AMC Transcript Wednesday 11/6/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/6/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: Trey is bad news.

Maggie: And what did he ever do to you?

Erica: Trey Kenyon is going to get away with burning down my house?

Anna: Is there anything else, you know, something that is going to pop up and hurt me and the baby?

David: No, nothing.

Maria: What were you doing on that beach, David? What are you trying to hide?

Edmund: Ok, we're past the city limits. You want to tell me what's going on?

Maria: I don't know. Nothing makes sense, Edmund.

Edmund: Do you want to whittle "nothing" down to something? I know you had a memory flashback. Run it past me. Maybe I can help.

Maria: You can't help me, Edmund.

Edmund: Look --

[car horn beeps]

Edmund: Why don't you just -- would you let me drive, ok? At least tell me where we're going.

Maria: We're going back to where the truth is buried.

David: I feel like heaven's smiling down on me.

Anna: Why is that?

David: Well, I assume that our esteemed D.A. argued a strong case against you coming back to me.

Anna: Yeah. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Jacksonís blessing.

David: Believe me, I'm not. But I'm just glad that he didn't talk you into changing your mind.

Anna: Hmm. Well, when I was in school, there was this girl, Isabelle. She was a good friend of mine. She was a bit of a rebel, troublemaker, and I adored her. She was a lot of fun. But the Headmistress thought she was a bad influence on me and kept trying to get me to drop her. And the more she pushed, the more I dug my heels in, so --

David: So you're saying Jack actually did me a favor by attempting to influence you against me?

Anna: Yes, sort of reverse psychology, right?

David: Hmm, thanks, Jack.

Anna: He actually -- he did get me to have second thoughts about the job situation.

David: About leaving the force?

Anna: Hmm. He recommended that I took a leave of absence rather than handing in my badge.

David: Well, how does that make you feel?

Anna: Torn. Part of me really wants this job -- really does -- and the other part would just like to make a clean break and walk away.

David: And which part is winning?

Anna: I don't want to make a decision until I know what last night meant to you and me.

David: Anna, last night proved that our love is our strength. I mean, it gave me hope for our future, for our child.

Anna: I need more than hope and promises made in the dark.

David: I'm not going to lose you again, not when we're so close to home, not when we're so close to living the dreams that we've been wanting.

Anna: I'm not as sure about this as you are. You know that.

David: Well, then, I'll make you sure. You just tell me what you need from me, what you need from me to make this right, and I will do it.

Erica: Don't bother announcing me.

Woman: Miss Kane, is Mr. Montgomery expecting you?

Erica: I don't need an appointment.

Woman: Mr. Montgomery, I am so sorry.

Jack: It's ok, it's ok. You're not to blame for Miss Kaneís bad manners.

Erica: Oh, don't start with me, Jack.

Jack: Well, then, I'll let you start with an apology.

Erica: An apology? For what?

Jack: For doing an end-run around my secretary. That's for what.

Erica: Well, if you weren't hiding out in your office --

Jack: Hiding out? I'm conducting business in here, Erica.

Erica: Business? Is that what you call it?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: You mean the sweetheart deal you're cutting for that arsonist?

Jack: You're here about Trey Sheppard? Well, then, you may as well come in and take a number.

Erica: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Erica.

Erica: Well, I assume that you are here to defend that miserable brother-in-law of yours, but I'm warning you --

Greenlee: Save it, Erica. Don't look now, but you and I are on the same side.

Trey: Edna St. Vincent Millay. Is that pleasure or required reading?

Bianca: You know what? I make it a rule not to make small talk with guys who torched my mother's house.

Trey: Bianca, I want you to know that, no matter what, I would never hurt you.

Maggie: Liar.

Trey: Maggie, please believe me.

Maggie: Oh, shut up, Trey. You watched me take your side against the person you almost killed.

Edmund: Come on, Maria, just ease up on the gas, pull over. We'll talk about this.

Maria: I don't have time. I've got to get there, Edmund, ok? I'm just -- just sick of being lied to.

