AMC Transcript Thursday 11/7/02


All My Children Transcript Thursday 11/7/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: I do not appreciate being used. Your precious little damsel in distress Maria went running off to her husband, and you needed a stand-in.

Greenlee: I can give you and 'The Exposer' the full scoop on Proteus.

Donald: Tell me the details.

David: It sounds like he has a fracture to his windpipe. Now, Maureen, I want you to do everything I tell you to do, or Edmund is going to die.

Maria: I can't, David. I can't -- can't cut him!

David: Maureen -- Maureen, you can do it, and you have to.

Maria: No, I can't! He needs a doctor, he doesn't need me --

David: His life depends on you.

Maria: No, but I just wish you were here. Oh, my God --

David: I am. I'm right there, Maureen, ok? So everything's going to be fine if you just listen to me.

Maria: But what if I do it wrong? What if I do it wrong and I kill him? And I --

David: Listen to me. You're not going to kill him. Now, is the pen close by?

Maria: Yes. Yes.

David: Ok, good. I want you to take it apart. Get the ink refill out of it.

Maria: Ok.

David: We're going to use that barrel right there as a substitute windpipe so that Edmund can breathe.

Maria: Ok. Ok. Ok, done. Got it.

David: All right, good, good, good. I want you to be very gentle here.

Maria: Ok.

David: I want you to tilt his head back, his chin up as far as you can. Use two fingers, ok?

Maria: Ok. Oh, my God. David?

David: What? What? What? What's wrong?

Maria: I don't know. I think maybe he's -- I don't know. I think maybe he's dead. Edmund?

Greenlee: You're filth.

Donald: No, I'm a reporter.

Greenlee: What kind of maggot feeds off of other people's misery?

Donald: Hey, it is nothing personal, Greens. Come on!

Greenlee: Don't call me that!

Donald: Wait, listen to me. Let's just pack up the pistola until next Halloween, and then we'll just forget any of this happened, all right?

Greenlee: After what you did to me?

Donald: Yeah.

Greenlee: It's not so easy to forget.

Donald: Well, I will if you will.

Greenlee: Now you come in here and you break into my home --

Donald: I didn't break in. That door was open. I swear!

Greenlee: Liar.

Donald: Listen, this is really a bad time. I'll just -- Iíll just get out of your way, ok?

Greenlee: What, and miss the big story? I promised you a scoop. And you're going to get it right between the eyes.

Donald: Ok, all right, listen, point made. Jokes over, lesson learned. Let me just try to get out of here in one piece --

Greenlee: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow you away.

Kendall: "Kendall, I'm so sorry it took long for me to see what a special lady you are. Now that I know, I won't soon forget. Aidan." Well, I'll forget. I'll forget all about you.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: I think we need to clear up a few things.

David: Maureen, I don't care about his appearance right now --

Maggie: Hey, hey, what's going on?

Man: Dr. Hayward's talking a woman through an emergency tracheotomy.

David: Just make sure that his throat --

Maggie: What? No way. What happened?

Man: Some couple crashed their car.

Maggie: And he's phoning in a tracheotomy?

Man: The guy's a hell of a doctor.

David: Maureen? Maureen? Can you feel a pulse?

Maria: Um -- I don't know. Let's see. Yeah, thank God. Yes, but it's really weak.

David: Oh, that's ok. That's a good sign, but it means that we have to move quickly here.

Maria: Ok.

David: Now, did you move his chin back as far as possible?

Maria: Um -- ok, wait. Yeah, yeah.

David: All right, good, good. Now I want you to take your fingers -- start at the top of his throat and slowly move them down his throat.

Maria: Ok.

David: All right. Now, towards the bottom of his throat, you're going to feel two bumps, one larger and one smaller right below it. Do you feel that?

Maria: I don't know. I'm --

David: All right, Maureen, I need you to be sure.

Maria: Ok, yeah, yeah, yeah.

David: Ok, good. Now, in between those two bumps, you're going to feel a space. Can you feel that?

Maria: Yes. Yes.

David: All right. Now, what I want you to do is take the knife and make a small incision right there.

Maria: I canít. David, I --

David: Maureen, press down on the knife and make a small cut.

