AMC Transcript Monday 9/2/02


All My Children Transcript Monday 9/2/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Gisele

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Chris: Marry me and we'll show the world how perfect life can be.

Trey: I can't live like this anymore. I'm turning myself in, so pick up the phone and just make the calls.

Maddie: Can we go home now?

Maria: Maddie, if that is what you want to do, that is exactly what we will do.

Kendall: I have information on Maria Santos Grey. I found her.

Erica: Thank you. Well, good morning.

Man: Good morning.

Erica: Everybody ready?

Man: Oh, yeah, we're all set.

Erica: Great.

Man: Erica, I love the look.

Erica: Oh, thank you. Where's Chris?

Man: Chris? You're using a new model? Well, he's late. What's his deal? He wants to be fired before we get started?

Erica: No, no, and Chris is not a model. Chris is the man I'm going to marry.

Man: Erica! You're getting married again? You're getting married?

Erica: Thank you, thank you. Actually, I would like to use some of these photographs for our engagement announcement.

Man: Oh, I'm touched. Thank you. But are you ok with this? I mean, I know you hate to be kept waiting.

Erica: Oh, no, I'm sure he's just right upstairs, right upstairs with the builders. He's getting our penthouse ready, you know, for our new -- our new living space.

Man: Ok.

Erica: Well, I'm sure that he'll be here any minute.

Erica: He'd better be.

Chris: Why? Why didn't I see this? It's been sitting in front of me the whole damn time.

Leo: Uh -- I'm sorry about that. I'm -- I'm not usually so --

Trey: Yeah, me, neither. Me, neither.

Leo: Anyway, anyway, what I was going to say was -- oh, yeah. Don't -- don't turn yourself in, at least not yet. Make sure you know what you're doing before you just go --

Greenlee: Leo? My God, you're giving him a pass? He stole someone else's identity.

Leo: I know, I know. It's just I could see myself doing the same thing if I had to, so --

Greenlee: That's not true. You would never --

Leo: I would. And I almost have because, you know, sometimes everything just sort of spins out of control and you feel like the earth is moving beneath your feet and you just wish the lies would stop and --

Trey: That's exactly it. And that's why it's time for me to own up to everything I've done so it can end.

Greenlee: Then do it, for God's sake. Go to the cops, Ben -- or Shep or whoever you are -- tonight. You don't need Leo's blessings.

Trey: Greenlee's exactly right. I haven't done anything to deserve your support.

Leo: No, you haven't, but you got it.

Greenlee: He does?

Leo: Shh, shh. Because at some point the truth is going to come out no matter what. And if I were you, I wouldn't just fold it up, man. I would go down fighting. And if you need me, I'll fight with you.

Trey: I really don't deserve this.

Greenlee: Damn right you don't. Have you totally lost your mind?

Edmund: Let me know as soon as you hear anything.

Mateo: Hey, what's going on?

Hayley: Yeah, why was the reception canceled? Where is Brooke?

Edmund: Brooke went home.

Hayley: I thought she said you guys were going to live here after you got married.

Edmund: I don't give a damn what she said. It's what she didn't say.

Hayley: What's that supposed to mean?

Mateo: Tell us what's going on. Why'd you ask us to come over here?

Edmund: You'd better sit down.

Maria: We're going to just jump in the car and take a quick ride to your daddy, ok?

Aidan: You're doing the right thing taking her back. I just want to let you know whatever happens, I'm going to be there for you, ok?

Maria: Thank you.

Aidan: Oh, my God. What stupid idiot has gone and blocked us in? Look. Ugh.

[Car horn honks]

Kendall: That was no stupid idiot, pal. That was me making sure you stay put.

[Phone rings]

Chris: Yeah?

Erica: Chris! I've had a terrible time trying to track you down! Why are you there?

Chris: I -- I got busy, sweetheart. What's up?

Erica: We are waiting for you.

Chris: "We"? Who's "we"?

Erica: The shoot that we scheduled?

Chris: Oh. Um, look, that -- I'm sorry, sweetheart, but there's something that came up and it's turned into a priority for me, so --

Erica: What? Oh. Um, when -- when do you think you could be here, darling?