Edmund: Is this about David?

Maria: There's more to all this. I know that there is. I've just got to get back to where he found me.

Edmund: You mean where the plane crashed?

Maria: Yes, I know where it is. I found it on the Internet.

Edmund: Ok, this is a big step, all right? Just slow down.

Maria: Edmund, would you stop? No, I've got to do this my way.

Edmund: Just talk to Dr. McMillan. No!

Maria: Yeah, I'm going to do it --

Edmund: No! You don't have to do this alone, ok? Just tell me what you remember.

Maria: I can't because I don't know. It's just flashes of -- I -- none of it's making sense, and it's making me crazy. I've just got to get there. I don't know what David was doing on that beach or what it has to do with me.

Edmund: Slow down, please, Maria.

Maria: No, I'm not Maria!

Edmund: Look -- look out!

Maria: Stop!


Anna: Well, I don't need you to climb a mountain or anything. I know you love me. Itís the only thing about you I am sure of.

David: Great. I could probably scale Mount Everest easier than gaining your trust again.

Anna: I'm not sure I ever did trust you, completely.

David: Well, why would you? I never gave you a reason to, did I?

Anna: No.

David: I mean, my whole life has been filled with lies -- lies posing as half-truths.

Anna: Oh, David, I can't live like that. I just -- I can't live like that.

David: Anna, I don't want you to. I don't want to. I can change, and I'm going to. So it's ok. You can stop holding your breath. You can let your guard down. I'm not going to disappoint you, ok?

Anna: I only have your word for that.

David: I know, I know, and my word isn't good enough, and that's entirely my fault. I -- I ruined what we had, but I am going to make it better.

Anna: Ok, how?

David: By focusing on what's important, by focusing on us. You have no idea how much I miss being with you, how much I missed being married to you, Anna, and waking up in the morning with you and coming home to you at night. And I just -- I just want to focus on what matters -- you know, chasing our dreams out the back door, around the yard, and everything.

Anna: Find a little baby in her new crib. A big, fat, ginger cat sitting in my lap.

David: Wait a minute. Ginger cat? I don't remember a ginger cat --

Anna: I made that up. It just felt good at the time.

David: We can make it real, Anna.

Anna: I want to take this slowly, though.

David: That's all right. You set the pace. I'm just damn glad that you're back in my life. Well, listen; I do have one thing I need to ask of you.

Anna: Oh, what?

David: No, no, no, it's nothing bad, ok? I just -- I would like to share with Greenlee and Maggie that you and I are giving each other another chance. I just want them to know that there's hope for this family. I think it's something they need right now.

Erica: Greenlee, you want to see Trey punished?

Greenlee: Yes. Why does that surprise you?

Erica: Well, it certainly isn't your battle. It's my house he burned down. It's Bianca who was almost killed.

Greenlee: You know what else that traitor did? He took Vanessaís diamonds, the ones that killed Leo, and gave them to the police in exchange for his freedom. That's all it was ever about for Trey. He didn't give a damn whether Leo lived or he died as long as he got his greedy hands on Vanessaís diamonds.

Erica: I guess you and I have both learned by bitter experience this -- this Trey Sheppard is as cold and as ruthless as they come.

Greenlee: It's time someone got in his way.

Erica: Made him pay for all the damage that he has done.

Greenlee: A nice, long stretch behind bars.

Erica: No time off for good behavior.

Greenlee: And a bunkmate named Bubba who wants to be his special friend.

Jack: Ladies, ladies, ladies, we are in complete accord. I think Sheppard should pay for his crimes.

Erica: Well, then, what is all this talk of a sweetheart deal, this immunity that the press is buzzing about?

Jack: There never was an immunity deal. I wanted Trey to believe there was one so maybe he would slip up, give us something to hang on him.

Erica: Are you kidding? You already know that he burned down my house.

Jack: I know that. I don't have any proof. No proof, no case.

Greenlee: Trey signed a written confession.

Jack: And where is that confession, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Kendall has it.

Erica: She's protecting him. I knew that.

