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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 10/01/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: You sound a lot like him.

Trey: Richard Fields?

Richard Fields' voice: Get this message to your chief.

Trey's voice: Please leave a message at the beep.

Erica: You found my father? You had no right to do that.

Greenlee: I'll make sure Leo never sees you again.

Vanessa: Not while I'm in charge.

Anna: Joe, how's the baby?

Vanessa: Oh. Rubies. Color of blood. Color of betrayal. Oh. Far, far too dramatic for sweet little Nessa. Oh. No. Nothing says "Mother" like pearls.

[Knock on door]

Vanessa: Um -- please come in.

Gary: Mrs. C? Mr. Kenyon's back.

Vanessa: Oh, Trey, darling. I was so hoping you'd drop by. Oh. Oh, thank you, dear.

Trey: Well, you look well, Mother.

Vanessa: Oh, considering this depressing weather. But you look perky.

Trey: Well, I'm in a good place now, thanks to you.

Vanessa: Me? What did I do?

Trey: Well, for starters, you led us to the Proteus stash.

Vanessa: Oh, darling, I was so heartbroken when Leo told me that the stocks were worthless.

Trey: Not completely. Ahem. It did bring Leo and I closer together. The certificates may have won me some points with the D.A.

Vanessa: Oh. And the idea of you going to jail for just pretending to be someone else is --

Trey: Hey, worst-case scenario -- I'll plead down, end up picking up garbage along the highway.

Vanessa: Well, I suppose the fresh air could do you good.

Trey: Anyway, I just really wanted to thank you for coming through for me.

Vanessa: Oh, Darling, you know I -- I would do anything for my boys.

Trey: Well, I'm glad you feel that way because I have another favor to ask.

Vanessa: Anything.

Trey: Tell me who my father is.


[Music plays]

Opal: Yoo-hoo! Erica?

Erica: In here, Opal!

Opal: Opal's gourmet delivery at your service! Oh, my goodness. Well, I don't know that you really need any of this stuff.

Erica: Oh, yes, I do. It's so sweet of you to do this, Opal.

Opal: Oh. Well, you know, when Cupid calls, I come running. Now -- there. Looks to me like you got all the trappings, but where's the trappee?

Erica: I'm going to surprise Chris.

Opal: Ah, surprise him, huh? Well, you got your beluga here and your bubbly and -- I don't know. I would venture to say that that gown there didn't exactly jump off of Lacey's ready-to-slay rack.

Erica: I just want to give Chris a night that he'll never forget.

Opal: Yeah, well, I used to put on the dog like this, too, every time me and Palmer'd have a squabble.

Erica: Well, I mean, Chris and I did have this nothing little tiff. But it's certainly nothing that a little beluga and candlelight can't fix.

Opal: Hmm. Mind my asking how you're going to lure him up here?

Erica: Well, I left a casual message. He'll be here any minute.

Opal: Well, sorry to be the splash of water, but, I mean, if Chris is still fuming over this "nothing little tiff," as you call it, I mean, it's possible that he might not show.

Erica: Opal, don't be ridiculous. I know my man.

Opal: Seems to me you're kind of setting your man up to pass a test he doesn't even know he's taking.

Jake: This hospital is off-limits to you, Hayward.

David: I don't have time for this.

Jake: And the restraining order will be enforced.

David: You think I give a damn about a court order while my wife and child are fighting for their lives? She needs me, Jake. She needs me in there to help her through this.

Leo: Come on, man. No matter what David did, you can't kick him out of here at a time like this.

[Monitor beeps]

Anna: Is the baby all right? Please --

Joe: It's all up to you. You got to stay calm. You got to bring your blood pressure down. We're going to be doing everything we can for you and your baby.

Anna: Okay.

Joe: But, honey, you got to -- you have to learn to relax.

Anna: I know. I will, I will. I'll relax.

Joe: Deep breathing. Try to --

Anna: Hi, Maggie. Hi.

Maggie: How are you?

Anna: I'm a bit scared.

Maggie: Well, I think I have a fix for that outside.

Anna: Yeah?

Maggie: David's here. He wants to see you.

Anna: Joe -- no, I don't want him in here.

Joe: Shh -

Anna: Please, I don't want him in here.

Joe: All right --

Anna: Maggie, you make him leave, okay? Make him leave.

Joe: Okay.

[Monitor alarm beeps]

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Anna: I don't want David in here. I don't want him anywhere near me, Joe, please --

Joe: Look, Anna is under enough stress without David adding to it.

