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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/26/02

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Previously on "All My Children" --

Leo: You don't know who this guy is?

Vanessa: He's my son!

Anna: I'm closing in on this woman called Maureen Gorman.

Father Claude: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Maddie: Mommy?

Leo: What -- what did you just say?

Vanessa: Leo, Trey is my son. He's your brother.

Leo: Okay, when did you guys cook this up?

Vanessa: He has proof.

Leo: Oh, like papers can't be made to lie? Even D.N.A. tests can be finessed, as we well know.

Vanessa: No, no, no, no, no. We have to try to forget that unfortunate incident with the Count du Pres. This young man is not who we thought he was.

Leo: Yeah, I know. He's a liar. His name is Ben Shepherd.

Vanessa: His name is --

Leo: No, he's a liar, and he's a fraud!

Vanessa: He's my youngest son. Ben, tell him what you told me.

Trey: Why the hell should I? Let him believe what he wants.

Anna: Oh, you guys, that was so beautiful. It was just --

Brooke: Oh.

Anna: And the vows were, you know I wish Alex and Dimitri had been here to see it.

Edmund: Me, too, you know? But I will be glad to re-vow anywhere, anytime. I can call Dimitri tonight if you want --

Brooke: And I will be glad to listen to them over and over and over.

Anna: True love. That's got to be true love.

David: Yeah, a really bad case of it.

Anna: Well, you have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you --

Brooke: Thank you.

Anna: And it begins today. Good luck.

Edmund: Nothing like second chances, eh, David?

David: You know it.

Edmund: Well, we've all managed to find our own way of happiness. Right?

David: Yes, I guess we have. Look, don't stay too long. You're going to miss the party.

Brooke: Okay.

Anna: Okay, bye, you guys.

Edmund: Bye.

Brooke: What was that?

Anna: What was that?

David: What?

Anna: Did you say something to Edmund earlier?

David: Yes, I did. I congratulated him and I made the obligatory noises about the joys of marriage. Why would I lie about that?

Anna: Because it's your nature to say anything except the truth.

Joe: And Ruth wants you to promise to come to dinner as soon as you get your wedding pictures back.

Brooke: Oh.

Edmund: Tell her she's on.

Tad: I would tell you to have a wonderful life, but I don't think I have to because I've never seen you look more beautiful or happier.

Brooke: Blame the groom.

Tad: Congratulations, Edmund.

Edmund: Thank you.

Tad: Come on, Pop.

Brooke: We'll see you later.

Joe: Bye-bye.

Edmund: So --

Brooke: Yeah?

Edmund: I give you this glow, huh?

Brooke: I am so madly in love, I don't know who else would be responsible for the glow.

Edmund: Anna was right, you know. This is only the beginning of a lifetime of happiness.

Brooke: No sadness, no tears?

Edmund: No.

Brooke: No?

Edmund: Think it'll bore you?

Brooke: I don't know. I think I'll manage to take it in stride.

Edmund: It's been a long time coming for both of us.

Maddie: Mommy! Mommy, what's wrong?

Maria: Why do you think I'm your mommy?

Maddie: You are.

Maria: But why -- why do you think so?

Maddie: You're in all the pictures and tapes, too.

Maria: Do you know this? Do you know this picture?

Maddie: Mommy, stop playing. That's you and that's me when I was a tiny baby.

Leo: Okay, whatever crazy story he's told you, I know who this guy is.

Vanessa: Ben, tell him. Do it for me.

Trey: That's a laugh. I don't owe you anything.

Vanessa: But we're here together, finally.

Trey: What, were you hoping for a cozy little family circle?

Leo: Yeah, forget it.

Trey: Leo doesn't even care whether I'm his brother or not.

Leo: Finally -- a bit of truth!

Vanessa: Well, I care and I care deeply.

Leo: Look, Vanessa, Rosie, Nessa, Trey, Ben -- you know, I've had it up to here with the freaking aliases already.

