella: Oh, and Maria? She's been by his bedside all night.

Jake: Yeah, she's holding up just fine.

Isabella: Her love for him must still be strong. It must be.

Maddie: When daddy's better, will he and mommy get married again?

Isabella: Um -- thank you, Jake.

Jake: Ok.

Isabella: Thank you. Listen, mi querida. We just have to wait and see, ok? Ok, give me a hug. Give me a hug. Oh, there you go.

David: Hey, baby.

Anna: I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away. How long have you been here?

David: Not long. I'm sorry I didn't leave a note.

Anna: Did you go see them? Oh, did you talk to Maria?

David: No, no, not yet. Haven't had a chance.

Anna: Don't worry about her. You know, you both worked to saved Edmundís life last night, and she's going to be solidly in your corner.

David: Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you?

Anna: Yeah.

David: Come on.

Simone: Ooh. Hey, stranger.

Frank: Hey, Simone. Hey, look, I got to see these patients before rounds.

Simone: You know, you can't keep avoiding me forever.

Frank: Ok. I have to review these charts.

Simone: You know, ever since I told you that my brother O.D.'d, you won't give me two minutes. Why is that, Frank?

Maria: You have no idea how many people want you to open your eyes, Edmund. There's so many people. Your kids love their dad more than anybody in the world, and my mom is so crazy about you, you'd think that you were her own son. I -- I wish I could make a deal with you and tell you that if you wake up, I'll wake up, too. It's not that easy. But I'll tell you what -- I'll tell you what -- I'll help you wake up, and then you help me wake up. Edmund --

[Maria gasps]

Maria: Edmund. Hey, handsome. Hi. Welcome back.

Brooke: What's your angle?

Adam: I don't have one.

Brooke: Since when?

Adam: All right. You're suffering and I hate it. Does that qualify as an angle?

Brooke: No. I want the truth.

Adam: I just gave it to you. You know when to trust me.

Brooke: All right, I believe you. But I'm telling you, if you have some sort of warped agenda in mind, you can get out and go home.

Adam: I -- I miss having someone to care about -- someone who wants to be cared about.

Brooke: Me too. Me too. But I meant what I said, Adam. I cannot be your lover. You're married, and I'm -- I'm a mess.

Adam: No, I don't accept that -- I mean the "mess" part. As for my being married --

Brooke: We are not right for each other, all right? Whomever you are looking for, it is -- it's not me.

Adam: Well, it sure as hell isn't Liza. She made that abundantly clear. So if you can give me a logical explanation of why you and I shouldn't enjoy each other's company, then I will accept that and be on my way.

Tad: This is huge. Wait a minute, wait a minute. You think he's having an affair or you have proof?

Liza: Is this all the emotion you can produce? Because I've seen you get more angry when you found p in your orange juice.

Tad: Well, what do you expect? I mean, you honestly want me to dredge up some shock and outrage just because the leopard hasn't changed his spots? Come on. Do you have proof?

Liza: I haven't caught him, no.

Tad: Well, that's too bad. You know, under the circumstances, if I were you, I would be relieved he's getting his monkey love somewhere else --

Liza: Ok, you know what? Just go. Go to Brookeís --

Tad: Wait just a second. I'm not -- I don't mean to sound unsympathetic --

Liza: You don't?

Tad: No, I donít. But come on. Let's be honest. You guys aren't sharing a bed. Hell, you're -- you're not even sharing a house. Look, he tried to put you away, right? You wanted to get out of the marriage. And now all of a sudden because he's doing the mattress mambo with somebody else, you want to sit down and have a good cry?

Liza: No, that's not what I want.

Tad: Well, I'm glad to hear it. You were looking for a way out of the marriage. Mr. Happy Pants just handed it to you. So you say, "thank you, say-- good-bye," and move on.

Liza: Yeah, well, it's not that easy.

Tad: Well, it should be. Unless -- oh, my God. You know who he's sleeping with, don't you?

