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All My Children Transcript Friday 10/18/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Edmund: I'd like to get to know you, Maureen.

Maria: I would like that, too.

Leo: Drop the gun!


David: We can't stop looking. Leo -- Leo can't be dead.

Anna: No, we're doing everything we can to find him.

David: What? What -- what are you doing?

Anna: Well, I have divers coming in. They're going to search for both of them, all right?

David: Both of them?

Anna: Yes.

David: That's right -- my mother, too.

Anna: The whole procedure is under way. You know, my people -- they know what they're doing. They will most definitely --

David: What? What, find his body? Is that what you were going to say? You think he's dead?

Anna: I could be wrong. I do.

Ofc. Moran: Chief Devane?

Anna: Yeah? Moran, what happened?

Ofc. Moran: Rick?

Rick: I'm sorry. I couldn't get a clean shot. There were three of them, a lot of movement --

Ofc. Moran: And a lot of vegetation. Rick couldn't take a chance of hitting the other two.

Anna: Yeah. Okay, go on.

Rick: The young man was trying to protect his wife. He rushed the older woman to keep her from firing, and their combined weight carried them over the railing. I watched them fall into the water, and then they just went under and disappeared.

Anna: You'll write that up for me, will you?

Ofc. Moran: We'll take care of it.

Anna: Yeah.

Ofc. Moran: Come on.

David: What about Greenlee? Where is she? How is she?

Anna: She's with Trey. The swat team is bringing them down now.

David: I'm going to get my medical bag --

Anna: No, no, no, let the EMTs handle that, please --

David: No, no, I'm going to handle it. Leo would want me to handle it, okay? What -- what can I do now?

Anna: Look after yourself. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: We have to go back and search for Leo.

David: Okay, just sit down over here --

Greenlee: Why is everyone asking about me? Leo's out there someplace!

Trey: I've tried to explain --

Greenlee: Just shut up! You're lying! You're the chief of police. You should be doing something!

Anna: Yeah, I am. I have helicopters out searching --

Greenlee: Don't placate me!

Anna: I'm not, sweetheart. We are doing everything --

Greenlee: Oh, you just want me to shut up and go away!

Anna: You have no idea how much I wish this hadn't happened.

Greenlee: Leo's alive. He wouldn't leave me. He promised. He's going to come back, and you're all going to see that you're all wrong.

Anna: You need to calm down.

David: Greenlee, let's get you to the hospital.

Greenlee: No, I'm not going anywhere. Find him now, damn it! He could be hurt or drowning, and you're all just standing here, staring at me like I'm crazy!

Mary: Greenlee!

Officer: You can't come here, ma'am.

Mary: Greenlee! Don't "ma'am" me!

Officer: This is a crime scene.

Mary: I know it's a crime scene!

Anna: It's all right, it's her mother.

Greenlee: Get away from me, Mother. I mean it.

Mary: I'm so glad you're alive. I'm so sorry to hear about Leo and Vanessa.

Greenlee: They're wrong. He's not dead.

Mary: Baby --

Greenlee: No! Mother, don't! Don't anyone say another word!

Maria: Oh, wow. This place is just -- it's so impressive. It's -- the grounds, the house, the whole thing -- it's like walking back in time.

Edmund: My father, Hugo Marick, he had most of this stuff shipped over from Hungary.

Maria: Oh, you're Hungarian?

Edmund: I grew up here believing that my father was the groundskeeper. It's a long story.

Maria: Is -- I mean, when did you find out that you weren't who you thought you were?

Edmund: About a year before I met you. I went from being the only child of Alf and Flora Gresham to the bastard son of the Lord of the manor.

Maria: How did that make you feel?

Edmund: Lost.

Maria: Angry?

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: My mother was an angel, but my father knew her secret -- that, you know, I wasn't his son, so he made life hell for both of us.

Maria: Maybe it's better not remembering.

Edmund: Well, it was bad but, you know, he made me who I was and who I am. You know, he taught me things, even though I hated him.

