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All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/12/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: We can only be friends. Do you understand?

Maggie: You cannot be right about David. Did you tell him that you're pregnant?

Anna: No, and I'm counting on you to keep that to yourself.

Maria: All these people, they are so desperate. They're desperate for love that I don't have for them.

Liza: If I fight Adam at this point, I'll never get my daughter back.

Mia's voice: "Dear Adam -- Liza did exactly what you said she would."

Kendall: J.R., that is not how friends say good-bye to each other.

J.R.: But it's not like --


Kendall: Shh! Wait.

[Knock on door]

Opal: Open up, Kendall.

J.R.: That's Opal. What is she doing here?


Opal: Open up, Kendall. I'm here because my kinfolk are in your clutches.

Mia: Liza? You know, it's going to be ok. Adam's bringing Colby home today.

Liza: Really? Are you sure?

Mia: I'm positive.

Liza: And how do you know? Have you been talking to my husband behind my back?

Joe: Mrs. Yardley, do you have a history of heart problems?

Frank: Run a CBC and check her enzymes.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Mrs. Yardley: My cardiologist is David Hayward.

Frank: What should I do?

Joe: Call Heinemann. Dr. Hayward no longer has privileges here. I'm sorry.

Mrs. Yardley: Oh, but he's my doctor. Please.

Joe: Dr. Heinemann will take very good care of you. Cubicle five.

Mrs. Yardley: No! I want Dr. Hayward! Get Dr. Hayward!

[Phone rings]

David: Dr. Hayward.

Maggie: David, David, listen, it's Maggie. I'm at the hospital right now, and there's a patient here who says she's going to die without you.

[Knock on door]

Anna: Oh, hi.

Tad: Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Anna: Come in. Did you go through Maria's test results?

Jake: Yes, I did.

Tad: And I found out where David was around the time of the crash.

Anna: Ok. Do we have enough to nail him?

Maria: Please, stop trying to control me.

Mateo: I'm just trying to help you out, ok?

Maria: Look, I've lost my memory, not my ability to make decisions.

Aidan: Hey, maybe you should back off, ok, and let her do what she wants.

Mateo: Are you saying you know what that is?

Maria: Are you saying that you do?

Mateo: Well, I'm your brother. What am I supposed to do?

Maria: Please, can I have my shoes?

Edmund: What's wrong?

Mateo: Maria wants to leave.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: I don't speak country, Opal. Can you please speak to me in English and tell me why you're here?

Opal: You know why I'm here. I'm dropping off Petey, against my better judgment.

Petey: Are you ready for me, Kendall?

Kendall: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I was supposed to babysit Petey today.

J.R.: What?

Kendall: Palmer was supposed to drop off Petey!

Opal: And what kind of hijinks are going on in there?

Kendall: Uh, just a minute.

J.R.: Excuse me -- do you realize that if she catches us, she's going to blab to everybody about us?

Kendall: I know. No kidding.

J.R.: And we didn't even do anything.

Kendall: What -- come here. Go in -- go in the bedroom. Go in the bedroom, be quiet, and don't breathe.

J.R.: Don't worry. I won't.

Kendall: Ok.

Opal: Come on, Kendall!

Kendall: All right. I'm just --

Opal: What's the holdup?

Kendall: I'm just fixing myself up. Hi. Petey, are you ready to have some fun today?

Opal: I'd prefer it if he would work on his summer reading project.

Kendall: Well, we could do that, too.

Petey: Let's play that game where you hide something and I find it.

Kendall: Well, we can play all of your favorite things. In fact, there's a deck of cards over there on the bookshelf, and we can even read to you like your mom said.

Petey: That's cool. Right, mom?

Opal: I think that sounds ok.

Kendall: Ok. Well, then, Opal, you can be on your way.

Opal: Yeah, I just want to make sure you understand one thing, Kendall, and that is that if I had my way, you wouldn't be going near my baby boy. But you may have bamboozled palmer, you may have charmed little Petey, but once I get the goods on you, you will not come within one country mile of either one of them, ok? Just thought I'd warn you.

Kendall: Ok, well, thanks a heap.