Anna: Maggie, it's not your fault.

Joe: Anna, Anna --

Maggie: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Joe: Calm down, calm down. Calm down. It's all right.

Anna: I'm fine.

Jake: This isn't your call.

David: This isn't your call, either.

Jake: You're right about that. It's Anna’s.

David: Fine.

Jake: I'll check with her.

Maggie: Yeah, I don't -- I don't think that you should go in there. She doesn't want to see you, David. Dr. Joe said that she's already on stress overload. I don't think it's the best idea.

David: She needs me. All right? I know her better than anyone. I know what to say to calm her down, to ease her fears.

Jack: Yes, I'm sure you think you do. But she doesn't want you here.

David: She doesn't know what the hell she wants. She's confused!

Jack: Let me tell you what she doesn't want -- you anywhere around her or the child she's carrying.

Erica: Opal, me testing Chris? How high school is that?

Opal: Honey, it's me you're talking to. I know you, Erica, and this kiss-and-make-up date -- it's just not your style.

Erica: Okay, what is my style?

Opal: Your style is to make the guy shimmy over broken glass to beg your forgiveness, no matter who did what to whom.

Erica: Opal, it just so happens that even though Chris is 100% wrong, I have made a personal decision that I'm going to rise above this --

Opal: Oh, in a hen's heinie.

Erica: Opal, Chris used all of his connections to track down my father, okay? Without my knowledge and without my permission.

Opal: Wow. That must have come as quite a surprise.

Erica: Well, it certainly did, and not a very pleasant one. And Chris says that, you know, maybe I would want to contact my father and just reconcile.

Opal: Yeah, which you'd rather walk barefoot over a bed of burning coals than do that. But did it ever occur to you that maybe this would be an opportunity for you to finally get some closure on all this?

Erica: Opal, I don't need closure.

Opal: Well, you and Chris can discuss it --

Erica: We are not going to have a discussion. There is nothing to discuss. I mean, Chris is just going to take one look at me and the subject of my father is going to go right out of his head.

Opal: Well, if you say so.


Erica: Opal, everything's going to be fine, okay? Just -- thank you very much.

Opal: Well, I guess that's my cue to scram-ola the scene-ola.

Erica: Please. Chris is going to be here any minute.

Opal: Nighty-night.

Erica: Thank you.


Vanessa: I'm -- I'm going to order up a nice cozy pot of tea for us --

Trey: Mother, I asked you a question. Who is my father?

Vanessa: And some scones. Do you like scones, dear?

Trey: Did he know about me? Did he make you give me up?

Vanessa: I told you that was Vanessa.

Trey: I know, I know. But she didn't want me and you did, so help me out here.

Vanessa: Trey, that was so long ago. Come on, just another lifetime.

Trey: I don't need details. I just want a name. I can do the rest.

Vanessa: But a name won't do you any good.

Trey: It'd be a place to start.

Vanessa: No. It will be a dead end.

Trey: You said you'd do anything for your sons.

Vanessa: Anything to protect them, yes.

Trey: To protect me from what?

Vanessa: To -- this is so painful. I'd really prefer not to go back to that time.

Trey: I'm -- I'm sorry for bringing it all back.

Vanessa: Oh, Trey. Trey, you are so far better off forgetting you ever had a father, really.

Trey: You're right. Hell, what do I need him for? I've got two fabulous women in my life.

Vanessa: Two?

Trey: Well, that's what I came over here to tell you.

Vanessa: Well, then, don't keep me in suspense.

Trey: Now, I know you're not so crazy about her, but Kendall is a great girl.

Vanessa: Kendall?

Trey: I don't know how it happened or when, but I know in my heart that she's it for me. And when I get home tonight, I am going to show Kendall just much I love her.

Vanessa: You would sleep with -- no, no, over my dead body, that –

David: You don't know a damned thing about me or my wife or my child.

Jack: I know that you are the reason that she's in this hospital. Now, you want to prove how much you care about her and her baby? You just back the hell off.

David: I belong here, so why don't you back the hell off?

Leo: David, I know you want what you want, but you got to do what's best for Anna right now.

Maggie: And making a spectacle outside her room is not going to help.

Leo: Yeah, do what Jake said. Just keep your cool and your distance.

David: All right, fine, fine. You win. But at least let me stay in the hospital, all right, so I can be close by in case anything happens.

Jake: How do I know that you won't disturb Anna?

David: I don't care. Put a guard on me, if you want to. But I have to be here, Jake. I mean, you know what it's like to lose a child.

