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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/23/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Mr. Kenyon: My son is dead, young man. Trey is dead.

Maggie: Come on. Did you score one stripe or two? Come on, what were the test results?

David: Test results for what?

Tad: Brooke loves you. And apparently Iíve cost you two a lot of time together. It won't happen again.

Brooke: I'm going to be somebody's mom again.

[Wedding music]

Brooke: What's keeping Maddie?

Hayley: I don't know. She's a kid, she --

Brooke: Well, she just went to the house to get her bouquet. You know, what -- what's keeping her? Maybe -- should I go?

Hayley: No, no, no. You stay here. Stay here. Deep breath, relax. Think bridal thoughts.

Brooke: Okay.

Hayley: Will you do me a favor, Jamie, and go tell the band to hold the music for now?

Jamie: Will do.

Hayley: Okay? Thanks.

Brooke: Okay.

Hayley: Deep breath.

Brooke: All right.

David: All right, come on. What did I interrupt? Test results for what?

Anna: It -- it's this case that Iíve been working on, and Maggie was interested in the forensics.

Maggie: Right, and the -- and the test results could solve the whole thing.

David: Oh. The criminal mind has always baffled me. I'm going to go get some air.

[Maggie whistles]

Maggie: I'm sorry. I almost blew your cover.

Anna: Don't worry about it. He's ruined this all by himself.

Leo: Did David Hayward leave word when he went out? Well, is he in the dining room? Okay, well, if you see him, will you please tell him to call up to his room as soon as possible? It's urgent. Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Hi. Oh, I missed you so much. Don't ever go anywhere again without me, even Ohio.

Leo: Well, it's a good thing that I went.

Greenlee: What? What happened? What happened?

Leo: I --

Greenlee: Why did you want me to come here? Why -- why didn't you just come home?

Leo: Because I couldn't risk it.

Greenlee: Risk it? How come?

Leo: It turns out Trey Kenyon is a hell of a lot more dangerous than we thought.

Trey: Bad news? How bad? What did he look like? Damn it, that's Leo. Well, how long has he been with old man Kenyon? He's headed this way. It's now or never, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Trey. Are you all right? You look a little pale. You know, a little more iron in the diet is what --

Trey: What I need is answers, and I want them now.

Vanessa: Of course. How can I help?

Trey: Tell me about the child you abandoned.

Jack: So, what do you suppose is holding things up?

Tad: I don't know. Time to do a little reconnaissance.

Jack: Not a bad idea

Greenlee: Trey? Dangerous as in, what, a menace to society? What, did his father tell you that?

Leo: Trey's father told me that his son is dead. Yeah.

Greenlee: Dead dead?

Leo: Yeah. He drowned. Years ago, right after he passed the bar. I know.

Greenlee: Then who is he?

Leo: Our Trey?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Leo: His real name is Ben Shepherd. He went to law school with -- with James Kenyon, and right after his buddy died, he morphed into James Kenyon III, Trey Kenyon, right down to the monogrammed shirts.

Greenlee: He stole his friend's identity?

Leo: Yes.

Greenlee: Why would anyone do that?

Leo: I don't know, Greenlee, but I'm going to find out.

Greenlee: Leo, he's been in our home. He -- he lives in an apartment that I own.

Leo: I know. That's why I wanted to come here. For all we know, he's got the place bugged.

Greenlee: He followed us to Paris. What the hell does he want with us?

Leo: I don't know. Well, I'm worried about my mother right now. I mean, she's been represented by the talented Mr. Kenyon, and so far, he's been able to keep her out of jail, so -- and we both know why.

Greenlee: You think he's after her drug money.

Leo: Yeah, well, you know, whatever it is, there's all kinds of stink on this guy, Greenlee. And he's got his sights on Nessa.

Greenlee: I don't care if Trey or Ben or whoever he is turns her into potpie. I don't want him messing with my husband. We've got to do something now.

Vanessa: I would never abandon a child. I couldn't.

Trey: Does March 21 mean anything to you?

