AMC Transcript Wednesday 9/18/02


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 9/18/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Fran

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Liza: You being around here all the time is starting to really get on my nerves. 

Mia: Actually, I'm moving out. 

Erica: You lied to me again.  You are back working with the Bureau. 

Frank: What are you doing tonight? 

Simone: Well, what did you have in mind? 

David: Anna? 

Anna: What are you guys doing here? 

David: St.  Justin's Island?  You're on your way to divorce me.

Jake: Ah, it's nice to know there are some things you can pick up with right where you left off. 

Mia: If you say this is like riding a bicycle, I will kill you. 

Jake: No.  I'm just saying that I missed you.  I mean, how long has it been since we've been together? 

Mia: Oh, way too long. 

Jake: Yeah?  So I just figured that Adam had convinced you to stay away from me. 

Mia: Oh, yi, yi.  I'm sorry that things became a little off between us.  I think I was spending a little too much time at Liza and Adamís house. 

Jake: So you decided to come over and see how the other half lives? 

Mia: That, and I wanted to ask you something.  It's a favor, really.  You see, I have decided to move out of there, and --

Jake: Oh.  Oh, so now that you have me under your power, then you're going to start making demands that you know I can't refuse. 

Mia: Well, unfortunately, I think that you'll find the strength to be able to turn me down if you have to -- especially after you hear what the favor is. 

Frank: So at the board hearing, the surgeon says, "his left?  I thought it was my left.Ē  Wait -- you don't think that's funny? 

Nurse: It's an urban myth, dr.  Hubbard. 

Frank: Well, yeah, but --

Simone: Tough room? 

Frank: No kidding. 

Simone: Hi. 

Frank: Hi. 

Simone: You want to grab something to eat? 

Frank: Ah, you give me 15 minutes and Iím all yours. 

Simone: Ok.  Meet you at SOS? 

Frank: Why don't you hang out?  We're slow. 

Simone: Oh, I don't know. 

Frank: Oh, daddy McFreud is not on the roster tonight. 

Simone: Then I guess Iíll stick around. 

Frank: Tell me if you think this isn't funny. 

Simone: Ok. 

Frank: There's a surgeon, real pompous, stick up the spine. 

Simone: Hmm. 

Frank: Maybe you know the type. 

Simone: Oh, quite possibly. 

Frank: Anyway, he's got this completely simple surgery --

Zeke: This is not a comedy club, Dr. Hubbard.  We don't do standup here.  We just take care of the patients who need our help. 

Chris: Call me old-fashioned, but I wait for music before I dance. 

Erica: We weren't dancing. 

Jack: I'm not so sure about that. 

Erica: Oh, please, don't make excuses for him.  You have some nerve following me here. 

Chris: You told Val you were going to be here.  What's the problem with that? 

Jack: Gee, now Iím sure.  It occurs to me that there is some dancing going on, but I think it's you and I dancing, Chris, to Ericaís tune. 

Erica: Excuse me? 

Jack: This has all the earmarks to a classic Erica Kane setup, and you and I, my friend, we are the setees. 

Erica: I have no idea what you're talking about. 

Anna: Thank you. 

Leo: Anna, can we discuss this, please? 

Anna: No, we cannot discuss this.  This is between David and me. 

Leo: Not really, not anymore. 

Anna: What? 

Leo: You can't just make a life-changing decision when you're not exactly stable. 

Greenlee: Your reaction could be partially hormonal. 

Anna: Could you please not go around telling the world my business? 

David: Well, excuse me, considering the fact that I am the father, I think I do have some rights, don't I? 

Anna: No.  You're wrong.  You don't have any say in this at all. 

David: I damn well do have a say in my child's life. 

Anna: No.  No.  Everything that happens from now on regarding you and me and my child is my call, you understand?  Mine.  I'm not going to discuss this anymore. 

Leo: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.  Do you remember why I came here?  Why we came here? 

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, and put off our trip to Paris. 

Leo: So I could try to convince Anna not to leave you. 

David: Ok, well, then, let's do it.  Come on. 

Leo: You guys beat it.  Go wait in the car or something.  Listen to some music.  Try to remember a prayer or something. 

