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All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/17/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Trey: I'm glad that we're family.

Kendall: This is great.

Leo: We had a deal, Vanessa -- I get the diamonds, you let Greenlee go.

Vanessa: Oh, for the love of God, don't make me shoot you!


[Greenlee screams]

Simone: Am I boring you?

Frank: No.

Simone: No?

Frank: Sorry.

Simone: What? You got a hot date later?

Frank: There's a later?

Simone: You look like you're about ready to pass out.

Frank: Yeah, well, six hours of sleep in three days will do that to you.

Simone: Well, maybe it's time for us to go to bed.

Frank: Now, that is the best thing that I've heard in a long, long time.


Reporter: This is Denise Stratton for WRCW news. I'm standing at the junction of County Road 20 and one of the access roads leading to the summit of Miller's Falls.


Denise: As the hostage drama continues, regular traffic in the area has been rerouted, but you can hear the emergency vehicles arriving. Chief Devane has issued an order keeping media far from the scene. At present we're about half a mile downstream from the falls where the hostage or hostages are being held at the crossover bridge. Now, those of you who have visited this popular scenic attraction know that it commands breathtaking views of the waterfall as it cascades over a 100-foot drop to the rapids of the Hooskenny River below. Details are sketchy at present, but I'm hoping that Police Chief Devane, who is at the scene, will provide us with more information shortly.

Anna: No way I am allowing you up there, David.

David: Anna --

Anna: No.

Ofc. Sanchez: Chief, Ofc. Hazan thinks he heard shots fired in the direction of the bridge.

Anna: Is he sure? Any confirmation of that?

Ofc. Sanchez: No, not yet.

Anna: All right, who's on point? Excuse me --

Ofc. Sanchez: Should be Schultz and Crowder.

Anna: All right. Schultz? -- Thanks. Schultz? Do you hear me? Do you copy? Did you hear shots? Okay, get as close as you can to back up Moran’s people. All right, what? Oh, man, this is so bad. There's so much noise from the falls and the helicopters that the guys can't hear each other on the microphones.

David: What about the shots?

Anna: I don't have any confirmation of that. Maybe it was Vanessa firing a warning shot for us to back off.

David: Or maybe she shot Leo or Greenlee.

Ofc. Moran: Chief Devane?

Anna: What?

Ofc. Moran: My men are moving into position now.

Anna: Okay, what is your status on the sharpshooter in the helicopter?

Ofc. Moran: When they can find a break in the trees, one that'll give them a clear view, they'll be able to take Cortlandt down.

Anna: So right now they're just adding to the noise up there.

Ofc. Moran: We need their eyes.

Anna: I understand.

David: This is ridiculous. Vanessa's not going to shoot me. I'm going up there!

Anna: No, David, no. It's too volatile.

Ofc. Moran: This guy's a civilian?

David: I'm not a civilian! I'm her son!

Ofc. Moran: That's great, but it's no guarantee that you won't get killed.

Anna: Moran, back off.

Ofc. Moran: Yes, ma'am.

Anna: David, we are handling this. Understand?

David: That's my brother up there --

Anna: I know.

David: And my mother.

Anna: What makes you think that she wouldn't shoot you?

David: Because, as screwed up as she is, she's not going to kill her own son.

Anna: If that were true, why would you be so worried about Leo?

David: Because what if he screws up, okay? He pushes her, or he says the wrong thing?

Anna: I'm not going to risk it.

David: Anna, come on, I thought you would understand this!

Anna: David, I won't allow you to put my people in danger. You are not going up there. You stay here.

Leo: Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee, are you there? I'm sorry, baby! Tell me if you can hear me! Tell -- Greenlee! Greenlee, tell me if you can hear me!

Leo: Aah!

Vanessa: Aah, my diamonds! No, Leo, you fool!

Leo: Baby, tell me if you can hear me!

Vanessa: No, Leo, no!

Leo: Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee, I'm right here! Tell me if you can hear me! I'm right here! Answer me if you -- I need you to talk to me!

Vanessa: You have no idea what you've done! You've thrown away our future!