Vanessa: Should it?

Trey: Let me refresh your memory. You had a baby.

Vanessa: No.

Trey: A boy.

Vanessa: No, I didn't.

Trey: David and Leo's younger brother.

Vanessa: No, that's not true.

Trey: Well, maybe a birth certificate would help you.

Vanessa: Look, why are you doing this?

Trey: Stop denying it! You tell me what I want to know, or so help me God, you will never leave this hospital.

Vanessa: All right. All right, it's true. I'm not proud of it, but it was a baby.

Trey: That you tossed.

Vanessa: I didn't. I gave it away --

Trey: Him. You gave him away like a sack of clothes.

Vanessa: Wait, Trey. How do you know about this?

Trey: How do you think?

Vanessa: Mr. Kenyon, your father, told you. When he made all the arrangements for the baby, he swore he wouldn't breathe a word of this.

Trey: Well, don't worry; your co-conspirator will be taking your secret little shame to the grave.

Vanessa: And if he didn't tell you, how did you find out?

Trey: Do you remember how many people you paid off to keep their mouths shut?

Vanessa: He paid, and that was so long ago.

Trey: Remember the delivery room nurse, Mabel? She could still be bought. After all these years, she still remembers the first time she brought your baby to you.

Vanessa: Okay, Trey, I don't need to hear this. I really don't --

Trey: Come on. When she first tried to put your baby in your arms, the life you created, you shrieked at her. You screamed, "Take that child away from me, get him away!" Any of this coming back --

Vanessa: Oh, would you stop this! I don't know why you're dredging up such misery. What can this possibly mean to you?

Tad: Brooke, what are you doing? You're supposed to be halfway down the aisle by now.

Brooke: Oh, Tad, I can't.

Tad: Don't tell me you're having second thoughts, you know, because you're killing me if you are.

Brooke: No, Tad --

Tad: Your problem is you always think too much. Now, just knock it off, okay? You go in there. You're killing Edmund. Just walk in there, make --

Brooke: Tad.

Tad: What?

Brooke: Maddie forgot her bouquet.

Tad: Oh. Okay, well, you know, I mean, what good is a flower girl without flowers?

Brooke: Right. So I hope she's not ransacking the garden.

Tad: Yeah, well, you know, if push comes to shove, just give her a cigarette lighter, you know? Just --

Brooke: Oh! Thank you -- for everything, really.

Tad: You're this close to a happy ending, you know? And I'm going to make damn sure you get it.

[Tad growls]

Edmund: What's up with Brooke? Everything all right?

Tad: Brooke is fine. The flower girl is having a slight problem.

Edmund: Yeah, well, I heard about that. Is that all there is?

Tad: I give you my word. As soon as Maddie finds her bouquet, we can carry on with the festivities.

Edmund: Thanks. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for your patience. And we're just experiencing a slight delay, but there will be a wedding as promised, as soon as we can locate a missing bouquet.

Man: A missing bouquet.


J.R.: What's up?

Tim: Oh, what I wouldn't give to be jumping into the lake right now.

J.R.: I saw you with Maggie. At least you have a hot date for later.

Tim: Yeah, it's not even warm.

J.R.: Why? What's wrong?

Tim: You know, one minute we connect, and the next minute I get a busy signal.

J.R.: Well, at least that's better than what I had with her sister.

Tim: Wait, wait, wait. I thought -- I thought Frankie and Bianca were --

J.R.: Yeah. Unfortunately, I didn't know that until later. Look, it turns out that all she really wanted to do is be with a girl. Listen, I got to go talk to Tad. Good luck with your date, okay?

Bianca: Hey. You don't have to worry. Maggie didn't ditch you. She was with Anna, and they looked kind of intense, or I would have interrupted.

Tim: Well, now that you're here again, she'll stick around, right?

Bianca: Tim, I'm not going to crash your date.

Tim: Haven't you noticed? Every single time I want to go out with Maggie, she makes you part of the package.

Bianca: That's not true.

