AMC Transcript Tuesday 9/24/02


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 9/24/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: Well, is that a gun, or are you just happy to see us?

Gary: It's a gun.

Greenlee: Leo and Trey are in that room.

Anna: So the only way we can build a case against David is on Maria’s testimony?

Jack: Exactly. Absolutely. I'm positive.

David: I can help you now, but you have to trust me.

Maria: I would never trust another word out of your lying mouth.

Trey: Something coming back to you?

Vanessa: You're right. You are right. Maybe some good can finally come from this money. I mean, maybe they'll build a clinic or something.

Trey: So you remember something?

Vanessa: Oh, I think I really do. Yes. But first, I thought it was a dream, and then I said, no, no, this is it. This is where Vanessa hid the money.


Leo: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Hi.

Leo: Greenlee --

Gary: Freeze!

Leo: Whoa, hey, hey --

Trey: Don't shoot.

Leo: Greenlee, honey, are you okay?

Vanessa: Are you okay, dear? You look a little pale.

Gary: Hey, where's your ditsy friend?

Leo: What is this?

Greenlee: I just happened to be in the neighborhood.

Gary: Look, ma'am, I warned you.

Leo: You tailed us?

Greenlee: Yeah, well, you lied to me.

Leo: To protect you.

Greenlee: I'm not the one who needs protecting.

Vanessa: Gary, may I put my hands down now? Greenlee, you don't really think that Leo needs protection from me, do you?

Greenlee: Get over yourself, Nessa. You're not the only bad news in town.

Leo: What is that supposed to mean?

Kendall: Oh, that damn Greenlee had to make a freaking entrance.

[Kendall groans]

Kendall: Oh, no. Where the -- oh. Damn it.

Jack: Poor Maria. After everything she's been through, I mean, she's got to be totally vulnerable. What are the chances of her actually testifying against David?

Anna: I think she's going to surprise us. I mean, she's hardly the shrinking violet, is she?

Jack: Well, the Maria I knew certainly wasn't. Let's just hope she gives David a real uphill battle.

Anna: That's what I'm counting on.

David: You can't trust me? That's amazing. After everything I did, everything I risked for you? When I found you on that beach, I could have left you there, but I didn't. I laid my career, my entire future on the line.

Maria: David, shut up! I do not want to hear another lie out of your mouth.

David: I had to lie.

Maria: Oh, to protect yourself.

David: All right, yes, damn it! I had to live, too. Would you begrudge me that after I saved your life?

Maria: You know what I wish, David? Do you know what I wish? That you had never found me that night. I wish I had died on that beach.

David: Maureen, you don't mean that.

Maria: Why? Because you tell me I don't mean that? Like you've told me everything else that I believed? I trusted you, David.

David: And you still can.

Maria: How? How? You told me that I killed her, that I killed myself, for God's sake.

David: I had to.

Maria: Why?

David: You know why. Because the drug that I was using to save your life was not approved.

Maria: Why didn't you just swear me to secrecy?

David: Because if anybody, even one person, found out the truth --

Maria: Your little life and your future would have all been destroyed?

David: Yes!

Maria: Well, so what? What about my life?

David: I didn't know who you were! You didn't know who you were! You had no memory. Your life did not exist.

Maria: So you just made it all up yourself? Oh, that was easy. Okay. You tell me that we were involved, but that wasn't true, either, though, was it?

David: I cared for you.

Maria: Answer the question, David! Were we involved?

David: No.

Maria: And I didn't find you cheating and then go run over your lover, did I?

David: No.

Maria: And I didn't kill anyone, but you wanted me to believe that I did. You wanted me to believe the worst about myself because you wanted me to live in fear and you wanted me to live on the run for the rest of my life.

David: I wanted you to have a life.

Maria: What kind of life is that? I felt like I was a hunted dog.

David: I'm sorry.

Maria: You're sorry? You are sorry? I had five years of my life wasted.

David: Wasted? For five years, you've been waking up in the morning, you've been able to see sunrises. And you call that a waste?