Leo: We don't have a future! I swear to God, if she's dead I'm going to kill you with my bare hands.

Simone: You know, even though I'd really like to, I don't think it's a good idea.

Frank: What? How do you go from "great" to "no"?

Simone: Well, I just want to be fair with you about this.

Frank: Simone, this is sounding worse and worse.

Simone: No, I -- I like you. I really like you.

Frank: Yeah, it seemed that way.

Simone: No, Frank, I do.

Frank: But? Come on, get to the "but."

Simone: Well, look, the last time that I slept with someone, it wasn't right. And, Frank, look, everybody knows. Okay, he's dead now.

Frank: Yeah, okay. A, my name isn't Roger, and B, you didn't kill him.

Simone: Right, but I never should've gotten involved with him in the first place.

Frank: So what are you going to do, Simone? You're never going to get involved again as long as you live? Give me a break. We all make mistakes relationship-wise.

Simone: Well, yeah, but this was my best friend's father, okay? I destroyed my friendship. And my father? Oh, please, come on, we know the less said about that, the better.

Frank: Yeah, Daddy McFreud -- I'm sure he was real happy about that one.

Simone: Look, my -- my dad lost whatever respect he had left for me, okay, and how I could stay tangled up in that -- well, you can't even call it a relationship. An affair -- that is such an ugly word.

Frank: Simone, your father's disappointments were due to his own problems.

Simone: This is -- this is about me, my problems. My problem is that I start out with these expectations. I'm hoping, and all of a sudden it gets all jumbled up and -- and I end up with nothing again.

Frank: You won’t. You won’t.

Simone: I don't want to lose anymore. I don't want to lose someone that I really like. I don't want to lose a good friend the way Greenlee was.

Frank: Well, I can't say that I'm going to be a friend like Greenlee, but I'll tell you a little secret. Come here. This is one friend that you're never going to lose, no matter what.

Simone: Can I get that in writing?

Frank: Yes -- with witnesses and notarized. And as far as us sharing the same bed -- when you're ready.

[Doorbell rings]

Frank: If that's our notary, he is really anxious.

[Knock on door]

Frank: Yeah, who is it? Who is it?

Maggie: It's Maggie.

Simone: Oh, my God.

Maggie: I need to speak with Bianca.

Frank: Shh, it's nearly 4:00 a.m. --

Simone: Keep it down.

Maggie: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just need to speak with --

Myrtle: What is going on down here?

Frank: Just keep it down --

Maggie: All right, well, then I'll get her! I need to speak to her right now. You don't understand. This is an emergency.

Myrtle: What's going on?

Maggie: Myrtle, is Bianca home?

Myrtle: Well, what do you think? It's not sunup yet.

Frank: What's going on?

Maggie: Forget it, I'll get her myself. Bianca?

Myrtle: Hey, shut up, shut up! Listen, you're going to awaken the whole town.

Maggie: The whole town is already awake. Bianca --

Bianca: What time is --

Maggie: Can you please come downstairs? Come here. Will you turn on the TV?

Frank: Oh, come on!

Maggie: Will you just turn on the TV!

Myrtle: Turn it on.

Maggie: Just turn it on!

Frank: Fine!

Myrtle: Turn it on, Frank.

Maggie: Come here.

Myrtle: 4:00 in the morning --

Frank: There.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: What the hell?


Kendall: Oh, Trey, stop. I'm going to have your keys surgically attached to you. Wait -- what?

Reporter: You're Kendall Hart?

Kendall: Yeah. Get that out of my face, please.

Reporter: How do you feel about the drama unfolding at Miller's Falls?

Kendall: Drama? I'm sorry, you probably have the wrong apartment. Can you get out of here, please?

Reporter: Am I to understand that you don't know what's happened? You've had no word at all?

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Reporter: So you really have no idea that your roommate, Trey Kenyon, is at this very moment being held hostage by Proteus?

[Helicopter and sirens]

Anna: Moran, have your negotiator move into position. No one gains access without my permission, you understand? No one.

Ofc. Moran: First team, tighten up.