Jack: Kendall is Trey's sister. She has made it very clear that she will not testify against him no matter what he put in writing.

Greenlee: Jack, Jack, Leo and I were there. We saw it -- the whole laundry list of Trey's crimes and misdemeanors.

Jack: Greenlee, I'm sorry, but your testimony about a document that we cannot show a jury is not going to sway a jury.

Erica: All right, Jack; you must have some evidence that can put this Trey character away.

Jack: We thought we did when we found Chris Stamp's missing Proteus files.

Erica: The ones he burned my house down to get.

Jack: That's right. We found them on a cd-rom in the basement of Trey's building. However, there were no fingerprints on them, nothing to trace them to Trey. My hands are tied.

Erica: What planet am I living on? What is this world coming to? My daughter, your niece, Bianca almost died in a fire, and the man who set it, he's walking around free?

Greenlee: He betrayed his brother.

Jack: You think I like this? All right, just put yourself in my place. Now, tell me, if you were me, what would you do?

Erica: Your job, Jackson. Get the wheels of justice rolling. Put this Trey character behind bars.

Trey: Look, I admit that Iíve done things at I regret and that I can't take back, and I hate myself for that. And I hate the fact that you'll cut me out of your life --

Maggie: Oh, please. You do not care about me. You care about two things -- payback and money. That's why you set fire to her house -- to blaze a trail to Vanessaís drug money. And, what, all because -- all because you were gypped as a kid? Well, so was I, and you don't see me on some revenge trip, do you?

Bianca: Maggie, don't do this. He's not worth it.

Maggie: Bianca -- Bianca -- she really cares about me. She's the only real thing in my life.

Trey: Maggie, I am beyond sorry. Finding you, getting to know you means everything to me. Is there anything that I can do, anything so that you'll forgive me?

Maggie: No. There's nothing you can do. You're out of my life, and, sorry, you can never come back.

Trey: I'll find a way to make it up to you, to make it right. You have my word on that.

Maggie: Hey, if you want to get rid of me, I don't blame you.

Maria: Edmund?

[Maria coughs]

Maria: Edmund?

Maria: Edmund? Oh, my God.

[Maria coughs]

Maria: My God, Edmund. Oh, my God. Edmund?

Jack: I give you my word; this office will continue to vigorously investigate this case.

Erica: Greenlee, if you have finished with Jackson, would you excuse us?

Greenlee: What, I'm being dismissed?

Erica: No, I -- look, please, believe me, I appreciate your support. I really do. It's just that I need to talk to Jack about something that is just private.

Jack: Greenlee, if anything comes up regarding Trey, I'll give you a call, I promise.

Greenlee: Yeah. Thanks for nothing.

Woman: Excuse me. Don't I know you?

Greenlee: I don't think so.

Woman: I saw your picture in the paper. Aren't you that Leo Dupres' widow?

Greenlee: Yes, Iím Greenlee Dupres.

Woman: Mrs. Dupres, you've just been served. Oh, and sorry for your loss.


Jack: Erica, listen to me. I want Sheppard put away as badly as you do, believe me.

Erica: Then make it happen.

Jack: I can't pull a conviction out of the thin air. I've got nothing on this guy that'll stick.

Erica: Jackson, you are the D.A. You can hang this Trey person up with some sort of a technicality or a loophole.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. I am not going to abuse the power of my office, Erica --

Erica: Oh, come -- no one is asking you to abuse the power of your office. But what good is the power of your office if you can't use it to help the people you claim to care for? What is it, Jackson? Is your precious political career more important to you than the people you love, than your own flesh and blood?

Jack: Is that what you really think?

Erica: I don't know what to think. But if you let this monster go free, then I don't even know who you are.