Chris: Look, I'm not going to be able to make it, darling. I'll tell you what, why don't you try to reschedule this and then I'll -- I'll talk to you in a little bit, ok? Bye. I love you.

Man: Well --

Erica: Yes?

Man: Should we start with a few solo shots until he gets here?

Erica: Oh, yes, what a great idea. Why don't we just get some fabulous shots of my new products and -- no, no. You know what? No. Ok. You just wait here.

Greenlee: You're going to wise up, Leo. He's going to wise up to you. Coming here, using a phony name -- that's the least of his lies. I mean, can you -- are you listening to what he's telling you now -- claiming to be related to Vanessa and her 10 million? It's absurd! And Leo will realize it once the shock wears off.

Trey: I'm glad you know the truth because --

Greenlee: It's not the truth.

Trey: Because maybe now you'll understand what I was up against.

Greenlee: For God's sake, Trey -- or whatever your name is -- drop it, ok? Your "I was young, it was dark" routine, ok -- well, it won't work. You're a selfish, self-serving fraud.

Leo: Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee. Come on -- just give him a chance to explain himself, please.

Greenlee: Fine. Fine. The more he talks, the more ludicrous his story will sound. Even you can see that. So, ok -- who exactly were you before you became James Kenyon III?

Trey: I was nobody. No, I had a name -- Ben Sheppard -- but that didn't come with anything, so I was an orphan, this ward of the state. My entire childhood, there was no one that I could depend on, so I had to figure out the world for myself.

Greenlee: So did you sell matchsticks on street corners, and then one snowy night you froze to death?

Leo: Greenlee, come on.

Trey: I know how it sounds, but that was my life. Yeah, I wish it was different.

Greenlee: It probably was.

Leo: You can't just dismiss everything outright without --

Greenlee: Of course I can. He's been lying all along. What's changed? Oh, oh, oh -- we're supposed to call him Shep now. I mean, what's next? Moe? Curly?

Trey: Greenlee, I don't care if you believe me, ok? But as long as Leo's willing to listen, then --

Leo: Well, we're not going to be able to convince anybody of anything tonight --

Trey: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I lied to you, ok? But Leo gets it. Once you start lying, it's hard to gain control again. And when I saw that the only link to my birth mother was James Kenyon, I had to follow it.

Greenlee: So, naturally, you pretended to be the guy's dead son.

Trey: It was all I had!

Greenlee: No, see, that's just not true. You were a lawyer with your own name. You had your whole future ahead of you.

Trey: Yeah, well, that's not how I saw it. God, there were so many questions about who I was.

Greenlee: So you just pretended to be someone else?

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, and I'm sorry for that.

Greenlee: You know, you can't just go around claiming to be people's brothers whenever you want. These days you have to put your DNA where your mouth is.

Trey: Of course. I'm ready whenever you are.

Leo: Why don't we just -- let's just forget about that for now. What do you say?

Greenlee: What? Leo! You're really falling for this? Are you swallowing all of this?

Leo: I just -- I don't think that we should judge the guy just yet, that's all.

Greenlee: What do you want to do? Adopt him?

Leo: No, no. What I think we should do right now is introduce him to our brother.

Maria: What's going on? What is -- what's happening here?

Maddie: Aren't we going to go home and see Daddy?

Maria: Yes, we are. We're going to do that right this second, so why don't you go ahead and jump in the car and you choose whatever side of the car you want to sit on. I'll be up to --

Aidan: Why don't you park this car in your own spot and stay the hell out of our business.

Kendall: Don't you think I'm up on my Pine Valley history? I used to live here, remember? That's Maria Grey. I know that she's back and that her little girl is missing.

Aidan: And we're going to take her to Wildwind right now.

Kendall: I'd really have to be an idiot to believe that.

Maria: It's the truth. He's our friend. He didn't kidnap us.

Kendall: What, did he tell you to cooperate with him or else he'd hurt you? He's harmless.

Maria: Miss, would you do me a favor and if you really want to help us --

Kendall: What, don't you remember me? I'm Kendall. I'm Kendall Hart.

Aidan: It looks like she's never laid eyes on you, Kendall.

Kendall: Don't you remember me?

