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All My Children Transcript Friday 10/11/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Anna: David's here. I know. So what?

Jack: From here, it looks like his head is about to explode.

Anna: Good. Maybe he'll let something slip.

Greenlee: I know you're still the same psycho, warped killer you always were.

Kendall: You are going to make a list of every rotten thing you've ever done since you rolled into this town.

Maria: I have to try to remember being Maria Santos Grey.

(A couple of seconds missing here)

Maria: I've been going about this all wrong.

Aidan: You want to get your memory back?

Maria: I -- I know that it's a complete turnaround from everything that I've been saying.

Aidan: Well, it's your choice, Maureen. But, you know, I'm not Edmund, so you don't have to explain anything to me.

Maria: No, I know, I know. It's just that --

Aidan: You weren't just talking in here with Edmund.

Maria: What do you mean?

Aidan: The blinds were open, and I saw you kiss him.

Maria: Aidan, I'm so sorry. Oh, my God, I didn't mean to hurt you --

Aidan: Donít. Don't. Just don't, okay? I get it. You want your husband back.

Anna: I just don't know what he's up to.

Jack: Well, right now he's having dinner with his cousin.

Anna: I don't mean now. I mean before in my office, you know, when he came to get that vial. He risked a lot, and I know David is smarter than that.

Jack: Well, maybe he's not. So, what looks good to you, huh?

Anna: He's scared. He's scared. That's what it is. Because he knows whatever was in that vial can totally incriminate him.

Jack: And I would like to know what was in that vial just as much as you do. However, you have to realize our laboratory may not be able to isolate and identify that drug.

Anna: Yes, they can. Well, if they can't, someone else will. Because I'm betting that whatever is in that serum, David knows it can put him away.

David: Anna keeps staring over here. Then she leans over to Jackson to whisper something to him.

Maggie: So what? Ignore him.

David: Hmm. "Ignore him." Yeah, right, like I'm going to do that. I'm going over there.

Maggie: You -- no, sit down. She doesn't even want you near her.

David: What, am I supposed to sit here and watch?

Maggie: No, let her eat in peace and chill out before you do something stupid.

Greenlee: What do you want from Leo now?

Vanessa: Oh, Greenlee, dear. Look, darling, come in, sit down. You know, have a chocolate --

Greenlee: I got the message you left for Leo on our machine. Why was it so urgent that he get here?

Vanessa: Well --

Greenlee: I erased it. Leo never got it.

Vanessa: Well, that wasn't very polite, dear.

Greenlee: And don't bother leaving another one. That call was your last, by order of the director of the F.B.I.

Vanessa: Oh, what?

Greenlee: You lost your phone privileges, Nessie.

Vanessa: But you can't do that.

Greenlee: My grandfather can. He called in a favor.

Vanessa: Oh, Greenlee, please. I think you're overreacting. All I want to do is see Leo. Is he coming?

Greenlee: He's not coming anywhere near you. I'm taking Leo to Paris tonight, and you will never get your nasty claws in him again.

Leo: You really did burn Ericaís house down? Bianca almost died in that fire, Trey.

Trey: I didn't know she was inside, I swear. Hey, it wasn't supposed to down the way it did.

Leo: No, I've been -- I've been defending you. I told Greenlee she was wrong about you, man.

Kendall: Come on, Leo, hit him. Hit him, hit him. You'll feel better. I know I did.

Leo: Forget it! I want answers.

Vanessa: No more phone. Wow, that -- well, the art of letter writing has always been underrated, anyway.

Greenlee: Oh, forget that, too. Anything from you will be stamped "Return to sender."

Vanessa: You can't mean that.

Greenlee: We're out of here as of tonight. I found this charming little flat in Paris on the west bank with a gorgeous view of the seine and a cafe across the street.

Vanessa: All right, you're being deliberately cruel, dear. You know, I just -- I just want to say goodbye to my son.

Greenlee: Sorry. We don't have time. But I do feel bad about one thing, though. We won't be here to applaud when you get sentenced.

Vanessa: But, Greenlee, I need to see Leo. I have a going away present for him. That's why I called.

