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All My Children Transcript Friday 9/27/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: I know you're trying to figure out who burned down Ericaís house. Well, I know who did it. It was Trey Kenyon.

Liza: Maybe I should just talk to counsel.

Anna: Could you just look at me as though I'm not the chief of police investigating a case? I'm just a woman trying to find out how much the man I love has betrayed me.

Leo: I have something I need to tell you. I can't go to Paris, not now.

Jack: Would you please repeat what you just said?

Kendall: The person who burned down Ericaís house was Trey Kenyon.

Jack: And you know this how?

Kendall: First of all, his name is not even Trey Kenyon. His real name is Ben Sheppard. He's posing as Trey Kenyon, and he's Vanessa Cortlandtís biological son. That's why he's here, because of her. What are you doing?

Jack: I want Chris Stamp to hear this.

Kendall: No, I don't! No, there's no way in hell I'm talking to Chris Stamp.

Anna: Hi.

Liza: Anna. I was wondering how you were, I mean, since the last time -- what's this?

Anna: It's a subpoena for any material that you might have in your possession relating to David Hayward.

Liza: A subpoena to search my home?

Anna: Only if I have to. I'm hoping that you'll cooperate.

Liza: How could you do this? I mean, the last time we talked, I --

Anna: I know. Yeah. I was in a bad place, and you were very sympathetic. I appreciate that.

Liza: But now it's fine to treat me like a common criminal?

Anna: No. I asked you a question about your connection to David, and you didn't answer me. This is my job. I'm not going to -- and, really, just -- this is just a little memory jog, that's all.

Liza: No, it's an insult, and you know it. David got to me in a very vulnerable time. I had a brain tumor, for God's sake.

Anna: That's not what I asked.

Liza: David got me involved in a rather bad business deal.

Anna: Yeah. I know. And I understand that you resent that.

Liza: Yes, he took advantage of me.

Anna: So why did you use one of Chandler's attorneys to get him out of jail? I know you're hiding something. He's not worth it, Liza.

Liza: So, am I in trouble?

Anna: No. Let's keep it that way. Tell me what you know about David, what it is that he's so afraid I'm going to find out.

Greenlee: What did you say?

Leo: Look, Davidís in a mess, and I can't leave Pine Valley right now.

Greenlee: That's what I thought.

Leo: We're still going to go to Paris. We will. It's just we can't go --

Greenlee: What did you say to Leo, huh?

David: I don't --

Greenlee: What did you pull?

Maggie: Whoa, whoa, wait.

David: I didn't say anything --

Maggie: Hold on a sec. They did not do anything.

Greenlee: I didn't ask you.

Leo: Greenlee, this is my decision. David needs me.

Greenlee: For how long? And the way I hear it, he's in enough trouble to last until you're too old to get on a plane without a walker.

Leo: I -- I can't put a timetable on it right now, but we're -- we're eventually going to go.

Greenlee: Translation -- we're here for the rest of our lives.

Leo: No, we're not, Greenlee. You know that I would do anything for you.

Greenlee: Then take me to Paris right now.

Leo: I think that we should talk about this when --

Greenlee: You know what? You told we'd be out of here as soon as we found Vanessaís money.

Leo: That's what I thought.

Greenlee: We'd turn it in and we'd be free. That's what you said. That's what we've been waiting for all these months.

Leo: But my family is in a crisis right now, Greenlee.

Greenlee: What's new? When anyone screws up in this town, the first thing they do is become one of your relatives.

Leo: I'm being serious.

Greenlee: You think I'm not? Look at me, Leo. This is the face of a woman who is seriously questioning your sanity. Hey, where do you think you're going?

David: Well, we thought we'd give you guys some privacy.

Greenlee: No, no, no, forget privacy. Stop suckering my husband.

David: No, Greenlee. No, we're on your side. Believe me, we would love for Leo to go and just -- Leo, just forget about us.

Greenlee: Good. Good. Then it's settled.

Leo: Hold on, please. I -- I wish that you would understand --

Greenlee: No, I understand completely. The great con artist is being royally conned.

Maggie: How, huh? Did you hear what he just said? He's practically pushing you out the door.

David: Nobody's conning anybody, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, really?

Trey: Well, I totally agree with David. You two need to work this out on your own.