Maria: Like what?

Edmund: The power of words. His beatings were nothing compared to the verbal abuse.

Maria: Do you think that's why you became a writer?

Edmund: Maybe.

Maria: Hmm. I was a doctor.

Edmund: Yes.

Maria: It must have been wonderful.

Edmund: It was.

Tad: Hi.

Brooke: Oh, Tad. Hi.

Tad: Wow. I'm glad to see you still own a cell phone, considering the frequency with which you return my messages.

Brooke: I meant to.

Tad: I wanted to know how Jamie did at his soccer tryout.

Brooke: He didn't go.

Tad: He didn't? Why not?

Brooke: He couldn't tear himself away from the television. Haven't you seen the news? Vanessa escaped and she kidnapped Greenlee.

Tad: No wonder. The poor kid must be freaked.

Brooke: Jamie's fine. He's at school.

Tad: He's at school? Are you sure that's the safest place for --

Brooke: Tad -- Tad, Vanessa and Leo are dead. They went over the railing at Miller's Falls.

Tad: What about Greenlee?

Brooke: She survived, thank God. But I need to get ahold of Laura. You know, I want to tell her. Leo saved her life, you know, and I just -- I don't know how she's going to take this.

Tad: I'm sorry, hon. I didn't know. I guess you're afraid she might suffer a setback.

Brooke: Yes. Anyway, I'm just -- I was just waiting for her to return my call.

Tad: Well, do you have to tell her today?

Brooke: Tad, Proteus dying is national news. I don't want her to hear it that way. I got to go. I'm going -- I'm going to check the wire services and see if there's any other news.

Tad: No, wait a minute. Just stick around for a while. Please? You can talk to her here. I mean, take a look around. It's peaceful, it's beautiful. It's a perfect fall morning.

Brooke: Tad, I'm worried about my daughter.

Tad: I'm worried about you.

Mary: Darling, why don't you let me take you home?

Greenlee: No, I can't go home. I can't leave Leo here.

Mary: But if what they say is true --

Greenlee: No, it's not! It's not! Everyone is wrong. Leo is going to be found, and he's going to be okay.

Mary: Sweetheart --

David: Greenlee, we need to get you to a hospital to check you out.

Mary: But we can do that tomorrow --

Greenlee: No, I'm not going anywhere without Leo!

Mary: Darling, calm down.

David: You had a bad fall, and we have to check you out. You might have internal injuries.

Mary: But why can't you do that later, when she's calm?

Greenlee: Why is everyone standing around talking about me? I don't matter! We have to think of Leo!

Trey: Leo would want you to get help, take care of yourself --

Greenlee: Oh, how would you know what Leo wants?

Trey: Everyone that knows Leo knows how much he loved you.

Greenlee: No, he loves me. Don't talk about him like he's gone. Please.

Trey: He risked his life for you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You mean he sacrificed himself for me.

Trey: You were in danger. He did the only thing he could do. He saved your life.

Greenlee: Why, then? If that's what really happened, it was a mistake. Leo, you idiot, why didn't you let me fall?

David: He always wants what's best for you.

Greenlee: Why didn't you stop her? Vanessa did this, and you let her!

Anna: Stop it! You must calm down.

Greenlee: You knew who you were dealing with. She's insane! She tried to kill me twice, but you didn't do anything? Why not? Because it was me? Huh? Oh, I wish she'd killed me, she just slit my throat months ago!

Mary: Greenlee, stop it! Stop it! Leo did save you, and we will all be grateful for that forever.

Greenlee: You know where we supposed to be right now? Paris. We were supposed to be starting our lives together.

Mary: I know. I know.

Greenlee: I had the concierge put roses in our rooms -- beautiful yellow roses.

Mary: You will survive this. You will.

Greenlee: How do you know that? Have you ever loved anyone your entire life?

