AMC Transcript Wednesday 10/30/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/30/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

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Leo: And you know my family. I don't have to warn you about that. This guy over here isn't so bad.

David: Thanks.

Jack: Well, well, well. I thought I might find you here. It's a good thing you don't change your jogging route very often.

Anna: You're looking for me?

Jack: Yeah. The report's in from Quantico.

Anna: The vial that David crushed?

Jack: Yeah, that very one.

Anna: Ooh. What did they find?

Jack: Not much. The report was inconclusive.

Anna: Any more specific?

Jack: Oh, sure. They were able to conclude that your carpet was so contaminated that they couldn't separate, isolate, or identify the chemical compounds involved.

Anna: Huh.

Jack: Yeah, "huh." So that means that David Hayward just slips away on us again, just like that. But I imagine that's a load off your mind, isn't it?

Anna: If I denied it, would you believe me?

Jack: Not for a minute.

Man: Thanks.

David: Thank you.

Greenlee: What time is it?

David: Hey. Well, let me put it this way -- what would you like for lunch?

Greenlee: Thanks for letting me sleep.

David: It's all right. You could use it. So, how do you feel? Any better?

Greenlee: I'm not going to have another meltdown on you, I promise. Who was at the door?

David: Just a delivery.

Greenlee: Anything important?

David: I guess we'll see, huh? How did she --

Greenlee: What? What's wrong?

David: Nothing.

Greenlee: Is it about Leo? Tell me, David.

David: It could be. Vanessa arranged to have this delivered in the event of her death.

Sam: Fly kite now?

Maddie: I want to build a sandcastle first.

Edmund: Want to decide this one?

Maria: You think I'm stupid?

Edmund: All right, Iíll tell you what. Time to break ranks. Sam, you and I will demonstrate our marvelous ability of kite flying.

Maria: Ok, perfect. And we will admire your kite flying while we build an architectural wonder. How's that?

Edmund: Is everybody happy?

Maddie: Yes!

Sam: Let's go!

Edmund: Ok.

Maria: Good luck, guys have fun. All righty. What we got? We've got a stick. We've got --

Maddie: I'm sitting on -- where's my shovel?

Maria: Right there.

Maddie: There it is. Yeah.

Maria: Ok, what you making? Does our castle have a basement, or is that a swimming pool?

Maddie: It's a moat.

Maria: Well, of course it's a moat. We've got to keep the dragons out. What was I thinking? What are these, though, for? What are all these little pebbles?

Maddie: That's our treasure. We're going to bury it in the moat.

Maria: Oh, ok.

Maddie: We need more pebbles.

Edmund: We have liftoff! You should see the way Sammy handles this -- Maureen, you all right?

Maria: Yeah. I'm -- Iím --

Edmund: What is it? What's wrong?

Maria: I think I'm -- I think I'm starting to remember.

Greenlee: Even dead, she's torturing us.

David: How the hell did she pull this off?

Greenlee: Entrusted it to one of her lawyers?

David: Well, not Trey. We know that.

Greenlee: Is it ticking?

David: No, it's just -- it's just -- just paper.

Greenlee: What, dipped in some sort of poison? It could be a birth certificate of Vanessaís evil triplets.

David: Wouldn't you like a warning? Look, it's probably just a letter informing us as to where her will is filed.

Greenlee: No. No, no, no. That's not like Vanessa. She's found some way to get revenge on us from the grave.

David: Why would she want revenge now?

Greenlee: Because Leo loved us.

David: Well, I guess there's only one way to find out, right? It is her handwriting.

Greenlee: I feel sick.

David: "Dear David, if you're reading this, it means Iím gone. I've done some terrible things to you, I know, but please read what I have to say --"

Greenlee: Stop it, David. Stop. Stop right there.

Anna: You're right, you know? I am relieved that they couldn't pinpoint the chemicals in that vial. That is disgusting. I am unworthy to be Chief of Police.

Jack: Anna, that's not what Iím saying.

Anna: No. You know what? For the record, I did do everything by the book, and so did Quantico.

Jack: I'm not accusing you of anything. Look, look, I realize that you and David are grieving for Leo. I understand that. I understand that you would not want the father of your child stood before a firing squad at dawn. I get that. I do.

Anna: Thank you.

Jack: But on the other hand, we still have a problem here, don't we?

Anna: See? Go on.

Jack: Look, all I'm trying to say to you is just because David is hurting now; don't think for one moment that he's reformed.