Maria: Edmund? Edmund, Edmund? Can you hear me? Edmund? God. Thank God you're breathing. Ok, ok. I don't know what to do. How do I -- I don't --

[Maria cries]

Maria: Ok, ok. Um -- ok. Let me think. I -- oh, please let me get service here. Please, please, please. Yes, yes, it's a medical emergency. I -- I was in a car accident, and I slid into a ravine off the road. And my friend who was in the passenger seat, he hit his head on the windshield and he's -- he's unconscious. He's bleeding. Yeah. I -- yes, he is breathing. He's breathing, but I don't -- no, I don't know where we are. I don't know where we are. Well, we were heading east out of town, but it was a country road. There are no lights or anything, so -- no, please, you just got to hurry and try to find us because my friend really needs help. Thanks. Edmund, it's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. Edmund? It's going to be ok.

Anna: That's very sweet that you're concerned about Maggie and Greenlee. That is sweet.

David: Well, obviously I can't promise them a rosy future, but I just think they need something good to hold on to right now.

Anna: We all do.

David: You've got me, baby.

Anna: And you've got me. Wow. Now I just have all this free time from the PVPD.

David: Isn't that an amazing coincidence? I have a lot of free time on my hands, too.

Anna: I thought --

David: I'm still trying to convince all of those pinheads at the hospital to reinstate me.

Anna: Well, I was going to reorganize my closet. You know, none of my clothes fit.

David: Oh, ok. Well, after the thrill and excitement of alphabetizing your socks are through --

Anna: I'm open for suggestions.

David: Well, what do you say we take a nice ride up to the cabin, sit in front of the fire, have a picnic, and engage in some baby talk?

Anna: Oh, shut up.

David: No, no, I want to. I want to know about your pregnancy. I want to know what foods that you're craving at 3:00 in the morning. I just -- I want to catch up on everything that Iíve been missing.

Anna: I'd like that. It's been really lonely going through this on my own without you.

[phone rings]

Anna: Never fails.

David: It's all right. I'll get rid of them. Relax. Dr. Hayward.

Maria: David? Oh, thank God. David?

David: Maureen, Iím sorry, but this is not a good time.

Maria: No, no, no, don't hang up, David! Don't hang up, David. I really need you.

 David: Maureen, what's wrong?

Maria: David, I was in a car accident, and my car ran off the road.

David: Are you all right?

Maria: I'm ok, but Edmundís not ok. He's really badly hurt.

David: Did you call 911?

Maria: Yes, I called 911, but I don't know -- I'm not sure where I am, and the car went into a ravine, and it's -- I don't know if they're going to be able to find us.

David: All right, Maureen, listen to me. Is Edmund conscious?

Maria: No, no.

David: Is he breathing?

Maria: Um, yes.

David: Do you see any trauma to his head?

Maria: Yes, he's got a big gash on his head. I think he hit the windshield, and -- and he -- and the -- oh, God, I don't know.

David: All right, what about the air bag? Did it deploy?

Maria: Yeah, it did for me, but it didn't for him. It's an old car, and he didn't have his seat belt on because he was so worried about me, he forgot.

David: Ok, all right. Just calm down. Just hold on for a minute. I'll be right back. There's been an accident. There's some injuries.

Anna: Where?

David: She can't give me an exact location.

Anna: All right, Iíll one it in. I'll get a chopper to do an air search.

David: All right, Maureen, Iím back. Ok, are you near Edmund right now?

Maria: Yeah, right next to him.

David: Ok, can you tell me is his pulse regular?

Maria: I don't know -- I don't know what that means. What does that mean?

David: Ok, all right, look, just calm down.

Maria: I don't know how to do this anymore, David! I don't know what to do.

David: Just calm down, ok? It's all right. We're going to walk through this together.

Maria: Ok.

David: Do you have a headset for your cell phone?

Maria: Yes, yes.

David: Good, good. Put it on.

Maria: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Ok, hold on; hold on, if you can hear me. Ok, can you hear me?

David: Yes.

Maria: Hello, hello, hello. I have it on backwards. Hold on.

David: Now, I need you to check his airways.

Maria: Ok, I -- how do I do that?

David: All right, now, without tilting his head back, ok, because he might have an injury to his neck or his spinal column --

Maria: Ok.

