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All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/19/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: You know, it's been really amazing working with all of you, but here's the thing -- I'm transferring to the Paris office.

Tad: David convinced Maria that she was wanted for murder.

Anna: What kind of a father have I given my child?†

Trey: They found a cigarette lighter just like yours at the scene of the crime.

Kendall: It was you, Trey. You set me up.

Kendall: Trey?††Guess not.  Ok, ok, ok, ok.  Proteus files.  Proteus files.  Think like a sleazy lawyer.  Yes.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  No.  Come on, they got to be around here somewhere.  The desk.  The desk.  They got to be here.

Trey: Looking for something?†

Greenlee: I thought I heard you. What happened?†

Leo: Come here. Greenlee --

Greenlee: How's David?†

Leo: Numb, exhausted. Crashed as soon as we got back to the cabin, didn't say a whole word the whole time we got up there.

Greenlee: Typical. You think he's going to be ok alone?†

Leo: I think so. I just can't believe that Anna got on that plane. It's not like David killed Edmund's wife. He saved her life, for god sakes.

Greenlee: Maybe Anna just needs some time to think about --

Leo: She's not even speaking to him, Greenlee. It's like this whole town is against him. Nobody's in his corner.

Greenlee: Except you.

Leo: Well, that's because I know what it's like to get railroaded. And David doesn't have someone like you in -- wow. Look at you. What is this?† Is this new?†

Greenlee: I -- I got it to wear in Paris. You know, I thought we were leaving today and I just put it on.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm sorry.

Greenlee: No. No, no, no. You have to be here for David.

Leo: And I thank you for that and for a gazillion other reasons. And when we get to Paris --

Greenlee: No, I'm not holding my breath.

Leo: Greenlee, we're going to get there. I promise. You got it?†

Greenlee: Got it. But if we're going to stick around here, Iíd better go to the office and tell Casey Iím back onboard.

Leo: For now, ok?†

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

Jake: The building better be on fire.

Tad: You know something?† For a doctor, you are ridiculously hard to get a hold of!† I left you two messages on your machine. I told them to page you from the hospital. What the hell is going on?†

Jake: It's my day off, Tad.

Tad: Well, that's almost interesting, but, you know, pop quiz -- what does it mean when the little light blinks on and off?†

Jake: All right, listen, just state your business or Iím going back to bed.

Tad: Bed?† Bed?† No. No bed. No good, that is. You know why?† Because you are coming with me. We're supposed to meet Jackson Montgomery at the hospital in less than half an hour.

Jake: Jack?†

Tad: Yeah. You know, the DA?†

Jake: Yeah, I know, I know.

Tad: I've been telling him about this -- how close we are with this whole Hayward/Maria thing. Turns around, he tells me that maybe we can help him get an indictment. Now, do you want to go back to bed or don't you?†

Tad: You couldn't give her her own pair of pajamas?†

Maria: So what's this guy's name again?†

Edmund: McMillan. Zeke McMillan. But, listen, if you don't click with him, we can find somebody else.

Maria: I'm sure he'll be fine. Are we early?†

Edmund: No. Why don't you sit down?†

Maria: Ok.

Zeke: Thank you for waiting. Sorry for the delay. I just picked up your latest test results.

Edmund: And?†

Zeke: Everything looks good -- neurological responses, CAT scan.

Maria: So does it mean I can -- I can leave?†

Zeke: Well, first, we'd have to check with your attending physician.

Edmund: Whoa -- you can't just release her.

Zeke: Well, there's no reason that we should keep her --

Edmund: Well, she's not going anywhere until we figure out what's wrong with her memory.

Kendall: Uh, Trey, I thought you left.

Trey: I got to my car and realized I forgot this. Why were you in my things?†

Kendall: Uh, my PDA died and I'm a mess without it. I figured since you're Mr. Organized, you'd have a stash of batteries.

Trey: No. Sorry. I only use good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Is there anything else I can help you with?†

Kendall: Uh, nope, I'm good. Got to go before I am late. So Iíll see you.

Trey: Damn her.

Trey: Hey, Leo, it's Trey.

