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All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/10/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Frank: Hey, Mia. Oh, that's right; we're supposed to pretend we don't know each other, right?

Jake: You two know each other?

Leo: Where is the vial?

David: I destroyed it. Anna has nothing to charge me with.

Trey: You'll always be able to count on me, Kendall.

Kendall: Wait. Don't go in there.

Jake: So --

Mia: So why do you have to know now?

Jake: Because I know that after dinner you're going to spring some chick flick on me and I'm going to be stuck watching it. And, anyway, after the board meeting I had today, I need to see an action picture, something that puts it to the suits.

Mia: Oh. Should I be scared?

[Pager beeps]

Jake: Uh-oh. You know what? This is going to be two minutes, I swear.

Mia: It's okay. It's the price of power. I understand. I'll wait right here.

Jake: Okay.

Frank: Whoa, bob and weave, Rocky, bob and weave, now, come on.

Mia: I asked you not to call me that.

Frank: Oh, sorry, I'm ducking, I'm ducking.

Maggie: Hey, Auntie Anna.

Anna: Hi.

Maggie: Got time for a little chat?

Anna: Will you mail that for me, please? Sure. Yes. Sorry, I've been meaning to call you, Maggie. I'm sort of --

Maggie: Yeah, I'm sure you must be really busy getting island divorces, arresting the father of your child. It must be really time-consuming.

Anna: You want to go home and talk about this?

Maggie: Home? Oh, where would that be?

Leo: I'll have to remember that you can put bail on your credit card.

David: Thanks for getting me out, brother.

Leo: You bet.

David: Hey, how's my favorite cousin? Listen, come celebrate with me, all right? I'm a free man.

Anna: Not for long.

Trey: Why shouldn't I go in?

Kendall: I just -- you know what, why don't you go someplace else?

Trey: We were somewhere else. We came back here so we could talk without being overheard.

Kendall: Well, I -- I changed my mind.

Trey: About what? Setting me up?

Kendall: I didn't set you up.

Trey: Is Jackson Montgomery inside, hiding behind the drapes?

Kendall: The loft is bugged.

Trey: What incriminating info are you after?

Kendall: I was supposed to get you to admit that you set fire to Ericaís house so they could put you away where you belong.

Trey: Well, you sure blew that plan out of the water.

Kendall: Look, just -- just because I couldn't go through with this doesn't mean that I'm going to let you get away with arson and trying to pin it on me.

Trey: Look Ė

Tad: Um, a bottle of Orsini cabernet.

Brooke: Oh, Tad, do you want me to fall asleep right here?

Tad: And a towel in case my date takes a header into her salad.

Waiter: Very good, Mr. Martin.

Tad: Thanks, John. Well, so much for my reputation as a B vivant.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I'm just tired.

Tad: You know, somewhere in that depressed exterior, the real Brooke English is fighting to get out.

Brooke: Yes. And who would the real Brooke be?

Tad: A woman that rode into town in a bikini on the back of a motorcycle.

Brooke: Mm-hmm, I think that Brooke is pretty lost. What do you need?

Tad: The waiter. I want to add a hair shirt to our order. If we're lucky, we can get your head shaved. How long are you going to punish yourself?

Brooke: What I did to Edmund is unforgivable.

Tad: In the first place, you didn't do anything to Edmund. Life did something to Edmund, David Hayward did something to Edmund. The second place, Edmundís not so badly off.

Edmund: That shouldn't have happened.

Maria: No, it's not fair.

Edmund: It won't happen again.

Maria: No, I mean, all this -- this confusion and this emptiness, it's just not fair to either one of us.

Edmund: What do we do about it? What?

Maria: I probably shouldn't say.

Edmund: Kind of late for holding back.

Maria: You're making me want to be the woman that you remember.

Maria: I know that once when -- when I was Maria, I was very lucky, but, Edmund, I --

Edmund: There's no rules for this.

Maria: Hmm.