Vanessa: Leo, this is not a joke --

Leo: You're damn right this isn't a joke! And it's not a joke to James Kenyon II, either! I got the bruise to prove it.

Vanessa: And you can't imagine what this boy has been through.

Leo: Oh --

Vanessa: No, and it's all my fault.

Leo: It very --

Vanessa: No, he's not to blame.

Leo: It very well may be your fault, but did you tell him to steal somebody else's identity?

Vanessa: Oh, Lord. Vanessa was so much in control when he was born, all I could do was sit back and watch what she was going to do next. I didn't have the energy to fight her. No. You see, I failed my boys, all of them. And right after the delivery, I tried to push myself forward, but Vanessa was very cruel. She was so unwilling because she did not want another baby.

Trey: Don't tell me that you did.

Vanessa: I thought you were a miracle; a sweet, innocent thing coming into my life, but Vanessa would have absolutely nothing to do with it. Oh, no, she thought two children were more than enough, more than she could handle. And she was so -- right after the delivery, the moment you took your first breath, when she should have just reached for you, she turned away. Oh, yes, she'd already made arrangements to have you given away before you were even born.

Trey: Why didn't she just have an abortion?

Vanessa: I was able to stop that. But that effort wore me down so. Oh, Ben, I wanted you so badly. I did, but Vanessa was so -- I could not find a way to break her. And she specifically instructed Jim Kenyon to have you adopted the minute you were born.

Leo: Whatever. You know, even if this does remotely resemble the truth, nobody forced this guy to steal somebody else's identity.

Vanessa: Leo, as though you and Vanessa and I haven't done things we're ashamed of, you know, things we should be locked away in prison for. But put yourself in Ben's -- if you had the chance to forget a very unhappy, tragic, unhappy childhood and take the place of Trey Kenyon, what would you choose?

Leo: I don't even believe that you're -- you're buying into any of this! He's pretending to be somebody else. He's pretending -- okay, okay. Okay, maybe -- maybe you did have another kid at one point.

Vanessa: There's no "maybe" about it.

Leo: Well, why do you think that it's this idiot?

Vanessa: Will you stop talking to your brother that way.

Leo: God! You know, I think that you finally did it to me! I think that I'm losing my mind!

Vanessa: No, no, all right. I know it's a lot to absorb, but Leo --

Leo: Yeah!

Nessa: Leo, look!

Leo: What? What is it?

Trey: My birth certificate and a letter from Jim Kenyon to Vanessa --

Leo: Big deal.

Trey: For services rendered.

Leo: Big deal.

Vanessa: Well, it's legitimate. Will you please look at the dates?

Leo: So he lifted a few documents. He lied about being Trey Kenyon. Why wouldn't he lie about being Ben Shepard? This isn't proof. This is --

Trey: Look at the letter and compare it to the birth certificate. The information is dead on.

Vanessa: Oh, my God. You know, there's no end to the damage that Vanessa's done here. No, no, no. But, God, Leo --

Leo: Is this where you're going to say she loved me?

Vanessa: At least she did love you --

Leo: Oh, yeah.

Vanessa: Oh, yes, as much as she was capable of. Yes, she did. But Ben -- she just threw him away before he was even born. She just tossed him away.

Leo: You guys are a good team. Your only mistake is thinking that you could pull it over on me.

David: Well, that was a little over the top. Why are you having a hard time accepting that I may have wished Edmund well on his wedding day?

Anna: You two aren't exactly close, I suppose.

David: Yes, that's true, but your sister did marry his brother, right? Look, I didn't invite them to take a vacation with us.

Anna: All right.

David: I was just being polite to the guy.

Anna: Good.

David: Good.

Anna: I'm glad.

David: And who knows -- maybe their vows reminded me of our wedding day.

Anna: Oh, because the similarities were so striking?

David: Yeah, we were much more spontaneous, weren't we? And I find that extremely sexy.

