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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 8/14/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: You and Greenlee decided to team up, so I thought I’d join forces with mom.

Greenlee: You think I would actually align myself with you? Please, I would hire Erica before I’d hire you.

Aidan: What is it, something about your past, something you're trying to forget?

Maria: How could I forget what I don't even remember? I don't have a past.

Anna: Hello? Who is this? Is anyone there?

[TV plays]

Hayley: Today's show is about love -- lost love, love found, the kind of love that lasts forever.

[Kendall mutes TV]

Kendall’s voice: Ryan, no! No, Ryan!

Kendall: Ryan, no, no! Wait, no, no! No, Ryan! No!

Trey: Kendall, do you ever turn that thing off?

Kendall: It's muted. What's your problem?

Trey: Well, if it's muted, why is it even on at all? Oh, hey, I know her.

Kendall: Hayley Santos?

Trey: Yeah, yeah, Adam Chandler's daughter, that's right. I thought I saw her somewhere. What's she doing?

Kendall: She has her own talk show, "Wave." I can't believe you've never heard of it.

Trey: Yeah, well, I don't exactly have a whole lot of time to watch TV, you know -- places to go, clients to keep out of jail?

Trey: Are you expecting company?

Kendall: No.

Greenlee: I thought I heard -- okay. Who goes first?

Bianca: All right, just tell me the truth -- am I totally out of my league waltzing into enchantment and starting at the top of the corporate food chain?

Maggie: Maybe out of your mind -- thank you -- but not out of your league, okay? You're doing this to fight Kendall and Greenlee, right, so --

Bianca: Well, it's more about keeping them off my mother's back.

Maggie: They are so not up to your level. You have nothing to worry about.

Bianca: Enchantment is a multi-million dollar corporation, Maggie. What if I spontaneously combust?

Maggie: You won’t. You'll learn. I bet you're a fast learner. I really -- I really do not worry about you at all.

Bianca: You really think I can pull this off?

Maggie: I think you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Mateo: Hey, look, I appreciate you coming in early today because we're expecting a big turnout for Brooke and Edmund’s party.

J.R.: Well, you know, I really owe you, Mateo, after blowing off work for the last couple days, you know? I'm not going to let you down again.

Mateo: Good. Speaking of late, look who just walked in.

Tim: Look, I know, I know, I'm supposed to meet Hayley for breakfast, but I was watching her on TV on her morning show and it was about buttons or marriages that never die or something and I just couldn't tear myself away.

Hayley: You know, if you weren't so much taller than me, I'd take you over my knee. Wait a minute -- I might take you over my knee anyway.

Tim: Hayley. Hey, you were just on TV. How'd you get here so fast?

Hayley: Huh, the miracle of modern videotape.

Tim: Are you giving me the bad-Tim look because I'm mocking your morning show?

Hayley: No. I'm giving you the bad-Tim look because you lied to me again.

[TV plays]

Hayley: Gerald and Imelda met in first grade when Imelda punched him in the schoolyard. 14 years later, Gerald proposed. Today, they're celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

[Brooke turns off TV]

Brooke: God willing.

Edmund: I come bearing breakfast.

Brooke: Hey.

Edmund: What you watching?

Brooke: Oh, I just caught a little bit of Hayley's show. It was a good one.

Edmund: Oh, yeah? What's it about?

Brooke: Happy endings.

Edmund: Ah.

[TV plays]

Hayley: Brought together right here on "Wave" when Renata did a segment on senior health and Raymond recognized her as the one who got away all those years ago.

[Aidan turns off TV]

Aidan: You okay?

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, thanks. Your clothes are really great.

Aidan: I wasn't talking about the clothes.

Maria: No, but I appreciate it anyway, thanks.

Aidan: I was thinking about what you said before, about not having a past.

Maria: Yeah, I don't think you should think so much.

Aidan: I'm not sure what that means or -- or whether you want to talk about it.

Maria: There's really nothing to talk about. There's nothing.

Aidan: Well, I saw that program on TV, and what if -- what if we went public with your story and whoever sees it --

Maria: No!

Anna: Hello? Who is this? You may as well tell me who you are because this phone has caller I.D. I can get a warrant and find out who you are. You want to enlighten me or am I going to get a warrant?

David: How did Maria get to Pine Valley? And what the hell is my wife doing with her phone?