Anna: I know that. I'm not kidding myself.

Jack: Good. Please don't. Sometimes things in life happen and it changes men, it makes them better. They rise to the occasion. But not David.

Maria: I didn't mean to get your hopes up. I mean, it was really -- it was just a flash.

Edmund: A memory? Me? The kids?

Maria: It was -- you know when you wake up from a dream and it seems really clear when you first wake up and then, within like a second, it seems to have slipped away? You don't remember anything?

Edmund: No more questions. It's got to be scary for you.

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Why don't I take you home to your place?

Maria: No, I don't want to go home. I don't know. I don't know what I want to -- I just -- I'm so sick of being afraid and of not knowing.

Edmund: Ok. Then we follow this through, all right?

Maria: Ok, let's do it. Let's do it now.

Edmund: Right now?

Maria: Yeah. But what about the kids? What do we do with the kids?

Edmund: We'll drop them off at Isabellaís. She'll be thrilled.

Maria: Are you sure?

Edmund: She's your mother. She'll do anything for you.

Maria: Ok. Yeah, because I'm ready. Let's just do this. I'm ready to face the past, and if I don't, I'm never going to find out who I'm supposed to be.

Erica: I need some justice.

Chris: Do you have any idea how many drug busts I've made over the years and watched these perps walk on a technicality or walk because they cut some sort of a deal with an ambitious D.A.?

Erica: What do you think? You think this was -- this was some sort of a political move on Jack's part?

Chris: No, no. I'm just saying that I -- I -- I hate criminals as much as you do who thumb their nose at justice.

Erica: Well, yesterday you didn't even think that this Trey person was worth pursuing.

Chris: No, what I thought yesterday is what I think today -- he should not be and our whole lives should not revolve around him.

Erica: And they won't just as soon as this Kenyon or Sheppard or whatever the heck his name is is behind bars.

Chris: Erica, you know, we don't have to sacrifice everything for that to happen. Anybody with a past as screwy as Trey's is not going to stay on the straight-and-narrow for that long.

Erica: So, what, do you expect me to just wait while this jerk self-destructs?

Chris: No, no, no, we just give him a little time and enough rope, believe me, he'll fashion a nice, snug noose for himself.

Erica: Chris, I don't want to give him any time, ok? I want to see this rat behind bars. I want to see this rat pay for the crime he has committed. He burned down my house. He practically killed you and Bianca.

Chris: See, now, don't you think I want to take him by his neck and snap it like a twig? But playing vigilante --

Erica: I know. I know. We'll end up behind bars before he does. So, what can we do? What attack can we take? What is our next move?

Chris: Simple. It's so simple, I should have thought of this yesterday.

Erica: Well, what? Tell me.

Chris: I can sum it up in two words -- I do.

Erica: "I do"? What is that supposed to mean?

Chris: When do you say, "I do"?

Erica: Yes, Chris, I recognize the phrase. I just don't have any idea what that has to do with this creep who burned down my house.

Chris: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that's the beauty of it.

Erica: Was this a trick?

Chris: Trick? No. No, no, this is to get the focus back on our lives, not his. Ours.

Erica: No.

Chris: No? Erica, Erica, Erica, listen. Just stay with me on this for a minute.

Erica: You know that I want to marry you.

Chris: Well, that's good. That's great. So why don't we just take it up a notch? My family is into multi-celebrating.

Erica: Is that like multi-tasking?

Chris: Exactly. You double the celebration. You double the fun. And Christmas is a fantastic time, right? Huh? A Christmas wedding. Now, that's like mega blowout.

Erica: Well, I do love holiday weddings.

Chris: I -- ahem. Yeah, well, I -- look, I -- we can do it in the evening. We can have the evergreen and -- what do you call it? -- The holly and the garland. And we can have, you know, some really beautiful music. And it will all be done with class, just like the bride.

Erica: Well, I mean, it could be extremely romantic.

Chris: And we'll do it big, right? Big.

Erica: Well, of course we would do it big. I would set the standard for the rest of the millennium.

Chris: You think you're up to it?

Erica: Do you doubt it?

Chris: Doubt it? You got two whole months. You kidding me?

Erica: Two months.

Chris: What? Ok, look, just give me a list and I'll help you.

Erica: You're very sweet and you're very transparent. Do you really think that planning our wedding is going to make me forget about this Trey?

Chris: Erica, this doesn't have anything to do about forgetting. This is about putting you and me, us, first. First.

Erica: I love you.