Anna: So the honeymoon's not over -- well, we didn't actually have a honeymoon, but it's not over. Is that what you're saying?

David: I'll tell you what -- why don't we skip the party?

Anna: Yeah. We could do with some time alone.

David: Great. So why don't we cut out of here. Okay? Meet me at the Valley Inn and we'll pack.

Anna: Well, where are we going?

David: Spontaneity, remember? Let me surprise you.

Anna: You always do.

Maggie: Hey, Anna? I just saw David running off towards the parking area. Is he leaving?

Anna: Yeah, we're both leaving.

Maggie: Why? The party's just begun, you know? Come on. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh -- you told him about the baby.

Anna: I didn't. But I will. And we're going to spend a little time -- apparently, we're going away somewhere.

Maggie: Well, that's good, right?

Anna: I hope so.

Maggie: I really hope everything works out. You know, there's -- there's just so much at stake.

Anna: Yeah. Yeah.

Father Claude: Didn't anyone tell you the party's outside?

Brooke: Yes. I'm just waiting for Edmund.

Father Claude: You've been waiting for Edmund a long time, haven't you?

Brooke: It seems like forever.

Father Claude: Yeah. Edmund's a lucky man. You know, so many of us have trouble accepting the past, putting it in its proper context.

Brooke: Well, Edmund and I have both lost people that we've loved, and, you know, I know that you can't replace somebody.

Father Claude: No. But the love and understanding that shone through your vows -- that was very reassuring.

Edmund: Don't tell me she's seeking counseling already.

Father Claude: I was just telling your bride how much I enjoyed being a part of your day and nothing in the world will ever undo the love you've found in each other.

Maddie: Daddy said God needed you with him.

Maria: Your daddy told you that I died?

Maddie: He was wrong about you.

Maria: Yeah. Yes, he -- he sure was.

Maddie: He says angels are invisible, but I can see you.

Maria: Well, honey, I'm -- I'm not -- um -- you know what? It's you who looks like an angel. You look like an angel in that beautiful dress.

Maddie: Let's go get Daddy!

Maria: Wait, your daddy's here? He's here at the wedding?

Maddie: Yeah, I'll go get him!

Maria: No, wait. I don't even know your name.

Maddie: Mommy, stop teasing. I'm Maddie, silly. I'll go get Daddy.


Maria: Brooke, please, take Maddie. Get her out of here now. Get her out of here now!

Brooke: You're a good girl. Okay. I'm going to take you out. This seat is jammed, but we'll just get you out, okay?

Maria: Is she all right?

Brooke: Yes.

Maria: Brooke, is she okay?

Brooke: Yeah, she's fine.

Maria: Maddie?

Brooke: She's fine.

Maria: Maddie? Maddie, sweet pea.

Brooke: Oh.

Maria: Maddie?

Brooke: She's good. She's good.

Maria: Maddie?

Brooke: Here, babe.

Maria: Maddie? Maddie, sweet pea.

Brooke: She's -- she's fine. She's fine.

Maria: Maddie? Hi. Hi, Sweetie. Mommy loves you very much. Mommy loves you very much, Maddie.

Brooke: I'll make sure that she's okay, and I'll come back for you, I promise.

Maria: Just make sure that she's safe, Brooke, please. Keep her safe.

[End of flashback]

Maria: You really are mine.

Vanessa: No one is trying to fool you, Leo.

Leo: Do you actually expect me to accept this guy as family?

Vanessa: All right --

Leo: Come .

Vanessa: No, no, no. After everything Vanessa has put you through, it's no wonder you're slow to trust --

Leo: Don't -- don't you even pull out the "Three faces of Vanessa" routine -- you know, Vanessa the evil, Rosie the ditz, and you, Nessa the saint?

Vanessa: Well, I'm far from that.

Leo: Oh, fine. Nessa the loving and concerned -- whatever.

Vanessa: Oh, I am. Yes, I'm concerned about you, about Ben, about David. Well, how can I convince you?

Trey: Give it up. You're wasting your time.

