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All My Children Transcript Friday 9/6/02

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Maria: Aidan, promise me you won't leave me, please.

Edmund: Maria, I'm sorry. I was just -- I want to make sure you were ok. I shouldn't have worried.

Maria: Edmund, wait. Don't go.

Edmund: I'll come back later.

Maria: No, please. No matter what I do or don't remember, I -- we're still married, at least we were when I went away, and you have a right to be here and you have a right to an explanation.

Dr. Clader: Well, Anna, the blood test confirms it -- you are pregnant. Now, I want to get you in here for a pelvic and an ultrasound -- end of next week?

Anna: Can it be sooner?

Dr. Clader: Well, my schedule's pretty tight.

Anna: I can't put this off.

Dr. Clader: Anna, are you considering terminating this pregnancy?

Tad: There's no way in hell you're walking off with that file.

David: Get your hands off me, Tad. You don't have any rank at this hospital.

Tad: Maybe not, but Jake does. Brooke, do me a favor -- call Jake, tell him we need him at the nurses' station now.

Brooke: What's going on?

Tad: David's trying to walk off with Maria's file. Why don't we see what your boss has to say about that.

Brooke: What's Jake's extension?

David: Oh-ho-ho, this is rich. You're going to report me after what you did to Maria? Can we all say "hypocrite"?

Greenlee: So David knew this woman was alive and didn't tell anyone?

Leo: Yep. Can you believe it?

Greenlee: I don't get it.

Leo: Well, who gets anything David does anymore, greens?

Greenlee: It kicks his God complex up to a whole new level.

Leo: You know, the thing is I think David's actually sorry this time.

Greenlee: Leo, don't you dare get sucked in.

Leo: No, no, hey, hey, hey. David gave me the green light to walk away, so, believe me, I am walking away.

Greenlee: Good. Now don't look back.

Leo: It's just, you know, I just keep thinking -- you know, if somebody kept me away from you for all those years, I could never forgive them for that.

Greenlee: Sweet.

[Doorbell buzzes]

Greenlee: Now to banish the rest of your family to the cornfield.

Leo: Working on it. Trey. Come on in, buddy.

Trey: I got your message, Leo. Hey, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Here's what's up -- you want family privileges? You got to prove to us you're not still playing us for suckers.

Edmund: Maria, I'm not here to force any issues.

Maria: I know. I believe you.

Edmund: You've had a pretty rough time. You need to process all this before you decide anything.

Maria: There's a lot that's still very confusing to me, but there are a few things that I'm pretty clear about.

Edmund: Ok.

Maria: First, I want to be -- I want to be fair to you.

Edmund: Don't worry about me.

Maria: No, but I -- I do. I -- five years ago in this situation, I would've asked for you, my husband. And this time, I asked for Aidan, but I -- I just want you to know that I'm -- I'm not rejecting you, Edmund.

Edmund: What I feel or don't feel right now is -- would you mind?

Aidan: Sure. I'll be right outside.

Maria: No, Aidan, wait -- I need you here. Edmund, I'm -- please. I need you to understand. I'm sorry. It's just that when the whole world was breathing down my neck, I -- the only person that I could turn to was Aidan. He's the only person who made me feel safe.

Trey: You cooked up some kind of initiation rite to prove my family loyalty?

Greenlee: Call it a trial by fire.

Trey: Sounds painful.

Leo: No, the painful part is actually being a member of this dysfunctional clan.

Greenlee: You can say that again.

Trey: So what do I have to do? Eat worms? Swallow live goldfish?

Leo: No, nothing like that. What we need you to do is lead us to Vanessa's drug booty.

Greenlee: We know you've been on the treasure hunt, so how close are you to the secret?

Trey: So this is all about money?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Trey: I thought you were already working with the cops.

Leo: Well, we are. We actually struck a deal with the DA.

Greenlee: Yeah, if Leo can turn over the missing money, they won't charge him as an accessory.