Maria: David, I can't! What if I do this wrong?

David: Every second you waste right now is jeopardizing Edmundís life. Do you hear me? Maureen, you can do this. Say it.

Maria: Ok. Ok, ok. I can do this, I can do this. Ok, between the two bumps?

David: Yes.

Maria: All right. I can't do this, David --

David: Maureen --

Maria: I can't do this --

David: He's going to die if you don't make that cut! Maureen, do it! Just do it!

Donald: There are lots of reasons to let me live.

Greenlee: Name one.

Donald: You're a good person.

Greenlee: Please.

Donald: No, you are, seriously. I was wrong. I should never have just, like, waltzed in here like that.

Greenlee: You're damn straight!

Donald: But, you know, I'm just a reporter, you know --

Greenlee: Invading people's lives?

Donald: Listen, you're -- I got a kid, right, in school. You know what textbooks cost?

Greenlee: I should feel sorry for you?

Donald: You're a public figure.

Greenlee: And you're a parasite.

Donald: No, that's just because fortune did not smile on me. But -- but nobody cares about Donald Steele, right? But they just can't get enough of you because -- because what? Because you're gorgeous and you're, like, loaded, and you're the daughter-in-law of Proteus --

Greenlee: I'm not a headline.

Donald: No, but you're a gold mine! No, no, I mean -- listen, I didn't mean that. I mean, listen, people just want -- they want to share your pain. You know what I'm saying. I mean, did you ever think about that? That I could actually help you mourn?

Greenlee: Help me? My husband is dead, and all you print is smut.

Donald: No, its just facts.

Greenlee: Leo was the kindest, most generous man Iíve ever known. Did that ever make the front page? When he saved my life and Jakeís, did you ever print that?

Donald: That was just an oversight, ok?

Greenlee: No. No, no, no. You don't care that he made me happy or that he loved his family. All you wanted to do was trash his good name and print your damn papers!

Donald: Listen, Greenlee, listen to me, all right? Now, listen, I really am sorry.

Greenlee: You're sorry you got caught.

Donald: No, I should have really -- I should have been more sensitive.

Greenlee: Oh, like at the boathouse? When you spied on me and you taped it?

Donald: I saw your grief, Greenlee. I felt your pain. I really did. You got to believe that. Yeah, but, see, the reporter in me -- I mean, it just took over. I should really never have exploited such a private --

Greenlee: Do you think Iím stupid? You think you can talk your way out of being exterminated?

Donald: "Exterminated"?

Greenlee: It won't work.

Donald: Greenlee, ok, you got to listen to me. You really -- you don't want to do this.

Greenlee: Oh, I do. I do, more than anything. You're afraid, aren't you? Now you know what it feels like to be completely exposed, vulnerable, and absolutely powerless.

Donald: Greenlee, now, listen to me. You're really a good kid, ok? You really don't want to shoot me.

Greenlee: I don't want to shoot you? I don't want to shoot you? Why not? I'd be sparing the public more of your lies.

Donald: Yeah, but I didn't kill your husband! I mean, offing me is not going to bring him back!

Greenlee: But it'll make the world a better place. Say good-bye, Donald.

Aidan: Kendall, come on, open the door. You left me no choice. Well, I enjoyed all that snuggling last night, baby. How about coming out here and giving my undercarriage a bit of "how's your father?" I think I left my skivvies in there.

Kendall: What the hell is wrong with you? My neighbors are going to flip out.

Aidan: Hi.

Kendall: You think you're clever, don't you?

Aidan: Well, you opened the door.

Kendall: Now I'm closing it.

Aidan: Hey, hang on, hang on. This won't take long.

Kendall: I'm already bored.

Aidan: Did you get the flowers and the card?

Kendall: If I did?

Aidan: Well, I delivered them before my shift.

Kendall: You want a tip?

Aidan: Well, what Iím trying to say is, is that I brought you those flowers way before I even saw Maureen in the bar.

Kendall: And I care because?

Aidan: Because I wanted you to know that last night was --

Kendall: Over.

Aidan: It meant something to me.

Kendall: Buy a blow-up doll.

