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All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/31/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Maria: Hypnotize me. Just help me bring my memory back now.

Adam: We rekindled something extraordinary last night. I don't want to let that go.

Brooke: This cannot go any further.

David: I am so very, very sorry for everything that I put you through. Give me another chance, Anna. Take me back.

Zeke: Maureen, where are you? Is it the beach?

Maria: No.

Maria: Oh, my God!

Edmund: Maria? What happened? You ok? What did you remember?

David: Anna -- Anna -- wait a minute.

Anna: No, no, I'm all right. I'm just tired and bone weary.

David: Well, that's normal when you're pregnant.

Anna: No, it's not normal, David. This mass of confusion and indecision is not me. I've always known what I wanted, what path to take. Black road, white line, eye on the prize, take no prisoners, forward, march. I don't understand why it's so bloody hard for me to fight you off.

David: Then you really are tired.

Anna: I am tired of dancing this dance with you.

David: So who's sitting this one out, Anna the cop or Anna my ex-wife?

Anna: Who do you think?

David: I think that the results did come back from Quantico and you were hoping -- or maybe you weren't hoping -- that the vial I crushed on your office carpet would give up the nature of my research so you can put me away. But the results were inconclusive. You were baiting a trap.

Anna: Hmm. Doing my job. I can't even do that anymore.

David: Anna, you have to stop looking at me as the enemy.

Anna: Ok. I'll let you get away then.

David: Get away from you? Never. I'm in love with you, Anna.

Anna: I think the exact words were you've never loved anyone the way you love me.

David: That's right.

Anna: Why? I mean, apart from the fact that Iím carrying your child, why? What separates me from all the others?

Edmund: Maria, you ok?

Maria: Yeah, yeah, I'm good, I'm ok.

Edmund: Something came back to you, didn't it, something major?

Edmund: Was it the same thing you flashed on at the park?

Zeke: Edmund, memories can't be forced.

Edmund: But she remembered something. Maria, what is it? What did you remember? Did you remember us?

David: Anna, why are you doing this?

Anna: Asking questions?

David: No. Why are you making light of what you mean to me?

Anna: What does anyone mean to you, really?

David: How could you even ask me that? I just lost my brother.

Anna: I know. I'm sorry. I -- of course. But Edmund lost Maria and you turned her into your best-kept secret.

David: You will never even try to get past that, will you?

Anna: And you'll never get why.

David: What if I told you that I do understand?

Anna: You'd be lying. Oh. See? This is what I suggest -- we have to put an end to this madness, and I think I just need to get as far away from you as I possibly can.

Opal: Where did you get all this stuff?

Brooke: Oh, the attic.

Opal: How'd you decide where to put everything?

Brooke: Well, memories, Tad and Dixieís family photo album.

Opal: Hmm. Nobody loved Halloween like Dixie.

Brooke: She went all-out.

Opal: Well, so did you.

Brooke: Oh --

Opal: And I just hope that Tad likes our little surprise.

Brooke: Me, too.

Opal: There we go.

Brooke: Oh, it's the usual suspects.

Opal: Oh, man, and carrying pumpkins!

Brooke: Hide the candy.

Jamie: Hey, guys.

Brooke: Oh. Nice.

Jamie: Are we having fun yet?

Brooke: I get the feeling that you would rather listen to smashing pumpkins than carving real pumpkins?

Jamie: Halloween and a certain breakfast cereal are for kids.

Opal: Aw.

J.R.: And James can't decide if he wants to dress up as a hobo or a ninja turtle.

Jamie: Shut up.

Opal: Now, listen here, I am in full regalia. J.R., where is your costume?

J.R.: It's in my time capsule with my stuffed animals and comic books. Wake me up in 40 years.

Opal: Oh!

Brooke: Opal, do you get the feeling that our men would rather be anywhere else but here?

Opal: I do get that feeling, I do.

Jamie: Hold on. Hey, hey, hey. If it'll make Dad happy, I'm willing to go drag as Erica.

Brooke: Oh, oh, that's such an image.

J.R.: I'm up for anything that gets Tad to crack a smile.

Brooke: Same here.

Opal: Wait! I think he's coming! I'm receiving a message! He's coming! He's coming!

Brooke: Oh, lights get the lights.

Opal: Hurry up! Come over here! Hide, everybody!

Brooke: Oh, all right.

Tad: What the hell is this? What's going on?

