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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 8/27/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Vanessa: Trey is my son. He's your brother. Finally he's come back to us.

Leo: Us? No, no. I'm not part of this.

Anna: What do you know about Maureen Gorman?

Tad: What is your connection?

Anna: I'm sorry, I can't say.

Brooke: Maria could be here. Maddie's right. Maria's alive.

Trey: My family -- what a joke! Vanessa's some sort of blood-sucking lunatic, and Leoís a smug, judgmental --

Kendall: Are you out of your freakin' mind?

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, I am. What are you going to do about it?

David: Anna, is it true? Are we pregnant? Is that what you were trying to tell me?

Anna: I know who Maureen Gorman is.

Edmund: Brooke, what are you saying?

Brooke: The trips that I took to Nevada -- my search for Maureen Gorman --

Edmund: The woman you mistook for Maria?

Brooke: It wasn't a mistake, Edmund.

Edmund: Honey, I saw that fax photo -- the wedding present that Tad gave you -- and that definitely wasn't Maria.

Brooke: The picture doesn't mean anything.

Edmund: Honey, Iím not getting this. Do you think that -- that Maria somehow survived the plane crash and had plastic surgery? Because even so, I would know her eyes, I mean, and Maureen Gormanís eyes were --

Brooke: The picture that Tad brought isn't her.

Edmund: It -- it was a fax blow-up of Maureenís photo ID from the hospital in Nevada.

Brooke: It was a woman who worked at the same hospital. She said she was Maureen. She wasn't. She resembled Maria. I even thought that it was her until --

Edmund: Until what?

Brooke: I saw her. Edmund, I saw Maria, very close, very much alive.

Tad: Where the hell have you been? So did you come through for me or not?

Burke: What, you have to ask? It pays to have friends on the force, huh?

Tad: It depends on what you got.

Burke: Your Maureen Gorman --

Tad: Yeah

Burke: Was the victim of a serial purse snatching in Memorial Park.

Tad: Right here in Pine Valley?

Burke: Here in this very park. Chief Devaneís taken a real personal interest in this case.

Tad: Why?

Burke: Beats me. Chief's nephew found this Gorman whoever after she was ripped off. Seems he was sort of looking out for her. Then she did this vanishing act.

Tad: Wait a minute. Are you sure this woman's name was Maureen Gorman?

Burke: Yeah. Sure, Iím sure. Listen, something else you might want to chew on.

Tad: Yeah.

Burke: The chief's better half was seen at the airport waving bye-bye to this dame.

Tad: What the hell is David Haywardís connection to Maureen Gorman?

Burke: Dust off that old PI license and find out. I told you what I know.

David: You know who Maureen Gorman is?

Anna: Yeah, that's right.

David: Well, she's the woman who was mugged in the park, right? Whose purse was snatched.

Anna: Well, that's not all she is, David.

David: Ok. So there's more to this story?

Anna: Yeah.

David: What?

Anna: You tell me.

David: Anna, Iím not up for 20 questions, all right?

Anna: Ok. Ok. This Ms. Gorman is not some anonymous crime victim. I mean, at least not to you, because you know her, don't you?

David: Where the hell did you come up with that?

Anna: Ok. You have exactly five minutes to tell me everything you know, starting now.

Edmund: You saw Maria?

Brooke: The first time was from a distance at that motel in Nevada.

Edmund: The motel where I found you and Tad?

Brooke: It was a million degrees. I hadn't eaten. I fainted, and -- and later, I talked myself -- I convinced myself that it was the heat or a mirage or it was my mind playing tricks on me. And we showed the picture of Maria to the hotel manager, and he hadn't seen her, so we came home.

Edmund: But something made you go back?

Brooke: I had to be sure.

Edmund: But you said that you were sure.

Brooke: I know what I said. I lied to you, Edmund. I was as close to Maria as you are to me now. I talked to her. I saw her face. I heard her voice.

Edmund: You spoke to her?

Brooke: She didn't know me. She didn't recognize even her own name. She never heard of Maria Santos Grey.

Edmund: Then how can you be sure that if--

Brooke: Because I was the last one to see Maria alive. And every day of the last five years Iíve seen her eyes, her eyes when she asked me to take Maddie off the plane and -- and she looked at Maddie and said that she loved her. So when Maddie said that she saw her mother in the mausoleum, I have every reason to believe that Mariaís alive and that after all these years she's come home.

Trey: I'm not in the mood for this, so just get all your stuff and get out of here.

Kendall: No, Iím going anywhere.