Aidan: Look, you're not wanted here, so just move your damn car.

Kendall: She's Maria. She is. She's Maria. What did you do to her?

Aidan: Look, we are done here, all right? Now just give me your keys.

Maria: Aidan, no, please.

Kendall: Oh, my God, you are dangerous.

Maria: You're going to scare Maddie. She's watching. Please don't.

Kendall: Go --

Aidan: My God, Kendall, so help me --


Kendall: Oh, you are so going to pay for this! And to think I thought twice before I called the police.

Maria and Aidan: You called the police?

Kendall: Yes, I did call the police. And if you're not a kidnapper, why didn't you call them yourself?

Maria: I've got to get out of here. I can't stay.

Aidan: This woman and her daughter are in a lot of trouble and I'm trying to set it right. Can you just let us get out of here?

Kendall: Stay away from me!

Aidan: She already told you I did not kidnap them, ok? All right? So just give me your car keys.

Maria: Please, please.

Aidan: Come on. Throw me your car keys and let's get out of here.

Kendall: All right! All right. Why don't you get them yourself.

Maria: God!

Kendall: Oops. Guess we're going to have to wait for the cops after all.

Hayley: So this whole thing started when Brooke went to go find Enzo's organ match?

Mateo: That woman that was a match -- that was Maria?

Edmund: Yes.

Mateo: If she's been in Nevada this whole time, what the hell has she been doing for five years?

Edmund: I don't --

Mateo: Why'd she stay away?

Edmund: I don't know, ok?

Hayley: So she just came back and took Maddie?

Mateo: She didn't die in the plane crash?

Edmund: No, no. We're sure of that.

Mateo: Maria. I -- I have to see her. What can we do for her? I need to do something for her.

Edmund: I know. The police are looking for her, ok, and I also have my security.

Hayley: Ok, she -- she's going to be fine. They are going to be fine. You have to know that no matter -- no matter what state she's in, she would never hurt that baby, ever.

Edmund: I got to hope that -- that Maddie helps her, you know? That seeing that face just helps her remember something.

Hayley: She doesn't remember?

Mateo: Oh, my God. She's been out there this entire time all alone, not knowing that there's family here that loves her when we could've --

Edmund: Yeah, we could've done something. We could've helped her. We could've -- I don't know.

Hayley: What could we have done? How -- we didn't know. Nobody knew. How could anybody have known that Maria was still alive?

Edmund: Hayward knew.

Mateo: David Hayward? What the hell does he have to do with all this?

Edmund: According to him, Maria survived the plane crash, he found her, and he saved her life.

Mateo: What, and just kept her hidden?

Hayley: Is he saying that he didn't know who she was? Because I find that extremely difficult --

Mateo: Wait, her picture was all over town! It was in the hospital!

Hayley: Everybody knew who Maria was.

Edmund: He knew who she was.

Mateo: Then why'd he keep her from us?

Edmund: I don't know, all right? He's in custody, the police are questioning him.

Mateo: He kept Maria from her family all this time. Why?

Hayley: My God.

Mateo: Of all the people in this world, why did he have to be the one who knew she was alive?

Edmund: Ahem. He wasn't the only one. At least not for the last six weeks.

Hayley: Who else knew?

Edmund: Brooke. Brooke knew.

Chris: Jeez, Erica.

Erica: How dare you! I have an entire team waiting!

Chris: Sweetheart, I told you I'm sorry about that. I just started doing something. It became very important --

Erica: Oh, I -- oh, something more important? I will have you know that what I do is important, too! And I will have you know that my spring catalog is going to be seen by millions and millions of people!

Chris: Wait, wait, wait a minute. Are you telling me you set up this whole project just so you could show me off?

Erica: Well, that, too. And what's wrong with that anyhow? What is wrong with my wanting to show off the man that I love, supposedly?

Chris: Nothing. Nothing is wrong with it. I think that it's great, but right now I'm tracking a lead.

Erica: Tracking a -- what? Since when do you do that? You don't do police work anymore.

Chris: Since when?

Erica: You mean you have been coming here behind my back?

Chris: Behind your back?