Leo: Hey, Trey.

Trey: When'd you get back?†

Leo: I just got in.

Trey: Great, great, great. Great, Iíll be right up.

Leo: Hey, wait, Iím not really in -- hey.

Greenlee: Who was that?† Here. Would you do this for me, please?†

Leo: That was Trey. He's on his way up here.

Greenlee: Ugh! †My cue to leave. I don't want to run into him on the elevator.

Leo: Greenlee, I know you don't like the guy --

Greenlee: Now, I promised I wouldn't butt in and Iím not. Thank you.

Leo: Well, you just wish that he lived in a different building, right?†

Greenlee: A different hemisphere would be nice. Just promise me you won't get sucked into all this brotherly love stuff, ok?†

Leo: I'll watch my back.

Greenlee: Good.

Greenlee: Trey and David don't know how lucky they are to have a brother like you.

Jack: Yes, this is Jackson Montgomery for Chief Devane, please. Well, when she does get in, have her call immediately, please. Thank you.

Tad: Jack --

Jack: Oh, there you are.

Tad: Sorry we're late. I had to track down my brother.

Jack: That's fine.

Jake: Yeah, it's my day off, Jack, sorry.

Jack: Don't worry about it. Hey, Mia.

Mia: Hi.

Jack: Good to see you.

Mia: So Iíll leave you guys alone.

Jake: Uh, one minute, Mia. Guys, hang on just a second.

Jack: All right.

Jake: So, I'll call you later.

Mia: Sure. Good luck.

Mia: Hi.

Frank: Hey, Mia. Oh, that's right. We're supposed to pretend we don't know each other, right?† Hello, miss.

Mia: Don't try to be funny, ok, because I'm going to be working here again, so we can't just be bumping into each other --

Jake: What, you two know each other?†

Jack: Well, for sure, we've got Hayward for drugging a cop, at the very least.

Tad: That's not enough, Jack. He's already out on bail. What about what he did to Maria?†

Jack: I cannot bring him in on kidnapping and forgery charges, and when I get this guy, I want it to be with charges that are going to stick, Tad.

Tad: You talk about "stick?" †He stole five years of her life. He convinced her she murdered somebody.

Jack: I cannot prove he committed a crime, all right?† Now, if all he did was save her life, why did he keep her hidden away?† Why did he keep her away from pine valley?† Myself, I think he's covering something.

Tad: I know he's covering something. But it's not that he saved her life, it's how he did it.

Edmund: Doctor, just explain it to me. What is causing Mariaís amnesia?†

Zeke: Well, I wish I had an answer for you, Mr. Grey. The tests rule out any physical causes, no damage to the brain or central nervous system.

Edmund: Ok, what about the psychological tests that she took this morning?†

Zeke: Well, that's why we're here. You went through an extremely traumatic experience, gravely injured, nearly died. Sometimes the brain represses those memories.

Edmund: Ok, well, we can handle treating depression. What about repression?† Isn't there a cure for that?†

Zeke: Well, long-term counseling would be my first recommendation, and then there are some drug therapies.

Edmund: Ok, we're getting somewhere.

Maria: No -- no.

Edmund: Prescription --

Maria: Drugs?†

Zeke: Listen, I know it's a lot to throw on you at once, but I just want to warn you none of this is guaranteed to work.

Edmund: What does that mean?† She may never get her memory back?†

Zeke: That's possible.

Edmund: Well, that's not good enough. We got to -- we got to --

Maria: "Not good enough" for who?† This is my life, not yours.

Kendall: Yes, Iíve got that file right in front of me. No, I -- I think it's a great idea for the spring campaign. The colors are fabulous. Job well done. Tell you what --

Casey: Greenlee?†

Kendall: I'll look over it, and I'll let you know if I have any changes.

Greenlee: What is Kendall Hart doing in my office?†

Casey: I thought you would be walking down the Champs Elysees by now.

Greenlee: Yeah, I did, too, but I had a little family crisis. So here I am, ready to work. Now, explain Kendall.

Casey: Well, you didn't exactly give two weeks' notice. She was here, she begged for a chance.