Leo: Yeah, whoa -- what, time wasted fleeing the law, is that it?

Vanessa: Oh, no, no, no. Why bring in the law? Why bring in the police on a family matter?

Leo: Well, A) I don't believe that this guy's your kid. And B) he's broken enough laws to land himself in prison for the rest of his life.

Vanessa: Yes, but he's suffered enough.

Leo: No, he's a criminal. He is a criminal. We don't know why he's done what he's done.

Vanessa: Well, he did it to find me.

Leo: And now that he has, what?

Vanessa: Well, you didn't come here to hurt us, did you?

Trey: Of course not.

Leo: Oh -- of course not. Why I should believe anything this guy says? I mean, he stole another human being's life. How do you think the real Trey Kenyon's father feels about that?

Trey: James Kenyon was responsible for giving me a better life, but he chose to throw me away. That S.O.B. is lucky that his son's identity is all that I took from him.

Leo: Yeah, you know, I hope that this little joyride as Kenyon is worth what it's going to cost you.

Trey: You can't scare me, Leo. Nothing can scare me anymore.

Leo: Okay, well, I want to hear that after you spend a year on the inside, buddy.

Trey: After a childhood spent with 12 abusive foster families, there isn't a single thing you could dream up to threaten me with that would scare me.

Leo: None of this is selling. We all had lousy childhoods.

Trey: Call the cops. Lock me up. Because it will be nothing compared to what she did to me.

Vanessa: It wasn't me. Vanessa gave you up.

Trey: And you didn't stop her.

Vanessa: I had no power whatsoever.

Trey: It's all the same to me.

Leo: Oh, will you stop with the "poor me" routine already? What, are you going to plead unhappy childhood as your defense in court?

Trey: You know, this is really funny because I spent my entire childhood with -- in hell, hating my mother, trying to track her down. And when I finally meet her, when I finally find you and you, I can't think of a single reason why I would want to be a part of your family.

Leo: Well, I can -- I can think of 10 million reasons.

Tad: Come on, Pop. You heard me talking to Brooke and Edmund with the "Congratulations" and, you know, "Have a nice life." I meant every single word.

Joe: I know, but it still doesn't mean you won't interfere, now, does it?

Tad: When did I get a reputation as a spoiler of Brooke's happiness? I'm sorry, Pop. But if I hadn't given her that fax about Maureen Gorman, this wedding never would have happened in the first place.

Joe: Well, that's all well and good as far as it goes.

Tad: Okay, fine. I understand. Message received and noted. I'm reformed. I will never mention the name Maureen Gorman ever again. Are you satisfied?

Anna: Tad? What do you know about her?


Edmund: You know what? I feel like I'm the luckiest man in the whole world ending up here with you.

Brooke: "Ending"? "Ending"? I thought this was just the beginning.

Edmund: I feel like we're standing at the -- at the edge of some marvelous adventure, forever young and madly in love.

Brooke: We definitely have a lock on the second part. I'm not sure about the eternal youth part, however.

Edmund: In spirit, we will be. Come here.

Edmund: You know, Father Claude was right.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Well, first of all, we're going to feel like this when we're 90, but --

Brooke: Oh, that's going to be nice.

Edmund: Nothing is ever going to make me stop loving you.

Brooke: Maybe we should make an appearance at the reception, do you think?

Edmund: Oh, no, let's be fashionably late.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Let them wait.

Brooke: Okay.

Maddie: Daddy, Daddy!

Edmund: Sweetheart. How's the party?

Maddie: She's here, Daddy! She's finally here!

Edmund: Who's here?

Maddie: Mommy! I was with Mommy!

Trey: You think this is about the money?

Leo: Well, yeah. Hanging around my mother, playing the devoted attorney. If you wanted to dish up some old family grudges, why not just do it and leave?

Trey: Because with Vanessa's mental state, an honest dialogue was impossible.

