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All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/26/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Leo: Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this.

Greenlee: Look, it's not cash, it's -- stock certificates? Please tell me you're kidding.

Leo: No, I'm not. This is all worthless.

Maria: I just have to get out of here. Can we just go, please?

Aidan: Yeah, sure.

David: You're the mother of my child. Maureen was just a patient. If she can forgive me, why can't you?

Leo: Hey. What are you doing here? Hey. Get up. Let's go. Rise and shine. Get up. Oh, my God, my head is killing me. Oh, man.

Trey: What the -- Leo --

Leo: Looks like you had at least one too many.

Trey: Oh, looks like I had company.

Leo: Hey, it's not every day you lose $10 million. I know we were going to give the money back, but, you know --

Trey: It's still a shock.

Leo: Yeah. Well, let's get up. Let's get that money turned over to the D.A. so we can --

Trey: Yeah, you would think that a criminal mastermind would have known better than to sink all her money in one lousy company, right? Did anybody ever tell her about diversification?

Leo: Well, not everybody was born to play the stocks. Yes, Sirree, so -- that's not my business. All I care about is those shares are my get-out-of-jail-free card, so let's get moving. Come on.

Trey: Where's Greenlee?

Leo: She's gone. She's probably over at the office arranging for the transfer to Paris tomorrow. By this time tomorrow, we're going to be sipping Merlot.

Trey: No, please, just --

Leo: Oh, sorry. By this time tomorrow, we're going to be sitting by the Seine watching the classy Parisian garbage float by. You're not jealous, are you?

Trey: No. No, because you're not the only one leaving this joke town. I'm out of here, too.

Kendall: Excuse me. Can you please get him a ginger ale?

Bartender: Isn't it a little bit early in the day to be having a soda? Why aren't you in school?

Kendall: Not that it's any of your business, but he's sick, he's not feeling well. His father's out of town and his mother is on her way here to get him.

Petey: Kendall's my nanny. She takes care of me.

Kendall: That's right, and I happen to know that ginger ale settles his stomach.

Petey: Actually, two ginger ales would make me feel even better.

Bartender: How about we start with one?

Kendall: I cannot believe I let you talk me into getting that trashy comic book.

Petey: You wanted something from me, I get something from you.

Kendall: I know what I'd like to give you.

Petey: Anyway, "Surfer Chicks Undercover" isn't a comic book. It's a graphic novel.

Kendall: No, it's -- it's sleaze on paper.

Petey: And hot.

Kendall: I am way too young to be stuck here hanging out with you. It sure is taking her a hell of a long time to get across town.

Petey: Chill, okay? She was in the shower when I called. And here she is now. Hey!

Kendall: Go, do your thing. Go! Go!

Bianca: Petey. Are you okay?

Petey: Oh, Bianca, thank you for coming.

Bianca: I came as soon as I could. Are you really feeling that sick?

Petey: It was pretty bad.

Bianca: Oh, man, and your parents still aren't here? What -- Petey, you said that you didn't know where your parents were and that you were scared.

Petey: I was.

Bianca: Well, you didn't happen to mention that you were here with the nightmare version of Mary Poppins.

Automated voice: You have one new message.

Anna's voice: David, it's me. I need to talk to you. Please call me as soon as you get this.

David: Anna.

Jack: Are you okay? Dumb question. You're tough, Chief. You will be okay.

Anna: Yeah.

Jack: Well, I've certainly heard that said with more confidence.

Anna: He has his own personal code of justice. You know, the rest of the world, we have to live by the law, but he gets a free pass. I'm so curious as to why.

Jack: He does not get a free pass, not as far as I'm concerned.

Anna: Yeah. When David ruined Dixie’s marriage, she -- she fell into his arms. And he basically steals Maria’s life and she forgives him. I'm just one more in a long line of self-deluded, self-destructive suckers.

Jack: Yeah. You just might be. Life provides the scholar with a plethora of choices.

Bianca: Okay. Are his parents missing or what?