David: Yeah -- um -- okay, guys, play nice, okay?

Greenlee: Don't touch me.

Leo: Okay, I saw that look that you gave Trey. You can't blame him for this, Greenlee. It isn't his fault. And I know that you don't trust him --

Greenlee: Oh, but now you do?

Leo: Now that I got to know him a little bit, yeah, I do.

Greenlee: Well, that's just adorable.

Leo: You're the one who told me to make a decision about how I feel about him.

Greenlee: That was before he messed up my plans.

Leo: Do you have any idea how self-centered that sounds?

Greenlee: Of course it is. I'm self-centered. I'm Greenlee Smythe and my world revolves around me and my world, and I revolve around you.

Leo: That's right, Greenlee --

Greenlee: You're the real center of my universe, and you like it like that.

Leo: I love it -- most of the time.

Greenlee: But now you're choosing them over me.

Leo: I'm not choosing anybody!

Greenlee: Wrong answer. You're supposed to say you choose me, you big jerk.

Leo: This -- this isn't a contest, honey.

Greenlee: Yes, it is. And if you can't say that you choose me over that bunch of psych ward rejects you call a family, then -- then you should be with them.

Leo: That is so not fair.

Greenlee: Because, obviously, you don't care about me.

Leo: How can you say that? Everything that I do is for you!

Greenlee: Well, then do one more thing for me and leave me alone.

Leo: Fine! Gladly!

Greenlee: Go! Go ahead!

Leo: I am!

Greenlee: Go be with your arsonist brother!

[Door slams]

Greenlee: Don't come crying back to me when you find out he burned down Ericaís house.

Leo: What did you just say?

Maggie: Hey. What's wrong with you?

Trey: I just -- Leo totally blew me away when he told Greenlee he couldn't go to Paris because David needed him.

Maggie: Talk about bonding.

Trey: That just throws me that someone could do that.

Maggie: Yeah, especially Leo. I mean, I always thought his main investment in life was Leo.

Trey: Yeah, that was my take.

Maggie: Yeah, but, you know, Bianca -- Bianca is really close with him and she's always said if he believes in you, then he will totally go to the mat for you. So maybe she's right.

Trey: I can see it. I told him so many lies. I totally expected him to just shut me out. But we pulled it together, found Vanessaís stash, got smashed.

Maggie: See? Talk about second chances.

Trey: Well, what about me? Will you give me a second chance, too?

Jack: If you know anything about this case, Kendall, you had better talk to him.

Kendall: Chris will not listen if it comes from me.

Jack: I promise you I will not let this get personal, okay?

Kendall: Would that be before or after you walk on water?

Jack: Your choice. Chris, Jack Montgomery. Listen, I'm here in Annaís office and I have something I think you should hear. No, right now. Bye.

Kendall: This --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where you going?

Kendall: I'm telling you, he's not going to listen.

Jack: Listen to me. He's a professional. All he wants to do is close this case, okay?

Kendall: Okay, listen, he's Ryanís dad.

Jack: Yes, he is.

Kendall: He blames me for Ryan leaving.

Jack: That has nothing to do with this right now. Just have a seat, please.

Kendall: Listen, I'm not saying that he is wrong. I'm just -- I'm just saying that he's not going to listen to me.

Jack: Okay, just try to keep focused on the big picture here, okay?

Kendall: I'm not the problem. I'm just telling you what Chris is going to do.

Jack: You've made some very serious allegations against Trey Kenyon.

Kendall: Just -- just make sure Chris knows that, okay?

Jack: Yes, I will. Again, I'm telling you, I will not let this get personal. Chris, come in.

Chris: What is she doing here?

Jack: She has some information about the arson at Ericaís house.

Chris: Hell she does.

Kendall: That's it, I'm out of here.

Jack: No -- no, sit --

Kendall: Forget this!

Jack: No, sit down, Kendall, will you? Chris, listen to what she has to say. She -- she has information that implicates Trey Kenyon.

Chris: Your attorney?

Kendall: We all make mistakes.

Chris: Yeah, but you seem to keep making them over and over and over again.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's not do this. Kendall, just start at the beginning and tell us the story, okay?

Kendall: Okay. Trey's real name is Ben Sheppard, and he's Vanessa Cortlandt's biological son. I told you that.

