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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/9/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Erica: Where is this light fixture you want me to see?

Vanessa: Please don't hate your father. He loved you with all of his heart.

Mia: I am done taking orders from you.

Guard: Nobody will ever get this out.

Vanessa: I'm sorry. What's that you said, Ofc. Shirley?

Ofc. Shirley: I got to knock off the crosswords.

Vanessa: Oh, my. That is a nasty ink stain. Well, I always use pencil, but I erase so much more.

Guard: Another uniform shirt shot.

Vanessa: No, not at all. You can get that right out with hair spray. I mean, you just rub very briskly with a clean cloth. It comes right up, will disappear. There should be some right in there.

Leo: Greenlee, how could -- how could Vanessa the brownie baker be worse than Vanessa the drug lord?

Greenlee: You want me to cut her some slack?

Leo: Well, maybe, sort of --

Greenlee: She's totally pulled you in with this cozy act.

Leo: They have records from California showing that her personality splintered ages ago.

Greenlee: No, we can't get sucked in.

Leo: She's really got you freaked out, doesn't she?

Greenlee: Nessa claims that she knew my father, that he loved me.

Leo: Well, he did love you.

Greenlee: She said they went to Paris together. They were at the Louvre.

Leo: What's so awful about that?

Greenlee: If I can be swayed, if Nessa can make me wonder if she's more benevolent creature than an unspeakable monster, she'll walk. The jury won't even just let her go. They'll give her a coming-out party.

Mia: Oh, my God.

Frank: I got about another 15 minutes left on my cruising meter. What do you want to check out? Want to see some new babies?

Boy: I like babies.

Frank: All right. You buckle up and --

Mia: What have you done?

Trey: Cute kid he's got there, huh?

Mia: How could you do this?

Frank: Hey, you hang on, all right? You only got your learner's permit. Don't move. What's wrong, Mia?

Mia: Who is that little boy?

Kendall: Damn it, the lock's been changed. Oh, doesn't Erica trust anyone? In all her lousy hiding places, there is not one single place that I can find an ad campaign or a plan or anything. Huh. I'll settle for a scrap paper or a misplaced memo.

[Knock on door]

[Phone rings]

Maria: Hello?

Aidan: Hey, stranger.

Maria: Aidan, it's you. Thank God.

Aidan: Does anybody else know where you are?

Maria: No.

Aidan: And we're going to keep it that way. So don't worry. You're safe with me.

Chris: Cider. 2002. A great year -- especially for us. Let's celebrate, huh?

Erica: Chris, you haven't even asked me.

Chris: Marry me. You say yes, and we'll show the world how perfect life can be.


Chris: Let me -- let me get that for you. You know, there's a story behind this, and I'll tell you all about it after we toast our new life together. Will you marry me?

Erica: Chris, I can't marry you.

Chris: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't hear that right.

Erica: I can't marry you.

Chris: Erica -- normally I'm ok with your sense of humor, but there's no fooling around right now. Come on.

Erica: No, no, no. I'm not fooling -- I'm sorry.

Chris: Sorry? Ok. What's going on here? I mean, did I -- did I do something wrong with this --

Erica: Chris -- there is so much more to being married and sharing a life together than a ring dangling from a ribbon.

Chris: Well, I think I know that. It's one of the reasons why I stayed single for so long. Erica, look, I know what's involved.

Erica: No, you -- you think that you do. Chris, this is a very serious proposition.

Chris: I know that. And you -- you're not making sense.

Erica: Well, if you can't see that I am acting in both of our best interests, then how on earth do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

Chris: Wait a minute. Just wait -- did I just fall down a rabbit hole or something? Because one second life is as I know it, and the next you're -- you're talking gibberish.

Erica: Well, no one can say I didn't try.

Chris: Stop. Look at me.

Look at me. Erica, I know -- I know that you love me. Why won't you marry me?

Erica: I'm sorry, but the answer is no.

Aidan: I thought you might like me to pick out something cold on my way back. Good idea. Yeah, we can raid the soda machine there. Ok. Well, don't worry. I'm on my way. Don't open the door to anybody.

[Door closes]

Kendall: I guess he realized Binky's limitations and moved on. But you didn't move far enough.

Aidan: What's up?

Ofc. Shirley: I don't see any hair spray.

Vanessa: Ofc. Shirley, far be it for me to criticize, dear, but your gun is -- it's very accessible. I mean, personally, I'm just fine with it. But if Vanessa were here -- well, you know her -- sort of "have gun, will travel."