Opal: It's my pleasure. Now, Petey, honey, if you at any time feel neglected or bored or anything at all, you just give me a call. I'll come running, ok? All right, sweetie pie. I love you. And don't forget that reading. All right.

Kendall: Bye, Opal.

Petey: Gee, Nanny Kendall, do you babysit everyone in my family now?

Mia: Yeah, I've been in touch with Adam, but it wasn't a secret.

Liza: You're a traitor.

Mia: No. If you'll just listen to me --

Liza: No, you're choosing sides -- even now, even after he tried to convince everybody that my brain tumor was back.

Mia: You know, you're not completely blameless.

Liza: You know, nothing compares with him stealing my daughter, Mia.

Mia: Maybe not, maybe not. But you know, I'm tired of taking sides.

Liza: Well, you know, Adam doesn't play that way because he's going to make you choose.

Mia: Fine. Then I choose Colby. Since you and Adam can't, somebody needs to put her first.

Anna: Ok, so what have you got?

Tad: Well, for one thing, around the time of the crash, David swears he was living in California. But a week before that plane went down, he checked into a hotel in Baltimore.

Jake: Do we know why?

Anna: I know that he was working at Johns Hopkins, but I thought that was years before Maria's crash.

Tad: Well, maybe he went back for some reason. It's easy enough to check out. In any case, a few weeks after the crash, he came to Pine Valley in a car.

Anna: So he could've gone past the crash site?

Jake: Where, according to her most recent test results, Maria suffered from what should've been fatal injuries.

Tad: Instead she survived, and now David swears he's the reason why.

Anna: Are you saying David experimented on her?

Jake: Do you have another explanation?

Maggie: Hi. Hurry, she just went in. They just brought the EKG in.

David: She's in there?

Maggie: Yeah.

David: Ok, great. Thanks for letting me know.

Maggie: You're welcome.

Joe: You were told not to set foot in this hospital again.

David: Mrs. Yardley needs me.

Joe: Yeah, well, we don't need a lawsuit.

David: Joe, you're such a pure bureaucrat. I haven't been charged with anything.

Joe: Not yet.

David: You're keeping a very sick woman away from the best surgeon in the region. Does that make sense?

Joe: David, try and get this through your ego -- you're the reason Mrs. Yardley needs another doctor. You've abused your talent, you've wrecked your career. But I'll tell you one thing -- you're not going to pull this hospital down with you.

David: Do you Martins ever get tired of your self-righteous --

Joe: Guard?

David: Pompous posturing all the time?

Joe: Excuse me. Escort this man to the exit. If he gives you any problems, hold him and call the police. The charge is trespassing.

Guard: Yes, sir. Let's go.

David: Look, it's all right. I know my way out.

Guard: I got my orders.

Maggie: Excuse me. Can I just speak with him for a second? He's my cousin.

David: Come on, have a heart. You see she's visibly upset.

Guard: Two minutes, and I'm watching.

Maggie: Thank you. So is it true what Dr. Martin said? I mean, is your career really over?

David: Maybe.

Maggie: But being a doctor is your whole life.

David: Yeah, don't I know it. It's all right, Maggie. I don't have to be the end of the line for our family. The next generation is on its way. Our medical genes don't have to end with me.

Maggie: Oh, my God. You -- you know?

Edmund: You want to go away?

Maria: I want five minutes. I want to go for a walk for five minutes.

Mateo: It's not safe.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Mateo --

Mateo: The doctors don't even know why you passed out.

Maria: I -- look, I don't want to be the main attraction at the zoo here anymore.

Mateo: I'm sorry. I just -- I care, ok?

Maria: I know you do. Mateo, I know, and I believe that. It's just that I-- I'm used to being on my own.

Mateo: You've never been alone. You've always been with your family. You've always --

Maria: That was before. Ok?

Edmund: All right, listen. Maria, we don't want to crowd you, ok? But can you just wait to go until Jake gives you clearance?

Mateo: Yeah, he should be back soon.

Maria: Ok, ok, ok, ok.

Aidan: But meanwhile, I think we should give you some privacy.

Maria: Yeah, thanks.

Mateo: Yeah, great. Take a hike.

Edmund: Hey, hey --

Maria: Look, Mateo, it's ok, really. Please, I'm just dying to be alone, ok?

Mateo: Fine.