Anna: Who was on the phone?

Man: How should I know? You answered it.

Anna: You know, if you tell me who you're working for, I might cut you a deal.

Man: Are you serious?

Anna: Yeah. There have been an awful lot of muggings in the park recently.

Man: I didn't mug anybody.

Anna: Who's your boss?

Man: I don't have a boss.

Anna: Is that who just hung up on me?

Man: Look, I know my rights and I want my lawyer.

Anna: All right. You know, you could take the rap for every mugging and assault that has occurred in the park over this last year if you don't cooperate.

Man: You can't do that.

Anna: Yes, I can. Who was on the phone?

Man: How should I know? It's not even my pho--

Anna: Now we're getting somewhere.

Maria: I can't go on some TV show! If I -- they would find me again!

Aidan: Who would find you again, your purse-snatcher?

Maria: No, no, these two people that were after me, this man and this woman, and she's a reporter and they came to find me where I was before, and I don't even know what would happen if they knew that I was here.

Aidan: Yeah, why are you here? What are you searching for in Pine Valley?

Maria: I don't know, I don't know. All I know is that these two people are from here.

Aidan: And you followed them back?

Maria: Yes, but see, I've got to know what they know about me and why they want to know things about me before they find me, do you understand, and I can't do that if I'm on some television show.

Aidan: Right, yeah, yeah. Of course not.

Maria: I -- look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bite your head off.

Aidan: No, really, it's fine. I mean, I'm just being dense. When I said I wanted to help you before, I mean on your terms, not on mine.

Maria: No, no, look, you helped me so much. You let me stay here. I don't even know why I thought it would be okay to trust you, but I did and I'm grateful, and I really mean that, truly.

Aidan: Okay, you don't -- just get something straight, you don't have to keep thanking me, okay?

Maria: I -- I just -- I've got to be really careful. I can't -- I can't let anybody see me before I find out what's going on.

Aidan: You don't know who you are, do you?

Brooke: So, what happened to the Pancake Palace?

Edmund: Well, I didn't want to get everything cold and goopy, so I went for bagels.

Brooke: Ah, the Pine Cone has charm, doesn't it? Bagels in bed.

Edmund: And dripping faucets.

Brooke: Hey, ambiance.

Edmund: Broken bedsprings.

Brooke: Well, whose fault is that?

Edmund: You are wicked.

Brooke: I try.

Edmund: Tell me, O wicked one, can I bring you here to a seedy motel after we're married or is this it for the kinky department? I mean, you know, party's over after we say, "I do"?

Brooke: I have a couple of kinks that need some working out.

Edmund: Oh, do you now?

Brooke: Oh, I do.

Edmund: Oh, okay. Oh, yeah.

Brooke: Yeah.

Edmund: You know what?

Brooke: What?

Edmund: I forgot something. I forgot it's been a really, really, really, really, really long time since I felt this happy.

Brooke: You're my second chance. I never forgot that.

Edmund: There's nothing chance about it.

[Brooke giggles]

Trey: Is there something I can help you with, Greenlee, because I really do have to go.

Greenlee: I heard a shrill woman's voice and I thought Simone was back. Never thought I'd be nice to Simone again about anything, but, Trey, honey, you -- you've traded down.

Trey: Ahem.

Kendall: You know, this is a really nice place. I'll try to keep spanky here from trashing it.

Trey: You know, this is turning out to be a whole lot of fun, but I really got to tell you I'm going to let you two guys figure this out on your own. Ciao.

Kendall: Don't worry; I'm a great tenant.

Greenlee: I haven't seen your signature on a rent check yet.

Kendall: You will when you give me a job.

Greenlee: Ha. Sure, no problem. Anything else I can do for you? Wash your car, clean your stove?

Kendall: Oh, come on, I would be so helpful to you with the company.

Greenlee: "Helpful"? And as an example of that, I have, what, the bridal show where you destroyed my gown and nearly trashed my reputation?

Kendall: All right, all right, that was a mistake.

Greenlee: Oh, you'd better believe it. After that little public display, I'm not letting you come near me or my company.

Kendall: What if I can deliver what no one else can? Would you still want me in another zip code?

Greenlee: What could you possibly have that I would want?