Trey: An accessory?

Leo: Yeah, I -- I sort of financed a little spending spree with Vanessa's getaway money.

Greenlee: That was right after Vanessa held me at knifepoint at the Valley Inn.

Leo: Remember he saved you? Remember that? Do you want us to call you Ben or Shep?

Trey: I prefer Trey.

Greenlee: You came through for us then.

Leo: And we're just wondering if you'd do it again.

Greenlee: Prove you're on our side.

Trey: Well, I am -- totally. Unfortunately, I know zip about the missing money.

Greenlee: You've had some leads.

Trey: All dead ends.

Leo: Nothing solid?

Trey: Sorry.

Leo: Huh.

Greenlee: Not as much as we are.

Leo: Well, I guess Vanessa is not speaking to any of us.

Trey: Hey -- why don't we team up and look for the money together?

Leo: Wait -- you would actually turn the 10 million over to the cops?

Trey: Oh, absolutely. It'd be for me the price of my freedom. You know, I'm hoping to score some points with the DA. If I turn in the money, maybe he'll cut me a break when my true identity breaks.

Leo: Right.

Trey: So what do you say?

Greenlee: Leo?

Leo: Well, I mean, you do the math, it makes more sense for us to put our heads together and make this a joint effort, don't you think?

Trey: So, we have a deal?

Leo: Deal.

Greenlee: Deal.

Trey: Yeah.

Leo: Ooh! All right, let's go.

Trey: Well, now that that's settled, where do we start?

Leo: Well, we go straight to the source.

Trey: Nessa says she doesn't remember anything.

Leo: Yeah, well, you know, somewhere in that twisted psyche of hers, the answer lies, so all we've got to do is find the right trigger. You know what I'm saying?

Trey: Let's do it.

Leo: Let's go.

Greenlee: Not me. I'd have better luck charming a snake.

Leo: Come -- you don't want to come with us?

Greenlee: No, no, no, no, no. No, no thanks. Let Mommy have her precious boys all to herself.

Leo: Are you sure?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Go.

Leo: All right.

Simone: Oh! Hi.

Leo: What the hell are you doing here?

Greenlee: I invited her.

Anna: Oh, dear. I don't know. I'm very confused about this pregnancy.

Dr. Clader: That's not uncommon, Anna.

Anna: I mean, I stopped taking the pill -- well, obviously.

Dr. Clader: Well, the pregnancy was planned, then, huh?

Anna: Plans change. So do people. Basically, my marriage is in free-fall right now and the only thing I can be certain of is that I'm not emotionally in -- I don't think that I can really make a good decision about this pregnancy.

Dr. Clader: You have time to decide.

Anna: You know, when I found out, there was no question that I wanted it --

Dr. Clader: Right.

Anna: Because given my medical history, you know, I viewed it as a minor miracle. It was just that feeling, you know -- you didn't know how much you wanted something until -- and, you know, I didn't realize that I'd sort of hoped --

Dr. Clader: I know. It's all right. Why don't you come in tomorrow and we'll discuss your options.

Anna: Thank you. Would you do me a favor and if you see my husband, don't mention this to him.

Tad: She's not responsible for this -- you are. And as far as I'm concerned, she's worth 50 of you.

David: Oh, really? And how do you figure that, Tad? Brooke is in it up to her neck. She played to her own advantage, keeping Maria dead and buried so she could be with her husband.

Tad: And what did you do?

David: Oh, what did I do? Hmm -- what did I -- oh, that's right. I saved Maria's life! And what saving grace did Brooke perform with her actions, huh? Look, she can't defend herself because she knows that what she did to Edmund and his family was indefensible.

Tad: Listen, sweetheart, you don't have to stick around for this. Why don't you just go find Edmund and Maddie?

David: Hmm. "Sweetheart" -- wow. I guess all those feelings for Dixie are dead and buried, huh?