Ofc. Shirley: Vanessa would ventilate me and then make a run for it.

Vanessa: Heaven forbid. And bloodstains are much harder to remove than ink stains.

Leo: There is absolutely no way that Vanessa's going to get sprung for everything she's done.

Greenlee: Hmm. Want to bet?

Leo: A lifetime of crime can't be erased by a less obnoxious personality popping out for a while.

Greenlee: You really think so?

Leo: I -- yes, I do. I believe in justice, and I believe that she's going to get everything that she deserves.

Greenlee: I'll try to believe it.

Leo: Please do. It's healthier. So, you're never going to guess who's going to help us get to Vanessa's drug fortune.

Greenlee: Vanessa's Nancy drew personality?

Leo: Well -- Trey.

Greenlee: You trust him?

Leo: I never said that. He doesn't even know he's going to help us.

Greenlee: Leo, don't do that to me.

Leo: No, no, no -- listen to me, Greenlee. I think I finally figured this out. Ok? I think Trey wants to get his hands on that money.

Greenlee: Well, as Vanessa's lawyer, he would want to tie it up so he could help get her off.

Leo: Maybe.

Greenlee: What else?

Leo: If you ask me, I think that Trey's looking to enjoy an early retirement in Rio or something.

Greenlee: Either way, how is that helping us?

Leo: Ok, I'm going to follow him, ok? And he's going to lead us to the money, and then I'm going to pounce.

Greenlee: I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

Leo: No, I'm going to be extra, superduper careful, Greenlee, I promise you. Ok? Then we can get the cash, turn it to the cops, and then we can go to Paris. It's perfect.

Greenlee: And live happily ever after?

Leo: That's right.

Greenlee: Well, what got you so fired up about Trey?

Leo: I was talking to Mia. I was chatting her up, trying to get some information. All she could talk about was, you know, what a creep he is and what a bully and what a slime ball he is, and she said -- and I quote -- "I am sick and tired of keeping secrets."

Greenlee: Sounds promising.

Leo: Yeah? I'm just hoping she can confirm my suspicion, that's all.

Greenlee: That his interest in Vanessa is not business.

Leo: Maybe Mia can help us -- I don't know -- get some other dirt on Trey, you know, so we can leverage him, force him to help us.

Greenlee: Have I ever mentioned what a marvelous person I think Mia is?

Leo: Do you even know who Mia is?

Greenlee: Of course. She's my new best friend, the woman who might be our direct flight to happiness.

Mia: Tell me who he is.

Frank: This is my main man from Peds -- Malik. Malik, say hello to Mia.

Mia: Hi, Malik. Nice to meet you.

Malik: Hi.

Mia: See, I used to work here, so I always like to know who's coming and going, you know? I didn't mean to interrupt your tour.

Trey: Doctor, I'm Trey Kenyon.

Frank: Frank Hubbard.

Trey: It's nice to finally meet you. Mia just can't seem to shut up about you.

Frank: Really? What's she been saying?

Mia: Don't listen to Trey. I mean, he does get off on teasing me. Oh, did Dr. Hubbard show you the video games?

Malik: I showed him.

Frank: That's right. We were just finishing up the VIP tour before Malik's mom and dad come pick him up.

Mia: Great. You're going home?

Malik: My new home.

Frank: Uh-huh. You got a brand-new foster family, huh, and they're way cool, right?

Malik: Right.

Frank: Give me five, dude. Right on!

Trey: I wish I had that.

Frank: What's that?

Trey: Well, you've got a way with kids. With me, it's like I'm in some kind of foreign land.

Frank: Got to reach out.

Trey: You're going to make a great dad -- unless you already have kids.

Frank: No.

Trey: That's amazing because you really do have a gift. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there's not already a little Frankie, Jr., toddling around the home.

Frank: Not yet.

Mia: Excuse me. This little kid looks bored here. Probably like to split, huh?

Frank: Right. Ahem. Sorry, Malik. Next stop, nursery -- children of all shapes, shades, and sizes. Say sayonara.

Malik: Sayonara.

Frank: Sayonara.

Mia: Bye.

Trey: That was fun, wasn't it?

Mia: Yeah, fun.

Trey: Imagine the look on frank's face when I tell him that he is really a father.

Kendall: You seem to have this sixth sense about me. What, you felt I was near?

Aidan: Not really. You left your bag in plain view. Not very clever, are you?

Kendall: Well, neither are you if you think I've done anything wrong.

Aidan: Go on.

Kendall: I came to pick up the final paycheck I'm owed.