Erica: I am not going to stand here while you rail at me. 

Jack: Oh, please, with the outraged innocence.  You knew very well that chrism would track you down. 

Erica: I most certainly did not. 

Jack: Yes, you most certainly did.  That's why you met me here. 

Erica: Don't be afraid of what Chris thinks. 

Jack: Oh, what Chris thinks.  What, are you kidding?  I'm afraid of what you think, because you think you can pull me out of mothballs anytime you need to push the jealousy button on your current boyfriend. 

Erica: You are outrageous!

Jack: No, I am outraged.  You are outrageous, and I've given you far more credit than you deserve. 

Erica: Well, that certainly doesn't sound like that. 

Jack: And I will never do it again.  Good luck.  Au revoir. 

Erica: Do you agree with him? 

Chris: Nope. 

Erica: You don't think that Iím on some wild power trip, trying to control every man in my life? 

Chris: That part's right on, but I think you're more she-wolf than cheerleader. 

Erica: Oh, thank you.  Thank you so very much. 

Chris: But if you think that's going to scare me away, you can think again. 

Jake: All right, I know what's going on here.  You're a hell of a negotiator.  I mean, I have to admit.  I mean, I agree.  Who could possibly say no to you? 

Mia: Do you even want to hear what the favor is? 

Jake: I already know what the favor is.  I happened to look in your purse when you came in here. 

Mia: Oh, yeah, apartment hunting.  It's a drag, but that's not the --

Jake: It's no mansion around here, but it's certainly big enough for two. 

Mia: Jake --

Jake: Plus, you're saving me the cost of buying a schnauzer. 

Mia: Excuse me? 

Jake: Yeah, yeah.  I was going to go out and buy a dog because it gets lonely around here, but you're a lot more cuter. 

Mia: Oh, gee, thanks. 

Jake: And a better conversationalist. 

Mia: Jake, I wasn't going to ask you if I could stay here. 

Jake: Too late now. 

Mia: No, listen.  I'm serious.  I need my job back at the hospital.  Now, before you say no, please understand, I am so sorry.  The way I acted was so unprofessional, walking out on you like that before you even had a replacement, but if I'm going to be on my own, I'm really going to need a steady paycheck. 

Jake: Yeah, you do. 

Mia: Yeah.  But you don't want me earning it at your hospital. 

Jake: No, no, I don't own the hospital. 

Mia: Not you it's the same difference. 

Jake: So -- was this just like a little calorie burner or what? 

Mia: No!  Of course not!  No!

Jake: Oh, so the thought of moving in here never actually entered into your mind? 

Mia: Oh, I wouldn't go that far.  I mean, it's just that I want to live on my own for a while.  I want to get back to being me for a change, seeing how that goes, you know? 

Jake: I do know.  It won't be easy. 

Mia: No, it won't, but I've been so immersed in my sister's drama. 

Jake: So now you want a little drama of your own?  Ok.  I won't push, on one condition --

Mia: What? 

Jake: That you remember tonight and the good time we had here. 

Mia: That's easy. 

Jake: And you remember how big this place is and how comfortably you fit in it. 

Mia: Ok. 

Jake: And when I see you at work --

Mia: What?  I can have my job back?  Oh, thank you.  I promise I will be professional.  I won't get personal, not once.  I'll -- on the level. 

Jake: Oh, there's one other thing -- whenever I do this, that means there's no schnauzer that can ever take your place. 

Mia: Oh!

Jake: Mmm. 

Zeke: Are you here for treatment? 

Simone: Ah -- frank was only --

Frank: Just getting back to work. 

Simone: I was planning on calling you. 

Zeke: My checkbook's at home. 

Simone: Not about money, dad. 

Zeke: Well, I was assuming that you needed help with your rent again. 

Simone: No, actually, as a matter of fact, I am in the running for this really great assignment.  "Legends" -- the magazine.  Even you might know of it. 

Zeke: As a matter of fact, I subscribe to it. 

Simone: Oh, yeah.  See, they want this series on, you know, the recluse writers of the world, kind of like a "stalking the wild Salinger" kind of thing.  So if it's a hit, then I won't be needing help for rent. 