Jack: Yes, yes.

Kendall: If you don't believe me, you can ask Leo or David.

Jack: No, nobody is disputing you. Now, go ahead, please.

Kendall: Trey came here because Vanessa dumped him when he was born and he figured that she owed him. So he was after the $10 million that everyone else was after. He figured it should be his. But then he and Leo bonded somehow and they agreed to turn the money in.

Chris: Leo and Trey are working together?

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, I didn't actually believe that Trey was willing to turn the money in, but he was. And then Vanessa told them where it was and they found it, only it turned out it wasn't worth a cent.

Chris: Wait, wait, wait. They found the money?

Kendall: Yeah, at the state park. And I'm wondering if the reason Trey was so willing to turn it in was because he knew what they would find.

Jack: Kendall, before you --

Kendall: But he didn't know that. He didn't know that when he broke into Ericaís house to steal your files. And then he burned the house down to cover his tracks.

Jack: Okay, whoa, Kendall -- Kendall, whoa, whoa whoa. Now, just back up. You telling us that Leo and Trey found the Proteus money?

Kendall: Yes! Aren't you guys listening to me? Yes.

Chris: Where -- where is it?

Kendall: Leo has it, and he's going to bring it in.

Jack: And Trey is going along with that?

Kendall: Yeah. But that doesn't mean he should get away with what he did.

Jack: No, nobody is getting away with anything here.

Kendall: He stole my lighter and tried to make it look like I set that fire.

Chris: Well, according to you.

Kendall: Listen to me, I am telling you. I am telling you, Trey tried to make sure that I took the fall for him. He never wanted to -- to defend me. He wanted me to plead guilty.

Chris: Right, and exactly how do you know he took your lighter?

Kendall: Well, it had to be him. It wasn't even missing until I was in jail.

Chris: Oh, that's according to you.

Kendall: Chris, you were the one who told me to try to figure out who would want to frame me, and I thought about it. I'm telling you, it was Trey.

Jack: Okay. Okay, we'll look into this. We will.

Kendall: No. You guys -- you guys need to do more than that. You guys need to go and get him!

Chris: No, no. All we have right now, Kendall, is your word against Trey's, and there aren't many things that I trust on this planet less than your word.

Liza: Maybe I need to talk to my lawyer.

Anna: Only if you're planning on giving me a hard time. I don't know why you're putting yourself on the line like this for David.

Liza: I think I should talk to my lawyer.

Anna: Liza, you know what he did to Maria.

Liza: You know, you know what I know? I know that David saved Mariaís life.

Anna: No, he forced her into hiding and he kept her away from her children.

Liza: She didn't remember them.

Anna: Because she didn't have a chance. You know, she was so busy running around the country hiding from all the authorities.

Liza: I know that.

Anna: The other day when we talked, you said that Colby was the only reason that you stay here with Adam in spite of everything that he has done to hurt you because she is that precious to you.

Liza: She's my child.

Anna: Yes. Well, David kept Maria away from her children for years.

Liza: Anna, I know that this is personal to you.

Anna: No, donít. Listen. Even now that Maria understands what David did to her, she's still not going to press charges.

Liza: You can understand that, can't you?

Anna: No, I canít. Oh. I don't want to understand that.

Liza: But you can.

Anna: Yeah. One woman after the other. First Dixie and then Maria --

Liza: And?

Anna: Now me, God knows. No matter what he does, we always forgive him.

Liza: Well, why can't you just accept that you're this full-fledged member of the club? You have David, I have Adam.

Anna: You said I was on a mission. You're right. It has nothing to do with my job or justice. I need to get out of the club.

Liza: And you think that if --

Anna: I just -- I can get him into jail. I mean, that's where he belongs. I need to that -- for myself, for my baby.

Liza: You need to know that you're strong enough to do that.

Anna: I don't know that I am. Maria -- she's not going to help me build this case, so I don't know.

Liza: I want immunity. I want somebody to talk to the D.A. and make sure that no charges are brought against me.

Anna: Oh, yeah. I'll get it in writing from Jackson. That's fine. The D.A. will go along with that. We're not after you, Liza, it's David we want.

Liza: Anna, I don't want your word in writing, I just want your word.

Anna: You have my word. Tell me what you know about David.