Mia's voice: Please help me and guide me. I know Iím not alone in this. I have wonderful friends and family. But I can't mess this one up, so help me to stay strong so that I do the right thing for William and for all of us.

Jake: How you doing?

Mia: Jake. Good. I'm good. I'm ready to do the right thing for William.

Jake: Yeah? Good for you.

Mia: Am I forgiven for standing you up last night?

Jake: Only because that you have -- or you had more important people to meet, like lawyers.

Mia: You know, it makes me wish I studied law. I had no idea I couldn't even speak their language. There's so many angles they were coming at that I didn't even consider when I gave William up for adoption.

Jake: Yeah? You think got them all covered now?

Mia: Hopefully. Just praying that Frank stays out of it.

Jake: Well, if Frank does decide to challenge Williamís adoption, are you going to be prepared?

Mia: Oh, super prepared. Got some pretty heavy guns on my side.

Jake: You do?

Mia: Well, there's you.

Jake: Absolutely.

Mia: And don't be angry, don't yell. Remember, we're in a chapel. Adam is working with me.

Mia: So Adam and I are going to New York to consult with a team of lawyers that he's pulled together for this.

Jake: Hmm. And what else?

Mia: That's not enough to set you off?

Jake: Well, you know what my opinion is about Adam, but I do believe that he can put together a great team for you to handle this.

Mia: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Jake: And if frank decides to challenge Williamís adoption, having Adam chandler on your side could make a world of difference.

Mia: I couldn't do it by myself, Jake.

Jake: Yes, you could. You're plenty strong.

Mia: I wasn't strong when I gave William away. Oh, God, I should've just told Frank that I was pregnant.

Jake: No, no, no, no. Don't even beat yourself up over this, all right? It's done and it's over with.

Mia: Not quite. Jeez. Not since the obsessed filmmaker has turned into this compassionate physician who would actually make a wonderful father.

Jake: You're going to be all right.

Mia: You're just saying that.

Jake: Uh-uh.

Mia: But it sounds good. Jake, I am so lucky to have you on my side. I really am.

Jake: Whatever you need, you got it. Unless, of course, you need a million bucks. For that we're going to go back and we're going to hit up Adam. It's nice to know he's not totally useless.

[Mia chuckles]

Mia: Yeah. What do you do? Do you work for a living or what?

Jake: What? Counseling a valuable employee is time well spent. Although I do need haul it back up to the E.R.

Mia: All right, Iíll walk you there. And then I got to head home and pack my overnight bag for New York.

Jake: Hmm.

Tad: Well, come on. Who's he sticking it to? What kind of pathetic, low-life piece of trash are we talking about?

Liza: I -- I don't know.

Tad: You don't? Well, don't -- why are you so freaked out? You knew your marriage was dead, right? Well, with all due respect, I think maybe it's your ego that's hurting.

Liza: Oh, maybe.

Tad: Well, you can't take it personally. I mean, this is Adam Chandler we're talking about, you know? It's not going to be somebody like you. He's never going to get that lucky again. You know, he's probably gotten hooked by some gold digger that's after his cash.

Liza: It's possible.

Tad: No, no, it's probable. And like I say, we're talking about Adam here. Even a bimbo with a lobotomy couldn't take it for more than 10 minutes.

Liza: I stayed with him for too long.

Tad: That was because of Colby. Believe me, no decent woman on the face on the earth is going to be willing to crawl through the kind of mud you did to make him a human being.

Mia's voice: Maybe you just need a little more time.

Liza's voice: I don't need time. What I need is trust, and I don't trust Adam at all.

Mia: All right. If that's how you feel, then maybe you should end your marriage.

Liza: I don't know. Could Adam really -- oh, I'm sorry.

Tad: No, no. Could Adam what? What were you saying?

Liza: I'm afraid that Adamís trying to do whatever would hurt me most.

Simone: I tell you about Anthony, and then you disappear in a puff of smoke.