Greenlee: I'm giving Leo everything he needs now. See you in -- well, never.

Vanessa: But, Greenlee, I remembered something that's very important to Leo. Please, Greenlee. You're not going to deny your husband that, are you?

Leo: So you've been playing us this whole time?

Kendall: Wow, he must be talking about that number you pulled on him at --

Trey: Zip it, Kendall, all right?

Leo: So you were the one that knocked me out? Tried to rob me, then rat me out to the police about Vanessaís mad money? I couldn't leave the country because of you. I would be in Paris right now if it weren't for you!

Trey: Leo, Leo, I --

Leo: And that stunt with the snake in the bed -- that almost did Vanessa in!

Trey: She was having people killed.

Leo: So, what, you were going to scare her straight? Is that it? What a guy!

Trey: Look, if you knew how I felt now --

Leo: Why would you do something like this? For money? For Vanessaís drug money?

Trey: You don't understand!

Leo: Try me!

Trey: The way I grew up, all I cared about was making Vanessa pay for the way she cheated me.

Leo: You know what? None of us had good childhoods with Vanessa, trust me.

Trey: Yeah, well, I didn't know that! I thought that growing up with Vanessa had to be better than what I woke up with every day! I dreamed about being rescued --

Kendall: Yeah, it's a dream that might've been.

Trey: It got me through college, law school.

Leo: Then what? You gave up the fantasy?

Trey: Then I found out that my mother deliberately threw me away. I thought it gave me the right to do whatever. I'd live to get even. Oh, come on, Leo.

Leo: What?

Trey: It's not like your record's spotless.

Leo: I -- I pulled some scams and broke some people's trust, but I never, ever did anything like this. You almost killed Bianca. Don't even try to justify that.

Trey: I canít. I know that. But you got to believe me; I thought that Ericaís house was empty.

Leo: Oh, you thought that Ericaís house was empty? So that was okay for you to burn it down and then frame her for it?

Trey: It was wrong, and I know that!

Leo: No kidding! You're just figuring that out? So when did you figure out that he was after Vanessaís drug money and that he -- is that what started this whole conversion?

Trey: I -- I told Kendall the truth because I couldn't keep lying to her.

Leo: So, what, you grew a conscience? Is that it? Well, I suppose you would after you've already been caught. Why not, right?

Trey: That's not what happened.

Leo: Don't -- okay. So, what -- what's your take on this?

Kendall: I'm not sure.

Leo: What? Kendall, the guy almost got you put away for life.

Kendall: I know, I know. Leo, it's not as simple as that.

Leo: Well, you know, seems pretty simple to me. You've answered all my questions, thank you.

Trey: So, what now?

Leo: Now you're going to get what's coming to you. That's what.

Trey: What are you doing?

Leo: Lt. Frye, please. Thank you.

Kendall: No, no. Leo -- Leo, donít.

Leo: What are you doing?

Kendall: Please don't.

Leo: What the hell's the matter with you? What, are you on this guy's side now? Give me that.

Kendall: No, Leo -- Trey is my brother, too.

Brooke: A new memory theory or --

Edmund: No, no, no, just common sense. I've been treating Maureen like Maria, and I can't do that. I've been so busy trying to get Maria back, I haven't even taken one second to figure out who Maureen is.

Brooke: Well, Edmund, that's only natural. You know, you want to believe that Maria is back totally and completely.

Edmund: Yeah, but she's not. I got to deal with that. I mean, it's been five years this woman has thought she killed somebody. I mean, she's not going to trust people. She's not going to trust me. I certainly haven't earned it.

Brooke: So, when did you realize this?

Edmund: We met at the Pine Cone, and we talked, and she wants to see Sam and Maddie on a more regular basis.

Brooke: That's progress.

Edmund: It is, it is. I think the way to get Mariaís memory back is through maureen. I know it.

Brooke: So, what's the next step?

Edmund: You with me on this?

Brooke: Of course.

Edmund: Okay, good. Because the next step involves you. I'm going to need your help.

Maria: Aidan, I am so confused, I don't know what I want. I'm -- but the first step in figuring it all out is trying to remember who Maria was.