Tim: Every time, Bianca.

Bianca: Well, she's -- she's new in town and she's shy and I'm her only friend. But don't worry, she's totally into you.

Tim: Are you sure you're not the one that she's into?

Maggie: So? Are you?

Anna: Yes.

[Maggie gasps]

Maggie: Oh, that's -- that's fantastic.

Anna: I know. It is, considering.

Maggie: "Considering"? Considering what?

Anna: Well, after my daughter, Robin, was born, I had this miscarriage. It was kind of bad, and I just didn't think that this was possible.

Maggie: Well, does David know about that?

Anna: No, I didn't -- I don't know why I'm telling you this. Anyway, I -- I kind of stayed on birth control pills for a long time. I just felt that I didn't want to take any chances.

Maggie: So you do really want this baby?

Anna: Yeah, we both do.

Maggie: Well, when are you going to tell him? I mean, are you just waiting for the right time or --

Anna: Oh, there's never a right time with David.

Maggie: Oh, great. What did he do now?

Anna: It's the usual, you know? It's lies, half-truths. Details aren't important. Honestly, Maggie, I would give anything to just look at him once and know 100% that he was telling me the truth because it's really hard to trust someone that's constantly wrapping themselves up in secrets all the time.

Maggie: Oh, you love it, don't you? Come on. The way he makes you crazy, always keeps you guessing. You have secrets, he has secrets. So, is it just some funky cops and robbers game, or do you really love him?

Anna: Oh, God help me, I really love him.

David: Edmund.

Edmund: David.

David: I know it wasn't very easy for you to invite me here today, but I am honored to be involved.

Edmund: Well, Annaís family, you know? That's what weddings are all about.

David: Right. Well, I'm glad to see things have worked out for you.

Edmund: Worked out?

David: Well, I've been to several crystal balls and I've seen just how much Maria meant to you and that you've been able to find that kind of love again and put the past behind you.

Edmund: Maria will always be part of my life.

David: Yes, of course. But to see you on the brink of a new life with Brooke, whom you've loved for so many years, well, who knows -- maybe there really is a master plan where things happen for the best.

Hayley: Oh, there you are. Did you find them?

Maddie: They were right here.

Hayley: Oh, good. Okay. You all set? Ready to go be in a wedding?

Maddie: Yeah!

Hayley: Let's go.

Maria: My baby girl.

Vanessa: Trey, this was so long ago. And why are you even investigating something that -- that doesn't even matter anymore?

Trey: Is that how you see your son? As an inconvenience that doesn't matter?

Vanessa: No, no --

Trey: Something that you're happy you're forgetting?

Vanessa: I didn't mean -- it wasn't like that.

Trey: Have you ever wondered what happened to him?

Vanessa: I know what happened to him. He was adopted by a very caring family, a very intellectual family. Wasn't he?

Trey: Kenyon, the man you trusted with your baby, dumped him off at Social Services.

Vanessa: No, he said he placed him with a very good family.

Trey: Well, he didnít. Apparently, he didn't give a damn about your squalling little brat.

Vanessa: Well, there are so many good families out there wanting to adopt. There's a -- there's a waiting list a mile long.

Trey: This baby fell through the cracks.

Vanessa: No, no. Someone must have loved him.

Trey: Why? His own mother didn't love him, so he just became another form to fill out, a mouth to feed.

Vanessa: But the people that adopted him --

Trey: Mostly weren't fit to raise a plant.

Vanessa: Tell me someone cared for him, someone.

Trey: When he was 7 and living in a trailer park, his family left him alone for a week because they couldn't afford to take the foster kid on vacation.

Vanessa: Please, a child that age being left alone? No --

Trey: Oh, not entirely. The family pit bull stayed home as a baby-sitter.

Vanessa: Oh, for God's sakes --

Trey: During the day, he was so scared to move and at night too terrified to close his eyes because the pit --

Vanessa: No, I don't believe this. No, no. No, no, you just stop this. I mean, you tell me -- you tell me that there -- someone cared for my child! They did --

Trey: Well, sometimes he did get lucky. Family dinner on the table, bedtime story, someone to help him with his homework.