Frank: Simone, I've been working nonstop, all right? You of all people know how demanding medicine is.

Simone: Yeah.

Nurse: Dr. Hubbard?

Frank: Yes?

Nurse: Dr. Hazen was just looking for you in the E.R.

Frank: Thanks for the heads up, Sarah.

Simone: Oh, no.

Frank: Can we argue about this later?

Simone: No, I don't want to argue. And I'm not going to beg, either.

Frank: Yeah, hi. This is Dr. Hubbard again. Were you able to find out if Anthony McMillan received treatment at St. Vincent's in 1998? That's right. Drug overdose.

Anna: I don't know why you would even worry that Maria would testify against you.

David: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to imagine, but I guess there's no way to predict, right?

Isabella: Excuse me, Dr. Hayward, Anna.

Anna: Hi, Isabella.

Isabella: Excuse me for interrupting.

Anna: Not at all.

David: Um -- hi, Mrs. Santos. Is everything all right?

Isabella: I just want to thank you for what you've done for us.

David: I just told Maria what to do. She saved Edmund.

Isabella: You also saved my daughter. No matter what anyone says about her time away from us, I just want to tell you how thankful and grateful I am to you. Thank you.

David: You're welcome. You're welcome.

Anna: Well, at least you have one family member in your corner.

Maggie: Hey.

Anna: Hi.

Maggie: Why aren't you still asleep?

David: I had to stop by to see how Maureen and Edmund were doing.

Maggie: Wow, you must be exhausted.

David: Yeah.

Maggie: Hey, you know, what did Maureen say about -- you know, how did she feel through the whole operation? Did she feel like her old medical training was kicking in or something?

David: I'm sure it did to some extent, but we really haven't had a chance to talk about it.

Maggie: Well, I think it's great. And, you know, maybe it'll make people wise up about, you know --

David: Thanks. Thanks, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Maggie: I mean, I was there. I saw you sweating bullets through the whole thing.

David: Wouldn't you?

Maggie: Hmm, Iíd probably pass out.

David: No, you wouldn't. You would tough it out and do what had to be done.

Maria: Don't -- you know what? Don't even try to speak. Hold on one second. Hold on. That's what this is for. There you go.

Maria: "You saved me." Well, actually, I didn't do it alone. I had some help.

Maria: David Hayward coached me through it on my cell phone. Believe me, it's a very long story. I'll tell you all about it later. But I want to get out there and tell your doctors that you're ok and that you're awake. What?

Maria: "U r my doc." Yeah, I guess so, kind of.

Maria: I'm so sorry that I lost control of the car. I'll be back in a little bit. Excuse me. Could you tell Dr. Jake Martin that Edmund Grey is conscious?

Nurse: Oh, that's wonderful.

Maria: Yeah, thank you.

Nurse: I'll page Dr. Martin right away.

Maria: Thanks. Hi.

Maddie: Mommy, is daddy all right?

Maria: He is all right. He's going to be fine, and he's awake now. He cannot wait to see you guys.

Isabella: Oh, thank God.

Maddie: We're going to see him? We're going to see him now?

Maria: Well, not right now. You're going to see him really soon, though. The doctors are going to have first crack at him, ok?

David: Well, it sounds like all the news is good. Looks like we did it again, Maureen.

Maria: Yeah. I need to talk to you -- now. You hang in there. I'll see you in a little bit.

David: Um -- Maureen and I need to talk. It shouldn't take long.

Anna: I'll be here.

Maggie: Well, you know, I think everything's turned around for -- the past few hours. I mean, you guys are back together. He saved Edmundís life. I -- and maybe he'll get his job back here. I just think it's great.

Anna: Yeah. Yeah, it really is.

David: All right. What do you need?

Maria: What, are you kidding?

David: Maureen, what do you want? Why are we here?

Maria: We're here because I want answers, David.

David: I'll tell you whatever I can.