Aidan: And one kiss made you realize all this?

Maria: No. Well, maybe.

Aidan: Well, which is it?

Maria: I don't know. I don't know because I was -- it's not like I thought about this kiss. I was totally blindsided by it, and then I -- what I felt was -- I don't even know. I can't even describe it. I can't --

Aidan: Well, did it bring back some kind of memory flashback?

Maria: No, it didnít. It didnít. It wasn't that. It was --

Aidan: Just go on. Say it, say it.

Maria: It was powerful. It was. I've heard all these stories about Edmund and Maria and how they were this amazing couple and they had all this magic, and then, just then, I felt that.

Aidan: So you -- you want it back again?

Maria: I -- I don't know. All I know is that I've been so busy fighting everybody -- my mother and Mateo and Edmund and everybody --

Aidan: Everybody's been applying some pretty serious pressure on you.

Maria: But I have been so freaked out by everything that I didn't ever really give them a chance.

Aidan: Has Edmund made you feel guilty?

Maria: No. No, that's not -- that's not it at all. It's not. It's -- it's -- it's everything, Aidan. My mother was here, and I said something so stupid to her, and I hurt her. And I saw the way she looked at me, and she was so confused and she was so hurt, and I keep doing that to everybody around me, and I just -- I can't take it anymore. I know that if -- if I don't follow this through, I will always wonder.

Aidan: Fair enough. Fair enough.

Maria: You think I'm making a mistake.

Aidan: I didn't say that.

Maria: What, then? Say -- please, say something because, Aidan, you're -- you're the only friend I've got.

Aidan: This is your choice, right? Your choice?

Maria: Yes.

Aidan: This is not because everybody out there is putting a lot of pressure on you?

Maria: No, it's me. It's all me.

Aidan: Well, then, all right, then. All right.

Maria: I know that this is so weird and I am asking a lot of you, but your support in this would mean the world to me.

Aidan: You don't even have to ask. You know, I've stuck with you up till now. Right? Haven't I?

Maria: Yes, you have. Thank you. Because anybody else would've run far away by now.

Aidan: I just want to tell you one thing. Everybody in this town just can't wait for you to get back to Maria Grey. But me -- I like Maureen Gorman just fine.

Maria: Really? You like Maureen Gorman, the roach motel resident and nurses' aide, not Maria Grey, the fabulous neurosurgeon, mother, wife, and mistress o' Wildwind?

Aidan: Yeah. Yeah, I do. You know why? Because I don't even know Maria, you know. And Maureen Gorman is just too hip and trendy for a drafty old mansion, you know, up on the hills. You know? I mean, look at this place. This -- this place has -- has character.

Maria: Yeah, I think you're the character in this place. Thank you. Thank you so much for understanding.

Aidan: Are you sure about this?

Maria: Honestly? No, but I've got to do it anyway.

Aidan: Because I just -- I don't want you getting disappointed if you don't --

Maria: If I don't get my memories back? I know. I'm just going to have to deal with that when it happens.

Aidan: And if you get hurt, I just -- I don't want to see you get hurt.

Maria: I don't want to see you get hurt. I really care about you, Aidan, and, I mean, you have been incredible to me these last couple of months. You put your life on hold, basically, and I -- I don't know what's going to happen, but I -- I don't want to make any promises --

Aidan: You don't have to promise anything, okay? All I want is to see you happy.

Maria: I'm so sorry about before. I'm really -- I --

Aidan: It's just today, it was really weird. First -- first, you're kissing me, right, and then -- and then you're kissing Edmund.

Maria: I know, and that's why I have to do this. Because if I don't figure it out -- if I don't, I can't ever move on with my life. I just -- I've got to try to remember all of the real stuff about Maria -- what her relationship is like with her mother, why she calls her every day, how she fell in love with Edmund, why she married Edmund.

Aidan: Well, then, that's it. That's it. You have to get your memory back, and I'm going to help you do it.

Jack: Okay, so I guess the lab has come up with nothing on the doctor's magic potion, huh?

Anna: Well, they were just saying they're still working on it.

Jack: Anna, I want you to give me your badge. At least for the next two hours, I don't want you to even think about being police chief.