Liza: It's not what I know, it's what I have. It might be what you're looking for.

Anna: Why?

Liza: I don't know. But I'll get it, and then you can decide.

David: I saved her life. There's no crime in that. I'm innocent.

Greenlee: Trey is the one who set the fire at Ericaís house.

Leo: What? Okay -- I understand that you're a little upset about Paris, Greenlee, but blaming a guy for something like that just to get even is just --

Greenlee: I'm not. I really think he did it.

Leo: Why would he do something like that?

Greenlee: Because he wanted the Proteus files from Chris and he had to cover his tracks.

Leo: So, what, he just torched the place? Come on!

Greenlee: That's exactly what he did, and then he stole Kendall's lighter to make it look like she did it.

Leo: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Kendall? What -- what does Kendall have to do with this?

Greenlee: It makes sense.

Leo: No, no, no. If you think that Kendall makes sense about anything, then I think you've been spending a little bit too much time with her, Greenlee. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Greenlee: Do you realize what this is?

Leo: What what is?

Greenlee: It's our first fight as a married couple.

Leo: I guess it is. But don't look like that. It had to happen at some point.

Greenlee: No, it didnít. I've been trying so hard to be nice to that crew you call a family, and I swore I wouldn't fight about them if it killed me.

Leo: Greenlee, that was very sweet of you.

Greenlee: And I almost did it, if we'd gone to Paris today like we were supposed to.

Leo: Greenlee, I explained to you --

Greenlee: No, I know, I know. Suddenly you've become caretaker for your whole dysfunctional clan. My God, what happened to you?

Leo: I haven't changed.

Greenlee: You said we'd leave as soon as you were free. Well, you're free, and I have a job in Paris. There's nothing keeping us here.

Leo: And I explained to you that --

Greenlee: That you have to stick around for a bunch of nut jobs who have manipulated you.

Leo: Greenlee, don't blame them for any of this, please.

Greenlee: You're right. You're right. It's your fault for letting them get to you when you should be all mine.

Leo: I am. And I always will be.

Greenlee: I don't know what that means anymore. I married a man who was romantic and had adventure, and he's morphed into this -- this social worker/family therapist/nursemaid for the neurotic.

Leo: I just -- I just want to be there for them.

Greenlee: Well, I don't want to stick around Pine Valley while you do it.

Leo: Greenlee, please, just -- that's not fair.

Greenlee: I'm not being fair? You promised me Paris. You promised me street musicians and croissants.

Leo: I know. I know, and that's what you're going to have and more.

Greenlee: I want it all now.

Leo: Greenlee, please be reasonable.

Greenlee: No, I canít. I canít. Because if I'm reasonable, we'll never get out of here.

Leo: That's not true, Greenlee.

Greenlee: It's up to you, Leo. What are we going to do? Do we go now or never?

Leo: It can't be now.

Greenlee: Then it's never.

Maggie: Trey, I'm not sure what you're looking for here. You know, I'm here with you right now. Isn't that a vote of confidence?

Trey: I'm talking about later, when -- I'm afraid that Davidís not the only one looking at legal trouble.

Maggie: All right, so what does that have to do with me?

Trey: I want to know -- will you stand by me if I get jammed?

Maggie: Look, if you're talking about you facing charges because you pretended to be somebody else, I know you did what you did because you wanted to get back at Vanessa, and, trust me, no one wants payback for what she's done more than I do.

Trey: So you're saying it's a matter of what I did and why I did it? You're saying that there are going to be conditions?

Maggie: No. No conditions.

Trey: But you just said that --

Maggie: Will you just trust me? I have your back covered. All right? Will you just take yes for an answer for once?

Trey: Okay. Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Trey: What?

Leo: Here it is, the late, great Comronco stock. It's time to hand it over to the D.A.

Maggie: Well, what about Greenlee? Isn't she in on it?

Leo: This is all about Greenlee, Maggie. Handing this over to the Feds is the first step in keeping all my promises to her.

Maggie: I see.

Trey: Do you want to come with us?

Maggie: Oh. I -- I would love to, but I actually promised to help out at the hospital. So will you give me a lift?

Trey: Sure. Let's do it. Let's finally clear your record once and for all.

Maggie: Let's go.

Leo: Let's do it.

Jack: No, no, no. Just stay here. Please?