Maria: Look, I am in a lot of pain -- more pain than I have ever felt before or I ever even imagined -- and it's because of you.

Maria: So you tell me, what am I supposed to do?

David: All right, all right. First of all, where -- where is all this anger coming from? Edmund is going to be fine, right? Because of us, Maureen. We saved him together --

Maria: Ok, I don't know who Maureen is. I'm totally lost, David, between who I was and don't know and who I have become. And I -- Iíve got all of these images and these feelings that keep pounding at me, and I don't -- I don't recognize any of them.

David: All right. That's because you've been working really hard at remembering your time with Edmund. You're his wife --

Maria: No, but that's not the images that I'm remembering. Not images of Edmund. They're images of you, and they don't make any sense!

David: All right, well, then, why don't we try to make sense of them together, ok? Now, these images that you've mentioned of me -- are they disturbing?

Maria: Well -- see, I just keep telling myself that, well, it's only natural that I would have memories of you, especially right after the accident -

David: That's right.

Maria: Because you're the one who took care of me and you're the one who created me.

David: No. I wouldn't go that far.

Maria: Oh, no -- why? It's true. We had a very unique relationship five years ago, and so, of course, I would be drawn to you.

David: Look, I still want what's best for you, Maureen. I want you to get back everything that you've lost.

Maria: You do?

David: Yes.

Maria: Everything? All of my memory you want?

David: If that's what's going to make you happy, yes. Look, I believe with all my heart that things happen when they're meant to, ok? I believe that I was destined to find you, that I -- so I can save your life, right? And that you were meant to come back here in the proper time. And that you and I were fated to come together to help save Edmundís life last night. Maureen, I believe that we're much -- involved in a much bigger plan.

Maria: Yeah. Damn, you're smooth, David. Really smooth.

David: I just want you to know that you're not the only one that's been thinking about our connection, all right? And I'm just telling you honestly that I do see there's some sense in it all.

Maria: Well, I don't understand it. None of it.

David: Well, you know something? There are things about our lives, about our very existence, that we're never going to understand fully. But we do have a responsibility to come to terms with the way things are and where these things have led us.

Maria: And you've done that? Because, see, you seem to me to have a totally new identity, too.

David: You're right, you're right. I'm not the same man who found you on the --

Maria: Hmm.

David: Look, my values have shifted, Maureen, all right? I'm about to be a father, and my wife is giving me another chance. That's all that matters to me in my life.

Maria: And there's just so much about you that I don't understand, so many secrets that Iíd like to unearth.

David: Don't you think it's in your best interests to concentrate more on Edmund and your future?

Maria: Oh, I wish that I could do that, but I can't! I can't move forward with my future until I figure out what happened to me and why. And I want to know what you are hiding from me, David.

David: You know something? I've been working really hard to remain considerate and professional with you, Maureen, but -- you asked me a few weeks ago if I regretted finding you. And the fact was, back then, no, I did not regret it. But I'll tell you right now, I am beginning to regret it. I risked my entire career to save your life. And I worked really hard to protect you from the facts that you were not prepared to deal with. And isn't it interesting that ever since you found out that you've been a basket case? Well, I'll tell you right now, I am no more prepared to solve all your life's problems than I was five years ago. So, go ahead, go ahead. You want to blame me for everything in your life? Go ahead. I can't stop you. But I've done everything within my power to help you, Maureen. Everything.

Jake: You better keep me posted.

Nurse: Dr. Martin? Line five is for you.

Jake: Thank you. Dr. Martin.

Liza: Jake, hi. I was wondering if I could ask you a favor. It's Liza.

Jake: Well, anything for you, Liza.

Liza: Have you seen Mia at all today?

Jake: Mia.

Mia: No, no.

Jake: No, no, I haven't seen Mia yet today. If I run into her, should I give her a message?

Liza: Well, yeah. If you could have her call me as soon as she can.

Jake: Will do, Liza.

