All My Children Transcript Friday 9/20/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Leo: We find Vanessa.  We find the money.  We turn it in. 

Trey: Turn in $10 million?  Not in this lifetime, bro. 

Greenlee: Once we have everything we need on Trey, it's every woman for herself. 

Maria: I'm not going back to Wildwind. 

Edmund: Maria, please. 

Maria: Look, and another thing -- Maria is not my name.  It's Maureen. 

Anna: I do want to help build a case against David. 

Greenlee: Hey, hey, slow down.  

Kendall: And give Trey more time to cover his tracks? 

Greenlee: Just let me get my thoughts straight. 

Kendall: Why can't we just smack him down now? 

Greenlee: Because, one, we don't even know if he's home, and, two, we don't have enough evidence. 

Kendall: Hello?  He stole my lighter.  He framed me for arson.  He stole the Proteus files.  He followed you all the way to Paris.  What more do we need? 

Greenlee: Well, the only proof we have of that is a ticket showing that Trey went to Paris, which proves nothing. 

Kendall: Well, what about the burn on his arm?  I'm sure someone wouldn't lie about that. 

Greenlee: Ok, but Trey would, and Leo would believe him, not you.  Trey's a real manipulator.  Do I have to remind you that he tried to get you to plead guilty to starting a fire that he set? 

Kendall: No.  Trey 86'd my future, Greenlee.  I want him to pay. 

Greenlee: Yeah, I get that.  But that's why we have to figure this out.  There's more at stake here than your tarnished reputation. 

Kendall: Like what? 

Greenlee: Protecting my husband.  I've got to convince Leo that the new apple in his family tree is rotten to the core. 

Trey: My client is being held by a government agency against her will.  She was hauled out of her hospital bed.  Does it sound like she went willingly?  Look, if Judge Wilson doesn't tell me where he has Vanessa Cortlandt stashed, I'm going public with this thing.  How will the agency feel about that?  The charges?  Oh, let's see -- illegal detainment, civil rights violation, and if they want to play hardball, I'll throw in kidnapping.  I'll go after, what, the police department, the Bureau, Pine Valley Hospital.  Collusion.  Yeah, it'll stick, especially after the press conference I've got scheduled.  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, the ACLU will be all over this thing.  Look, listen to me.  You've got exactly 20 minutes until this miscarriage of justice hits the airwaves.  You got that?  It's up to you. 

Leo: Nice. 

David: Did you do it?  Did you get the divorce? 

Anna: You just get the rest of your things and get out. 

David: I can't get all my things. 

Anna: Ok, I'll help you. 

Anna: Here.  This sweater.  Your books.  Oh, you need a bag? 

Anna: Just get out.  Could you, please, just go? 

David: We're not through. 

Anna: Oh, yeah, right.  Ok.  Keys to your cabin. 

David: You have one more thing of mine -- my child. 

Anna: No, I don't, David. 

Maria: You didn't need -- you didn't have to wait. 

Edmund: I've been waiting five years. 

Maria: Edmund, please. 

Edmund: So, you want me to call you Maureen? 

Maria: I know that this isn't easy for you. 

Edmund: Maureen, was this Dr. McMillan?  I mean, this idea of calling Ma -- is this his idea? 

Maria: No, it was mine.  That's -- that's who I am -- Maureen Gorman.  I -- Edmund, I'm sorry that this is so painful for you. 

Edmund: Why did you come back? 

Maria: To find the truth. 

Edmund: The truth is you're Maria Santos grey.  And yet you hold on identity that you made up. 

Maria: Yes, until I can --

Edmund: You reject the people who love you, and you trust strangers. 

Maria: No. 

Edmund: You reject the past. 

Maria: I don't. 

Edmund: I just don't understand why you choose to be someone you're not. 

Maria: Why can't you accept me for who I am? 

Edmund: Maureen? 

Maria: Yes.  I'm really not that horrible a person once you get to know me. 

Edmund: Am I? 

Maria: No -- Edmund, I'm not rejecting you.  I'm not rejecting the past. 

Edmund: Sure feels like it. 

Maria: You said that you weren't going to pressure me.  Do you remember?  I really -- I need to do this my way.  Please. 

Edmund: Ok.  Well, what about Sam and Maddie?  What does Maureen want me to tell Maria's children? 

Maria: You think I want to hurt Sam and Maddie? 

Edmund: No, that was unfair. 