Mateo: Ah. Hey, with these gagging sticks, you guys, we can make a log cabin. Here, Maddie -- start. Put one on here. On the top right here.

Maddie: Mommy!

Brooke: Hi! Sweetie, hi. How are you? Edmund called me.

Mateo: I know.

Brooke: Mateo, I'm sorry --

Mateo: Don't.

Brooke: I missed you.

Maddie: I missed you, too. Are you here to see our angel mommy?

Mateo: Jake.

Jake: Yeah?

Brooke: Hi. Um -- I got some quarters. You want to hit the vending machine?

Sammie: Can I get some coffee?

Brooke: No. You can have some hot cocoa, ok?

Jake: Yeah, Mateo, what's up?

Mateo: How's she doing?

Edmund: Maria, look, if you want Aidan around here as your friend, I'm not going to stand in your way.

Maria: Thank you.

Edmund: Listen, we all want the same thing -- a full recovery, right?

Aidan: Right.

Maria: And -- and, Edmund, I just -- I want you to know that this has nothing against you. It's -- it's not like you did anything wrong. It's just that -- you know, I look at you and I see all of your hopes and your expectations and --

Edmund: And you're right. And when I see you, I see -- I see everything we shared and meant to each other.

Maria: I know, I know. I understand that and I -- it's just that Aidan looks at me and he sees me. He accepts me for who I am now. He sees Maureen.

Aidan: And for the record, Maureen wasn't taking off with Maddie when the police showed up. She was coming home, to see you.

Edmund: I know. As long as we're all trying to stay on the same page, why don't you try calling Maria.

Jake: Maria, how you feeling?

Maria: Better, thanks.

Edmund: Are the test results in?

Jake: The preliminaries, yes, and the MRI showed no evidence of brain trauma.

Edmund: Whew. Great. That means maybe Maria can get her memory back.

Jake: Well, that's what we're hoping, but we still haven't determined the root cause of Maria's amnesia.

Edmund: Well, you can still treat her, though, right?

Jake: Edmund, we're going to try everything, but I want you to be prepared. It's a possibility that Maria's memory will never return.

[Edmund gasps]

Leo: Greenlee, you hate her. We hate her. What --

Simone: No offense, right, Leo?

Leo: Why would you have anything to do with her?

Greenlee: It's bad karma to hold a grudge. Now that daddy's gone, I thought that Simone and I could work our way back to being friends.

Simone: And like I said, that's what I'd really like more than anything.

Leo: Ok -- you're sure about this?

Greenlee: You and Trey go work your wonders on Nessa.

Leo: Ok.

Trey: Night.

Greenlee: Remember -- one for all and all for one.

Trey: Got it.

Simone: Greenlee. I was stunned but very happy when you called, and willing to give me a second chance.

Greenlee: I'm not interested in second chances. I'm interested in your ex-roommate.

Simone: Well, what about him?

Greenlee: If you're really sorry and you want to make it up to me, tell me everything you know about Trey Kenyon.

Tad: If you want to spend the next three months of your life sipping your meals through a straw, say Dixie's name again.

David: What did you think I was going to do, Tad? Hmm? Just stand by and let you and everybody else use me as your own personal dump site?

Tad: That's exactly what you deserve.

David: And what about you, huh? What about all your many mistakes? Why don't we just round them off to the nearest million, all right? And what about your sweetheart, huh -- Brooke?

Tad: What Brooke did is nothing compared to your part.

David: Why not? And why shouldn't Brooke take a hit every once in a while? I mean, after all, isn't she the one that shot a guy in the back and walked away from it?

Tad: My God, you just don't get it, do you?

David: No, you don't get it. You're constantly chasing after me, Tad, pointing your finger in my face, accusing, judging. And then you dishonor the memory of Dixie by going after your ex, right?

Anna: Hey! Hey, you guys. What's going on?

David: Nothing. Nothing. Actually, I'm glad you came when you did.

Anna: Really?