Maria: You catch a sunrise in hell, David. Get back to me.

David: Oh, you know what's a waste, Maureen? You are. If I knew that you wanted to die, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble. I wouldn't be in this trouble. I would have let you rot there on the beach. I would have let the crabs and the seagulls pick away at your bones. If it wasn't for me, you would have floated out to sea, but you're standing here, you're fighting for your life, and that's not good enough for you, right? You want to take it back.

Maria: What life is that, David? Whose life is that you're talking about here? You talking about her life? You talking about my life?

David: Yeah, well, right now, because of me, you have a choice. And it may not be the choice that you want, it may not be the easy choice, but you are still standing and you're fighting your way back because I gave you that life! You owe me, damn it!

Maria: You've got to be kidding. I owe you?

David: Yes! More than you can possibly imagine!

Anna: You want a cold one?

Jack: Ah -- a little early for me. Do you think you should be -- sorry -- sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. You know, Anna, with all this uproar, I haven't even had a chance to congratulate you on your baby.

Anna: Rosemary's baby.

Jack: Oh, come on, "Rosemary's Baby" -- don't start that.

Anna: I'm sorry; I didn't mean to sound like that. It's just something Tad said. Oh, I've been so focused on David, I haven't had a chance to think about the fact that, you know, I'm having a baby. It's so cool. It's crazy. It's -- it's really a blessing.

Jack: Yes, indeed it is. It's also the first time I've seen you smile.

[Phone rings]

Anna: Well, everybody's so bloody thrilled for me, aren't they?

Jack: Well, they should be.

Anna: Hello? Oh, hi, Robin. How are you? Yes! You got my message? Oh --

Jack: I'm going to get out of here.

Anna: No, no, no. I want you to stay. Stay, please. Hi. Sorry about that. Oh, I was just talking to a friend. Yes, I have friends. I also have got really amazing news.

Kendall: Oh, when I get out of here, he is so going to pay! Hello? Guard? Are you still there, strong man?

Trey: Ahem. [Disguised voice] what seems to be the problem, Miss?

Kendall: Well, I -- I'm stuck.

Trey: Well, looks like you've got yourself what we might call a situation.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, well, I would really appreciate some help out of this situation.

Trey: I'm going to have to call backup.

Kendall: No -- backup?

Trey: Well, you are breaking the law, ma'am.

Kendall: No, you -- if you let me fall, I'll break my neck.

Trey: I'm going to go call some backup.

Kendall: No. No, no, no. Don't leave, don't leave, don't leave. Look, look, if you help me, I promise I will make you a very happy secret agent man.

Greenlee: It's hard to focus when I'm breathing in so much dust.

Leo: You told me you trusted me to handle this, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're not the problem, Leo.

Gary: All right --

Greenlee: Get your hands off of me. I'm staying right here with my husband.

Vanessa: Well, brava, Greenlee. I mean, you stand by your man, yes.

Gary: You broke in here. You did all kinds of damage.

Greenlee: What, you're going to arrest me now?

Gary: You're here without authorization, ma'am.

Greenlee: "Ma'am"? "Ma'am"? Do I look like a freaking ma'am to you?

Leo: Look, call Chris Stamp, and he can take care of this whole thing.

Gary: She has Agent Stamp's okay to be here?

Leo: Trust me. Call Chris Stamp, and he can vouch for my wife, okay?

Vanessa: Well, no humanity, huh? Well, guess that's the curse of a government job.

Trey: [Disguised voice] I got you, little miss. Don't you worry.

Kendall: Okay, you got me? Yeah? Oh. Trey?

Trey: [Normal voice] I came to your rescue. Where's my reward?

Kendall: You'll get yours later.

Gary: Hello.

Leo: Greenlee, your timing really sucks.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, really. I didn't mean to mess things up here.

Vanessa: Oh, it's no problem, dear. I just call the housekeeper and -- voila -- no mess. But I am really glad you dropped in, truly. I've missed you.

Greenlee: Who are we channeling now? Nessa? Melanie Wilkes?