Tad: Yeah, hi, Brooke, this is Tad. If by some miracle you get all these messages, would you let me off the hook and call me back, please? What a waste of time. How about you?

Liza: Me?

Tad: Yeah, who were you calling?

Liza: Oh, it's not important.

Jake: Now, are you and Liza on the outs?

Mia: No. But if Liza hears that Iím going with Adam, I know she won't take it well.

Jake: But it's for your son.

Mia: Trust me, it doesn't matter, and I don't want to get into it right now.

Jake: Ok, all right. When you come back in town, I think you need to explain to her what's going on, for everyone's sake.

Frank: Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. Hi. What were you able to find out about Anthony McMillan? No, I told you, 1998. Listen, I know it's difficult, but is there anywhere else you can check? Ok. Yeah, I'd appreciate that. It's really important.

Anna: I never would've believed I would have ever trusted David again, and here I am trusting him, you know?

Maggie: You guys are in it for the long haul. I know it.

Jake: I think that she will understand exactly.

Anna: Maybe we're going to have to start looking at houses again. Hi. Is David with you?

Maria: I thought he maybe came back through here.

Anna: No. The last I saw him, he went with you to talk. How did that go?

Maria: We have some things to settle.

Anna: Oh. I guess that's a feeling we all have where Davidís concerned. I'm really happy things turned out the way they did for Edmund --

Maria: I really don't have time to talk about this right now.

Maggie: Whoa. What lit her fuse?

Brooke: And you know that I'm still all over the map as far as Edmund is concerned.

Adam: You know what I hate?

Brooke: That Iím right?

Adam: My powers of persuasion are totally lost on you.

Brooke: No, please, Adam, you know, the only thing it took to persuade me the other night was a kiss.

Adam: I have no regrets. I hope you feel the same.

Brooke: When my feelings get untangled, Iíll let you know, ok?

[phone rings]

Brooke: I should really take that. It's my secretary calling me with updates about Edmund. But thank you for stopping by.


Adam: Yeah, thanks for letting me in.

Brooke: Right. Right.


Brooke: Hello? Yes.

Liza: Thanks.

Tad: To watch Adam go down, I might even be willing to play detective again.

[Liza chuckles]

Tad: This is yours.

Liza: Ah, thank you.

Tad: This is mine.

Liza: Winifred. Have you seen Mia at all today? Have you spoken to her at all? Hmm. I just wanted to invite her to dinner. She did what?

Brooke: Hi.

Tad: Are you all right?

Brooke: Yes. Why?

Tad: Why? Why? Oh, gee, I don't know. Maybe because, you know, Edmund has a car accident and ends up in the hospital. I call you 10 times, leave messages, and you don't return one of them. That's why.

Brooke: Tad, Iím sorry. I'm sorry, ok? I was just -- I was sort of inundated with follow-up calls about Edmundís progress, and, you know, he's going to be ok, thank God. And everybody's been so supportive --

Tad: "Thank God" is right. I don't know what it is. I got a thing with pens today. "A.C." Adam Chandler? Adam stopped by to be supportive?

Brooke: Do you have a problem with that?

Tad: I don't know. Should I?

Brooke: Well, of -- of course not. Don't be ridiculous.

Tad: I'm not being ridiculous. What are you trying to tell me? That a guy like Adam Chandler, out of the goodness of his heart, decides to stop by the house and play angel of mercy?

Brooke: He has his moments.

Tad: No, he doesn't. In any case, he must've been pretty distracted to drop a nice pen like this and not even notice. Kind of careless. And that is not Adam.

Brooke: What are you getting at?

Tad: Maybe he's got a good reason to be distracted. At least Liza thinks so.

Brooke: Oh. How is Liza?

Tad: Not good. I stopped by the house this morning to talk about work, and it got personal real quick.

Brooke: Hmm.

Tad: You know, she hasn't been to the office in weeks.

Brooke: Well, you know, speaking of work, I --

Tad: We're not speaking about work. We're speaking about Adam. And I've been doing it a lot today. Now all of a sudden he comes banging on your door? That's kind of weird.