Anna: Because?

Jack: Because you need to eat. You need to eat for two. I want you to look at this thing, I want you to find the most nutritious, delicious entree on there, and I want you to order it, please.

Anna: Okay. I'll find the most expensive one, because that'll serve you right for all the times you did want my badge.

Jack: Fair enough. If that's what you want to do, you go right ahead.

Maggie: So, I was thinking, I could take organic chemistry next year, or I could take it now and fail it like everyone else does and then -- excuse me. You're not even listening to me.

David: I just -- I cannot believe that she's wandering around town with this moron. I mean, just two weeks ago, he wanted her to resign.

Maggie: Will you stop torturing yourself? It's not like anything is going on between them, okay?

[Jack laughs]

David: Oh, yeah, there's something going on, and I know exactly what it is.

Maggie: Oh, David! Will you stop --

David: Hello, Anna.

Anna: Hi.

Jack: You know, why don't you go back to your seat before we find another reason to throw you in jail?

David: You know something? You really are pathetic, aren't you? Sitting here cozying up to Anna, my wife --

Anna: Ex-wife.

David: My wife, the mother of my child, when really what you want to do is get to me. Well, here I am, Jackson, so go ahead. Give it your best shot.

Leo: Trey is your brother?

Kendall: Yeah.

Leo: What -- does that -- oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no --

Kendall: Oh -- relax, relax, relax. Vanessa is not my mother! I am still stuck with Erica. Relax.

Trey: Kendall and I share the dubious honor of having the same father.

Leo: Richard -- Richard Fields? Isn't he the -- the one who --

Trey: You can say it. The guy that raped Erica.

Leo: Vanessa told you this?

Trey: She denied it at first, but we took a D.N.A. test.

Kendall: And those don't lie.

Leo: Oh, my God.

Trey: I confronted her with the results, and she finally admitted that she'd had an affair with Richard Fields.

Leo: When?

Trey: Back in Hollywood, her second time around.

Leo: What else did she say?

Trey: Just that they had used each other.

Leo: So -- so this -- this Richard Fields -- he could be my father -- not that I'm itching for another sibling, believe me.

Kendall: Yeah, right back at you.

Trey: No. No, I don't think so. Vanessa told me that they were only together at that point and that she dumped him as soon as she found out he liked little girls. And then she dumped me right after I was born.

Leo: Are you sure that Vanessaís being straight with you on this?

Trey: I believe her. Look, Leo, I'm sorry. I know you still want to figure out who your father is.

Leo: Did you know that she was your sister when you tried to set her up?

Trey: No.

Kendall: No, no. We just found out. That's why he's on this whole guilt trip.

Leo: So, what are you on his side for? He tried to wreck your life, Kendall.

Kendall: I know that, Leo. He did wreck it. But it's not as easy as that. We have this sicko bond now by -- by our mothers who dumped us, and I can't just forget that.

Trey: Leo's right, Kendall. He's right. I can't use the fact that we're related as an excuse. I have to face up to the things I've done and take whatever punishment I have coming.

Greenlee: This is so you, Vanessa. Suddenly you remember something Leo has to have. You're so full of it.

Vanessa: No, no, I just want to say good-bye to my son, Greenlee. Can't you at least give me that?

Greenlee: I'll give you two minutes. Start talking.

Vanessa: But this is sensitive information.

Greenlee: Oh, why am I even wasting my time?

Vanessa: No, Greenlee! Greenlee, it's about his father, something that will help Leo!

Greenlee: Say it. I'll tell Leo.

Vanessa: Well -- it isn't that I don't trust you, dear. It's just that it's something I have to say to Leo myself.

Greenlee: Like when you told him that the Count du Pres was his father? You broke his heart, and I'm not going to let you do that again.

Vanessa: All right, but how many times do I have to tell you that was Vanessa? That wasn't me --

Greenlee: Well, whichever one of you it was, you're all too late.

Vanessa: Please, Greenlee. Please, please, please, just let me --

Greenlee: It's sad, really -- the great Proteus reduced to begging to see her son.

Vanessa: But I just want to help Leo unite with his father.