Trey: I mean it!

Kendall: So do I! If it hadn't been for you and your stupid legal advice, then --

Trey: You'd be married, probably knocked up, strapped to the back of a motorcycle, and headed nowhere.

Kendall: Headed for a life! Why don't you try one on for size?

Trey: I've got one, and I want you out of it.

Kendall: Well, that's too bad. I'm staying.

Trey: Do I have to pick you up and throw you out myself?

Kendall: You lay one finger on me, I will rat you out to the bar so fast.

Trey: Oh, and tell them what? What, that Iíve been a bad boy? That Iím unethical? That I have no scruples? What, are you going to tell them that I don't deserve all the prestigious membership into the legal community?

Kendall: You'll be disbarred.

Trey: Ask me if I give a damn. Here you go, Kendall. Here's the phone. Here's t phone. Do your worst. Go ahead.

Kendall: You're bluffing.

Trey: Look, I am not in the mood for this, ok? I've already been outed today.

Kendall: Really? You're gay?

Trey: No. Step up and meet the real me, Ben Sheppard, long-lost and forgotten son of Vanessa Cortlandt.

David: Anna, why would you think that I know Maureen Gorman? What --

Anna: Four minutes. I suggest you use this time to your advantage, David.

David: I never even heard of the woman.

Anna: Liar! Three minutes, 50 seconds.

David: What do you want me to say?

Anna: Well, the truth would be refreshing.

David: I already told you. I don't know her. I don't --

Anna: Ok, remember the purse snatcher that we arrested, right? He had a stolen phone on his person.

David: And what does that have to do with me?

Anna: Well, while he was in custody, the phone rang. I answered. The caller hung up.

David: So?

Anna: In the interest of law and order, I pressed Star-69. The caller was you, David! T-minus three minutes.

David: So what are you suggesting, that Iím in cahoots with a purse snatcher? Is that it?

Anna: That phone belonged to Ms. Gorman.

David: I didn't make the call.

Anna: I can prove it.

David: All right. Well, if I did, then it was a wrong number.

Anna: Everything about this is wrong. I'm asking you -- Iím asking you one last time, who is this woman to you, how you know her, and -- I swear, if you lie to me --

David: What, are you threatening me, Anna? Is that it?

Anna: Yeah, that's exactly what Iím doing, because everything we are or will ever be is riding on your answer.

Brooke: She's gone?

Edmund: I don't know. Security's on their way down.

Officer: Hey, Mr. Grey. What can I do for you? Hey, I guess congratulations are in order.

Edmund: Steve, my daughter was here. She saw someone, a woman.

Steve: A trespasser?

Edmund: I've been led to believe that it was my wife.

Steve: I'm sorry, Sir, but Iím not getting this.

Edmund: I'm talking about Maria.

Steve: You mean the one who passed?

Edmund: My daughter said she saw her mother.

Steve: You know how kids can be.

Edmund: I believe her, and I want you to set up a perimeter. Nobody in, nobody out. Close the gates. Every man search the grounds. I want reports every five minutes. Now, move.

Brooke: Steve, if you do find her, just be gentle. She may not know who she is.

Edmund: Go!

Brooke: You may want to join the search, hmm?

Edmund: What day is this?

Brooke: It's the same day as when we woke up this morning -- it's our wedding day.

Edmund: No, I mean how did we get here? How, Brooke? I mean, how, from where we came, did we end up -- how did this happen?

Brooke: I don't know. Maybe Maria got her memory back. Maybe she followed me here from Nevada.

Edmund: That's not what Iím talking about, Brooke. Just -- how did this incredible -- how does this happen?

Brooke: Somehow, Maria survived when that plane went over the cliff.

Edmund: But who are you?

Brooke: I'm your wife and the woman who loves you.

Kendall: You're Vanessa Cortlandís son? Yeah, right! Give me a break!

Trey: You don't believe me? Fine. My bloodline's nothing to brag about.

Kendall: Oh, come on, Trey. You are totally putting me on.

Trey: Why would I do that, hmm? You think this is funny? Where's the joke, Kendall? Where's the punch line, the big belly laugh?

Kendall: You get off on this. You get off on this. You're making all of this up.

Trey: Oh, because I don't tell the truth? The truth's overrated. I tell what the truth should be.

Kendall: What, build yourself a nice little fantasy, fully furnished, and move right in?

Trey: Why not? It's not like Iím hurting anybody.

Kendall: Better question -- who's hurting you?

