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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/1/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: Trick or treat?

Kendall: Aidan's just a mean blowhard.

Palmer: And you're sweet on him.

Anna: I can't pretend that David is anything other than the man I'm in love with.

Maria: Edmund!

Edmund: Say good night, Hayward.

[Brooke laughs]

Brooke: You are out of your mind.

Adam: Your favorite champagne. The truffles are from that Chocolatier in Geneva, remember?

Brooke: You had them flown in?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Of course. And the American beauties are from Philadelphia. And I have an assistant who is on call, ready to satisfy any other desires you might have.

Brooke: No, thank you. More than enough.

Adam: Yes, I should think so. It should hold us over until time for our flight in the morning.

Brooke: "Our flight"?

Adam: Yes, to London. I booked us on the Concorde. We should be there in time to have dinner before the curtain at the National Theater.

Brooke: You booked the royal box, of course?

Adam: Oh, yes, "Macbeth." You know he's my idol. And I know what a fan you are of Sir Colin.

Brooke: Colin St. Claire?

Adam: Mm-hmm. If your passport isn't current, I can make a phone call.

Brooke: Adam, this -- this is all very nice. Extravagant --

Adam: Yes. I figured if we were going to do this, we might as well do it right.

Brooke: We're not doing anything.

Adam: Oh. You mean London? Because if you're talking about having sex, we already did that.

Brooke: And I told you it's not going to happen again.

Adam: You are totally wrong, and I can prove it.

Brooke: Uh-huh? How?

Adam: You just slip out of those clothes and slip into my arms and we'll discuss it.

Brooke: No! No. I -- I want you out of my bed and I want you out of my house. Adam, my son could come home any minute.

Adam: No, your son is with my son, and they're spending the night at Tad's house.

Brooke: Oh, you checked?

Adam: Yes, I don't leave anything to chance. So you can go ahead and act all upset and embarrassed until finally you give in --

Brooke: You know, you don't know me as well as --

Adam: Or you can accept the fact that you deserve a hell of a lot more than anyone else is willing to give you. So, Brooke, it's up to you. It's your call. But please hurry because the ice is melting. And if this champagne gets warm, that would really be a sin.

Woman: Excuse me.

Aidan: Another one, madam?

Woman: Oh, I doubt there's another one like you for miles and miles. Oh. You mean another Chablis? Yes, please. You're a very attentive bartender. Have you been doing it for very long?

Aidan: Not very. It just -- just seems that way.

Petey: Bartender? Chop-chop, my good man. My dad says things like that, but I think it's insulting.

Aidan: Well, I think you're right.

Petey: Can I please have a cherry cola with a double shot of syrup?

Aidan: Oh, I don't know, sir. I might have to ask you for some I.D. to pour all that syrup, you know.

Petey: That's funny. You're a good guy, Aidan. I don't care what Kendall says. Here. This ought to cover it. Keep them coming, please.

Aidan: Do your parents know you're in a bar by yourself this late at night causing trouble?

Petey: Who says I知 alone?

Kendall: Petey.

Petey: And another cherry cola for the lady.

Kendall: Never mind.

Aidan: One cherry cola coming up.

Kendall: You were supposed to meet your dad in the lobby, not the bar. This is for charity!

Petey: Chill, Kendall. Halloween only comes once a year.

Aidan: Here we are. Sorry about the delay.

Woman: That's quite all right, but when did this bar become a soda fountain?

Aidan: I think this kid's money is as good as anybody痴.

Woman: Well, I'm sure it is. But I'm sure that his money doesn't come with this.

Woman: Whenever you get off, I'll be waiting.

Maria: Edmund -- Edmund -- Edmund, oh, my God, stop it! What are you doing?

Edmund: Come on.

Maria: You're going to kill him, Edmund!

Edmund: Fight back!

Maria: Stop!

Edmund: So what? And why the hell are you protecting him?

Brooke: I know in your twisted way you're -- you're just trying to be charming.

Adam: Don't tell me you're flattered, please. My goal is not to flatter you.

Brooke: Oh, we both know what your goal is.

Adam: My goal is to make you happy, Brooke.

Brooke: Hmm.

Adam: When are you going to stop punishing yourself?

Brooke: Well, probably not tonight, so you might as well get out of my bed.