David: I want you to use your fingers, open his mouth, and just take a look.

Maria: Oh -- oh, my God, David --

David: What? What is it?

Maria: His lips -- his lips are -- his lips are really blue. What do I do?

Erica: So I guess if I want to get something done, Iím going to have to do it myself. Greenlee. Well, what are you still doing here?

Greenlee: Un-freaking-believable.

Erica: What?

Greenlee: Donald Steele, the king of tabloid trash, is suing me for assault just because I smashed his camera in his face? I should be suing him for trying to spin headlines for my personal tragedy.

Erica: Excuse me.

Woman: Hey! No, no, you can't do that.

Erica: Oh, can't I? Oops! How clumsy of me. Get lost. Oh, boy, some people -- they have no shame.

Greenlee: Not that Iím not grateful, but why did you just do that for me?

Erica: Because I've been in your shoes so many times -- frivolous lawsuits and then fire-breathing tabloid reporters. Seems to be the price you pay for living a high-profile life.

Greenlee: How low can they go? My husband was just killed, and now he slaps me with a lawsuit?

Erica: Well, let him. He's no match for you. Donald Steele doesn't know what a fighter you are.

Greenlee: I don't think I have much fight left in me.

Erica: Yes, you do, or you wouldn't have been in there with Jack ordering him to get after Trey.

Greenlee: I did that for Leo.

Erica: Well, that's as good a reason as any.

Greenlee: It's weird. I -- I left Jack's office, and I thought, "I got to go home and tell Leo." And then it hit me for the millionth time today, there is no Leo or a home to go to.

Erica: Your penthouse?

Greenlee: I haven't been back since. I haven't had the nerve or the heart.

Erica: Yes, you do. Of course you do. And don't you doubt yourself for one minute or else you're just going to open yourself up to a lot more hurt.

Greenlee: Everything seems kind of faded, empty.

Erica: You might want to try seeing things the way Leo did.

Greenlee: With Leo, everything was an adventure. He made going to the drugstore seem like a moonwalk.

Erica: He had a real gift for living. And so do you. You do, or else you couldn't have gotten a man like Leo to marry you. I give you credit. I really do. Getting a free spirit like Leo to the altar -- that's no mean feat. So here's what you have to do -- when you don't want to get up in the morning, when you don't want to face the Donald Steeles of the world or you're afraid of a room full of memories, you be the woman that Leo loved. You fight your fear. Don't hide. Don't surrender. You just sound your battle cry, Greenlee, and never give up. I know it's hard, but by being true to yourself, you will be true to your love and to Leo. I know it's really hard, but I know that you can do that. I have faith in you.

Greenlee: Thank you, Erica.

Erica: You're welcome. Don't go away thinking that Iím your new best friend because this show of sympathy -- this is definitely a limited-time offer because you are, after all, my competition. And not that you are any threat to my success, but I would advise you to watch your back and, when you see me coming, you better come out swinging.

Maggie: How could I be suckered in by that whack job?

Bianca: Oh, Maggie, don't be so hard on yourself. Look, maybe you saw something in Trey that nobody else can see.

Maggie: Yeah, well, forget what I saw. I was wrong.

Bianca: Look, I don't pretend to understand where he was coming from when he burned down my house, but he can't be a total write-off. He did risk his life to save Greenlee.

Maggie: We all have an occasional good day.

Bianca: And he seemed really sorry. You know, I think that some part of Trey really does care about you.

Maggie: Well, jeez, color me stupid because I -- I just don't know what to believe anymore.

Bianca: Yes, you do. You do know what to believe. I just saw you stand up there and defend me.

Maggie: Well, I lost it because when it hit me that I might lose you, that you might not be alive because of him --

Bianca: It doesn't matter because I am alive. No silly little house fire is going to take me out. Erica Kane wouldn't stand for it.

Maggie: Hey, I just want you to know where I stand. I'd be lost if I didn't have you. You're all I really have.

Woman: Agent Stamp to see you.

Jack: Well, now, isn't that just the cherry on the top of my sundae. Thank you.