David: Yeah, really. So, have you given some thought to what I said earlier? You want to go somewhere private?

Tad: Before you go anywhere, take a good look at his right hand. That's Maria's medical file.

Anna: Oh.

Tad: He's been working pretty hard at trying to get it. If I were you, I wouldn't turn your back.

Anna: I don't have to ask him if he's telling the truth, do I?

David: Well, what's so wrong about a doctor looking after his patient?

Anna: Nurse?

Nurse: Yes?

Anna: I'm chief Devane. These are Maria Grey's medical files. I need them put under lock and key.

Nurse: Yes, ma'am.

Anna: They are part of an ongoing police investigation and they are to remain sealed to everyone except her doctors. Thank you.

Nurse: I'll take care of it.

David: Anna, I'm one of her doctors.

Jake: Not anymore, you're not. As of now, you are no longer on staff at this hospital.

David: Oh, for -- you've got to be kidding me! We're going to do this again? You have no grounds for dismissal.

Jake: On the contrary, Hayward. You're facing criminal charges for drugging a police officer. That in itself is grounds for immediate dismissal.

David: I haven't been convicted of anything. Now, I demand a hearing before the board to argue.

Anna: The board has already ruled against you, David -- under my recommendation.

Edmund: Well, listen -- let's focus on the good news. Jake said there was no neurological damage.

Aidan: Well, that's good. So you're going to be up and about in no time.

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, without knowing who I am and possibly never having a memory again.

Edmund: Maria, Jake said it was just the first go-around. These tests -- I'm going to call in every specialist I know to consult on your case.

[Knock on door]

Brooke: Um --

Brooke: Please forgive me for interrupting, but it's -- it's about Maddie.

Maria: What about Maddie? What have you done with my daughter?

Maria: Brooke, talk to me. What -- what's wrong with Maddie?

Brooke: Nothing. I mean, it's nothing that we -- that you and Edmund can't handle. It's just that she's a little confused by all of this. She's just a little scared.

Maria: What business is that of yours?

Edmund: Maddie was asking for her mommy.

Maria: For me?

Edmund: No, for Brooke. Since the wedding, our daughter considers Brooke her new mommy.

Brooke: Maria, believe me, no one can take your place.

Edmund: It was my call, ok? Maddie needing reassuring, she was asking for Brooke, and I thought it was best for our daughter.

Maria: Best to go on pretending that you and Brooke are still together?

Edmund: Look, Maria, I'm going to tell her the truth when the time is right.

Maria: And when will that be?

Edmund: I don't know. Look, Brooke and I will see to Maddie.

Maria: No -- not without me.

Edmund: Maria, haven't you been through enough? Right now --

Maria: But so has that little girl. She's been through so much because of me.

Aidan: Look, Maureen -- I mean, Maria -- none of this is your fault, ok?

Maria: It is my fault because if I had just stayed away, then none of this would have -- Brooke, would you please just tell me what's going on with Maddie?

Brooke: She's afraid that her angel mommy is going to go away. I, you know, I tried to reassure her and Sam.

Maria: Sam's here? My son is here?

Brooke: He remembers you. He thinks it's sort of just Maddie's wishful thinking, and Edmund's trying to explain it all to him. It just seems unreal.

Edmund: The kids will get through this.

Brooke: I think that it would do Sam and Maddie a lot of good if they could see that their mom's ok.

Aidan: Are you up for a visit?

Maria: Yeah, I -- I have to be.

Edmund: I'll get the kids.

Brooke: I'll go with you.

Maria: Um -- could -- oh. Would you get me that mirror over there, please, Aidan?

Aidan: Yeah, sure.

Maria: Thank you. Oh, good God, I'm going to scare them to death.

Aidan: No, you're not.

Maria: Oh, yeah, I am.

Aidan: You look terrific.

Maria: Never. They're going to be frightened. I -- this is just not getting any easier, is it? I know I hate what I've done to those poor kids. I hate that I've put them through all of this and -- and none of it was their fault.