Trey: Nobody hurts me. That's rule number one.

Kendall: Hmm. You think the world cares about your rules?

Trey: I don't give a damn if they do. Flip on the television, hmm? You'll probably see my new big brother Leo giving a press conference, ragging about me, denying our connection. Big freaking deal, because Iíve been denied my entire life.

Kendall: I've been there, Buddy.

Trey: No. No. You've never been to where Iíve been. Nobody has.

Kendall: Trey, they can't make you go back.

Trey: Yeah, you're damn right they can't. I've done my time. Prison would be a cakewalk compared to my childhood. But they couldn't break me. Uh-uh. So I just waited it out. All those tough times spent in those foster families. I just waited it out, because I knew that one day I would be free to level the playing field, to grab life by the throat, and to hell with whoever got in my way.

Kendall: Trey, I thought your parents were like these mayflower bluebloods or something.

Trey: You know how they say you can't choose your parents? Well, I did. Better a couple from the social registry than a never-was movie star turned Drug Queenpin. And I didn't know who my mother was the summer I spent locked in a closet. And you know how I kept myself from unspooling? Hmm? I imagine that she was like. I imagined her serving me ice-cold lemonade and telling me about the trip we were going to take to the shore. Flash-forward to Trey-- Benís reality -- Mommy's a psychopathic Dragon Lady.

Kendall: How long have you known about Vanessa?

Trey: What difference does it make?

Kendall: Well, I found out about my real mother when I was 14.

Trey: Hmm. 14. Isn't that how old Erica Kane was when your father raped her?

David: This is not fair, Anna. I mean, you're -- you're naming the stakes. I don't even know what they are. I don't even know what it is that Iím supposed to have done.

Anna: Well, usually when you customize the truth for your own purposes, I give you the benefit of the doubt and I let you go. But not this time.

David: And what is that supposed to mean? You're going to read me my rights?

Anna: I'm warning you, David. Before you open your mouth, you should know that there will be consequences.

David: Damn it, Anna! You're my wife!

Anna: Yes.

David: You know that Iím a doctor. Anna what the hell does that have to do with anything?

David: I took an oath!

Anna: "First, do no harm," right?

David: Right! Right. But my first responsibility is to my patients.

Anna: No, I asked you if you knew this woman Maureen, and you lied.

David: Ok, yes. I know her, all right?

Anna: Who is she to you?

David: She's a patient!

Anna: All right. So now, that means that any questions I ask you are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.

David: That's right. I'm sorry.

Anna: How utterly convenient for you.

David: Anna, you're talking to me like Iím a suspect. What is it that Iím supposed to be guilty of?

Anna: You were caught breaking and entering at Wildwind.

David: I already explained that.

Anna: Yeah, that Dr. Mitrani's service had called you, asking you to cover for an emergency.

David: That's right, exactly.

Anna: Well, there was no emergency. Dr. Mitrani's service did not call you -- I checked! So that leads us right back to what the hell were you doing uninvited at Wildwind?

[Knock on door]

Anna: What? Just go away, please!

David: All right, just --


David: Just hold on, all right?

Anna: David --

David: Maybe it's somebody important. Who knows?

David: What the hell do you want, Tad?

Tad: I want to know what you have to do with Maureen Gorman.

Edmund: Brooke, help me understand. You said you got back from Nevada and you had reason to believe that Maria was alive. And then you checked and you rechecked, and then you swore to me that you've been mistaken. And then Tad confirmed that Maureen Gorman wasn't Maria after all?

Brooke: Tad went back to the hospital without me. And the woman that he spoke to who claimed that she was Maureen Gorman -- she wasn't. So he came away thinking that Iíd made a mistake.

Edmund: But you hadn't because you saw Maria. You spoke to her. You knew Maria was alive.

Brooke: Yes.

Edmund: And then you came back home and you looked me in the eyes and you lied to me. Why, Brooke? Why did you do that?

Brooke: I was so tired of losing, of having people that I love wrenched away from my life over and over. You and Laura. I couldn't face any more heartache or good-byes.

Brooke: The truth is I didn't want Maria to be alive. I could live with her ghost, but what chance did I stand if she could -- came back? I mean, my life with Sam and Maddie and you -- the thought of losing that was just unbearable. So I convinced myself that Tad was right and that Maria was nothing but a memory.

Edmund: But you knew deep in your heart -- you knew.