Adam: All right. You know what you need is somebody who doesn't pass judgment, who, in fact, doesn't -- couldn't care less what you did or didn't do.

Brooke: I think I could take you a lot more seriously if you weren't wearing these things.

Adam: Oh. Very sensual. You want to touch me?

Brooke: They look --

Adam: What, familiar?

Brooke: Ridiculous.

Adam: Huh.

Brooke: "Familiar"?

Adam: You gave me red silk pajamas when we were married.

Brooke: Oh -- no, I don't think so.

Adam: You don't remember?

Brooke: Well, you must have me confused with one of your other ex-wives.

Adam: No. One of the great advantages of marrying completely different women is you know who did what.

Brooke: I would know, believe me, if I bought anything resembling red silk.

Adam: You don't remember a trip back on the corporate jet, coming back from Hong Kong?

Brooke: Oh. Oh, well -- Hong Kong? Excuse me. They have these practically on every street corner.

Adam: That was some return trip. A lot of unexpected and inexplicable turbulence. Is it coming back to you now?

Brooke: Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that you have saved these all these years?

Adam: In my hope chest.

Brooke: You are such a liar.

[Adam laughs]

Brooke: You are.

Adam: Isn't it enough that I remembered when, obviously, it meant so little to you.

Brooke: Adam, I am not interested in reliving any of the few moments that were pleasant in our marriage.

Adam: Yes, I quite agree. Absolutely. This is about here and right now. You are still a very beautiful woman.

Brooke: That was a compliment?

Adam: Yes. What I mean is you're every bit as desirable as you were then.

Brooke: Ooh, that was a great save.

Adam: Hmm. One touch of your skin brought it all back to me. You are an absolutely, amazingly passionate, uninhibited woman. Brooke, I don't -- I don't want this just for myself. I want to see you happy again.

Brooke: Adam, I'm not playing hard-to-get. I'm not, really.

Adam: No, you're just, God forbid, afraid that you might be wrong.

Brooke: Yes, I do care that what I do is ethical, yes.

Adam: "Ethical"? Good grief. Isn't that for political candidates?

Brooke: Oh, yes, I know. You don't think any rules ever apply to you. And in spite of, you know, my recent failure, yes; I do try to be fair and ethical.

Adam: Yeah, look where it got you.

Brooke: You live your life without any sort of moral qualm whatsoever, don't you?

Adam: Yes. And you might learn a valuable lesson from that. Ditch the morals, find yourself some very comfortable sleepwear, and you will have a happier life.

[Brooke and Adam chuckle]

Petey: Why is that lady smiling at Aidan like that? What'd she put in his pocket?

Kendall: Here, have an olive and don't choke on the pit.

Aidan: I think you're a really attractive lady, but you've made a mistake, and I am out of here.

Woman: Waitress, come here. Is the manager here?

Waitress: He's somewhere in the building.

Woman: Find him. I want to talk to him now.

Petey: Hey, he left without pouring my cherry cola!

Man: Yo, anybody back there? Can I get a drink?

Kendall: Yes. All you have to do is ask, honey.

Man: Good. Bourbon and water.

Kendall: You bet.

Man: Hello. I'm the manager, Mr. Van --

Woman: I don't need to know what your name is, but you might be interested in mine. I am Meredith Cabot, of the Philadelphia Cabots, and I have been treated abominably by a member of your staff.

Manager: Oh, I beg your pardon, Mrs. Cabot. I will make sure that I will do whatever I can --

Meredith: Yes, you will fire that bartender. That's what you'll do. The insolent young man with the low-class English accent. He had the nerve to suggest --

Kendall: That's right, babe. You tell your side of the story. Then I値l tell mine.

Meredith: What?

Kendall: I saw the whole thing. I think you should know I'm like this with Donald Steele, of the smut-peddling Steeles? If you make a federal case out of this, you will be in every tabloid across the country with the story of how you were barhopping, trawling for boys.

Meredith: I obviously will not frequent this place any longer.

Kendall: Petey -- nice shot.

Manager: Who the hell are you?

Kendall: I am a friend of Aidan's. I'm covering for him.

Manager: With whose permission?