Chris: I love you.

Erica: Well, this isn't my first wedding.

Chris: But it's my first.

Erica: It's definitely my last. So I want to make this absolutely wonderful, just unforgettable.

Chris: I know you will.

Erica: Location is vital, you know? I mean, do you want to have the reception at the same place that we have the ceremony or --

Chris: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait, wait, wait, wait. Before we get into, like, all the details and everything -- ahem, ahem -- there's something you and I need to talk about.

Anna: I'm aware of Davidís mistakes.

Jack: Yeah, well, it took you a long damn time to realize how serious his crimes really were.

Anna: What's your point?

Jack: You think I'm too hard on you when it comes to David?

Anna: I just don't know why you keep going on about this --

Jack: Why?

Anna: I --

Jack: I'll tell you why. It's because I don't want to see you -- Anna, I do not want to see you wreck your life because of Hayward. I mean, what the hell is the attraction, anyway? I'm sorry. I just don't get it.

Anna: You're not a woman.

Jack: Well, that's a very astute observation. Continue to enlighten me. How is it that an egomaniacal criminal makes himself so irresistible to strong, smart women like yourself?

David: I'll take a look at this later, all right, when you leave or if you take a nap or something.

Greenlee: But why read it at all? Why give her the last word?

David: Aren't you curious?

Greenlee: Of course I am, but I'm also angry. When was it written?

David: Well, it looks like about the time when the F.B.I. moved her from the jail.

Greenlee: So, realistically, what could it say? That poor, wronged Vanessa never meant to harm anyone? We know that's a lie.

David: It might give us some insights as to why this happened.

Greenlee: No, no. Whether you chalk up Vanessaís actions to evil or insanity or both, the results are the same.

David: These are her last words.

Greenlee: No, I heard her last words at Miller's Falls, and so did Leo. And she was as evil and crazy and greedy as ever.

David: I didn't hear them.

Greenlee: You're lucky. David, whatever is in that letter is meant to suck you in. And no mea culpa from that woman can cut any ice with me. You know, my only regret is that they haven't found her body. I'd like to see what's left of it before they put the bolt on her casket lid.

David: I wonder --

Greenlee: It's lies, David. That's all Vanessa ever did was lie and con everyone.

David: No, I meant I wonder what Leo would do.

Greenlee: He gave her chance after chance to explain herself and to change, and look how it ended. David, don't do this to yourself. Shred it, burn it, ok? But don't let Vanessa have any power over you. Leave her dead where she belongs.

David: May you and your last words burn in hell, Vanessa.

Maria: There was nothing special about today at all. Maddie and I were playing in the sandbox, and Sam and Edmund --

Edmund: Sam and I -- that's our son -- we were flying his kite.

Maria: Yeah.

Zeke: Sounds like fun.

Maria: It was. It was really perfect until this memory flash or whatever it was, and then I felt like the ground just slipped out from underneath me, and I can't even say why.

Zeke: We'll discover the answers, but it might take a little time.

Edmund: Yeah. We don't have to force anything.

Maria: I spoke to your Associate, Dr. Reid, about hypnosis.

Zeke: Well, it can prove useful in some patients.

Maria: I just -- I don't want to wait around the rest of my life for some memories to come flooding back to me, and they're not doing that. So I want to remember now, and I want to start dealing with the memories.

Zeke: I admire your determination, Ms. Gorman, but --

Maria: No, no buts, please. Just hypnotize me. Wire me up, do whatever you got to do. I don't care. Just help me bring my memory back now.

Anna: What's the attraction with David?

Jack: Yes.

Anna: It's the unknown. Maybe. There's a side to him that he rarely shows, even to me.

Jack: Hmm. Think that's a good thing or a bad thing?

Anna: It's a challenge. But as exciting as life is with David, there's only so much I can take. The side of him that he hides -- it's exhausting trying to reach it.

Jack: Yes, and if you have a traditional moral code, it must be a little bit frustrating.

Anna: Well, you can't turn a blind eye forever. I mean, I couldn't, so --

Jack: So this closeness I'm seeing with you and David now is the product of --

Anna: It's because of Leo. I'm not shirking my responsibilities. I swore an oath. I take this very seriously.

Jack: I know that. I do.

Anna: What I do is I replay everything in my mind -- everything that David has done and how we can tie this case up -- and I put a stranger's face in there.