Kendall: Access. This can open every door there is at Enchantment. You still want to throw me away with the trash?

Hayley: So imagine my shock again when Uncle Trevor asked me how much longer the doctors are planning on keeping you.

Tim: He just misunderstood.

Hayley: And then he goes on to ask me if I think his little boy's healing the way he's supposed to.

Tim: Ah, he's a born worrier.

Hayley: He seems to believe that you have some sort of medical condition that you're not telling him about.

Tim: Look, I'll straighten everything out with him, I promise.

Hayley: Well, gee, you know, that's what you said the last time you lied to me and didn't straighten out anything.

Tim: Well, it's just a little white lie about why I'm still here.

Hayley: Huh. Why are you still here, Tim?

Tim: Because I'm having fun. I just want to hang out. What's wrong with that?

Hayley: There's nothing wrong with that at all. Why didn't you just tell your father that?

Tim: No --

Hayley: Why do you make him think that you're sick and dying with some sort of illness?

Tim: I didn't think he's going to jump to that.

Hayley: Well, what are you talking about? You just had a major surgery. What's he going to think?

Tim: I'll talk to him, I promise.

Hayley: You'd better. Because I love you, Tim, more than anything. You saved my son's life. But if you think I'm going to watch this unfold, I'm going to watch you, like, lie to Uncle Trevor, you're absolutely wrong. Why don't you just be adult enough to tell him the truth?

Tim: She means business, huh?

Mateo: Is this about Janet? Because what you said to me the other day kind of freaked me out.

Tim: About wanting to strangle her? Yeah, it is, okay?

Mateo: What happened back home, Tim?

Tim: It's just -- she's getting weirder and weirder. Dad tries to pretend like she's fine, but she's not.

Mateo: Did you talk to your dad about it?

Tim: Yeah, like he would listen. I just had to get away from all the pretending, you know?

Mateo: Oh, so now you're trying to do a little pretending of your own.

Tim: She's making more out of this than --

Mateo: Look, Tim, Hayley's right. If you can't come clean with Trevor, you got to at least come clean with her, but this has got to stop.

Bianca: Hey, Enchantment is a huge company, Maggie. I mean, there are profits and losses and -- and stockholders to report to.

Maggie: And your mother will teach you everything that she knows, which is a lot.

Bianca: Well, you know, that's the other thing. You know that everyone is going to be singing the nepotism rag to me all day long.

Maggie: You are going to do great, Bianca. Come on. You're pretty smart all by yourself. I'm actually kind of in awe of you.

Bianca: Why would you be in awe of me?

Maggie: Because you're so together, way more than Greenlee and Kendall. You do not have their arrogance, their inflated egos.

Bianca: Well, I hope not.

Maggie: And if anyone has any reason to be egotistical, it's you. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're ambitious. I mean, the more time I spend with you, the more I realize what my sister loved so much about you.

Bianca: Look. Tim's here. Let's invite him over. What?

Maggie: Why do you keep doing that?

Bianca: What am I doing?

Maggie: That!

Bianca: "That" what?

Maggie: You keep on trying to put us together, me and Tim. Why do you keep on doing this?

Kendall: Imagine the possibilities -- unlimited access to Enchantment.

Greenlee: I can't believe you got a passkey.

Kendall: Greenlee, is can buy you lots of payback.

Greenlee: If you're so in at Enchantment, what do you need me for?

Kendall: Well, I can't do it myself. I need some backup.

Greenlee: I don't sing backup, Kendall, especially not to you.

Kendall: Of course not. That's why you'll lead, I'll follow. I'm sure you can find the perfect way to use this against Erica.

Greenlee: A few things spring to mind, yeah.

Kendall: Why not? You're just as smart as Erica, anyway. You're better than she is in the cosmetics business and she knows that. That's why she tried to keep you under her thumb.

Greenlee: Okay, okay, Kendall, you can take your lips off my very firm butt now. I know when I'm being played, and you're about five shades short of subtle.

Kendall: You think I like admitting that you're good at what you do? But I've learned the hard way that sometimes you have to just swallow your pride to get what you want.

Greenlee: And you want me.

Kendall: How great would this be to have Erica Kane become the next chapter in "How the mighty have fallen"?

Greenlee: I could do a lot of damage with this.