Brooke: He was just being nice.

Tad: I told you, "nice" isn't in his repertoire. And his wife thinks he's getting worse, going back to his old habits.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Tad: Liza thinks he's having an affair.

Brooke: Oh. Really?

Tad: Yep. Know anything about it?

Jake: All right, now, don't forget, you call me if you need anything, all right?

Mia: Thank you so much for your support.

Jake: Good luck. I'll see you when you get back.

Mia: Hmm.

Simone: Jake.

Jake: Hi.

Simone: Hi. I didn't mean to interrupt your life or running the hospital or anything.

Jake: No, no, no. What can I do for you?

Simone: Please don't mention this to him, but this is about Frank Hubbard.

Jake: Yes, yes. What about him?

Simone: How do you expect your interns to survive?

Jake: "Survive"?

Simone: Yeah. Come on, Jake. Not a night off in three weeks? I mean, come on, that's --

Jake: Well, actually, Frank had yesterday off. He had a full 36-hour break.

Nurse: Dr. Martin?

Jake: Excuse me, Simone. Yes?

Anna: No one's seen David. Why would he leave without coming back to us?

[knock on door]

Liza: Winifred.

Winifred: Mrs. Chandler, I'm so sorry to disturb you, but Mr. Chandler's driver -- he just brought this for you.

Liza: Oh. Did you ever get back to my mother?

Winifred: Yes, ma'am, and I heard it right the first time. Miss Mia's gone to New York City for the weekend.

Liza: Did Jake Martin go with her?

Winifred: Dr. Martin wasn't mentioned.

Liza: Oh, ok. Well, thanks. Thanks, Winifred.

Adam's voice: "Liza, I won't be coming home tonight and might have to be away tomorrow night, too. Kiss Colby for me and tell her daddy hates business trips but she can look forward to a present from New York City."

Liza: New York he's sleeping with my sister.

Brooke: What Adam does or doesn't do with -- and with whom he might or might not do it is really none of our business.

Tad: Are you serious? I'm sorry. I know my timing stinks that you're dealing with this Edmund thing, but Liza's a good friend of mine. She's pretty wound up about this.

Brooke: I mean, you know, Adam hasn't said anything to me. And, you know, even -- even if he did, he's only been nice and civil, and I wouldn't betray him, anyway, the way that you are asking me to, so --

Tad: Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Brooke: Ahem. I'm busy, Tad.

Tad: And I am going to be sick.

Brooke: I will be in touch.

Tad: Yeah, I know. With whom?

Brooke: Good-bye.

Tad: It's you. You're the one having the affair with Adam.

Simone: Frank, wait.

Frank: Simone, I'm telling you I have got to get this prescription to the lab.

Simone: Look, I thought that we were making progress. But if you don't want to see me anymore, then just be a man and tell me.

Frank: No. That is not what I want.

Simone: Look, I wasn't checking up on you, but I found out that you didn't work yesterday. What's with the lying, Frank, huh? What's going on?

Anna: Jake? Jake, are you busy? Did you -- did you kick David out of the hospital because he's not practicing here anymore?

Jake: Anna, I told David that he was welcome to ay until we were sure that Edmund was going to fully recover.

Anna: And then you told him to get lost?

Jake: No, I didn't say anything to him. I assume he left because Edmundís recovered now. He ran out of here in a hurry. Maybe he had an appointment of some kind.

Anna: You saw him leave?

Jake: Yeah, yeah. He tore through the ER about an hour ago. Excuse me.

Anna: It's starting all over again.

[David grunts]

Maria: Are you ready to show me what you've been hiding?

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Brooke: Tell me that I couldn't have sunk any lower. Let's get it over with.

Jamie: My mom and your dad are hooking up.

Simone: So this is worse than I thought, isn't it?

Frank: Could be.

Maria: What do you have hidden here, David? What has gotten you so scared?

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