Kendall: Oh, well, there was no time for that. He -- his very old mother took sick back in London, and since he knows that I've tended bar in the best resorts in Florida, he asked me to hold down the fort.

Manager: Till when? Till he gets back from London?

Kendall: Oh, no. No, that's -- that's funny.

Manager: Hmm.

Kendall: No. His -- he had to call his auntie in Bristol to run and take care of his mum and her kidney stones. Did you know that passing a kidney stone is just as painful as giving birth? The poor old thing, she --

Manager: Stop, stop, stop, stop -- that is way more than I need to know. Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Kendall: Oh, don't worry about a thing, honey. I can assure you, you will get no complaints.

Manager: And you will stay till the end of the shift?

Kendall: You bet.

Manager: Well, all right. I wish he would've run it past me before, but who am I? I'm only the manager.

Petey: Kendall, you're my hero.

Maria: Edmund, please -- please, please, please -- I'm not defending him. I'm not defending him. I'm more concerned with you right now. You're totally out of control. What are you doing?

Edmund: What I should've done weeks ago.

Maria: But you punching him is not going to solve anything.

Edmund: I don't care. He deserves it.

Maria: No, he -- look, whatever else he may have done, he saved my life. You've got to accept that.

Edmund: He stole your life, Maria. He stole it, and he's got you so twisted, you think you owe him something.

Maria: The point is you've got to stop this hatred-obsession thing with him because it's not going to bring my memory back.

Edmund: Maria, who knows what would've happened five years ago if he had brought you back.

Maria: That's the thing -- we don't know. We're never going to know.

Edmund: Listen to me. Listen to me. He watched my family grieve for you. He watched my children grow up without their mother! He watched us try to rebuild our life without you, feeling half-alive, and he was laughing -- laughing at us! You're not laughing anymore, are you, Hayward?

Maria: Edmund! Oh, my God, Edmund -- help! Ed-- David --

Officer: Break it up! Break it up! I said take it easy!

Maria: Edmund --

Officer: Get back!

Maria: David --

Officer: How are you? You ok?

Second officer: Put your other hand behind your back slowly.

Maria: Are you ok? Edmund?

Officer: You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

Brooke: Just because you make me laugh doesn't mean I'm letting you stay in my bed.

Adam: Can you think of a better reason? No one else is making you laugh these days.

Brooke: Well, don't tell me you checked.

Adam: No, I didn't have to. I know who you've been hanging around with -- Tad Martin, who's wallowing in his own self-pity after the death of poor Dixie, and Edmund, who mopes around after his resurrected wife like a lost puppy. And all this time you --

Brooke: I've been moping around after him? Is that what you're trying to say?

Adam: No, what I知 trying to say is that you deserve a lot better. Aren't you tired of hauling around someone else's misery?

Brooke: Adam, you don't understand.

Adam: I --

Brooke: I lost Edmund, and I thought --

Adam: I know -- you thought you'd found Edmund. You thought you had found the one person in this world who could make it all make sense. You thought that all the mistakes you'd made in your life up to then, they were all worth it because they all brought you right there to that moment. And you finally thought it was safe to breathe again.

Brooke: Yes. That's it exactly.

Adam: Brooke, I understand better than you know. And I know why you're hesitating right now. This isn't right, not completely. I know that.

Brooke: Then why?

Adam: Because we're here and we're alive and we can steal a little happiness for ourselves. It isn't love.

Brooke: It isn't love.

Adam: No. That's the saving grace.

Brooke: A few hours of happiness.

Adam: Yeah. If we have to break a couple of rules to get there, well, there's no one to judge us but us.

Man: So, where all did you tend bars in Florida?

Kendall: Oh, all over. You name it. Key West. Actually, I was head judge at the Papa Hemingway look-alike contest three years in a row.

Man: You don't say?

Kendall: That's right. You want the same?

Petey: She's awesome, isn't she? And I bet she never tended bar. That's all crock -- um -- I mean a fib.

Palmer: You mean she just stepped behind the bar and covered for that friend of hers?

Petey: Aidan. Yes, sir. And I bet she saved his job, too.

Kendall: So, how we doing over here? Want another round?

Petey: No, thanks. I have to visit the little boys' room.

Kendall: Well, yeah, I would think so. After four cherry colas, you'd better before you float away.

Palmer: Oh. Come on, Son.