Vanessa: Oh, aren't you sweet, dear. But, you know, you, Leo -- shame on you.

Leo: Me? What did I do?

Vanessa: Yes, you know, taking your wife to task after all she tried to do was simply keep you out of harm's way, dear, and nearly getting herself killed in the process.

Greenlee: Better luck next time, huh?

Vanessa: Now, darling, that was Vanessa who resented you so badly. I mean, I -- I'm very fond of you. It's like you're my own daughter. And really, anyone can see, with eyes that is, that you simply adore Leo.

Leo: Nobody's questioning Greenlee's love for me, Mother.

Vanessa: Well, good, good, because she deserves to be here. She belongs here. She's one of us.

Gary: I caught these lovebirds having a spat out in the hallway.

Leo: What the hell?

Gary: You stay put until I contact Agent Stamp.

Vanessa: Good God. Good God in heaven, what is she doing here?

Kendall: Well, you heard the big man. I'm here to cop a quickie with your son.

Vanessa: Get away from him. Get away from him. Don't you ever, ever touch my son again. Do you hear me? There will be hell to pay.

Kendall: What the hell is your problem, lady?

Vanessa: Nothing. Nothing. Just keep away from my son.

Kendall: Oh, you don't want me making happy with your long-lost baby boy?

Vanessa: Trey, dear, I want to talk to you in private.

Trey: Sure.

Kendall: Two people who totally deserve each other. God.

Greenlee: Hey, did Vanessa tell you where she hid the cash?

Leo: Well, she was about to until you came crashing through the ceiling.

Greenlee: So it's my fault she didn't tell you?

Leo: Your arrival didn't help anything, Greenlee, okay?

Greenlee: You've been ragging on your mom for months to give up those millions, and you have nothing. Nessa is a fraud.

Leo: Well, she can't track everything that Vanessa did.

Greenlee: So now she has sudden recall? I mean, doesn't this seem a bit odd?

Leo: Greenlee, I'm betting everything -- everything -- that Nessa is the real deal, okay?

Greenlee: That's what scares me.

Leo: Look, she loves us. She really does. And all she wants is for us to be happy. That's it.

Kendall: Wait -- does this happy fest include the master of disguise?

Leo: Trey?

Kendall: Does she even know that her son is sporting an alias?

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Well, maybe she should ask him how he charbroiled his arm.

Greenlee: Maybe we need a time-out.

Vanessa: Trey, dear, the guard said he caught you and Kendall --

Trey: Sharing the same airspace?

Vanessa: Are you interested in this girl?

Trey: Actually, we're roommates.

Vanessa: Oh, dear God, you're living together?

Trey: Well, I've got to pay the rent.

Vanessa: But you haven't -- I mean, so far it hasn't gone that far?

Trey: Well, not yet. But I'm working on it.

Anna: Okay, so you just stay on top of your meds, right? Yeah. I will. I'll send you a copy of the sonogram. He's -- David's not here right now. Um -- but he sends his best. Robin, I love you very much. You know that? I do. Okay. Okay, bye. Bye.

Jack: Well, sounds like Robin is pretty excited about the baby coming, huh?

Anna: Yeah, she's thrilled. She put in a request for a baby brother.

Jack: For a baby brother? Well, let's see, now. It's a little too early to know if she's going to get her wish, I think.

Anna: I forgot what it feels like. The anticipation -- it's so cool. It's -- I've got this little person growing inside me. It's so sweet. Feels like a fresh start.

Jack: Well, I envy you. Ooh, I got to get out of here, or I'm going to be late for my date.

Anna: Okay, thanks for coming by.

Jack: No problem.

Jack: Where's your bag, Chief?

Anna: What?

Jack: Because you're coming with me. There's somebody I want you to meet.

Anna: Oh. Is it someone special?

Jack: Only the love of my life.

Anna: Really?

Jack: Yes.

Anna: I thought that was you.

Maria: David, you stole my life from me!