Aidan: And Erica Kane decided for you to hunt for it, did she?

Kendall: She forgot to leave it for me on the desk.

Aidan: So you thought it would be perfectly fine to go through the filing cabinet?

Kendall: I would've gargled glass to avoid running into you.

Aidan: So you sensed my presence, huh? I'm flattered.

Kendall: Actually, I saw you coming in, so I hid.

Aidan: Oh, well, then nice try, Mary Poppins. Maybe next time you can crawl out onto the ledge and use your magic umbrella to float you down to the ground.

Kendall: You should be the poster boy for construction workers who fail to wear their hardhats.

Aidan: Oh, really? You're not going anywhere. I'm not going to make the same mistake covering for you again. I think we're going to pay a visit to Ms. Kane -- yeah -- and she can decide what to do with you.

Kendall: Like hell! No -- Aidan, put me down! Aidan --

Aidan: Come with me my way, then.

Kendall: No, Aidan, Aidan -- but, Aidan, I -- put me down. Aidan, put me down. You better put me down now. I'm going to kill you. Put me down, Aidan!

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh. Just a minute. Yes?

Chris: You're not getting off that easily.


Kendall: Let me down. You better put me down! God! You know what? This caveman act is a joke!

Aidan: I'm going to beat you over the head with my club just to shut you up. Ms. Kane?

Kendall: Oh, yeah, special delivery for the mighty Erica Kane! Oh, poor baby, poor toady. There's no Goddess for you to kiss up to.

Aidan: Maybe she's gone.

Kendall: Oh, God, you're quick. You care to let me down?

Aidan: Yeah, with pleasure. But you're not going to go anywhere, all right?

Kendall: You ever hear of unlawful restraint? Kidnapping?

Aidan: Just sit down, ok? She's going to be back.

Kendall: Who made you Satan's hall monitor?

Aidan: You're not the least bit worried about her? There's a great storm building up.

Kendall: Oh, please. If a lightning bolt ever came near Erica Kane, she'd catch it with her bare hands and throw it through me like a spear. Oh. Of course. Look. Look at this. Of course, of course. The only thing that Erica's been struck by is dumb luck. Look at this. That woman is charmed beyond belief.

Erica: I'm sorry that I confused you.

Chris: I didn't come over here for apologies, Erica. I came over here because I need to understand what's bothering you so I can set it right. So why don't you start talking. Come on. How bad can it be?

Erica: I don't want to find out.

Chris: Well, what does that mean, Erica?

Erica: Chris -- look, I have been down this aisle so many times. So why should this time be any different than any of the others?

Chris: Because I'm not them. Because you're at a different point in your life. Erica, I proposed to you where we first met, where you -- you first knocked me out with your beauty and your spirit, and where I planned on carrying you across the threshold to start our new life.

Erica: And you were so sweet and you were so romantic.

Chris: Oh, the -- the ring on the ribbon? That's an old Stamp family tradition.

Erica: It is?

Chris: Yep. My grandfather started it. My grandmother -- she -- she worked in a five-and-dime store when she was a girl, and my grandfather got in one night after it closed, and he -- and he decorated the whole place in ribbons and fake flowers and --

Erica: Oh, he was a romantic, like you.

Chris: My grandmother -- she -- she saved this ribbon and she used it to mark her place in her bible.

Erica: Chris --

Chris: You look at me. Look into my eyes -- how I feel for you and how determined I am to be everything that you need.

Erica: Oh, but what about what you need, Chris?

Chris: I get that. Sweetheart, I get that just being next to you. I mean, I love -- I love watching you walk towards me, and I even love watching you walk away from me, too. Loving you is more than I ever dreamed I could have, Erica.

Erica: Oh, Chris, you don't know what you're getting into with me.

Chris: Oh, I think I know what I'm getting into with you. So bring it on, darling. I like danger, remember?

Erica: Chris, when I saw the ring, I just was so terrified. I was so scared.

Chris: Well --

Erica: That's why I said no.

Chris: Well, all that does is -- it gives the pleasure of proposing to you all over again.

Mia: You are the sickest, most sadistic --

Trey: Oh, watch it, sweetheart. It's a bad time to make me angry.

Mia: How could you trade on my child's security?

Trey: Oh, maybe because it works.

Mia: All right. What if I called your bluff?

Trey: Paging Dr. Frank Hubbard! Dr. Big Daddy --

Mia: Shut up!

Trey: I never could resist a dare.

Mia: Ok. I give up. You win.

Trey: Wow. That was almost too easy.