Aidan: Kendall --

Kendall: You used me, Aidan.

Aidan: You invited me in here.

Kendall: You could have said no.

Aidan: Well, I'm glad I didn't.

Kendall: Look, I know how this works, ok? Your dream girl boots you, and you go behind looking for door number two -- me.

Aidan: Why are you doing this?

Kendall: Because I know that lies just muck things up. So from now on, I'm going for the truth.

Aidan: But you're afraid of the truth.

Kendall: No, I'm not.

Aidan: Yes, you are.

Kendall: The truth is you used me. See? Didn't hurt a bit.

Aidan: The truth is you want me to say that Maureen doesn't mean anything to me. I can't say that.

Kendall: Just leave me alone.

Aidan: Hey, damn it, Kendall. Don't shut me out. I care about you. Don't you get it?

David: Maureen, did you make the incision?

Maria: Oh, my God. Edmund --

David: Maureen?

Maria: Yeah, it's done, it's done. I did it. I did it, but there's a lot of blood, David. There -- he's bleeding a lot.

David: No, that's great, that's great. Great job, Maureen. But I need you to stay focused, all right? We're almost there.

Maria: Ok.

David: Ok. Now, there's a membrane just below the incision. Do you see that?

Maria: Is it kind of thick?

David: That's right, it is kind of thick.

Maria: Ok.

David: Now, I want you to cut into that membrane.

Maria: Ok.

David: Now, there's not going to be as much blood this time because --

Maria: Because it's a poorly vascularized ligamentous structure.

David: Yes. Yes, yes, exactly right. Ok, now, I want you to take the knife, lightly stab the membrane, ok? Turn it 90 degrees and just hold it there.

Maria: Ok, so just twist it?

David: That's right. Twist it so that the incision is wide enough for the pen to get into it. That's the only way we're going to get air into his lungs.

Maria: Ok. Done.

David: Good. All right. Now, keep the knife in the incision and gently move the barrel into the incision.

Maria: Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.

David: Now move the pen caudally.

Maria: What's that?

David: It's -- move your end towards his head and just hold it there.

Maria: Ok. Towards his chin?

David: Yes.

Maria: Ok.

David: You got it?

Maria: Yes, got it, got it.

David: Great, great. Now you should be seeing Edmundís chest moving right now.

Maria: No. No. David, it's not. What -- ok, what's wrong? What did I do?

David: All right, wait a minute, wait -- are you sure that the pen is positioned --

Maria: Yes! I did everything that you told me to do! What am I supposed to do? I obviously did something wrong! What did I do?

David: Maureen -- Maureen, I need you to calm down.

Maria: David, just talk me through it. What did I do wrong? What did I do?

David: Maureen, you're a doctor.

Maria: I'm not a doctor! That's what I'm trying to tell you!

David: Think, damn it! Think! Is there anything that you can do to alleviate the --

Maria: I don't know!


Maria: David? David! Oh, my God. Edmund? Oh, my God, what did I do?

Maria: Breathe. Ok, think. What -- I had to have done something wrong, so I haven't -- I made the incision, and I put in the barrel, and you're not breathing. Ok, hang in there, Edmund. Hold on. Hold on. Oh, my God. Ok, ok, hang on. There's something in there. Ah! Come out of there. Hang on, Edmund. Come out of there. Oh, this stupid, stupid -- ok. Ah! Ok! Ok! Oh, you're going to be ok! You're going to be ok.

[phone rings]

Maria: Oh, my God. Thank God.

David: Maureen? Maureen? Maureen, Iím sorry I lost you.

Maria: Yes?

David: What's going on? Is he -- is he ok?

Maria: Yes! He's breathing! He's breathing, and he's going to be ok. I think he's going to be ok.

Anna: David, what is it? Is Edmund all right?

David: He's breathing. He's going to be all right. Maureen, you did it. You saved Edmundís life.

Maria: Oh --

Paramedic: I think I see the car -- down there!

Second paramedic: I see it! Let's go!

Maria: Ok, Edmund, help is coming. Oh! Ok. You're going to be ok.

Kendall: You care about me?

Aidan: Yeah, I do. And I think you feel something for me, too.