Greenlee: You gave her my job?†

Casey: On a trial basis.

Greenlee: Casey, Kendall is my secretarial slave, ok?† She knows nothing about glamour or style or --

Casey: Well, look, I haven't even processed the paperwork. If you want to come back, we need you.

Greenlee: Yes, I do.

Casey: Well, then it's done. I'm already late for a board meeting. What about Kendall?†

Greenlee: Don't worry. I'll break it to her gently.

Casey: Always the problem solver. Call me later.

Greenlee: Ok.

Kendall: Back so soon?† What, did Leo dump you for a sexy Parisian?†

Greenlee: You wish.

Kendall: Your junk is in a box over there. Take it and go. I have work to do.

Greenlee: Hey. My office, my job, my file.

Kendall: Let me catch you up. You quit, you split, and so they begged me to stay and clean up the mess you left. I took over, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Well, now I'm taking it back.

Kendall: I'm calling security.

Greenlee: No -- what you're calling is a cab. Now, get the hell out of my office.

Leo: Listen, Trey, I don't think this is --

Trey: How's David?†

Leo: He's a wreck.

Trey: Have you seen him?†

Leo: Yeah, I just dropped his pregnant wife off at the plane.

Trey: She left him?†

Leo: Yeah. She's divorcing him.

Trey: Wow. I don't exactly know him, but maybe there's something I should do --

Leo: No, I got it covered, but I'll tell him you asked. But I get the feeling that's not why you're here, right?†

Trey: No, no, it's -- it's Vanessa.

Leo: Do you know where she is?†

Trey: Not exactly. I was talking to Chris Stamp --

Leo: What -- wait -- what is Chris Stamp --?

Trey: He's back with the Feds. They're holding her as a protective-custody witness. I don't know.

Leo: Where?†

Trey: No one will tell me.

Leo: Can they do that?†

Trey: Well, technically, Vanessa would have to give her consent, but --

Leo: Well, Vanessa can't consent to what she wants for breakfast.

Trey: Right.

Leo: So what do we do?†

Trey: Well, we could go in front of a court and challenge the feds with Vanessa's mental capacity, but --

Leo: So what are we waiting for?† Let's do it. You're a lawyer. Let's talk to a judge and see if we can't get a date --

Trey: Yeah, yeah, there's just one small problem -- Vanessa's attorney on the record is Trey Kenyon.

Leo: Oh, and you're not Trey Kenyon?† That's --

Mia: I -- oh, yeah. So we met the last time that I was here with Liza. Frank, this is Jake. Jake, this is -- yeah. So you guys work together, right?†

Jake: Yeah. Frank and I go way back. Actually, I used to show him all of my moves on the basketball court when he was just a little tyke.

Frank: Yeah.

Mia: Oh. That far back, huh?† Oh. Well, I better get back to work before my boss catches me lounging around, doing bad things, so see you later.

Frank: Yeah.

Jake: See you. Frankie, did -- did I just interrupt something?†

Frank: No. No. We were just saying hello.

Jake: Oh.

Frank: I got to get back to work.

Jake: All right, sure, man.

Frank: Ok.

Jake: I'll catch you later on.

Tad: I'll bet you cash money that Hayward was out there playing with his chemistry set and he started experimenting on people with some sort of unapproved substance.

Jack: Yes, but did Maria tell you that?†

Tad: She doesn't have to. It's totally his MO† -- he did it with Roger Smythe, he did it with Dixie. It completely makes sense.

Jack: Yeah, the guy's got a thing for using humans as guinea pigs, right.

Tad: Exactly, and that would explain why he'd have to hide Maria, because he knew he would lose his license.

Jack: That's an interesting theory.

Tad: Come on, Jack, it's more than a theory and you know that. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Jack: Tad, maybe it is, but I can't put you on the stand and let you speculate. I need hard evidence.

Tad: All right, you'll get it. It's down to you. Somehow, you have to prove that Hayward's out there playing with some kind of experimental drug --

Jack: Is there any kind of test that you can --

Jake: Well, jack, we have done every test imaginable.