Mia: I'm not going to let you ruin my son's life.

Trey: Ok. What's your half of the bargain?

Mia: I won't tell Leo anything negative about you.

Trey: That's pretty good for starters, but I've got something a little better in mind.

Leo: Is it a mirage?

Greenlee: No, we're home.

Leo: Air conditioning. I need air conditioning.

Greenlee: I left it on high.

Leo: Ok. I'm starting to feel it.

Greenlee: Do you want to sit on some ice trays?

Leo: Yeah, I want to sit on some ice trays. I want to watch some DVDs.

Greenlee: Sounds good.

Leo: I want to stop talking about Vanessa. That would make everything --

Greenlee: That would be perfect.

Leo: Perfect.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Oh, let the machine get it.

Leo: What if it's Mia? Hello?

Mia: Hi, Leo. It's me.

Leo: Oh, hey, Mia. So -- so -- so, where's Trey?

Mia: I got rid of him.

Leo: Ok, so tell me everything you know about him. Anything will help. What's he done?

Mia: I wish I could give you what you need.

Leo: Just spill. I'll let you know when I hear it.

Mia: I don't really have anything.

Leo: Uh -- what do you mean, you don't have anything? An hour ago, you were ready to slaughter the guy.

Mia: I know. I was mad, and that's all. See, I had this thing for him, and he dumped me, and you just caught me at a bad time. I just wanted to get back at him.

Leo: That's it?

Mia: Yeah, that's it. I hate Trey. Now you know why. I hate him more than anyone I've hated in my entire life.

Leo: Well, if you hate him so much, Mia, why don't you just -- why are you protecting him?

Mia: I'm not. Leo, look, I can't give you information that doesn't exist. I'm sorry.

Leo: Oh, not as sorry as I am.

Greenlee: So much for Mia being our salvation.

Leo: Not to mention her lack of being your new best friend.

Greenlee: What was that?

Leo: That was Mia weaseling.

Greenlee: Why?

Leo: Well, my guess is that Trey got to her and forced her to back down.

Mia: I really hope there is an afterlife, Trey, so that you burn in hell, you sadistic bastard.

Trey: You're going to be sweating there, too. You brought a baby to this world and then you just tossed it aside.

Mia: T.

Trey: You think that earns you a chaise by the pool in heaven? That puts you smack down in the middle of the fire, Mia.

Mia: What is wrong with you? You were there. You saw how hard that decision was for me.

Trey: Oh, what, you lost a couple hours of sleep? You couldn't eat dessert?

Mia: You were my friend then. You saw me agonize over what to do with my son.

Trey: Well, some choices just can't be justified. It's a little late for tears and nail-biting.

Mia: Shut up.

Trey: You shut up. A baby's just a little too inconvenient so you just pass it off on some strangers? You don't deserve any understanding or sympathy from anybody. You don't deserve spit.

Mia: Whoa. This -- this isn't about me and William, is it? This is personal for you.

Trey: You're damn right it is.

Mia: Why is it personal?

Trey: Because I -- because I was your accomplice.

Mia: I wanted a good life for my son.

Trey: You wanted not to be bothered.

Mia: Who are you?

Trey: Just someone who sees you for who you really are. So, from now on, you stay clear of Leo du pres. And don't go getting Jake martin all worked up -- not about me, anyway. Confine your pillow talk to your romance.

Mia: So I'm just yours to command?

Trey: You got that right.

Trey: Oh, oh -- excuse me. Hi. Hi, nurse. I'm sorry. I was wondering if you could help me. This little boy -- I'm sorry, I don't know his last name -- he was being wheeled around by Dr. Hubbard, and he was steering him in a wheelchair. Malik --

Nurse: Malik Robertson. Isn't he darling?

Trey: Yeah, yeah. I know that you can't give me details, but I heard he was a foster child?

Nurse: Yes, he is.

Trey: And that he's going home soon, so that means he's ok, right?

Nurse: There's another procedure that could save Malik a lot of surgeries, but at this stage the state won't foot the bill.

Trey: But if it could save him more time in the hospital in the future -- that's nuts.

Nurse: That's bureaucracy.

Trey: Wait a second, wait a second.

Trey: There you go. See if that won't cover it.

Nurse: Oh -- is this good?

Trey: I have an idea of the kind of things that kids like Malik go through. Just make sure that nobody knows who his benefactor is, ok?

Leo: All we had to do is put the money in Jackson Montgomery's office, and we're free to leave this town, Greenlee. Is that too much to ask?

Greenlee: I guess it's too much to ask of Mia.

