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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/16/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: Maureen? Are you here?

Guard: How did you get in? Why don't we let the police sort this one out?

Brooke: You saw Maureen. You said it wasn't Maria. So why aren't we on the dance floor?

Aidan: Hello, is Chief Devane there, please?

Maria: Oh, my God, you lied to me. You're on their side.

David: Anna. Why are you here?

Anna: Because an intruder was reported.

David: So the chief of police rolls out any time there's a crank call?

Anna: No, no, I just came over here as a favor to Edmund because I didn't want to drag him away from the party the night before the wedding, so I just said I'd come up. What happened?

Guard: Well, I found this guy walking around like he owned the place.

David: As I tried to explain to Barney Fife here --

Anna: David, watch it.

David: Why? I didn't do anything wrong, and I refuse to stand here and be treated like I'm one of the 10 Most Wanted.

Anna: Okay. It's fine. Thank you for your help. I'll take it from here. Ramirez, you can just wait outside. Thanks.

David: You know, I would just love to go home and just forget that this night ever happened.

Anna: No, we're not going anywhere until you tell me why you're really here.

Aidan: Excuse me, excuse me --

Man: Can't stop. Got to keep the heart rate up.

Aidan: I'm looking for a woman. She's in her 30s, she's on her own. She's got brown hair, brown eyes. She's a real looker.

Man: Try the personals.

Aidan: You haven't seen her?

Man: No.

Aidan: Hi, excuse me. I'm looking for a woman. She's real pretty. She's got brown hair, brown eyes --

Woman: I mind my own business.

Kendall: So, Aidan, Ms. No-tell motel dumped you like a sack of garbage, huh?

Tad: Shh, shh, shh.

Joe: What is going on, Tad? I thought you were at Brooke’s wedding party.

Tad: I was. I ran over here.

Joe: Why?

Tad: Because there's something very important we need to do here.

Joe: Here in Jake’s office?

Tad: Yes. Pop, I'm begging you, okay? This is an emergency. I need your help --

Joe: Okay.

Tad: And the clock is ticking.

Joe: All right, take it easy, take it easy. Tell me what it's all about.

Tad: I want you to help me prove that people don't come back from the dead.

Edmund: Mateo, you and Hayley gave me and Brooke one hell of a sendoff.

Mateo: Tomorrow is the big day.

Edmund: Yes, it is. It can't get here soon enough. Do me a favor. Is it possible, before you close up, that Brooke and I can have one last dance solo?

Mateo: It's all yours. The place is all yours.

Edmund: You sure?

Mateo: Yeah, I'm going to close early. The best man has got to get his Zs. Groom should probably do the same, you know what I mean?

Edmund: Listen, thanks. For everything.

Mateo: Forget about it.

Edmund: No, no, I mean it. I mean, this -- this party and you standing up for me tomorrow -- that's huge.

Mateo: All in the family, right?

Edmund: Always.

Mateo: I'll lock the back. When you're ready, go out front.

Mateo: All right, guys, it's a wrap! Let's go home. You guys made it rock. Let's go. Thank you. Thank you very much, you guys. Let's go.

Man: Yeah.

Mateo: Take care.

[Music plays]

Brooke: What happened to the party?

Edmund: Well, right now the party just became a party of two.

Maria: No matter what I've done, no matter how bad it is, not knowing is worse. I've got to find out who I am.

Mateo: Mom, I'll get the car. Meet me out front.

Mateo: Did you have a good time tonight?

Isabella: Oh, I think everyone did.

Mateo: Yeah, the bride and groom really shined, didn't they?

Isabella: My eyes were on you.

Mateo: Me?

Isabella: I'm very proud of you.

Mateo: Why?

Isabella: I know this isn't easy for you, watching your brother-in-law move on with someone else.

Mateo: My brother-in-law finding love again -- that -- at wasn't the problem. It was -- it was me and my anger over losing my sister. I don't think I'm ever going to get over that.

