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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 9/3/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: Anna, don't.

Anna: You can rot in this jail for all of eternity before I ever let you touch me again.

Edmund: You married me knowing that the woman that I mourned in my soul was walking the earth.

Ofc. Sanchez: Stop right there.

Aidan: Oh, my God.

Ofc. O'Malley: It's him.

Ofc. Sanchez: We got him.

Aidan: Just run, just run!

Leo: So what do you want to do tonight?

Greenlee: We're doing it.

Leo: Greens? I was just thinking --

Greenlee: Switch it off, Leo.

Leo: About how crazy my family is. I mean, counting all Vanessa's alter egos, I have, like, three mothers and a phantom father. And up until a few years ago, I was an only child. And now all of a sudden I'm part of this weird brotherhood.

Greenlee: Honey, honey -- no offense, but I don't want to spend the night going over your twisted family tree.

Leo: You're right. I'm sorry. Because you're my family now, wife of mine. I sure do love you.

[Phone rings]

Leo: Don't answer it. Don't answer --

Greenlee: Oh, no, no, I have to. I have to. Alannis' agent said he'd call. Quit it.


Greenlee: Greenlee Smythe. What? Really? Ok. Thank you.

Leo: Who was that?

Greenlee: Someone from "the bulletin."

Leo: What happened?

Greenlee: Your brother's in jail.

Leo: Trey got arrested?

Greenlee: Not Trey. Your good brother, David.

David: Anna.

Anna: We found Maddie Grey. She's all right. Her mother's still missing.

David: Can you get me out of here so we can go home?

Anna: David, where can we find Maria?

David: I don't know. Anna, I swear to you, all I know is that I love you.

Anna: Wrong answer.

David: Anna? Wait!

[Door closes]

Aidan: Look, you're wasting your time, ok? I've done nothing wrong.

Officer: Tell that to the cop you punched out.

Aidan: Oh, come on. Your bobby came in like a madman and scared my friend away. Ok, can you just let me go so I can go and find her?

Officer: You obstructed a police officer --

Aidan: I was taking Maria home when your goon squad showed up and drove us straight back into hiding.

Officer: If she's out there, we'll find her.

Aidan: Look, Maria would be safe at home right now if wasn't for that stupid imbecile right there. She's gone and bollixed the whole thing right up.

Anna: Thank you. I've managed to get your arraignment moved up, all right, so you'll be out of here as soon as you make bail.

Aidan: It can't be soon enough. We need to find Maria.

Kendall: Oh, God, give it up, Aidan. This hero bit is getting really stale.

Anna: Why is she still here? Why is she still here?

Kendall: You know what, there's only one hero in this story. It's time I got some credit for something.

[Knock on door]

Brooke: Aunt Phoebe, I -- I don't want to see anyone.

Tad: [Foreign accent] Housekeeping.

Brooke: What?

Tad: Would senora like some towels?

Brooke: Tad, please. I -- I just want to be alone.

Tad: [Normal voice] all right, fine. You know, you don't have to look at me. I'll stand in the corner. Just open the damn door.

Brooke: Tad, please.

Tad: I mean it. You'd better be clothed because I'm coming in. I thought you could use some good news. Maddie's home, safe and sound.

Brooke: Thank God. What about Maria?

Maria: Edmund?

Leo: David's in jail?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. His home away from home.

Leo: So what happened?

Greenlee: The reporter was sketchy, but it sounded bad. He drugged a cop or something.

Leo: He drugged -- oh, oh -- I need to help him. I need to call a lawyer or something.

Greenlee: Call Trey. Oops, I forgot. He can't practice law with a dead man's degree.

Leo: That's not funny, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, it's funny. It's really hysterical. My in-laws are outlaws. Mama Vanessa's a schizoid drug dealer. Brother Trey is impersonating a dead lawyer. And David, the libidozone poisoner, who used to be the best of the bunch, is now in jail for doing God knows what to Lord knows who.

Leo: Why don't we just wait till the facts come up before we start slinging mud. What do you think?

Greenlee: Fact -- David makes up his own rules as he goes along. Fact -- he isn't above bending the laws to suit his own agenda.

Leo: That might be true, but he's still my brother and I have to help him.

Greenlee: And get sucked into another one of your family's dramas?