Leo: Oh -- an hour ago, she was ready to blow the whistle on that creep. Now we got zip.

Greenlee: Except for his weird attachment to your mother.

Leo: So have I driven past the nonromantic point of no return, or can I still whomp up some enthusiasm?

Greenlee: Consider myself whomped.

Leo: But we did vow not to talk about Vanessa anymore, and all we've done since we left the hospital was talk about Vanessa.

Greenlee: Hmm -- extenuating circumstances.

Leo: Yeah, well, over. That's it. Let's just -- let's just move on to us. And I know just what you need.

Greenlee: You.

Leo: Well, yeah, and that ginger sorbet that you love so much.

Greenlee: I ate the last of it this morning.

Leo: Yeah, I know you did, and I'm going to go get some more.

Greenlee: You'd do that for me?

Leo: I would do --

Greenlee: When it's like a million degrees outside?

Leo: I would do anything for you.

Greenlee: I love you.

Leo: I love you, too. But there is one string attached.

Greenlee: I knew it.

Leo: I get to decide where the sorbet is served.

Greenlee: In the bedroom, I hope?

Leo: Well, that's the general location. More specifics to follow.

Greenlee: Hurry back.

Leo: I will.

TV announcer: After our short subject, we'll continue "Scandalous Hollywood" with a cult classic starring the late, infamous Richard Fields.

Erica: You were so thoughtful, and I ruined --

Chris: "Ruined"? What's ruined? I'm as crazy about you now as I ever was. And I don't want you to ever say anything you're not ready to say.

Erica: You really mean that?

Chris: Of course I do, sweetheart. I love you. My love doesn't change. And my proposal of marriage still stands.

Erica: I hate making you wait.

Chris: Oh, sweetheart, you're worth waiting for. And when you feel the time is right, then you just -- I don't know -- shoot off some fireworks, wink, or whistle, and I'll meet you at the altar.

Erica: You really mean that, don't you?

Chris: Wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.


[Erica gasps]

Chris: Engagement rings aren't the only thing to spook you, huh? Lightning, too.

Erica: That night -- the -- the night that Richard fields raped me -- I -- it was a really stormy night, too, that night.

Chris: I'm sorry, sweetheart.

TV announcer: The studio system protected Richard Fields. Few suspected his unhealthy interest in underage girls. Even fewer knew of his crimes against these innocents. Now here is the scandalous Richard Fields in "Son of the Monster."

[Music plays]

Trey's voice: Shut up and listen to me, damn it!

Leo: Trey? What the hell you doing here? Hold on, Greenlee, I'm coming.

Trey: And thank you for keeping quiet about my identity.

Nurse: Thanks for doing this for that sweet little boy.

Vanessa: Six-letter word for "faker." Is that f-a-k-e-r, f-a-k-I-r? Company.

Ofc. Shirley: That's seven. Oh. I'll be outside.

Vanessa: Thank you, dear. I feel so much safer with you out there.

Trey: Might I have a glass of water? Ahem.

Vanessa: Of course not. And I hear it's a blast furnace out there.

Trey: It's worse, believe me.

Vanessa: Well, not to nag, but maybe you should cut down on your caffeine a little.

Trey: Thanks for the tip, Nessa.

Vanessa: Your job is stressful enough, isn't it, without adding caffeine to the mix.

Trey: You'll be happy to know that I made some progress with your defense.

Vanessa: Well, you happen to be a very considerate lawyer, dropping by just to give me an update.

Trey: But you have to lead the DA's office to Vanessa's millions.

Vanessa: Oh, yes. Oh, my, oh, my.

Trey: If you turn over the million-dollar mother lode, Montgomery, I'm sure, will agree to probation.

Vanessa: And you really think so?

Trey: Oh, yeah, yeah. So, do you know where Vanessa stashed it?

Vanessa: Do you know that I have wracked this poor old brain over and over, and do you know what I've come up with?

Trey: That's my question.

Vanessa: Not a gosh darn thing. And I just hate it that I have to disappoint you.

Trey: It's not about me. It's about you avoiding a life in prison. And if we're going to continue to work together, we're going to have to have a total honesty and trust between us.

Vanessa: Well, then, if -- are you thinking about abandoning me?

Trey: How could I ever cut you loose after everything we've been through?

Vanessa: Well, I certainly hope not.

Trey: I'm sorry to have frightened you, but you need to tell me everything. Up till now, the only people you've trusted have been your children and -- Leo, anyway. You -- you haven't given him the money, though?