Isabella: I know. But life moves on and we have to move with it or else get left behind. Your sister wouldn't want that.

Mateo: You're right. And no one partied as hard as she did.

Isabella: Remember -- remember what she always said -- dance like nobody's watching. We have to dance, mijo. We have to dance in your sister's footsteps at that wedding tomorrow.


Isabella: Oh -- what was that?

Mateo: Wait here, Mama. I'll go check it out.

Isabella: Mateo, be careful.

Mateo: Mom, don't worry. It's probably just some kids hanging out back. Stay here.

David: Anna, you don't honestly believe that idiot's story about me breaking in here, do you? Why would I?

Anna: I don't know what to believe. No, I come here and I find my husband saying that there's some emergency call, but I don't see anyone in distress except me, of course.

David: You know, I don't question how you do your job.

Anna: Yeah, lately that's all you do.

David: No. No, not like this, I don't. And I refuse to stand here and defend myself!

Anna: Well, you don't have to defend yourself, David. You just have to tell me the truth. I can't keep doing this. This has to stop now. Tonight.

Kendall: So, Aidan, your girlfriend ditched you, huh?

Aidan: I don't have time for this.

Kendall: Why did she ditch you? You eat fish and chips in bed? Leave the lid up? That's always bad form. Maybe she couldn't understand your English.

Aidan: Mind your own business.

Kendall: Well, it's kind of hard to when you're making such a bloody spectacle of yourself, running around the park like a dog looking for its owner. Hey, poochie -- maybe I can help you.

Aidan: You saw someone like the woman I described?

Kendall: Uh, brown hair, brown eyes -- "A real looker"? I'm not sure. Maybe if you tell me why she ditched you, I can help you figure out what her next move will be.

Aidan: I must need my head x-rayed, thinking for a second -- a second -- that you would help me.

Kendall: Why? Come on, just give me a chance.

Aidan: Give you a chance? Give me a break. You never put yourself out for anybody.

Kendall: I have my moments.

Aidan: Yeah. Save your lies.

Kendall: Okay, listen to this -- at the Kwickie Mart, I let this woman jump in line ahead of me because of some sob story she made up about her husband having a heart attack and she had to get to the hospital before visiting hours were over. I let her jump in front of me in line just to get her to shut the hell up.

Aidan: This is not about you, Kendall. This is about a woman that could be in a lot -- a lot of trouble, and if I don't find her soon, all hell could break loose.

Tad: Pop, you got to swear, okay? You have to swear this is just between the two of us.

Joe: Tad, are you in trouble?

Tad: No, no, it's not me. It's Brooke.

Joe: Brooke? She is getting married tomorrow.

Tad: Yeah, that's what I meant. You know, we're running out of time.

Joe: To prove that people can't come back from the dead?

Tad: Yeah, that's -- I know. It's a long story, Pop, but I'll give you the short version. Please, have a seat. It boils down to the fact that Brooke had reason to believe that Maria was alive.

Joe: What?

Tad: I know, I know. Believe me, I know. It all started when people were running around looking for a tissue match for Enzo. In any case, Brooke tracked this woman Maureen Gorman down to a hospital that she worked in in Nevada, okay? Now, she flew out to meet her, have a face-to-face, and she got obsessed. I mean, she really believes that, for some reason, this woman is Maria. She was so upset about it, I actually went back with her to Nevada to see for myself. And other than a slight resemblance, there's no way in hell this woman could be Maria Santos Grey.

Joe: So, what's the problem?

Tad: It's Brooke. I think she's hiding something. I mean, ever since she got back, she's acting like a nut. It's like she's got a secret that's tearing her up inside.

Joe: Do you think you know what it is?

Tad: My best guess is she's still suffering from the delusion that this woman is in some way Maria, the wife of the man she's about to walk down the aisle with tomorrow morning.

Joe: Has Brooke said this to you?

Tad: No, no, she's completely shut down. It's like our little trip to Nevada never happened.

Joe: So you think she's afraid of, what, losing Edmund?