Leo: David would be there for me if I were in trouble, Greenlee. You know that.

Greenlee: Leo, you don't go around messing with people's lives. You're the white sheep of the family. David, Trey, Vanessa -- they're nothing but trouble on a stick.

Leo: So, what, I should just let him rot in jail? Is that it?

Greenlee: Let Anna deal with it. Ok? Dealing with your family is like asking for disaster.

Leo: Greenlee --

Greenlee: No, I mean it, Leo. Bolt the door before another wack job from Vanessa's gene pool bubbles to the surface. I mean, look what happened to my father. He died because of your mother. That really scares me.

Leo: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- hey, I'm not going to let anything bad rain down on you. I love you. You come first, last, and always, Greenlee, but I'm not going to hang my brother out to dry. He needs me right now.

Tad: Maria's a different story. She's still out there somewhere. Apparently, somebody called the cops, and understandably, she freaked and ran. But there's an APB out for her, and I'm sure that they'll find her sooner or later. Oh, sweetheart, I know what this has been for you. You don't have to go through something like this --

Brooke: Don't.

Tad: What? Look, I was there from the start. I know the facts. You don't have to put on some kind of brave front for me.

Brooke: It's not a front. And it's certainly not very brave.

Tad: Well, you certainly can't feel as together as you look.

Brooke: Well, what did you expect? Heartbroken Brooke crying herself a river of self-pity? I don't deserve any sympathy. I sold my soul to the devil, Tad. So this is me getting everything that I deserve.

Edmund: My Maria! You came back. Oh, God. I prayed. I prayed and prayed that somehow you survived.

Maria: Edmund, I'm --

Edmund: I know. I know you're scared. I know you were lied to and I know you've been on the run, but it's ok. It's ok because you're safe in your home.

Maria: No, you don't understand, Edmund.

Edmund: Tell me.

Maria: I'm not Maria.

Edmund: Of course you are.

Maria: No. Maria has -- is gone. She doesn't have any memories left. I don't place. I don't know you. Edmund, I'm sorry. I don't remember you at all.

Donald: So, Kendall, you called this little clambake. What's the angle du jour?

Kendall: This is no angle, Donald. Just pure scoop. Try this on for a headline -- "Kendall Hart Cracks Kidnapping Case."

Donald: Wow. Hey, that's going to knock that bat boy story right off the front page, huh?

Kendall: Well, thanks to me, a family is reunited, and I stopped a kidnapper.

Donald: Jeez, the citizens of Pine Valley are going to sleep easy tonight knowing that you are on the job.

Reporter: Ms. Hart, how did you happen to be on the scene?

Kendall: Actually, I had the suspect under surveillance -- Aidan Devane. Be sure to put that Devane is a close associate of Erica Kane's. Anyway, he'd been acting suspicious for quite some time. Turns out that Devane had Maria Grey holed up in his motel room.

Donald: Maria Grey, presumed dead wife of Edmund Grey?

Kendall: Yep, that's the one. I discovered her right there in the parking lot of the pine cone motel. I caught Devane helping Maria run away with Maddie.

Reporter: That's when you called the police?

Kendall: Right, but I couldn't risk Aidan getting away before the cops arrived. So I blocked his car with mine and foiled the kidnap.

Donald: What time is the ticker tape parade?

Reporter: How did you manage to get so close to the kidnapper?

Kendall: Oh, well, that was the easy part. Mr. Devane is wildly attracted to me, so I just played on that.

Aidan: That's the biggest amount of bull I've ever heard. I'm not attracted to you. I'd rather swim with crocodiles in a small pond. I wouldn't listen to a word this girl is saying.

Tad: You don't deserve this. No one does. Life sucks sometimes. That's just a fact, you know? I know how it goes, and everybody does. I mean, you see yourself going down the toilet, you know? You panic. You make a bad choice, it turns into a huge mistake.

Brooke: Oh, well -- I think this was more than a mistake.

Tad: My point is, everybody understands.

Brooke: Really?

Tad: Yeah.

Brooke: You think Edmund will understand? You think Mateo and Isabella and Sam and Maddie -- you think they're waiting, lining up outside to give me their forgiveness for my mistake?

Tad: Give it some time.