All: Happy Halloween!

Tad: It's coming down. All of it. Right now.

Tad: Of all the insensitive things I have ever --

Opal: Tad. Tad! Stop it now. Stop it!

Tad: Are you kidding? Whose idea was this?

Brooke: Mine.

Jamie: Mine, too.

J.R.: Me, three.

Opal: Tad, we thought that it would make you --

Tad: What? Happy? Do you have any idea what it's like to stand here and look at all of this stuff? As if Dixieís going to come out of the kitchen any minute with a bowl full of candy or a tray of candied apples? You have any idea whatsoever?

Brooke: I think that Dixie would have wanted you to remem--

Tad: How could you possibly know what Dixie wants? She's dead. J.R. J.R., Wait!

Jamie: Dad, you're not the only one who misses her. It didn't just happen to you.

[door slams]

Brooke: Tad, Iím not trying to channel Dixie or take her place. And -- and you are right, she's gone. But J.R. and Jamie are very much alive and our son spends half of his time here.

Tad: And I'm not keeping up? Is that what you're trying to tell me? Is that what this is about?

Brooke: It's just this house is haunted, and it doesn't have to do with Halloween, and Jamie is worried about you.

Tad: Jamie's old enough to realize you don't just get over having your wife and unborn child ripped out of your life. He knows that accident was never supposed to happen.

Brooke: He does get that.

Tad: If he feels for any reason that I'm not there for him, all he's got to do is say so.

Brooke: He wants to be here for you. He wants you to share things with him and tell him what's going on. This was J.R. and Jamieís way of celebrating Dixieís life. It's a tribute to her and an acknowledgement of how much she meant to you.

Opal: And to all of us, Tad.

Brooke: Look, I'm -- I am sorry if we stepped over the line.

[doorbell rings]

Adam: Trick or treat.

Adam: Trick or treat.

Colby: Trick or treat.

Maria: I'm Maureen, not Maria. Really, I'm sorry, Edmund. I'm really -- I'm sorry.

Edmund: No, no, no, I'm sorry, Iím sorry. Yep. Here I am, I promised you I wouldn't pressure you and -- ok, I tell you what, why don't -- you've had enough for one day. Why don't we just go out to a quiet dinner and we'll stick to current events.

Maria: No, that would be really great, but I think Iím going to just -- Iím going to have some down time by myself.

Edmund: You want to be alone?

Maria: Yeah. Yeah.

Edmund: You've been alone for five years.

Zeke: Edmund, I think it's a good idea for Maureen to have a chance to process what just happened in session.

Edmund: Ok. Ok. All right. But just so you know, our trip to the park today -- it meant everything to Sam and Maddie.

Maria: That's good. I'm glad.

Edmund: Ok. You take good care. We'll see you soon.

Maria: Ok.

Zeke: The memory flash -- you want to discuss it? Keep in mind; anything that you say to me is strictly confidential. I'm assuming whatever you recalled was quite troubling.

Maria: Is it possible, Dr. McMillan, that whatever I remembered, that it -- you know, since I was under hypnosis, that maybe it was just a dream or it was a fantasy?

Zeke: Hypnosis is not an exact science.

Maria: Ok, so it's possible then that it didn't happen, it never really happened?

Zeke: It's possible. But we'll discuss it in your next appointment, all right?

Maria: Ok.

Zeke: Excuse me. I want to check with my receptionist about our schedule.

Maria: David.

David: Anna, I don't want you to have to leave town, not because of me.

Anna: You made me promise that I would raise our child in a safe, loving home.

David: And of course that means anywhere away from me, right?

Anna: A child needs a mother who is steady, you know, who knows who she is to her very core, and you make me doubt myself, my instincts, what I know is right and true, and I hate that.

David: You see what I did to Maria and to Edmund and their families as the cardinal sin. And you want to know something? So do I.

Anna: Don't even try to go there.

David: No, that's true. It's a fact. I flashed back five years ago, before I ever even knew you, before I ever had the future that I never dreamed Iíd ever want, and I can't believe it, either.

Anna: Donít.

David: Anna, when I found out that Maria was Edmundís presumed dead wife, of course rationally I knew that I was supposed to say something.

Anna: But you didn't.

David: All I could think about was my research.

Anna: So you'd do everything differently now?

David: You're damn right I would. Yes, I swear, Anna. If the same thing happened today, the hell with my research. I wouldn't even think about doing it!