Kendall: Actually, Opal is kind of on her way here to get him.

Bianca: Petey, why did you call me and tell me that you were alone?

Petey: I don't know, Bianca. Nanny Kendall asked me to.

Kendall: Okay, before you want to get into it with me, just keep in mind he's not feeling well and his stomach's already a little rocky.

Bartender: There you go, kid. Feel better.

Bianca: Kendall, for the last time, what are you up to?

Kendall: Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I had to do it this way, but I knew that you would dust me off if I called and asked to meet you.

Bianca: Oh, which is exactly what I'm going to do right now.

Kendall: No, no, no, listen --

Bianca: I'm out of here, Kendall.

Kendall: No, Bianca, wait, wait. I know who set fire at Erica’s house.

Leo: Where you going?

Trey: Well, anywhere but here. This place has been kicking me around ever since I got here. Besides, I came here to get rich.

Leo: What, on Vanessa’s dough?

Trey: Yeah, yeah, I was planning on it.

Leo: Well, I thought that we were going to turn that money in when we found it.

Trey: Oh, yeah, yeah. And then I'll be more broke than ever.

Leo: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. That's not true. When you came here, you were an orphan. Now you've got a mother, two brothers, a cousin.

Trey: You. $10 million. David. $10 million.

Leo: Oh, you love us, you know it. My head is killing me, man. Yeah, could I speak with, uh, the district attorney, Jackson Montgomery, please? He's not? Well, do you know when he's going to be back? Well, is there any -- do you think that may-- thank you -- for nothing!

Trey: What'd they say?

Leo: He's -- he's going to be out of the office till later this afternoon. We can't meet him till later.

Trey: Well, I guess we wait. Meanwhile --

[Doorbell rings]

Leo: Hey.

Maggie: Thank God you're here. Whoa. Who trashed your place?

Leo: Long night. You don't want to know. What's up?

Maggie: Okay, have you seen David?

Leo: No, not till yesterday. Why?

Maggie: I went to the Valley Inn last night and he was leaving with a suitcase.

Leo: Oh, damn it.

Maggie: Yeah, I don't know what's going on. I tried to talk to him. I mean, he acted like he didn't even know me.

Leo: Anna must have thrown him out.

Maggie: He would not tell me where he was going.

Leo: Shh.

Maggie: I don't know, he was weird, Leo. It freaked me out.

Leo: Okay, don't let it, okay? I think I know where he's at.

Maggie: All right, well, we should go find him because he should not be by himself right now.

Leo: I need you to stay here, okay? I think this is best if I do it. You'll stay here?

Maggie: Yeah, I'll just wait for you. Go. Go, go, go.

Trey: Hi.

Maggie: Hi.

Trey: Where did Leo just go?

Maggie: He had to go out for a second. Is Greenlee here?

Trey: Oh, she's at work. So, guess it's just us. Cousins.

Anna: If you're trying to help, that's not the way to go.

Jack: Just telling it like it is, Anna. To do anything other than that would be to insult your intelligence.

Anna: Oh, that's okay, go ahead, insult me.

Jack: Okay. You were warned about David. I told you myself what kind of snake that guy was, and I can't believe that I was the only one to come forward with that kind of information.

Anna: No.

Jack: And you're a smart woman, one of the smartest women I've ever known.

Anna: Really?

Jack: Yes. But you chose to ignore all those warnings. So?

Anna: So I only have myself to blame?

Jack: Yeah, I'm sorry to say.

Anna: No, that's cool. Really, because I admit to the fact that I was adamant enough to think I could handle David and that I was dumb enough to think I could just ignore what I couldn't handle.

Jack: I'd say that pretty well sums it up.

Anna: Ever since I found out what he did to Maria, I've just really been trying to figure it out.

Jack: You made a mistake. A big one.

Anna: I'm just supposed to move on? Is that what you're saying, just supposed to move on?

Jack: Pretty much so, yeah.

Anna: It's not that simple, Jackson, because now I'm making mistakes for two because there's a baby, and every decision I make is affected by that.

