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All My Children Transcript Monday 9/16/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: You've learned nothing about me if you don't know that nothing can stop me.

Stuart: She doesn't have to stop you, Adam. We're going to.

Edmund: I pledged my heart to you.

Maria: To a woman who doesn't exist.

Edmund: I don't believe that.

Tad: I got it.

Anna: What?

Tad: Something that's going to help put David away for a long time.

David: Anna's pregnant.

Adam: We are having a private conversation. If you will please excuse us --

Stuart: We're not leaving until this is settled.

Liza: Mother, really, we are in the middle of something.

Marian: We all see what you're in the middle of, Liza. That's why we're here.

Liza: Well, can we talk about it later?

Mia: No, you won't, because there is no "later." That's what you two don't get.

Adam: What the deuce is going on here?

Marian: This is an intervention, Adam.

Adam: "Interference" is what I call it.

Mia: You know what, Adam? You and Liza don't even deserve to be parents. You're playing tug of war with Colby. And we're here to stop that.

Anna: David told Maria that she was a murderer?

Tad: After he supposedly saved her life. He convinced her that she had to live her life on the run because she'd killed somebody.

Anna: Oh, my God. So instead of happily raising her children, she was living in hell?

Tad: Exactly.

Anna: Oh, my God. She must have constantly been looking over her shoulder for five years.

Tad: All of it to fit his agenda.

Anna: I thought I knew what that was. David -- he never did normal, but --

Anna: What kind of a father have I given my child?


David: My child.

Jake: What the hell are you doing in Clader's office?

Edmund: The life that you had here -- it isn't gone, Maria. It's here waiting for you. All you have to do is want it enough, and it's yours.

Maria: Wanting it doesn't make it happen.

Edmund: I have faith in you. I have faith in our love and in our family.

Maria: But I don't -- how can I want what I don't even know?

Edmund: Your heart remembers. Trust it.

Maria: But -- Edmund, I'm sorry, but I don't remember.

Edmund: Ok.

Edmund: We have all the time in the world. Your life is here, and I will give it back to you with all of the love, if you just let me.

Stuart: Liza, I hate to say this, but you're not giving Colby what she needs. And neither are you!

Adam: I would give her anything.

Liza: Colby is my life, Stuart.

Stuart: She's just a little girl. She's not a toy. And you're hurting her.

Marian: You and Adam have been at each other for months. This is no environment to bring up a little girl in.

Liza: Mother, we don't disagree in front of her.

Stuart: You think she doesn't know? You're hurting her, Liza. And, Adam, you've had buckets full of chances to be nice, and you blow it every time. And so do you, Liza.

Adam: What are you going to do, Stuart? Rescue her from us?

Stuart: Well, we're -- we're going to take charge of the situation.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Liza: Situation?

Stuart: Colby. We're going to make sure that -- that she has a chance at a normal life.

Adam: The three of you?

Stuart: Yes. And we're going to do whatever it takes to keep you from hurting her.

Anna: I don't know how I'm going to explain this to a child, what his father capable of. Why is this happening?

Tad: When the time comes, I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

Anna: Oh, please don't give me pity. I made my choices. I'm certainly not going to snivel about it.

Tad: It's not about that. You're as much David's victim as anybody.

Anna: I hate that word. I'm not a victim. David is not going to factor into any decision about this baby.

Tad: And how long do you intend to keep your pregnancy from him?

Anna: As long as I can.

Tad: Well, that may get a little tricky in a few months. You know what I mean?

Anna: Well, I realize that. Ok, so we know that he lied to Maria about her being a murderer. Do you have any evidence? Because he will slip through this.

Tad: No, he won't. We've got evidence. We've got Maria. We know what her story is. If that's not enough, Jake is all over the medical angle. I'm working on David. Now all you've got to do is stay with it. Trust me. Whatever your husband did, whatever he is hiding -- and it's got to be pretty awful -- we will know about it soon enough.

Anna: Ok, I'll talk to Jackson and see what charges he can file.

Tad: Anna, I'm not trying to abuse you. I know that this is hard for you.

Anna: How did you find out about this, again?

Tad: I talked to Aidan. You should be proud of him. He's a good man. Apparently, Maria trusts him.

Anna: He's solid. Did you talk to anyone else about it?

Tad: We wanted to talk to Maria. We didn't get the chance. Apparently, she's just been hit with the news that she used to be a doctor.