Greenlee: You're desperate. If you had one shred of decency in your whole body, you would just tell me whatever this clue is that you suddenly remember.

Vanessa: You know, Greenlee, I think your spitefulness is going to backfire on you because Leo does love me and he will want me in his life.

Greenlee: Good-bye, Vanessa. Have a nice life -- sentence!

Vanessa: Oh, you're not going to take Leo anywhere. And you're never going to get on that plane, either, because I will see to that.

Trey: They were right, you know.

Leo: Who?

Trey: The -- the caseworkers, the foster families. They always said I was nothing but trouble. I'd never amount to anything. I was nothing but a loser. And now, well, when they see my face on the news --

Kendall: Ooh, a pity party. What fun.

Trey: You have no idea. You had a family, good parents.

Leo: What, is this when you throw yourself at our feet and beg for mercy? Because your sob story sucks, okay?

Trey: Yeah, and that's my point. I can't use my childhood as an excuse for what I've done. But I didn't have anybody, not even a washed-up actress turned con artist.

Kendall: Oh. No one, huh?

Kendall: Well, explain this.

Trey: This is what I was going to show you before.

Kendall: I found it when I was looking through his things trying to find proof that he set me up.

Leo: What's in it?

Kendall: Pictures. But the question is, who's in them? You guys look like one big, happy family to me. So, was all that junk about your foster families abusing you just a crock? I mean, do we look stupid to you?

Trey: No. No, these -- these are the Kenyons.

Leo: So -- that is the real Trey Kenyon?

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, these were taken the summer after we graduated from law school.

Kendall: And before you were Trey Kenyon, when you were still Ben Sheppard?

Trey: And just before -- just before Trey died. Whatever soul I had died with him.

Maria: Aidan, you have been too generous already.

Aidan: I wouldn't say "generous." Come on. I mean, if you're going to say something, I have been quite selfish because I just like having you here, all right, right next to me.

Maria: Really? Even when I send you on those midnight Chinese food runs?

Aidan: Mm-hmm.

Maria: Yeah?

Aidan: Especially then.

Maria: Well, I'm not moving away. I'm not moving into Wildwind or anything. I'm just going to spend a little more time there.

Aidan: And see the children and --

Maria: See the kids and spend some time with Edmund, and he's going to work on my memories with me.

Aidan: You know, I've got a better idea, all right? Let me do this with you. We will go out there and we will find the best doctor that specializes in amnesia, okay? Because if you start putting Mateo and Isabella and Edmund all in the mix together, you're going to drive yourself straight back into -- into the hospital because of all that stress.

Maria: No, no, no. Yeah, but it won't because I'm so much stronger now. It's not the same.

Aidan: Really, I'm just -- I'm just worried about you.

Maria: Don't -- really, don't be. I'm going to be able to take care of this. I'll be able to handle it. But I will keep my options open. Promise.

Aidan: You know what? I think I should -- I think I should let you get some sleep.

Maria: Oh, are you kidding? I'm so wired. I'm way too wired. I might actually go back to the hospital and do some work.

Aidan: Oh, my God, what? Back to the hospital?

Maria: Well, you know, I have some paperwork I could do in personnel, and I am really excited to get a paycheck because I need to pay you back for all the things you did.

Aidan: No. No. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. You don't need to pay me anything --

Maria: Aidan --

Aidan: Because it's my pleasure.

Maria: Aidan, Aidan, Aidan -- I ate an awful lot of steamed tofu on you, so --

Aidan: Don't even worry about it, really. It's my pleasure. All right. Bye, Maureen.

Brooke: Edmund, you know that I want to help you any way I can.

Edmund: Okay. Tell me everything you found out about Maureen Gorman before she came to Pine Valley.

Brooke: I only had one conversation with her in Nevada.

Edmund: Okay, what about friends, coworkers?

Brooke: The people she worked with loved her. They said that she was a great asset, you know, to the pediatric ward and that she was wonderful. She made a real connection with the kids there.

Edmund: Just like Maria.

Brooke: Well, yeah.

Edmund: What?

Brooke: No, it's just --

Edmund: Brooke?