Petey: That's ok, Dad, I can do it.

Palmer: Yeah, I know you can do it, but I can see the door from here and I want you to come right back.

Petey: Yes, sir.

Palmer: All right. Well, he's been telling me that he thinks you're pretty awesome, and I agree.

Kendall: Well, that makes three of us. It's too bad everyone else around here treats me like Rosemary's baby.

Palmer: Erica again?

Kendall: Yeah. When she found out that Trey was my brother, she said we were both evil seeds -- as in the spawn of the devil.

Palmer: Well, I mean, she's had a lot to endure.

Kendall: Yeah, look, I know that she's been traumatized by everything that she's been through, and that she's had to crawl back through life and sanity through sheer willpower, but I知 so sick of hearing about that.

Palmer: I'm sure you are.

Kendall: No, I have just as much a right to be here as she does. And contrary to what she may believe, she does not -- she does not own this town or this planet.

Palmer: No, she's -- she's not right. She's not. And, well, you certainly are not the spawn of the devil.

Kendall: Well, how can you be so sure?

Palmer: Well, if you were, you wouldn't be bailing out a friend.

Officer: You're pretty banged up.

Maria: You ok?

David: I'll live.

Officer: You ought to go see a doctor.

David: I am a doctor.

Maria: You don't have to keep him handcuffed like that.

Anna: Hi. I heard you call this in. Want to run it by me?

Officer: We found Mr. Grey assaulting this man.

Second officer: He said he's a doctor.

Anna: He is. Go on.

Officer: When Mr. Grey refused to stop, we cuffed him.

Anna: Well, I'm surprised that it's Edmund you cuffed.

David: He shouldn't be. He didn't do anything wrong.

Edmund: Yeah, it's just because the cops got here.

David: Just -- just take his handcuffs off, all right? Just let him go. I'm not going to press any charges.

Edmund: Look, Hayward, don't do me any favors.

Anna: Why don't you just keep your mouth shut and go home to your children, ok? I'm serious, Edmund. Go before I change my mind.

Maria: Edmund -- Edmund, wait, please. Edmund --

Anna: All right, officers, I'll deal with Dr. Hayward. Thanks. Don't write this up.

David: What now?

Anna: What?

David: You going to remind me that it was my fault that Edmund was pounding on me?

Anna: Want me to drive you to the hospital, have them look at your face?

David: I don't need a ride to the hospital. I have my car.

Anna: I do not think you should be behind the wheel of a car.

David: I can get to my cabin just fine, thanks.

Anna: Just -- can you have your cut looked at?

David: I'm not going into the hospital looking like this, Anna.

Anna: I have a first-aid kit in my room.

David: Are you asking me back to your room?

Anna: Don't make more of this than it is.

David: What is it?

Anna: It's a couple of band-aids and some iodine so that you can drive to the cabin, ok? You coming or not?

Kendall: Oh, thank God you're here. This bartending thing is not as easy as it looks.

Aidan: Just what in the hell do you think you are doing, Kendall?

Kendall: I'm covering for you.

Aidan: And who asked you to do that?

Kendall: Well, you'll thank me later, trust me. By the way, I thought it was pretty classy the way you handled that old crone back there.

Aidan: Oh, you saw that?

Kendall: Yeah, I was here, remember, with Petey, the kid?

Aidan: Petey, the kid? Yeah, I remember him.

Kendall: Oh, but the fact that I was here, too, just completely escaped you.

Aidan: Well, you're not exactly at the front of my mind, Kendall. To be honest with you, it's quite the opposite, you know?

Kendall: Ok, look, I know you've had a very trying evening with old ladies shoving currency down your g-string and everything, but --

Aidan: Really. Do I need this right now? Your half-baked editorials at this point in my life? Huh?

Manager: Mr. Devane, I'm so glad you were able to join us for part of your shift.

Aidan: Yeah, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Manager: Yeah, I think we need to clear up a few things.

Aidan: Yeah, yes. That's a good idea.

Kendall: But it's just that we were both very worried about your mother.

Aidan: I beg your pardon?

Kendall: Well, I told your boss here how your mother took ill suddenly.

Aidan: You told him that? Why?

Manager: Surprise, surprise. It was a lie, but she covered for you. Was a hit with the customers, too, so you lucked out.