Anna: Oh, God, I know what she's feeling, sorting through a life she doesn't remember. She has no peace right now.

Tad: And what about you? How do you feel knowing you fell in love with a man who'd do something like this?

Anna: Horrible. Honestly, I can't believe that I did love someone who can create so much chaos.

Tad: Good. As long as you understand. This is about a hell of a lot more than David casually manipulating a couple people.

Anna: I get it, all right?

Tad: I don't mean to push you, but what your husband did --

Anna: Yes. It's impossible to forgive that kind of cruelty. He won't be allowed to get away with it.

Tad: Just hang in there. You and your baby will be ok.

Anna: I don't mean to be rude, but could you leave me alone right now?

Tad: Yeah, I'll -- I'll be in touch. You know, Anna --

Anna: Please don't be nice.

Tad: You're not alone.

Jake: You have no business in this hospital and certainly not in the Ob-Gyn department.

David: What are you going to do, Jake? Fire me again? Hmm?

Jake: What are you up to, Hayward?

David: Look, why don't you go play hall monitor somewhere else, all right?

Jake: Do I have to call security?

David: No, that's all right. Look, why don't you save your big guns for someplace else, all right? I'm out of here.

Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- hey, hold on a minute!

David: Just get your hands off me.

Jake: What are you doing in here, Hayward?

Man: His name is Michael.

David: Boy, he's beautiful.

Man: He has my eyes.

David: I just found out today that I'm going to be a father.

Man: There's nothing like it in the world. Congratulations.

Edmund: We used to have lunch here, you know. On this bench.

Maria: We did?

Edmund: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Sometimes when you'd have a break from the hospital, you'd want some fresh air instead of the -- the cafeteria.

Maria: Do we have our initials engraved somewhere around here?

Edmund: I'm not sure, but I know we had a food fight here once.

Maria: Oh, really? Who won?

Edmund: You had to go home and change.

Maria: Home. I've just been moving from one furnished apartment to the next. I -- I wouldn't even know what "home" feels like.

Edmund: I can give it to you -- home and everything you lost.

Maria: I don't know. I'm just -- I'm afraid that --

Edmund: Afraid of what? Tell me.

Maria: I'm afraid that I won't have anything to give you.

Edmund: How can you say that? I'm looking at you, I'm seeing you. I'm already living my dream.

Maria: Yeah, but -- see, you tell me about my life and it sounds like this incredible fairy tale to me, but what if that's all that it ever is to me? What if I'm never your Maria?

Edmund: I am in love with the woman, not a memory. And I'm not going to put you in some box made out of the past. I'm going to help you find out who you really are. But it could be that the woman that you used to be is not much different from the woman sitting right in front of me right now.

Maria: But you don't even know who I am.

Edmund: I will if you tell me who you are. Who is Maureen Gorman?

Liza: My daughter had a completely normal life until Adam kidnapped her.

Adam: Normal? With her mother pretending to be insane?

Liza: You're the one who shredded the shirts, Adam. And then I had to walk around here because you were making me see things.

Adam: Well, what choice did I have? You were plotting to take my daughter away from me.

Liza: You actually did it!

Adam: I came back!

Liza: And then you know what you did? You ordered me out.

Adam: I wasn't about to have you carrying on to David Hayward in front of Colby.

Liza: Adam, you know that that was business.

Adam: No, not according to J.R.

Liza: J.R. -- J.R. -- J.R. is angry. There's another child whose life that you've ruined.

Adam: Just leave my son out of this!

Liza: You're the one who brought it up!

Adam: I'm not going to have her exposed to a demon like David Hayward.

Liza: Oh, I see. This coming from the man who slept with a judge to get his son's record expunged.

Adam: You slept with Ryan!

[Mia whistles]

Stuart: Thanks. This is why Colby needs us.

Liza: Mom, you know how I have struggled to protect her.

Marian: Liza, I know how hard you've tried. But, darling, you've made so many mistakes, just like the mistakes I made when you were a child.

Liza: Mother, you can't compare your life to mine.

Marian: Liza, you are so far into denial that you can't see the damage that's been done here. Can't you see the battlefield your marriage has become?

Adam: That's why I took Colby away, Marian, because of Liza's neediness and her obsession with controlling everything that Colby did. It was really hurting the girl. I couldn't let that continue.

Liza: You kidnapped her.