Maria: Well, everything about this is unfair. 

Edmund: Look, I can't even explain this to an adult, you know?  It's barely comprehensible.  To try to explain this to our children --

Maria: Edmund, you are -- I know.  You are trying so hard.  You've been so kind, really.  It's just that you -- you don't understand where I'm coming from at all, do you? 

Edmund: It's just like you don't want any help, at least not mine. 

Maria: No, and you've been very generous to me.  You're -- you're very generous to have offered to have me live at Wildwind. 

Edmund: It's where you belong. 

Maria: No, it's not.  It's not. 

Edmund: All right.  I know.  It's Maria's. 

Maria: Yes, it's Maria's. 

Edmund: You know, when you were in Nevada, you -- you drew Wildwind.  It stayed with you.  Doesn't it make sense to live there would be the smartest thing to help recover your memory? 

Maria: You said you weren't going to pressure me, Edmund, and you're still -

Edmund: I just want you to be cured. 

Maria: No, you want me to be the way I was. 

Edmund: Isn't that the same thing? 

Maria: No, I -- I have been through so much.  So much has happened to me that I just need time to absorb it all. 

Edmund: Time away from me, away from your children? 

Maria: No, I'm not cutting you off. 

Edmund: Would it be so awful to remember your past and come home? 

Maria: That's your dream.  And maybe it is mine, too, but I just don't know.  The only thing that I know is that I'm just not ready yet. 

Edmund: Ok.  So, what do I tell them -- Sam and Maddie?  That mom's just not ready to live there? 

Maria: Well, what should I do?  Should I just go bumbling around the house, trying to fit some part that I don't even know how to play? 

Edmund: You would learn. 

Maria: Well, you know, that's easy for you to say, but how are the kids -- how are our kids going to be comfortable if their mother's not comfortable?  I mean, what's that going to do to them?  That's what I'm afraid of.  I don't want to hurt them or confuse them any more than I already have. 

Edmund: You don't think they're going to be hurt that mom doesn't want to live with them? 

Maria: But I -- I do.  I just -- Edmund, I have to do this on my terms, not yours. 

Edmund: Fine.  Will you help me explain this to Sam and Maddie? 

Maria: Of course.  Yes.  I -- ok, why don't we do this -- why don't you give me a call tomorrow, and we'll try to figure out when we can sit down and do this, ok? 

Edmund: They're home right now.  I want to get this over with.  Unless you have somewhere else you have to be. 

Maria: No.  No.  Now is -- now is fine. 

David: Did you terminate your pregnancy? 

Anna: I don't have to answer you. 

David: You wouldn't do it.  You wouldn't. 

Anna: How do you know I wouldn't, given the things that you've done? 

David: That baby was created out of love. 

Anna: Yeah.  But it was a lie, wasn't it? 

David: Don't do this to me. 

Anna: Oh, god, not everything in the world is about you, David.  For you. 

David: Just tell me that you're still carrying our child.  My child, Anna. 

Anna: I did get a divorce.  So this is my life, my child, my body. 

David: Then you didn't do it? 

Anna: You will have no say in this matter. 

David: How can you even consider having an abortion? 

Anna: Because I don't know who the father is. 

David: That's not true.  We shared our souls in creating that child. 

Anna: It disgusts me to think of bringing a baby into this world, knowing that its father doesn't have any morals or honor or integrity. 

David: You know that's not true.  Anna, just promise me that you won't do anything to hurt this child. 

Anna: I don't need your consent. 

David: Swear to me, Anna.  Swear to me that you won't hurt our child. 

Anna: David, I don't owe you anything. 

David: You owe my baby a chance at life.  Do you hear me?  And I'm not going to let you hurt that baby. 

Greenlee: Hey, where do you think you're going? 

Kendall: I'm going back upstairs.  I'm not accomplishing anything here. 

Greenlee: Just -- just -- just give me a minute.  I'm still thinking. 

Kendall: Big deal. 

Greenlee: Yeah, like you're doing anything.  If I hadn't gotten a hold of you, you would've told Trey that we know he burned down Erica's house. 

Kendall: I repeat, Greenlee, what exactly are we going to do? 

Greenlee: We've got to stop Leo from believing in Trey. 

Kendall: I still don't get this.  Why would Leo ever listen to anything Trey has to say? 

Greenlee: Trey's family.  It's like kryptonite.  Leo gets too close, he becomes completely powerless. 