Kendall: Get real, Aidan.

Aidan: Isn't that why you gave me your number?

Kendall: I want you to leave now.

Aidan: No. Not until we settle this. Like what you did with the flowers.

Kendall: I dropped them.

Aidan: Did you read my card?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, I managed to get through it.

Aidan: Oh, my God, you are such a phony.

Kendall: I'm a phony? Who came here under false pretenses? And where do you get off judging me?

Aidan: You play a tough girl, but I can see it's just an act.

Kendall: Oh, one round of mattress tag and you think you've got me all figured out.

Aidan: It's not mattress tag. We made love.

Kendall: Oh, Aidan, don't make more of it than it was.

Aidan: Well, don't pretend it didn't even happen.

Kendall: We had sex. We scratched the itch. Move on.

Aidan: I'm not going anywhere.

Kendall: Well, I never took you for the clingy type.

Aidan: Admit it -- last night was a lot more than sex.

Kendall: Really? Really? What was it? Did the earth move? Was it kismet? Skyrockets in flight?

Aidan: Yes.

Kendall: Well, whose face did you see during those fireworks?

Aidan: Only yours.

Kendall: But it was Maureenís you wanted to see.

Aidan: Look, I've told you, I care about Maureen and nothing is going to change that. But she has two kids and she's trying to rebuild her life.

Kendall: Without you.

Aidan: And she has a husband that cares for her.

Kendall: Yes, which means that you can't have her, which makes you want her even more.

Aidan: If I wanted Maureen, then I wouldn't have slept with you.

Kendall: Right. Wow. That's good.

Donald: You can't just whack me!

Greenlee: Hold still.

Donald: Come on, I was just doing my job!

Greenlee: It's the same tired excuse, Donald.

Donald: Everybody's got to earn a living.

Greenlee: Yeah, but you love what you do way too much. You don't just go for the story, you go for blood. And finally, it'll be yours, not mine!

Donald: No, no, no, I just came over here to offer you my condolences in private.

Greenlee: Really?

Donald: Yeah, really. And I swear to God, that door was open! I just -- I thought I could wait inside, that's all.

Greenlee: Empty your pockets.

Donald: What?

Greenlee: You heard me.

Donald: Oh, come on, what is it? What, are you going -- you going to shake me down now or something? I mean, what --

Greenlee: I'm waiting.

Donald: There. I mean, there it is. It's nothing. I just -- there's no tape recorder, there's no bugs, there's no hidden camera. It's normal stuff.

Greenlee: Pull them out.

Greenlee: Give them to me.

Donald: It's just --

Greenlee: "Greenlee --" Leoís letters to me?

Donald: I -- I can explain all of that.

Greenlee: You were stealing them?

Donald: No, I was borrowing them.

Greenlee: You are unfit to walk this planet.

Donald: Listen, listen -- look, you and Leo, you've got this epic love, you know? You ought to share it with the whole world --

Greenlee: My husband is dead! These are all I have left of him.

Donald: What, I just took a couple of them.

Greenlee: He put his heart and his soul into these letters, and you didn't care. You're a monster.

Donald: Wait, wait, listen. Ok, that was too far. Seriously. But look at me. Greenlee, I am every shade of sorry.

Greenlee: Not as sorry as you're going to be.

Donald: No --

Trey: Greenlee, don't!

Donald: Thank God I'm intact.

Greenlee: I have plenty of bullets left.

Trey: Greenlee, give me the gun.

Greenlee: This bloodsucking leech is suing for me for assault and battery. And get this -- he broke in here and he stole Leoís letters.

Donald: It's just research. I'm a journalist trying to find the truth.

Greenlee: So you can twist it and bury it?

Donald: Let's not talk about burying, ok?

Trey: Greenlee, do you know that if you use a pillow, the gunshots won't make as much noise?

Donald: Wait a minute. What is this, two against one? That's not fair.

Trey: You don't do "fair." Why should we?

Donald: Is this about that article that I wrote?

Trey: You mean your pack of lies?

Donald: Oh, come on, it's theories. Leo and Vanessaís bodies were never found. It smelled like the perfect escape to me.