Aidan: And none of it's your fault, either.

Maria: But it is my fault because everything I've done has been a mistake -- the sneaking around, the running off with Maddie, and -- and it's only made things worse for her.

Aidan: Look, you didn't know which way was up. And there's only one person to blame for that and that's David Hayward.

Maria: Oh, my God. I can't even begin to think about him right now.

Aidan: And you're right -- no, you shouldn't. Right now, you should focus on your children. Ok?

Maria: Ok.

Aidan: I'm going to make myself scarce.

Maria: No, no, no. You can stay.

Aidan: No, I think it's better for the kids if they see their mom all by themselves, all right? I'll be close. I'll be back later.

Maria: Ok.

Aidan: Ok?

Edmund: Ok, you guys ready to see your mom?

Maddie: You mean, Angel Mom?

Edmund: Right.

Sammie: She isn't real.

Maddie: She is! Isn't she, Daddy?

Edmund: Oh, yeah, she is very, very real.

Brooke: And she can't wait to see you. Come here, come here.

Edmund: Mateo, thanks for understanding, you know? It's a little bit much for Maria right now.

Mateo: I know. When she's ready. I know that.

Edmund: She's on overload, ok?

Maddie: Come on, I want to give Mommy my drawing.

Brooke: Oh, ok. Where is it?

Mateo: It's on the sun porch. Come on, guys, let's go get it.

Edmund: Thanks for coming.

Brooke: It's the least I can do. Edmund, who was that man who left before?

Edmund: Nobody important.

Brooke: Hey. So, are you guys -- we're ready to go in?

Maddie: Will you hold me, mommy?

Maria: Hi, Sam. Sammie -- or is it Sam, do you like to be called?

Sammie: Sam.

Maria: Sam.

Maria: Do you remember me?

Sam: You still smell like flowers.

Brooke: I'll never forget that day on the plane, when you asked me to take Maddie and make sure that she was safe. I'm just sorry it took so long for me to have a chance to put her back where she belongs.

Maria: Hi.

David: Anna? You recommended my dismissal from this hospital?

Anna: Yeah. And any attempt to access hospital files will result in your immediate arrest.

David: You can't be serious.

Anna: Yeah, I'm serious.

Jake: You've got one hour to clear out of your office.

Anna: I want security there, in case he leaves with something he shouldn't.

David: Anna, what's going on?

Anna: I also took an oath -- to uphold the law.

David: Don't throw the law in my face. You're turning on me. Why?

Anna: You know why.

David: I don't know anything. You and I -- how could you dismiss everything that we've been to one another? What -- the past has never meant anything to us. You -- you know that we have a real chance for a future together.

Anna: Oh, we don't. We've used up all our chances. We are done.

David: Wait a minute. So what was that earlier, huh? What, were you just giving me false hope? Were you jerking my chain? Is that it?

Anna: Oh, yeah, that's exactly what it was. Now you know how I've felt since the day we got married.

Trey: So, Leo, what's your plan for Nessa?

Leo: Well, we'll have to find some way to make her zero in on where Vanessa might have stashed her pile.

Trey: Ok, well, she's a lot closer to you, so why don't you lead and I'll follow?

Leo: Where's that guard that's usually standing out here?

Leo: She's gone.

Leo: She's not here.

Trey: Well, maybe they took her for some tests.

Leo: No, all her stuff is gone. I think she took off, man.

Trey: How, Leo? How does some dotty little old lady mastermind a getaway?

Leo: Look, maybe it's not Nessa. Maybe Vanessa took over again. Who knows?

Trey: We got to find her. Ok, where do you think she'd go?

Leo: Uh -- call security, have them seal off all the exits, but give me a two-minute --

Trey: Whoa, whoa -- where are you going? Look, if you find her on your own, be careful. Remember what she did to Greenlee.