David: All right. And what kind of life are we talking about here, huh? Everywhere you turn, people's faces you don't recognize, names that mean nothing. All these people coming up to you saying things like, "I love you, Maria. You're my wife, my mother, my daughter." And yet you feel nothing, right?

Maria: Yeah, but Dr. McMillan said that --

David: Yeah, right, the day may come when you get your memory back. Tomorrow, next week, or never. Maureen, don't you think I know that this is tearing you apart? You have a 5-year-old daughter in there who's just aching for you to take her in your arms and say the things that a mother says to a daughter. You have a son who needs you. But there's no connection, right? Not for you.

Maria: No, but if you had brought me back five years ago, then there might be.

David: Maybe you would have remembered them, maybe not. I'm sorry, but I could not take that chance.

Maria: You had a responsibility to me.

David: All right, all right, you're right. You're right. I did not put you first. But you want to know something? If I had to do it again, I'd do the same exact thing. And you know why? Because I'm not a saint, Maureen. I'm a healer. I have a gift, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sacrifice that gift so that you can have a reunion with a family full of strangers.

Maria: But you -- you did not care about me at all! Don't kid yourself!

David: I didn't know who you were. You washed up on the beach. You were half dead. I saw a chance to save your life, and I took that chance. And now you want to destroy me. It's not enough you want to die yourself, you want me to die, too. What, you want to kill me, Maureen? Why? What is that going to do for you?

Maria: I don't know.

David: Is ruining my life going to save your life? Is it going to bring back --

Maria: I don't know! I don't know.

David: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. Okay, wait, let's finish what we started here. Come back inside.

Maria: No, just leave me alone, David.

David: We're not finished here. We're not finished.

Maria: We are finished. Okay, if you answer me one question.

David: Why not? It's not like we have any more secrets, do we, Maureen? So come on. Let's go inside. Please?

David: All right, what's your question?

Maria: Why does everybody hate you if you're such a great doctor? Why does everybody want to bring you down?

David: Because they're jealous. Because they live average lives steeped in boredom and repetition. Dull, dreamless. What I've achieved is beyond their capacity or comprehension.

Maria: So you're different?

David: Yes.

Maria: Superior?

David: Yes.

Maria: You think that you and your life are just much more important than everybody else's? My life really just doesn't count for very much, does it? I had a husband. I had two children that loved me and needed me. I had a place where I belonged.

David: I made my choices.

Maria: No, you made my choices, David. I would have never done anything like that.

David: You can't possibly know that. You were a doctor, right? You know what it felt like to hold a patient's life in the palm of your hands, right?

Maria: Yeah, but I never abused their trust.

David: How do you know that? You don't because you don't remember. So you might as well have been a plumber or a cocktail waitress, for all it matters. But destroying my life is not going to help you make your life whole. Doctor, heal thyself.

Woman: Hi, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hi.

Jack: Mrs. Neff, this is a friend of mine, Anna Devane. She's a co-worker.

Anna: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Mrs. Neff: Hi. Nice to meet you, too.

Jack: And this is Mrs. Neff. Mrs. Neff is Lily's teacher, advocate, and all-around godsend.

Mrs. Neff: Thank you.

Jack: How's my girl doing?

Mrs. Neff: I'm afraid this hasn't been one of Lily's better days.

Jack: What happened?

Mrs. Neff: The school's holding a harvest dance at the end of the month, and some of the girls already have dates.

Jack: And Lily's afraid she's going to end up a wallflower.

Mrs. Neff: I'm afraid so.

Jack: Well, you know my Lily.

Mrs. Neff: In this respect, she's acting like a typical teenager. And Lily's so sensitive.

Jack: I know. Listen, do you think it would be okay if I took Anna in to meet her?

Mrs. Neff: Absolutely. She's right inside drawing.

Jack: Mrs. Neff, as always, thank you so much.

Anna: Nice to meet you.

Mrs. Neff: You, too.

Jack: Hi, Lily.

Lily: Daddy.

Jack: Oh. What you doing?

Lily: Drawing.