Edmund: We'll be right outside.

Aidan: Same here.

Edmund: You ok?

Mateo: Yeah, I just -- I'll call Rosa and Anita and tell them that Maria looks good. Maybe Chris can get word to Julia.

Edmund: Give them my love.

Mateo: All right.

Aidan: You want to grab a cup of coffee?

Edmund: What's going on?

Aidan: With?

Edmund: Do you have a job?

Aidan: Yeah, I do. My schedule is flexible. Why? What is it to you?

Edmund: No, I just thought you might be Maria's full-time bodyguard.

Aidan: I'm her friend.

Edmund: Is that all?

Aidan: Pardon me?

Edmund: Look, I can't handle any more secrets and lies.

Aidan: Where is this leading?

Edmund: Just tell me straight out -- are you sleeping with my wife?

J.R.: Ok.

Petey: Aren't you too old for a babysitter?

Kendall: You look hungry, Petey. I have lots of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge.

Petey: Later. Who's paying you?

J.R.: What?

Petey: J.R.'s dad or stepdad? Adam or Tad -- do they pay as much as my dad does, or does taking care of a big kid cost more?

J.R.: Ok, enough. Nobody pays Kendall and I to be together.

Kendall: No, he means I'm not babysitting him.

Petey: So why are you here?

Kendall: J.R. is helping me.

J.R.: Yeah.

Petey: With what?

Kendall: Uh -- uh, tile.

J.R.: Tiles.

Petey: So why'd you hide him?

Kendall: Well, you know, your mother can be so critical of me, and I didn't want her to think that I was taking advantage of J.R. and his generosity.

J.R.: Right, so, you know, it might be better if you just didn't mention this.

Petey: I don't tell her a lot of things. My dad, either.

J.R.: I need to go now.

Kendall: Definitely.

J.R.: Ok.

Petey: Later, J.R. See you around.

J.R.: Right.

Kendall: Bye. Great. Well, so, it's just you and me. What do you want to do?

Petey: How about we play truth or dare? J.R. Wasn't laying any tiles, was he?

Aidan: Am I-- am I sleeping with your wife?

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: What kind of guy do you think I am?

Edmund: A guy that didn't know Maria was married.

Aidan: No, I did not jump into bed with Maria.

Edmund: But you'd like to.

Aidan: I found her in the park when she was attacked. She was a wreck.

Edmund: Mm-hmm. Most guys that would send in the opposite direction.

Aidan: Well, not me.

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: Look, Edmund, I know this is really hard for you with Maria losing her memory and having me around. But I'm her friend, and I'm trying to be the best one I know how.

Edmund: So do the right thing.

Aidan: And what would that be?

Edmund: Just back off. Let me spend some time alone with my wife.

Aidan: I don't think Maria wants that.

Edmund: Look, you've seen how much her family cares for her, how much I love her?

Aidan: Yeah.

Edmund: Ok. She doesn't know it yet, but she needs us and we need her.

Aidan: That's very frank.

Edmund: Now, we had a full and happy life. She enjoyed that life and we want her to have it back. Don't stand in the way of that. And don't help her fight it. Please.

Aidan: Ok. I'll stay clear of you guys.

Edmund: Thanks.

Aidan: But I need Maria to know that I am still here for her in case she can't find her way home.

Jake: I've analyzed most of Maria's tests and scans, and so far there is no evidence whatsoever that David gave any kind of illegal drug.

Tad: Which just proves we're looking in the wrong place. You don't spontaneously recover from fatal injuries.

Jake: Well, Tad, the lack of toxicological evidence doesn't clear David. I mean, most traces of medicines are gone within two weeks.

Anna: But surely, in the state that she was in, she needed more than just drugs.

Jake: Yeah, she needed surgery and transfusions.

Anna: Derek said that after the crash, there were no Jane does admitted to any hospital on the eastern seaboard.

Jake: Right, well, that means that David saved her without taking her to a hospital.

Anna: Perfect. All this proves is that David was a hero.

Tad: No, it proves that he stole Maria's life.

Jake: And he robbed her husband and her kids.

Anna: Well, what's the charges, guys? What do I arrest him for?

Tad: How about kidnapping, for starters?