Jack: Of course it is.

Anna: Last night when I was watching Maria basically let David off the hook, I thought to myself, what kind of an idiot is she? You know, I realized she's the same kind as I am.

Jack: Anna, I'm telling you this as a friend -- insight and introspection are great tools for building a better human being, but if you're using them to beat yourself up, they're no good to you.

Anna: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I being self-indulgent on your time?

Jack: You have one question you need to ask yourself -- if that phone were to ring and David was on the other end, asking you for one last chance, what would you do?

[Phone rings]

Anna: Oh. You get this E.S.P. thing often?


Anna: Anna Devane.

David: Hey. I just got your message. I can't tell you how happy it makes me, Anna. Thank you. Thank you for saying yes.

Bianca: You know who set fire to Mom's house?

Kendall: I know you still think it was me.

Bianca: No, I don't, not anymore.

Kendall: Wait a minute, you -- you don't? You don't think that I did it? You know that I didn't do it and you still treat me like dirt?

Bianca: Oh, Kendall, believe me, there are lots of other reasons.

Kendall: No, you know that I'm innocent, you've known that I was innocent, and you still don't think that you should say you're sorry?

Bianca: Interesting. I guess I missed the part where you tell me that you're sorry for saying I did it.

Opal: Well, isn't this cozy?

Petey: Mommy! You're here!

Opal: Oh, honey, yes. Now, what is wrong? Is it your tummy again?

Petey: It was really bad, Mommy. You know how much I hate to miss school, but I couldn't help it.

Opal: Yeah, well, maybe we've just got to take you to the doctor right away.

Petey: No, I'm better now. Kendall gave me this ginger ale and I stopped feeling yucky.

Opal: Are you sure?

Petey: I just want to go home and lay down, Mommy. Can I?

Opal: That's just exactly what we're going to do, honey bunch. Come on, we -- what is that?

Petey: I left my copy of the junior reader's "Tom Sawyer" at school. Kendall didn't want to go back for it, so she bought me this instead.

Opal: Oh, she did, did she?

Petey: But there's no superheroes, Mommy. Just a bunch of icky, weird girls.

Opal: Yeah, let me have a look at this. Palmer is going to hear about this, you know.

Kendall: Be my guest.

Opal: Come on, sweetie pie. Uh, Bianca, honey, don't you think you ought to be coming with us? You don't want to be, you know, seen in public with --

Kendall: Remember, I'm not the one who tried to burn up you and Erica and Chris. Whoever it was, he's still out there.

Trey: So this is the first chance we've had to talk since you found out that Vanessa was my mother, right?

Maggie: Yeah, it is.

Trey: Bet it kind of freaked you out, huh?

Maggie: Um, well, yeah, a little. But, hey, I mean, it explains a lot and, mostly, why you lied to me.

Trey: I'm sorry. I didn't know exactly what I was getting into and I didn't know if I could trust you.

Maggie: You didn't know if you could trust me? I mean, come on, what you were pulling -- I had no idea what was going on with you. I mean, that day that Vanessa flatlined, I -- I didn't get what you were doing.

Trey: But you do understand now?

Maggie: Yeah, yeah, you thought that you lost your mother, but details like that would have helped.

Trey: I'm sorry that I kept it from you for so long and -- you're the one person I wanted to be honest with.

Maggie: Why me?

Trey: Because we're cousins. And because I cared about what you thought --

Maggie: You know, you're -- you're weirding me out just -- just a little bit.

Trey: When I first decided to make my move on this family, I did a little research -- a lot of research, in fact.

Maggie: What, like you dug stuff up?

Trey: Yeah. And I found out pretty quickly that -- well, that my mother was a psychotic drug lord, my brother was a con, my other brother has a God complex that's probably going to land him in jail. Well, Frankie -- Frankie was a con, your mother --

Maggie: Oh, she will not be winning any Mommy of the Year awards.

Trey: And then there's you, the only stable relative I have.