Jack: Oh, and look at this. Is this the drawing stuff that I got for you?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Jack: And look what beautiful things you're making with them. That's great. Hey, listen, I brought along a friend for you to meet.

Anna: Hi. My name's Anna.

[Phone rings]

Anna: Oh.

Lily: Daddy, make it stop! Make it stop, Daddy! Daddy, please!

Jack: Anna --

Anna: Yeah, I got it.

Jack: Shh.

Vanessa: I realize young men have wild oats to sow.

Trey: I'm not sure we should be having this conversation.

Vanessa: No, no, we must. Now, you listen to me. You stay away, don't have any association with Kendall Hart.

Trey: Well, the way I see it, we're a perfect match. We're the two town pariahs.

Vanessa: All right, now, don't joke with me, Trey.

Trey: Look, Kendall is not as much of a monster as everyone says she is.

Vanessa: And neither am I. I -- I'm your mother, dear, and I do know what's best for you.

Trey: Mother, you sound jealous.

Vanessa: Oh, for God's -- where did you get a silly notion like that? I mean -- well, of course, Greenlee. I mean, she's a very sweet girl and everything, but all this talk about me, you know, being too close to my sons and everything, some sort of -- it's all hoo-ha. I mean, emotional incest, that kind of thing. I mean, whatever I am, of course, that's never -- that would never enter my -- it's unthinkable.

Trey: Mother, what is it that's really got you so worked up?

Vanessa: Well, Darling, it's just that I -- I can never make up to you everything. I mean, all your lost childhood, the fact that you and I are virtual strangers. And I realize I have no right to meddle, Darling, but you really have to listen to me on this. Kendall Hart is pure poison. Do you understand me? You get her out of your life before it is too late.

Kendall: Oh. This is rich. The psycho, B-movie, drug lord freak is calling me poison?

Vanessa: Darling, I assure you, really, this has nothing to do with that personally.

Leo: Hey, hey, hey. What's going on here?

Kendall: Well, this alien just beamed down from the mother ship to warn Trey about me.

Greenlee: You have a thing for Trey?

Kendall: Oh, God, no. No.

Trey: What about that night we almost bumped lips?

Vanessa: You were going to kiss her?

Kendall: Okay, let's not discuss that, please.

[Leo imitates buzzer]

Leo: Okay, that concludes today's episode of the mating game. Can we get back to the real reason why we're here, please?

Vanessa: Oh, yes, dear. Yes, the money.

Leo: The money. The money. Where is it?

Vanessa: Dear, I really -- I don't have a clue.

Leo: What do you mean, you don't have a clue?

Trey: You said just --

Vanessa: I mean, I don't know exactly where it is.

Leo: You just -- we're back to square one now? You got to be kidding me.

Vanessa: Not exactly. No, no, Darling. I mean, Vanessa did pass this on to me, but I don't know. Here. Does this mean anything to you? Well, is this going to help you find the money?

Leo: It's just numbers. What do they mean?

Vanessa: I wish I could tell you.

Leo: You have no idea?

Vanessa: Look, Vanessa was very secretive.

Greenlee: Okay, cut. That's a wrap. I've had it up to here with the Sybil routine.

Vanessa: I know you can't believe me, but I have no idea what those numbers signify.

Trey: But you remembered them.

Vanessa: Well, yes, of course. Vanessa kept chanting them over and over and over like some mantra, you know. But I have no idea what they meant to her.

Kendall: Okay, I don't have a playbill, but her who?

Greenlee: Vanessa -- the alter ego who did all the big, bad things.

Vanessa: I know it's hard to believe --

Greenlee: You got what you came for. Let's go.

Leo: Did -- Vanessa, no more lies. Okay, this is the best that you could come up with?

Vanessa: Look, my darlings -- Leo, Trey -- if I could make up for all the horrible things she did to you, if it were within my power, I would do anything.

Leo: Okay. You tried.

Greenlee: We are so out of here.

Vanessa: Trey. You remember my warning.

Trey: Yeah, Kendall, poison -- check.

Kendall: We have just exited the twilight zone.