David: Oh, this is wonderful. While you're down here playing supercop, my brother's up there with his life in danger.

Anna: No one's playing anything, David. We don't know what we're up against yet. I shouldn't even allow you to be this close. You're only here because it's your family.

David: I can get them down here without anybody getting hurt. I swear I can!

Anna: You would like to believe that, but I can't risk it.

David: Anna, let me try, please. I can reach her. Damn it, you haven't been able to use your hostage negotiator or this -- this swat team that's sticking around waiting for the perfect shot.

Anna: I don't need to remind you how Vanessa manipulated the entire psychiatric community, do I?

David: That has nothing to do with this.

Anna: We are trying to save lives here, David.

David: I won't endanger your officers, okay? I will sign papers releasing your department of any responsibility regarding my well-being. But please, please, let me try this!

Officer: Chief Devane?

Anna: Yes?

Officer: EMS needs to discuss vehicle deployment.

David: Anna --

Officer: Channel 11.

Anna: Thank you. Dr. Hayward gets no closer to that stairs than he already is. You can cuff him and put him in a squad car if you need to. Yes?

Officer: Will do.

Leo: Greenlee? Greenlee, baby, look at me. I'm right here. Look at me, baby, I'm right here. Greenlee! Greenlee! I mean it, Mother -- if she's hurt, you're dead. You're dead!

Vanessa: Darling -- listen, Leo, none of this should ever have happened. I am sorry. I never should have brought you to Pine Valley.

Leo: She's not moving. She's not moving! She's not moving!

Vanessa: Leo -- Leo, now, listen. Listen to me -- we can go anywhere, anywhere in the world you want to. It's not too late. We can start over. We will.

Leo: Greenlee. I'm sorry. Baby, I'm so sorry.

Vanessa: Darling, listen, we don't even have to work the old magic again. No, no, no, we're going to have plenty of money. I mean, we -- we won't have to worry at all! We'll have -- we've got money.

Leo: My wife is dead. You really think that scares me? You think that gun scares me? The one woman I ever truly loved is lying there dead, and you think that I want to live?

Vanessa: Of course you want to live! Let's go away together. I will help you --

Leo: Will you for once in your life have a reality check! She's dead because of you!

Vanessa: Venice was our favorite, babe. Venice was our favorite.

Leo: She's gone -- I'm not going anywhere with you!

Vanessa: No, no, don't talk that way.

Leo: Why not?

Vanessa: Don't come any closer, Leo. Please, just don't come any closer, darling. Just stay there. Stay there, please.

Leo: What are you going to do? You going to shoot me?

Vanessa: Oh, God, no!

Leo: You going to shoot me?

Vanessa: God, I can't stand it!

Leo: You think I care? Go ahead, blast away.

Vanessa: I can't stand it when you talk like that!

Leo: Why, do you think that I care? You should be dead. You should've been dead a long time ago.

Vanessa: No, because I love you --

Leo: Shut up! Shut your mouth!

Vanessa: Leo, Leo -- Leo, please -- oh, God.


Greenlee: Leo? No. No.

Kendall: Vanessa kidnapped Greenlee?

Reporter: Abducted her at gunpoint. Looks like her husband might be a hostage, as well.

Kendall: You mean Leo's with her? With my brother?

Reporter: Your brother? So you and Trey Kenyon really are a lot more than roommates?

Kendall: What do you care?

Reporter: Your mother is Erica Kane. Is she --

Kendall: No, no. Trey and I -- we share the same father.

Reporter: Right, his mother is Vanessa Cortlandt, A.K.A. Proteus.

Kendall: I don't care about that. Are -- are they okay? Has anybody been injured?

Reporter: I don't know. This must be terrifying for you, Ms. Hart. Come in close to her on this.

Kendall: No, no, I can't comment on any of this. I don't even know if it's true.

Reporter: Ms. Hart, your brother could already be dead.

Palmer: Would you get the hell out of here?

Reporter: Mr. Cortlandt. And what's your connection to Ms. Hart?

Palmer: She's my friend.

Reporter: What's your reaction to your wife's latest criminal activity?