Vanessa: So he was happy sometimes.

Trey: It never lasted. He knew how to dodge a punch, but he just wasn't equipped to deal with affection, so he did what he was conditioned to do -- strike first before he could get hurt. Naturally, he was shipped off to some other hellhole.

Vanessa: I didn't know.

Trey: That doesn't absolve you --

Vanessa: But I assumed --

Trey: You chose to forget. How could you do it?

Vanessa: Well, I swear, I had no --

Trey: How could you raise two sons and then dump the third without ever looking back? You're supposed to be the sweet personality, Nessa, the one that can't lie, the one that loves children, but even you refuse to admit that you had this child. Why? Answer me!

[Phone rings]

Vanessa: Hello?

Leo: Mother, listen to me. Trey isn't who you think he is. Are you there?

Vanessa: Yes, I'm here.

Leo: Okay, I want you to tell the guard to keep him out of your room. Do you understand?

Vanessa: But, Leo --

Leo: No, listen to me. I don't want him anywhere within a block of you. Do you understand? This guy is lethal.

David: I wish you all the best.

Mateo: Was David making trouble?

Edmund: He was making nice.

Mateo: I don't know. He makes me nervous. What do you think?

Edmund: He seemed sincere.

Mateo: Well, that's a sure sign he's throwing down some lies.

Edmund: Well, who knows? Maybe Annaís turned him into a human being.

[Glass breaks]

Edmund: Dr. Hayward? Oh, don't worry about the glass. We've got plenty of them. Is everything all right?

David: Um -- who is this?

Edmund: Oh, that's right, you never met her. That was my wife, Maria. She died in a plane crash.

David: How terrible.

Edmund: Yeah. Well, I created this event in her honor. It keeps her memory alive.

David's voice: I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't know.

David: Please. Let this happen.

Anna: Yes, David keeps me on the edge and I like that. I do. But that is no life for a child.

Maggie: But David would be crazy about a baby.

Anna: Well, maybe. A child needs stability, security, parents it can trust. Does that sound like something David can manage?

Maggie: Well, maybe he'll change.

Anna: Yeah, I don't think so. Besides, I like his spots. You see what I'm saying? This is hopeless.

Maggie: Anna, I just -- I don't get it. You're one of the smartest people I know.

Anna: Oh.

Maggie: No, truthfully, you are. So, if you don't think that he's Daddy material, then -- then why would you want to have a baby in the first place?

Anna: You see, that's a very good question. I can tell you this, that when love is in the mix, rational thought, reason, sanity -- it just flies right out the window.

Maggie: Well, that's a scary thought.

Anna: It's true. The heart wants what it wants. You can't fight it.

Bianca: Maggie and I had an instant bond when she first came to town, over Frankie. And it led to a little bit of confusion, but that's all been cleared up.

Tim: Has it?

Bianca: Yes. Totally. And I'm not into being a chaperone, so I'll make myself scarce.

Tim: Look, I can take rejection, okay? It's just all I'm getting here is mixed signals.

Bianca: Well, maybe you should check your receiver because the girl -- she likes you. She kissed you, didn't she?

Tim: Come on, a kiss doesn't prove anything.

Bianca: Okay, how about a non-kiss?

Tim: What?

Bianca: A while back, it was -- it was Maggie and Frankie's birthday and I was missing Frankie and I'd had a little too much champagne, and I sort of looked at Maggie and for a second, I thought she was Frankie. Until I reached in and tried to touch her and she thought I was about to kiss her and she freaked out.

Tim: So that was the confusion?

Bianca: Yeah. It almost ruined our friendship. Look, could you do me a favor? It's taken Maggie and I a long time to get over that. Just don't mention it to her.

Tim: Yeah. No, I wonít. Am I being an idiot?

Bianca: Yeah, but it's endearing.