Tad: Like you did on Dixie?†

Jake: Hang on a second. You've got something. You know what?†

Jack: What?†

Jake: If we compare the two blood test results, we might be able to show there's some kind of a -- some kind of a pattern.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. The problem is, though, we would need Maria's permission to go through medical records. They're protected by law.

Jake: Well, see, that's not going to be so easy to get because she doesn't want anything to do with the police. I mean, that may take time.

Tad: We don't have time.

Jack: Tad, I cannot illegally search through her medical records. If we do find something, it's inadmissible in court. If we don't find something, we look foolish.

Tad: Ok, so, what if the honorable DA was to take a walk while the records were being reviewed?†

Jack: Just take a walk?†

Tad: No, no -- I didn't mean it that way. I mean to say Iíd like to have a heart-to-heart with my brother.

Jake: Sensitive family matter.

Jack: Well, I do have some phone calls to make, and this conversation never took place. Do you mind if I use this phone, please?†

Nurse: Oh, sure, Mr. Montgomery. Use line four.

Jack: Thank you.

Jake: June?† June, listen, I need you to pull all of the files on Maria Grey and Dixie Martin for me, please, and they'd be under the archives under "deceased."

Man: This just came to your office, Mr. Montgomery. It's from Chief Devane and was marked "Urgent."

Jack: Thank you. Thank you very much. I'll talk to you later.

Jack: Well, what the hell is this?†

[Phone rings]

Anna: Anna Devane.

Jack: Hello, Chief. Jack Montgomery here. I've got your letter.

Anna: Oh. Your staff is prompt.

Jack: Well, what is this supposed to mean, exactly?†

Anna: Exactly what it says -- I'm resigning.

Maria: How many times do I have to say this?† I can make my own decisions!

Edmund: Look, I didn't --

Zeke: We're all on overload now, so, Edmund, would you give us a chance to talk alone for a moment?†

Edmund: Yeah, sure. Good idea. I'll -- yeah.

Maria: Oh. I cannot breathe when he's in the room.

Zeke: He's frustrated. He feels he has no control --

Maria: You know, I really don't care. I don't care because I don't feel so great right now, either. I've got people in my face day in and day out and they're all -- they're all looking at me. They're all hoping to get some little moment, some flicker. And then I give them nothing, and I get -- I see this look of disgust on their face and disappointment and it disgusts me. I disgust myself.

Zeke: These people love you.

Maria: That's just it -- they don't love me. They love her. They love Maria Grey, and that's not -- I don't know who that is.

Zeke: What do you want to do?†

Maria: I don't know. For five years, I've been alone. Now I don't get five minutes to myself. All I want is a break. I just need a break from these people.

Zeke: Even Edmund?†

Maria: Especially Edmund.

Mateo: Edmund, where's Maria?†

Edmund: In there with Dr. McMillan.

Mateo: By herself?† Why?† What's going on?†

Edmund: I was just making it worse.

Mateo: You -- how?†

Edmund: I'm in there. I'm hammering away questions to the doctor like it was some press conference.

Mateo: Well, you're trying to help her out. You're just making up for lost time.

Edmund: I was pushing too hard, you know, and I just got to lay off. We all do.

Mateo: Ok, wait -- wait a minute. Am I hearing you right here?† We're her family. We haven't seen her in five years --

Edmund: No, no, we are nobody to her, ok?† You understand?† We're just on her and she's drowning. That's why she likes this guy Aidan, because he's nothing. He asks nothing. He has no expectations.

Mateo: I can't believe you're saying this. You're giving up on her.

Edmund: I'm not giving up on her, ok?† I am not giving up on her. The real Maria is in there, ok, but if we -- if we push her, she's going underground.

Mateo: No, no, no, that's -- that won't happen.

Edmund: You're damn right it's not going to happen, ok?† We're going to do it right, for her sake.

Maria: Edmund seems like a -- such an honest, loving man. I see the way he looks at his kids, and he worshiped his wife. He was destroyed when she died.

Zeke: But?†

Maria: I just -- I think what it must be like to be loved like that.

Zeke: Well, you are that woman. You are the woman that he loves.