Leo: Exactly. That's why I'm going to find her before Vanessa does.

Greenlee: So it turns out that Trey Kenyon is Leo's brother -- Ben Sheppard. Shep for short -- as in my dog.

Simone: Oh. Wow. I had no idea.

Greenlee: Come on, Simone, you're an investigative reporter and you lived with the guy. You can't tell me that you didn't know something was off about him.

Simone: No -- no, I really didn't. I mean, come on, we had completely different schedules, we were hardly in the loft at the same time.

Greenlee: What about phone bills, who Trey called?

Simone: He always used his cell phone.

Greenlee: Friends -- visitors? Girlfriends?

Simone: Not a one, ever, that I knew of.

Greenlee: I should have known you wouldn't know. You and daddy were too busy fooling around behind closed doors.

Simone: Look, Greenlee -- you know, there is one thing that --

Greenlee: What?

Simone: Stands out in my mind. Trey was always accident prone, ok? He was always coming home with bruises or limping.

Greenlee: Like somebody roughed him up?

Simone: Well, he said that it was, you know, a football injury, the weekend warrior thing, but there was this one time -- he came home, he had this nasty, huge burn on his arm. And when I asked him about it, he totally shut down.

Greenlee: I've got a feeling good old Shep's hiding more than just injuries. Help me out here, Simone! Flex your brain!

Anna: Don't talk to me about second chances. I gave you every chance to tell me about Maria. And how did you respond? The way you always do -- you lied.

David: What is -- why is everything a freaking test with you? What -- then you talk about honesty, but meanwhile you're waiting for me to fall in your trap, right? But that wasn't good enough for you. You had to sabotage my career? Look, Anna, this time you're the one that went too far.

Aidan: Hey -- hey, you back off.

David: No, you back off! This has nothing to do with you.

Aidan: Look, I've been dealing with people like you all my life.

David: Oh, you're breaking my heart. Then deal yourself out of this. I'm trying to settle something with my wife.

Anna: Well, it's already settled, David. You are going to move out, and I'm going to proceed with the divorce.

David: Anna, you're making a big mistake here.

Aidan: Are you all right?

Anna: Yeah.

Aidan: You're shaking, Anna.

Anna: No. It's just hormones. I'm just tired.

Aidan: I think it's a damn sight more than that. That David Hayward's a walking minefield.

Anna: He's a dangerous man. The hell of it is he can still get to me.

Aidan: I saw he's torn Maria's life apart. And he's going to do the same thing to you and your unborn baby. And he only thinks he's going to get away with it.

Maria: Sam, do you want to come sit up here with me and your sister? I love that name, Sam. That's a great name, Sam-I-am.

Sam: You used to read me that book.

Maria: Um -- you're probably wondering why I've been gone for so long. And it's because I was really badly hurt in an accident and I couldn't come home. And it -- it wasn't on purpose, and it didn't have anything to do with you guys. It was just that I was -- I was very lost.

Maddie: Didn't you have our phone number?

Maria: No, I didn't. I didn't. Um --

Edmund: Mom was very, very sick. But one thing you know for sure, she never stopped loving you, not for one second.

Maddie: Is that true, what daddy said?

Maria: Well, of course it's true, what Daddy said. I never stopped loving you guys, not for a single second.

Brooke: Sam, you want to show your mom the drawing that you did?

Maria: Yeah. Oh, that is a beautiful horse. Who's that on him? Is that you?

Sam: I won a ribbon. I'll bring it next time I see you.

Maria: I would love that.

Brooke: Maddie, it's your turn.

Maria: Please.

Maddie: It's a picture of my birthday party.

Maria: Let's see -- one, two, three, four, five -- five candles on that cake. You are such a big girl. Oh. I'm so sorry that I missed this birthday party, Maddie. And -- Sammie, I'm so sorry I wasn't there to be there when you won that ribbon. I wish I had been.

Maddie: It's ok. I'm just glad you're home.