Anna: You have no idea how much I wish I could believe you.

David: I know it sounds like a clichť, right -- "I was different back then." Look, I'm sorry, but it's true. Do you -- do you honestly doubt that your love had the power to transform me? Anna, you opened my eyes to a whole new world. You made me see things in a completely new way. I wanted to become the man that you really felt that I was capable of being. And you want to know something? I feel that I'm becoming that man. So give me a chance to show you how good I can be for you.

Anna: Oh.

[phone rings]

David: Just --


David: Dr. Hayward.

Maria: David, meet me in the park, right away.

David: Well, I'm no longer on staff at Pine Valley hospital right now.

Maria: David, I remembered something. Don't keep me waiting.

David: I'll get there as fast as I can. I'm sorry.

Anna: Let me guess -- is it a matter of life or death?

David: Yeah, something like that.

Anna: It's ok. Go.

David: We're not finished.

J.R.: Hey, hey! James! Ease up. You'll scare the little Spongebobs out of their Squarepants.

Jamie: This haunted house stuff is getting old.

J.R.: We thought it stoked when we were kids. Remember my mom? She used to put our hands in cold spaghetti, saying it was gopher guts?

Jamie: And peeled grapes were eyeballs. This sucks.

J.R.: Totally.

Jamie: Your mom got killed. My mom got dumped.

J.R.: Tad's in a meltdown yelling at Brooke and Opal's ready to bust out crying.

Jamie: Can't wait for Thanksgiving.

J.R.: We could lob cranberries and fight over the drumsticks.

Jamie: Yeah, we're one big, happy family.

Opal: I've got an idea. Why don't you come right on over here and fill up your basket with some more goodies, honey. I think you're going to get quite enough there.

Tad: So, where's Liza? Holed up in the west wing? Make sure you take your daughter by for trick-or-treat. After all, if you're lucky and you beg hard enough, you just might get something.

Adam: Why don't you go straight to--

Opal: Honey, red, let's go into the kitchen, why don't we, get some cider and a cupcake before you head off on your next stop, huh? What do you say?

Colby: Ok, daddy?

Adam: Oh, yeah, you go ahead, princess.

Opal: All right. Come on, let's go. You know, I made a costume just like that one for my daughter Jenny when she was just about your age. Isn't that something?

Tad: Well, if you'll excuse me, Iím going to go change.

Adam: Counting the hours since we parted?

Brooke: What are you doing here?

Adam: Well, the Martin Haunted House is a local legend, although it looks pretty much the same to me.

Brooke: J.R. told you I was here.

Adam: I just can't stop thinking about last night and you and how soft your skin felt.

Brooke: Stop it.

Adam: Oh, come on, come on. Brooke, admit it, admit it, admit it -- you're having the time of your life.

Brooke: How like you to think that one night of mis-spent passion and, all of a sudden, I'm utterly powerless to resist you.

Adam: Well, there's much to be said for sweet surrender.

Brooke: I told you this -- after last night, this can't happen again.

Adam: I hung on your every word.

Brooke: So what are you doing here?

Adam: I'm taking my daughter trick-or-treating.

Brooke: You are using your daughter to manipulate me back into bed.

Adam: No, no, no, I think you have me confused with the big bad wolf.

Brooke: Yes. Go home to your wife.

Adam: My wife? Now, that's a charade. I've told you, Brooke, Liza and I are married in name only.

Brooke: Well, as long as she is Mrs. Adam Chandler, then you should be at her side.

Adam: She doesn't want me. She doesn't --

Brooke: Understand you? Oh, give me a break.

Adam: No, no. That's exactly right. That is true. You are the only one who ever knew the real me.

Brooke: Well, the real you should know that Iím on to you and I'm not going to let you use me to punish your wife.

Jamie: Forget Thanksgiving. What about Christmas?

J.R.: Maybe we could bag it and go skiing instead.

Jamie: Well, Lauraís not coming home. And if I take off, my mom will be all by herself. This Christmas was supposed to rock.

J.R.: You know what I think? It's better to stay disconnected. That way no one gets hurt when people check out.

Jamie: Edmund was that man, right? What a wipe. He attaches himself to my mom, but the minute Maria shows up, he goes --

J.R.: Whoa, man. Maria's his wife. Do you blame the dude?