Kendall: Well, he's up against a psycho drug lord with homicidal tendencies and Satan's personal physician.  I'm sure baby brother Trey probably seems pretty tame to him. 

Greenlee: He's more dangerous than either of them, ok?  He's already hooked Leo with this three-hankie sob story. 

Kendall: Oh, that chained to the radiator at Christmas bit nearly broke me up. 

Greenlee: Yeah, well, not Leo.  He feels sorry for the guy.  And now that they're blood brothers, Leo thinks Trey wants what he wants. 

Kendall: Well, Leo is used to running with the wolves.  I'm sure he'll see the light about Trey. 

Greenlee: No, Leo's looking for some sort of family to hold on to, and I'm afraid that that's Trey. 

Kendall: Man, you married into a hell of a family. 

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I'll probably skip the reunions.  The bottom line -- Leo protected me from my family when I didn't even know I needed it, and I have to do the same for him. 

Kendall: You know, Ryan wanted me to dump Trey and get another attorney. 

Greenlee: And you didn't, did you? 

Kendall: No, I listened to Trey.  And for that reason alone, I want him to go down face-first. 

Greenlee: Ok.  But that's why we have to do this right, or Leo's going to be defending Trey instead of seeing the truth.  And who knows what's going to happen to Vanessa's drug money, and that's my ticket out of here. 

Kendall: Ok, listen, just give me five minutes with Leo.  I'll tell him how Trey set fire to Erica's house, set me up, became my lawyer, and prepped me to stew behind bars for the rest of my life. 

Greenlee: Are you going to do this my way, or am I going to have to kick you out right now? 

Kendall: Fine.  Fine.  Well, then, tell me, what are we going to do?  You still haven't told me yet. 

Greenlee: Well, I found a few things on the net about Trey -- you know, some trials and things like that.  Maybe we can download those things and find some other scams that Trey has pulled. 

Kendall: That sounds kind of vague.  All right, all right, fine, fine.  Go and get your things, and I'll pop into my place. 

Greenlee: No -- and run into Trey?  No.  You're staying with me so I can keep an eye on you. 

Kendall: Boring. 

Greenlee: My game, my rules.  Now look -- if Leo's home, don't say anything about us going after Trey. 

Kendall: Well, aren't you the bad little wifey, sneaking around behind your hubby's back. 

Greenlee: Oh, I can't believe I have to trust you. 

Kendall: Relax.  I don't give a flying fig about your domestic affairs.  I just want to nail my lying, sneaky, skank of an ex-attorney roommate to the wall. 

Trey: Law clerks -- if you don't yell at them, nothing happens.  Yeah, attitude's everything.  Gets things done.  If we're lucky, the clerk's whispering in judge Wilson's ear right now. 

Leo: And that helps us how? 

Trey: We could get an injunction.  Then the bureau would have no choice but to give us Vanessa's whereabouts. 

Leo: And then we'll get to see her? 

Trey: You know, the government's all about procedures.  If you flash the right piece of paper with the right signature, they have really no choice.  I thought you'd be glad about this. 

Leo: Well, I am. 

Trey: So?  What gives?  You didn't like my technique?  What? 

Leo: Actually, I just got it. 

Trey: Got what? 

Leo: For the first time, I feel it in my gut -- we're brothers. 

Trey: Wow.  Where'd that come from? 

Leo: Oh, come on, man.  The moves you just pulled on that law clerk?  Putting a serious scare into him, threatening to let the dogs off the leash if they didn't cooperate?  You know, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you learned at Vanessa's knee just like I did. 

Trey: Guess it's in the genes. 

Leo: Yeah. 

Leo: That was good.  That was really good. 

Trey: I didn't con that law clerk. 

Leo: Yeah, right.  Like you have all that civil rights action in the works.  And threatening a kidnapping charge against the federal government?  That was beautiful. 

Trey: Sometimes you just have to know what buttons to push, that's all. 

Leo: And having a news conference with the ACLU -- I mean, that's just genius, Trey. 

Trey: Actually, if I had to, I could whip something up pretty quickly and make it look like the real thing. 

Leo: Well, I guess that lawyering is a natural outlet for your Vanessa genes, right? 

Trey: Hmm.  But I'm small-time compared to some of the cons you and her have pulled. 

Leo: Oh, let's not confuse the past with the present, ok?  Those were the bad old days.  Those are the bad old days.  But, you know, sometimes those techniques do come in handy. 