Leo: An honest dialogue -- no, you came here for the $10 million. What, are you going to deny that?

Trey: No.

Leo: See?

Trey: No, no, I would love to get my hands on that money because the way I see it, Vanessa owes me for what she put me through.

Vanessa: Yes, she does. And so do I. I should have found some way to stop her.

Trey: And you're still working awfully hard for the stash, aren't you?

Leo: No -- I -- I don't want -- I'm going to return it to the cops and go to Paris with Greenlee.

Trey: Bull. You'd love to get a little back of what Vanessa owes you, too, because when it comes to money, you and I are so much alike.

Vanessa: Of course you are -- you're brothers.

Trey: So get in line, brother, because no matter what you think Vanessa owes you, what you've got coming to you, she owes me 10 times more.

Vanessa: Listen, you're both entitled to anything and everything Vanessa might have hidden. And I want to give it to you, and you can both divide it any way you want.

David: Maureen, hey, it's me, David. I just wanted to check with you and make sure you got in okay. Look, getting out of town was the best thing you could have done, okay? You're safe now. And I just want you to know that -- that I'm going to live up to my part of the bargain. So you contact me the minute you get in, and I will work out some way for you to see your daughter. All right? All right, you take care.

Anna: What do you know about Maureen Gorman?

Tad: Why? Who are you, a family friend?

Anna: No. I mean, if I was, I wouldn't really be asking you for information, would I?

Tad: If you aren't, then what is your connection?

Anna: It's a police matter.

Tad: What do you mean, it's a police matter?

Anna: I'm not at liberty to discuss any cases with you.

Tad: You're telling me that Maureen Gorman is -- is part of a police case in Pine Valley?

Anna: Tad, please, I could use whatever you have.

Tad: No, seriously, what does a -- what does a hospital worker from the middle of Nevada got to do with a Pine Valley police investigation?

Anna: Nevada?

Tad: Well, obviously, the investigation hasn't gone that far.

Anna: Oh, Tad, what do you know? Tell me.

Tad: There's not a lot to tell. We were looking for a donor match for Enzo Santos. Her name came up.

Anna: I thought that was Tim Dillon.

Tad: No. He was a better match.

Anna: And she's a hospital worker?

Tad: Yeah, that's about the size of it. So why don't you repay the favor. What do you know about Maureen Gorman?

Anna: I'm sorry, I can't say.

Joe: Boy. Just when I was beginning to think you could drop this business.

Maddie: Come on!

Edmund: What? Sweetie, were you just up in your room now looking at pictures of Mommy?

Maddie: No, I saw her.

Edmund: I miss Nommy, too, you know? But when people pass on, they don't always come back the way that you're saying. Mommy's an angel, and angels are invisible.

Maddie: Not Mommy. She's back, and I saw her.

Edmund: That's just not possible. Mommy isn't here.

Maddie: She is. Come with me. I'll show you. Mommy's waiting for us.

Vanessa: Well, who deserves Vanessa’s money more than her two sons, who she's betrayed, used, and abused in her criminal career? And if I knew where that money was, I assure you, I would humbly hand it over to you.

Leo: Uh-huh. Maybe there's a personality in there somewhere with a treasure map.

Trey: Shove off, Leo.

Leo: No, Vanessa’s not giving over her ill-gotten gains for anybody. She wouldn't even tell Wolfe. She almost got herself killed. Two people died trying to keep this secret.

Trey: Well, she's a very determined woman.

Vanessa: You know, if I happen on to that money, it's yours.

Leo: Oh, would you shut up, Vanessa?

Vanessa: No, no, Leo, I just will not have you push Ben away, drive him away.

Leo: How do you know that he's not going to torture you for the information, or kill you, for that matter?

Trey: You know, you're still way more focused on the money than I am.

Leo: Yeah, right.

Trey: You're as big a hustler as anyone in this room.

Vanessa: All right, boys --

Trey: He's still after the score of a lifetime. What I came to settle and the reasons why I'm here are between myself and Nessa.