Palmer: Ex-wife. You -- you're out of here.

Reporter: I have an assignment.

Palmer: Not anymore, you don’t.

Reporter: I don't take orders from you, Mr. Cortlandt.

Palmer: I'll sue WRCW.

Reporter: Okay, we're done here.

Palmer: Mm-hmm. Ah.

Kendall: Thank you.

Palmer: Well, you see, a bunch of vultures accosted me at the -- at the hotel, and I figured that, well, they might be doing the same to you.

Kendall: I don't understand what's going on. I don't know --

Palmer: Just sit down, sit down. Let's catch our breath, right?

Kendall: Well, first of all, he bombarded me with all of these questions and he didn't even tell me much.

Palmer: Well, I'm not so sure that anybody really knows anything yet.

Kendall: Well, Vanessa's on the loose, and she's --

Palmer: Yes, I know, I know. She's got Greenlee.

Kendall: But the reporter said that Leo and Trey were with them.

Palmer: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Palmer, what's going on?

[Palmer turns TV on]

Denise: Just received word that the Miller's Falls hostage situation has taken a turn for the worse. Our source obtained a report that a shot or shots have been fired at the scenic overlook area situated above the falls. Now, this is the location where the life-and-death drama is believed to be playing out. I must stress that Chief Devane has not confirmed that gunfire was exchanged. No injuries have been reported, and there has been no movement from the area where emergency medical staff are stationed. Excuse me. Okay, we now believe that four individuals are involved in the standoff. The hostage's identity has been confirmed. It is Ms. Greenlee Smythe --

Simone: Oh, Greenlee.

Bianca: I -- they were supposed to be going to Paris tonight. I just saw Greenlee.

Denise: Vanessa Cortlandt, who was awaiting trial on numerous charges related to drug trafficking, is reportedly holding Ms. Smythe at gunpoint. Vanessa Cortlandt is also the mother of Ms. Smythe's husband, Leo du Pres, who we have learned is also at the scene, as is Trey Kenyon --

Bianca: What happened?

Maggie: You know, I tried to get up there as soon as I heard, but they had the roads blocked off. I came here. I didn't know where else to go.

Bianca: What can we do?

Maggie: I don't think there's anything we can do. They're all up there -- Leo and Trey, Greenlee, and my crazy aunt, and she's got a gun.

Denise: Protégé [missing, the Salina, Kansas, native was featured in such films as "Noah and the Great Flood," "Dracula’s Mistress" –


Anna: We have confirmation that two shots were fired, presumably by Vanessa.

David: Presumably? Oh, that's great. That's the best your keystone cops can do?

Anna: David, we are taking this slow because we care very much about the lives at stake.

David: They wouldn't be at stake if you'd let me talk to my mother.

Anna: I can't do that.

David: I don't give a damn about procedure.

Anna: Well, I do. I'm responsible for all these people's lives -- you see them? -- All these people.

David: I can make the difference. I know I can.

Anna: No ego now, David. No.

David: That's not what this is about, and you know it.

Anna: We just tried to move in our hostage negotiator.

David: Yeah, and look how great that worked out.

Anna: Yes. Your mother threatened to shoot him and Greenlee.

David: She will talk to me.

Anna: What else will she do?

David: Nothing, nothing. I will divert her, I swear.

Anna: No, you stay here.

David: Anna, please, listen to me! Look, a stranger is not the solution here, okay? I can handle my mother better than anyone.

Anna: No, you know, I think that Leo can if anyone can. Except he has a gun pointed at his head.

David: I know that, damn it. Oh, for crying out loud, I have seen Vanessa like this, okay? I know what will set her off.

Anna: It's a bit late now.

David: Oh, please. Nobody could've predicted this.

Anna: My point exactly. Your mother is so irrational that if we put you in her range, it is suicide.

David: No, no, she will not shoot me.

Anna: You don't know that.

David: I do know that because I'm her son! She would not kill her son.

Anna: You want to trust her warped principles? She's mad, David!

David: Well, what --

Anna: David, we have to stop this. This isn't helping anyone.