Maddie: Daddy?

Edmund: Yes, sweetheart?

Maddie: Do we get to keep both mommies now?

Tad: Jake! Look, it's no joke, and I am not kidding. You got to do anything you have to to keep him away from the damn files.

Jake: Tad, listen, I can run this hospital without your input.

Tad: I'm not saying -- just do me a favor -- remember his history, ok?

Jake: I've had enough run-ins with David Hayward to know what I'm up against, all right?

Tad: Something is definitely telling me that the stakes are higher for him on this one, ok? And that ups the risk factor on anybody that gets in his way.

Jake: Tad, those files are locked away where he's never going to get to them.

Tad: Man, you should have been here. You should have seen the look on his face. What's in that file, anyway?

Jake: Maria's test results -- just the EEG, MRI, blood labs.

Tad: Then why would he be so desperate to get -- why would Hayward be so desperate to get his hands on it? I mean, come on, he'd have to have a really good reason for doing something like this.

Jake: A medical reason?

Tad: Well, why not? Why not? He keeps going on and on about how he saved her life, but he doesn't say how.

Jake: All right, do you think that Hayward did something to Maria that's going to show up in some sort of crazy protocol with those tests?

Tad: Makes perfect sense. I for one remember an entire boatload of people poisoned with Libidozone.

Jake: And, of course, the untested drug that he used on Dixie. You might have something.

Tad: He's a maniac with a messiah complex. And I get the feeling he feels the world closing in on him.

Jake: And he's going to do his damnedest to make sure he covers his tracks. You're right.

Tad: Yeah, but we finally have the one thing that's going to bring him to his knees -- Maria.

Edmund: You know, guys -- um -- whatever you call them -- Brooke, Maria -- they love you like nobody's business.

Maria: And you can never have too much love. Definitely. And your daddy is right. This has been a miracle -- my finding my way back to you guys. So I am never going to leave you again. There is just no way I'm going to let you guys go.

Maddie: Ah! Ah.

Maria: Getting squished.

Maddie: Yeah, really squished.

Maria: That's how we squeeze you! Squeeze you!

Edmund: Ok, crew, it is way late. Time to go to bed.

Maria: Oh. Well, you promise you'll say your prayers before you go to bed, both of you?

Maddie: Sweet dreams, angel mommy.

Maria: Thank you, sweet sweet. Sweet dreams to you. Sweet dreams to you, Sam.

Edmund: Come on.

Maria: Bye.

Edmund: Thanks, Mateo.

[Maria sighs]

Brooke: I'm going to be on my way.

Maria: Brooke, wait. We're not finished here.

Greenlee: Thanks for nothing, Simone. You've been no help whatsoever.

Simone: Look, I will try to think of something. Maybe we can have lunch tomorrow.

Greenlee: Forget it.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: You and I are not happening. Hello? Yes. What kind of crisis? At this hour? All right, all right, all right. Tell the driver to buzz me when he gets here. Great.

Simone: Well, who was that?

Greenlee: You're still here? I have to go to work, micromanage something. They're sending a car for me.

Simone: Oh.

Trey: Look, you don't get it.

Nurse: I get it. You say Mrs. Cortlandt is missing.

Trey: Vanessa escaped! She's out there and she's dangerous! Now, you've got to find her before she hurts someone.

David: Ugh! Ugh!

Greenlee: I didn't need this tonight. You could have at least opened the car door for me. I mean, what kind of crisis can't wait till tomorrow morning? What's the point of having underlings if you can't even -- hey! Driver -- you driving to the office by way of New Jersey? Driver, you're going the wrong way! Pull over, damn it! Let me out of this car! What the hell is this? Who are you? Where are you taking me?

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Kendall: Ryan called you? He's coming home?

Greenlee: Talk to me!

[Tires screech]

Aidan: I'm trying to stop destructive impulses. Evil must be stopped.

Maria: I know you.

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