Mary: I love you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. I'm not going to be like you now, am I? A cold, lonely, washed-up widow? I'd rather die. Leo, why didn't you let me fall? He grabbed me at the last minute. I took his hand.

David: What is she saying?

Trey: She was hanging on a ledge. She was about to fall, and I lifted her up.

Greenlee: Liar! Liar! Leo lifted me up! He took my hand! That means that he can't be dead! That proves it! He grabbed me. I saw his hand. What are you all looking at? You don't think I know Leo's face or hand? Don't you get it? What is wrong with all of you? He saved me!

Mary: God, Greenlee --

Greenlee: He's waiting for me. I have to go to him.

Trey: Take it easy, Greenlee --

Greenlee: No! No, let me go! Leo!

David: I'll get my medical bag.

Greenlee: Leo! Leo. Leo. Leo.

Brooke: Tad, I appreciate your concern, but, for once, the crisis du jour is not about me.

Tad: I know. That's not what I meant. Look, I don't blame you for being worried about Laura. Leo's death is going to upset her. She could very easily flip out --

Brooke: Oh, well, thank you for being so sensitive.

Tad: Are you trying to pick a fight with me?

Brooke: Tad, just go. Jog, okay?

Tad: What makes you think I'm jogging? I'm going to get doughnuts. Come on. Look, stick around for a while. I promise, I won't abuse you with unlooked for advice or my opinions about what you're doing wrong.

Brooke: What am I doing wrong? You don't think that hearing about Leo being dead should come from me? You don't think I should tell my daughter that?

Tad: No. I think it's very smart and sensitive of you. It's very living proof of what I already know, which is you're one of the best mothers in the world.

Brooke: So for that you get half a dozen Boston creams on me.

Tad: I'm not done yet.

Brooke: I have to go. I really --

Tad: No, you donít. Did you ever stop and suppose that maybe Laura will take it better than you think?

Brooke: I don't know, Tad, you know? I mean, it's hard for her to resist making a melodrama out of everything, you know?

Tad: As long as you know what you're dealing with.

Brooke: Yes, I do.

Tad: I just hate to see you like this.

Brooke: Like what?

Tad: So sad.

Brooke: You know what? I hate it, too. I hate it, too. I'm tired of it. You know, fake smiles and being the rock and -- Leo gave Laura a reason to live.

Tad: Are you sure you're not looking for one?

Brooke: I've got Jamie. I've got a lot of reasons -- I'm glad that you came by. Really.

Tad: About Jamie -- are you sure that Vanessa Cortlandt's not the only reason he didn't go to this tryout?

Brooke: Oh, no. He didn't go because he doesn't think he's any good.

Tad: That's ridiculous. He's getting better every year. He's just hard on himself because he's not as good as JAR.

Brooke: Well, I guess he never got over that.

Tad: He doesn't talk about it much, but he sure does miss him.

Brooke: I know. I know. I mean, it's -- he just doesn't want to admit it, you know? And, you know, it's like they've gone their separate ways.

Tad: Well, I mean, if Jamie makes the soccer team, at least they'll have something in common.

Brooke: I couldn't force him to go.

Tad: You don't have to. He wants to be on that team. We know he does. Look, the tryouts are still for another couple of days. With your permission, let me talk to him this morning and I'll see what I can do.

Brooke: I know that you can sweet-talk him into it.

[Phone rings]

Brooke: Oh. It's Laura.

Tad: You want me to get lost for a while?

Brooke: No, can you wait just a minute?

Tad: Sure.

Brooke: Laura. Honey, hi. Hi. How are you? No, honey, I'm fine. Listen -- um -- I need to tell you something.

Greenlee: No, let me go! Leo is someplace alone by himself, and no one is looking for him! Leo! Leo!

Mary: There's something wrong with her!

Anna: Where are the EMTs?

Mary: Greenlee, let us help you.

Greenlee: I want to help Leo! Let me go!

Anna: What are you going to do, David?

David: I'm going to give her --

Greenlee: Let me go!

Mary: Please do something for her!