Zeke: Well, we'll see what happens. 

Simone: Can't you just at least, you know, pretend to be happy for me? 

Zeke: Simone, it sounds like you're going to be invading people's privacy. 

Simone: Daddy. 

Zeke: And I understand this is a part of journalism.  And I know that it can be difficult and dangerous.  The last time you were going to make a splash in publishing a man, your lover, was killed. 

Simone: How is that my fault? 

Zeke: I'm not saying that it's your fault.  I just simply hope that this has a happier ending.  I'm sorry, Simone.  I have a consult. 

Frank: He's a real laugh riot, your dad. 

Simone: Yeah.  He wasn't always like this. 

Frank: Well, what happened?  Why'd he change? 

Simone: He has good reason. 

Frank: Well, you can start telling me now, and you can finish at SOS. 

Anna: Oh, please. 

Leo: You open it from the other side. 

Anna: No, I could never open those things.  I don't know who designs them. 

Leo: Here you go. 

Anna: Go tell David that you did your good deed.  I'm not listening to you, Leo. 

Leo: You don't even know what Iím going to say, Anna. 

Anna: No, David shouldn't have sent you here to plead his case. 

Leo: I owe him. 

Anna: I donít. 

Leo: And I owe you for getting me and Greenlee back together and for looking the other way so we can go on our honeymoon. 

Anna: That's ok.  Do you like milk? 

Leo: Not especially, no. 

Anna: Just be happy you're a man. 

Leo: Well, I like it in cereal, I guess. 

Anna: Yeah, I like it in cereal, too. 

Leo: Anna, David screwed up. 

Anna: Yeah, he did.  Probably a lot more than he's told you. 

Leo: So what, you're just going to bail on the whole marriage? 

Anna: We didn't really get together for the right reasons, and David has worked very hard to wreck this marriage, and now he has finally succeeded.  Leo, there's nothing to save.  There's nothing between us. 

Leo: Anna, there's a baby.  There is a baby.  So fine, don't listen to me for David's sake.  Listen for my little niece or nephew's sake.  That baby deserves the best start that we can give it. 

Erica: And if you think that Iím going to stick around for any further insults, then you can think again.  

Chris: Well, how about sticking around for some reasonable conversation? 

Erica: Oh, that's a trap. 

Chris: No, no, no, no, that's your style.  I prefer the high road. 

Erica: Oh, well, you're not funny. 

Chris: Oh, come on, Erica.  Even you have to admit Jackson wasn't that far off. 

Erica: That I set you up? 

Chris: Yeah. 

Erica: Why is it that you men like to cast me in the part of predatory scheming female?  Even the most wildly successful self-assured woman needs a man who will listen to her.  Listen to her, pay attention to her, take her seriously.  I thought jack was my friend, ok?  I didn't know that he couldn't get past being one of my exes. 

Chris: Ok, so let's look at this.  You came over here to meet Jackson because you needed someone you could trust. 

Erica: A mistake I will never make again. 

Chris: Bianca's in town.  Opal's in town.  So's Myrtle.  And even Palmer Cortland is in town, and then, of course, there's me, your fiancť. 

Erica: Yeah, well, you --

Chris: If you can't trust me --

Erica: I needed to confide about you.  The problem certainly is not the solution. 

Chris: I'm your problem? 

Erica: You lied to me.  You are playing secret agent again. 

Chris: Oh, no, no, no, no.  No, I haven't lied to you.  I have not lied to you.  As far as my job goes, what do you think I'm going to do, go out there and steal your mascara secrets? 

Erica: Oh, you kept your status a secret from me because you knew that I would --

Chris: What?  Throw a hissy fit? 

Oh-ho, I'm so afraid you're going to throw a hissy fit.  Give me a break, would you?  Now, you better hear something and get this straight -- I haven't kept any secrets from you, and I told you about my job.  I just didn't do it on your schedule. 

Erica: Well, I hate being the last to know about anything, ok, especially if it's something that affects me and my future. 

Chris: Oh, what about -- what about my future, Erica?  I wasn't going to let you talk me out of this. 

Erica: So it was deliberate. 

Chris: I don't -- I don't believe this.  I mean, wait, you're actually thinking that I went back to the bureau to screw us up? 