Kendall: Mm-hmm, you would know every marketing plan, every secret formula, every fragrance formula and spring color the second they come out of Erica’s tiny brain.

Greenlee: I could make Enchantment look like a cheesy knockoff of my superior product line.

Kendall: Mm-hmm, and nobody else would know. No one would know. Erica doesn't even know I have that. The only person who saw me was that British construction guy, and he's too wrapped up in his mystery woman to even care.

Greenlee: Whoa, Mama, back up.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: You stole this key and you got caught?

Kendall: He didn't see me take the key. He just found me in her office, but I totally got out of it scot-free.

Greenlee: No, if Enchantment starts leaking secrets, they're going to come straight for you, you moron. I'm not going to let you take me down with you for corporate espionage.

Kendall: But they won't know.

Greenlee: Yes, they will, and you want to know why? Because you're a screw-up. Keep your all-access pass and leave me the hell out of it. I don't play games with amateurs.

Kendall: But, Greenlee, you cannot let Erica win.

Greenlee: I'll pay Erica back on my own. Oh, and don't get too comfortable here. I don't think I want anyone as aggressively stupid as you clogging up my pipelines.

Kendall: "Amateur"? I've been fighting Erica Kane a hell of a lot longer than you have, babe.

Brooke: No, Mateo, we'll be there. Yeah, and listen, thank you so much. Hayley and Mateo want us to come to S.O.S. Just to go over the menu a minute for the part-- oh, no.

Edmund: Oh, yes.

Brooke: What? What?

Edmund: I thought we said we weren't going to sweat the details.

Brooke: It's just that Hayley and Mateo have gone to a lot of trouble --

Edmund: Will understand. We don't have a lot of time left alone before the wedding, you know.

Brooke: I know.

Edmund: And these details --

Brooke: Yes?

Edmund: Like the menu, the music, the color of the napkins are going to take over. All right?

Brooke: Oh --

Edmund: Especially so close to the big day.

Brooke: Well, don't remind me because there's still so much to --

Edmund: Yeah?

Brooke: Yes, there is.

Edmund: Okay. Do me a favor.

Brooke: Okay.

Edmund: Before the party, before the wedding, I want one last quiet moment with the woman of my dreams.

Aidan: You don't know who you are. That's what you meant when you said that you didn't have a past. Yeah. It's not that you didn't have a past. It's that you couldn't remember it.

Maria: I don't want to get into this, Aidan.

Aidan: You don't even know your name. Yeah.

Maria: Please. Look, Aidan, you've been really good to me. You haven't asked for anything. You haven't pushed, nothing. You've been like this fabulous gift from God.

Aidan: I wouldn't go that far.

Maria: No, but you've got to let this go, really.

Aidan: But I don't think I can let this go. If you don't know who you are, well, then the woman that's looking for you, she might be able to tell you. Yeah.

Brooke: Honey? I can't find my keys. Did you pick up my keys?

Maria: Oh, my God, I -- I know that voice.

Brooke: Honey?

Maria: Oh, my God, that's the woman. That's the woman I was just telling you about, the one who's been looking for me.

Anna: So where did you get this?

Man: In the park. I found it.

Anna: On whom?

Man: No one. It was just sitting there.

Anna: In whose pocket? You know, you're not helping yourself. If you do want to avoid jail time, then you will tell me where you got that. And what's the big deal? You're already in custody.

Man: All right, there -- there might have been this lady.

Anna: The elderly lady that you ripped off last night?

Man: No, this girl was much younger. She was tall, had brown hair. She was very pretty.

Anna: And she gave you her cell phone?

Man: No, I didn't even know it was hers. It was just sitting there on the park bench. She was busy looking off at that mansion on the hill.

Anna: Wildwind?

Man: Yeah. She was in some kind of trance about it or something, like -- like she had seen it before but couldn't recognize it.

Anna: Hang on.

Anna: Book him for robbery and assault.

Man: I want my lawyer.

Officer: Yeah, be quiet.

Anna: No, no, let him talk to his lawyer. He's going to need him.

Anna: All right, fess up.

David: What?

Anna: You've got that look, that "something happened" look. Why are you here?

David: I just -- I tried to call you on your cell phone, but you didn't answer. Is that thing turned on?

Anna: Oh, this isn't mine. Brady? Brady, can you book this into evidence? I forgot. Thank you so much.