Jamie: Yeah! He cut my mom deep. I'm not going to forget that. I canít.

[knock on door]

Zeke: Yes?

Edmund: Excuse me, doc. Have you seen my car keys anywhere?

Zeke: No, I havenít.

Edmund: Hmm. Where's Maureen?

Zeke: Our session was over. She left.

Edmund: Hmm.

Zeke: She needs some space, Edmund. Don't crowd her.

Edmund: Well, she can have all the space she wants as long as she's safe.

Zeke: Safe from what?

Edmund: Well, she was pretty upset at that recall she had at the park.

Zeke: It's part of the process. It shouldn't upset you.

Edmund: Well, it's easy for you to say. She seemed even more upset after you put her under.

Zeke: You're holding on too tight, Edmund. You need to relax, ok?

Edmund: Relax?

Zeke: You have to understand that Maureen is going through her own personal journey right now and you may not always be exactly what she needs, all right?

Edmund: Meaning what exactly? Somebody else knows what she needs better than I do? Is that what you're saying? You know what or who she remembered, don't you?

Zeke: I don't discuss my patients.

Edmund: You ever love somebody, doc? I mean really love somebody?

Zeke: Good night, Mr. Grey.

David: You said on the phone that -- that you remembered something.

Maria: Yes. And it really threw me, so I was hoping you could help me figure it out.

David: I'll try.

Maria: Do -- do you remember in the mausoleum you told me that we had loved each other?

David: Yeah, but I thought we already covered that. I said a lot of things there that weren't true.

Maria: David, I remember you kissing me. Did it happen? Was it true?

David: What do you think?

Maria: I don't know. That's -- I don't know, because I keep having these -- these flashes of memory or whatever they are and -- and I can't hold on to them. So I went to Dr. McMillan and I had him put me under hypnosis and he told me to go back to a place where I felt safe and secure, and it happened again.

David: And that's when you remembered me kissing you? Then what did Dr. McMillan say?

Maria: Nothing. I didn't tell him.

David: And what about Edmund?

Maria: No. I didn't want to tell him just in case I was -- I was dreaming or I was making it up. Was I?

David: No. Your mind isn't playing tricks on you, Maureen. I did kiss you.

Maria: Why?

David: Why do you think? I was in love with you, Maureen.

Anna: Don't you ever go home, Jackson?

Jack: Well, I must say I was anxious to find out what happened with David. Were you able to get anything out of him?

Anna: It was difficult. Greenlee was up there at the cabin.

Jack: So your poker hand didn't play out quite as you'd hoped?

Anna: No, not at all the way I expected. He left, you see, halfway through because something more important came up.

Maria: You loved me?

David: I had to.

Maria: I don't understand, David.

David: Maureen, when I found you on that beach, you were inches away from death. You surviving that plane crash was miraculous. I don't know how you found the strength to hold on, but you did. And I was totally blown away by that.

Maria: Well, it was your experimental drug protocol that saved me.

David: Honestly, I'm not sure if it was the drug. I think it had more to do with your will to live.

Maria: I don't know, I had to get well. I had family that needed me that I needed to get back to.

David: You never said anything to me about a husband or children. All I knew was that you wanted to live, and I did everything within my power to keep you alive.

Maria: Just I remember -- I remember you holding me and I remember you whispering to me, telling me not to give up. And I just remember being so grateful. But -- but that wasn't it. That wasn't all. That -- you were everything to me.

David: Well, a lot has changed since then.

Maria: So what happened? I mean, you said that we loved each other. Were we lovers?

David: No, no, but we were incredibly close.

Maria: So the kiss was what?

David: We needed each -- Maureen, I was moved by you, all right, your strength, your courage. You'd fought --

Maria: So the kiss was, what, was it your treatment? Was it a reward? Was it --

David: It was an expression of deep affection. We both felt it.

Maria: And that's as far as it went?

David: You were my patient.

Maria: Ok, right. Right, right, so you couldn't really get involved because that might compromise your research.

David: Look, I was a different person back then.

Maria: No, of course. I totally understand, because I would have brought you down. Would have brought you down. You would have had to explain to people how you knew me and how we got involved, so you just packed me off and you sent me to Nevada.

David: For your own good.

Maria: No, really? For your own good.

David: No, Maureen. To save your life.

Adam: I am not using you to hurt Liza.

Brooke: Would you take your voice down a decibel or two? Your daughter, you and Liza's pride and joy, is in the next room.