Erica: So it would seem. 

Chris: You think that I would put my life back on the line to get away from you?  How does that make any kind of sense to you? 

Erica: Because saying that you love me is easy. 

Chris: No, no, loving you is hard!  See, I -- you make it hard to love you, but I love you.  I love you with my heart and my soul, and I want to spend all my time with you.  Now, how, how in the world can you have any kind of a problem with that? 

Erica: For how long? 

Chris: I'm here for the duration, for the long run. 

Erica: Until you have to leave.  But then it won't be your fault, will it?  It'll be the bureau.  The bureau will send you to some hot spot, or the bureau will force you to change your identity.  Whatever, Chris. 

Chris: No, maybe you're right.  If you believe any of that garbage, then you're right.  We shouldn't get married. 

Jake: Oh, of all the days to have to get back to the hospital. 

Mia: Well, all good things --

Jake: Don't have to come to an end. 

Mia: Well, duty calls, Mr. Chief of staff. 

Jake: Why don't you come with me?  They're always posting sublets up on the bulletin board in the lounge. 

Mia: Hmm.  A transition place could be good. 

Jake: Transition is cool.  Now, listen, I don't want you to forget my offer to move in here. 

Mia: Oh, would you please stop tempting me? 

Jake: I haven't started tempting you yet. 

Mia: You know, it would be so easy to move in here, but --

Jake: I get it.  I get it.  You have to reclaim yourself. 

Mia: Yeah.  I mean, I -- it's weird.  I am a little bit nervous.  I haven't been on my own in a while. 

Jake: What, scrappy you from Brooklyn?  Nervous?  No way!

Mia: Yeah, I've been surrounded by my family for the last few months. 

Jake: Well, I thought that's what you were trying to get away from? 

Mia: Yeah, but, you know, there are some things that Iím going to miss about living there, like spending time with Colby. 

Jake: She's an awesome kid. 

Mia: Yeah.  Leaving her behind is not as bad, but it's kind of like, I don't know, letting go of William all over again. 

Jake: You're going to see her.  You're going to see her all the time, and your apartment's going to be just like her clubhouse. 

Mia: Yeah.  At least I will see her. 

Jake: You know where William is, and you know that he's all right. 

Mia: You know, sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better not knowing anything. 

Jake: Like his father.  That wasn't a dig. 

Mia: Keeping my pregnancy a secret was the right thing to do.  If Williamís dad knew he was the father, it would be total misery. 

Jake: You know, you can never really be 100% sure. 

Mia: Well, believe me, wherever Williamís father is, our past is completely forgotten. 

Frank: That's it.  All done. 

Simone: Goodie. 

Frank: Just promise me that when I have kids you will remind me to stay a human being and keep my sense of humor.  Your father, he's a shrink.  He should know better. 

Simone: Yeah, well, remember, things happened. 

Frank: What do we got? 

Paramedic: Possible OD. 

Nurse: Dr. Hubbard, you clocked out. 

Frank: Do you see Gillis? 

Nurse: No, but --

Frank: Then Iím back in.  Pinpoint pupils.  Give me an NG tube with naloxone, .4 milligrams IV. 

Paramedic: I'd do a wallet biopsy before putting myself out. 

Frank: Give me a tox screen.  Ok, let's put him on seizure precautions just in case.  What'd he take? 

Paramedic: His pals didn't even know. 

Frank: Cocaine?  Heroin?  You guys didn't pull the works? 

Paramedic: It was just him, the garbage, and the rats. 

Frank: Ok, so he could still be absorbing whatever it was.  I need a gastric lavage with activated charcoal. 

Nurse: Yeah, but, doctor, I really don't think that it --

Frank: Just do it!  Stat!  Thank you.  How's the pressure? 

Paramedic: Take it easy.  He's circling the drain. 

Frank: You guys get him in cubicle one.  Now!

David: For crying out loud, what the hell is taking so long? 

Greenlee: You're not exactly an easy sell. 

David: Thanks for agreeing to do this. 

Greenlee: Thank your brother.  I'm doing this for him. 

David: All right, what's going on?  What's with this attitude? 