David: I intend to.

Mary: Darling, we're going to make you feel much better.

Greenlee: I don't want to feel better. I don't -- not without Leo.

David: Greenlee, will you listen to me? I'm going to give you a shot in your arm, okay? Stop fighting Trey.

Greenlee: No, no, no --

David: It's okay. This isn't going to knock you out; it's only going to calm you down.

Greenlee: What are you doing to me? What are you doing to me? Why do you want to keep me from Leo?

David: I donít. This should take effect right away. We can get her to the hospital.

Anna: Come on, this way, guys. Come on, come on, over here.

David: I'm Dr. David Hayward. The patient sustained a fall of approximately 20 feet. There are no signs of apparent fractures.

Paramedic: The trauma team at PVH has been notified. You'll see her at the hospital?

David: Yeah, I'll follow you.

Mary: And I'll go with you. I'm her mother.

Paramedic: What's your daughter's name?

Mary: Greenlee Smythe.

Paramedic: Just relax, Ms. Smythe.

Greenlee: Mrs. du Pres. My name is Mrs. Leo du Pres.

David: Greenlee? Try not to worry, okay? Everything's going to be fine. I promise you, I will take care of you, all right?

Maria: Do you know why I became a doctor? Thank you.

Edmund: Because you wanted to help people. And you did.

Maria: It's wild, though. I just -- you know, I look at doctors now and I'm in awe. I mean, they just -- they know so much.

Edmund: So do you. It's all in there.

Maria: I guess. I mean, at one time.

Edmund: You know, one time my computer went down and I thought I'd lost everything, but I got most of it back.

Maria: You're very lucky.

Edmund: So are you. You survived, and you're here.

Maria: But I'm not a computer and I may never remember.

Edmund: It's okay.

Maria: I'm trying.

Edmund: Just be yourself.

Maria: Hey. Good morning.

Sam: Morning.

Maddie: Morning.

Maria: How are you guys?

Edmund: Is everybody hungry?

Maria: Thank you very much for inviting me to breakfast.

Sam: It was my dad's idea to invite you.

Maria: Oh, can I stay, though? Is it okay with you? Yeah. It all looks, smells great.

Stella: It's just about ready.

Edmund: Okay, you guys can take your seats now. Thank you.

Stella: Mm-hmm.

Maria: It looks beautiful, all of it.

Stella: Thank you.

Edmund: Okay, everybody dig in. Got to get ready for school.

Maria: Yum. Hey, Sam, do you have a favorite subject in school?

Sam: Um -- I think spelling.

Maria: No kidding? Really? That's very hard. I'm a terrible speller. I guess I always was.

Edmund: Maddie, what's the matter? You're not digging into your eggs. Something wrong with them?

Maddie: They're yucky eggs.

Sam: Bacon -- b-a-c-o-n, bacon. Sausage -- s-a-u-s-a-g-e, sausage.

Maria: Brilliant. You are brilliant -- b-r-- okay, I can't spell. But you know what? I think your eggs do need to be cooked a little bit better. They're kind of runny.

Edmund: Like mother, like daughter. You know, you hated yucky, runny eggs, too.

Maria: I still do.

[Sam chokes]

Maria: You okay, Sam?

Edmund: Sam? You want some water?

Maria: Sammy? Are you all right? Can you talk?

Edmund: Sammy? Sammy?

Maria: Here you go. You know what? Relax. Just relax, sweetie. Ready? Ah. Good boy. Good boy. You okay? Is that better? Yeah? All right, sweetie. That's not funny. Are you okay?  

Edmund: Sammy's fine. He's just getting ready for school.

Maria: Oh, thank goodness. You know, he should really see a doctor.

Edmund: He just saw one.

Maria: No, he didnít. I am not a doctor.

Edmund: You could have fooled me. I mean, the way you handled Sammyís choking -- it was -- it was like a doctor. It was -- no, it was second nature.

Maria: That's because I'm trained in CPR. You have to be when you work with kids.