Maggie: Me, stable? Are you sure we're talking about the right cousin here?

Trey: When I was growing up, being dragged through the foster system, I always told myself that I had a relative, just one, that was everything that I wanted in my family.

Maggie: Well, apparently, family meant a lot to you.

Trey: It was everything. Just thinking about it, that one person kept me sane.

Maggie: It's sad. I'm sorry.

Trey: It's not really that sad. Because when I got here and I was digging up things, well, I found out that that person existed, and that that person's you.

Anna: What do you think I said yes to, David?

David: Well, last night when I asked if you can forgive me --

Anna: You thought I said yes?

David: Well, yeah. I got your message. You said that you need to speak with me.

Anna: I left that message ages ago.

David: Anna, don't -- don't lie to me.

Anna: Does it sound like I'm lying?

David: All right, um -- but now that we're talking --

Anna: We're not.

David: Let me see you. I'll go wherever you want, okay? We can work this out. I'll leave right now, okay? Just -- just give us one more chance.

Anna: No.

David: Anna, don’t. Don't -- don't shut me out, not like this. I'll do whatever you want, all right?

Anna: What I want is for you to check your messages on time and don't call me again.

Anna: Oh, I can't do this. I can't do this.

Jack: Yes, you can. You have to, Anna.

Anna: He's out there and I can't cut the connection. I'm carrying his child.

Jack: You'll find a way.

Anna: No. He's not going to give up. Not unless he's put away.

Jack: Anna --

Anna: He's just going to keep coming after me.

Jack: You could lock him up forever and it's not going to make a bit of difference, not for you.

Anna: Yeah, it will because he can't get to me then.

Jack: You can't beat this guy that way. As long as owns you here, he's already won.

[Knock on door]


Leo: Uh -- David, are you okay?

David: I'm fine.

Leo: I don't think so.

David: Is there something that you want, Leo?

Leo: Did you talk to Anna?

David: Yeah. Yeah, I talked with her.

Leo: Not good?

David: No. I've lost her, Leo. I lost her for good.


Maggie: Hey, look, I understand our family will not be winning any sanity sweepstakes, but I'm not exactly Miss Stability.

Trey: Well, you tell it straight. You're always there for everyone -- David, Leo, me. You barely even know me.

Maggie: I haven't done anything for this family, really.

Trey: Well, then why are you here right now, hmm?

Maggie: Because I was worried about David.

Trey: Right.

Maggie: So? That doesn't make me saint.

Trey: Maggie, look at yourself. You've been beaten up your entire life, you lost your sister, you came here with nothing. And now you've got friends, you work at the hospital, you go to school.

Maggie: So? Hey, look, you graduated from law school.

Trey: Yeah, and I bet that whenever you succeed, you'll probably do it as yourself. You won't lie about being somebody else. You don't have it in you. I know this sounds like some kind of awards dinner --

Maggie: For a girl scout, which I'm not. And, you know, you're really intense.

Trey: Always have been. That's what happens when you spend your life clawing to survive, not that I think you had it so smooth, but --

Maggie: Oh, you should meet my mother sometime.

Trey: Yeah, but it didn't warp you. You didn't turn into some kind of human terminator.

Maggie: Yeah, well, I guess I knew who my parents were and, well, I had Frankie, so --

Trey: You still miss her, don't you?

Maggie: Yeah, every day. But I've been picking up a lot of new family since I've been here and, I don't know, I sort of get a kick out of having all these family members around. It's new to me, so --

Trey: I'm afraid I'm not going to be around much longer, Maggie. I'm leaving.

Bianca: Opal, I think I'm going to stick around here for a little while.

Opal: Bianca, honey --

Bianca: I know. It'll be okay.

Opal: Well, all right. Do it your own darn wrong way. But just remember -- when you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Come on, honey, let's get out of here.

Petey: Just a minute, Mommy.

Opal: What, honey?

Petey: I forgot to thank the guy who gave me my soda.

Opal: Oh, all right. Well, go and do it then, but make it snappy, all right?