Trey: Especially if it gets us to Vanessa. 

Leo: And the money.  Let's not forget the money.  You know, I can't wait to see Greenlee's face when I tell her that we turned that money into the feds. 

Trey: She's not in on this? 

Leo: No, she's not.  Are you kidding me?  She'd freak out if I told her that I was chasing down Vanessa. 

Trey: Yeah, she'd totally blow up if she knew you were working with me.  You know, she's got a real hate on for me. 

Leo: Well, I wouldn't say "hate," exactly.  You know, she's just slow to trust.  You know, she's a little slow to trust.  But don't worry.  Once we do our good deed, she'll welcome you with open arms. 

Trey: Well, that's reward enough for me. 

Leo: Well, you'll have to come to Paris to visit us, you realize that? 

Trey: So you're really going to move there? 

Leo: Yeah.  The DA said we'd be free as soon as we turn that Proteus money in.  And it is Greenlee's dream to live in Paris, so --

Trey: How about you? 

Leo: I'm going to give her the city of lights in a big pink bow. 

Trey: To Paris. 

Leo: To brotherhood. 

Anna: Who the hell do you think you're talking to? 

David: I'm talking to the mother of my child. 

Anna: You couldn't order me around when we were married, so what makes you think you can do it now? 

David: I will do whatever I need to do to protect the life that we created. 

Anna: No, you just want to protect yourself and your property, because that's how you view this. 

David: That's nonsense.  This baby is our future, Anna. 

Anna: Not yours.  I'd like to see to it that you didn't have one.  Can you just get out now, please? 

David: I'm not going anywhere as long as I know that this child's life is at stake. 

Anna: It's not your concern, David. 

David: It's not my concern? 

Anna: Stop talking about it. 

David: You're obviously too emotional to make a rational decision. 

Anna: No, I have never been more rational in my life. 

David: You're completely out of control, Anna, and I'm not about to let you make a decision in this current state of mind. 

Anna: Fine.  What are you going to do?  You going to drug me?  Are you?  Because that's how you solve everything with enemies, lovers, strangers, police officers.  Just drug them, right? 

David: All right, if you want to hate me, that's fine, ok?  You want to be angry?  That's fine.  But don't take it out on our child, Anna.  This is not the way to punish me.  Our child deserves a chance at life. 

Anna: I would never take out my feelings on an innocent baby.  Who do you think I am? 

David: So you're not planning on terminating?  Thank you, Anna.  

Anna: Oh, don't thank me.  I did not make my decision based on what you want. 

David: What I want.  What I want more than anything in the world is to love that tiny soul that we've created. 

Anna: You don't know how to love. 

David: You can't deny me the joy of sharing in this child's life, Anna. 

Anna: What kind of joy are you going to give this kid?  Really?  I mean it.  Quite frankly, I think it's just going to be a bargaining chip in this egotistical power game that you play. 

David: Anna, don't belittle me.  Let me be the father that I know I can be. 

Anna: I don't want to expose it to your cruelty and your lies.  I don't.  David, please try to understand that you will never be a part of this child's life. 

Edmund: Hey.  Seeing you here in our home -- it's almost harder than when you were a memory. 

Maria: Memories can be very powerful.  Where are the kids? 

Edmund: Stables.  Stella's getting them. 

Maria: Ah, that's right.  Sam rides. 

Edmund: Yeah, so do -- so did you.  Listen, you don't have to live here in the main house if you don't want to. 

Maria: Edmund --

Edmund: The hunting lodge --

Maria: No, I can't -- I cannot do what you want. 

Edmund: Are you afraid of the past, or is it me? 

Maria: No, it's just that -- if I live anywhere on the grounds here at Wildwind, I'm going to be like living in a fishbowl.  It's going to be you and the kids and the staff and everybody waiting just for some moment -- you know, that moment when, poof, I become Maria again. 

Edmund: You will not feel any pressure from anyone.  I promise you. 

Maria: Every time I look at you, I see that -- kind of that hope in your eyes.  And it's more than I can take, sometimes. 

Edmund: I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. 

Maria: But you do.  You do.  And I understand.  You want your wife back, and I'm only a disappointment.  And I -- Edmund, I just -- I can't live like that. 

Edmund: Where will you live? 

Maria: I don't know yet. 

Edmund: Pine Cone? 

Maria: Maybe for, you know, just a little while. 