Gary: I checked with Stamp. You're free to go.

Greenlee: Aw, shucks. No free ride to quantico?

Kendall: Hmm. I bet you and Hannibal Lecter are like this.

Trey: Kendall, do the words "shut up" mean anything to you?

Kendall: Oh, like you're the boss of me?

Gary: You'll get a bill for the trashed ceiling. Cover the entrance. They're on their way out.

Anna: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry about the phone.

Jack: It's not your fault.

Anna: I'm going to wait outside, okay?

Jack: Lily? Lily, the loud noise is gone, okay? All gone.

Lily: All gone?

Jack: All gone. All gone. Okay? And Anna is so sorry about that.

Lily: Is she your girlfriend?

Jack: My girlfriend? No. No, no. Anna, in fact, is the chief of police. We work together in Pine Valley.

Lily: Pine Valley. Do you miss Mommy?

Jack: Yes, I do.

Lily: So do I.

Jack: You know, your mommy loved you very, very much.

Lily: She loved you very, very much.

Jack: Yeah. But we still have her, right? Right here in our hearts? Where? That's right. Right there. You know, I saw a poster for a big harvest dance you guys got coming up here.

Lily: I'm going to start over.

Jack: Okay. Anyway, seeing that poster reminded me of when I was about your age in high school and we had a harvest dance. And there was this girl -- Eileen Anderson. Oh, I had such a crush on her. She had beautiful brown hair like yours and a wonderful smile.

Lily: Like mine?

Jack: Exactly like yours. You bet. Anyway, I wanted to ask her to this harvest dance, but I was too shy, and so, evidently, were the rest of the boys in the 10th grade because nobody ended up asking her to the dance. So this sweet, wonderful girl on the night of the dance ended up staying home.

Lily: You were shy, Daddy?

Jack: Oh, yeah. I was shy. You know, if you're not busy on that night, I was thinking maybe you could be my date for this harvest dance. I mean, if you wouldn't mind being seen with your dad. What do you think? Good idea or a bad idea?

Lily: Good idea.

Jack: Yeah? Oh. Okay. Well, I know who the most beautiful girl at the dance is going to be. It's going to be date, my Lily.

Mrs. Neff: I hate to interrupt, but it's almost time for lights out.

Jack: I hate when it's time for lights out. Listen, I will see you next week. I'll have on my best duds, okay? All right, I love you.

Lily: Love you.

Jack: See you.

Jack: You see that hug she gave me? A year ago, that would not have happened. She wouldn't have allowed it. She didn't like to be touched at all.

Anna: Sorry about the phone.

Jack: Oh, it's -- you couldn't have known. I mean, loud noises -- they're still a bit of a problem.

Anna: She really adores you.

Jack: Well, the feeling is mutual. It's -- it's going to sound odd, but Lily's autism has been really an incredible journey for both of us.

Anna: Really?

Jack: Yeah. I mean, I -- I knew inside my daughter was this person who just wanted to be heard and understood and loved and give love, and I just so badly wanted to get that person out. And here at this school, I mean, they've done such wonderful things that one day she'll be able to be a person among other people. And that's all I've ever wanted for her was just to let her be a part of things, you know?

Anna: Wow. I can't imagine what it would be like, you know --

Jack: What, to have a special-needs child? Anna, listen, all kids have special needs. They need to feel loved, they need to feel valued, they need to feel safe. And I'll tell you something that Lily taught me -- we are, all of us, just kind of feeling our way along in this world, doing the best we can.

Anna: Her mother would be so proud.

Jack: You bet she would. She has grown leaps and bounds.

Anna: No, of you. You. Yeah.

Jack: Thank you.

Anna: I wish David could be half the father you are. Sorry, that was so inappropriate.

Jack: No, no, no.

Anna: He's never going to be, so -- I don't know why I said that. Are you ready?

Jack: For what?

Anna: Maria should have stopped talking to him by now. Maybe she's ready to talk to us.

Jack: Yeah, let's go. Oh, excuse me, kids. See you later.