Greenlee: No. Leo wouldn't do that. He loved me.

Donald: Yeah, don't I know it. I read one of those lines. Even I had to blush.

Greenlee: You had no right!

Donald: Right! Correctomundo! Now, look -- look, you got the letters, right? And I'm still alive. So let's just call it Even Steven, all right? Come on.

Greenlee: Get out of my way, Trey!

Trey: There will be bloodstains, Greenlee. Life in prison? It's not worth it. I've got a better idea.

Greenlee: What?

Trey: You drop the lawsuit against Greenlee, and she won't press charges for breaking and entering. How's that?

Donald: All right, fine, whatever.

Trey: She didn't really hurt you, so why did you file it, hmm? The truth would be a nice choice here.

Donald: Just to get back at her.

Trey: So it was frivolous?

Donald: Yeah, it was completely frivolous. All right? Can I go?

Trey: One more thing. Did you break in here tonight?

Donald: I jimmied the lock. You satisfied?

Trey: Absolutely.

Donald: Wait a minute. What's going on?

Trey: Your confession was caught on tape, so if you ever decide to bother Greenlee again --

Donald: No, look, that's, like -- that's, like, way too much trouble.

Trey: The one fact you ever got straight is that Iím Vanessa Cortlandís son to the bone. So I will do whatever it takes to get who or what I want. And unless you want to end up a headline, you'll stay the hell away from Greenlee.

Donald: You don't have to tell me twice. Can I go?

Trey: Get out!

Trey: Are you all right?

Greenlee: Donald was in our bedroom. He touched our things. My letters.

Trey: I don't think you'll be seeing much more of him.

Greenlee: I could have done it, Trey. I could have killed him.

Trey: I know the feeling.

Greenlee: Why are you here?

Trey: Something told me you needed my help.

Greenlee: Something or someone?

Trey: I just had a feeling.

Greenlee: You know, what you did just now -- taping Donaldís confession and getting him to drop the lawsuit? That's exactly what Leo would have done.

Kendall: You are a laugh riot.

Aidan: You don't believe me?

Kendall: If you wanted Maureen, you never would have slept with me? That's good.

Aidan: Yeah, that's right.

Kendall: How gullible do you think I am?

Aidan: I wouldn't do that to you.

Kendall: Sure you would. You just did.

Aidan: What, so Iím just like all the others that have hurt you, then?

Kendall: Well, you don't exactly stand out from the crowd.

Aidan: Last night was incredible. Now, you tell me that you felt that, too.

Kendall: If you're asking for a report card, then I --

Aidan: You know exactly what Iím asking for. Last night when we made love, it was your eyes that I looked into, it was your name that I called, and it was your lips that I felt --

Kendall: Ok, ok. Ok, it was you and me. I got that.

Aidan: You were incredible. Last night was like -- was beyond anything that's ever happened.

Kendall: Well, if Maureen was available, it never would have happened, right?

Aidan: And if Ryan hadn't left you, we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now.

Kendall: Aidan, what -- what do you want from me?

Aidan: More.

Kendall: Until Maureen comes around?

Aidan: This is not about Maureen. This is about me and you.

Kendall: Yeah, but what if her -- what if she dumps her hubby and she throws herself at you? Then what?

Aidan: What if you stop talking and you give this a chance? What if this is only the beginning? What if Ė

Paramedic: You've probably got a mild concussion. We'll get you checked out at the hospital.

Maria: No, I'm fine. I just want to make sure that Edmundís ok.

Paramedic: If it weren't for you, we'd be too late.

Second paramedic: We've got bilateral shallow breath sounds.

Maria: What does that mean?

Paramedic: He's weak but stable.

Maria: So he's going to be all right?

Paramedic: Are you a doctor?

Maria: Well, I -- I used to be a doctor.

Paramedic: Looks like you still are.

[Helicopter approaches]

Paramedic: There's your ride.

Second paramedic: Let's prep him.

Maggie: Hey! On the house. One of your fans threw down for it. Ooh, and I have sparkling cider for you.

Anna: Oh, yuck. Thank you.

Maggie: Oh -- to the man of the hour.

All: Cheers!