David: So that -- that guy, the one that you were just interrogating, he -- he stole that cell phone, huh?

Anna: Yeah, it appears that way. You still haven't answered my question. Why were you listening at the door?

David: Well, that guy seemed sketchy. You know, what if he jumped you and stole your gun?

Anna: But he was handcuffed. I mean, David, I do know how to do my job. You okay?

David: Yeah, I'm fine. Look, it's been a long night and I -- I couldn't reach you. I got worried, okay? And then I come here and you're grilling some, you know, hostile-looking criminal. You know, how do I know that he's not a murderer?

Anna: He's a purse-snatcher. I think I can take him.

David: Oh, a purse-snatcher? Well, that's great. So he preys on women.

Anna: Yeah. They're generally the ones that carry purses. Why are you suddenly so interested in muggers?

David: No, I'm interested in you. And come on, Anna, I mean, if the guy is just a petty criminal, why is the chief of police conducting the interrogation?

Anna: Oh, David, shut up.

David: No, I mean, come on, really, is it something bigger? I mean, did he hurt someone, someone important?

Anna: Every victim is important to us.

David: Oh, so she is hurt, I mean, this woman that he mugged? So, okay, where is she? Is she in the hospital?

Anna: What is with you? Why are you suddenly so interested in a woman who had her purse stolen?

Maria: That's her. That's the woman that's been after me. She knows where I am. She –

Brooke: I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.

Edmund: You've had a lot of things on your mind.

Brooke: Well, you know, Hayley and Mateo are going out of their way to throw this party for us at S.O.S and I just don't want to keep them waiting, that's --

Edmund: We will be there in a jiff. I just need to check us out, okay?

Brooke: Okey-doke.

Edmund: Come on.

Brooke: Come on.

Aidan: I don't think they know where you are.

Maria: Yes, that's her! Don't you understand? That's the same woman, Brooke English! She's been hunting me for weeks!

Aidan: No, well, then there's got to be an explanation.

Maria: This is not a coincidence! You think it's a coincidence that they're staying in the room right across from us?

Aidan: No, but she's with some guy.

Maria: What guy? Okay, what's his name? Is his name Tad something?

Aidan: No, no, it was the guy that came past here last night, the guy that heard you throw the phone.

Maria: Okay, well, what do they want?

Aidan: I don't think they want anything from us. I think they're just came here to enjoy the no-tell motel.

Maria: Okay, I have got to find out why that woman is after me.

Aidan: I've got an idea. She's going to be at the S.O.S. tonight. There's going to be a party. We should go down there and ask her.

Mateo: Honey, you know how important family is to me.

Hayley: All right. Give it to me. You think I was too hard on him.

Mateo: Tim's a teenager. He's probably got that rebellion thing kicking in.

Hayley: Hmm.

Mateo: Remember you and your black hair?

Hayley: Now, that's dirty. I'd like to forget that, thank you.

Mateo: Well, Trevor’s not even Tim's father.

Hayley: Don't say that. That's not true. Uncle Trevor adopted Tim when he was a little boy and he has treated him like his own ever since.

Mateo: Well, maybe Tim's trying to see how far he can take it. I mean --

Tim: Whoa, hey, I'm not, Mateo. You know, Hayley's right, Trevor’s my dad. He always has been. I hate doing this to him.

Hayley: Well, then why are you?

Tim: It's Janet. She's not exactly your run-of-the-mill stepmom. She freaks me out, Hayley.

Hayley: Freaks you out how?

Tim: She's just -- she's weird. You know, dad tries to pass it off as a mood or something, but she's not normal and it's not just a mood.

Hayley: So that's why you want to stay in Pine Valley, to get away from her?

Tim: I just got to get away from all the weirdness that's going on. I mean, I feel really bad about leaving Amanda there, but, you know, she e-mails me every day, so she keeps me posted.

Hayley: Listen, I sympathize with you -- we really do. And you know me -- I'd have you crash on the couch forever. That doesn't bother me. But I think that it is way unfair of you to leave your father wondering whether or not you're ever going to return home, right? And especially to make him think because it's -- you know, to make him think that it's because of some leftover complication from your transplant surgery. That's just wrong.

Tim: I know, I know. What if -- what if I tell him that I want to go to Pine Valley U. in the fall? You think he'd go for that?