Brooke: No. It's just that when I talked to Maureen, she -- she had a real edge. She was tough. She wanted to know who I was and what I was doing there, and she actually threatened to call the police and have me arrested.

Edmund: Well, I would imagine that if I thought I killed somebody, I -- I'd be pretty scared.

Brooke: Well, it was like she had this protective wall up.

Edmund: Yeah, I know that wall. She puts it up with me. I wish she could just relax a little around me, you know. Maybe then Maria could remember more than giving Maddie to you after the crash.

Brooke: Wait.

Edmund: Hmm?

Brooke: No, nothing.

Edmund: Listen, you got that -- that research I asked you about?

Brooke: Hmm?

Edmund: You know, the stuff I called you about earlier.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, yeah, it's -- it's all in the computer.

Edmund: What's the file?

Brooke: Oh, yeah, the file. Okay. Here.

Edmund: Great. Thanks. I'll download it in my office.

Brooke: Okay.

Edmund's voice: Maybe then Maria could remember more than handing Maddie to you after the crash.

Maggie: Can we please go back --

David: It's all right, Maggie. Maggie, it's okay. You go sit down. I'll be right over there. Everything's going to be fine.

Maggie: No, this is ridiculous. Anna, are you all right?

Anna: Yeah, I'm fine, really. David, please, why don't you go and finish your dinner and stop embarrassing your cousin?

Jack: Well, that seems to make it unanimous, doesn't it?

David: Go ahead, Jackson. You come up with every dirty little trick you can think of. But I'm going to tell you right now it's not going to work, and you know why? Because Annaís going to see you for what you really are -- a two-bit D.A. who's desperate to curry favor with the voters.

Anna: Okay, that's enough, David.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no.

Anna: That's it.

Jack: Do not let him upset you.

David: Can you not -- don't you see that this guy has an agenda, Anna? Come on! So, what's next? What, is he going to offer to adopt my child just like he did his so-called daughter?

Anna: What?

Jack: What'd you say?

David: You heard what I said.

Jack: That's it, you are --

Anna: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, guys -- no, Jackson, don't.

Jack: Let's do this right now! You want to do this right now?

Anna: Stop it!

David: It's all right.

Jack: I'm sorry. I didn't want a scene like that.

Anna: It's all right. David just knows what buttons to push.

Jack: Yeah, which of your buttons did he push?

Anna: I'm okay, I'm okay, really.

David: Well, I guess that proves it, huh?

Anna: Yeah, what a jerk you are.

David: You can cut the act, Anna. Nobody's buying it.

Anna: What?

Maggie: Will you stop pushing her?

David: No, no, no, it's all right. You heard Anna just now. She still cares about me.

Anna: How do you figure that?

David: She was worried for my well-being. Look at me, Anna. You can't deny it. You still love me.

Vanessa: Gary?

Gary: You okay, Mrs. C?

Vanessa: Oh, how sweet of you to be concerned. Actually, no, I have a frightful headache.

Gary: That young lady?

Vanessa: Oh, my daughter-in-law. Yes, she's a petulant thing, you know. I think she's jealous of my relationship with her husband.

Gary: That's not right.

Vanessa: No, well, maybe someday. In any event, I'm bushed, so I'm -- I'm turning in.

Gary: All right. You got it.

Vanessa: And, oh, Gary, if anyone else comes by --

Gary: They got to come back tomorrow.

Vanessa: Oh.

Gary: Night, Mrs. C.

Vanessa: Nighty-night, dear.

Kendall: So you used to have a soul, huh?

Trey: Don't sound so surprised.

Leo: So, why don't you tell us what really happened that summer?

Trey: The Kenyons had a house on Lake Michigan. They invited me to stay there with them.

Leo: So you and Trey were friends?

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, I think he was the first friend I ever had. And the Kenyons -- they treated me like family. I never felt like a charity case when I was with them. Even stopped looking for my real birth mother. When you spend time with people like that -- you know, good people -- well, things change.

Kendall: How did Trey die?

Trey: We were all going to take the boat out -- Trey and -- and I and a couple of our friends. But I changed my mind at the last minute.