Maria: No, I'm not. I'm not that woman. Not anymore. Whoever that Maria was is not me.

Zeke: I know this is hard for you to understand, but you are Maria.

Maria: No. Which -- ok, look, stop. That's not my name. My name is Maureen. Maureen.

Zeke: Ok. "Maureen" -- Iíll call you that, but is that who you want to be?† (Laughter)

Kendall: I heard your message to Casey. You used the word "transferring.Ē† Why don't you look it up in the dictionary?†

Greenlee: I changed my mind. You can do that when you're in demand.

Kendall: Oh, give me a break. If this is true, why didn't Casey tell me about it?†

Greenlee: She's at a board meeting.

Kendall: Fine. Well, I'll leave her a message and I'll tell her to call me when --

Greenlee: Pass it on. Now, if you want to stick around, be a good, little assistant and go bring me a latte.

Kendall: If you think I would ever work for you, with you, even near you --

Greenlee: I am so close to justifiable homicide right now, it's not even funny.

Kendall: Ooh, Iím shaking. What, are you going to beat me with your powder puff?†

Greenlee: After what Iíve been through today, I'll do it with my bare hands. My husband has the DA riding his behind. I have a brother-in-law who can't even stay out of prison.

Kendall: Oh, you know what?† Save this for somebody who gives a damn.

Greenlee: Your weirdo roommate is trying to scam Leo into god knows what so he can get his grubby, little hands on Vanessa's drug money. Plus, I have two useless tickets to Paris.

Kendall: Wait a minute. What'd you just say?†

Greenlee: I have two tickets to Paris. Why am I even telling you this?†

Kendall: No, no, not that. The other part. The part about Trey.

Greenlee: Trey says he wants to help Leo find Vanessa's Proteus money. Can you go now?†

Kendall: That's it.

Greenlee: That's what?†

Kendall: That's the reason that Trey burned down Ericaís house.

Leo: Well, the whole world doesn't know you're an impostor, so --

Trey: Well, a few people do.

Leo: So what do you think?† Somebody's going to squeal on you to the judge?†

Trey: Maybe you would.

Leo: Why -- you actually think I would do something like that?†

Trey: I'm not sure. I know that Greenlee doesn't like me very much.

Leo: Well, do you blame Greenlee?† You're defending the woman who tried to kill her, Trey. Come on.

Trey: I wish I had done things differently.

Leo: Like let us know from the beginning who you really are, maybe?†

Trey: Yeah, yeah. But dealing with her after all those years and -- look, I'm sorry, Leo.

Leo: I know, I know, I know. It's just this whole thing is just so weird. You know, finding out that some stranger is my flesh and blood. I've already been through it once with David. And then Guy du Pres and, you know, I still wish that he would've been my father, so it's just a little --

Trey: And instead you're stuck with me -- another brother, more evidence of Vanessa's lies.

Leo: Yeah, I don't blame you for any of that.

Trey: Look, we didn't grow up together. I don't expect us to all of a sudden --

Leo: No, I know that we didn't -- David and I didn't grow up together. And when we first met, it was -- look, we got to be there for each other right now, you know, because that's what families do, right?†

Trey: Maybe someday I'll be a part of that.

Leo: Yeah, well, let's just take care of Vanessa first. We got to figure out a court date.

Trey: So, are you saying that you're going to let me act as Trey Kenyon, attorney at law, one last time?†

Jack: Anna, you're resigning?†

Anna: Yeah. It's official. I thought you might want your own copy. I should imagine that the commissioner's already got his by now.

Jack: Oh, for Peteís sake, why are you doing this?†

Anna: Uh -- I guess, essentially, I believe I have no moral judgment. Plus, I'm carrying the child of public enemy number one. Do you need more?†

Jack: Have you really given this serious thought?†

Anna: I thought you'd be happy. You've been gunning for me since day one.

Jack: I've changed my mind, ok?†

Anna: I have no business being in this job.

Jack: Look, you have a weak spot when it comes to David Hayward. He's a man who preys on women. I hate that kind of man. Now, we -- look, that -- you are still topnotch law enforcement, Anna.