Anna: Ok. So we have to prove that Maria was incompetent, that she wasn't willing, she didn't go willingly.

Tad: Incompetent? She was on death's door.

Anna: Then she lived alone for five years, 3,000 miles from David.

Tad: So what about forgery?

Anna: Ok.

Tad: If she lived as Maureen Gorman, that means David had to falsify records. And I'm sorry, but the federal government doesn't exactly smile on that sort of thing nowadays.

Anna: Statute of limitations has expired.

Tad: Damn it.

Anna: You know, I mean, administering experimental drugs is almost a foolproof crime.

Tad: Don't say that. It's not even funny.

Anna: I'm not laughing. You know, give me another option.

Jake: All right, listen, I have to check on Maria and some other labs that I ordered.

Anna: Call anytime with anything.

Jake: You got it.

Tad: So -- now what?

Anna: Look.

Tad: Sonogram?

Anna: Yeah. Clader ordered an early picture.

Tad: Why?

Anna: Oh, well, I guess after I had my daughter, I had a miscarriage and doctors didn't think that I'd carry another child. And I hadn't told David. Anyway, blah, blah, blah.

Tad: No, no, no -- are you ok? Is everything all right?

Anna: Yeah, I'm fine. Apparently, no complications.

Tad: Oh. I guess that depends on how you look at it, doesn't it?

Anna: Yeah. It's ironic, right? I was never afraid of complicated, though, in my life. And when I was pregnant with robin, things weren't exactly perfect. But I went ahead and had my daughter. Probably the best decision I ever made.

Tad: And now what do you think?

Anna: What do I think? I think to hell with David. I'm going to have this baby.

David: Of course, I know.

Maggie: Well, then do something.

David: I can't. Maggie, it's entirely in your hands now.

Maggie: In my hands? It --

David: Yes -- your gift, your talent, your responsibility.

Maggie: Oh, my -- my medical genius, the family legacy.

David: That's right -- the only one worth keeping.

Maggie: No, no, no, you're wrong. You don't understand. It's --

David: Yeah, right. I wish.

Maggie: Look, I know you've done some wicked things, and I know that Anna's not really happy with you right now, but you have to fix things with her.

David: Maggie, I know that I wrecked your dream and I'm really sorry about that. But I don't think we're going to get that willow tree.

Maggie: Please don't say that.

David: Anna is done with me. I have to face it.

Maggie: No, you have to fix things with her. You have to fix things with her now.

David: She's thrown me out of her life, Maggie. The only good thing I can do right now is accept that fact.

Maggie: You're wrong.

David: Why are you so upset about my breakup? We're still family. You know that.

Maggie: Yeah, this family is broken up enough.

David: Yeah, but it doesn't have to wreck you.

Maggie: Will you just shut up and listen to me?

David: Maggie --

Maggie: All right, what happened five years ago is over, so wrap your brilliant mind around now.

David: Now?

Maggie: Yes. You and Anna should be really happy.

David: Why, Maggie? Why should Anna and I be happy? Maggie, you talk to me right now. Is there something going on with Anna that I don't know about?

Kendall: Drop it, Petey, ok? J.R. really was helping me lay down -- put down tile.

Petey: Show me.

Kendall: We were in the design phase. See?

Petey: What I see is your messed-up lipstick. Gnarly. You and J.R. were making out.

Kendall: You are too young to have a dirty mind.

Petey: I'm not too young to know guys who lay tile do it in the bathroom, not in the bedroom.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Ok, I explained the bedroom thing to you. Now, don't blab your weird, prepubescent fantasy, please.

Palmer: Kendall, open up in there. It's palmer.

Petey: But my dad loves secrets.

Kendall: No, Petey, Petey, Petey.

Petey: Hi, dad. Come on in.

Palmer: Hi. Hi, sonny.

Kendall: Oh, Mr. Cortlandt.

Palmer: Oh, oh, oh --

Kendall: Palmer.

Palmer: That's better.

Kendall: I didn't expect you so soon.

Palmer: Well, I had a meeting, but, well, I finished early.

Petey: I'm so glad.

Palmer: And why is that, my boy?

Petey: I can't wait to tell you what I learned today.

Liza: I can't believe you. My daughter has been the most important thing in my life since the moment she was conceived.