Edmund: This is just uncharted waters.

Maria: It's just that even saying your name, I --

Edmund: What about it?

Maria: I feel like -- I feel like when you hear it, I'm afraid that it sounds like I'm promising something that I can't deliver.

Edmund: Edmund's my name. I won't build up false hopes just because you use it.

Maria: No, but don't you? Isn't that what you do every time we're together?

Edmund: You said you think you were lucky to be Maria.

Maria: Yes, I think -- I think Maria was very lucky, and since the moment I met you in the stable, you have been incredible. And in the way that you kissed your wife just now was -- I mean, it just showed how strong that you've been holding back.

Edmund: We're going to take this at your speed, okay, not mine.

Maria: Edmund, you've been really incredible about this. It's just that you're so open about your feelings. I've never been with anybody like that before like you.

Edmund: That's maybe not a bad thing.

Maria: No, no, it's not a bad thing. I mean, certainly, you just made me see and understand how you feel.

Edmund: Good.

Maria: Yeah, and even getting mad, that was -- it was good, too, because it taught me something about you.

Edmund: Oh -- ahem -- mad seems to be my natural state these days.

Maria: Hey, but why not? You thought you were getting your wife back and you wanted that more than anything in the world.

Edmund: I do.

Maria: Edmund, you want your wife back, Maria back, as much as I want to be a whole, complete person, whoever she turns out to be.

Edmund: Any idea how we can achieve that?

Brooke: Would you trade places with Edmund?

Tad: If it meant Dixie was alive, sure.

Brooke: I'm sorry. That was thoughtless.

Tad: Maria wouldn't have been found if it weren't for you.

Brooke: Oh, so Edmund should be grateful to me?

Tad: No, he should realize he's living in the real world, where good people make mistakes. Besides, he's lugging around too many of his own sins to start throwing stones at you.

Brooke: Edmund is in such pain.

Tad: Well, he'll get over it. Will you?

Brooke: He actually thanked me for helping out with Sam and Maddie.

Tad: Good. That's a start. I'm glad to hear it.

Brooke: Edmund is doing his best to try and forgive me. He has been incredible.

Jamie: Hey, could everybody just shut up about freaking Edmund Grey?

Kendall: Um, hi there! Hey! Okay, attention, electronic eavesdroppers! Trey found out the place was bugged, so our plan's a wash. If you could kindly just send the exterminators over to get rid of these bugs, that -- that would be great. I really don't want you knowing what kind of crummy music I listen to. I have enough to be embarrassed about. Yeah. Boy, do I ever.

Kendall: Donít.

Trey: Right.

[Knock on door]

Carol: That's nice work, Ms. Hart. What a great way to waste tax dollars.

Kendall: Sorry.

Carol: Yeah? Well, you'll be a lot sorrier after I report this to Jack Montgomery.

Kendall: Trey found out. What -- what could I do?

Carol: Prepare for the fallout. You know, your relationship with the law was already shaky.

Kendall: Yeah. Thanks for the news flash.

Carol: You must be on self-destruct. Hey, don't think this is over -- whoever the hell you are.

Trey: Thank you. I would've said it earlier, but they probably would've heard.

Trey: What's this for?

Kendall: You're going to make a list of every lie you've ever told and every rotten thing you've ever done since you rolled into this town.

Trey: Why?

Kendall: Because your sister, who just got you off the hook with the D.A., is asking you to. Now, Trey. I want every disgusting thing, every rotten, illegal thing you've ever done. Write.

Leo: David, act your age.

David: What? What? I didn't do anything. I haven't seen Maggie for a while. I just want to take her out to dinner and talk about how school is going.

Maggie: Well, that sounds great to me.

David: Good. Get some rest, would you? Please.

Leo: Wow. It's worse than I thought.

Anna: Shouldn't you be joining them?

Leo: If Davidís pretending to be all calm and cool around you, he's probably suicidal when he's alone.

Anna: Donít. I'm not interested.