Jack: Well, I put Davidís face there, and I think Davidís face should be behind bars. So if you have any insights --

Anna: I'm not freezing the file, Jackson. I'm still going to go after him. Is that what you want to hear?

Jack: Yeah, with what, Anna? With what? Yeah, that's what I want to hear, but with what? We have nothing concrete.

Anna: David doesn't know that.

Jack: That's true.

Anna: You've never played poker with me, have you?

Jack: No, I've never had that pleasure.

Anna: I'm a very good bluffer.

Jack: I'm sure you are. Be careful. Good luck.

Erica: What are you keeping from me?

Chris: I don't have much family left -- a couple of cousins. And, you know, if they weren't invited, they'd be really crushed.

Erica: Well, Chris, of course they're going to be invited.

Chris: Not so fast. You're Erica Kane, and your wedding's going to be an event with a capital E. My family -- they're strange.

Erica: How strange?

Chris: Quirky strange. For instance, my Cousin June -- she loves plaid. She's worn plaid since she was a tiny kid. Eyeglasses to shoes, plaid.

Erica: Well, there are lots of lovely tartan plaids. We'll shop together.

Chris: Ah. All right, then I have my Cousin Paulie. He's a -- he's a stitch. He's what you call a natural born comedian.

Erica: Well, that's great.

Chris: Erica, he --

Erica: It'll be fun.

Chris: He does a Senor Wences act.

Erica: Senor --

Chris: Yeah, you know, the old guy with the hand, and he puts the lipstick over here for the mouth and -- [mumbling] talks out of the side of his mouth like --

Erica: I know who he is.

Chris: [Normal voice] you do?

Erica: Yes. Chris, are you -- do you have an idea in your head that you are marrying a snob? Because, my goodness, look at Opal. Opal is my very best friend in the whole, wide world, and her quirks could fill a couple of books.

Chris: True, but --

Erica: And Myrtle -- Myrtle --

Chris: Yeah.

Erica: Who has been like a mother to me -- Myrtle -- my goodness, she was from the carnival.

Chris: Ok, ok, so you're not a snob.

[knock on door]

Erica: As a matter of fact, I even -- I even was a waitress for a while. And when I started Enchantment, I was determined to just embrace all women, you know, from all walks of life. I really was. Opal, hi. Opal, will you please tell Chris that I am of the people, by the people, and for the people?

Opal: Yeah, sure, whatever, if you'll tell me what is going on around here.

Chris: Hello, Opal.

Opal: Hey, Chris. Yeah, she is all of that and a can of caviar. Man, oh, man, I mean, the reporters are swarming down in that lobby like termites. I tried to walk through, they attacked me like I was a choice hunk of oak in a swampy basement -- just, you know, doing anything they could, offering me cash money to get dirt on you.

Erica: Oh --

Chris: That's -- that's great. We'll just make up some stories and let them pay for the wedding.

Opal: The wedding?

Erica: Yeah, the wedding.

Opal: Oh!

Erica: We're getting married at Christmas.

Opal: All right! Oh, I'm so happy for you. And congratulations to you, mister.

Chris: Thank you.

Opal: I assume you know you're getting a great gal?

Chris: Yes, I do, thank you.

Opal: All right, you better.

Erica: But it's going to be news to the termites. That's a tidbit that they could live on for months.

Opal: Oh, honey, you're not going to let those reporters invade your privacy, are you?

Erica: Are you kidding? If it will push that supposed hero, this Trey whoever he is, off the front pages of the paper, I'm going to make them all members of the wedding. I'll be right back.

Opal: Well, I guess I didn't have to worry about that one, huh? Nothing can get her higher than planning a wedding.

Chris: Opal, the wedding is just a band-aid. I haven't been able to make Ericaís problems go away, and I got this feeling that they're going to come back just bigger than ever.

Edmund: Listen, nobody wants you to regain your memory more than I do, but it's got to be right.

Maria: If I get it back, then it's right.

Edmund: Ok. You sure you're ready? You're doing this for you?

Maria: I am. Yes, yes.

Edmund: I'll get out of your way, let you go to work.

Maria: Thank you.

Maria: Look, I haven't really been totally honest about what I remembered today because Iíve -- I've seen it before.

Zeke: You have?

Maria: Twice before.

Zeke: Then you should be able to describe it.

Maria: Yeah. I'm outside, and Dr. Hayward is there, and there's -- there's something very wrong.

Zeke: Do you think this was connected in any way to your desire to want to protect Dr. Hayward?

Maria: I'm not protecting anyone.