Adam: I gave her five weeks of serenity. Those wonderful, lazy moments fishing on that river are happy memories that she will keep with her for the rest of her life.

Stuart: You -- you never fished with us.

Adam: Of course, I did.

Stuart: No, you -- you were on your phone -- on the phone to your lawyers when Colby caught her first trout.

Adam: Well, I saw the picture.

Stuart: Did you teach her how to tie a lure or -- or bait a hook or --

Adam: You were so good at that, Stuart.

Stuart: Did you tell her any ghost stories? Or help her catch fireflies?

Adam: Whose side are you on?

Stuart: Colby's.

Mia: Me, too.

Marian: So am I.

Stuart: So, Adam, Colby doesn't always have the words to say what she feels, but -- and you can be pretty scary sometimes, too. So we're going to talk for her.

Maria: Well, I was a doctor. And now I don't even know how to take somebody's blood pressure. And I am the mother of two kids that I don't recognize, and I'm the wife of somebody that I don't know. That's -- well, that's basically who I am.

Edmund: Why do you want to beat yourself up for things you don't remember? Just be you.

Maria: But, see, I don't even know who that is, Edmund. I don't know who that is and I -- I don't know what to do.

Edmund: Maybe the answer lies in your past.

Maria: No, see, that's what you want. What if it's not what I want?

Jake: Nurse, have you seen Dr. Hayward?

Nurse: In Maternity? No, Doctor.

Jake: All right, I want you and the rest of staff to be on alert. If anybody sees him in this hospital, I want to be paged immediately.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Martin.

Jake: Thank you.

Tad: What the hell are you doing in Pediatrics?

Jake: Hey, I was just --

Tad: I've been looking all over for you.

Jake: I was just going to go call you --

Tad: Never mind, never mind. I got to talk to you about Hayward.

Jake: You just missed him.

Tad: Down here?

Jake: Yeah, I found him playing on Clader's computer.

Tad: Did he say anything?

Jake: No, no, he just blustered his way out and he took off. My question is, what's he nosing around an Ob-Gyn's office for? This can't be about Maria.

Tad: Oh, my God, he found out.

Jake: He found out what?

Tad: Anna's pregnant, and she doesn't want him to know about it.

Anna: Yes, that is what I am asking -- I want an APB issued for Dr. David Hayward. Yes, again. Well, because we might need to bring him in for questioning. There might be some other charges. And he is a flight risk. You know the drill. Thanks.

Anna: Looks like Daddy might be sticking around.

[Knock on door]

David: Anna --

Anna: What the hell are you doing here? Get out.

Anna: Oh, David, please go. Get out of my life. Just go, please.

David: It's not just your life anymore, Anna. You know, I got to admit I started to think that there was something different about you.

Anna: If you say I am glowing, I will knock your head off.

David: Did you honestly believe that you can keep this from me? It's very clever, Anna -- threaten me with jail time so that I would sign the power of attorney. I'd leave town and our child would never know its father. I got to tell you, it's one of those qualities about you that I always loved -- your intelligence. But it's your capacity for love that really won me over, Anna --

Anna: David, don't. Please --

David: And that child within you is proof of that love. I know you're angry with me. I know you're disappointed. I -- I made mistakes, and I've hurt you. But, Anna, that child is a symbol of everything that's right with us. Let this child bring us back together, Anna. I mean, this -- this is everything that we've been dreaming of -- a chance for a real family. How could you even think about ignoring that?

Anna: Well, you did it to Maria without a second thought.

David: And I will regret that for the rest of my life. Anna, that was in the past. I'm a better man now, and that is because of you. Anna, let us raise this child together.

Anna: Oh, God. You talk about raising a child together? I can't even stand to be in the same room with you.

Jake: Listen, if Anna's pregnant, she may not have the will to put David away.

Tad: Trust me, she's through with him.

Jake: But a lovers' quarrel is not going to keep Hayward off the street, Tad.

Tad: No, but maybe some new information will. It turns out the only reason Maria stayed away from Pine Valley is because David convinced her she committed murder.

Jake: What?

Tad: Yeah.

Jake: You mean, after all of these years, Maria has thought she's a killer?

Tad: As far as Anna's concerned, David deserves a nine-by-six cell with room service for the rest of his life.

Jake: I tell you what -- hopefully we are going to have the charges to make it stick this time and put him away forever.

Tad: Can't be too soon for Anna, because if he does know about this baby, she's going to be fighting him off for the rest of her life.