Anna: Do not patronize me with a pep talk.

Jack: I'm not patronizing you. Just listen to me for a second. Listen to me. I am this close to putting a case together against David. Now, I need your help.

Anna: The commissioner has probably already offered my job to Derek Frye by now, so --

Jack: Are you telling me that you don't want to be in on it when we bring Hayward down?† Now, I will go to the commissioner. I will rip that letter up. He and I will burn it together and pray, but I want you at this hospital so I can give you the details of this investigation.

Anna: I'm not in Pine Valley. I'm on St. Justin's Island getting a divorce.

Jake: There's got to be something.

Tad: Jake?† Is this --?

Jake: Yeah, it is.

Mateo: You know Iíd never do anything to jeopardize Maria's recovery.

Edmund: I'm sorry. Listen, I came on a little strong.

Mateo: No, no. I needed to hear that. She's going to remember. We're going to get her back, right?†

Edmund: I'm going to do everything I can. You know that.

Mateo: Has there been anything like a flash of memory or anything?†

Edmund: No. Well, there -- it didn't seem like a lot, but she -- she reached out for my hand. And that was good.

Mateo: It's a start. I'm happy for you.

Edmund: We're going to make it. It's just going to take a while.

Maria: I'm not sure what you're asking.

Zeke: You think of yourself as Maureen. So the next logical question is, who is Maureen?† You haven't told me much.

Maria: Because no one's asked -- except Edmund because I know he cares about --

Zeke: You're avoiding my question.

Maria: Because I don't really have an answer yet.

Zeke: Ok, I'll start. Maureen Gorman has no memory of anything that happened more than five years ago. You lived out west, mainly Nevada. But you -- you never stayed in one place too long.

Maria: Well, I like a change of scenery.

Zeke: You never let anybody get too close.

Maria: Why do you assume that?†

Zeke: Well, you've been in town for a few weeks and you haven't tried to contact anyone outside of pine valley, have you?† And no one's tried to find out where you had gone, hadn't even noticed that you left.

Maria: And you know why no one's trying to track me down in five years?† Because I don't exist. Maureen Gorman does not exist. I just pulled that name right out of thin air.

Zeke: Why didn't you just --

Maria: Because I didn't know who I was!† I didn't really have a choice!

Zeke: But weren't you curious about --

Maria: No, I was terrified.

Zeke: Of what?† Of who you were?†

Maria: No, I was -- I was terrified of the police because I -- I was convinced that I had done something horrible and I -- that's why I was living out of suitcases. That's why I was changing jobs all the time. That's why I didn't make any friends, because every time I had to leave, it would just rip my heart out. So I just kept to myself.

Zeke: Yes, but something kept you going.

Maria: Yeah -- work, the kids, the pediatric wards. I mean, they -- because they didn't expect anything from me. You know, they just wanted somebody to hug them and read them stories and hold their hand in the middle of the night.

Zeke: You were attracted to hospital work.

Maria: Yeah, I used to watch the doctors and I would dream about what it must be like to save lives like that.

Zeke: You did that. You were a doctor once.

Maria: No.

Maria did that.

Zeke: You can regain those skills.

Maria: No, I canít.

Zeke: You can even apply for medical school.

Maria: No, don't you see?† It's too late for that. I -- don't you get it?† The whole first part of my life was wiped out from that plane crash, and then the last five years were stolen from me.

Greenlee: You think Trey stole your lighter?†

Kendall: Yeah, he needed a fall guy. Chris Stamp said that whoever torched Ericaís house did it to snag his Proteus files.

Greenlee: Trey thought that he had found Vanessa's millions.

Kendall: Because of him, I lost Ryan. All those charges made me totally desperate to --

Greenlee: It is kind of brilliant when you think about it. I mean, all the times that he tried to convince you to plead guilty, you were none the wiser?†

Kendall: He set me up. I sleep in -- in the next room from this guy and he went on and on about his childhood and Vanessa and he even told me his real name.

Greenlee: He told you about that?†

Kendall: Yeah, and I actually felt sorry for him for, like, half a second. Greenlee, this guy is trying to ruin my life.