Edmund: Listen, if you need some help, I know a lot of places nearby. 

Maria: No.  I'm sure that you do.  I'm just going to look myself because that'll help me to get to know the town. 

Edmund: If you need money --

Maria: I've been taking care of myself for a long time, Edmund, but thanks.  I don't need your help. 

Edmund: You're very determined. 

Maria: Yeah, so I've been told. 

Edmund: But the children? 

Maria: Well --

Edmund: How do they fit into your plans? 

Maria: I want to spend time with Sam and Maddie, but I can't pretend to be their mom any more than I could pretend to be your wife. 

Edmund: You don't have to pretend.  You just are. 

Sam and Maddie: Daddy, Daddy! 

Maria: Oh. 

Maddie: Mommy Angel, are you going to live with us again? 

Maria: You know what?  I absolutely love the pictures that you guys brought to me in the hospital, and I'm going to put them up first thing. 

Maddie: In your bedroom? 

Sam: Where are your bags? 

Maddie: Can we help carry them in? 

Maria: Well, I'm -- I'm not going to live here with you guys. 

Maddie: Do you have to go back to heaven? 

Maria: No, no, no.  It's nothing like that, sweetheart. 

Sam: The hospital? 

Maria: No, you know what?  As a matter of fact, I was so healthy, they booted me out of the hospital. 

Maddie: Then why aren't you coming home? 

Maria: Well, do you -- do you remember how your daddy and I explained to you that I was in an accident and I got hurt pretty badly?  Well, when I got hurt, it made me forget everything.  I forgot what my name was.  I forgot where I lived.  I forgot your daddy.  I didn't remember --

Maddie: Us? 

Maria: You guys, exactly.  But I want to get to know you all over again.  It's just that if I move into the house, it's going to make it seem like everything's the same when it's not. 

Maddie: Are you still going to be our angel mommy? 

Maria: Yes.  Of course, forever and ever. 

Sam: Are you going far away again? 

Maria: No way.  I'm going to be here.  I'm going to see you guys all the time. 

Maddie: We will? 

Maria: Yes, you will.  I promise.  Because I want to get to know you all over again, but I'm going to need your help.  Do you think you can help me? 

Sam and Maddie: Yes. 

Maria: Yeah, excellent.  Ok, and you know what?  I'm going to make you a promise.  I promise you that I will always tell you the truth and that I won't pretend to remember anything that I don't.  Ok?  Sammy -- honey, what is it? 

Sam: Do we have to tell the truth, too? 

Maria: Well, that's usually the best way to do things, I think.  Why?  Do you have something you want to tell me?  You want to come here to tell me?  Come over here. 

Sam: I -- I don't remember you, either. 

Maria: Oh.  Sammy, that's ok.  That's ok. 

David: You can't keep me from my child. 

Anna: Yeah, I can.  I will.  I can give my son or daughter everything they need, and that doesn't include you. 

David: Children need both parents, Anna. 

Anna: Oh, I don't need your money or advice or your co-parenting, thank you very much. 

David: I swear, I will devote my life to giving our child everything, the best that I have. 

Anna: You made that same promise to me.  I'm going to see to it that this little baby never knows what it's like to love someone and then be betrayed without a second thought. 

David: I never betrayed you. 

Anna: Our love really did not stand a chance against your warped power trip. 

David: All right, all right, you're angry at me.  Fine.  But is this your revenge, Anna?  What, you're going to deprive our child its father? 

Anna: It's not revenge.  It's survival. 

David: Yeah, well, the courts have something to say about this. 

Anna: Not about this child. 

David: I do have rights. 

Anna: No, you don't. 

David: I will fight with every court in the country. 

Anna: You won't. 

David: We'll play this any way you want to, Anna. 

Anna: What I want you to understand is that children need stability.  They need to wake up every morning knowing that the same person is there for them. 

David: And I can be that person. 

Anna: You don't know how to.  I am not going to risk this baby's well-being so that you can experiment with fatherhood. 

David: Do you honestly believe I'm just going to give up, is that it?  Walk away from this child's life? 

Anna: I would love you to be smart enough to realize when you've lost. 

David: I haven't even started.  I will fight you with everything I have to be a father to that child. 

Anna: How are you going to do that from behind bars? 

David: Oh, please.  What, you think you can get rid of me that easily? 

Anna: Watch me. 

Greenlee: Trey.  What a surprise. 

Trey: Greenlee, you look as lovely as ever.  You left the iron on. 