Brooke: Yes, I knew. I knew that Maria wasn't the woman that you knew. I knew that if you looked in her eyes and you didn't see anything there, you saw no warmth or joy or hint of recognition or memory of anything of the life that you had together that it would just be like losing her all over again. And I didn't want to put you through that pain, that hell. I loved you too much.

[Phone rings]

Edmund: Talk to me. You found her?

Edmund: Stake out the area, Steve. I'm on my way.

Brooke: Maria?

Edmund: They may have spotted her.

Brooke: Where?

Edmund: The orchard. I have to see, Brooke. I have to -- I have to see for myself.

Brooke: I'll stay here in case she comes back. I won't -- I won't scare her.

Edmund: If she comes back, call security.

Brooke: I will, I promise. Edmund? I just want to say how sorry I am.

David: Tad, get out.

Tad: Not till I get what I came for.

David: You want to throw him out, or shall I have the pleasure?

Anna: Why are you here, Tad?

Tad: Wait, wait a second. You told me at Brookeís wedding you were investigating a woman named Maureen Gorman, right?

Anna: Yes, the woman from Nevada, yeah.

Tad: No, not anymore. Turns out she's in Pine Valley?

Anna: Yes, she is. She had her purse stolen here.

David: What exactly does this have to do with me?

Tad: A woman fitting her description was seen at the airport last night. You were with her at the gate.

David: Excuse me?

Anna: You were, David. You were seen with her. Don't -- don't.

David: All right, I was seeing her off. Is that a crime?

Tad: What was she doing here?

Anna: She's a patient of Davidís.

Tad: Oh. Really? I suppose she just, like -- she flew across the country for an office visit?

David: You idiot. I have an international reputation. I have patients all over the world!

Tad: Oh. Oh. So she's -- she's got a heart condition?

David: Yes!

Tad: No. No. Because if she's on an organ donors list, she can't have a bad ticker.

Anna: Is there any other reason that she'd be here in Pine Valley, Tad?

Tad: I don't know. This sounds kind of screwy.

Anna: Try me.

Tad: Up until recently, Brooke was convinced that this Maureen Gorman is actually Maria Grey.

Anna: What? Edmund's late wife?

Tad: Yeah. She actually flew out to Nevada to check it out. I went with her. Turns out she wasn't Maria.

Anna: Well, yes, obviously.

David: Ok, hey, hey! All right, so she's not here anymore! So can we just drop this, ok? It's getting late.

Tad: Maybe later than you think. I'm sorry for barging in.

Anna: Yeah.

David: Yeah, yeah, sure, you are. I hope you're satisfied.

Tad: No. Not yet.

David: Miserable pain in the ass.

Anna: They thought that this heart-healthy patient of yours was Maria Santos Grey.

David: So?

Anna: Is that what you were doing at Wildwind?

[Tad makes a phone call outside of Anna and Davidís room]

Tad: Yeah, hi. Excuse me. Is this Los Yermos? Could I have admitting? It depends. Can you connect me with a Maureen Gorman? What do you mean, she doesn't work there anymore? That's impossible. Of course she does. Well, because I had a personnel file faxed to me last night, here in Pennsylvania, at Pine Valley Hospital, Dr. Jake Martin, and nobody said a word to me about her quitting. Look, are you at the computer now? Could you -- I know you're not supposed to give out explicit information. Could you just tell me when exactly she quit? It's very important. No, Iím not sure what Iím looking for. What do you mean, it's not her? That's impossible. Of course it is. Because I know. I met her. I spoke with her. Well, if it's not Maureen Gorman, then who the hell is it?

Kendall: Yeah, I get it. You hate the world and everyone in it, including me.

Trey: I don't hate you.

Kendall: Sure, you do. Every time you look at me, you see yourself. The two of us are just two loser rejects.

Trey: You've got nicer legs than I do.

Kendall: So, who's the guy not handing out cigars the day you were born?

Trey: I don't have a clue. Vanessa had a take-a-number approach to her lovers back then.

Kendall: Well, maybe it's better that you don't know.

Trey: Who I take after, where I got my smile, my love for good books?

Kendall: Well, whatever your father was, at least you know he wasn't a rapist.

Trey: That crack I made before about, you know -- I was way out of line.

Kendall: My mother Alice used to tell me that I should always tell the truth no matter what. Funny, since she told me the mother of all lies -- that I was her little girl. The last time she was here, she apologized. She said she wasn't lying to me so much as she was lying to herself.

Trey: Maybe she had to pretend that you came from her.

Kendall: No, uh-uh. She was warding off evil. She was afraid I had him in me, my father, my real father, Richard Fields. She was afraid that I would turn out to be just like him.