Tad: Exactly. Pop, I got to do something to help her. I can't let her go through with this wedding thinking that, you know, Maria’s out there somewhere alive. What kind of life would she have? She'd be jumping out of her skin. Every single time the doorbell rang, she'd be thinking that Maria’s coming back from the dead.

Joe: Well, what can you do about it?

Tad: No, it's what can we do. I want you to use your M.D. to talk to the hospital out in Nevada. I want them to fax us all the information they have on Maureen Gorman -- everything -- her files, including a photo I.D. because it's the only way I can come up with to prove to Brooke, you know, once and for all, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this woman is not Maria, that the woman we met is Maureen Gorman and that's it. Pop, you got to help me. Time is running out. You know, I really want broke to be able to walk down that aisle with a clear conscience.

Joe: Well, Tad, I'm not going to help you.

Tad: What?

Joe: And I think you should be ashamed putting yourself in the middle of this.

Tad: I don't unders--

Joe: If you ever cared for Brooke, really cared for her, you will leave her and Edmund alone.

Kendall: Aidan, just because some chickie babe dumped you doesn't mean the sky is falling.

Aidan: I wouldn't expect you to get it, Kendall.

Kendall: Try me. Hey, you really have a thing for this whoever she is. News at 11:00 -- Aidan Devane has a heart.

Aidan: Will you just lay off? All right? I feel responsible for this woman, and it's not safe for her to be running around these streets.

Kendall: Why? It's not like she's a murderer or anything.

Aidan: You're wasting my time.

Kendall: Well, excuse me for trying to help.

Aidan: Yeah, and a fat lot of help you are.

Kendall: Look, I know what it feels like to have someone run out on you. You know what I did tonight?

Aidan: I don't really care.

Kendall: I went to S.O.S. to watch a perfect couple celebrate perfect happiness, which felt like gargling glass. Then I came over here to the park because anywhere beats going home where there's nothing waiting for me but the shopping channel and a gallon of fudge ripple.

Aidan: Right, yeah. I really feel, you know, for what you're going through right now, but I think it's a safe bet you don't give anybody a leg up unless it's something in there for yourself. Okay? And to be honest with you, I don't really have time to think, "Oh, why is Kendall doing this and --" did you say -- you said you were at the S.O.S. tonight, right? The bash for Brooke English?

Kendall: Yeah.

Aidan: Do you think it's still going on?

Kendall: Uh, I doubt it. Why? Hey, wait! No, no, no, no, Aidan. You're not getting away that easy.

Tad: Pop, I swear to you I am not trying to come between Brooke and Edmund.

Joe: Really? Funny, it sounds exactly like that's what you're doing. I mean, you seem to be stirring up rumors that Maria’s alive so you can stop the wedding.

Tad: No, no, it's just the opposite! I'm trying --

Joe: I don't care, I don't care. Look, Tad, I know you've had a rough time of it since you lost Dixie. I know that. I know you've been lonely and you've turned to Brooke for comfort.

Tad: Yeah, and she's been a rock. And now I would like to repay the favor if you don't mind.

Joe: Yeah, sure you would. You'd like to help her. You'd like to help her right out of her marriage, wouldn't you? You'd like to help her out of her second chance of happiness with Edmund. Now, do you remember what happened the last time you got involved with Brooke?

Tad: Oh, Pop, it's not the same --

Joe: No, I mean, you got her to choose you over Edmund. And then what? You dumped her for Dixie!

Tad: Would you listen to me?

Joe: No, no, no, you listen to me. It was only a few days ago that you told me you were going to commit yourself to spending a lot more time with J.R. Now, honor that commitment --

Tad: I am.

Joe: And forget all this -- this junk about looking for a ghost. I mean, don't do this to Brooke. Let her be happy. Now, son, you get on with your own life.

Tad: Well, that went well. Now what?

Tad: Got nothing to lose. Okay, let's see -- hmm. Let's see --

Woman: Oh. Excuse me. I didn't realize you were still here.