Brooke: I don't expect forgiveness, Tad. I don't deserve it. What I did was terrible and cruel.

Tad: You don't do cruel.

Brooke: Oh, but I do. You know what I'm capable of. At that motel in Nevada, when we were looking for Maria, you saw how I trashed that motel room.

Tad: So?

Brooke: So, that was me. That was me waging war with my conscience. I had this little voice that was saying I should go to Edmund and let him know that his wife was alive. But there was this louder voice, sort of like a little devil on my shoulder that was saying, "Just forget about Maria and take Edmund for yourself." And I, who have always considered myself trustworthy and honest as the day is long -- little old me -- I shook hands with the devil.

Tad: I'm afraid you're being a little melodramatic. The fact is you did the right thing. You told me you had seen Maria, remember?

Brooke: And I wanted to take it back immediately. When you went to the hospital to check out and see if this was Maria, I wish I hadn't said it. I wished that I had let Maria stay dead.

Tad: The sad fact is, that's only natural.

Brooke: It's natural?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: I was hoping for a second chance, Tad -- not for Maria. For me. And you think that was not hard to do? It was easy to do. You know why? Because I was sick and tired of never crossing the damn finish line. So I just said, you know, the hell with the rest of the world. I'm going to take my happiness. But you know what they say, that you shouldn't bet any more than you can afford to lose. Well, I took a chance and I lost. And I don't need you to say that you're sorry, all right? Because I don't deserve it. I knew Maria was out there, and I didn't do anything. So I don't deserve tears or sympathy or somebody's shoulder to cry on.

Tad: You know what I say to that?

Brooke: I don't give a damn.

Tad: [Foreign accent] Congratulations! Yes! Fabulous! You are now an official screwup. Welcome. [Normal voice] how does it feel to be in my world?

Edmund: You know me. You knew my name.

Maria: Everyone told me that I lived here and that you were my husband, and then when I saw the way that you just looked at me, I knew you had to be Edmund.

Edmund: But you know in your heart. And like Maddie, you knew Maddie was our little girl.

Maria: No.

Edmund: But you -- you took her with you.

Maria: Yeah, because she called me "mommy."

Edmund: Yeah, well, and that hit home.

Maria: No, she looked at me with so much love, that little girl just melted my heart. But when I hugged her, I didn't -- even the smell of her hair and the touch of her baby-soft skin -- I thought that might bring something back, and nothing did. Nothing felt familiar to me.

Edmund: But you felt something.

Maria: Yeah, well -- yes, because I love kids. I mean, that's just second nature.

Edmund: That's who you are. Maria, you love children. You nurture them, you're -- that was your gift.

Maria: Edmund, look, I know what you want from me, and you're hoping that a word or a glance or a touch or something is going to bring all these memories just flooding right back to me and our life is going to fall neatly into place, but that is not happening for me. Even the name "Maria" is someone else. It's not me.

Edmund: Nothing about me or this place seems familiar?

Maria: It's -- it's like -- you know, it's like someone gave me a part in a play. And people are giving me cues and they're filling in the blanks and they're hoping to spark some sort of memory, and it's -- nothing's happening. No matter how many times somebody tells me that you're my husband, that Maddie's my daughter, that this is my home -- none of that actually seems real for me. I can't connect to it. I can't connect to what you meant to me or what you mean to me.

Edmund: You were everything to me.

Maria: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Edmund. I know this must be torture for you. And it's torture for me in a totally different way. It's like every time you have a dream and you wake up and you can't remember anything that happened in it, and -- you look at me and you see me. And I look at you and I see a stranger.

Edmund: Look closer.

Maria: I want to. Really, I'm trying. But, see, what you don't understand is that you -- you look at me, and when you do, you look directly into my soul. And I feel like you know what I'm going to say and think before I even think it or say it. And you make me feel -- you make me feel very naked and very -- you make me very scared. You make me feel very shy.

Edmund: Ok. Let me help you. Let me help you remember.

Maria: No, no! Ed-- you know what, this really was a mistake. I should not --

Edmund: It is not a mistake.

Maria: Have even come here.

Edmund: You do not forget our love.

Maria: It's not there.

Edmund: I know that, and I can prove it to you.

Kendall: So typical. Mr. Devane is desperate to make himself look good at my expense.