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Here, thank you. Great.

Leo: Never mind the fact that Davidís madly in love with you and that little baby.

Anna: That's his problem.

Leo: Anna, can we just -- let's go get something to eat and we can talk about David and this whole evidence mess.

Anna: Well, I'm not free to discuss that. Really, I'm not.

Leo: This is the last chance I have.

Anna: I'm sorry about that.

Leo: Because when Greenlee gets back, we're gone. We're going to Paris, and I don't want to leave here with this -- this black cloud hanging over my family. So please just give me some hope.

Anna: I canít. I -- not where David and I are concerned. I mean, Leo, come on, just think about what he did.

Leo: Yeah, exactly. What David did. It's past tense.

Anna: This isn't just about Maria.

Leo: Yes, it is. David's screwing up now because he doesn't want what happened five years ago to wreck his life with you.

Anna: Okay, look, you love your brother --

Leo: And so do you. Don't even try to deny it.

Anna: Stop it. I have to look at the bigger picture. I have to look at the legal picture.

Leo: He saved Mariaís life. He wouldn't actually hurt anybody. Okay, hand on the Bible -- if I thought that David would really hurt somebody, do you really think I would've swiped that evidence?

Anna: You took the evidence?

Leo: Hmm?

Anna: What?

Leo: Who?

Anna: I'm sorry?

Leo: What, did I take evidence?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Leo: Wow, that's a stretch.

Anna: So you didn't take it?

Leo: No, I didn't take it. See, what happened was, see, Jackson Montgomery came up with this crazy idea that I took some evidence from your off-- that I took some evidence from your office. And it's been nagging at me that I've been falsely accused again, and I guess it was like a Freudian slip.

Anna: Oh, that's what it was?

Leo: Yeah.

Anna: Okay.

Leo: See, I would never, ever jeopardize my future with Greenlee.

Anna: Not even to save your brother?

Leo: No, sirree. I would -- she would kill me if I screwed up our plans for Paris. So, no, of course not.

Anna: It's just as well. Freudian slips aren't admissible in court.

Leo: Yeah.

Anna: Hmm.

Leo: I'm going to miss you. You and David were the only two at our wedding, and --

Anna: Please --

Leo: We just -- we both want you with us.

Anna: Donít.

Leo: Anna, don't look at David like he's some kind of an outsider. You got to know the real David, just like Greenlee got to know the real me.

Anna: It's too late, Leo. It really is.

Leo: It doesn't have to be too late. Yeah, David and I are both screw-ups, but we're not bad people.

Anna: Well, you're not.

Leo: Well, neither is he. After decades of suffering, courtesy of Vanessa, I think that we all deserve a little happiness. Don't you think?

Anna: Yes. Absolutely you do. So you and Greenlee, you go to Paris and you be happy with your wife. So do it. Absolutely, do it.

Leo: So I guess this is it. This is goodbye.

Anna: I'm really going to miss you.

Leo: I'm going to miss you, too. You don't happen to know anybody in Paris in case I get into some trouble?

Anna: No.

Mia: So there's no movie about a chief of staff avenging himself against his board members. I'm sorry.

Jake: It's okay.

Mia: What is up with you?

Jake: I'm not even sure I should tell you.

Mia: Why? Is it a breach of doctor/patient confidentiality or you just don't feel like telling a hospital peon like me?

Jake: No, no, no, no, it's just because we got out from under Adam and Liza monopolizing your time, and now we --

Mia: "Us"? This is about you and me?

Simone: Hey, may I get you guys something to drink?

Jake: Simone? Are you waiting tables?

Simone: Uh, yeah, I am. Yeah, I guess I'm your new, cheerful server, yeah.

Jake: Oh. Great.

Simone: Can I get you a drink?

Jake: Yeah, two placid ales.

Simone: Great. Okay.

Mia: You know, I used to work here for a while and it was great. You won't last a week in those heels, though.