Leo: No. No, no, no, no, no. You're not going to pull one over on her.

Trey: 10 million wouldn't even begin to cover what she did to me.

Leo: Okay, maybe you're right. Maybe you're not here for the money. Maybe you just need to have a nice little whine and cry and throw a big baby tantrum for your long lost mother. Boy,talk about bad timing.

Joe: Yeah, I don't know what's going on, but, listen, if you breathe a word of this to Edmund or Brooke, you know --

Tad: Come on, Pop. Give me a little more credit, will you?

Joe: Okay, so I understand you're going to let Brooke and Edmund go off on their honeymoon, and you'll leave this whole business in the hands of Anna Devane and the police department.

Tad: Who is that going to help?

Joe: What?

Tad: Come on, Pop, don't you think I owe it to Brooke as a friend to find out whether or not she's got a sword hanging over her head?

Joe: How do you know there's a sword hanging over her head? This whole thing may be a coincidence.

Tad: Pop, that's ridiculous. Come on, how can Maureen Gorman, a complete stranger from the middle of nowhere, end up as a target at the Pine Valley police investigation and have it not involve Brooke or Edmund?

Joe: All right, I don't know.

Tad: Be serious.

Joe: I don't know. I do know if you -- if you stick your big nose in this thing, you may just drive their marriage on the rocks, and they're going to be blaming you. Now, do you want that?

Tad: No.

Joe: Well, well --

Tad: Well, I'll keep my big nose out of it.

Joe: Well, fine. I'm glad to hear that.

Tad: Okay. Why don't you go grab us a couple of champagnes. I got to take care of something.

Joe: Where are you going?

Tad: The men's room. You want to stand guard? I'll be --

Joe: I -- I'll go check out the buffet.

Maddie: Hurry, Daddy, you can see Mommy!

Edmund: I can't, Sweetheart. I -- Mommy's invisible.

Maddie: Not now. She talks and everything.

Edmund: Sweetheart, you're going to have to stop this. You -- you do not see Mommy.

Maddie: I did, I did! Why don't you believe me?

Edmund: Because you're overexcited, okay?

Maddie: But I --

Edmund: I mean it. I want you to stop right now.

Brooke: Edmund, you have to stop. Please stop this.

Maria: My beautiful little girl. I don't understand. I don't understand. I take you from your children, and then I -- and then I find my daughter here. I'm sorry. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. If they find me here, they're going to call the police. I'm going to --


Isabella: I couldn't be here today and not speak to you, Maria, my beautiful little girl.


Vanessa: Leo, stop baiting your brother.

Leo: He's not my brother.

Vanessa: If you would give him a chance to explain, maybe you would understand.

Trey: He doesn't want to. Leo's afraid I'll get your money.

Vanessa: Leo, for so many years, I have wondered, I have thought about where my poor child was. So finally, he's come back to us.

Leo: Us? No, I'm not part of this.

Vanessa: Oh, yes, you are. And you can't deny your own brother, especially the way he's fought to find us.

Trey: To hell with you, Leo. To hell with both of you!

Vanessa: No, no, Ben, please. No -- I cannot lose him again. Leo, I moaned and I mourned so for that boy. Now, please, after all these years, I have a second chance here.

Leo: No, you don't. Trey or Ben, whoever the hell that guy is -- he's not going to be around here for very long.

Vanessa: You're not going to call the authorities?

Leo: Yes, I'm going to call the authorities.

Vanessa: No, no, no. Why? He hasn't done anything to you.

Leo: Not yet. But we don't know what he's going to do. You can't predict that.

Vanessa: That young man needs us now. With a little bit of love and a little understanding, we can turn this thing around.

Leo: What the hell are you talking --

Vanessa: He's as much your brother as David is.

Leo: No, I know David.

Vanessa: You didn't. Now, get to know Ben. There's a lot of good in him. He's just been beaten down so badly.

Leo: You are -- you are too much, really.