Petey: You pour a great soda.

Bartender: Thanks.

Bianca: That is one interesting kid.

Kendall: He's a presidential assassin in the making.

Bianca: I was thinking early Palmer Cortlandt.

Kendall: Oh. Now that you mention it, yeah.

Bianca: So, you think you know who burned down Mom's house?

Kendall: Well, before I tell you, I want to ask you a question.

Bianca: Right, of course, of course. You wouldn't have brought me all the way here unless you wanted something.

Kendall: Are you ever going to cut me some slack?

Bianca: What do you want to know, Kendall?

Kendall: Sit down a minute.

Bianca: Okay.

Kendall: Okay, I need to know, did Trey know that Chris' Proteus files were in Erica’s house?

Bianca: What, Trey Kenyon? You mean Leo's new brother?

Kendall: Wait a minute, you know about that?

Bianca: Yeah, Leo told me. He thinks he's all right.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Leo would like to believe that.

Bianca: Yeah, and I'm not sure I do.

Kendall: You're a smart girl.

Bianca: Wait a minute, you don't -- you think Trey? Okay, I saw him once with Maggie and I thought he was kind of creepy, but an arsonist?

Kendall: Well, if he's after Vanessa’s drug money and he knew that Chris' files were in the house, then it's possible.

Bianca: But, Kendall, Trey was your defense attorney when you were on trial for setting the fire.

Kendall: Yeah, I know, tell me about it. Do you want to know how many times he tried to get me to plead guilty?

Bianca: That is so demented.

Kendall: Okay, fine, don't believe me, but I'm telling you --

Bianca: No, I didn't say that, Kendall. I just -- I mean it's -- it's insane.

Kendall: Well, not if he knew that the files were in the house. Is there any way he could have known?

Bianca: I'm not the person to ask. Have you talked to Uncle Jack about this?

Kendall: Oh, Erica’s lap dog? No. Please. No.

Bianca: Kendall, he's the D.A. This is his case.

Kendall: I know that, but I --

Bianca: Well, if you're right, then he can prove it.

Kendall: No. Forget it. I don't want to talk to him.

Bianca: Well, he'll have a better shot at it than you will alone.

Kendall: No, I don't want to talk to your Uncle Jack, okay? No, he hates me.

Bianca: Well, sure he does, everyone does, but you need him.

Anna: Who the hell do you think you are? Don't judge me.

Jack: No, listen to me, Anna, listen to me and think like a cop for a minute.

Anna: What?

Jack: What's the stupidest thing a cop can do? Go out on the street thinking he has an edge on the bad guys.

Anna: I do not think I have an edge over David, believe me.

Jack: No, but you're looking for one. You're looking for one, and that is a loser's game, like thinking you can beat the house in Las Vegas, and you know that.

Anna: What do I know?

Jack: You're telling yourself that if you can just put him away that all these problems will go away.

Anna: Well, yes! He should be in prison. That's where he belongs. Then I don't get to see him, I don't hear him, I don't --

Jack: Yeah, and what about your feelings for him and for the baby that you're carrying? You expect those are just going to disappear?

Anna: It'll be a lot better than it is now.

Jack: You're smarter than this. You want to fight this guy? You want to fight this guy, you want to beat this guy? You have to respect what he has on you.

Anna: But he has nothing on me.

Jack: Oh, he holds over you the strongest thing a man can hold over a woman. You're still in love with him and you're carrying his child.

Anna: Oh, God.

Jack: And these feelings you have, they're not just going to go away, you can't just wish them away, you can't.

Anna: I have to.

Jack: What you have to do is admit these feelings, accept them, and then do your best trying to make sure that they don't turn the rest of your life into a living hell.

David: You know why I bought this property, had this place built?

Leo: Because it's isolated, so you can hide?

David: Because of that. That's Pine Valley down there.

Leo: I figured.

David: I used to stand up here, look down at that town, and think one of these days I'm going to hold it in the palm of my hands. All those people that didn't want me to be here? They'd all be looking up at me.