Maggie: Cheers!

David: Now, wait a minute. What is this?

Maggie: Come on, what you did was just -- it was amazing, David.

David: What is this for?

Maggie: I am so proud of you.

David: Why?

Maggie: Come on, you just saved Edmundís life.

David: No, no, Maureen saved Edmundís life.

Maggie: No, you told her what to do. You are the hero.

David: I'm not.

Anna: You are. Deal with it.

David: Wait a minute. Maureen did all the hard work, all right? She knew that a man's life was going to end if she didn't stuff down her fear, and she just did what she had to do.

Anna: And you gave her the confidence to do it. You were pretty incredible, David.

David: Anna, I'm a doctor. That's just what I do.

Anna: It was you at your best. It's what I love about you with all my heart.

David: Are you all right?

Anna: Yeah, it's just hormones. It's just -- it's nothing. It's just that a man's life was hanging in the balance, and it could have gone either way, and --

David: Yeah, well, the scales tipped in Edmundís favor this time. He's going to be fine.

Anna: Yeah, you were amazing, really. You never lost your cool, you knew exactly what to do, and every second counted. It was --

David: Anna -- Anna, it's my training.

Anna: Oh, it's a gift, David. It is.

David: Oh, come on. I mean, how many lives -- how many dozens of lives have you spared, ok, as a Police Chief, as an Agent? And how many times have you even put your own life on the line to save someone else's?

Anna: No, it's not the same thing. This was a miracle.

Maggie: Oh, for Peteís sake. You'd think --

David: What?

Maggie: With this mutual gush fest going on and on -- I don't know -- you can at least get your act together?

Anna: What act?

Maggie: Hello. You guys are all over each other. Why don't you just admit it?

David: Admit what?

Maggie: That you love each other. That you're crazy about each other. Come on, anybody can see it. You know, the two of you are so brilliant, and sometimes you just act like such knuckleheads.

David: And why is that? Because we're so crazy in love with each other?

Maggie: Oh, yay! You're back together? Oh! Oh, that's so great.

[phone rings]

David: One minute.

Anna: Don't answer it.

David: Oh -- yes, Dr. Hayward. Ok, what's his status? Good. All right, Iíll meet you there.

Maggie: Was that about Edmund?

David: Yeah, the chopper's about to drop down at the hospital. I should really go there. Would you like to come with me?

Anna: Yeah, I'd like that very much.

David: Ok. Bye.

[knock on door]

Maid: Housekeeping.

Aidan: Don't worry about it. She'll go away.

Kendall: Oh, but I'm out of towels. I need clean towels. Do you mind?

Aidan: No, go on, go on. I don't want to leave you without fresh towels.

Kendall: No.

Maid: Would you like turndown service?

Kendall: No. No, thank you. I'm -- Iím a little busy here. So I -- actually, I could use some clean towels, if you don't mind.

Maid: Oh, of course. I'll be right with you.

Aidan: Turndown service. Don't get any ideas.

Maid: Be quick with those so I can check out the bar.

Second Maid: That Dr. Hayward is such a hunk.

First maid: Oh, he's a God. Coaching that poor amnesiac woman through an emergency trache-- whatever? You know, they say she used to be quite a doctor.

Second Maid: Well, sounds like she still is.

Aidan: Excuse me. Just what -- what were you just talking about right now?

Maid: I'm sorry if we bothered you, sir.

Aidan: Did you say Maria Grey?

Maid: She and her husband, Mr. Grey, were in a car crash.

Aidan: Oh, my God. Is she hurt?

Maid: Don't know for sure, but Mr. Grey's pretty bad off.

Aidan: And where is he? Is he in the hospital?

Maid: I heard they were going to airlift him there.

Second Maid: If it weren't for his wife and Dr. Hayward -- will there be anything else?

Kendall: No, no, thank you.

Aidan: That accident -- man, I was -- I was just with her.

Kendall: Go, Aidan. Maureen -- Maureen needs you.

Trey: I'm no Leo.

Greenlee: He's your brother.

Trey: He was my -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make --

Greenlee: What, to remind me? You don't think I know every second of every minute that he's gone? This place feels so empty.