Greenlee: Now he's pulling his routine on Leo.

Kendall: I'm going to go back to the loft, Iím going to find those Proteus files, and Iím --

Greenlee: Don't bother. They're not there.

Kendall: What?†

Greenlee: Leo and I searched the place. Nada.

Kendall: You were in my home?†

Greenlee: Oh -- spare me the moral indignation. This freak has weaseled his way into my life, and now he's got Leo fantasizing about bonding with his brother.

Kendall: Scary.

Greenlee: I have to find the goods on Trey, no mater what I have to do.

Kendall: No, you mean what we have to do.

Leo: All right. I'll keep quiet about the Trey Kenyon thing one more time, but you got to do something for me.

Trey: Name it.

Leo: If we find Vanessa's drug money --

Trey: "When" we find the money.

Leo: We turn it over to the feds. You understand?† Every last cent, because I need to clear my name.

Trey: The DA. Yeah, of course. I wouldn't touch it. It's blood money.

Leo: Do I have your word or not?†

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, you have my word, Leo.

Leo: Ok, because I'm going to find that money, no matter what I have to do.

Trey: No matter what we have to do.

Jake: You ok?† Listen, maybe we should just --

Tad: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. I want to do it. I stopped by maternity the other day when I left you at Clader's office. Looked through the window -- all those babies -- peeked at a pretty little girl, pink hat, scrunched-up face, beautiful eyes. Just for a minute, allowed myself to imagine she was mine. Dixieís.

Jake: Don't do this to yourself, Tad.

Tad: No, it's all right. I don't have a choice. Because I hate it -- my wife, my baby girl are gone, and now he's going to be a father.

Jake: Only through the glass on visiting days.

Tad: You find something?†

Jake: Yep. This blood workup. I compared the blood chemistry on Maria's blood records before she had the accident. There's been a change.

Tad: Is that bad?†

Jake: I don't know. Doesn't seem to be affecting her health.

Tad: But it's there?†

Jake: Oh, yeah.

Tad: It's definitely there?†

Jake: It's definitely there. And here's the best part -- if you compare Dixieís blood before and after Hayward gave her the experimental drugs --

Tad: It's the same change in Maria.

Jake: Exactly. Do you remember when Hayward had asked me to participate in that research project he was doing for the Andrassy Foundation?†

Tad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.

Jake: Yeah. This blood profile matches the research that Hayward was doing at Johns Hopkins.

Tad: That's it. That's it. That's proof. That's the solid proof we need. It -- it's concrete. It proves that he used the same drug on Dixie that he used on Maria.

Jake: I just hope it's enough for Jackson.

Tad: It's got to be.

Edmund: This is going to be tough, but we got to do it her way. For a while.

Mateo: Ok, ok, we'll -- we'll follow your lead, but only until Maria's back on track.

Edmund: Then what?†

Mateo: Then -- then Iím going to kill David Hayward.

Edmund: Get in line.

Zeke: What do you mean, your last five years were stolen from you?† How?†

Maria: It doesn't -- it doesn't matter. I was -- I was just talking.

Zeke: Why do you think the police were after you?† Did you do --?

Maria: No, I don't know -- I don't know what I did. I just -- that really doesn't matter right now, either.

Zeke: What matters?†

Maria: Edmund and Mateo and all of them -- just trying to get them to understand that I can't flip right back into Maria.

Zeke: Can you believe that you were at one time Maria?†

Maria: If -- it just -- it feels unreal to me. And then I see that little girl, and she has my eyes. Sam remembers my perfume.

Zeke: Do you want to be Maria grey?†

Maria: That -- that woman would go and operate on people's brains, and then come home and be the prefect wife and mother all in the same day.

Zeke: You are not answering my question.

Maria: I don't care. Would it be crazy then if I said I don't know if I want to be Maria?† They want me to be Maria, but that life means something to her, but not to me, because I'm not her!

Zeke: You -- you are absolutely correct. You are right in being upset by their expectations.

Maria: Ok. Well -- well, what now, then?†

Zeke: You have to decide who you want to be.