Jake: All right, David, you can stay. But you set one foot inside Anna’s room, I'm going to call the cops and I'm going to have them enforce that restraining order and you'll be put in jail.

Leo: Come on. Let's take a walk.

Jake: Dad, how's Anna?

Joe: Stable. Her blood pressure's under control now.

Maggie: What about the baby?

Joe: It's pretty much watch and wait.

Maggie: Well, someone should let David know what's going on.

Joe: David? He's still here?

Jake: Yeah, I let him stay if he promised to behave himself.

Joe: Oh. Well, I better find him and bring him up to date.

Jack: Jake, can I go in and see Anna?

Jake: Yeah, she was asking for you. Just keep it short.

Jack: Okay, I will. Thanks. Hey, you.

Anna: Hi.

Jack: Joe says you're feeling a little bit better, huh?

Anna: I hear you're the one that found me collapsed in a heap.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I was the lucky guy. Got to tell you, Anna, you gave me quite a scare.

Anna: Yeah. Me, too.

Jack: Listen, there's one thing that you certainly don't have to worry about, and that's Hayward.

Anna: Is he gone?

Jack: No. No, he's still lurking around here somewhere. But he's not going to be bothering you. I will guarantee that.

Anna: Oh, you know what? I -- I can't really blame him for this. I brought this all on myself.

Jack: I can't believe that.

Anna: Yeah, I did. You know, I stood my ground against him and I didn't cave. But even though I walked away, I still let him get to me and my baby.


David: Thanks for backing me up, Leo.

Leo: I'm not the bad guy here.

David: Neither am I, damn it.

Leo: David --

David: What?

Leo: A little respect.

David: What? Oh, please. Like he's really listening.

Leo: Well, I am, if you want to talk.

David: I want to talk -- I want to talk to Anna. There are things that I need for her to know.

Leo: Whatever it is can wait.

David: No, Leo, it can't wait. Anna doesn't get it. Don't you understand that? She thinks that all I care about is myself and this baby. I want her to know that I would give up anything, okay? Anything -- my career, my life -- to make sure that she's all right and that anything that happened between us today doesn't change one iota about my love for her.

Joe: Now, David, I don't mean to intrude.

David: It's all right, Joe. It's all right. What -- how's Anna?

Joe: She's going to be just fine.

Leo: The baby?

Joe: We're not so sure.

David: What -- how come she collapsed, Joe?

Joe: David, basically she's suffering from exhaustion -- stress, poor eating habits, sleeping habits. Her blood pressure spiked right up into stroke territory. That's what's put the baby at risk.

David: She's not going to lose it?

Joe: She seems to be stabilizing.

David: Has she asked for me?

Joe: She specifically asked you to stay away. I'm sorry, David. I'll keep you posted.

Leo: David, I'm sorry.

David: No, Leo. Don't feel sorry for me. Jackson is right. If anything happens to this baby, it'll be my fault.

Opal: Oh, you should have seen Erica, Myrt. I mean, she was just rushing around, fussing over that date with Chris like her whole future was riding on it.

Myrtle: Well, maybe it was.

Opal: Well, whatever's going on in that head of hers, it's got nothing to do with dinner.

Myrtle: Oh, that's classic Erica, darling. She finds a good man, she becomes very fond of him, and then she finds a way to make quite sure that it will never, never work.

Opal: I just cannot for the life of me figure out what is so all-fired important about tonight.

Myrtle: Well, let's say she has a date tonight with her past.


Erica: No. He should call me.


Trey: Mother, what do you have against Kendall and me making it?

Vanessa: Trey, do you really know anything about that girl?

Trey: Oh, she's a babe. She's wild, unpredictable, highly --

Vanessa: All right, Trey. Trey, that is a passing fancy.

Trey: Well, if it's passing, I better get some.

Vanessa: Oh, Trey, please.

Trey: Come on, Mother, I'm over 21.

Vanessa: Yes, and you're still too young to commit yourself.

Trey: Well, we're not talking marriage -- yet.

Vanessa: Trey, I made so many mistakes, darling, when I was your age. But, really, can't you see that Kendall Hart is just not right for you, darling? Please, listen to me. Learn from my experience and stay away from that girl.

Trey: What do you have against this?

Vanessa: That -- that she will just take your heart and use it as a scratching post. Come on, darling, be smart.

Trey: Oh, so that's what this is all about, hmm? You're just being the overprotective mother.

Vanessa: I think you should trust my maternal instincts, yes.