Edmund: You survived an accident that would've killed anybody else. You built a life from nothing -- that's how strong you are -- and you wanted the truth, so you faced your fear and went searching for it.

Maria: If you say that that only makes you love me more --

Edmund: Something brought you here -- curiosity, your heart, a higher power. You've come this far on your own, Maria. I just -- I'm just ready to help you bring it home the rest of the way.

Maria: Even if I'm not?

Edmund: Ok, no pressure. I won't. I promise.

Maria: What you just said, though, about -- about a higher power -- was I religious?

Edmund: Oh, yeah. Your faith was incredible.

Maria: Well, if I was -- ahem -- if I was that religious, then why didn't my faith stay with me?

Edmund: I don't know. But maybe it didn't allow you to have it then, but maybe now you're ready. You can.

Maria: I can what? Believe in something? Believe in you?

Edmund: If you let yourself -- yes, in me.

Adam: Colby is not afraid of me. I love my daughter. And I'm not going to let anyone tell me how --

Stuart: Shh. Colby! Colby, hi. Hi. There. Well, what are you doing up?

Colby: I heard voices. Are you guys fighting about me again?

Stuart: Sometimes big people make big mistakes.

Colby: Are they making one now?

Stuart: Well, sometimes grownups do all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

Colby: They sure get loud.

Stuart: Yes. Yeah, they do. Well -- oh, I know. How would you like to go and work on that watercolor that you and I started? Ok?

Colby: Yes.

Stuart: Yes, ok.

Marian: Oh, fine. Come on, my little angel. I'll help you finish it, right?

Stuart: Bye-bye.

Liza: I know that I have made mistakes, but I am her mother and I will decide what is best for her.

Stuart: Liza, those mistakes are hurting her every day. Every day. They -- they have to stop. That's why you're all fired.

Adam: What?

Stuart: Until you can start acting like parents should, then -- then I'm sending you to your rooms.

Adam: Are you nuts?

Liza: You can't do that.

Stuart: Adam, you get the East wing and Liza can be in the West wing, and we'll all share Colby. And when you can behave, then you can see her.

Liza: I will not allow it.

Mia: You know it's for the best.

Liza: You know, you being around here all the time is starting to really get on my nerves.

Mia: Actually, I'm moving out.

Liza: That's the best piece of news I've heard all day.

Mia: You know, I tried to help out from the beginning, but it's like being in the middle of "Godzilla and Mothra" or something. I'm not going to do it anymore. But you know what? I'm here for Colby 24/7.

Adam: Stuart, I know you mean well, but your -- your points are a little bit lame. So why don't -- why don't we all have a good night's sleep, and I bet we're going to feel better by morning, hmm?

Stuart: No, Adam, you're just trying to make everything sound nice so I'll think everything's ok. Adam, everything is not ok! This house used to be full of love, and now it's just about winning. And you two are making poor, little Colby the prize. She just wants to be a little girl. Maybe -- maybe it's too late for you and Liza, but there's still hope for Colby.

Adam: You've made your point. And I swear -- I swear that Liza and I will be more conscientious from now on dealing with Colby. Satisfied?

Stuart: You lie, Adam. You -- you do it all the time. You're lying right now.

Adam: You don't trust me?

Stuart: With Colby, no, I don't. Liza, please, let us have this chance, this one last chance to give Colby a really happy life. It may be her last chance.

Mia: So, I'll be out of here as soon as I get my stuff together.

Liza: Mia, I didn't mean --

Mia: You know, Stuart's right about everything. If you and Adam love Colby as much as you say you do, shouldn't she be more important than who wins?

Jake: All right, let's go back to my office, call Anna, see if she came up with any concrete charges.

Tad: No, let's give her a while. She needs some peace.

[Baby cries]

Jake: Listen, why don't we get out of here?

Tad: You know, if Dixie survived, little Kate would probably be just about that size.

Jake: I know.

Tad: It's like a cosmic joke, isn't it? My baby girl is gone, David's free, and now he's going to be a father. All I've got left is some pathetic idea about revenge.

Jake: Well, Hayward took two lives from you, Tad. It's hard to let that go.

Tad: Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it. How many people has he hurt, including you? You know, one way or another, I'm going to be there when he goes down.

Jake: And I'm going to be right there next to you when it happens.

[Pager beeps]

Jake: Listen, I got to call ER. You going to be all right?