Simone: Oh. I'll take note of that. Have to give up writing and fashion. All right, I'll get you those ales.

Mia: Thanks.

Jake: That was unexpected.

Mia: Yeah. So you were saying something about what was bothering you.

Simone: I will substitute whatever you like for the salad.

Zeke: Excuse me; do you have a table for one, please? You now have inside connections here.

Maria: "How to build the complete me." I don't know. I wish I came with an instruction booklet.

Edmund: I don't shy away from challenges.

Maria: I don't, either. But I just have to take this life thing, whatever it is, day by day.

Edmund: Okay. Do we have a choice?

Maria: Uh-uh. I promise you, though, if I think of some way that you can help me --

Edmund: You'll let me know?

Maria: Yes.

Edmund: Okay. All right. Well, I can guarantee you one thing -- no more surprise visits.

Maria: From anyone?

Edmund: I will alert the entire Santos clan.

Maria: Okay. Edmund?

Edmund: Hmm?

Maria: Um, with the kids, I just -- I want them to know that not remembering doesn't mean that I don't care.

Edmund: We'll make it work.

Maria: Okay.

Edmund: Listen; speaking of the kids, do you think it'd be okay if I told them that you might see them? It would mean a lot to them.

Maria: Oh, yeah, it would mean to me, too. Really, I've been really lonely.

Edmund: Yeah, well, kids will cure that. And maybe I could help, you know, pitch in. Maybe go out sometime. I'd like to get to know you, Maureen.

Maria: I would like that, too.

Edmund: Well, this night sure did a 180. It's really been nice, you know, getting to understand each other. Feels weird shaking my wife's hand.

Maria: Yeah. Uh, hey, take care, buddy.

Edmund: Yeah.

Edmund: Good night.

Maria: Good night. Ahem.

Brooke: Jamie. You know, you don't know what Edmund has been through.

Jamie: Stop defending him. Like your thankful for him wiping his shoes all over you.

Brooke: I know since the wedding things have been hard on you, but it is not Edmundís fault.

Jamie: Whatever.

Brooke: It's not "whatever," all right? Not only that, Edmund was very nice when he saw us at B.J.'s.

Tad: He saw you at B.J.'s?

Brooke: Yes.

Jamie: He was showing the world what a great guy he is. Big deal.

Tad: Well, there's an interesting point of view.

Brooke: I don't need you chiming in on this.

Tad: I'm sorry; I don't think you know what you need anymore.

Brooke: Listen up, the two of you, all right? Edmund was perfectly happy one minute, and the next, his whole world came tumbling down on top of him, all right?

Tad: And on top of you.

Jamie: He got what he wanted. He's got his wife back.

Brooke: Jamie, you can never begin to understand what it was like for him. Five years ago, he faced a crash, he faced his wife's death, and then he found out -- she doesn't remember the plane crash or much of anything else.

Edmund: Including me?

Brooke: To her, Maria Santos is just a name.

Tad: Oh, terrific. What the hell is he doing here?

Brooke: What?

Leo: And just so you know, being happy is a lot more important than being right.

Anna: Like I have a choice.

Leo: We all do. All right?

Jack: You okay?

Anna: How did a great guy like that get to have a brother like David, you know?

Jack: I don't know. The other brother's not much of a prize, either. I guess they both come from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Anna: Hey, Jackson, listen --

Jack: What?

Anna: You don't think that Leo took that evidence, do you?

Jack: Anna, I have no proof.

Anna: Well, you know, he just told me something and --

Jack: Something that would stand up in court?

Anna: No.

Jack: Good. Doesn't disappoint me. Does that disappoint you? Even if we were in the mood to torture this poor kid, what good would it accomplish?

Anna: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Jack: Exactly.

Anna: At best, it would screw up a really good, if somewhat misguided young man's life.

Jack: Not to mention being a total waste of the court's time and the taxpayers' money, as far as I'm concerned.

Anna: Well, you're just a big softy, aren't you?