Erica: I thought that you were upstairs in the penthouse getting the loft ready for our new living space, and you mean you've been coming here without telling me?

Chris: Wait a minute. Wait, wait. I wasn't aware that I have to punch in a time clock with you, but if I do, you'd better tell me right now before I sign on the dotted line!

Erica: Excuse me -- I never said a word about punching a time clock. I don't need you to punch a time clock. I need you to tell me the truth!

Chris: Stop it! Stop! Erica -- Erica, just take a deep breath, please. Chief Devane called me, asked me to check out a lead that could be a break in the Proteus case.

Erica: Oh, I see. So I've been pushed aside for Chief Devane?

Chris: Oh, I see. You're jealous of Chief Devane.

Erica: Jealous?

Chris: Yeah!

Erica: Me?

Chris: Yeah!

Erica: Of Devane? Are you -- I don't think so. However, if you prefer the company of that weak, washed-out cup of tea as opposed to having your photograph taken with me, well, then, you know what? I am powerless to do anything about that.

Chris: Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart?

Erica: Ugh.

Chris: Let me tell you something. There is nothing I would rather do with my time than spend all of it with you. But -- but I have to tell you right now -- every waking hour of mine cannot be about you.

Erica: I am not asking you for every waking hour.

Chris: Excuse me?

Erica: All right. You know what? I am.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Erica: I have opened up to you. And I'm available to you every minute of every day. There's nothing more important to me than making you happy and making you feel loved. So why it can't be the same for you?

Chris: Sweetheart, what if I were to tell you that I've done nothing else this morning but think about you?

Erica: Oh, you haven't.

Chris: What I'm doing, the reason why it is so important is because it is about you.

Erica: It's about me?

Chris: Yes. I'm closing in on the person who burned down your house.

Erica: You know who burned down my house?

Chris: I don't know who yet. But I think I know why.

Trey: David Hayward as my brother. Ahem. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Leo: David will surprise you even more than I did. Believe me. He always said that the spawns of Proteus should stick together.

Greenlee: So what are we waiting for? Let's give David a call.

Trey: Maybe we could wait on that. This whole thing has happened a lot faster than I thought it would.

Greenlee: Are you having second thoughts? That's a good plan because David will never buy into this.

Leo: Greenlee, I know -- I know this is all very weird. Ok, but do you remember when we first started dating and I was trying to con you? You gave me a second chance, right? And a third and a fourth, but you haven't regretted it, haven't you?

Greenlee: No. No, I haven't because you have a soul, Leo. You have a heart. You're a giver, not a taker, and for all your cons, you're still an innocent. You are nothing like him.

Leo: You're saying this because you love me, but I'm asking you for my sake -- please, just back off a little bit. Please.

Greenlee: All I'm trying to do is --

Leo: Is protect me from myself. I know that and that's ok. But no harm is going to come from this, I promise.

Greenlee: Ok, Leo. We'll do this your way.

Trey: Uh, thank you, guys. Like I said, I really don't deserve any of this. And -- I guess I should be going.

Leo: Uh, there's one more question I wanted to ask you. It's about your father.

Trey: My father?

Leo: Yeah. Have you found him yet? Because, I mean, we did come from the same mother. I just thought that maybe -- maybe we had the same father, too.

Hayley: Brooke was really scared before the wedding -- I mean, really scared -- and I didn't get it.

Mateo: Yeah, scared someone would find out what she was hiding. It was guilt.

Hayley: She tried to tell me and I did not listen to her.

Edmund: What do you mean?

Hayley: She said, "Maria's back," and I thought she was having a meltdown. I thought that she was conjuring up some sort of ghost of Maria because she felt like she didn't deserve all this happiness. And do you know what I said to her? I lectured her. I told her she did deserve the happiness and, oh, my God, I am a part of this. I'm sorry.

Edmund: Hayley, you didn't know that she really saw Maria.

Hayley: That she physically saw her? No, I did not realize that.

Mateo: Look, look, Hayley, she married Edmund knowing damn well Maria was alive.

Hayley: Are you sure? Is that what she did?

Edmund: Yes, I am sure that's what she said. We stood in front of that altar, I put a ring on her, and we vowed.