Mia: Yeah, well, you know what? You've been fighting with Adam since then, too. That can't make Colby feel very safe or loved.

J.R.: Hey, Mia. Liza.

Liza: I thought you were staying at Tad's.

J.R.: Don't worry. I'm just here to welcome my dad and sister home.

Liza: I don't believe this. You knew that they were coming home today, too?

J.R.: Uh --

David: Maggie, please. If there's something you can tell me that could help me --

Maggie: I -- I only know what you know.

David: I don't believe you.

Maggie: Look, you and Anna have a lot of problems. Ok, but you love her. And she loves you, and that should be enough to get through anything.

David: I wish that were the case.

Maggie: Don't wish, all right? Just work. Take the advice that you always give to me. Look, I'm late. I have to -- I have to get to work, all right?

David: Yeah.

Maggie: I'll see you later.

David: Don't give up on your dreams.

Maria: Uh, where's Aidan?

Edmund: Uh, he went away. But he'll -- he promised he'll be right back.

Maria: I feel like I'm trapped in this place. Can we at least page Dr. Martin or something?

Edmund: He'll be back as soon as he can. You trust Aidan, don't you?

Maria: Trust is -- is tough for me, especially in the last couple of years.

Edmund: Why him?

Maria: He kept my secret, he watched out for Maddie and me, he respects who I am and what I want. And you don't like him, do you?

Edmund: I don't know him.

Maria: You told him to get lost, didn't you? Ok.

Edmund: No, I -- I asked him for some time alone.

Maria: He's not against you, Edmund, if that's what you think.

Edmund: I don't know what I'm thinking.

Maria: He was the one who convinced me to go back to Wildwind. He's the one who convinced me to find my past. We would not even be standing here right now if it wasn't for him.

Edmund: I'll keep that in mind.

[Door opens]

Jake: Well, hey, you're up and dressed.

Maria: Yeah, I'm actually dying to go for a walk, but evidently I need your permission to go do that.

Jake: Well, you may want to hear this first. I just got more of your labs back, and I think you might be happy with the results.

Palmer: Well, don't keep me in suspense. What did you learn today?

Kendall: Oh, we don't need to see any more of your gross-out impressions, Petey. Come on, spare me.

Palmer: Well, I'm sure it was something of great value.

Petey: It's what you taught me. Remember, nanny Kendall?

Kendall: Petey, don't --

Petey: She's teaching me French.

Kendall: Brag.

Palmer: French? French? Oh, now, just hold on a minute here. Uh -- je ne savais pas que tu parlez francais, mademoiselle?

Petey: Oui.

Kendall: Oh, uh, the lessons aren't formal. We haven't been using a book or anything.

Palmer: I see. Je voir, je voir. Tu employer la memoirs, oui?

Kendall: Uh -- oui.

Petey: She says conversational is the most useful -- you know, for business.

Palmer: Ah. D'accord, d'accord. So, tell me, what -- what have you learned? What was your first phrase?

Petey: She taught me how to say "$50."

Palmer: Hmm, vraiment. So, cinquante?

Petey: Cinquante.

Palmer: Cinquante, cinquante dollar.

Petey: Dollar.

[Palmer chuckles]

Kendall: Ah, oui. 50.

Palmer: Yeah, tres bien, tres bien. Well, I am very impressed, I must say, with your work ethic --

Kendall: Well --

Palmer: Whatever that is. And of course, your new home.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I do owe it all to you, palmer.

Palmer: Oh, moi? Oh, why do you say that?

Kendall: Well, you gave me direction and a job, things I would hate to lose.

Palmer: Don't you worry your pretty little head about it, hmm? Productivity is its own reward.

Petey: That's right, dad. And being with Kendall is always rewarding.

Jake: Well, as I told you before, Maria, all of your injuries are consistent with a plane crash. You just have broken ribs and internal injuries, and it appears you have a cardiac contusion that may have resulted from the impact. And of course, your left kidney has bled out after the trauma.

Maria: Ok, that -- I don't understand any of that. I --

Jake: Oh, I'm sorry. Um --

Maria: Yeah, I just -- you know, I worked in a hospital before, but it was just with kids. So, here.