Tim: So, if it's not you, why do I have the feeling that I've got competition?

Maggie: Hey, guys. So -- so, what is going on with this wedding? Is it going to start, or what?

Tim: Maddie lost her flowers. Just, you know, a minor crisis.

Maggie: Oh.

Tim: But I saved you a seat next to me. After you.

Maggie: Oh. No, you know, you go first because I want to hear all the gory details from Enchantment today.

Tim: Sure. Why not?

Maddie: I found it!

Brooke: Oh, you're here!

Hayley: Is everybody all set to rock and roll?

Jamie: Yeah.

Maddie: Yeah!

Hayley: Okay. Well, you ready?

Brooke: Uh-huh.

Hayley: Let's get the "happily ever after" on with.

Brooke: Okay.

Maddie: Wait! For good luck.

Brooke: Oh, you're my good luck.

Hayley: Okay, you two. Come on. Come on, come on, come on.

[Wedding music]

Maria: Why don't I remember you? Why is this even here? I have to know the truth. I've got to know the truth. And Brooke is going to tell me.

[Wedding music]

[Wedding music]

[Music stops]

Father Claude: Edmund and Brooke have chosen to write their own vows. Who will speak first?

Edmund: I won the toss.


Edmund: Brooke, you're a brilliant editor, but you're going to have to listen this time, and no cuts. Along with a devilish red pencil, you've also brought passion and laughter back into my life. You're -- to start and end each day in your arms is to know perfect contentment. Your love for me and my two children have shaped us into a family again. We are better, stronger, and happier because you're in our lives. Brooke, I know that you've known a lot of pain and loss, but know this -- with this marriage, you will never be alone again. As your husband, I vow to love, honor, and protect you. And if I succeed, it's because you inspire me with your devotion to friends and family, your compassion, your integrity.

Brooke: Edmund, please don't --

Edmund: No, I said no editing, remember?


Edmund: One of the things I love about Brooke is her modesty. This woman loves so fearlessly that she will risk everything, including her own happiness, just for the sake of those who are lucky enough to be loved by her. And being one of those lucky ones, I vow to do everything in my power to be worthy of that love.

Brooke: There are no words to tell you what you mean to me. I mean, what can I say to a man who offers castles and cheese puffs with equal fervor?


Brooke: But Maddie inspired me. The tradition "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" -- well, it sort of took on new meaning today because she gave me her handkerchief from her christening, and it signifies there's something old -- the gathering together of friends and family in our new life. And I promise to honor our past so that it nourishes our present and our future. And then there's the something new, from Laura, and that's because we're starting our future today and it goes with a promise from me that I will make sure it's built on love and joy and good times and laughter. And my something old and borrowed is from my Aunt Phoebe, and I'm sure she's hoping that some of her common sense rubs off on me. I want to fill your day and our children's days with love, every day. And my something blue is romantic and not mentionable and it's -- thank you, Hayley. I promise to honor you as my husband, to be your comfort and your confidant. I give you my heart and my soul because it's through your love and your faith that I have a second chance at a love that I thought was never possible.

Edmund: Brooke? You okay?

Leo: Mother? Hey. Are you all right?

Vanessa: Yes, I'm fine, Dear.

Trey: Not a word.

Vanessa: But, Leo, I -- I have to go now.

Leo: Mother --

Vanessa: I'll talk to you later, Dear.

Trey: That was a wise decision. We don't need any interruptions.

Vanessa: Why? What are you going to do?

Trey: It's time to finish what we started here.

Greenlee: Leo. Come on. Come on. Nessa is safe, and I want to show you how much I missed you.

Leo: Baby, I missed you, too.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: I heard something in her voice.

Greenlee: Leo, she's a party line. How do you know which one you're talking to?

Leo: There was -- there was -- something was off.

Greenlee: With her?

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: Always. Look, you've warned her, okay? There's a guard at her door. She couldn't be safer.

Leo: I'm going to the hospital.

Greenlee: Well, I'm going with you.