Adam: Colby's too young to understand what's going on.

Brooke: Oh, and what are you going to do when she's old enough, sit her down and tell her that you're trading mommy in for a previously owned model?

Adam: No, no, of course not.

Brooke: Well, it would be just like you -- it would -- to teach her that people are interchangeable, that if you get bored or you, you know -- you can find somebody else, you can find a new toy, a new distraction.

Adam: You take distraction to a whole new dimension, Brooke. We were good before. But now --

Brooke: Can you -- can you say that to me with a straight face? You should see your face. You look like a dog with an itch that needs to be scratched.

Adam: There's more to it than that, and you know it.

Brooke: Oh, fine. Yes, one night of stolen passion and suddenly the world makes perfect sense.

Adam: Yes. Yes, it does for me. My life, my world was cold and dark, and you filled it with light and warmth. You brought me back to my senses, quite literally. All of my senses filled to bursting, Brooke. You are a magnificent woman.

Tad: Well, you finally got something right. She is a magnificent woman. Occasionally misunderstood, but magnificent nonetheless.

Colby: Daddy, Opal told my fortune!

Opal: Yes, she is a real creative child, Adam. She's got Apolloís star under her left ring finger.

Adam: Ooh, and what did Opal predict?

Colby: Good stuff.

Brooke: I think Colby is going to have the happiest childhood that anybody could ever wish for.

Adam: Absolutely. An absolutely perfect life. Would you like to go on to the next house, sweetheart?

Colby: Thanks for the treat.

Opal: Honeybunch. Have a Happy Halloween!

Adam: Yes, thanks for letting us be part of your festivities.

Opal: Toodle-ooh!

Adam: Happy Halloween.

Brooke: Bye, sweetie.

Opal: Bye-bye.

Tad: What's with him?

Brooke: What do you mean?

Tad: He's like an Adam with a mouth full of canary.


Opal: Oh! My pumpkin cookies! I can smell them! I'd better get them out of the oven before they burn!

Brooke: I -- I really have to get going.

Tad: You know, I -- I really meant what I said. Sometimes you are magnificent.

Brooke: Oh, Tad, come on --

Tad: No, I -- it's true. You just did something wonderful for me, for all of us, and without even trying to understand, I snap your head off. I -- Iím very, very sorry that I misunderstood.

Brooke: Neither one of us has had a banner year, you know.

Tad: No kidding. If Iím this much fun on Halloween, I can just imagine what I do for an encore when Christmas rolls around. Maybe I should start counting the shopping days till my next meltdown. What do you think?

Brooke: You'll get through it

Tad: How do you know?

Tad: You know, I've been thinking seriously about putting some distance between me and Pine Valley for the holidays. Maybe a house in St. Bart's, you know? A white Christmas, as in white sand beach?

Brooke: Oh, sounds like paradise. So are you thinking of taking Jamie with you?

Tad: You and Jamie. And J.R., Too, if he wants to go. What do you think? Me want you say irie, mon.

Brooke: Well, what about Opal and Ruth and Joe?

Tad: I think it's kind of important for us to do something for us this year, you know, so that Jamie knows no matter what happens, we're a family. And I'm sure mom and dad will understand. So what about you?

Brooke: I just -- well, I need to think about it a little bit.

Tad: Sure. Sure. Fine.

Brooke: Ok.

Tad: Ok.

Brooke: I need to go.

Tad: Listen, no hard feelings about tonight, right?

Brooke: No, no, no hard feelings.

Tad: Good, because you brought a lot of magic back into our lives.

Brooke: Well, I think that we all can use a little bit of that.

Tad: Yeah.

Brooke: Good night, Tad.

Tad: Drive safe.

Jamie: Mom. You ok?

Brooke: Oh, Jamie. Yeah, honey, Iím fine. Are you going to spend the night with Tad?

Jamie: If he's off his rant.

Brooke: Yes, he is, ok? He apologized.

Jamie: Whatever. Is it all right if J.R. and I go somewhere else and hang out for a while?

Brooke: Ask Tad, ok? And listen, I will see you tomorrow after school, all right?

Jamie: Yep.

Brooke: Be good, you guys.

J.R.: What's going down with your mom?

Jamie: I have no idea.

Jack: So you're saying that you and David were in the middle of whatever you and David were in the middle of and he just walked out?