Leo: Why?

Trey: You know, I -- I can't even remember why. But they went out there without me, a man short. A storm came out of nowhere. Trey washed overboard. I still think that if I'd been on that boat, I -- I would've saved him.

Kendall: No, you don't know that.

Trey: Trey'd have been alive.

Leo: You know, the Kenyons took that pretty hard when -- when their son died.

Trey: And they never stopped blaming me for not being in that boat. They wouldn't even speak to me.

Kendall: Never?

Trey: No. And I swore I would never do this again -- this -- this whole family thing. But here I am. I messed up, and -- and I've lost another family.

Kendall: No. No, Trey, don't -- don't say that.

Trey: You know what -- you know what the worst part of this whole thing is? Is that you guys -- you might've been the real thing.

Leo: I'm sorry, man.

Greenlee: Hmm. Isn't this cozy.

David: Admit it, Anna. You still love me.

Anna: I didn't want anyone to get hurt. It's not -- it was out of pity, if anything. It's not love. It certainly isn't --

David: You've never been a very good liar.

Anna: You're starting a fight in the middle of a restaurant. What am I supposed to do, cheer you on?

David: You go ahead, keep saying that. You can't even convince yourself.

Jack: All right, this is over.

David: Yeah, it is over. I got what I wanted.

Anna: I need to go. I'm tired of this.

David: Bye, Anna.

Maggie: Well, that was fun. Are you happy now?

David: Yeah. Yeah, I'm very happy. She still loves me.

Maggie: Oh, really? Is that what love looks like?

David: Now, everything -- everything's going to fall into place, Maggie. You just wait and see, okay? Just got to make sure that I keep Jackson away from my wife and my child.

Edmund: Now I know why I miss my typewriter. I can't figure out -- great. Now I'm talking to myself.

Edmund: "Edmund -- went to hospital on possible lead."

Maria: Dr. McMillan? Hi. I'm glad I caught you. I know I blew off last week's appointment. That's actually why I was calling. Because I made a decision that I really want to try to get my memory back, and I was wondering if you would still help me. Great. That's perfect. Next week is perfect. Yes, thank you. Okay. Bye.

Brooke: Maureen, do you have a minute?

Maria: Actually, I donít. I really need to get to work --

Brooke: Just a minute. I don't know if Edmund told you, but I'm helping him with his research that he's doing on memory loss?

Maria: Well, that's very nice of you, but can we talk about it later?

Brooke: Just hear me out. I've come up with a theory, and I think if we work together, we might be able to figure it all out.

Leo: Hey.

Greenlee: Hi.

Leo: How'd you know to find me down here?

Greenlee: Just a hunch.

Leo: So, how's our new place?

Greenlee: Ready to move in. So, what are we waiting for? We still have some packing to do and our plane leaves pretty soon, so --

Leo: I -- I'm just going to need a minute, okay?

Greenlee: What? Don't tell me you want to have a long goodbye with Trey? I mean, David I can understand, but this guy you've known for, what, a few months?

Leo: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Uh-oh.

Leo: Sit down, please.

Greenlee: I listen better standing. What fresh hell is Trey starting now? Because we are leaving for Paris no matter what.

Kendall: Greenlee's right, Leo. Why involve her?

Greenlee: Involve me? And what does Kendall have to do with any of this?

Kendall: Don't do it.

Greenlee: Someone better tell me what's going on right now.

Leo: No. No, no, no, no. Greenlee needs the truth. That's what we decided when we got married -- no more lies.

Greenlee: Now you're starting to freak me out.

Leo: You were right about Trey. He burned Ericaís house down.

Greenlee: I knew it.

Leo: And not only that, but there's about a dozen other things that he did. There's a list right there.

Greenlee: So Vanessaís not the only one that's going to be going to jail, hmm.

Trey: Greenlee, I'd like to apologize.

Greenlee: Spare me. Let me take a look at this confession. What other extracurricular activities are you guilty of, huh?

Kendall: No. You know what? Just give that to me. There's no way you're putting Trey in prison.

Vanessa: Oh! Greenlee, Greenlee. Wait until you see the surprise I have planned for you.

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