Aidan: What games are you running now, Kendall?

Kendall: You'll have your day in court. Can you please escort the perp back to his cell?

Officer: The perp posted bail. He's free to go.

Donald: Kendall, you said this was your collar. You think Devane's going to get off on this kidnapping charge?

Aidan: Kidnapping charge? What rubbish have you been spreading?

Kendall: I merely told the press what really went down at the Pine Cone today.

Donald: Yeah, yeah, ms. Hart here is some kind of hero. To hear her tell it, she single-handedly foiled a snatch-and-run.

Kendall: I was merely trying to do whatever I could to help Maddie and Maria.

Aidan: Help? I think you made things worse -- telling this story to the press while Maria's still out there probably scared out of her wits?

Kendall: People will learn about her plight and they'll reach out to help her.

Aidan: More like people will scare her further into hiding. What about her family, Kendall? Did you consider them? Is this a great way for them to find out that Maria's still alive -- from these scavengers?

Donald: Hey, hey, hey, watch it, Mac. You are skating on slanderously thin ice.

Aidan: Don't you care about anybody else but yourself?

Kendall: Would you just save your moral outrage? Maria already has a protector -- her husband.

Reporter: What was the nature of your relationship with Ms. Grey?

Donald: Yeah, Kendall gave out that you and Maria were shacking up at the pine cone.

Aidan: Well, that's because Kendall's got a mind like a sewer.

Donald: No, so you're saying that it wasn't true or --

Aidan: No, I'm saying if you print any of this rot, you're going to scare a woman further out into the shadows, and I'll be damned if I see that happen.

Kendall: Ooh, you better stand back, guys. This guy is lethal when provoked. Clipped a uniformed officer right in the face.

Aidan: One day, Kendall, you're going to find out what it's like to be hunted like an animal, and I hope I'm here to see it.

Kendall: So, any more questions, guys? I put together a brief bio in case you need any more information on me.

Greenlee: Kendall, what's your bony butt being busted for this time?

Kendall: Greenlee! Smile for the cameras. Your new assistant is the town's hero.

Brooke: Tad, don't joke. I've done terrible damage.

Tad: I got that.

Brooke: And it's still out there. I caused this because I deliberately hurt someone.

Tad: I got that, too.

Brooke: I can't make this go away. I can't make it better. I can't explain it away, and I don't want you trying to let me off the hook.

Tad: No problem. If you want to stay up there swinging in the breeze, it's fine with me because it's not for me to grant you absolution. I'm just standing here praying you'll go easy on yourself. Or easier. Because I hate to burst your bubble, sweetheart, but you are not evil incarnate.

Brooke: What kind of a person, then, does what I did to Edmund Maria?

Tad: A member of the human race, somebody that makes a mistake every once in a blue moon. But by all means, if you want to write your name down on the record book, be my guest. It'll probably be right under mine, and I'm getting kind of lonely.

Brooke: Tad, you've never done anything like this.

Tad: Oh, don't -- don't be a fool. Come on. Do you think for a moment -- don't you think even for an instant if there was the slightest chance that Dixie was out there somewhere, that I wouldn't grab it by the neck and hang on with both hands? I would sell my soul just to hold her one more time.

Brooke: It's not the same.

Tad: It is -- it's exactly the same. I've been with you. I've watched you from the start of this whole crazy thing, and I know firsthand how badly it's cut you up. It's just life giving you an awful test.

Brooke: Which I failed.

Tad: Are you sure? I mean, just the fact that you went out there looking for Maria proves to me that you're a class act. Come on, I mean, trying to resurrect your fiancÚ's wife? How many people would do that? Huh? You want to talk about selflessness --

Brooke: Well, my selflessness fizzled pretty quick.

Tad: Because you faced some pretty impossible choices.

Brooke: Stop. I do not want you to whitewash what I did, and I don't want you to make me into a martyr.

Tad: You're not a martyr. But you're not a monster, either. The fact is you're just a human being.

Maria: Edmund, I -- I truly do not remember what we shared. I have searched my soul.

Edmund: Maria, do you trust me?

Maria: I guess I should.

Edmund: I'm going to prove to you that you're Maria.

Maria: How?

Edmund: Why did you come here tonight?

Maria: Because I was so tired of running.