David: What I want to do is save Greenlee's life, okay?

Anna: So do I.

David: And I want to give Leo back the life that he deserves, okay, the happiness that he's earned. Please, Anna --

Anna: Just stay out of this, please -- for your sake.

Ofc. Moran: Radio me back when you have Cortlandt in your sights. All right, we've got three men moving closer in a triangle formation. When and if they have a clean, clear shot, do you want them to take it?

David: Anna, Anna, no, wait -- you can’t. You can't just open fire. We're talking about Leo and Greenlee here.

Anna: No one's going to fire unless they get a clean shot at Vanessa without harming anyone.

David: How do you know that? You're down here!

Ofc. Moran: None of my people will discharge their weapon until we give them the order to do so.

David: Anna, please, you can stop this, all right? Just give me a chance! Give me 20 minutes, 10 minutes, okay? I can reach her, I can reason with her, I swear!

Anna: Reason with her? If that were possible, none of us would be here. David, let me do my job. Did you talk to your officer in the helicopter?

Ofc. Moran: We have confirmation of two shots fired --

Anna: Yes.

Ofc. Moran: And it appears that Mrs. Cortlandt is the only one armed.

David: Anna, please, please.

Anna: She's too unstable. We can't risk it. Tell your men if they get a clean shot at Vanessa to take it.

Ofc. Moran: Done.

Greenlee: Leo? Leo? Leo!

Vanessa: Leo, let -- I don't want to do this --

Leo: You don't deserve to live!

Vanessa: For God's sake, Leo -- please -- I --

Greenlee: Leo! Leo!

Leo: Did you hear that? Did you hear that?

Vanessa: Yeah, yeah --

Leo: Just shut up. Shut up. Greenlee.

Greenlee: Leo?

Leo: Okay. Greenlee, hold on. I'll be right there. Hold on, hold on, just wait right there. I'm going to find a way to get down there.


Leo: No! No, Greenlee, get out of the way! Get out of the way! No! Drop the gun, Vanessa! Drop the --

Greenlee: Leo -- no!

[Greenlee screams]

[Greenlee screams]

Vanessa: Let -- let go!

Trey: Leo? Leo. Leo!

[Vanessa screams]

Trey: Leo!

Greenlee: Leo!

[Greenlee screams]

Greenlee: Leo!

Anna: Who was hit?

David: Tell your damn swat team to hold their fire, Anna! Now, 20 minutes is not going to hurt them!


David: What? What? What? What? Anna, what?

Anna: My people didn't fire.

David: Was it Vanessa? Did she shoot someone? Or was it Leo?

Anna: I don't know if Vanessa hit anyone, but they went over the falls.

David: Who? Leo? Leo went over?

Anna: Oh, God, David, it was.

David: My God. Oh, my God. Leo. Who else? Was it Greenlee?

Anna: No. It was Vanessa.

David: Leo fell.

Anna: I'm so sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry.

David: I got to get to him. I got to get to him.

Anna: David, please don't –

Trey: Oh, God. Oh -- don't look down. Don't look down.

Greenlee: Trey? Trey!

Trey: Greenlee? Greenlee! Where are you?

Greenlee: Trey, Leo went over the falls! You got to help him!

Trey: Greenlee, I can't see you. Tell me where you are.

Greenlee: Go find Leo! Help him! Help Leo!

Trey: First, I have to help you. I have to. Oh, my God.

Denise: We've just received word from the scene that two or possibly three people have fallen from Crossover Bridge --

Simone: Oh, my God.

Denise: Which spans Miller's Falls. The drop is 100 feet into the raging rapids of the Hooskenny River below. Excuse me. We now have a tentative I.D. on the victims. It appears that Vanessa Cortlandt and Leo du Pres --

Bianca: Oh, my God!

Maggie: No, it's okay.

Bianca: No --

Denise: Jumped from the bridge.

Bianca: Not Leo! Please not Leo!

Denise: Still no word on the fate of Greenlee Smythe or Mrs. Cortlandt's other son Trey Kenyon. Mr. Kenyon served as his mother's attorney in the drug case --

Kendall: Oh, I have to get to Miller's Falls. I have to -- can you drive me there?