Hayley: I'm sure, if it's true.

Tim: I wouldn't lie about that. So I'll see if I can get in. You know, show them my scar, throw my weight around.

Hayley: Ugh, you are impossible.

Tim: I know. But I got a great liver, right?

Hayley: Yeah.

Tim: Thank you, Hayley.

Hayley: You're welcome.

Bianca: Maggie, I don't understand. What's the problem with hanging out with Tim for a little while?

Maggie: Nothing, except for the fact I feel that you have this whole scheme going.

Bianca: "Scheme"?

Maggie: Yes -- me, Tim, putting us together like bread and butter.

Bianca: Come on. Maggie, I've known Tim since we were little kids. He's smart and he's funny and grew up cute, and you haven't exactly been putting yourself out there since you hit town.

Maggie: I haven't seen you trolling out for dates, either, missy.

Bianca: Well, I have so much going on that I don't need a girlfriend right now. Thank you very much.

Maggie: Oh, okay, but I need a man, is that it? I don't --

Bianca: I'm just trying to help.

Kendall: You're the one who needs help, baby sister.

David: Look, I already told you, I'm worried about you, okay? If that guy hurts women, then --

Anna: Defenseless women, and you can hardly call me that.

David: Yes, I know, you're a cop, but you're also my wife, which gives me the right to be worried.

Anna: Well, do you feel that way often -- worried, I mean?

David: Yes, of course I do. I mean, come on, Anna, let's not forget that a few weeks ago someone stuck a needle in your neck and tried to kill you.

Anna: That was an unusual case.

David: Yes, but he could have killed you, right?

Anna: David, I am not reckless. The guy I was talking to was not a problem, all right, so drop it.

David: Look, this guy that you grabbed, did you find him in Pine Valley or was he extradited from someplace else?

Anna: He was caught here in the park near the Wildwind. I mean, I guess that was where he attacked his last victim.

David: The one who's in the hospital -- the woman?

Anna: Actually, there isn't anyone in the hospital. And no one's reported a cell being stolen. I mean, phones cells go missing all the time, of course, so --

David: So you don't know who the victim is?

Anna: No, but we will track her down.

[Pager beeps]

Anna: Oh. Excuse me.

David: Yeah.

Anna: Oh, I have to go to the evidence room. All right, this won't take long, a few minutes.

David: Okay.

Anna: Will you wait for me? Try not to worry, although he's awfully cute.

David: Damn it. How did you get so far, Maria?

Maria: I don't want them to find me.

Aidan: Yeah, but we'd be in public. You know, what could they do to you?

Maria: I don't know. I don't know because I don't know what's going on.

Aidan: Right, well, then that's why we should find out and get some answers. I'll be right beside you.

Maria: What if they -- what if they know something? What if they know something about me that --

Aidan: What? I will not let them hurt you. I promise. You believe me?

Maria: Yeah, I believe that you want to help me, but -- what is this S.O.S. place?

Aidan: It's a club, but you're going to be all right.

Mateo: Oh, there you guys are. We were looking out for you.

Brooke: I'm sorry, we --

Edmund: We lost track of time.

Hayley: Uh-huh.

Mateo: Huh.

Hayley: I'd recognize that glow anywhere. Good for you!

Brooke: Thank you.

Edmund: Well, yeah, I don't mean to brag, but --

Hayley: Well, then don't.

Brooke: Let's sit down.

Bianca: What do you want now, Kendall?

Kendall: Has the Queen Mother anointed you Style Princess of her cosmetic kingdom?

Bianca: What do you care? Oh, right, that's right -- you're working for the competition. So tell me, have you and Greenlee plotted your first bonehead move yet?

Kendall: Actually Greenlee and I have a lot of great ideas

Greenlee: Here's one -- you're not working for me, nor will you ever work for me, Kendall, till the day piggies sprout wings and fly through Pine Valley.

Kendall: We have a verbal agreement.

Bianca: Oh, and Greenlee’s not honoring it? What a shocker.

Greenlee: I'm your gift horse, cookie. Be nice to me.

Bianca: Yeah, well, lay off my mother's company, I'll think about it.

Greenlee: Don't you like a little healthy competition, Binky?

Bianca: Actually, I do. Do you know anybody who can provide some?