Mateo: This is all Brooke's fault.

Hayley: We don't know that.

Mateo: Why do you keep standing up for her?

Hayley: I'm not standing up for her. We just don't really understand why Brooke did what she did.

Mateo: Maria's alive, Brooke knew, and she didn't tell us. What's more to understand?

Hayley: I don't know, but I'm sure there's more to it than that.

Edmund: So what? So what? I don't care, all right? I don't care right now what Brooke is going through, what her pain is or anything. I just want to find my child. I want to find my wife. I want to bring them home. I want them safe.


Maria: Aidan, I don't see them anywhere.

Aidan: All right, let's get away -- let's get away on foot, all right?

Maria: Maddie, honey --

[tires screech]

Maria: Come on, sweetie, let's get out of the car. Let's go.

Maddie: It's so noisy, Mommy.

Maria: I know, honey. That's why we're going --

Officer: Stop right there.

Second officer: It's him.

First officer: We got them!

Aidan: Come on, let's just run! Just run!

Officer: Oh!

Second officer: Freeze! Put your hands on the car. Put your hands on the car!

Anna: What the hell is going on here? What's going on?

Officer: He tried to stop us. O'Malley's down.

Anna: What? Are you all right?

Officer: He decked him.

Officer O'Malley: I'm fine.

Anna: What is wrong with you, Aidan!

Aidan: Could somebody please comfort that little girl? Someone comfort that little girl!

Kendall: Where did Maria go?

Erica: But it just doesn't make any sense. Because of you?

Chris: That's why I never thought about it, but once we knew it wasn't Kendall, I should have --

Erica: Well, why would somebody burn down my house to get to you?

Chris: They didn't want me. They wanted my files on the Proteus case.

Erica: But they all burned up in the fire. Isn't that what you said?

Chris: That's what I thought, Erica. But once I started to reconstruct my files so I could track down the millions, that's when I discovered that somebody has been using my files to stay ahead of me.

Erica: So you're saying someone stole those files from my house?

Chris: And burned down the house to cover their tracks.

Erica: Oh, my God. Chris, we could have been killed in that fire. I mean, we could have -- we could have burned up.

Chris: I know.

Erica: Chris, you've got to find him.

Chris: Don't you worry, sweetheart. Now that I know he's out there, I'll find him. I'll find him.

Trey: My father? Leo, I have no clue who my father is. Or yours, either.

Leo: Yeah, it figures. I was just -- you know, I just thought I'd ask. It's a long shot, anyway.

Trey: I just got on the trail of Vanessa. I haven't even begun to think about who my father is. But who knows? Maybe we do have the same old man.

Leo: Nah, that wouldn't be Vanessa's MO. Why limit herself to one guy when she can compromise three, right?

Trey: I suppose so. But if we work together, maybe we could --

Leo: No, no, no. Never mind. It's a stupid question, anyway. So I'll -- let's -- so I'll call David, set up a meeting, and I'll give you a call. What do you say?

Trey: Yeah, I'd appreciate that.

Leo: All right.

Trey: Thank you --

Leo: You bet.

Trey: For everything. Thanks.

Leo: Ok, ok, fine. Give it to me.

Greenlee: Leo, what kind of wife would I be if I didn't try and make you see reason?

Leo: I don't see what's wrong with just humoring the guy for a while, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Humoring him?

Leo: Yeah. If he turns out to be my brother, then it was good I believed him, right?

Greenlee: But what if he isn't?

Leo: Well, then, it was a good think that I made him think that I was believing him.

Anna: Well, everything's all right now. You're not hurt or anything, right?

Maddie: My mommy protects me. She's an angel.

Anna: She's an angel? Aren't you a lucky girl. Hey, Sanchez, would you call Edmund Grey, tell him his daughter's safe, and we're bringing her home?

Officer Sanchez: Will do.

Anna: You're going to go see your daddy now, ok?

Aidan: It's ok, honey, you can go with the police lady.

Maddie: What about mommy?

Aidan: Mommy's going to be fine, all right? I promise.

Kendall: Yeah, thanks to me.

Anna: Sanchez.

Officer Sanchez: Come on, Maddie. Bet you've never ridden in a big police car before, huh?