Chris: I'm just saying I need proof and Kendall doesn't have it.

Kendall: Well, how about this? After the fire, Simone saw burn marks on Trey's arm.

Chris: Okay, I'll play. He had a run-in with a stove or he burned his arm on a hot water pipe from his shower.

Kendall: Well, how about when Greenlee and Leo went to Paris? He -- he followed them there when they were looking for --

Chris: It's a coincidence. He's on vacation.

Kendall: Well, then how about you look at every damn move the guy has made since he came here pretending to be somebody he's not?

Chris: How about you give me proof he took your lighter?

Kendall: Well, I -- I can't actually do that.

Chris: How did I know that?

Kendall: But I can testify that he was in the room at the station where they put my personal belongings. He could have stolen it.

Chris: Jackson, would you explain the facts to her?

Jack: Kendall, we need more than just your hunch.

Kendall: I know Trey did it. I know it was him. He had the perfect opportunity.

Chris: Look, why don't you try explaining it to her.

Jack: Let me put it to you this way. Since you've been convicted of perjury, any decent defense attorney is going to put you on that stand and cut you to ribbons. You understand me?

Kendall: No, they can't keep holding that against me.

Chris: It's a part of your life, Kendall! Any good attorney is going to put you up there --

Kendall: It's not fair! It's not fair.

Chris: Yeah, well, while he's reminding them that you're a liar, you're going to keep trying to sell a load of crap, a load of garbage that you don't have a shred of evidence to back it up with.

Kendall: Trey knew that. He -- he chose the perfect victim.

Chris: You, a victim?

Kendall: Yeah, me, a victim. There is not one person in this town who will believe me. They all still think I set the fire, even though your precious St. Erica finally came forward and admitted that I didn't do it.

Chris: Finally? Finally? What do you mean, "Finally"?

Kendall: Well, it took her long enough.

Chris: Oh, so, what, now you're expecting an apology?

Kendall: No, I'm expecting you to do your damn job and go get Trey!

Chris: Well, you give me a shred of evidence and I will!

Kendall: It's out there! It's out there. You'll find it. You will find it. And after you do, after you arrest that two-faced liar, I want an apology.

Liza: David said that this was his research material.

Anna: Oh, he left this with you?

Liza: Yes, he gave it to me. And then when he knew the police -- you -- had connected us, he wanted it back.

Anna: He didn't want to risk us finding it.

Liza: No, he was desperate. In fact, I've never quite seen him like that.

Anna: Did he say what this was?

Liza: No, just that it could put him in jail and me with him.

Anna: No. No, not you. You don't have to worry about that.

Liza: Maybe not from you.

Anna: Not from David, either.

Liza: You sure about that?

Anna: Yeah. I guarantee it, now that I have this.

Liza: Do you know what it is?

Anna: No. No. Forensics will tell us. Whatever it is, though, I think you're right. It's probably what I need to put David away.

Liza: I hope so.

Anna: Thank you for this.

Kendall: I know it was Trey.

Jack: Kendall, what you know is one thing, but what I can prove in court is another.

Kendall: This is nuts. He did it. He's the only one who could have.

Jack: Okay, okay, we'll look into it, all right? But in order for me to put Trey away, I need hard evidence.

Kendall: Well, fine. If that's what it takes, then I'll take care of it.

Chris: Wait. "What it takes"? What does that mean?

Kendall: I'm sharing a place with Trey, and I've been trying to get him to trust me for a while.

Jack: Listen, listen, listen -- if you're thinking of doing --

Kendall: No, I'll see what I can find out for you guys. Maybe I'll find the stolen files.

Jack: Don't find out anything for us guys. I told you we will look into it.

Kendall: He's got to have them somewhere.

Jack: Kendall, listen to me, all right? I don't want you putting yourself in danger, and I certainly don't want you tipping Trey off to what we suspect.

Kendall: I can take care of myself.

Chris: That's an understatement.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Are you ever going to just lay off?

Jack: Will you both just lay off for a second, please? Yeah? Send them in. Well, looks like you called it. Leo's on his way in, and he's got Trey Kenyon with him.

Kendall: Well, I -- I got to get out of here. If Trey finds out what I just told you --

Chris: He won't.

Kendall: No, he will if he sees me. He'll put the pieces together.