Edmund: Pediatrics, Jake.

Jake: Interesting.

Maria: Yeah, that medical jargon is all way beyond me, so --

Jake: Right, right. Well, I just need to simplify it.

Maria: Yeah.

Jake: You know, the important thing is -- and the question that we have -- is that your loss of consciousness is not a result from any residual injury.

Maria: So what was it, then? Was it just -- I was exhausted, overwhelmed, or --

Jake: Understandably.

Maria: So I can check out of the hospital, right?

Edmund: What about her memory loss?

Jake: Well, the first step would be a psych consult and more neurological tests.

Maria: No, no, no. You just said that I was healthy. I've been poked and prodded and stuck with things. I'm done here --

Edmund: Maria?

Maria: Really, I --

Edmund: For the children? For Sam and Maddie?

Jake: The first round of tests aren't invasive.

Maria: Ok. Ok. But can I -- can I go for my walk, please? Can I at least get out of here just for a little bit? I'll be right back, really.

Jake: Well, a little fresh air never hurt anyone.

Maria: Thank you.

Edmund: We'll get some coffee to go.

Maria: Are you afraid I'm going to run away?

Edmund: No.

Maria: You got to learn to trust me.

Edmund: I do.

Maria: No, you don't.

Edmund: Jake, you got to help me get my wife back.

Anna: Before you say anything, I don't want David involved with this child. That's --

Tad: Good. Sounds like a plan.

Anna: However, when he finds out, he's not exactly going to walk away, is he?

Tad: Well, then, I guess we'll just have to put him away till the child is in college.

Anna: Nice idea. Highly unlikely.

Tad: No, it's not. We just keep pushing, that's all. Trust me, Anna. I'm on a mission.

Anna: Well, so is David. You know, he is unstoppable. People don't like to believe this, but sometimes there are just criminal minds who get away with everything.

Tad: You know, you're starting to scare me.

Anna: What do you mean?

Tad: If I didn't know better, I'd swear that you were turned on.

Anna: Oh, come on --

Tad: I mean it. You just make sure you remember what he's done.

Anna: I can't forget. But I was in love with the man. I can't just turn that off.

Liza: And how often have you talked to your father?

J.R.: I didn't tell him about you and David Hayward, if that's what you're all upset about.

Mia: Hey, what's going on between you and Dr. Hayward?

J.R.: You don't want to know.

Liza: No, David and I have a business deal. That's it.

J.R.: Oh, right. That's why it requires secret meetings.

Liza: No, you know, I know why you don't trust David -- because of your mother.

J.R.: Oh, shut up about my mom.

Liza: You know, I'm just trying to tell you that I understand why don't you like him.

J.R.: I hate him! All right? I can't wait for my father to get back and kick his butt.

Liza: Oh, come on, J.R. You know what, don't we have enough problems without creating more?

J.R.: Hey, I'm just -- I'm just doing my program, all right?

Liza: Oh --

J.R.: My -- my probation requires me --

Liza: Yeah, I'm sure.

J.R.: To be honest with my parents.

Liza: Can you just hold back long enough not to ruin your sister's homecoming, please? Mia?

Mia: No, no, no. I am not getting sucked into this one. No.

Liza: Oh, but you'll stay in secret contact with my husband?

J.R.: He took off because of you!

Liza: J.R. --

J.R.: Jeez.

Liza: Wait a second. Do you understand how scared --

Mia: Liza, don't.

Liza: I have been because of Colby?

J.R.: Colby's fine, ok? She's fishing with her father!

Liza: Why are you both doing this to me?

Mia: Can we all calm down here?

Liza: Do you like seeing me lose it or something?

Mia: Please, stop --

J.R.: We're just sick of watching you freak out, all right?

Liza: Just --

Adam: Well. Well, here we are, all together again. One big, happy family.

David: So you're now in the habit of conferring with all my enemies?

Tad: No, I think we'd need a bigger hotel room for that.

David: Good-bye, Tad.

Anna: I'm ok.

Tad: You know my cell number?

Liza: Yeah, it's on speed dial. Thanks for everything.

David: You two seem awfully chummy.

Anna: Why are you here?

David: I forgot some things. But I do need to talk to you.

Anna: Yeah, I need to talk to you, too.