Leo: That's my brother.

David: I never brought anybody up here, Leo, never wanted to. Not until Anna.

Leo: David --

David: I would give anything to have her with me, Leo.

Leo: You will.

David: No. No, no, that's not going to happen.

Leo: She just needs a little time, that's all. She does love you.

David: She's carrying my baby, Leo, and she doesn't want me near her. And that town that I thought was going to be mine? They all agree with her. They think I have no right to my own child.

Leo: Who cares what they think. Who cares what Anna thinks right now. That baby's not going to be born for months.

David: Oh, great, giving me a chance to pray for a miracle, right?

Leo: No, to turn your life around, David. By the time that kid is here, you're going to have your practice back and those people are going to be looking up at you again.

David: And just like that, right?

Leo: Well, you're going to need some help, but you got a family now. We're going to be there for you.

David: Yeah, family. Right.

Leo: What's that supposed to mean, David? Maggie already worships you, and you got another new brother.

David: Please. Don't remind me.

Leo: Hey, I know that you think he's a jerk, but he's not. I think you'll like him.

David: If you say so.

Leo: And look at our mother. I mean, you got to admit that this new version of Vanessa ain't half-bad.

David: And then there's you.

Leo: Yeah. There's me.

Kendall: Why would I ever want to go near your Uncle Jack?

Bianca: Because you need to talk to somebody who's got authority, who can actually do something about this.

Kendall: I can do something about this myself.

Bianca: Oh, yeah? What? If you're right about Trey, it means that he's more than willing to kill people.

Kendall: No, I don't think it's like that. I think this was more collateral damage or something.

Bianca: All right, so what if you get in his way? Look, Kendall, you're totally in over your head, and if you weren't so stubborn, maybe --

Kendall: Jackson Montgomery will not listen to me, okay? He will slam the door in my face the minute I get there. I'll be lucky enough to get to his door before he calls the cops.

Bianca: You're right.

Kendall: I know I'm right. So then why are you nagging me?

Bianca: Because he will listen to you if I call him and tell him that he should.

Kendall: Okay.

Bianca: Okay?

Kendall: Okay.

Bianca: I can make the call?

Kendall: Yeah, fine. Do it. Do it.

Bianca: Good answer.

Anna: I've said this before -- I liked it better when you were after my badge.

[Jack chuckles]

[Phone rings]

Jack: I'll get it. Anna Devane's office, Jack Montgomery speaking.

Bianca: Uncle Jack.

Jack: Bianca. Are you all right? Is everything okay?

Bianca: Yeah, everything is fine. I need you to do me a favor. Would you be willing to talk to Kendall? She has something to tell you, and I really think you should hear it. It's important.

Jack: Sure, Sweetheart, if you say so. I'm at the police station right now. You can send her over here.

Bianca: Great. She'll be right over. Thank you. All right. You're all set.

Jack: Sorry about that. So where were we?

Anna: I'll see you later, Jack.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going?

Anna: Police business.

Maggie: What do you mean? What, you're just leaving?

Trey: I came here to find my mother and I did it.

Maggie: What, so mission accomplished?

Trey: Well, that's just half of it. God, I've pretty much got everybody around here hating my guts, so it's probably better that I take off.

Maggie: But you have family here and, hey, you know what they say about that.

Trey: I don't exactly have a lot of family experience.

Maggie: When you come, they -- they have to take you in.

Leo: There he is, our other brother from the same mother.

David: Welcome to the family, I guess.

Trey: Thanks.

David: Leo tells me that I shouldn't listen to all the things I've heard about you, that I should give you the benefit of the doubt.

Trey: Thanks, Leo.

David: Of course, I need to ask the same from you.

Trey: Well, David, I'm in no position to judge anyone, especially you.

Leo: Okay, okay, okay, we're all pond scum, so can we just move on, please?

David: Well, that does give us something in common, right?

Trey: I think I'm sensing a lot of bonding coming on here.

David: I'll give it a shot if you will.