Trey: Kendall, you are who you are. The idea that you were born bad, that's a load of garbage.

Kendall: Oh, look at you. You've been pretending to be someone else for as long as Iíve known you, which means that you test positive for the Vanessa gene.

Trey: That's not funny.

Kendall: I'm not laughing. The whole thing is one big sick cosmic joke. I mean, what kind of a weirdo would rape a 14-year-old?

Trey: I don't know.

Kendall: Richard Fields is my father. His blood is in my veins. Every time Erica looks at me, she sees him.

Trey: That's her problem, not yours.

Kendall: Well, she said Iíll never know what it was like for her, how it changed her life forever.

Trey: She's got to stop blaming you.

Kendall: Well, she's not. She does blame me. She does. She wants me to pay for what he did to her, and I have. I have. I pay for it every stupid day of my life.

Trey: Hey. It's ok.

Kendall: No, it's not ok. I am so sick and tired of being upset and crying. Oh, why am I even talking about this?

Trey: Because some stupid loser laid the blame on you.

Kendall: You are a stupid loser. Trey: Well,

you're an idiot reject.

Kendall: Well, it takes one to know one.

Trey: Well, don't we make a nice pair?

[Trey leans in to kiss Kendall]

Anna: I don't know how to make this clear to you, David, but you are obstructing a police investigation.

David: I already told you everything I know.

Anna: Ok. Let's go over it again. So you've been treating this healthy woman from Nevada who bears a striking resemblance to Maria Grey?

David: Well, since I never met Maria Grey, chances are I never would have made that connection.

Anna: Ok, fine. We'll get back to that. Then you're found traipsing around Wildwind for no apparent reason.

David: I told you what I was doing there.

Anna: Were you looking for someone? This patient of yours, Maureen Gorman -- had she gone missing?

David: Why would I be looking for her there?

Anna: Why, indeed. David: Look, this whole thing is pure conjecture, ok?

Anna: No, this woman isn't conjecture. She is very real, and I somehow feel that she's a threat to you.

David: Oh, for crying -- Anna, she's a patient, ok? I am not going to betray that trust no matter how much you hammer me!

Anna: What about my trust?

David: This has nothing to do with you!

Anna: This has everything to do with me and us and most definitely our future.

[Knocking on door]

Tad: Anna, it's me. Open up.

David: Oh, for crying -- Iím calling security!

Anna: David, don't you dare touch that phone!

David: I'm calling security!

Tad: Ha-ha! I'd say we're getting closer to an answer.

David: Oh, for crying out -- answer to what?

Tad: Your connection to Maureen Gorman.

David: Maureen Gorman, Maureen Gorman -- I wish Iíd never even heard the damn name.

Anna: I bet you do. What have you got?

Tad: Well, I kept asking myself, what the hell is this woman doing in Pine Valley?

Anna: Yes, ok, that seems to be the question of the hour.

Tad: No, you don't understand. Anna, I met this woman face-to-face in Nevada. I spoke with her. I even had her picture faxed to me last night just so I could reassure Brooke that she's not Maria.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah! We've already covered this, remember?

Tad: There's only one problem.

David: Mm-hmm.

Tad: The picture I got, the woman I talked to isn't Maureen Gorman.

David: I'm so sick of this!

[David attacks Tad and they scuffle around the hotel room]

Anna: David!

[Fax machine beeps]

David: I want you out of my home now!

Anna: David!

David: No! Come on!

Anna: Stop it!

Tad: Right on time!

David: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Tad: Check your fax, Dave. This one comes from Nevada. Turns out the hospital administrator is a friend of Maureenís, a really good friend, and she's faxing us her picture as we speak.

Brooke: Oh, Maria. You lost everything, even your memories. That plane crash erased your life. You walked away a stranger to yourself. If we had switched seats on the plane, I would have been the one who died. Or maybe I would have been the one who survived and you would have been the one who found me. And you would have taken my hand and told me who I was, and you would have brought me back to my life and my home and my family, my children, because that's who you are, Maria. How did I think for one minute that I could take your place? Edmund's had a shock. He's confused. But he'll be ok. I mean, this was supposed to be the most wonderful day of his life, the happiest, and it will be when he sees you and he knows in his heart that you're really here and you're alive.

Brooke: He made room in his heart for me, but he never stopped loving you. He never stopped missing you. This will be the day he never forgets -- the day his wife came home.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry.

[Brooke turns around and sees Maria standing with Maddie]

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