Kendall: Like I said, you will thank me later.

Manager: Let's not make a habit of it, ok, big guy?

Aidan: Ok, big guy. But how about since this lady here was such a big hit with the customers, how about making her an offer?

Kendall: Look, Aidan, I was just trying to help you.

Aidan: Look, if I want your help, Kendall, I will ask you for it. Ok?

Kendall: He'll thank me later.

Anna: I'll get the first-aid stuff.

Anna: Where are you going? Sit down.

David: I'm all right, ok?

Anna: Clearly you haven't looked in a mirror. Sit. Come on.

Anna: Sorry, is that too much?

David: I can take it.

Anna: Cop said that you didn't fight back. Why? Were you protecting your hands?

David: It had nothing to do with my hands.

Anna: Well, why, then? That's not like you.

David: Because Edmund had every right to be angry. If somebody hid you away from me for five years, I'd beat the hell out of him, too.

Anna: Don't talk, ok?

David: I want to say something to you about Jackson.

Anna: Oh, for God's sake.

David: No, wait. Just wait. Wait. When I saw you the other day at the restaurant, I was a jerk. I mean, you work with the guy. There's nothing going on between the two of you.

Anna: I already told you it's none of your business. Of course there's nothing going on between us.

David: Well, you want to know something? That's too bad because you'd be better off if there were.

Maria: What are you doing?

Edmund: This place is a mess. I should fire half the stable hands.

Maria: Are you looking for something? Can I help you?

Edmund: I'm trying to find the right bit for my horse.

Maria: Does a horse know the difference in bits?

Edmund: Oh, yeah, he knows, all right. Lets him know who's in charge -- you or him.

Maria: Well, what kind of bit do you need?

Edmund: My horse is headstrong. He's got what you call hard mouth, so I need to find a -- you don't really care what bit I use on the horse, do you?

Maria: Ok, well, no, but I was enjoying hearing you talk about it.

Edmund: You here for a reason?

Maria: Yeah, well, I -- just the way you left the park, I thought you might need somebody to talk to.

Edmund: What I need is to ride.

Maria: Is that better than talking?

Edmund: Yeah. Sometimes when I just need to blow off steam or get away, I ride.

Maria: And it helps?

Edmund: Most of the time. Sometimes when I知 having problems at work or the kids are getting on my nerves.

Maria: When does it not help?

Edmund: Things I can't control. When I hate what I知 feeling. When I知 angry with you.

Maria: What did I do?

Edmund: You died.

Adam: How do you feel right now?

Brooke: Fine.

Adam: "Fine"?

Brooke: More than fine.

Adam: That's good. Me, too.

Brooke: I'm glad you insisted, Adam. But now I think that you need to go.

Adam: Shouldn't I insist I stay?

Brooke: Please don't spoil it, ok?

Adam: Ok.

Brooke: Ok.

Adam: One question.

Brooke: Hmm?

Adam: London?

Brooke: Have a wonderful time.

Adam: Forget London. When will I see you again?

Brooke: If you mean like this, you won稚.

Adam: Oh, Brooke, come on. What are we hurting?

Brooke: Adam --

Adam: Who are we hurting?

Brooke: Well, first of all, your wife.

Adam: You -- you know the status of my marriage.

Brooke: Yes, and you have children, and so do I.

Adam: Who don't know and don't need to know. Brooke, this is for us -- you and me. We need it. We deserve it. Don't push me away.

Brooke: I have already pushed you away -- twice.

Adam: And here we are.

Brooke: Who am I fooling?

Anna: Ok, it's really the best I can do. It looks -- it looks better.

David: You're just getting used to looking at it.

Anna: I don't think that you should drive up to the cabin. Just call down and get a room for the night or something.

David: It's all right. I'm going. I just want to finish what I was saying to you.

Anna: We're done here, David.

David: About Jackson. Let me finish, all right?

Anna: Oh, come on. You don't think that there's anything that you can say that's going to make a difference, do you?

David: It's ok. I'm not going to try to gain your sympathy.

Anna: Well, good, because you couldn't even if you were, so --

David: Look -- you were right all along, and I know it. It was a mistake, you and I, and you've known it right from the start.