Leo: Greenlee, what, to help me?

Greenlee: I want this to be over.

Leo: Okay, okay. Okay, if you're going to help me, I need you to do something for me.

Edmund: Brooke, what is it?

Brooke: Sometimes it seems like life is just a series of tests and if you fail one, then you lose everything. And if I lost you, Edmund --

Edmund: I'm afraid you're stuck with me for eternity.

Brooke: I want to believe that. I think that a love that's as strong as ours deserves a chance, doesn't it? I mean, that's why I stopped looking back. That's why I stopped waiting for the past to catch up with me again. Your love gave me the courage to do that -- to grab on the brass ring and hold on. And the joy in this room, I -- I think it's proof that it was meant to be. Isn't it?

Edmund: Listen, you never doubt that our love was meant to be, okay? Nothing's going to take it away. I won't let that happen.

Trey: What do you tell yourself when you walk away from a kid like that?

Vanessa: That was Vanessaís decision, not mine, because I mourned that baby.

Trey: 15 minutes ago, you denied he even existed. A child's life was put at risk. You know, he was damaged because of you.

Vanessa: Trey, why -- why are you even torturing me with this? What --

Trey: Do you even -- do you even know where he is now? Do you have any idea? Do you know what he looks like, what color his eyes are? Do you even care if he's alive or dead?

Vanessa: Would you please, for God's sakes, stop this? Just stop it!

Trey: Maybe this will fill you in.

Leo: You -- get away from her -- now! I said get away from her!

Edmund: Brooke, I promise you the bad times are behind us. Let me love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Brooke: I want nothing more than to spend my life making you happier than you could ever dream. I love you, Edmund.

Edmund: I love you, too.

Father Claude: No, no, no, not yet.


Brooke: Oh.

Father Claude: Marriage is a holy state into which these two have come to be joined. Therefore, if any person can show just cause why Brooke and Edmund may not be lawfully wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Sam, do you have the rings? Come on.

Brooke: Thank you, Sam.

Father Claude: Let these rings be given and received as tokens of your love and fidelity to one another. Edmund, please place the ring on Brookeís finger.

Edmund: With this ring, I thee wed.

Father Claude: Brooke?

Brooke: With this ring, I thee wed.

Father Claude: Edmund and Brooke have consented together to wedlock and to pledge their vows to each other. Therefore, by the authority vested in me by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now you may kiss the bride.



Father Claude: It is with great pleasure that I present Mr. And Mrs. Edmund Grey.

Edmund: Thank you.

Brooke: Oh!

[Wedding music]

Leo: Tell me what the hell you're doing here!

Vanessa: Leo, stop!

Leo: Tell me!

Vanessa: Leo, stop it. Don't hurt him.

Leo: Do you know who this guy is?

Vanessa: This is my lawyer.

Leo: Yeah, well, he very well may be, but this sure as hell isn't Trey Kenyon. This is Ben Shepherd. A hard-luck foster kid, lived his wonder years in a tin can. Isn't that right? Isn't that right? Then he finally got his chance. He spent the rest of his life trying to figure out how to get even with you, Mother.

Trey: All right, all right. All right, shut up!

Leo: No, no, no, no, listen to me. Listen to me. And he finally got his chance when his best friend, Trey Kenyon, died in a drowning accident. And he -- and he took over his identity from there, Mother.

Vanessa: But this can't be. This can't be.

Trey: You know who I am. Read them.

Leo: Look, I don't know what your game is here, but it ends right now. You're going to the cops.

Trey: Nessa!

Leo: You'll spend the rest of your life --

Vanessa: No, Leo, stop! Stop it, stop it! Leo, stop it! He's my son! He's my son.

Maria: David. Why are you doing this?

Maddie: Mommy?

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Trey: Get in line, brother, because no matter what you think Vanessa owes you, she owes me 10 times more.

Maria: You really are mine.

Maddie: She's here, Daddy! She's finally here!

Edmund: Who's here?

Maddie: Mommy. I was with Mommy.

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