Edmund: You also spoke a little Spanish to your mother.

Maria: Yeah, but that was just a little bit.

Edmund: It's a start.

Maria: Oh -- Edmund, I'm just -- I'm afraid you're going to --

Edmund: What?

Maria: I don't know. I'm just -- I'm afraid that you're going to be disappointed. Because I know how much you want me back.

Edmund: I'm sorry. I -- I promised you that I wouldn't pressure you.

Maria: No, and you're not. You're not. It's just that the hope is always there.

Edmund: I learned a long time ago sometimes hope is all you have. It got me through some rough times until one day, I discovered the kind of love that you only read about. Listen, I'm still going to be hopeful, okay, but that doesn't mean you're under any obligation --

Maria: Edmund, can -- tell me, what was I like?

Edmund: Like you were with Sammy. You were the best --

Maria: No, no, not like -- not a mother or a doctor or anything. Tell me -- I just -- I keep hearing all these bits and pieces about how I was a friend, I was a daughter, I was a sister, I was all these things, but I just figure you must know me better than anybody. What was I really like behind closed doors?

Edmund: Behind closed doors? You were heaven on earth.

Brooke: You know you can call me anytime, collect. It's always wonderful to hear your voice, Laura. And I'll give your brother your love, okay? All right, Sweetie. Bye-bye.

Tad: Is she okay?

Brooke: She took it pretty well.

Tad: Good. Good.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, she was upset but -- and you know, there were some tears, but she even said that, you know, to let her know when the funeral was so that she could send flowers.

Tad: Well, that's the good news. Maybe that high-priced therapist is right, she's actually getting better.

Brooke: I don't know. You know, I just hope that she's not blocking out the real emotions that she's having.

Tad: Oh, Brooke, come on. Ten minutes ago, you were worried she was going to lose it. Now you're worried because she's not.

Brooke: It's just that Leo meant so much to her. I remember everything that she did to keep from losing him.

Tad: Look, she will grieve in her own way and in her own time. You can't take on her pain and suffering for her, no matter how much you're willing to try.

Brooke: I don't know, Tad. I don't know anymore. You know, I -- maybe I'm becoming an out-and-out masochist. I --

Tad: Don't be ridiculous. Look, if you're really that worried about Laura, you can get a plane and you can go see her. Hell, I'll even go with you.

Brooke: Oh --

Tad: Why not? You know how well we do on our little vacations. Last time we left town, we tripped over Maria and life has been a barrel of monkeys ever since.

Brooke: Only you can say that to me, you know that.

Tad: Do you yourself a favor, okay? Just try to believe that Lauraís going to be okay until you find out different.

Brooke: I really think that she is better. I do. I mean, she even said that she felt sorry for Greenlee.

Tad: Yeah? Well, who wouldn't? Greenlee just got married, you know? Poor kid. I wouldn't underestimate her. Greenlee Smythe's a very strong person.

Brooke: That's what Laura said. She said what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Tad: Yeah. I guess.

Brooke: I don't think that. I think that losing somebody that you love doesn't make you stronger, it just makes you bitter.

David: Dr. Martin?

Jake: Greenlee? Greenlee?

Mary: She's not talking.

Jake: All right. Stacy, get started on those tests I ordered, please.

Stacy: Yes, Dr. Martin.

Paramedic: She sustained a fall, possible LOC.

Jake: Vitals?

Paramedic: 120/80. Good pulse, all extremities.

Jake: She was more alert than she is now?

David: I had to sedate her. Diazepam, 5 milligrams, IM.

Jake: All right, all right, thanks, guys. Let's get her into cube one. I'll take over from here.

Mary: I want to go in with Greenlee.

David: No, no, just give him a few minutes. Dr. Martin's going to take care of her, okay?

Mary: I thought she took it really badly when her father died. I had no idea that she would be like this. I really didnít.

David: We'll take care of her.

Mary: I know, but I don't know how.