Zeke: You aren't?

Maria: Myself, maybe. But David saved my life -- or at least he saved Mariaís life so that she could become me.

Zeke: And now you aren't comfortable as Maureen Gorman anymore?

Maria: I just want to find out who I'm supposed to be for the rest of my life.

Zeke: That is a lot to expect us to accomplish here.

Maria: Ok, well, then, at least we can get started, right?

Zeke: Ok, then. Here you are. Sit here, please. All right. Now, I want you to just relax and breathe. Shake it out a little bit if you need to. Go ahead. That's right. Just relax. Good. Now, as you relax, I want you to close your eyes. Good. Now we're going to go to a place where you're very safe and comfortable, a place where you can relax and breathe.

David: Yeah, just -- just something Iíve been working on lately. Got a lot of time on my hands.

Greenlee: David, it's beautiful.

David: Thank you.

Greenlee: What's this stand for?

David: That's an L for Leo. I mean, Anna said that if the baby's a boy, she wants him to be named Leo.

Greenlee: Leo.

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: And what if it's a girl?

David: Well, we haven't really even discussed that. To be honest with you, I can't shake the belief that this baby is going to be a Leo.

Greenlee: Wouldn't that be great?

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: I better go freshen up. I don't want to scare anyone.

[knock on door]

Greenlee: If that's another messenger --

David: Yeah, I'll just throw him off the side of the mountain, that's all. Anna. I was just -- I was just thinking about you.

Anna: This isn't a social call, David. The chemical report from the rug fibers came back today.

David: Is that supposed to mean something to me?

Anna: Yeah -- that crushing that vial didn't stop us. We sent the carpet sample to the Quantico lab, and --

David: Am I supposed to guess the results?

Anna: You know what was in the vial, and now so do I. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

David: Well, this is your game, isn't it?

Anna: I wish you'd just do the right thing for once instead of waiting for me to have to share the report with the D.A. and then come and arrest you. Why don't you go down to headquarters, make a statement, and turn yourself in?

Greenlee: I don't believe this. Leo just died. How can you come into Davidís home, threatening to arrest him?

Chris: So, you've been worried about her, too?

Opal: Well, I mean, with Kendall hanging around like a bad cold and then that damn Trey haunting the town like Richard Fields' mini-me --

Chris: This has brought up all of Ericaís trauma with Fields and every unresolved issue that she's ever had with her father.

Opal: That's right. Has she ever talked to you about her dad deserting her?

Chris: Not if she can avoid it. I mean, she's never, ever going to be able to have a completely trusting relationship with any man because of her father.

Opal: Until now, that is. Until now. Thank heavens she has got you -- Mr. Down-to-earth and dependable. She's finally getting hitched to a man who's going to stand by her, now and forever.

Chris: Thank you. But just in case the wedding is not enough, I'm considering something more drastic.

Anna: I'm sorry, Greenlee. I didn't realize you were here --

Greenlee: No, apologize to David, and maybe to Leoís memory while you're at it.

Anna: Oh, that's not fair.

Greenlee: Oh, really? It's not fair? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Anna: It's ok.

Greenlee: No, no, it's not, it's not. Everything's on emotional overload right now for David and me.

Anna: For all of us. It's so hard to believe that Leoís gone, I mean, for all of us.

Greenlee: David said you're going to name the baby Leo if it's a boy.

Anna: I can't think of anything I'd like more.

Greenlee: Me, neither. But I just don't get how you can decide to name your and Davidís baby Leo and then come over here and bully him, try to arrest him?

Anna: We can't always do what we want.

Greenlee: Yeah, life doesn't always hand you a happy ending. No kidding. But if you love someone, that's it. That's all there is.

David: Not always, Greenlee.

Anna: Everything's very difficult for you right now and --

Greenlee: No, I don't need your pity. You and David were drawn to each other. You fell in love. You married each other.

David: Yeah, but --

Greenlee: Yeah, ok, maybe not necessarily in that order, but you did it. You're each other's big passion, aren't you?

Anna: Unfortunately, business enters into it.

Greenlee: Well, it shouldn't. You should have your arms around each other right now. You should have your resignation on someone's desk, Anna. You don't just put a big love on hold for business. You nurture it and you cherish it.

Anna: We're not you and Leo.

Greenlee: Right. Right, you're here. You and David are here with a baby and life in front of you. Quit your job, Anna. Get out of Pine Valley. You guys should take the apartment in Paris.