Greenlee: When I heard what you did -- messing with other people's lives and disappointing Anna -- it took me back to when Leo had lied to me.  That was when we were supposed to get married the first time. 

David: All right, well, look how it turned out for the two of you.  So if Anna would just listen to Leo, we might have a chance. 

Greenlee: Not necessarily. 

David: Anna and I are going to have a life together and a family. 

Greenlee: Is that your baby? 

David: Yeah.  When I saw this, I realized for the first time that miracles are really possible.  You know, we -- we created this tiny life.  Anna and I are destined to be together.  There's nothing that can change my mind about that. 

Greenlee: Maybe you do have a chance.  I mean, if Anna really wanted you out of her life, she wouldn't have given you the sonogram.  She didn't give it to you.  You stole it, didn't you?  You idiot!

David: Ow!

Greenlee: What were you thinking? 

Leo: David needs you, Anna. 

Anna: Oh --

Leo: And he can't make it without you. 

Anna: You can't guilt me into staying. 

Leo: I'm not trying to guilt you into anything.  I'm just saying that you're the best part of David's life, that's all. 

Anna: This isn't a whim, Leo.  He made this happen. 

Leo: He doesn't want this.  He used to be a cold, selfish jackass.  You want him to go back to that? 

Anna: But these are the choices that he made.  You know, he has to deal with the fallout. 

Leo: And not all of his choices are bad choices.  He made a choice to make a life with you, didn't he? 

Anna: To keep him out of prison. 

Leo: No, he's crazy about you.  He wants to make a life with you, for God's sakes. 

Anna: Hmm, David wants, David wants --

Leo: You wanted it, too.  Didn't you? 

Anna: Yeah, I did.  I thought it was possible.  I was so wrong. 

Leo: Well, you weren't wrong. 

Anna: I was. 

Leo: No, you werenít.  David took a huge risk with you, Anna. 

Anna: Why?  Because I'm chief of police?  No, you know, he used that to his advantage. 

Leo: On loving you.  That was huge for David.  You don't understand.  Our mother never taught us to love anybody. 

Anna: Did he tell you to say all this? 

Leo: Does it sound like something that David would have said? 

Anna: Yes, he would say anything to get what he wanted. 

Leo: That was five years ago.  He would never do something like this today.  Thanks to you, he actually cares about other people more than himself. 

Anna: Did he care about Edmund or Maria or her children?  Why didn't he put that family back together? 

Leo: Because he was afraid he was going to lose you.  How can you punish him for loving you more than he's ever loved anything in his entire life?  Huh? 

Anna: You really believe that? 

Leo: You're damn right, I believe this.  Yeah, he can be egocentric and he can be cruel and he can be incredibly dumb about people, but he's different now.  Ever since he found out he was going to be a father, it's like there's this -- this whole other side of him that's starting to show. 

Anna: Yeah.  Well, he's going to have to display that with someone else's baby because I'm not letting him anywhere near mine. 

Frank: Yes, your son's condition is stable, but it's guarded.  We almost lost him 15 minutes ago.  No, man, no.  You're not going to be brought up on charges.  Now, Iíll call you in 15 minutes when he comes to.  And maybe he could act like a decent parent. 

Simone: I know it's hard to see a kid like this. 

Zeke: It's never easy to see a life wasted.  You clocked out five minutes before that kid was brought in. 

Frank: They were short-handed. 

Zeke: Richard Gillis is on duty. 

Frank: I didn't see him. 

Zeke: Dickinson is in charge of ER tonight. 

Frank: Yeah, I'm aware of that. 

Zeke: And the patient's treatment was her call. 

Frank: She was in radiology. 

Zeke: Teamwork is essential down here. 

Frank: Yes, sir. 

Zeke: You took a big risk with that patient tonight. 

Frank: Sir, if I overstepped my bounds, you're well within your rights to --

Zeke: We don't needs interns barking orders like seasoned pros.  You got lucky this time.  Next time you will get written up. 

Frank: Those EMTs were going to write that kid off as dead. 

Zeke: Paramedics have a way of distancing themselves from the cases that are brought in. 

Frank: "Cases.Ē  Yeah, I like to see them as people, not cases. 