Chris: No, no, no. We'll handle it.

Kendall: Oh, that's reassuring.

Jack: Actually, she makes a good point. We don't dare let Trey know what we know. He has no connections to this town, not really. We play this wrong, he could be gone by morning.

Kendall: What is your damn problem? I told you to just leave me the hell alone!

David: You gave that to Anna. Are you really sure you want to do that, Liza?

Anna: Could you give us a moment alone, please?

Liza: Gladly.

David: I hope you don't think that Liza's an innocent bystander. She financed my research. She was instrumental --

Anna: She's cooperating with us now, as a good member of the community should. Not that you'd know anything about that.

David: I've done more for my community than Liza Chandler will ever do. I've saved people's lives.

Anna: Oh, God, yes, it always comes down to that, doesn't it? Saving lives. That justifies everything.

David: You're damn right it does.

Anna: Really? You honestly believe that you can ruin people and break the rules and play God?

David: If I have to. What do you think I was doing that night when I found Maria? I was saving her life.

Anna: I think you were using an untested drug.

David: You'll never prove that.

Anna: Is that a denial or a confession?

David: You don't know what you're talking about, Anna.

Anna: No. You're right. I donít. But I think when forensics gets hold of this, I'll find out.

David: If that's what you really want to do. If you want to take the fact that I kept Maria alive and use it against me. If you can live with yourself for that, Anna --

Anna: No, any trouble you are in, you got there on your own.

David: No, you are doing this to me. The mother of my child.

Anna: Oh, please.

David: You think that I betrayed you, Anna, but I never, ever did that.

Anna: What are you doing? Don't turn this back on me.

David: This is on you. You want to destroy my life. You want to keep me from healing another person.

Anna: What are you doing?

David: You're creating this whole thing because of some vendetta you have all of a sudden.

Anna: This isn't about you.

David: Bull.

Anna: Oh, right. Of course, I forgot. It is always about you.

David: You made this about me.

Anna: No, you did. You always do. This isn't about me or the law or even our child. It's always, always all about you.

Greenlee: This was ours. From our wedding.

Chris: What the hell is your problem?

Kendall: I have done nothing wrong, and you keep bringing me in here asking me all these bogus questions, and we both know why.

Jack: Kendall, just calm down, will you, please?

Kendall: You keep it up, I will have my lawyer here slap you with a suit for harassment.

Jack: Chris, if you don't have anything on her, you've got to let her go.

Chris: Sit down, and I'll think about it. Sit.

Leo: Okay, well, I'm here to keep my end of our deal. I told you that if I managed to find Vanessaís Proteus stash that I would turn it over to you, right?

Jack: Right.

Leo: Well, here it is.

Leo: That's it.

Jack: Vanessa bought stock with the drug money?

Leo: Yeah, thousands of shares of Comronco.

Jack: Comronco is in the toilet. They filed for bankruptcy.

Leo: Yeah, well, this was worth 10 million when she bought it.

Trey: And it's worth about 28 bucks now.

Leo: I know that you guys were probably expecting a lot more than this, something a little more spectacular, but, well, we did have a bargain, and I kept my end of it, so I want my freedom.

Jack: You've got it.

Leo: Yeah?

Jack: Good luck, Leo. Thank you.

Leo: Thanks. I -- just -- thanks. Yeah!

Chris: Mr. Kenyon. Still have a couple of questions for you.

David: This isn't about me. This is about us.

Anna: No, not anymore.

David: How many times have we said to one another that we're exactly the same?

Anna: A lot.

David: Yeah, that's right, Anna, because we are. We have the guts to bend the rules, to break them if need be.

Anna: Don't you mean the arrogance?

David: Okay. All right. So we're arrogant. So was Jonas Salk and Marie Curie.

Anna: You're comparing yourself to them?

David: I'm saying that the world needs their kind of arrogance and ours.

Anna: No. Not me. I am no part of this anymore.

David: You used to understand that there were exceptions to the rules. That's why we fell in love with each other.

Anna: Do you hear what I'm saying? Things have changed.

David: Not with us.

Anna: Yeah -- I have. I'm no longer the same idiot that used to think it was so cute when you found legal loopholes.

David: I was a challenge, and you loved it as much as I did.

Anna: See now, "loved it" is past tense. There's too much at stake now, David.