Trey: Yeah, well, I have instincts, too, Nessa. You won't tell me who my father is or why me hooking up with Kendall gives you thrombosis, so I have to wonder -- what's the connection here?

Vanessa: Well, what could the connection be? I --

Trey: Close your eyes.

Vanessa: What?

Trey: Close your eyes.

Vanessa: What --

Trey: Now, listen to my voice. Tell me if it reminds you of someone. "You must leave immediately. Please get this message to your chief." Ring any chimes? It's Richard Fields from "Tonight is Forever."

Vanessa: What is that, some movie? I don't believe I've seen it.

Trey: You know, Fields is Kendall's father. She's the one that told me we sound alike.

Vanessa: So you sound alike. Some wild coincidence?

Trey: Yeah, that's what I thought, too, until I started to see you sweat. And then I remembered -- you and Fields were banging around Hollywood around the same time.

Vanessa: As were thousands of aspiring actors --

Trey: But it's a small town. Surely you must have bumped into him at someone's poolside party or at a reading or something. Mother, I have Richard Fields' voice. What else do I have of his, huh? His eyes? His lips? His DNA? Is Richard Fields my father?

Vanessa: Oh, Trey. Richard Fields -- that ham in a leisure suit -- your father? I mean, that's absurd.

Trey: I mention sleeping with Kendall and you have a gag reflex. Even that demon Vanessa would stop me from bedding my own half sister.

Vanessa: Oh -- how could you even think I have anything to do with a reptile like that?

Trey: Well, you wouldn't be the first starlet to sleep her way on to the big screen.

Vanessa: All right, Trey, please --

Trey: Oh, come on! I know who I'm dealing with here. You're facing a string of charges longer than my arm.

Vanessa: And that was Vanessa.

Trey: Oh, right, right, right. And you were just along for the ride. Hmm. Hmm. Well, maybe you were there that night that Vanessa hit the sheets with Fields. Nine months later --

Vanessa: All right, Trey, you really should be very happy that you don't even know who you father is. And don't keep asking questions that you really don't want the answers to!

Trey: Oh, I want to know, and I'm going to find out. I'll hire a PI and have him do some digging. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll hop on a plane and go out to Hollywood, check out your old stomping grounds, talk to some of your cronies at the retired actors’ village.

Vanessa: Trey -- Trey, please, I'm begging you. Will you just leave the past in the past? Because if word should get out on this and if Erica should find --

Trey: Why would Erica Kane care?

Vanessa: All right, just drop it. Just drop it.

Trey: Would she care if you had a fling with the guy who raped her?

Vanessa: Trey, I'm begging you! Just drop it, huh? Just drop it.

Trey: You're scared, Nessa. You're scared that I'm close to something, and it's more than just my paternity, isn't it? It has something to do with you and Erica Kane.

Opal: I am completely stymied by this, Myrt. I mean, Erica just acts like her own worst enemy, putting her men through hoops, expecting them to read her mind like she was just willing them to disappoint her.

Myrtle: Darling, this happens every year at this time. Her father's birthday comes right on the heels of hers, and this stirs up all those terrible fears she has about being abandoned.

Opal: Well, no wonder she's so skittish.

Myrtle: Well, Erica’s father hurt her very deeply. I don't think she'll ever get over it.


Erica: Well, where is he? What could be keeping him? He'll be here. He will.

Opal: Wouldn't it be great if you could just push a button and a whole big chunk of your past would just drop off into the trash bin?

Myrtle: Yeah. But then she would have to admit that it troubled her. And that proud young lady will never admit that the past haunts her.


Chris: Wow, engagement rings aren't the only things that spook you, huh? Lightning, too.

Erica: That night -- the -- the night that Richard Fields raped me -- it was a really stormy night, too, that night.

Chris: I'm sorry, Sweetheart.

Erica: I am Erica Kane. I am not afraid of lightning. I'm not afraid --


[Erica gasps]

Myrtle: I hate -- hate this weather. Makes my teeth chatter. Wonder what havoc it's wreaking on Erica.

Opal: Well, I just think there ought to be something that we could do to help, you know, before this whole night rages out of control and she does something she regrets.

Myrtle: Look, darling, there's no use talking to her. I have tried. She won't listen.

Opal: Well, how about this for an idea?

Jack: Anna, look, I know that ending up in here was a tough break, but you can't blame yourself.

Anna: Who else do I blame? You know, I've been living and breathing this case against David. I'm just running myself into the ground.

Jack: Yeah, and that stops right now. I'm taking over the case.