Jack: Oh, yeah. I've just been around the track enough times to see the stupid things that people do for love. Wives, husbands, mothers. Anna, what is it? What?

Anna: Hormones.

Jack: Oh. There's not much you can do about that. I could lend you some testosterone, if it would help.

Anna: I don't even really know Leo, and now he's leaving and I feel really lonely. It's ridiculous.

Jack: No, it's not.

Anna: Oh, God.

Jack: Just give yourself a break. Look, you're trying to put a case together against the father of your child.

Anna: Oh! I forgot about that for a second.

Jack: Sorry, sorry. The point I'm trying to make is that anyone who would find themselves in your place would be emotional.

Anna: Who? Come on. What other dumb woman would be in my place? You've got five seconds.

Jack: Okay, I can't do it in five seconds --

Anna: You see?

Jack: But I might be able to do it over a couple of steaks. What do you say?

Anna: Oh, no, I don't think so.

Jack: Oh, come on, you can't tell me that you would prefer room service and a mint on your pillow to dinner with me? You're breaking my heart here. Devane.

Anna: Yeah?

Jack: Start acting like a human being and maybe you might start feeling like one again? What do you think? Okay, I'm pulling out all the stops -- it's on me.

Anna: Well, why didn't you say so?

Jack: I knew that would do it.

Anna: Yeah. Good night.

Officer: See you.

Second officer: Night, Chief. Take care.


David: Let freedom ring.

Maggie: Well, I really wanted to tell Anna where to go when I was at the police station.

David: Maggie, I appreciate you wanting to defend me, but it's really not necessary.

Maggie: Who does she think she is, persecuting you like this? I mean, Edmund Grey and anyone who even cares about Maria should be thanking you.

David: Well, that's the minority opinion these days.

Maggie: Well, Anna ought to think about the fact that you saved her life, and what you've been since then was just trying to protect yourself.

David: Well, unfortunately, Anna doesn't see it that way.

Maggie: Why not? You're just trying to save your license, your livelihood.

Tad: Well, that's it for me. That man could ruin a tapeworm's appetite.

Brooke: It's weird.

Jamie: Yeah, he's a freak.

Brooke: No, I mean I was thinking about David, and then he walked in.

Tad: Well, by all means, start thinking of a noose or maybe a lethal injection.

Brooke: No, I was thinking about David and Maria. But, anyway, it's gone.

Tad: I wish he were gone.

Jamie: Like strapped to the outside of a space shuttle?

Tad: It's creative. I like it.

Zeke: Four years at Cornell School of Journalism.

Simone: Do you want your table?

Zeke: What happened to that article on reclusive writers for "Legends" magazine?

Simone: Yeah, well, they went with a name author who could sell magazines.

Zeke: So this is payback, Simone? This is what you do to pay me back?

Simone: Yeah, that's right. Yeah, I thought, you know, I'm going to get a hard, low-paying job that will humiliate my father. Look, I'm just trying to pay my rent. Okay, I'm sorry that you don't approve. We all can't achieve your high level of brilliance. Now, would you like smoking, nonsmoking, or would you like to go home?

Mia: Hello? Can we get back to us? You mentioned Adam and Liza.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, you were obviously just so caught up with the two of them and --

Mia: Yeah, I know, I know.

Jake: And we just got back together.

Mia: Can you just spit out what is bothering you?

Jake: Okay. Frank Hubbard. What have you got going on with him?

Frank: Hello, Dr. McMillan.

Zeke: Hubbard. I was wondering why Simone was putting on a show. I didn't realize that we had an audience.

Simone: Oh --

Frank: Listen, don't you waste your pity on Daddy McFreud, and don't go out there after him, either.

Simone: You know, I only take orders now for drinks and food.

Mia: Frank Hubbard?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, Frank Hubbard, the intern that you were talking to the night that we finally got back together, the intern that has the nickname for you "Rocky." That Frank Hubbard.

Frank: Hey, Jake.