Trey: I remember the first time I came here. I just knew.

Greenlee: Knew what?

Trey: Well, that this was a good home, a happy home. When I was doing the foster shuffle, it only took me a second to tell whether a family was good or bad.

Greenlee: Are we talking about you now? Maybe some other time.

Trey: With the good families, I was given a chance to figure out what love was about. It never lasted.

Trey: When Leo invited me here as his brother, I felt like I was home. And I wanted that feeling to -- I wanted to hold on to it and make it last forever. And now he's gone.

Greenlee: You really want me to believe you cared about Leo.

Trey: I did.

Greenlee: You weren't just using him to get to Vanessaís money?

Trey: Look, maybe at first, yes. But not once I got to know him. No one ever made me feel the way Leo did.

Trey: I don't expect you to understand. In fact, I really don't care what you think.

Greenlee: Yes, you do. Why?

Trey: Because you loved him, too. Because except for David, you're the only person who knows how I really feel.

Greenlee: Are we having a moment?

Trey: Forget it. I shouldn't have come here.

Greenlee: If you hadn't, Donald would be dead and I would be in jail.

Trey: You wouldn't have done it.

Greenlee: You're wrong.

Trey: You know, there's a big difference between thinking about it and actually doing it.

Greenlee: Like, 20 years in the can? Right now that doesn't sound so bad.

Trey: You'll get past this --

Greenlee: No pep talk. Not from you.

Trey: You're a fighter, Greenlee. You'll use this to make you stronger.

Greenlee: No, Leo made me strong. There's an apartment in Paris he'll never see. Children he'll never have.

Trey: You'll find a way to move on.

Greenlee: I don't want to move on. I want Leo. And you know something else? I want this screaming to stop in my head. I just -- I want it to stop.

Trey: Do you -- do you want me to stay? I could sleep on the couch.

Greenlee: You have your own place.

Trey: I know, but this is your first night back here, right? And I know that I haven't been sleeping so well since --

Greenlee: Leo?

Trey: You might wake up in the middle of the night, and if you need someone to talk to, then --

Greenlee: The sofa's not designed for sleeping.

Trey: It's all right.

Trey: Are you ok?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Trey: Well, good night, then.

Greenlee: Good night.

Aidan: You want me to go?

Kendall: I think you need to go do what you need to do.

Aidan: I can't leave you, not now.

Kendall: No, but, Aidan, Maureen needs your help.

Aidan: There's others. There's others that can --

Kendall: No, she trusts you.

Aidan: You mean that?

Kendall: I think she's very lucky to have a friend like you who cares as much as you do.

Aidan: I'll be back soon.

Kendall: I'm not going anywhere.

Jake: Hayward --

David: Yeah, I know, the restraining order. But I have to be here, Jake. Maureen -- Maria just --

Jake: Just saved Edmundís life, thanks to you.

David: So you heard?

Jake: Yeah, the E.M.T.s just called ahead and filled me in. The emergency trach is the only reason that Edmundís still with us.

David: Maureen did all the hard work, all right?

Jake: Yeah, well, I think she had a terrific coach. Listen, why don't you stick around and greet your star pupil.

Maria: Got a patient here!

Jake: All right, what do we got?

Paramedic: The patient's stable.

Jake: Get him to cube one. Let's get a lateral C Spine and chest to check for any further injuries, all right?

Maria: Wait, wait, wait. Do you think he's going to be ok?

Jake: I think you did a good job. We'll take care of the rest. Oh, I want you to get checked out.

Maria: No, I'm good. I'm just --

Jake: Doctor's orders.

David: Maureen?

Maria: David. What you did for me and Edmund -- I don't even know how to begin to thank you.

David: Stop, stop. That is not --

Maria: No, I was scared to death, and you walked me through this whole thing.

David: Maureen, no, you did it.

Maria: Thank you, thank you.

David: Hey, you were spectacular, all right? You really were. You did a great job.

Maria: I just followed what you told me to do.

David: Maureen, you remembered. I walked you through it step by step, but it came back to you, ok? You remembered.

Maria: Yeah, I did. I did remember.

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Adam: If I don't, who will?

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