Palmer: No, no, no. You heard. They're not letting any civilians through.

Kendall: No, but Trey's there.

Palmer: I've -- I've already tried, and if they're not going to let me through the access road, they're -- I mean, you don't have a chance.

Kendall: Why did you go?

Palmer: Vanessa.

Kendall: Oh. Your ex-wife, right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm not thinking too clearly right now.

Palmer: No, no, of course not, of course not.

Kendall: I don't know why it's hitting me like this. I mean, Leo's a nice guy, but I barely know him, and Trey's my brother, but I barely know him.

Palmer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Trey is your brother?

Kendall: Yeah. I know, it's bizarre, isn't it? Richard Fields was his father, too.

Palmer: Well, "bizarre" doesn't even begin to describe Vanessa.

Kendall: But us being siblings, that was an accident. I mean, Trey has done some really terrible things to me. So why do I feel like this? Why am I so worried that he might be hurt or dead?

Palmer: Because -- because he's family and no matter what wretched things Trey might have done to you -- well, I tell you, no man ever loved a child more than I loved my daughter Nina, but, oh -- what I put her through.

Kendall: Palmer, Trey torched Erica’s house and then tried to frame me for it.

Palmer: You mean he burned Erica’s house and then he blamed it on you?

Kendall: Yeah. And even worse than almost sending me to prison, it's Trey's fault that Ryan left me.

Palmer: No. Ryan left because he is a damn fool.

Trey: I'm okay. I'm okay. I made it. Greenlee --

Trey: Come on. Come on, take my hand. Come on.

Greenlee: Where's Leo? Leo? Leo!

Kendall: No offense, Palmer, but you don't know what you're talking about.

Palmer: Hmm.

Kendall: It's my fault Ryan left. Trey and I are to blame.

Palmer: Listen, if Ryan didn't see that you were a woman worth fighting for, who the devil's fault could it be but his?

Kendall: Well, he saw me trying to distract that guy Aidan --

Palmer: Uh-huh.

Kendall: So I could bug Erica’s penthouse.

Palmer: So -- so he saw you flirting with somebody. So?

Kendall: So, he was hurt.

Palmer: Hurt? Well, he's supposed to be a man, not an infant. I mean, he could have done -- he could have talked to you, kind of -- some kind of explanation, I mean -- or he could have just -- he could have fought the guy.

Kendall: You don't know him.

[Motorcycle engine revs]

Kendall: Ryan, no! No, Ryan! Ryan, no! No! Stop! Ryan, no! No! Don't go, Ryan! Ryan, no! Come back! Ryan, no! No! No! Do not go! No! Ryan was everything I ever wanted and never thought I could have. If he were here right now, he would -- he would go to that waterfall and he would risk his life and try to save Leo and Greenlee and Trey and whoever the hell else your lunatic wife is after.

Palmer: Well, that's very loyal of you.

Kendall: Ryan doesn't walk away from a fight. He would never do that. That's not him.

Palmer: He walked away from you.

Kendall: That was my fault, totally my fault.

Palmer: But see, he didn't love you as you deserved to be loved.

Kendall: I don't deserve you.

[Palmer chuckles]

Kendall: And what you said was way off, but thanks for saying it.

Palmer: No. What I said was right on. See, the trouble is you're just too young to know it yet.

[Palmer turns TV on]

Denise: The police have lost sight of all four individuals involved in the hostage standoff. They confirm that Vanessa Cortlandt and Leo du Pres were indeed the individuals who were swept over the falls.

Kendall: Well, where's Trey? Trey -- what about Trey? Where's Trey?

Denise: It's difficult to imagine how anyone could possibly survive a fall of 100 feet to the rocks and rapids below the bridge. Assuming that this report is accurate, there's very little hope that Vanessa Cortlandt and Leo du Pres are still alive.

Bianca: Oh!

Maggie: Shh.