David: Just stay close to her. We'll all stay close to her.

Mary: You look really worn out, doctor.

David: Let's worry about Greenlee for now, okay?

Bianca: Is it true?

David: Yes. Leo's gone.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Maggie: Oh, my God.

David: Okay, okay. Come on.

Kendall: Oh, my God, look at you. I was worried about you.

Trey: You don't need to worry about me.

Kendall: I can't believe this. How did this happen?

David: Thank you for everything you did.

Trey: I didn't do anything.

David: You risked your life to save them.

Trey: I failed.

David: No. Greenlee is alive because of you.

Trey: We lost our brother. Vanessa killed him.

David: Welcome to the family -- what's left of it.

Jake: Any pain here? How about here?

Greenlee: You're not sorry this happened. You hated him.

Jake: Don't talk. Just try to relax.

Greenlee: You, of all people, taking care of me. I remember every horrible thing you said about him.

Jake: Listen, that's all behind us now, all right? We're going to take you off to run some tests in just a minute.

Greenlee: When I think of all the time I wasted with you, when I could have been with Leo --

Jake: All right. You know that's not true. Come on.

Greenlee: I don't want you to be my doctor. Leave me alone.

Jake: Greenlee, just relax.

Greenlee: Leave me alone!

Jake: Greenlee --

David: What's going on?

Jake: Everything is fine, David.

Greenlee: Yeah. Like he cares that Leo is missing.

David: Let me take care of her.

Jake: David, I cannot allow it. You are on a restraining order from this hospital.

David: What's left of my family died today, okay? Greenlee is my sister-in-law, for heaven's sake.

Jake: All right. Take care of her.

David: Greenlee, I'm here. Can you tell me where it hurts?

Kendall: Last place I thought I'd find you was here.

Trey: Well, this is the only room that doesn't have that hospital smell, you know?

Kendall: I guess.

Trey: This all sucks.

Kendall: Yeah. No argument there.

Trey: Just when I started to think that there was some point to this.

Kendall: This what? Life?

Trey: All I ever cared about was winning. To hell with everyone else, every man for himself.

Kendall: Or every woman.

Trey: And I let my defense down once, just this once, because I was thinking that there had to be more than that. Yesterday I had a mother, two brothers -- one who didn't hate me. Today all I'm left with is one lousy brother.

Kendall: Oh, you're forgetting something. You have a sister, too.

Anna: How is she?

David: She's going to be okay.

Anna: Have you been looked at?

David: I'm fine.

Anna: You're not fine. You're exhausted. And you're still wet. You know, you should have a doctor look at you.

David: No, just leave it alone, Anna, please. I'm fine.

Anna: Don't you even think about blaming yourself for this.

David: If it hadn't been for me, Leo would still be alive. He was on his way to Paris. I stopped him. I begged him to stay.

Anna: He stayed because you needed him. He loved you. And you weren't the one holding a gun to his head, Vanessa was. She killed him.

David: I'm going to go sit with Greenlee for a while.

Edmund: Actually, there was this little line dance you used to do. Very hot.

Maria: Oh, no, wait, wait, wait, because you know whatever you tell me I'm going to believe.

Edmund: It's the truth.

Maria: So I danced?

Edmund: And then some, yeah. It was -- it was called the tush push. People would come from miles.

Maria: You better shut up. Oh, my -- I was a neurologist. I was not shaking my booty.

Edmund: In a very dignified way.

Maria: Oh, my God. Don't tell me that that's how you and I met.

Edmund: Well, we had, you know, seen each other before, mutual friends and all that. I was involved at the time.

Maria: With Brooke.

Edmund: Mm-hmm. But things were going kind of south, and so I wasn't in a very good when I went into that country-western bar and saw you standing at the jukebox. You took my breath away.

Maria: So, what was so special about that night? You said you'd met me before.

Edmund: I don't know. Position of the planets? All I know is that you asked me to dance and you just -- you fit so perfectly in my arms and -- and I had never been much of a dancer before, but you made me feel like john Travolta in "urban cowboy." I don't know, maybe you saw that movie.