Tad: Oh, it's all right. I'm --

Woman: Oh, you don't have to explain. I was just going to input these files --

Tad: Oh.

Woman: But I can come back later. By the way, I'm Sandi miller -- "Sandi" with an I. I'm your summer intern.

Tad: It's -- it's delightful to meet you, Sandi with an I. I'm --

Sandi: Oh, as if you need an intro. But then, I heard you were, like, super modest even though you are, like, the best doctor in this hospital and the youngest Chief of Staff it's ever had.

Tad: Oh. Oh. Oh, yeah, well, you're -- you're just too kind, you know? I don't like to brag.

Sandi: I should've known you'd be working late.

Tad: Yeah, well, you know what they say -- medicine never sleeps. Yeah, you should take a note of that one.

Sandi: Oh -- yes, Dr. Martin. Is there anything I can do for you while I'm here?

Tad: Yeah. As a matter of fact, there is.

David: Anna, I told you why I'm here. You of all people should understand --

Anna: Stop, stop. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it. I don't need to. You're right.

David: Say that again?

Anna: You're right. You know, you shouldn't have to defend yourself to your wife. I should just believe you.

David: Do you believe me?

Anna: Yes, I do. There has to be a point where my job ends and our life together begins. I mean, really, what kind of life do we have to look forward to if I'm constantly treating you like you are a suspect and watching your every move? It's what I do all the time and it has to stop. It's no way to live, David. I mean, it's certainly no way to love someone.

David: So, despite the way it looks, you accept that I didn't break in here tonight?

Anna: Well, I mean, come on -- why would you?

David: So you're not going to throw the cuffs on me?

Anna: Maybe later.

David: Read me my rights?

Anna: You have a right to betaken at your word. You know, and it's not the first time that a medical service has got their lines crossed, right?

David: Yeah, no kidding.

Anna: Why don't we just get out of here and go home.

David: You know, actually, I -- I should probably stop by the hospital, you know, in case there was an emergency, just to make sure that it was covered.

Anna: Okay.

David: Okay?

Anna: I'll come with you.

David: I have a better idea. Why don't you go on ahead of me, okay, and draw yourself a nice, hot bubble bath and -- and I'll meet up with you back at the hotel. Okay?

Anna: Okay.

David: I'll see you in a little while.

Anna: Hurry home because we might have something to celebrate.

David: All right, Maria. If you're not here, where the hell are you? This guy that you grabbed -- did you find him in Pine Valley or was he extradited from some place else?

Anna: He was caught here, in the park near the Wildwind.

David: The park. Maybe she went back there.

Isabella: Mateo, what took you so long? I was getting worried.

Mateo: I wanted to check the back alley.

Isabella: Well, was -- did you find anything?

Mateo: Just a couple overturned trash cans. Whoever it was probably took off.

Isabella: Oh. Probably some alley cat scrounging around for supper.

Mateo: Yeah, you're probably right. I still want to tell Brooke and Edmund to watch out, keep their eyes open.

Isabella: Oh. I doubt they're in any danger. Besides, I think they only have eyes for each other tonight.

Mateo: Yeah, you're right. Why ruin a perfect moment? Let's go.

Brooke: Know what?

Edmund: What?

Brooke: By this time tomorrow, I'm going to be Mrs. Edmund Grey.

Edmund: Brooke English Grey. Sounds like something you serve at tea time.

Brooke: Would you -- hey, we can just call off the wedding.

Edmund: Oh, no, no, no, no. No way, no way. I'm not letting you get away. You know, I wish we had a time machine because then I would zap past this wedding and go straight to the honeymoon.

Brooke: Well, I would zap us back right to the altar because I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and I don't want to miss a single, solitary minute of it.

Edmund: I can't wait to see you walking down the aisle.

Brooke: Oh, I better get my beauty rest. Can you drop me home?

Edmund: Um -- no, wait, wait.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: That sounds good, but our home, our bed. Wildwind.