Anna: Oh. See you, Maddie. Could you give me a minute alone here? Thank you. All right, Aidan. Do you want to tell me what's going on with you and Maria Grey?

Hayley: You know, instead of focusing on the terrible part of all this, I think what we have to remember here is that Maria is alive. And she's going to be coming back to us, and she will be a part of this family again.

Mateo: Yeah, she'll be surrounded by the family again. It's always been the most important thing to her.

Edmund: It's been five years. Who knows what mind games Hayward's been playing on her. I mean, if all she wants to do is take Maddie and disappear --

[Phone rings]

Edmund: Hello? Yeah. Where? Thanks. They found Maddie. She's safe, and they're bringing her home.

Greenlee: So you're saying that you really don't believe him? You're just humoring him? You know you believe him, Leo.

Leo: He could be telling the truth, Greenlee.

Greenlee: The truth? Your murderous, drug-dealing mother suddenly turns into this sweet old lady with cookies and milk? Her creepy, identity-stealing lawyer takes off his Clark Kent glasses and turns out to be your long-lost brother? I mean, who does David turn out to be? The Pope?

Leo: Hey, you marry the guy, you marry the family. You know that, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No. No, I did not. We had a deal. It was going to be just you and me. We were all we needed. Don't you remember all the times that we said that?

Leo: Of course I remember all those times, and I meant it.

Greenlee: You know, we've been so lucky, Leo, in spite of everything. And we're so close now, but I'm scared. Because right now we don't want the same thing.

Leo: Of course -- Greenlee, of course we want the same thing. You're my life. You're my life. A reformed mother and a thousand brand-new brothers isn't going to change that.

Greenlee: I'm not so sure. You always told me that a con works best when the mark wants the scam to be true. And it really, really scares me how much you really want this to be true, Leo.

Edmund: Oh. Thank you. Oh, sweetheart, are you all right?

Maddie: Mommy looked after me, and she was so nice. And you know what, daddy?

Edmund: What, Sweetheart?

Maddie: She said I would see her again.

Edmund: Well, I promise you, you will see mommy again. You look a little tired. You must -- you must be sleepy.

Hayley: Come on, let me take you upstairs. I'll read to you, I'll tell you a story. Come on.

Edmund: You say your prayers, ok?

Maddie: I will.

Edmund: I'll be right up. Thank you.

Officer Sanchez: She's a sweetie. I just wish I could have brought your wife back, too.

Edmund: She -- she got away from you?

Officer Sanchez: Yeah. I'm real sorry. Our main concern was the child.

Edmund: Of course.

Mateo: You saw -- you saw Maria?

Officer Sanchez: Yes, sir.

Mateo: How did she -- did she look ok?

Officer Sanchez: Well, physically, she seemed fine to me.

Edmund: You call us as soon as you know something, ok?

Officer Sanchez: Sure thing. Try not to worry too much. We'll find her.

Edmund: Ok, thank you. Thank you.

Mateo: Hey, where you going?

Edmund: I'm going to look for Maria. She can't have gone far.

Aidan: She's been living on the run for years. She even thought that she killed someone.

Anna: She told you this?

Aidan: Yeah. And I believed her. I mean, it took me a while to get it out of her, but, you know, like I told you before, she was lost and she was confused. But, Anna, I'm telling you, she is no kidnapper.

Kendall: Well, if she isn't, then you are.

Anna and Aidan: Shut up, Kendall.

Aidan: Look, she's done nothing wrong. But she doesn't know who she is or where she's from, but --

Anna: I don't understand why she ran away.

Aidan: Well, she was probably scared. With all these sirens, wouldn't you be scared?

Anna: Yeah. That was a mistake. That wasn't the way it was supposed to go down. We want to help her, not arrest her. She's been through so much pain these last few years.

Aidan: Sorry -- what do you mean? What do you know?

Anna: I don't, I don't. I mean, I don't know any details, but I'm going to find them out.

Aidan: I don't understand. Why is this a police matter when she's not a criminal?

Anna: She's a victim. Apparently, David is responsible for all of her problems.

Aidan: David? Your husband, David? What has that bastard gone and done now?