David: So what? So what are you saying? What, you want a boring little life now? Safety first? What, seat belts and life insurance? Anna --

Anna: I do. I do. I am just over playing backup to you.

David: I don't believe it. I don't believe that.

Anna: Believe it. Because I've had to face the fact that I no longer -- I fell in love with the wrong man.

David: I am not the wrong man for you.

Anna: You are. And not just because you always break the rules.

David: Don't keep going on about the damn rules.

Anna: You used that drug of yours on Maria.

David: Yes. Yes. And she's alive now because of it.

Anna: No, you used a human being as a lab rat. You're lucky you didn't kill her.

David: Luck had nothing to do with it. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Anna: Did you? Okay. Maybe you did, but then it's what you did to her afterwards.

David: I did what I felt I needed to do at that time, Anna.

Anna: Two little kids -- they thought their mother was dead. Her husband never stopped grieving for her.

David: Oh, that's very interesting considering the fact that he was about to marry somebody else, and Brooke would have been a wonderful mother for those kids.

Anna: She wouldn't have had to be if Maria had been around.

David: Around for what? What? So she can come back in their lives and torture them the way she's doing right now? That is why I didn't tell her about them.

Anna: Oh, so you were just thinking about them? You did this all for them? What would we do without you, David?

David: Ask yourself this -- are they better off now with her back in their lives? She doesn't feel anything, Anna. She canít.

Anna: She will.

David: Those kids are going through all this pain for nothing, and she'll never get her memory back.

Anna: Well, how do you know that?

David: Chances are much greater that her memory loss is permanent.

Anna: Well, even so, it was not your choice to make.

David: So what should I have done, huh, Anna? Should I have taken her to the hospital? And that would have been playing by the rules. Of course, she'd be dead now. But what the hell, I wouldn't be in this trouble, right? Is that what you would have done?

Anna: Oh, stop turning this back on me.

David: Or would you have protected yourself if you saw a chance to save a person's life?

Anna: I would have helped her back into her life. Oh, don't suck me into this. Don't suck me into this.

David: That's what I want to hear, okay? That's what you're saying? You're saying that you would have destroyed yourself, you would have given away the gift that you were given to save another person's life?

Anna: I am saying that you should have saved her and returned her and suffered the consequences. That's what you should have done.

David: Then you and I never would have met and you wouldn't be carrying our child. Those are the consequences, Anna.

Anna: Oh.

Anna: I'm taking this evidence to forensics, and if it implicates you in any way, I'm going to find you and arrest you, and there is nothing you can say that is going to stop me.

David: I can't let you do that, Anna. I can't let you take that bag.

Greenlee: How did you know I was here?

Leo: I didn't know. I just -- I just felt it. Greenlee, what you said earlier about not knowing who I am --

Greenlee: I shouldn't have.

Leo: You know who I am. I'm the guy who loves you more than anything or anyone he's ever known.

Leo: And I'm the guy who wants our first fight to be our last. Greenlee, I love being the center of your world, and I want more than anything for you to be the center of mine -- forever.

Trey: So, what more do you want from us? Leo and I found Vanessaís mother lode -- all this stock right here. We brought it straight to you.

Chris: That was Leo's deal, right?

Jack: Yeah, that's right. That was Leo's deal.

Trey: We helped you close your case, so what's the problem?

Chris: So I understand why Leo would be willing to bring back the stock to us, but I don't understand why you would.

Trey: Because it's the right thing to do, because I'm a good citizen, any or all of the above.

Chris: Yeah, from what -- from what I've seen, you know, you're not bad at your work.

Trey: Thank you.

Chris: So you must understand, then, what you've just done to Vanessa. I mean, you've turned over evidence that implicates your client in some serious crimes. And I'm just wondering why.

Trey: Okay. I have a confession to make.

Anna: Get out of my way, or I'm taking you in for obstructing a police investigation.

David: I already told you, I can't let you take that.

Anna: What are you going to do? Are you going to hit me? I'm carrying your child.

David: I'm aware of that.

Anna: So this evidence is more important to you than me or your child?

David: Anna, give me the bag.

Anna: I can't do that.

David: I'm sorry to hear that.

David: You know you're not going to use that on me.

Anna: Are you sure? You really sure?

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