Edmund: This place has special meaning for you. For us. One summer night, we made love here for the very first time. Our love drew you here.

Maria: I don't remember. I don't remember.

Edmund: Maria, there's no way you're going to convince me that all of those feelings are gone. Now, just close your eyes.

Maria: Why?

Edmund: Just close them. And think back to a warm, beautiful day in march, not a cloud in the sky. It was the happiest day of our lives. It was our wedding day. It was a beautiful church. Everybody's in there -- our family -- so much love. We cried during our vows. And then after it was over, we rode off in a -- in a carriage. It was just the beginning of our life together.

Maria: It sounds like a fairy tale.

Edmund: I'm not going to lie to you. It wasn't perfect, but I'm telling you the bond between us was as close to perfection as anything I've ever known. It got us through the best of times and the worst of times.

Edmund: Your hand in mine, our life together. I have never felt anything as perfect as that. Tell me you feel it, too.

Leo: Ok, Greenlee, wait here. I'm going to go check on David, ok?

Greenlee: Ok. Love you. Ahem. So, Kendall, I hope your "heroics" won't be a professional embarrassment.

Kendall: Honey, the PR I scored today is priceless.

Greenlee: Uh-huh. Donald Steele doesn't do puff pieces.

Kendall: Well, you're looking at the power behind the puff. You know, maybe we could use my image to promote a whole new makeup campaign.

Greenlee: "Desperation -- for the woman who has nothing to lose." Get over yourself, Kendall.

Kendall: See you at the office.

Greenlee: Anna. We need to talk.

Leo: Hey, this is my old cell. Doesn't look like it's changed much. What, the little critters under the bed still dancing la cucaracha?

David: Leo, what are you doing here?

Leo: Well, my brother is in jail, and I thought maybe I could help.

David: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Leo: What'd you do, David?

David: I thought I was saving a life.

Leo: Well, you can't get put away for that. So what do you -- hey, what do you need me to do to get you out of here?

David: Just let it go, Leo.

Leo: No. No way, David. You've scraped me off the ground more than once, and now it's my turn.

David: You don't even know what I'm in here for.

Leo: It doesn't matter.

David: Yeah, it matters. It does. It's bad, Leo. It's worse than whatever you may have heard.

Leo: So people exaggerate.

David: No. No, they don't exaggerate, not about this. Everything they're saying is true. For five years, I knew that Maria Grey was alive and I kept it to myself. It was my best kept secret. And because of it, Anna is gone.

Leo: Whoa.

David: Yeah, "whoa."

Leo: But you had to have a reason to do what you did, right? Just talk to Anna about it. She can --

David: It's too late. Too late, Leo.

Leo: No, it's never too late, David.

David: You asked me what I want you to do? I want you to take Greenlee and I want you to walk away from me.

Leo: No way.

David: Leo, walk away -- from me, from Vanessa, all of it. Just walk away, Leo, before it's too late.

Anna: Oh, Greenlee, please. I -- honestly, I just don't want to talk about David anymore, ok?

Greenlee: Anna, it's not like you didn't know the package you were getting when you married the guy.

Anna: Yeah. I just didn't expect him to be cruel. I know what it's like to be Maria. I know what it's like to lose yourself, to lose years with your kid. You just -- you just never get that time back, you know, and it's -- it's precious. I really can't forgive him for that.

Donald: Kendall, I'm going to have to spin this story to meet the high standards of my readership.

Kendall: Well, spin to your heart's content, Donald. Just make sure you spell my name right.

Aidan: Oh, there you are.

Kendall: Aidan.

Aidan: Now that I've got you on your own, I can tell you what I really think of you.

Kendall: Well, you made that pretty clear at the station.

Aidan: You know, what you did to Maria was lower than low, feeding her to those news hounds. Do you have any idea what kind of damage you've done? Huh? Or are you strictly out there for yourself? I mean, what have you got to gain from trashing an innocent woman? What is the matter with you, Kendall? Do you really have no heart whatsoever? And will you turn around and face me?

Kendall: I'm sorry. Ok, Aidan? I am so, so sorry.

Tad: You know what, there's a -- a Toho film festival, you know, on television. What do you say? You want to hang out, stay up late, watch a guy in a barney suit jump up and down on children's toys? We can order pizza if you want.