Anna: Oh, David, I mean, this afternoon --

David: I know, I know, I know. This afternoon I was begging you for another chance, and that's what I wanted -- well, that's what I want. But it's not right, Anna. It's not right for you or for this baby.

Anna: I am well aware of that.

David: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry that I hurt you. But you have to know that it was never intentional, Anna.

Anna: Look, I make my own choices.

David: Yes. Yes, you have, but now you have a chance to correct some of those choices. You don't need me, Anna.

Anna: I know that.

David: You know, but the thing is I thought you did. You know, I don't mean literally like -- like a husband taking care of his wife. I -- I felt like you needed me to bring excitement into your life. I mean, isn't that what we always reveled about, that we weren't as boring and as staid as everybody else in this stupid town? No, but you want to know something? The fact is that that's ridiculous. I mean, who the hell can live like that in the real world? Who?

Anna: Why do you feel the need to tell me this tonight?

David: Because it's the simple truth. We're not right for each other, Anna. And it breaks my heart to say that to you, but you need someone who's a complete opposite of me, ok? Someone who -- who knows the difference between right and wrong. You know, someone who would make sure to put you and this baby first always.

Anna: You know, when I said that I don't want you to have anything to do with raising this child, I also don't want to hear about your parenting theories.

David: I'm serious.

Anna: What, you're willing to step aside and you think that Jackson can take your place?

David: I don't want our child to have anything close to the kind of life I've had, all right? I mean, with battling parents and, you know, this twisted sense of morality. I don't want this child to feel like that the ground could be taken out from underneath their feet at any given moment, all right? I don't want it.

Anna: God, I just shouldn't have brought you up here tonight.

David: I'm going; I知 going, all right? I'm sorry. I'm going. Anna, I was so close. We both were.

Anna: David, I don't know how to let you go.

David: Anna, I'm not saying this to you to get this --

Anna: I know that it's not a ploy. I think I'm immune to that, anyway.

David: Then what are you doing?

Anna: I can't fight this anymore. I do need you. I need you so much. Oh, David -- I just

Maria: I know that this has got to be making you crazy. I know all this holding back and watching every single thing you say --

Edmund: I'm not blaming you. It's not -- it's not you. I -- when you died, I blamed God. And now I know it's Hayward that caused it all.

Maria: But Hayward also is the reason that I'm alive. And it wasn't Hayward痴 fault that I don't know who I am and I can't remember my life with you.

Edmund: I wish I didn't, either.

Edmund: You made me happy. You showed me what happiness was, and then you just took it away --

Maria: I know that, and I知 sorry it was taken away from you, too. And I -- I didn't do any of this on purpose.

Edmund: I know. But now everything's changed. I see you. I see you with the kids. You're so loving and you're so natural. And I see you dancing with me, and I -- I know I have the woman I love back.

Maria: I know that when you look at me, you see Maria. And I wish -- Edmund, I wish that I could remember how I was.

Edmund: You don't understand. I'm not telling you how I felt about her. I'm telling you how I feel about you. I love you.

Adam: You're not going to regret this, Brooke.

Brooke: We'll see. Before you go, we have to set some rules. I know you hate them. No assumptions by either of us.

Adam: No expectations.

Brooke: Nobody trying to take control. And if either one of us wants to end it, no questions asked.

Adam: Well --

Brooke: And that is the only way that this will work.

Adam: Fine. Is that all?

Brooke: No. One more thing -- nobody can ever find out about this, ever.

Adam: Agreed. We're going to make this work, Brooke. We owe it to ourselves.


Adam: Well. Look who's here.

[knock on door]

Singer: Nothing in this world can take me up so high bring me to my knees can make me cry I want to trust you now but I'm so afraid to believe all your promises when my fear gets in the way baby, please don't let me down this time baby, please I wanna make this right for once in my life for once in my life

Singer: I want to forget forget all the pain let your strength come through when my weakness reigns I知 so vulnerable it takes so much faith to give myself to you have you touch me that way baby, please all we need is time baby, please I wanna make this right for once in my life for once in my life but I lie myself to sleep at night I wonder why you're not there to ease the pain to dry my eyes it's a long, long road to stay alive you and I we're gonna find a way find a way please we're gonna find a way please we're gonna find a way find a way

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