Anna: Yeah, it doesn't matter, really, because we would have ended up in the same place that we always do, and I can't do this anymore. I really -- I canít.

Jack: Look, Anna, I know the kind of toll this has taken on you. But I got to tell you, I really think you made the right decision, I do.

Anna: Here.

Jack: And what the hell is this?

Anna: My badge. I may talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, I can't pretend that David is anything other than the man I'm in love with.

Jack: Anna, I'm not going to take the badge.

Anna: And I can't go after him, Jackson. My hearts not in it. So that renders me ineffective, as Chief of Police, and you will have a letter of resignation on your desk first thing in the morning.

Maria: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm acting like a schoolgirl with a crush.

David: Not at all.

Maria: Crazed. It's just that, David, of all the things I could have remembered, I remembered you. And I remembered your patience and your kindness, and you treated me like I was a broken bird.

David: Well, that's because I wanted more than anything for you to fly again.

Maria: So you let me go.

David: Only when I knew that you were strong enough and that you could make it on your own.

Maria: Oh, David. What I feel for you just keeps changing.

David: Patients often develop attachments to their doctors. You know that.

Maria: But you said you felt the same way for me, David.

David: Yes. Maureen, just -- I don't know how to explain this to you. I grew up in a home filled with secrets, all right? My parents -- life was wasted on them. Everything I grew up believing turned out to be a lie. And then there you were that day on the beach, clinging to life.

Maria: I was half dead is what I was.

David: Yeah, but your life force would not be denied. I mean, your recovery was remarkable, beyond my expectations. Every time I was ready to pronounce your time of death, you would rally. I was in awe of you, Maureen. So, yes, I kept you alive, but it was your soul and your spirit that moved me beyond myself. And I didn't know what to do with those feelings.

Maria: So when you let me go, did you -- did you miss me? Were you sad?

David: I wanted you to be free. But, yes, I was sad, and I missed you a lot. More than I ever let on.

Opal: Well -- oh.

Tad: So, what you going as this year, mama?

Opal: Oh, har, har, hardy, har, har. I brought you some nice warm pumpkin cookies, fresh out of the oven. Come on, sit down.

Tad: No, I'm driving.

Opal: Where's Brooke?

Tad: I think she got spooked and went home.

Opal: What, some trick-or-treat ghoul or ghosty give her a fright?

Tad: No. It was me.

Jack: You know, Anna, we've danced the resignation tango before.

Anna: No, this is for keeps.

Jack: Look, you're tired, Chief. You're stressed out. These are not the best conditions under which to make life-altering decisions. Now, why don't you get some sleep? Sleep on the decision and we'll talk about it in the morning, ok?

Anna: If you think Iím going to change my mind --

Jack: Then I don't know you very well?

Anna: No, you donít. Oh. I don't know why my life is so bloody complicated.

Jack: Well, that's a question we all ask ourselves at one time or another. But I can tell you one thing.

Anna: Yes?

Jack: Things will look brighter in the morning's light, I promise you that. Now, you get some rest.

Anna: Go home.

Jack: I will go home as soon as you're tucked in, all right? Sleep.

Anna: Good night.

Jack: Good night.

Jack: And sweet dreams.

Maria: This just feels right.

Maria: Edmund!

Edmund: Say good night, Hayward.

Opal: So tell me what happened with you and Brooke.

Tad: Well, I made the mistake of asking her about spending Christmas with me and Jamie in the Caribbean and she didn't seem too thrilled with the idea.

Opal: Oh, well, honey. You know, Dixieís not been gone that long, and poor Brooke, I mean, she's an open wound, what, with Mariaís coming back from the dead.

Tad: Yeah, well, I keep thinking about something she said to me in Nevada, you know, something that kind of cut too close to the bone.

Opal: And what was that?

Tad: She told me if I hadn't pressured her to marry me for Jamieís sake that she and Edmund would probably be celebrating another wedding anniversary.

Opal: Now, Tad, you cannot -- you cannot think about the what-might-have-beens in this life. You got to concentrate on what is.

Tad: I am. And what is is I ruined her life. This is a chance for me to make it up to her, to finally do things right for a change.

Opal: Why don't you let Brooke decide what is right for her in her own time and in her own way.

Tad: Mama, she's got to know that somebody in Pine Valley cares about her. Nobody should be that lonely.

Adam: Trick or treat.

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