David: Anna, I know I've hurt you --

Anna: I have an airtight case against you, David -- absolute proof about what you did to Maria. And the DA is going for 25-to-life.

David: So do you want to arrest me personally?

Anna: No. I want to give you a shot at a life -- you know, on your own.

David: This is my life, Anna -- with you.

Anna: No, it's not. You have plenty of other passions.

David: Nothing compares to this.

Anna: So if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in prison, go. Now. And don't look back.

Jake: Edmund, I wish I had more answers for you. I think the psych consult should give us a clear prognosis and a course of treatment.

Edmund: So what do I do in the meantime?

Jake: Go slow. I know this is difficult for you, but don't overwhelm Maria with too much information about her past. Give her as much room as you can.

Edmund: Think she'll be ok on her own?

Jake: I think she is not as strong as she wants us to believe.

Edmund: Yeah, I think so, too. She saw her family and she felt nothing. That was a blow.

Jake: For all of you.

Edmund: Yeah, yeah. It made her feel like she was losing hope.

Jake: Listen, even if she feels that way, you can't. I've called every specialist in the field. Whatever's humanly possible, we'll do.

Edmund: Thanks, Jake.

Jake: I'll check in later.

Edmund: Yeah.

Jake: Hey.

Mateo: Hey, Jake. Thank you. You look worn out.

Edmund: Thanks, pal. So do you.

Mateo: I'll wait here for Maria. Why don't you go take a break.

Edmund: There are no breaks from this.

Mateo: Try some TV. I don't know -- maybe do a little jig. Anything that'll keep you from cracking up.

Edmund: I'm not going to crack up.

Mateo: How can you be so sure?

Edmund: Because it's my family. And because Sam and Maddie and Maria don't have anybody else to keep them together.

Mateo: Well, how can I help?

Edmund: Be the person I can be honest with.

Mateo: Shoot.

Edmund: Jake says we have to go slow. I agree.

Mateo: Well, how can you say that? We've barely even said hello.

Edmund: I know. But I think she's, like, right on the edge. And if we say one wrong thing, she goes over and she doesn't come back.

Maria: I can't believe I forgot my purse.

Opal: Oh, my lord. I see that face. Now I am a believer.

Maria: Excuse me?

Opal: Oh, honey. Honey, honey, I had heard, but I just -- I couldn't quite wrap my hairdo around --

Maria: Oh, I'm -- really, I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't remember you.

Opal: It's all right, it's all right. You know, you don't have to explain. I heard about the whole amnesiac thing. It's the talk of the Glamorama. But don't worry now, honey. Don't worry. You know, the good lord saw to bring that gorgeous face back home. He's sure as shooting going to bring your brilliant mind back with you.

Maria: Thank -- thank you.

Opal: Yeah, well, I mean, lickety-split, and why not? You got the whole hospital staff here treating you like you're, what, madam curie --

Maria: Yes, they've been very kind. They've been really great.

Opal: Well, of course, they should be. I mean, you are one of their own, aren't you? I mean, you used to be one of the best doctors this place has ever seen.

Tad: Excuse me -- are you Aidan Devane? Anna's nephew?

Aidan: I am.

Tad: I thought I recognized you from your picture?

Aidan: Oh, Tad, yeah. Anna's mentioned you. She speaks very highly of you.

Tad: Yeah, likewise. As a matter of fact, I just came from her.

Aidan: Is she ok?

Tad: So far. No thanks to her husband.

Aidan: That guy -- he's going to suffer.

Tad: I hope so. I'm trying to come up with anything I can get to put him away for a while. Do you have anything?

Aidan: Who, me?

Tad: Yeah. You knew Maria, right, when she thought she was Maureen Gorman?

Aidan: Not for very long, though.

Tad: Doesn't matter. She ever say anything about David? About anything he'd done that might be considered criminal behavior?

Aidan: Well, everyone knows he --

Tad: Yeah, I know that he hit her, but it doesn't matter. We're still having a problem coming up with a charge that'll stick.

Aidan: Well, Hayward got cruel and unusual with Maria. He didn't just hide her. He brainwashed her.

Tad: What do you mean?

Aidan: Hayward convinced Maria that she murdered somebody.

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