Maria: Meaning what?†

Zeke: You asked me to call you Maureen, then you tell me Maureen doesn't exist. But you -- the woman sitting right here in my office right now -- you do exist.

Maria: But I -- see, I've been running for so long, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Zeke: Ok. No more running. It's time to deal. Now, you might not remember your past, but your future -- your whole future is right in front of you, who you want to be.

Kendall: Are you sure you and Leo did a thorough search?†

Greenlee: Of course. Do I look like I can't follow through?†

Kendall: No comment.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Let it go to voice mail. You've done enough damage for one day.

Kendall: Fine, but it's my voice on the message now.

Greenlee: I'll change it back in the morning. Look, we need to work together to bring down Trey, ok?† I don't like it, but that's what --

Kendall: Oh, does that mean we can't be sorority sisters?†

Greenlee: Once we have everything we need on Trey, it's every woman for herself.

Leo: David, it's Leo. Uh -- I guess you're still sleeping. Listen, if you need me for anything, I'll leave my cell phone on. All right?† Later. So what's our next move?†

Trey: I -- I can't really think on an empty stomach. What about you?†

Leo: Ok. Well, I'll go to the deli and grab some grub.

Trey: Yeah -- we'll -- we'll figure it out when you get back.

Leo: Easy. We find Vanessa, we find the money, we turn it in.

Trey: Turn in $10 million?† Not in this lifetime, bro.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Jack Montgomery.

Anna: It's me. You were right.

Jack: Well, I like what I'm hearing so far. Go ahead.

Anna: I do want to help build a case against David.

Jack: Good, good. We need your help.

Anna: So Iíll be on the next plane out.

Jack: Great.

Anna: Oh, and get me a subpoena for Liza Chandler.

Jack: Why Liza Chandler?†

Anna: I'll explain later.

Jack: Right.

Tad: Jack.

Jack: Yeah?† Oh, did you solve that little family matter?†

Tad: Sir, we struck pay dirt, thanks to Dixie.

Jake: And now I got a report to write regarding blood irregularities in two former patients of Dr. Hayward.

Jack: Oh, that sounds like a report that I'm going to want to subpoena in the very near future. Does it prove he committed a crime?†

Tad: Hard evidence that David Hayward experimented on human guinea pigs with an unapproved substance. Jake can back it up.

Jake: Yeah?† The noose around Hayward's neck is getting tighter and tighter.

Jack: Oh, we've got him. We've got him. All I need now is Maria's testimony. We've got him.

Tad: Are you kidding?† He robbed her of five years of her life. Memory or no memory, she's going to want him to pay for it. We have Hayward right where we want him.

Maria: I -- I can't think about the future right now. I can barely get through the day-to-day.

Zeke: Good. That's enough for today. Well, you have any questions before we wrap up?†

Maria: Uh -- well, yeah -- do I have to stay here in the hospital?†

Zeke: No. You're in perfect physical health, but we can continue the therapy if you'd like, strictly on an outpatient basis. The decision is yours.

Maria: Oh. Well, that's the first time anybody's said that to me in days. Thank you.

Zeke: Well, our session is over.

Maria: Ok.

Zeke: You can go back and get your things together, and I'll start your -- your release papers.

Maria: Thanks.

Edmund: Hi.

Maria: Hi.

Edmund: Bingo?†

Zeke: Yes.

Edmund: That's great news. You don't know how long I've been waiting to finally take you home.

Maria: Oh, no -- I'm not going back to Wildwind, though, with you.

Edmund: Where are you going?†

Maria: Well, I'm not sure yet.

Edmund: You're not -- you're not going back to Nevada?†

Maria: No, no, I'm going to stay here in town until I figure out what I'm going to do.

Edmund: Maria, please reconsider. I mean, in Wildwind, you can have your own wing. It's huge.

Maria: No, no.

Edmund: Let me help you.

Maria: Edmund, please, I need to do this by myself.

Edmund: Maria, please --

Maria: Look -- and another thing -- Maria is not my name!† It's Maureen. Maureen Gorman.

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