Anna: Take a car and go down to the access road. I don't care. Check it again. Wang. Wang? The pilot says that he can't see Dr. Hayward anywhere near the overlook, so that means he doubled back and went down to the river. Will you take Sanchez and go and find him?

Ofc. Wang: Yes, ma'am. Sanchez!

Anna: Last thing we need is another civilian going into the rapids.

Trey: Come on, Greenlee! Take my hand!

Greenlee: Not until you've found Leo.

Trey: I'm here. It only makes sense for me to get you out first.

Greenlee: No. No. No. He's probably hurt. Go get him!

Trey: Take my hand!

Greenlee: I won't!

Trey: There's nothing I can do for him. He's gone.

Greenlee: No, no, no, no, he isn't. No, he isn't. He can't be. Leo? Leo!

Anna: And report back to me. Okay, repeat that!

Ofc. Moran: Repeating -- we have not -- have not seen any bodies surface.

Anna: What about the two that didn't go over the falls?

Ofc. Moran: I can see them now, but they're in some serious trouble.

Anna: Who are they? Can you ID them?

Ofc. Moran: We know it's Greenlee Smythe and Trey Kenyon.

Anna: And Leo du Pres?

Ofc. Moran: Really did take the plunge with Vanessa Cortlandt, yeah.

Anna: Get Trey and Greenlee and bring them down here.

Ofc. Moran: We're trying to reach them now, but they're in some serious trouble.

Anna: I don't care. I want you to do what you have to do to make that happen. I want them here and I want them safe.

Trey: Work with me, Greens! Come on!

Greenlee: Don't call -- ah! -- Me that! Only Leo calls me that. Let me go!

Trey: Stop fighting me!

Greenlee: No! Don't! I want to go to Leo!

Trey: I can't let you do that!

Greenlee: Please, Trey!

Trey: I am not going to let you give up!

Greenlee: Leo! I want to be with Leo!

Leo: Greenlee?

Leo: Hey, Greens.

Greenlee: Leo? Leo, I thought you were gone.

Leo: Like I could ever leave you.

Greenlee: But you -- the falls?

Leo: Now, are you going to make this harder on me? Now, come on, give me your other hand just like you did when we got married. That-a-girl.

Leo: Now, how many times do I have to tell you? Our love is forever, now and always.

Greenlee: I believe it. I do.

Leo: You're safe now. You're safe now, baby.

[Leo screams]

David: What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you not understand something? My brother needs medical attention!

Ofc. Wang: We have our orders, Dr. Hayward.

David: I swear to you, if he suffers because you wouldn't let me out there to find him, I'm not only going to have you thrown off the force, I'm going to have you thrown in jail! Anna, please, please get these morons off of me! Get these cuffs off of me! I have to get my brother!

Anna: Uncuff him.

Ofc. Sanchez: Chief, he was in the water --

Anna: Do it.

Ofc. Wang: There was no other way to get him down here.

Anna: I understand that.

Ofc. Wang: Not to mention that he almost drowned himself.

David: My brother is out there, okay? He's out there. He could be hurt. He could be shot!

Anna: Sanchez --

David: Anna, please, I got to go out there to get Leo.

Anna: I want you to report to Moran, see if you can help him bringing down Kenyon and Smythe, all right?

Ofc. Wang: Yeah.

Anna: Thank you.

David: Thank you, Anna. Thanks. I knew you'd see reason.

Anna: David, stay here.

David: Anna, I can't, I can’t. What, if something happens to Leo, I couldn't live with myself. Please!

David: Leo? Is Leo gone?

Anna: Yes, David, Leo's gone.

Greenlee: Leo.

Trey: It's okay. You're okay. You were just so exhausted --

Greenlee: Where's Leo? He was here. Just now. Leo? I don't understand.

Greenlee: Where is he, Trey? Where'd Leo go?

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Maria: What was I really like behind closed doors?

Edmund: You were heaven on earth.

Brooke: I'm worried about my daughter.

Tad: I'm worried about you.

Trey: Today all I'm left with is one lousy brother.

Greenlee: Leo's alive. He wouldn't leave me. He's going to come back and you're all going to see that you're all wrong.

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