Jake: Frank Hubbard. Timing is everything.

Frank: What's going on?

Jake: Well, actually, Mia was just about to tell me.

Maria: I would offer you a beer, but I -- I think I was just hit by a cement truck.

Aidan: Yeah, well, you know, you worked last night, and then your family burst in here and, you know, freaked out. Then you had Edmund to deal with.

Maria: Never a dull moment.

Aidan: Yeah, you're right. You know, I'll let you get some sleep. I'll give you a call tomorrow. Maybe we can do breakfast when you finish work tomorrow morning?

Maria: Aidan, wait, wait, wait. We need to -- I need to let you know what just happened between Edmund and me.

Trey: You should know that this list is worthless. Legally speaking, it could never be admitted into evidence.

Kendall: You scared? Relax. If I wanted you to stand trial, I would've had you blab to that snotty assistant D.A.

Trey: So you're after a full accounting? You've got it.

Kendall: By the way, if you ever cross me again or use me or even tick me off that much, Maggieís going to get it, too.

Trey: What?

Kendall: That soft spot you have for your cousin is very touching. I bet she will find this fascinating reading.

Trey: You're good.

Kendall: I know -- maybe I'll give Erica a peek at this, too.

Trey: I don't care what Erica thinks.

Kendall: Oh, Trey. When Erica finds out that you almost burned Bianca and turned her into a crispy critter, that's it. It's over for you.

Trey: I'll go somewhere else, start again.

Kendall: With the piranha of queen cosmetics lusting after your blood? You could morph into a thousand different identities, Erica will still hunt you down and she will make you wish you were dead.

Trey: This is a real nice way to start being a family, huh?

Kendall: Look, you made your feelings about our degenerate father very clear to me. You don't have to beat me with the family stick.

Trey: Sorry, I don't have a lot of practice at being sincere.

Kendall: I was a waste for a long time. But I -- I turned the corner. Or Ryan pulled me around it. I loved him so much. But that didn't mean anything to you, did it?

Trey: It wasn't anything personal.

Kendall: Right. Why not sacrifice my life for the Proteus files that Chris Stamp had? I -- you know, when I came back here, when I came back to Pine Valley, I did some really terrible, terrible things. But did I deserve -- did I really deserve what you did to me, what you took from me?

[Knock on door]

Trey: Well, maybe you played me, after all. Is there some second bug or something?

Leo: Just got David sprung from jail. I'm ready to do some partying. What's going on?

Tad: If the justice department ever declares open season on evil, that man won't last five minutes.

Jamie: Can we cut out now?

Tad: What, and let him see us leave? No way. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

Jamie: Watching him and talking about him all night? That'll show him who's boss.

David: Maggie, you don't understand the whole story, what I've done to Anna.

Maggie: What, like save your marriage?

David: No, no. No, listen, she gave me chance after chance after chance, okay, and I just kept pushing the limit. Inevitably, she had to respond.

Maggie: Oh, for -- she is trying to keep you from your own child's life, David.

David: Maggie, take it easy, okay? All Anna needs right now is some time to think. I'm thoroughly convinced that she will come around.

Maggie: Yeah, maybe. That is if she was doing the thinking all by herself.

Frank: Are you seriously mad at me for being on your side?

Simone: The men's room is right down there.

Frank: What kind of answer's that?

Simone: The kind of answer given to someone when she wants to keep her job.

Frank: Okay, so you're not mad at me?

Simone: At you? No, okay? But it's my first night and I'd like to make a good impression.

Frank: Simone, in that outfit, I don't think you can miss.

Simone: What was that drink you wanted, again?

Frank: It's called a working woman. It's sweet, but if you don't watch out, it'll knock you on your -- ahem. It'll knock you out.

Simone: I'll check and see if the bartender knows how to make it.

Mia: You sound jealous.

Jake: Not jealous, just curious.

Mia: I knew Frank ages ago.

Jake: When?