Vanessa: Oh, for God's sakes, Leo, he's my son, too. For Pete's sake, can't you put yourself in his shoes? This young boy has been deprived, emotionally starved his whole life.

Leo: So he says.

Vanessa: And I believe him. But, all right, you look into this yourself. You find out for yourself. But do not take ben away from me, Leo, please. He deserves another chance. Give him another chance.

David: Okay. Hey, it's about time. I thought you were right behind me.

Anna: I said goodbye to Maggie. I talked to Tad, too.

David: You wasted our valuable time talking to that yutz?

Anna: I thought you said we have a lifetime together.

David: If I have anything to say about it.

Anna: You do. You have an awful lot to say about it. The question is, will you?

David: Anna, there's nothing more important to me than our future.

Anna: The family? The willow tree?

David: That's right. What's going on?

Anna: I have something to tell you.

David: Wait a minute. You said earlier that you wanted to celebrate something, and then I overheard Maggie talking about some test results. They weren't about a case, were they? Anna, are you pregnant?

Tad: Burke -- thank God. Where have you been? It's Tad. What do you mean, "Tad who?" That's not funny. No, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have been promoted. Look, it's not a joke. I need your help, okay? I'm calling in a favor. I need everything the department's got on a Maureen Gorman.

Isabella: My beautiful Maria.

Maria's voice: Brooke English told me that she was looking for Maria Grey.

David: You want to believe that because you want to believe Maria is alive. But she's not, Maureen. Maria is dead. You killed her.

Maria: So this affair that you had was with Maria?

David: Yes. And you wanted to confront her, and I tried to stop you. She came out of nowhere. Okay? And she was on the road, you know, on the road up to Wildwind.

Maria: Okay, so then it was -- so it was an accident?

David: No, no. You didn't swerve, Maureen. You didn't try to avoid her.

Maria: No, no.

David: Maureen, you drove right for her.

Maria: No, I didn't.

David: You accelerated, okay?

Maria: No, I did not! What you're saying I did, I did not do! You're talking about somebody else.

David: I saw the whole thing, Maureen. It was -- it was -- it was just awful.

Isabella: Weddings -- it seems that every bride I see is the most beautiful. Pero tu, mi querida. Brooke is lovely. She's a wonderful person, but I -- Brooke loves the children. Do you know your daughter was a big hit today? Que belleza. Just like you when you were that age. Do you remember when you were the flower girl at cousin Cesar's wedding? You cried before you went down the aisle. "They can't step on the flowers. The flowers will be hurt."

[Isabella laughs]

Isabella: My softhearted baby. Oh, Maria. Maria, I wish you had never gotten on that plane that took you away from me. I shouldn't have let you go. I should have kept you and the baby with me at home. People say it gets easier. But they don't know. It only gets worse. I thank god every day for your sisters and your magnificent brother. But you -- you were my firstborn, my first hope. Life without you -- it's a hollow part of my heart that nothing can fill.

Edmund: Sweetheart, I'm sorry I was cross with you, okay? Now, you go run and find your abuela, and I'll be right there, and then we can go party, okay?

Maddie: What about Mommy?

Edmund: We'll talk about Mommy in a little while, all right? I promise. Now, you run along. Sorry about that. Maddie loves you. You know, she was so excited about after the wedding being able to call you "Mommy." It's just the excitement. She's into make-believe.

Brooke: Same here. Only sometimes, it's impossible to keep it up.

Edmund: Don't let this bring you down. Brooke, I mean, she's -- she's just a kid. She didn't mean any harm.

Brooke: What's my excuse?

Edmund: Brooke, what do you mean?

Brooke: What Maddie did or didn't see. Maria could be here.

Edmund: What?

Brooke: It's not her imagination. Maddie's right. Maria's alive. Edmund, she's alive.

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Tad: I want to know what you have to do with Maureen Gorman.

Brooke: I was the last one to see Maria alive. After all these years, she's -- she's come home.

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