Maria: Yeah, we have rentals in Nevada.

[Maria laughs]

Edmund: Right. So then you know what I mean.

Maria: Yes.

Edmund: Okay. And we talked about our childhood and how yours was the polar opposite of mine.

Maria: So, is that why you were talking about it earlier? The house and the father --

Edmund: Seemed like a, you know, logical place to start.

Maria: That's what we're doing? Starting?

Edmund: Just one day at a time, Maureen.

Maria: Yeah. I should go. Yeah.

Edmund: Thanks for coming.

Maria: Thanks for having me. Can I say goodbye to the kids before I go?

Edmund: You want to make sure Sammyís okay?

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Okay. Listen, they wouldn't forgive me if I let you go without saying goodbye.

Tad: It's easy sometimes -- too easy -- to hate everything and everybody. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Dixie, about the life that I lost, about the daughter that we'll never raise.

Brooke: I don't want to feel this way.

Tad: You don't have a choice. What you lost was real. I lost Dixie. Greenlee lost Leo. You lost Edmund.

Brooke: He's not dead.

Tad: He might as well be.

Brooke: That's a terrible thing to say!

Tad: I don't care. It's the truth. Feeling bad about feeling guilty isn't going to help anything. God, does that make sense? I don't know.

Brooke: I don't know. I just want something -- anything -- to make sense.

Tad: Well, for starters, why don't you stop worrying about what Laura is suffering and start dealing with what you're shutting out. That might help.

Brooke: What am I shutting out?

Tad: For God's sake, do you really want me to tell you? Brooke, I mean, it's ridiculous. All that research about memory loss? Doing everything you can to help Maria get hers back? Killing yourself trying to give her back to Edmund. Give her back your life.

Brooke: It was never my life.

Tad: Who says? If she never remembers Maria, if she lives the rest of her life as Maureen Gorman, is that your fault? She survived that plane crash by the grace of God. That's a lot.

Brooke: She survived that plane crash, I know. And she gave Maddie to me. You know that she remembers that?

Tad: So what?

Brooke: It's just curious that she remembers giving her to me.

Tad: It is?

Brooke: Yes, it is. I mean, she shouldn't remember that. It's like -- but she does remember it, and that happened before the plane went over the cliff. I mean, what if -- what if the plane falling apart did not cause her memory loss? What if it was something else?

Tad: I'm not sure what you're getting at, but I am positive of the fact you are spending too much time worrying about Maria.

Brooke: It's not really about Maria at this point. It's just that I'm curious how this could be possible.

Tad: How what could be possible?

Brooke: Tad, from my research, Maria shouldn't remember anything before the trauma that caused her memory loss. So I'm thinking if she can retrieve one memory, then she should be able to retrieve other memories.

Tad: Yeah, well, maybe she can, but the net result is still the same. You're doing everything you can to get her and Edmund back together.

Brooke: I just want to know. I want to know the chronology. I want to know when she suffered this memory loss. I want to know when she met David.

Tad: What does it matter?

Brooke: I don't know why it matters, but I can't stop thinking about it. It -- I don't know, it's just some instinct that tells me that there's something missing. There's a big piece missing, and I want to know what it is.

David: Hey. Can I get you anything?

Greenlee: Get me well.

David: Absolutely.

Greenlee: They're going to find Leo. He's going to need me. And I have to get strong so I can take care of him. And then when he's better, we're going to go to Paris and none of this will matter.

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Hmm?

David: Listen to me. Really listen, okay? Leo is gone. He's dead.

Greenlee: But he saved me.

David: That was Trey. You only thought it was Leo.

Greenlee: He's alive. I know he is.

David: In your heart. Leo will always be alive in your heart.

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Maria: I've already got plans.

Trey: Here's to the best sister I've ever had.

Greenlee: Did you find him? Did you find Leo?

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