Brooke: I don't want to be a walking cliche, but isn't it bad luck for the bride and groom to spend the night together before the wedding?

Edmund: Ahem. Listen to me, Brooke English about-to-be Grey. I have spent my last night without you. In terms of bad luck, we've had enough to last a lifetime.

Brooke: Amen.

Edmund: Let's go home.

[Maria coughs]

Maria’s voice: And you're looking for someone?

Brooke's voice: Yes. Maria Santos Grey -- M.G., the initials, like yours.

Edmund's voice: The woman I love is right here. There isn't anyone else on this earth I want to be with.

Brooke's voice: Maria Santos. Maria Santos. Maria Santos.

Maria: Wildwind. Wildwind.

Maria: I'm sorry, Officer. Before you arrest me, just let me --

Officer: Hey, sitting on a park bench is no crime. But a pretty lady all alone sitting on a park bench late at night is asking for trouble.

Maria: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Officer: Hey, it's a free country, but there have been a rash of muggings in this area --

Maria: Yeah.

Officer: Ladies getting their purses snatched.

Maria: I heard about those muggings.

Officer: And these days you can't go out for a breath of fresh air without fearing for your life.

Maria: Well, I was just getting ready to leave.

Officer: Well, I'll walk you to the park gates.

Maria: Well, that's okay. That's okay. Thanks anyway, though.

Officer: Okay. You take care, now.

Maria: Wildwind. If I don't remember, I am never going to get my life back.

Brooke: Edmund.

Edmund: Yes, my love?

Brooke: Are you sure that our shacking up tonight before we get married tomorrow isn't tempting fate?

Edmund: I laugh in the face of fate. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

Brooke: Oh, you are really asking for it.

Edmund: What I'm asking for -- make that demanding -- is your presence in my house, in my life tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives.

Anna: Champagne for Daddy. Apple juice for me.

Anna: You have to promise that you won't tell anyone.

Maggie: Promise. Cross my heart.

Anna: I'm late.

Maggie: You're late? You're late? You're -- oh, my -- have you taken a pregnancy test?

Anna: No, tonight. I'll do it when I get home. Oh, hurry up, David. This may make you a very happy man.

David: Damn it, Maria! Where the hell are you?

David: What is that place you're drawing?

Maria: I haven't a clue.

David: You don't know?

Maria: No. Your guess is as good as mine.

David: You're very good.

Maria: Yeah, for someone who doesn't know what she's doing.

David: Well, maybe it's some place you saw in a movie or something.

Maria: Maybe, but -- but I feel like when I close my eyes I can see it so clearly that I feel like I've been there before.

David: Hmm. Well, I'm sure it'll come back to you.

David: She went back there. I must have just missed her.

Maria's voice: This is not right. This is like their pre-wedding party or something.

Aidan: Hey, we're just going to talk to the woman. We agreed. She's got all the answers.

Maria: No, this it right, though. Don't -- don't you see? This is really bad timing.

Aidan: If we don't do this now, we may not get another chance.

Maria: I don't know. There's just -- there's too many people in there.

Aidan: Maureen, come on. Come on, now. Let me help you do this.

Aidan: Maureen? Oh. Kendall.

Kendall: In person.

Aidan: What the hell do I have to do to get you off of my back?

Tad: Don't know what I would've done if you hadn't walked through that door.

Sandi: I'm glad I could help you out. But you really should jot down that access code before you forget it again.

Tad: Oh, I -- that's a great idea. You can be sure I will. And you can also be sure you're going to get a formal commendation in your file tomorrow.

Sandi: All I did was type down a few numbers. That's nothing compared to saving lives.

Tad: Uh, well, yeah -- it's really more of a calling, actually, you know, than a job. I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was 7, and Susie Foster came over to --

Sandi: Okay, we're good to go.

Tad: Oh, great.

Sandi: Now all we have to do is write and send your e-mail to Los Vermos Hospital, and in a few minutes they'll fax back your request.