Kendall: Really?  Afraid I'll start a fire? 

Greenlee: So, you boys celebrating something? 

Leo: Yeah, just guy stuff.  Downing some beers, you know. 

Trey: Talking sports. 

Greenlee: You hate sports. 

Leo: You smell delicious.  What, is that the new perfume that your company's --

Greenlee: You don't even like to watch them on TV. 

Trey: I was just asking Leo to play on a tag football team with me on the weekends. 

Greenlee: The only contact sport you're into is mattress tag. 

Leo: He just thinks I'm a natural for the running forward position, so --

Trey: Running back. 

Leo: Running back. 

Kendall: Well, don't believe everything Trey tells you. 

Leo: So, did you get your job back ok? 

Greenlee: Yeah, of course. 

Kendall: As it turns out, we're working together on a special project. 

Leo: Really? 

Greenlee: Temporarily. 

Leo: Ah -- you guys want a beer, soda?  The fridge is stocked. 

Kendall: Actually, you know what?  I would love a smoke.  Anybody got a lighter?  Ow! 

Leo: Hey. 

Kendall: Never mind.  I quit. 

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello?  Judge who?  Wilson?  Ahem.  It's for you -- about Vanessa. 

Trey: Judge Wilson.  Hi, thanks for calling.  So you've got some information for me?  Excellent, excellent.  Thank you very much for calling.  You, too. 

Greenlee: Was that about Vanessa?  Did they find her?  Is she Nessa?  Is she in jail? 

Trey: No, no. 

Greenlee: No what? 

Trey: Judge Wilson was just calling about some papers I had filed. 

Greenlee: Look, if this is about Vanessa, you better tell me. 

Trey: Ok, I -- I know how much she frightens you, so I took out a new restraining order. 

Greenlee: Unless it's bulletproof, it's useless. 

Leo: You know, thanks for the effort, man, but did the judge say anything about the sports bar?  I was going to tell you about this.  The sports bar --

Trey: The one with the --

Leo: The --

Greenlee: With the what? 

Trey: Foosball.  And he said that if we hurry over there, we'll be there just in time --

Leo: To get a shot at it. 

Trey: Right. 

Greenlee: You're going to a sports bar?  To play foosball? 

Leo: It's more than that.  We're just going to -- I don't know.  Talk pennant race, beers, brewskis, buffalo wings, that's all. 

Greenlee: Wait a minute. 

Leo: I love you.  See you later. 

Trey: Bye. 

Kendall: You would not even let me say one word.  Why the hell am I even here? 

Greenlee: To get the scoop on Trey, and we're close. 

Kendall: No, we're not.  This is a complete waste. 

Greenlee: Don't you ever pay attention? 

Kendall: Not to sports. 

Greenlee: You have so much to learn.  Let's go. 

Kendall: No -- wait -- where -- what about the stuff on Trey? 

Greenlee: We'll do that later, ok?  The boys want to play, we'll play.  Come on. 

Kendall: No, I'm driving.  You're about a lane change away from turning us into roadkill. 

Greenlee: Well, whatever.  Let's go.  They're going to get away. 

Kendall: Please tell me we're not going to a sports bar. 

Greenlee: We're not.  And neither are they. 

David: Is that supposed to be a threat? 

Anna: Oh, I don't know.  Call it what you want.  You're probably going to be in prison for a long time. 

David: Oh, really?  What are you going to do?  What, conjure up false charges so you can be a single parent?  Oh, that's nice, Anna.  Isn't that called abuse of power? 

Anna: You should know.  I don't need to make anything up, David.  You are out on bail because you drugged a police officer and escaped custody.  Those are serious charges in themselves. 

David: All right, so my lawyer cops a plea and I get probation, hmm?  I mean, I have an entire lifetime to watch our child grow up. 

Anna: Well, that's just the beginning.  There's all this stuff you did to Maria Grey. 

David: I saved her life.  There's no crime in that.  I'm innocent. 

Anna: Everything you touch just becomes tainted somehow. 

David: Oh, that's really objective of you, chief Devane, isn't it? 

Anna: Not when it comes to you, I'm not.  You treated Maria under questionable circumstances by questionable means. 

David: I used my best judgment.  She was too weak to move.  I didn't want to risk her life by following rules that would only compromise her condition. 

Anna: Of course.  I forgot.  We only live by your rules. 