Maria: I can't fix this. Me.

David: And why not?

Maria: Have you -- have you ever tried to remember the name of a movie that you've seen or a book that you read and it's -- you can't quite get it? I mean, imagine an entire life like that -- of faces and names and things and none of it -- it's just all outside your reach.

David: You might not remember this, but your daughter, Maddie, was a miracle. The doctors told you that you couldn't conceive a child, so you adopted Sam. But soon after that, you gave birth to Maddie.

Maria: What's your point?

David: My point is that you're not immune to miracles.

Maria: Oh. Oh, I see. So now it's just all up to God, right? Now that you've done your part, let's just relegate the rest to a higher power.

David: Maureen, I never dreamed that I would have a child. It never meant anything to me.

Maria: Now it does?

David: Yes. I have saved so many people's lives, but this child, the one that I helped create -- it's depending on me.

Maria: For what? For your sensitivity and your compassion?

David: Maureen, I'm not the same man I was when I found you on that beach five years ago. All right. If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have brought you back home to your family. But I didn't. I failed you, and you're angry, and you want to take it out on me, you want to get back at me.

Maria: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.

David: I'll give you one miraculous reason. My unborn child needs a father.

Maria: Oh, my God. God help me. God help me.

Edmund: What the hell are you doing to her?

Greenlee: Numbers? Numbers?

Leo: 12 digits.

Greenlee: Doesn't work as a phone number. A Swiss or Cayman bank account? Or a safe?

Leo: Well, I can almost guarantee they're not the winning lottery numbers.

Greenlee: The way the odds have been playing us lately, good choice.

Leo: Hey, come on, we got plenty of luck. You and me -- two. Besides, Trey's smart. He aced law school. He can help us crack the code, right?

Kendall: Listen, just give me five minutes with Leo. I'll tell him how Trey set fire to Erica’s house, set me up, became my lawyer, and prepped me to stew behind bars for the rest of my life.

Leo: What you thinking, wifey?

Greenlee: How much deep down I love you.

Leo: And I know you're not exactly sold on Trey.

Greenlee: Leo, I just want a life without any more surprises.

Leo: Well, then your wish is my command. Baby, I've got a good feeling about this. And whatever those numbers mean, it means that we're one step closer to finding that money and one step closer to Paris. One step closer to a happy life. Nothing's going to stop us now.

Kendall: I hope you got your jollies looking at my backside.

Trey: Nice view.

Kendall: Yeah, well, make it last because I'm warning you --

Trey: Ooh, am I getting a warning?

Kendall: This is the last time that you mess with me, Trey. I mean it. No more -- no more screwing around with me.

Vanessa's voice: Kendall Hart is pure poison. Do you understand me? You get her out of your life before it is too late.

Kendall: Hello? Are you zoning out on me?

Trey: No. No, I heard every nagging last word.

Kendall: Well, quote me.

Trey: You want me to quit messing with you.

Kendall: Exactly. We're strictly roomies, nothing more. Though it is kind of tempting.

Trey: What?

Kendall: Having a big, fat affair just to freak your mother out.

Trey: Kendall, are you coming on to me?

Kendall: Trust me, boy wonder, if I was coming on to you, you would know it.

Edmund: You twisted fool. Haven't you put her through enough? You want to see more suffering? Is that what you want to see? You want to see more? You want to see more suffering?

Anna: Edmund. Edmund. Edmund, let us handle this. Please. Jackson --

Jack: Listen to me. Just let him go. Let him go, man. He's not worth it. Let him go.

Anna: Maria, are you all right? You okay? I've got a car outside. We'll drive you down to the station. You can file formal charges against David. We can put him away where he's not going to hurt anyone. Come on, let's go.

Anna: You are going to press charges, aren't you? Don't let him get away with this.

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Chris: I found your father.

Aidan: I know what you did to Maureen, and I've got nothing to say to you.

Maria: David is right. Keeping me away from all of you, he actually did us a favor.

Leo: Here's our freedom, Greenlee. This is it right here.

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