Brooke: Not tonight.

Tad: Are you sure?

Brooke: I just need some time alone. Can you do me a favor?

Tad: Yeah, anything.

Brooke: Would it be ok if Jamie stayed at your house tonight?

Tad: Ding-dong no problem.

Brooke: Ok.

Tad: You do me a favor, though, ok?

Brooke: Yeah.

Tad: Just try to remember that you're human. Oh, yeah -- there is something else I forgot to tell you about. There isn't a day goes by I don't wake up and thank God that you're the mother of my son. I'm proud of you and I love you very much, and that is never going to change.

Maria: Edmund, the connection that you feel, I don't feel. It's gone.

Edmund: I don't believe that.

Maria: Well, you have to believe that.

Edmund: One day, you're going to remember how stubborn your husband can be. I don't give up.

Maria: Maybe you should.

Edmund: Maria, I waited five years for you. You think I'm going to write you off after five minutes?

Maria: I don't know.

Edmund: I know. Don't be afraid. I want to take that fear and I want to just make you feel like this place, this town, this life -- make you feel like home.

Maria: But that -- that could take a long time. It might never happen.

Edmund: Maria, our love had a life of its own. It'll find its way back, just like you did.

Maria: I don't know.

Edmund: I promise you, one -- one morning maybe a week, a month, a year from now, you're going to wake up and you're going to know what it feels like to feel safe and loved. I swear.

Maria: That sounds too good to be true.

Edmund: Trust me, it'll happen.

Maria: No. I can't. I can't just put my life in your hands, put everything -- my trust and everything -- in your hands when there are still so many unanswered questions.

Edmund: Like what?

Maria: Like where does Brooke English fit into this happy ending you promised?

Brooke's voice: "Dear Edmund -- words cannot begin to express how very sorry I am."

David: You heard me, Leo. Go.

Leo: Ok, I'll go, but I'm coming back, David. You know, Greenlee was right when she -- when she said that our family was like a curse that just keeps on giving.

David: Yeah. Well, maybe the curse will end when Vanessa and I are locked away. It's the best chance you have for survival, Leo.

Leo: I hate to hit you when you're down, bro, but it looks like our family tree has a new branch. Put your hands together for Trey Kenyon, Esquire.

David: What?

Leo: Yeah, he's our brother. Can you believe that? So you might want to hold off on taking the honors as the black sheep of the family because my gut tells me that our new baby brother is worse than either of us put together.

Greenlee: So, it's really over for you and David?

Man: Excuse me. Chief Devane? I'm Grayson Brown. I'm David Hayward's attorney. I just got in from new York.

Anna: Oh, so he made his -- his phone call, did he?

Grayson: Actually, I was contacted last night.

Anna: Last night, before he was arrested? So David drugged the officer outside his room not so that he could be free to help Maria, but so that he could plan his own defense strategy.

Grayson: May I see him?

Anna: Yeah, by all means. Mr. Grayson --

Grayson: It's Grayson Brown.

Anna: Oh, I'm sorry -- Mr. Brown. Your practice -- is it solely criminal law?

Grayson: We're pretty diversified.

Anna: Oh, really? Ok, good, because you might find yourself pulling double duty. Would you tell your client that his wife will be filing for divorce first thing in the morning?

Kendall: Look, what I did was selfish and stupid, ok? I messed up. I messed up, but I couldn't help it. I was just acting out on my feelings.

Aidan: Feelings? What feelings?

Kendall: Isn't it obvious, you British twit? I was jealous. Ok?

Aidan: Jealous?

Kendall: I was jealous of Maria, the way you cared about her and the way you looked after her. I wanted you to feel that way about me.

Maria: I may not be able to remember my past, but I know exactly what happened yesterday, and that was that you married Brooke English. You were ready to spend the rest of your life with her. You were -- to raise our children, to go on -- this woman that kept me from you --

Edmund: That's all changed now.

Maria: No, Maddie even called me an angel. She said that I -- I just -- I feel more like a ghost. I feel like I'm just haunting this life, or whatever's left of my life.

Edmund: Maria, in all this craziness, just believe one thing --

Maria: No, no.

Edmund: Believe one thing. Look at me! I never stopped loving you.

Maria: No.

Edmund: No -- Maria!

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