Zeke: It's a matter of self-preservation, Dr. Hubbard.  And I suggest for your own longevity in this hospital or any other that you drop the macho posturing for my daughter and watch professionals and learn something. 

Frank: Hey!  You don't talk to me like that and walk away!

Chris: Let's be very clear on this.  We're not going forward with this marriage for one reason and one reason only --

Erica: Absolutely -- because you are so --

Chris: No, it has nothing to do with me or to do with my job.  You have been hiding the truth from me from the very beginning, and let me tell you something, little missy, you're lucky me calling off this wedding is all Iím doing. 

Erica: You -- you are not the one calling off this wedding.  I am the one who is saying good-bye.  I am the one who is bidding farewell.  You are not doing this. 

Chris: No, no, no, I'm calling it off and Iím going to take Jackson out for a beer -- how do you like that?  -- And find out if this really is your MO. 

Erica: If I ever see or hear you and Jackson discussing me anywhere, I will --

Chris: You'll do what?  You'll do what?  I'm guessing that this is your M.O.  I'm guessing that the closer you get to love and happiness, the quicker you are to run the other way, but let me tell you something -- you better run for your life because no man has ever loved you the way that I love you. 

Erica: Oh, and you -- you prove that by pretending to dump me, by insulting me? 

Jack: There is nothing wrong, Erica, with being afraid, nothing.  It's even courageous if you can admit it and then move forward. 

Erica: So reading fortune cookies, that's your favorite thing to do?  I'm so glad that I found out in time. 

Chris: Oh, are you afraid that I can't handle the pressure of a celebrity wife or that maybe I'll be thought of as Mr. Erica Kane, huh?  Maybe some of your other friends had a problem with that.  I donít.  I'm just -- I'm just sorry. 

Erica: Don't you ever, ever pity me. 

Chris: I don't pity you, Erica.  I'm just sorry because you were hurt by someone so bad that you -- who did it start with, Erica?  Who was the first to let you go?  Who did this to you?  Hmm?  Tell me.  Was it your father?  Was it the almighty Eric Kane? 

Greenlee: Do you ever think before you act? 

David: The child is my future, ok?  My legacy.  I'm not about to be cut off from the one truly fine thing Iíve ever done in my entire life. 

Greenlee: Being a father is really so important to you? 

David: I didn't have a father growing up, and I'm not going to let that happen to my child.  Anna can fight me all she wants, but I am not giving up. 

Leo: Anna, fathers have rights.  And if David wants to be a part of that baby's life, then that is his right. 

Anna: Well, he's going to have to track me down. 

Leo: You aren't serious. 

Anna: Mm-hmm, yeah, I am.  I'll move heaven and hell to keep him away from that kid. 

Leo: Hey, listen, I turned my back on Greenlee.  I even married somebody else, but that just made me miss her more. 

Anna: That isn't going to happen to me because I'm not going to live in this town, so I won't have to hear what he has to say, and I won't see him. 

Leo: Well, you'll see him when you look at that kid.  David's kid.  Well, maybe it'll be the mouth or the eyes.  David is inside of you.  And whenever you look at that kid, you're going to remember all the love and all the dreams that he had for you two.  So come on.  Please, just -- just give him another chance. 

Erica: Dragging my father into this -- that's really a reach. 

Chris: Erica, I know today is your father's birthday. 

Erica: It is?  So? 

Chris: So I think maybe it's time you made peace with what he was and what he did. 

Erica: I have handled that. 

Chris: Really?  How? 

Erica: Well, the last time I was with him, we -- we promised to keep in touch, and it was all very civilized.  I'm sorry if that disappoints you. 

Chris: Well, did he keep his promises?  Did he -- did he send you cards on your birthday and gifts at Christmastime?  Did he write to Bianca?  I don't think so.  He pulled you back in, he got your hopes up again, and he walked out on you.  That's twice he's abandoned you. 

Erica: It's amazing what excuses you can make up for someone who you love, especially when you want them to love you. 

Chris: Is that what you did?  If you could have your father here right now, Erica, what would you want him to say to you?  What? 

Erica: I don't know.  I haven't really thought about that. 