Tad: Sure.

Jake: All right.

Edmund: So, are you willing to take a chance?

Maria: On you?

Edmund: On the past.

Maria: Edmund --

Edmund: What?

Maria: You -- you said you weren't going to force me or rush me --

Edmund: I'm not forcing --

Maria: But it feels like you are.

Edmund: Ok, watch this. I'm backing off.

Maria: It's just that there -- there's so much to understand, and every answer just leads to more questions. And there's so many people, and everybody wants something that I can't give them. I don't feel like I can give them --

Edmund: Maria, you're going to get a little bit more attention than you would like for a while, but it'll settle down, I promise you.

Maria: What? What?

Edmund: Uh -- nothing. Yeah, everything. I'm just looking at you under the moon here, and you're looking at me like I'm crazy and it's just because I'm -- I can't remember the last time I've been this happy.

Maria: I'm sorry. I mean, I'm sorry that I -- sorry that I don't feel the same thing that you're feeling. And what if you -- what if I don't ever feel the same way that you feel about me?

Anna: You told Maria she was a murderer, didn't you? David, you took an oath to do no harm, and you inflicted the worst kind of psychological damage on a defenseless woman and her children.

David: Look at our child, Anna. That's what matters right now. Look at that tiny heart. That's beating inside of you. How could you think about anything else?

Anna: I can't think about anything else. That's why I tried to keep it a secret because I want you out of my life, David.

David: Look, I'm the father, ok? You can't just erase me from this child's life you can't do that.

Anna: Oh, and I thought I was so clever that I could just take whatever you handed to me. But I'm not going to expose you -- your kind of twisted psyche to this kid.

David: I do have my rights, Anna.

Anna: I would rather die than let you anywhere near an innocent baby.

David: Look at me! Look at me. I am the man who fell in love with you. I'm the man you fell in love with. I am the same man who swore that I would cherish you forever. I'm also the man whose eyes you were looking into when we created this child.

Anna: David, please don't.

David: Anna --

Anna: I'm trying to protect myself.

David: I will -- I will be everything. I will do everything. I will give you everything that you could ever want, ok? From a lover, from a husband, from a father, ok? Look, I will be everything that I never had the courage to be before I met you. Anna, just please -- just let this child be a new beginning for us. Anna, let me love you. Let me love this child. Anna, please. I'm begging you.

Adam: How did this happen? How did we get here?

Liza: I loved you.

Adam: "Loved"?

Liza: I wanted this life, and now we can never get it back.

Adam: Did we ever really have it?

[Baby cries]

Anna: Oh, God. It is so typical of you to use an unborn child for your own agenda.

David: Agenda?

Anna: Yeah.

David: I'm fighting for the future -- our life, our family.

Anna: No, no, no. No, you want to use me. You want to hide behind my badge again. Not anymore.

David: Our child needs us, Anna, both of us. You cannot deny that.

Anna: You think that this baby gives you more power over me. Well, actually, it doesn't. It gives me the strength to fight you.

David: We can have so much.

Anna: No, we have nothing, really.

David: Anna, if you would just give it some time, ok?

Anna: I have your signed power of attorney, and I am going to get a divorce as quickly as I can. And whether you are on the run or locked up, it really doesn't matter to me.

David: We're talking about our child, ok? Our child.

Anna: You will no involvement in my pregnancy. You will make no decisions about this baby. None.

David: But you can't just ban me from his or her life!

Anna: I can! I will!

David: What, are you kidding me? What, with this? This is a piece of paper! This is nothing, ok? Do you understand? Nothing!

Anna: David, we are over -- for now, for good, forever!

David: That baby inside of you is mine. You got that? That's mine! This is nothing! Nothing is over.

Edmund: Enough talk about the moon. Why don't we get you back to the hospital.

Maria: Yeah, and I was so liking being out of there and not being poked and prodded and --

Edmund: I know.

Maria: Questioned and stared at and --

Edmund: I know. Do me a favor.

Maria: Hmm?

Edmund: Just a little bit more staring and questions. Well you let them do a Psych workup?

Maria: I don't know.

Edmund: Please. It may help you find answers to your amnesia -- I mean, what's causing it, if there's a cure.

Maria: What if it doesn't?

Edmund: If it doesn't, if you can't find your way back to loving me, then you'll be free to live the life that you choose. But I'll be damned if I don't move heaven and earth to give you the world that you treasured.

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