Anna: Oh, Jackson --

Jack: Just shut up, Devane. He's not your problem anymore. He's mine.

Anna: Well, you're still going to need my deposition.

Jack: Well, I'm not going to need it right this second, okay? From now on, I want you to be living and breathing this life that's growing inside of you.

Anna: I'm not a very good patient.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure you're not. So, for the hospital's sake as much as for yours, we're going to get you out of here as soon as we can and get you home and get you settled, okay?

Anna: What about work?

Jack: Only little, bitty, tiny cases like missing cats, crop circles, stuff like that. It's going to be okay.

Joe: Anna? I know you're anxious to hear the test results.

Anna: Yes. What? Tell me.

Joe: Your blood work is fine. Your baby is fine.

Anna: Good. Thank you. Thanks. Do you hear that? That's good. Thank you.

Jack: Yes, I did.

Anna: My baby's going to be all right.

Leo: David, this -- Anna and the baby -- this whole thing is your mess?

David: You think I wanted this to happen?

Leo: Okay, what did you do this time?

David: Anna and I had a run-in today. She caught me with some evidence. But the point is I pushed her to the limit, Leo. I pushed her to the point where she pulled a gun out on me.

Leo: What? Are you nuts? What the hell were you thinking?

David: I was thinking about saving my backside. That's what I was thinking. Now our baby's in trouble because of my overwhelming stupidity.

Leo: I've got to hand it to you, bro. When you go too far, you really go too far.

David: If Anna loses this baby --

Leo: She's not going to lose the baby. Just focus on Anna. She needs you right now.

David: She doesn't want anything to do with me.

Leo: What did I tell you before? About the time and the space thing?

David: Leo, look, I love you, man, but I just -- I kind of need some time alone right now.

Leo: Okay. That's fine. I'll be shaking down the vending machine.

David: Lord, I've been told I do a pretty good impression of you. I always believed about aiming high. But I learned a really valuable lesson lately. There's only so far I can go. I'm not you. I'm not all-powerful.


David: All right. All right. I'm on my knees -- down on my knees, Lord. I'm begging you. I'm begging you -- please, please, please, save my child.

Leo: Good news, bro. Your baby's going to make it.

Jake: Which is not to say that Anna’s pregnancy is risk-free, but for now everything's under control.

David: Thank you, Jake.

David: What do you know, Leo.

Leo: Hey, I guess life works out sometimes, right?

David: I'll see you.

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- where are you going?

David: I -- where do you think I'm going?

Leo: I don't believe you.

David: What?

Leo: Anna and the baby just got out of the woods, and now you're going to put them through another stress test? Are you --

David: No, no, no, no. I just want to make sure she's all right, that's all.

Leo: No, that's not an option, David. If you go barging in there right now, that's it. That's it. I'm -- I'm cutting you off.

David: Oh, come on, Leo --

Leo: No more chances. No, I mean it. I'm going to give up on you. Okay? This is your one chance to do the right thing, okay? So prove to everybody that you can do the right thing. Put Anna and that baby first. Okay? Now, let's get out of here. Come with me.

Trey: Mother, why are you keeping my father hidden like some dirty little secret? And what does Erica Kane have to do with any of this?

Vanessa: Trey, please, no more questions. You have no idea what you are asking me to do.

Trey: This is amazing. You've been exposed as a drug lord, a kidnapper, and an assassin, but you still have something to hide. You can trust me! Client-attorney privilege still applies. What deep, dark secret are you hiding?

Vanessa: Oh, God, this is -- no, no! I'm just not going back there. I am not! You can't make me. I didn't hear anything!

Gary: What's going on? What did you to do her?

Trey: Nothing. We're just talking. Mother, calm down.

Gary: I think you'd better leave.

Trey: Okay. But the truth is out there, and I'm going to find it.


Opal: Well, what I am thinking is that, you know, we head off Chris at the pass and at least warn him that he's walking into the valley of the shadow of Eric Kane.

Myrtle: Opal, are you crazy? Erica would have our heads.

Opal: Well, what can we do, then?

Myrtle: Oh, it beats me. Look, she's had her whole life to make peace with her past, and it's still her prisoner.

Opal: I thought she dealt with all this stuff at Betty Ford.

Myrtle: Well, most of it. But there are still some very dark places that she can't bear to explore.

Opal: Yeah, like her daddy walking out on her.

Myrtle: Oh, Eric Kane. What a lousy father. He was never there when it counted. But that's not the real problem -- his missing another party. It's what he said and the person he sent in his place.