Chris: Thank you. Well, we got to talk, buddy.

Jack: Chris, if you want to talk about Trey Sheppard, I have had it up to here today with Trey Sheppard.

Chris: No, I don't want to talk about Trey. I want to talk about busting another lowlife.

Jack: And who might that be?

Chris: Eric Kane.


Bianca: Maggie, I'm not the only one who cares about you. I mean, you've got Anna and David --

Maggie: I know, and they're great. But they have a lot of other stuff going on right now, you know? Well, you're the only one who ever shows up for me.

Erica: Hello, girls. Bianca, sorry, sweetheart. Sorry I'm late.

Bianca: Oh, that's ok.

Erica: I was tied up at your Uncle Jack's office, trying to straighten out this Trey Sheppard mess. Well, Frankie, David, Trey -- seems like outsmarting the law runs in your family.

Bianca: Oh, mom, you don't have to give Maggie the evil eye.

Maggie: Ah. I cut things with cousin Trey.

Erica: Really?

Bianca: Oh yes. Actually, you should have seen her, mom. It was pretty incredible. She totally told him where he could go.

Erica: Well, good for you, Maggie, because sometimes it happens, you know? People close to us, they betray us, and we just have to sever the ties even though it really hurts.

Bianca: Maggie --

Maggie: Yeah, I -- I actually need to go. I have a biochem test to cram for.

Bianca: Fun.

Maggie: Wish me luck.

Bianca: Good luck.

Bianca: Ok, mom. What's up?

Erica: Sweetheart, I am really sorry to have to tell you this, but your Uncle Jack will not be coming to my wedding.

Bianca: Wait. Why?

Erica: Because he has betrayed our family.

Jack: Eric Kane?

Chris: Yeah.

Jack: That's a name I thought Iíd never hear again. Hoped I never would, anyway. Now, what's this about arresting him?

Chris: Well, I'm here to talk about what happened all those years ago at her father's house when she was raped by Richard Fields. Now, it seems to me that Eric Kane should be held accountable. Now, what's the statue of limitations on depraved indifference and reckless endangerment?

Jack: Chris, that was years and years ago. You got to be kidding.

Chris: No, no, no, I'm not kidding. Look, it was only a few years ago that Erica remembered the rape she had been blocking out. Repressed memories can stop the clock and extend the shelf life to legal action. Now, look, you correct me if Iím wrong. Eric Kane invited Richard Fields to his house. He left his little girl alone with that monster who raped her and he did absolutely nothing about it after it happened.

Jack: Nobody can dispute those facts, but, I mean Ė

Chris: Ok, so, then, what's the problem?

Jack: You know, I can't believe that Erica would want all this dredged up, not when she's going to have to appear in a public forum, like a courtroom, and testify --

Chris: She doesn't -- she doesn't know anything about this or me being here.

Jack: Well, that's even worse. You're sneaking in here behind your fiancťeís back, raking up a past that she's tried so hard to put behind her.

Chris: See, that's the thing, Jackson. She hasn't put it behind her. She has unfinished business with her father. I bring it up, she jumps over it, she takes those feelings and stuffs them.

Jack: Yeah, I know. She did the same thing with me. It used to just kill me.

Chris: Yeah, well, it kills me and -- look, I have to figure out a way to help her bring those feelings up and I have to find a way to help stop her suffering. That's what I want to do.

Jack: Chris, we -- we can't change what happened.

Chris: No, no, no, but we can give Erica a shot at justice. We can have her father held accountable.

[music plays]


David: Maureen, can you describe Edmundís color for me?

Maria: Yes. Yes, he's gray, and his lips are very blue.

David: And what about his neck?

Maria: His neck -- it's bruised. It's purple.

David: Ok, what I need you to do -- without tilting his head, ok --

Maria: Ok.

David: Pinch his nose and give him a few breaths. Just breathe into his mouth.

Maria: Ok, ok.

Maria: Ok, I did it.

David: Is his chest rising?

Maria: No, no, it's not. What does that mean?