Tad: Great work.

Sandi: Do you want to dictate that or write it yourself?

Tad: No, I'm great at -- I'll write it myself. That's fine. Thank you very much.

Sandi: There you go, Dr. Martin.

Tad: Oh. Well, that's just terrific. Thank you, honey, so much. Sandi, here. I want you to have a personalized pen.

Sandi: Oh --

Tad: Actually, no, that's a -- that's a thermometer. Here, this one's -- that's a pen.

Sandi: Oh. Thank you. If you need anything, just holler.

Tad: Okay. Here we go. "To -- Human Resources, Los Vermos Hospital. From -- Dr. Jake Martin. Subject -- Maureen Gorman."

Edmund: Here's to getting hitched. To happy endings. Uh-oh.

Brooke: What?

Edmund: Maddie's blanket.

Brooke: Oh.

Edmund: Yeah. She wakes up, she doesn't have it, nobody gets to sleep.

Brooke: I can take it to her.

Edmund: No, no, no, no -- you stay here. You just relax and try the house on for size.

Aidan: Just tell me -- just -- well, why are you here?

Kendall: I left something behind at the party.

Aidan: Even a liar like you -- can't you come up with something better than that?

Kendall: It's true.

Aidan: So what did you forget?

Kendall: The keys to my apartment.

Aidan: Right. So if I went in that purse right now, you're telling me I'm not going to find any key ring?

Kendall: Be my guest, Sherlock.

Aidan: Just forget about it. You know, we're both out of luck. This place seems to have shut down.

Kendall: So your mystery squeeze is called Maureen. Kind of a dowdy name.

Aidan: I told you before, you forget about her. I'm warning you.

Kendall: All right, all right. I'll be a good girl and mind my own beeswax.

Aidan: Yeah, you see that you do that.

Kendall: You got one thing right, mate. I only give something to get something. And you got what I want.

Aidan: Hi. Yeah, I called earlier for -- for Chief Devane. Is she back yet? No, no. No message. Oh, man.


[Anna gasps]

Anna: Yes! Oh, my God. My God. Oh, David, we made a baby. Oh. Oh, yeah, where's --

Anna: Hello. Is David -- is Dr. Hayward there, please? What? Can you check for me? He hasn't been there all night? No, thank you.

[Phone rings]

Anna: David? David?

Ramirez: Chief, it's Ramirez.

Anna: Yeah. What is it, Ramirez? It's awfully late. What is it?

Ramirez: Well, after I left Wildwind, I ran a check on the call Dr. Mitrani's service made to Dr. Hayward.

Anna: Everything checked out, right?

Ramirez: Well, ma'am --

Anna: Please, don't call me ma'am. I hate that. Just give me your report.

Ramirez: Dr. Mitrani's service didn't call Dr. Hayward tonight or any other night.

Anna: Are you sure about that?

Ramirez: Yes, ma'am -- I mean, Chief.

Anna: Thank you. That's very good work. Thanks, Ramirez.

Tad: Come on, for God's sake. It's not like she works for the C.I.A. If Jake catches me in here, I'm cooked.

Tad: Let's see what the deal is with ms. Maureen Gorman.

Brooke: Edmund, I'm sorry. I -- I had no right.

Edmund: I'm sorry. Here I am asking you to share my home, make a life with me, have a future, and how can you do that with the past staring you in the face?

Brooke: You loved Maria. She's the mother of your children. I -- I can't ask you to forget that.

Edmund: I'm not going to forget it. But I'm talking about moving on. And it's maybe it's time this picture moved on to Maddie's room.

Brooke: Please don't do it for my sake.

Edmund: I'm doing it for our sake. For our future.

Brooke: Are you sure?

Edmund: As sure as our love.

Edmund: Come on. Let's go to bed.

Brooke: Edmund?

Edmund: Yes?

Brooke: Thank you.

Edmund: For what?

Brooke: For being the one -- the one that I've waited for for so long. Right now, right at this minute, I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

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