Greenlee: Ooh. Smell you.

Kendall: Hello?

Greenlee: Except for that man-eating thing that Erica’s got going, you are just a spitting image of Mommy.

Bianca: Greenlee, you would be smart not to mess with either of us.

Greenlee: Don't bet the farm.

Maggie: I so wish I just had a video camera.

Bianca: Yeah? I was okay?

Maggie: You were great.

Bianca: Wow. Maybe I won't be such a bust at this after all. Oh, I see Brooke and Edmund. I'm going to go say hi, okay?

Maggie: See? Multitasking already.

Trey: Hey. How are you?

Maggie: Fine.

Trey: Good.

Maggie: Why?

Trey: What?

Maggie: Trey, I'm not going to repeat this again -- what do you want from me? You don't know me.

Trey: No, but I'd like to. I have no family and not a lot of friends around this town. So I just thought maybe you'd want to hang out, I don't know.

Maggie: Okay, are you looking for a girlfriend or a sister, because I'm neither.

Trey: I'm looking for someone I can count on. A friend. Would it be so terrible to be that?

Maggie: Yes, a little weird. And I don't know what you're up to and I don't really think I want to know.

Greenlee: I can't wait to wipe that self-righteous grin off those stupid little chipmunk cheeks.

Kendall: I have a way.

Greenlee: Don't start.

Kendall: No, listen to me, listen to me, did you see how she reacted when she found out we weren't working together?

Greenlee: She never bought that.

Kendall: No, that's the whole reason she went to work with my mother, you idiot.

Greenlee: Hey.

Kendall: Listen, listen, if we team up, we'll have her quaking in her sensible shoes. The technology.

Greenlee: Would you stop bugging me, Kendall? The answer is no.

Bianca: So are Alex and Dimitri going to get to the wedding?

Edmund: No, they're not.

Bianca: Oh. Are you guys okay with that?

Edmund: Not really, but I'm marrying Brooke and that's what I'm doing tomorrow.

Brooke: Listen, Tim, we didn't get an RSVP from your dad. Are he and Janet coming or --

Tim: Well, actually, I think him and Janet have a conflict. But I'll be there and I'll be eating for three, so --

Brooke: Okay.

J.R.: Okay, now, Hayley wants you guys to try these. Let the bride and groom.

Hayley: Oh, excuse me; I just want everything to be perfect. I mean, you know, your engagement party was disaster -- hello! -- With Vanessa and everything, so now I just want everything --

Edmund: See how these details have a way of taking over?

Brooke: I know, but, you know, we didn't give Hayley and Mateo our opinion about --

Edmund: You got the quiche, you got the flautas. Pretty soon it's who RSVP’d whom and, before you know it, there's no time for romance.

Brooke: Oh, no. Oh, no, no chance of that. No chance of that, right?

[Edmund snarls]

Aidan: That woman said that, you know, they're going to be throwing her a party. They seem nice. I mean, Brooke English can't be that bad.

Maria: Yeah, well -- yeah, that's what she seems like. She comes off nice.

Aidan: Right. But what?

Maria: But you can't trust first impressions.

Aidan: Yeah, well, true. But, you know, Mateo Santos, you know, he's a friend of Chris Stamp's, who hired me. What is it?

Maria: Did you say Santos?

Aidan: Yeah, Mateo. He owns the club.

Maria: And you're looking for someone?

Brooke: Yes. Maria Santos-Grey. M.G. The initials, like yours, Maureen Gorman.

Maria: This is -- this is all connected. This is connected. I just don't see how yet.

Aidan: And that's what we're going to go and do. We're going to find out.

Anna: David, sorry that took so long. Hi.

Anna: Where did he go?

David: You're not getting any closer, Maria, even if I have to stay out here all night.

Mateo: So, is it straight?

Edmund: You're asking me? It looks great, looks great.

Mateo: You need glasses?

Edmund: Wow.

Brooke: "Wow" yourself.

Aidan: This is it. You ready?

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>> On the next "All My Children" --

Anna: Maybe I have something to be happy about.

Maggie: Ooh, spill.

Kendall: For once, Erica’s going to know what it's like to be kicked to the curb.

Tad: You're no longer terrified that Maria’s going to show up as Maureen Gorman?

Aidan: If you want answers, they're on the other side of this door.

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