David: Yeah, well, Maria's alive because of me! 

Anna: You hid her away, kept her from her family, and you lied to her.  There is criminal intent there, and I'm going to find out why. 

David: Everything I did was for Maria's benefit. 

Anna: What? 

David: Yeah, that's right.  By the time I found out who she was, her family had already started their new life and she was about to start hers.  I did what I felt was best. 

Anna: For you. 

David: For my patient. 

Anna: You know what?  I know you, David.  You can't help but play god.  Be it by little lies here or a deal there, an experimental drug.  My gut tells me that Maria was one of your guinea pigs. 

David: You're wrong. 

Anna: I am?  Why did you try to rush her out of town so quickly? 

David: I was doing what I felt was best for her. 

Anna: No, you were protecting yourself.  I'm going to prove that. 

David: Go ahead.  Knock yourself out. 

Anna: All right, I think the quickest way is to just go to the source, the woman whose life you turned into a nightmare.  We'll see what she has to say about god Hayward, the man who convinced her that she was a murderer. 

David: You're wasting your time. 

Anna: Am I?  Why don't we call her and find out? 

Maria: Maybe I could stay for a while and read them a story. 

Edmund: I think Sam and Maddie have had enough for one night. 

Maria: So you're mad now? 

Edmund: I don't like seeing my kids hurt. 

Maria: I don't want to see them hurt, either, Edmund.  It's -- I have to do this. 

Edmund: Have you even considered that what you need may not be what's best for Sam and Maddie? 

Maria: Yes, of course I have.  You know, I'm really not a selfish person, no matter what you might think. 

Edmund: I think you're afraid of remembering. 

Maria: Why wouldn't I be, Edmund?  It's as unknown to me as the future is, and I'm just -- I'm trying really hard not to make promises that I might not be able to keep, especially to Sam and Maddie.  Edmund, can't you see that? 

Edmund: You know what I see?  I see a woman -- I see a woman torn up.  And I also see a woman who I remember, even if she doesn't, who was so happy just hanging out with the kids, being their mother.  And to see you fighting it --

Maria: I'm not fighting it. 

Edmund: You are fighting it. 

Maria: I'm not --

Edmund: Listen.  You said you'd be honest with them.  How about with me? 

Maria: I am being as honest with you as I can be.  If that's not good enough for you, Edmund, I don't know what else to do. 

Edmund: You know what?  My wife and I made a vow that our children would always come first.  No matter what you feel about the past or me, I -- I plan to honor that commitment. 

[Phone rings]

Edmund: Hello? 

Anna: Edmund? 

Edmund: Anna, what can I do for you? 

Anna: Actually, I'm looking for Maria.  The hospital said that she checked out.  Do you know where I can find her? 

Edmund: You can find Maureen here.  Anna Devane. 

Maria: Hello? 

Anna: Maureen?  I need your help. 

Leo: Thank God Judge Wilson gave up Vanessa's location.  I thought we'd really have to go to a sports bar.  Thanks for tap-dancing back there, man. 

Trey: Hey, I'm just following your lead. 

Leo: I hate lying to Greenlee, but you saw how she gets whenever Vanessa's name is even mentioned, so --

Trey: Yeah, your wife takes the word "high-strung" to a whole new altitude. 

Leo: If she knew we were on Vanessa's scent, she'd scrape her off the ceiling. 

Trey: You're doing this for Greenlee.  I'm sure she'll forgive you when we find the Proteus money. 

Leo: And return it. 

Greenlee: Hurry up.  We can't lose them.  Kendall, don't get too close.  They're going to think that we're tailing them.  Kendall, you're too close.  

Kendall: All right, already. 

Greenlee: Turn off your lights. 

Kendall: What?  Oh, like that doesn't look suspicious.  How am I supposed to see?  I think we should just go back to your place and get that file --

Greenlee: Don't think, ok?  Just drive.  We can't lose them. 

Kendall: Where the hell are they going? 

Maria: You need my help? 

Anna: Yeah, it's police business. 

Maria: Oh, is this about my purse being stolen? 

Anna: No, actually, it's about David Hayward. 

Maria: David? 

Anna: Yeah.  The Commonwealth has a case against him.  I need you to come down to the station and make a statement. 

Maria: Tonight?  Um -- you know what?  I don't know. 

Anna: David has done enough damage, and he needs to be stopped before he causes any more pain.  But I can't do that without your statement.  Will you help us? 

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