Trey: Yeah, you're on, you got it.

Leo: All right. Maggie, I'm so glad you made it.

Maggie: Oh, yeah, me, too, but, I don't know, this is -- this is kind of weird.

Leo: Yeah, I know. Now no one's missing from the most dysfunctional clan in America. Well, besides that reality-based TV show.

Trey: And Vanessa.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Jack Montgomery. She is, huh? Go ahead and send her in. Thanks. So what's so important?

Kendall: Well, hello to you, too.

Jack: Why are you here, Kendall?

Kendall: I know you're trying to figure out who burned down Erica’s house.

Jack: Only for months now, yeah.

Kendall: Well, I know who did it. It was Trey Kenyon. He torched her place and then he set me up to take the fall.

David: All right, look, I'm willing to cut Trey here some slack, but not the new, improved Vanessa. Forget it.

Leo: David, you know the doctors say she's a different person.

David: Sorry, that boat has sailed. And if you two were planning to gang up on me, don’t. Look, I may not know you well enough to know when you're starting a con, but you -- I know that look, Leo.

Leo: What look?

David: That "I'm going to turn him" look, huh, huh?

Leo: I was just going to say --

David: All right, you know, on second thought, go ahead, give it your best shot, because where Vanessa’s concerned, I'm immune.

Leo: Look, no hard sell, David. I understand where you're coming from.

David: Good. Subject closed, right?

Leo: Well, actually -- actually, it is closed.

David: Now that was too easy. Why? What's going on?

Leo: Well, we found the money.

David: The Proteus stash?

Leo: That's right, we found it.

Maggie: Whoa, wait, and you didn't think to mention that?

Trey: Oh, I was going to get to that.

Maggie: Okay, so where was it?

Leo: In the woods. The Pine Valley state park, believe it or not.

David: Well, how did you find it there?

Leo: Nessa told us, sort of, right?

Trey: And Leo broke the code.

Leo: And we all found it.

Trey: Only it wasn't money

Leo: It was stock.

Trey: Totally worthless stock. Comronco.

David: What?

Leo: Worthless. She invested everything that she had in some company that tanked.

Trey: Oh, yeah, she had millions, once, but now --

Leo: Busted!

David: So the Proteus millions, they're --

Trey: Toast.

Leo: That's right, that's right. And that's what's so amazing.

David: What?

Leo: It's just that -- I know it's not funny, but this -- this money, or whatever it is, hurt so many people.

David: People did die for it.

Maggie: Yeah, like Frankie.

Leo: And Greenlee's dad.

David: Caused a lot of damage.

Leo: I think that's why the whole time I was looking for this, it's almost like I was afraid to find it.

Maggie: Yeah, like it was radioactive.

Leo: Ruin anybody that touched it.

Maggie: Well, didn't it?

Leo: Well, not really, not in the end because, I mean, all this really turned out to be was paper.

Trey: Worthless paper.

Leo: No, I wouldn't say worthless, exactly. I mean, look what it did. It brought us all together like one big, happy family, didn't it? Didn't it?

David: You have a seriously skewed mind, you know that?

Trey: Yeah, I'm starting to see that.

Maggie: Hey, lay off him. He is looking on the bright side.

Leo: Thank you, Maggie! At least somebody appreciates me here.

David: He does that all the time, by the way.

Trey: The bright-side thing, yeah.

David: Yeah, yeah, makes you want to strangle him.

Leo: You should have seen the look on his face when we found out that this money -- there was no money, it was just all --

Trey: Me? Me?

Leo: Like, "No!"

Trey: Oh, you were like, "Oh, I'm totally blown away! Oh, my God!”

Leo: You almost passed out.

Trey: Well, I'd been digging all night, treasure hunting.

David: Wait a minute, you guys were digging all night? For this?

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Leo: Oh, Greenlee, I'm so glad you're here.

David: Let me see these things.

Greenlee: What is going on here?

Leo: Uh, I have something I need to tell you. I can't go to Paris, not now. I have to stay here.

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