Mia: When we were different people.

Jake: Back when you were "Rocky"?

Mia: I am not a kid, so don't grill me.

Jake: I'm not trying to grill you. But why won't you tell me what's going on with you and Frank?

Mia: Because there's nothing to tell.

Jake: You know, I got to tell you, I wouldn't be seeing the red flag here if you had always been straight with me, but there's been secrets since day one.

Mia: I thought you'd gotten past that.

Jake: I find out that you have a child and that Trey's involved, and now I have Frank Hubbard involved in the mix.

Mia: He's not -- hasn't been in the mix for years.

Jake: How many years? I mean, time matters? When was your son born, Mia? Is Frank -- Frank Hubbard is your son's father, isn't he?

Leo: What's wrong, Kendall?

Kendall: Um -- oh, nothing. Just Ryan being gone just hits me hard, that's all.

Leo: Anyway, my last night in Pine Valley. Let's go wreak some hell. What do you say?

Trey: Uh, first --

Kendall: Donít.

Trey: You better take a look at this.

Maria: Edmund and I just, uh -- we just sort of connected.

Aidan: I know.

Maria: You -- Aidan, you were my first real friend here and you have been so great to me, and I would -- I'm telling you, I would die if that changed.

Aidan: Why would it change?

Maria: Because I made a decision tonight. I have to try to remember being Maria Santos Grey. I mean, I really -- I have got to give it my best shot.

Edmund: Medium, and slap some cheddar on it, thanks.

Bartender: You got it.

Tad: Okay. Yep. Thank you, John. There. You happy now? You'll be in front of your computer in no time at all.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Wait a minute.

Brooke: Hmm? Oh.

Tad: Nope, not me.

Brooke: Uh -- me. Sorry, I thought I turned it off. Hello?

Edmund: Brooke, it's me.

Brooke: Edmund. Are you okay?

Edmund: Yeah, listen, your research, the interviews with the memory experts -- is that in a secured file? Do I need a password?

Brooke: Are you at the office right now?

Edmund: Isabella is with the kids. I might as well put a few hours in.

Brooke: Well, I'll swing by on my home.

Edmund: No, listen, I don't want you to change your plans.

Brooke: No, I want to make sure that you get everything that you need to get there.

Edmund: You sure?

Brooke: Yes, I'm leaving the Valley Inn right now.

Edmund: Okay. I'll see you at the office.

Brooke: Okay. What?

Tad: I'm not going to waste my breath.

Jamie: Why bother?

David: Unbelievable. You'd think she'd at least try to be subtle about it. With Jackson Montgomery, that pompous moron?

Maggie: Whoa, whoa, wait. You don't think she's into him, do you?

David: Well, evidently, he thinks she is.

Anna: So I have been trying to imagine you in this fringed vest and beaded headband.

Jack: Oh, no need for that.

Anna: Well, really because I'm trying to order food on an already delicate stomach.

[Jack chuckles]

Anna: What?

Jack: Maybe room service was the better idea. Look what the cat dragged in.

Anna: David's here. I know. So what?

Jack: You knew that?

Anna: Mm-hmm. I saw him when we were seated.

Jack: Well, I'm no doctor, but from here, it looks his head is about to explode.

Anna: Good. Maybe he'll let something slip.

Jack: So what we're looking for here is a major neurological event, followed by a full confession, yes?

Anna: Well, David knew that the papers and microcassettes that he'd left with Liza had been taken --

Jack: By person or persons unknown.

Anna: Yes.

Jack: Yes.

Anna: And then when he realized that the vial was missing, he risks everything by coming to my office to find it, and then smashing it to smithereens so that it can't be analyzed.

Jack: And that would make one want to know what was in that vial all the more, wouldn't it?

Anna: Well, doesn't it?

Jack: You bet.

Anna: The way I see it is he valued it more than me or our child. So I want to know what he's hiding. He's looking at me, right?

Jack: Yeah, he's looking at you.

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