Opal: Ugh, that piece of slime.

Myrtle: Look, darling, we all know what happened at that party. But Erica still -- still cannot admit to herself or to anyone else that she still blames her father for the rape.

Opal: I wish I could conjure that Richard Fields back here right now so as I could spit on him and condemn him back to damnation.

Myrtle: Darling, she has more to fear than the memory of Richard Fields. No, it's much more serious than that. And until she can actually face and make peace with what her father did, I'm just terribly afraid that the past someday is going to catch up with her.

[Phone rings]

Chris: Stamp here.

Erica: Chris! Finally! Where are you?

Chris: I'm at the office, Sweetheart. I'm up to my eyes in paperwork. What's up?

Erica: Well, didn't you get my message to meet me here at the penthouse?

Chris: No. No, no. I've -- I've been busy. Why? Is -- hope it wasn't something important.

Erica: Well, apparently not to you.

Chris: Erica, I just told you I didn't pick up my messages, and -- what, are you mad at me now?

Erica: Mad? Oh, why should I be mad?

Chris: Well, I don't know. Maybe if you gave me a clue --

Erica: You know, maybe I just dialed the wrong number.


Erica: Oh!


Joe: Your latest ultrasound shows a healthy, thriving baby. When you're a little further on into your pregnancy, we'll do an amnio just as a precaution.

Anna: Right. Definitely. Yeah. Good.

Joe: Okay. However, what I said before still holds -- you must avoid stress. You know, it's crucial if you want to carry the baby to term.

Anna: Okay.

Joe: Okay. I'm going to see if your room is ready.

Anna: Thanks. Thank you, Joe. Thank you.

[Anna sighs]

Jack: Ah. Well, that's the sound of somebody who feels better, yes?

Anna: Oh, yeah.

Jack: Good.

Anna: I really want this baby. I didn't realize how much. All the doubts I had are gone. I just -- I can't wait to be a mom again. It's amazing, really.

Jack: Well, Mommy, tell me, I know that Robin put in an order for a baby brother. Are you going to find out the sex of this child before it arrives?

Anna: Oh, I don't know. I haven't thought about it.

Jack: So, what are you going to do, dress the kid all in beige and put nothing but gender-neutral toys in the nursery?

Anna: Well, that's not so bad. You know, I played with trucks and steam shovels, and I turned out okay.

Jack: I'd say you turned out better than okay. I'll let you in on a little secret. I knew this kid down south. He used to sneak into his girl cousin's dollhouse.

Anna: Oh, really?

Jack: Yes.

Anna: What happened to him?

Jack: Well, eventually he became an inveterate flirt and a confirmed bachelor.

Anna: A softhearted DA?

Jack: No. No, no, no, no. But I can tell you this -- he still remembers fondly Malibu Barbie and that red convertible.

[Anna laughs]

Leo: David, don't do it.

[Jack laughs]

Anna: Malibu Barbie? Come on.

Jack: Malibu Barbie was a total babe.

Anna: No, she's not a babe.

Jack: Total babe.

Anna: No, she was a bleached blonde with a boob job and a parking space at Apago. That's what she was. That's a lot of maintenance.

Jack: So, where's the downside? Oh, the maintenance.

Leo: Almost to the parking lot --

David: I should be in there with my wife, not him.

Leo: I agree, but that's not going to happen. Now, let's go.

Jack: How many names for the wee one coming? How about something nice and Irish –

David: Will you listen to this guy? He's acting like he's the father of my child.

Leo: Anna has her orders and you have yours. Now, come on. Stay away.

David: All right, all right, all right.

Anna: In all the madness, I forgot to tell you this -- the evidence.

Jack: What evidence?

Anna: Well, it's the evidence that got me here in the first place. It was the hardest call I had to make. But I think I have what we need to put David away.

Jack: You think it's solid?

Anna: Oh, definitely it's solid -- by the way that he was acting when I took it. It's on my desk. I forgot about it. It's on my desk.

Jack: Well, we'll get it tagged, bagged, and locked up safe where it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.


Vanessa: I had to leave. I had no choice.


[Erica gasps]

[Erica gasps]



Man: Erica?


Man: Erica, where are you?

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Leo: Let me do it. Let me get rid of the evidence.

Hayley: I don't think you should just give up Edmund without a fight.

Maria: I need to find my own place.

Aidan: You can't leave.

[Erica screams]

Trey: Ugh!

Erica: Oh! Oh!

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