David: Damn.

Maria: What does that mean?

David: His airway's obstructed.

Maria: Oh -- what do I do?

David: Ok, all right. Listen, do you have a pen or -- a pen and something sharp, like a pocketknife? Why don't you check in Edmundís pockets?

Maria: Ok, hold on. Yeah, I have a pen. Wait, wait. Ok, ok, yeah, yeah, yeah -- yes, Iíve got a pen and a pocketknife. What do I do with those?

David: All right, from what you've described, it sounds like he has a fracture or a crush injury to his larynx, his windpipe. So what we're going to have to do, we're going to have to create an emergency airway --

Maria: What, are you crazy? I can't do that.

David: It's going to be fine, ok?

Maria: David, I can't do it.

David: You have to act fast on this. It's going to be a small incision. That's it. And I am going to talk you through this step by step.

Maria: I canít. I can't do it.

Bianca: You know, mom, Uncle Jack isn't the bad guy here.

Erica: Well, he's certainly siding with him.

Bianca: No, he had to let Trey go until he gathers enough evidence.

Erica: Oh, honey, I am afraid that your Uncle Jack has allowed ffice to completely cloud his judgment. But I don't want you to worry about it because if Jack won't see that justice is done, I will. I will see that it is done.

Bianca: Mom, just please promise me that you're not the one who's going to end up in jail.

Erica: Oh, honey, no, bite your tongue. Of course not. No, I have everything under control. With Chris at my side, we're going to put this Trey person behind bars and we're going to have a perfect wedding, even though your Uncle Jack won't be there. Waiter? Thanks.

Bianca: Thank you.

Chris: So? You on board with this?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, ok, I'm on board. Let's just take it easy now. Because if we hit Erica with this the wrong way, she's going to blow sky-high. You know that.

Chris: Well, I know. We just keep it on the Q.T., then. Deal?

Jack: Deal. I'll look into those statutes. Get out of here.

Chris: Thanks. Oh, Jackson, on another note -- Erica and I were planning a yuletide wedding, and I don't want to spring this on her until after the final vows are exchanged. This way she'll know for sure that Iím her guy and Iím going to be there for her for better or worse.

Jack: I'm happy for both of you.

Chris: Yeah, well, you know, coming here was the right idea. I knew you were the one guy who would care about Erica almost as much as I do.

Greenlee: How did you get in here?

Donald: The door was open.

Greenlee: Really?

Donald: I just wanted to talk to you. I knocked on the door. The door swung open. I thought maybe you'd met with foul play.

Greenlee: How considerate. I assume you're here to discuss the lawsuit?

Donald: Uh, yeah.

Greenlee: I was hoping that we can make a deal.

Donald: Dealing's what I do best.

Greenlee: Good, good. Because I can give you and 'The Exposer' the full scoop on Proteus, her underworld connections, her family, if you drop the assault charge against me.

Donald: That's interesting. Why don't you tell me some more?

Greenlee: Better yet, I can show you. It's an amazing story.

Donald: Tell me the details. Love them.

Greenlee: It's all about a woman in mourning, grieving the loss of the love of her life, and how she found justice.

Donald: I don't think I follow.

Greenlee: Do you follow now?

David: Maureen --

Maria: Yeah.

David: I need you to calm down and check Edmundís breathing.

Maria: Ok. Well, he's not -- he's not breathing.

David: All right. Then we're going to have to go through with this procedure.

Maria: No, I can't -- David, I cannot do this. I'm not a doctor anymore. If I cut him, I'll kill him.

David: You're going to kill him if you don't do it. Now, Maureen, I want you to take a deep breath and do everything I tell you to do or Edmund is going to die.

>> On the next "All My Children"--

Aidan: I think we need to clear up a few things.

Donald: I didn't kill your husband! I mean, offing me is not going to bring him back!

Greenlee: But it will make the world a better place.

Maria: Oh, my God -- David, oh, my God --

David: What's wrong?

Maria: I don't know. I think maybe he's dead.

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