Man: Well, what's my score so far?

Woman: A measly 12.

Man: Oh, no.

Woman: You're definitely not husband material.

Man: Yeah, that figures. Oh, well.

Erica: All right. All right, it's Showtime!

Man: Great. How do you do? I'm Walter.

Chris: Hi, nice to meet you.

Erica: Walter, introductions later. Mr. Stamp doesn't have a lot of time.

Chris: Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Walter: Ok.

Erica: Ok.

Walter: So, what is it we're going for? Happy and in love?

Erica: I --

[Phone rings]

Chris: Sorry. Excuse me.

Erica: Are you kidding?

Chris: No. No, no, no. Stamp here. Yeah. No, it's ok. Go ahead. You're not interrupting anything. Are you sure? You -- you have to get all of that? All right, well, go ahead. You get that software. Don't -- don't worry about Chief Devane. I'll take care of her. Ok. Thank you. Ok. Talk to you later. Bye.

Erica: Ok, can you turn this off now?

Chris: No. Ok, I'm ready.

Erica: Oh --

Chris: I'm ready.

Erica: Fine, then, fine, yes. Oh, well, then let's just get this over with.

Walter: Would you care to maybe smile?

Erica and Chris: No.

Chris: What? What? What are you, a tough girl or something? You a tough girl? Come here. Come here. You a tough girl?

Erica: Very tough.

Chris: You know I love you. Come on. Come on. There we go! Look at that. There you go -- look at her.

Walter: That's it.

Trey: Vanessa? Mother. Yeah, I just left Leo. Yeah, he is. He is. He wants to help me deal with the mistakes I've made. Mm-hmm. I knew that would make you happy. Sure, sure. I'll talk to you soon. Well, you better be happy while you can, lady, because finally you are going to pay.

Leo: Greenlee, I know what I'm doing. Ok? Now, if you don't believe that, just close your eyes and say the magic word. Close them. Paris.

Greenlee: Paris.

Leo: That's right. That's right. Six months from now, we're going to be walking along the champ sees, walking hand in hand, basking in the success of your new cosmetics line.

Greenlee: And your new bistro?

Leo: That's right -- chez Leo. Chez Leo! We're going to be practically indistinguishable between the Parisians, Greenlee. We'll just drench ourselves in cologne.

Greenlee: Leo --

Leo: Yeah, yeah, and all we have to do, Greenlee -- all we have to do is find that $10 million. And whether or not Trey is my brother doesn't matter. Because either way, I win. Because he's going to lead us to the money. Besides, I've already got the prize.

Aidan: If he kept Maria away from her family for years, well, then David's the kidnapper.

Anna: Yes. If he has committed any crimes, he will pay for them. Right now I've got to find Maria and bring her home safely. O'Malley?

Aidan: Well, can you take these cuffs off me? I'll help you --

Officer O'Malley: Whoa, wait a minute. You assaulted a police officer.

Aidan: Oh, come on.

Officer O'Malley: That's a crime no matter whose nephew you are.

Anna: Ok.

Aidan: This is your fault, Kendall. And when I'm through, I'm going to make you pay!

Kendall: Sure, I'll pay -- for helping return a lost woman and child to their loved ones. Why don't you just put it on my tab!

Hayley: Where were you?

Mateo: Edmund and I were searching the grounds just in case. He's still out there.

Hayley: He hasn't slept in two days.

Mateo: Well, could you?

Hayley: No.

Mateo: Oh, my God. I hope they can find her.

Hayley: They will. They have to. Don't you see, Mateo? This was meant to be. Our baby brought Maria back to her baby.

Mateo: Well, now you're stretching this.

Hayley: No, come on, it's like your mom always says -- God has a plan. Enzo getting sick was part of this plan, Mateo.

Mateo: Oh, my God. My God, my mom. Oh, my gosh, I totally forgot. I got to tell her.

Mateo: Hey, mom, it's me. I got to tell you something. It's about Maria.

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Kendall: Your new assistant's the town's hero.

Aidan: I wouldn't listen to a word this girl is saying.

David: Just walk away, Leo, before it's too late.

Edmund: I'm going to prove to you that you're Maria.

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