David: No, no --

Greenlee: Yes. I can't live there. I canít. Not without Leo.

Anna: Thank you. We can't do that.

Greenlee: No. Don't thank me and don't pretend that you understand my loss. You can't love Leo and miss him and then just turn around and attack his brother. David got me through, Anna. He saved my life.

Anna: I'm offering him a chance to clear his name. You know, if he volunteers a confession --

Greenlee: Forget it, forget it. You didn't hear a word I said. David, thank you. Thank you for everything.

David: Ok.

Greenlee: I'll call you.

David: Ok.

Greenlee: I'm sorry I was wrong about you.

Zeke: How do you feel, Maureen?

Maria: Good.

Zeke: Good. So you're going to a very protected spot. Good. Let's move to another, as far back as you can go, a place in time where you were equally safe and protected. Has there ever been a place where you were truly content?

Maria: I'm there.

Zeke: Good. Can you talk to me about it?

Maria: Yeah.

Zeke: What can you tell me?

Maria: I'm very comfortable and safe. I don't feel like anyone can hurt me.

Zeke: What else can you tell me?

Maria: I'm very warm, and he's holding me.

Zeke: Is your daddy holding you? Are you a little girl?

Maria: No. No, this is just a few years ago. And when he's holding me, I feel like nothing can hurt me.

Zeke: What does he look like?

Maria: He's very handsome.

Zeke: Is Edmund Grey holding you?

Erica: Mission accomplished.

Chris: That's no surprise.

Erica: Oh, our wedding is going to blow that whatever his name is right out of the headlines.

Opal: All right. You go, girl. But now I'm going to have to get the nuptial details later because I got to go pick up Petey at Ms. Willcott's.

Erica: Oh, no. Oh, no. Opal, you're not tormenting him that way.

Opal: Maxine Willcott -- she's an ex-debutante. She teaches the kids, you know, good manners, social dancing, that kind of thing.

Erica: She teaches them the Bossa Nova.

Opal: Well, now, come on. Some dance fads have been known to come back. You know.

Erica: Ok. Well, I feel sorry for Petey.

Opal: Oh, pish, pish.

Erica: Give him my sympathy.

Opal: I will. And you take care of yourself. You take care of her.

Chris: I will.

Opal: I'll try to get through the lobby in one piece.

Erica: Yeah. Bye.

Chris: What was that for?

Erica: That is for your idea for a Christmas wedding.

Chris: You're very welcome.

Erica: Oh, how I wish that my mother could meet you.

Chris: You think that I would get the Mona Tyler seal of approval?

Erica: Oh, boy, would you. And so would I for finally getting it right. My mother would adore you.

Chris: Well, then, bring on the adoration. Do you have any other family members who'll shovel some more of that my way?

Erica: Oh, my brother Mark. I wish he would be here, but he never leaves Hong Kong.

Chris: We'll get him over here.

Erica: I --

Chris: Anyone else?

Erica: No. Actually, I mean, apart from Bianca, then this is my only real family.

Chris: So your dad's not invited?

Erica: No, of course not. You know, I have to contact the venues and the designers.

Chris: Oh -- do you know where I can rent a tux?

Erica: Oh. Very funny.

Chris: Yeah.

Jack: Jack Montgomery.

Chris: Yeah, Jackson, it's Chris Stamp.

Jack: Agent Stamp. I thought I might be hearing from you when word of the deal Trey Sheppard cut himself got out.

Chris: Listen, this is a lot bigger than Trey. We -- you and I -- we got to get together. I got to talk about Erica.

David: Greenlee is still pretty raw.

Anna: Yeah.

David: I'm sorry she took it out on you.

Anna: It's ok.

David: But everything she said made sense -- what she said about love and passion. No matter how many times I tried to stop loving you, Anna, I couldn't do it. We've been through a lot. We've lost a lot. But we're alive. And together we made that new life inside of you. We should be pulling together right now, not pulling apart. I am so very, very sorry, Anna, for everything that I put you through. Let me make it up to you. Give me another chance, Anna. Take me back.

Edmund: Please, God, let Maria regain her memory.

Zeke: Is Edmund the man who's holding you?

Zeke: Do you know where you and the man are? Are you at the beach?

Maria: No. No, we're not at the beach.

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All: Happy Halloween!

Anna: You will have a letter of resignation on your desk first thing in the morning.

Adam: Admit it -- you're having the time of your life.

Maria: David, meet me in the park. I remembered something. Don't keep me waiting.

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