Vanessa: Well, Vanessa didn't give him the money, no. And I've merely been a passive presence, you know, when I can get out at all.

Trey: Nessa, I'm curious. Did you or Vanessa or whoever else is in there have any other children?

Vanessa: More children? What an odd quest--

[Vanessa gasps]

Vanessa: Oh, dear, what -- oh. Oh.

Leo: Greenlee, Greenlee, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Trey's voice: The game's up.

Leo: Greenlee? Greenlee!

Kendall: People think Erica's so classy and marvelous. What if she's just as cold and transparent as this -- what happened? Aidan?

Chris: You feeling better about the storm?

Erica: What storm?

[Erica gasps]

Chris: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Leo: Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee!

Greenlee: I know it's cooler without them, but we do need some light.

Leo: Are you ok? You all right?

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm fine. Now figure out a way to turn the lights back on.

Leo: I didn't -- I didn't turn off the lights. Where's Trey?

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Trey -- where'd he go?

Greenlee: Trey's not here.

Leo: Come on, Greenlee. I was just outside, and I heard Trey's voice in here. He was threatening you.

Vanessa: What was that?

Trey: Lightning must've hit the generator or something.

Vanessa: Ok, would you find out what that was?

Trey: Yeah, I'll get right on that. So, do you have an answer? Do you have any other children?

Kendall: Doesn't Erica's palace have, like, some security light or something? I mean, shouldn't they be turning on?

Aidan: Yeah, they will -- when they're installed.

Kendall: I -- I got to get out of here. I got to get out of here.

Aidan: Hey, I'm going to go look for an escape route, ok? I'll be back.

Kendall: Come back soon. Please come back soon. Come back soon. Come back soon, please, please. Thank God. Listen, can we just get out of here? Can we just leave, please?

Aidan: The elevators are not working and the stairwell's locked.

Kendall: Excuse me?

Aidan: There's no way out for the moment.

Kendall: No, that -- that can't be right. I mean, isn't that -- that against the fire code, the rules, regulations, something?

Aidan: The security system is shut down. There's no way out.

Kendall: It can't be. We can't be stuck in here. We cannot be stuck in here. There has to be some way out.

Aidan: I'm afraid not, Kendall. We're well and truly stuck.

Chris: Richard Fields can't hurt you anymore.

Erica: Just every bolt of lightning I see his face, and the thunder --

Chris: Erica -- I'm with you now, and I won't let anything or anyone ever hurt you again. You know that, don't you?

Erica: Yes.

Chris: And I'll do anything you need me to do, now and always.

Erica: Anything?

Chris: Name it, you got it.

Erica: Where's my ribbon?

Chris: What?

Erica: Put my ring on my finger.

Chris: No, I -- I -- you should be sure. I mean, you should be really sure when you want to do that.

Erica: I am really sure. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I love you.

Greenlee: The temperature's blowing the top off the thermometers and we're lighting matches.

Leo: Ok, Trey's not here.

Greenlee: That would be correct. I still don't get why you thought he was here.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm telling you I heard Trey's voice in here.

Greenlee: Do you know what? Even if I had heat stroke, I would hear Trey yelling at me. I was in the bedroom. Did you check the machine?

Leo: I don't know. The electricity's off. Who knows?

Greenlee: Well, maybe he left a message. I guess he couldn't do that, huh? Where's the sorbet?

Leo: Uh -- outside.

Greenlee: If it is melted and running down the hall -- hmm. Moderately soft. More proof that Trey wasn't here.

Leo: How do you figure?

Greenlee: He would've picked this up on his way out.

Leo: Greenlee, listen to me.

Greenlee: Hmm?

Leo: I heard Trey's voice.

Greenlee: No, you heard someone who sounded like him. Maybe it was on the TV.

Leo: A vocal double? Weird.

Vanessa: Would it help you if I told you I did have other children?

Trey: It might.

Vanessa: Oh. All I seem to be able to do is disappoint you. No. No more children. David and Leo are my only issue.

Trey: Well, I guess that's it for this visit.

Vanessa: Well, the lights are liable to be out all over the city. Will you be all right?

Trey: I got over my fear of the dark before I even got on a bicycle with training wheels.

Vanessa: Oh.

Trey: Not that you care, Mother.

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Greenlee: What are we looking for?

Leo: Anything that connects Kenyon to Vanessa's drug money.

Greenlee: Right.

Aidan: I'm going to try and make myself as cool as I can. You probably want to do the same.

Tad: Where's Edmund?

Brooke: He went to look for Maria.

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