Chris: Maybe he has.  Maybe he realizes what a sorry loser he's been. 

Erica: Look, if he wanted to, he could find me, you know?  I mean, it's not like I keep this really low profile. 

Chris: So maybe he's ashamed. 

Erica: Yeah. 

Chris: And he ought to be.  Look, with the resources available to me, I can track him down for you, if you want me to.  It would just take me a couple of calls.  I can do it. 

Erica: No, please don't do that, because the last time was -- was really a disaster. 

Chris: The last time you were by yourself.  This time you'll have me sitting right next to you, and we'll both look him square in the eye and you can ask him anything you want.  What do you say? 

Zeke: If you want to be brought before the board, keep talking. 

Frank: Well, what I want, what I deserve is respect. 

Zeke: I don't respect grandstanding. 

Frank: And I don't respect people who misuse their authority and their status. 

Zeke: That would be me, I suppose? 

Frank: You ream me out in public because you thought that I wouldn't fight back. 

Zeke: I gave you valuable advice. 

Frank: No, no.  That was a personal attack. 

Zeke: I recommend that you try to reduce that chip on your shoulder if you want to stay here. 

Frank: You know, your staff might put up with you talking down to them, and maybe even your daughter might buy into it, but I don't let people talk to me like that. 

Zeke: You are not exempt to criticism, Hubbard. 

Frank: Oh, man, man!  You know, you are some piece of work.  If I was your kid, I'd be practicing to walk, like, when I was 3 years old.  That way when I was old enough, I could find the farthest geographical location from pine valley and call it home. 

Simone: Welcome to my father's hit list. 

Frank: God, your father is one insufferable old goat. 

Simone: Actually, I was thinking how much you two are alike. 

Frank: Me? 

Simone: Yeah. 

Frank: I'm nothing like him.  Your father's got more problems than the people he shrinks. 

Simone: He made a snap decision about you, and he criticized you in front of other people, so you went for the instant payback?  Come on. 

Frank: You know, isn't there, like, some kind of personality character development course dr.  McFreud can audit or something? 

Simone: You did the exact same thing to him. 

Frank: Simone, that kid was this close to death, and your father wanted me to take a survey. 

Simone: Frank, you shouldn't rush to judge my father when you don't know what he's been through. 

Frank: Simone, where -- God!

Mia: So much for anger management, huh? 

Frank: No breaks, no bruises. 

Mia: Ok, then I guess you've improved a little. 

Frank: Did you hear that fool?  People go to him for psychiatric advice. 

Mia: Maybe he uses his own failures to help counsel other people, you know?  "Do as I say, not as I do."

Frank: You would have used him as a punching bag. 

Mia: No.  I would have done a little bag work and pretended it was him.  You should try it. 

Frank: Yeah.  Maybe I will. 

Chris: Right, right, Eric Kane.  Yeah, he was a big-time movie director in Hollywood, you know.  I need you to get me all the information you can on him.  What do you care why?  Look, just get me information, ok?  Thanks, Charlie.  Bye.  Bianca?  Hi, it's me, Chris.  Thank you.  Can you put your mom on for a minute?  She's not?  Well, she left here about 20 minutes ago, and she said she had to take care of some errands at the office and then she'll be right back.  I'm at -- you know, I'm at B.J.ís.  Uh-huh.  Well, then, where the heck -- where the heck could she have gone? 

Greenlee: Let Leo handle this. 

David: I just need to know what's going on.  Why is -- Leo.  Where is she? 

Leo: Gone.  I'm sorry.  I couldn't stop her. 

David: Excuse me, excuse me.  What's going on with Flight 188? 

Agent: They've just finished boarding.  The plane's lining up for takeoff. 

David: Well, you got to get the plane back here.  You got to call them back. 

Agent: I'm sorry, sir.  That's not possible. 

David: No, please.  No, you don't understand.  My wife -- my wife and my child are on that plane, ok?  So if you can call -- just call the pilot, call them and tell them that you have to bring them back to the gate, ok, please?  Just --

Agent: You'll have to take that up with airport security. 

David: My -- my child. 

Anna: Everything's under control.  David's not going to hurt you or me ever again. 

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Deke: But is that who you want to be? 

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