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All My Children Transcript Thursday 8/8/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Bianca: You're not going to hurt my mother. I won't let you.

Mia: Listen to Leo. You don't know what Trey is capable of.

Greenlee: You have a lot to prove to me. For Leo, Iím going to try to be nice to you.

Simone: People aren't usually nice to me, and whatever your reasons are, I'm grateful.

Simone: Why did I do that?

Frank: Because Iím irresistible.

Simone: No. I'm falling down the same hole again.

Kendall: Hey, you're dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Petey: So?

Kendall: "So"? That's cheating.

Petey: Going to rat me out to my old man?

Kendall: Maybe. Hey, you know what, we'd better get inside.

Petey: He'll high-five me for taking your cash and bust you for teaching an innocent kid to gamble.

Kendall: Innocent? You know, I'm going to start calling you sneaky Pete.

Petey: Read 'em and weep, nanny Kendall. Straight to the nine. Come to papa.

Kendall: Man, you are totally cleaning me out.

Trey: This is like a scene from Norman Rockwell -- "Nanny Kendall."

Erica: Jimmy, the theme of our spring campaign is florals. The fields of beauty campaign needs focus. Yes, okay, you know the palette I like, so you work on that, you get back to me. Hi!

Bianca: Hi.

Erica: Ooh, you look stunning!

Bianca: Oh, thank you.

Erica: Oh, I love that!

Bianca: Thank you.

Erica: What's this?

Bianca: It's my resume.

Erica: Yes, I can see that. But why do I have it?

Bianca: Well, because you're the boss and I'm applying for a job here at Enchantment.

Mia: You know, you run the show around here, Jake. Why don't you just ban Trey from the hospital? When is somebody going to stand up to this creep?

Jake: When you tell me what the real deal is with you and Trey.

Vanessa: Oh, Greenlee, dear, I'm so glad you came back.

Greenlee: Really?

Vanessa: Oh, yes. I want us to trust each other, and I can see that you don't trust me. And, good heavens, after all the horrendous things Vanessa did to you, dear, I -- I don't blame you.

Greenlee: I don't blame you, either, Nessa.

Chris: Aidan.

Aidan: Hey, Chris.

Chris: How's it going?

Aidan: Yeah, good. We're still on schedule.

Chris: Great, great. Look, when you're finished with this wiring, why don't you and the crew knock off for the rest of the day.

Aidan: You sure?

Chris: Yeah. And why don't you and the boys go have a round on me.

Aidan: I mean, we can stick around. You know, there's still work to be done.

Chris: Look, I got big plans for this space tonight, Aidan, and they don't include you.

Erica: Refresh my memory -- last year, didn't I beg you to take a job here at Enchantment?

Bianca: Well, it wasn't right at the time.

Erica: Yeah, I seem to recall that your exact words were, "I would rather gargle glass than toil in the cosmetics field."

Bianca: All right. This doesn't have anything to do with cosmetics. It's about Kendall.

Erica: Kendall?

Bianca: Yeah, she has hooked up with Greenlee and the two of them are going to double-team to try to ruin you.

Erica: Oh, honey, they can try. They won't succeed.

Bianca: Mom, they don't fight fair.

Erica: Neither do I.

Bianca: That's great! So hire me and -- and we'll plan our counterattack.

Erica: You and me versus Greenlee and Kendall?

Bianca: Absolutely. You need somebody on your side right now who you can trust. Who can you trust more than your own daughter?

Erica: Bianca, this is exactly kind of support I would expect from you.

Bianca: Let's do this, Mom. Let's grind Greenlee and Kendall into the ground.

Erica: Oh, honey. I have eaten tougher competitors for breakfast. These two wannabes, they are just not even a mouthful.

Bianca: So, what, does that mean you're turning me down?

Erica: With great regret, yes.

Bianca: But Kendall is -- is serious about this, Mom.

Erica: Honey, Kendall -- look, whatever bad blood you have between you, this is not your fight.


Trey: Is this park zoned for gambling, Kendall?

Petey: Who's the suit?

Kendall: Trey Kenyon, say hello to Peter Cortlandt.

Trey: Any relation to Palmer Cortlandt?

Petey: Son and heir.

Trey: Well, in that case, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Petey: What kind of dorky name is Trey?

Trey: It's a dorky old-money name. Give me a call if you need any legal advice.

Kendall: Trey, I didn't call you here to fleece your next mark.

Trey: Are you kidding? I could learn a trick or two from this kid. So why'd you want to see me?

Kendall: Because you owe me big-time, and it's time for you to pay up.

Frank: Simone, would you ease up on yourself?

Simone: No, this is the same old scene. I get down and I find some guy and then I try to lose myself in him.

Frank: Hey, I'm not some guy. I'm some guy M.D.

Simone: I know that, and you're really sweet, Frank, but you don't get it, okay? Look, I -- I have a habit of using men as a crutch, you know, to prop myself up.

Frank: There's no shame in leaning on somebody when you have to.

Simone: No, there is. There is when you ditch reality and try to disappear. I mean, look, I get into trouble and then, what do I do? I -- I crawl into bed with the closest warm body.

Frank: Shock me.

Simone: I slept with my best friend's father. And then I got a mad attack of the guilts, so I -- I cut him loose.

Frank: Then?

Simone: Then I -- I got lonely, so I crawled back into bed with him. And if your smarts are like your looks, then I would suggest that you run as far away as you can from me.

Mia: Jake, I didn't mean to jump all over you.

Jake: Mia, what is it about Trey that pushes your buttons?

Mia: It's nothing. Just bad memories. I'm sorry.

Jake: All right, all right, listen, just forget it. You know what? I got a staff meeting. Why don't you walk me down and we can talk about what's happening with Liza.

Mia: Sure. Bye, Leo.

Jake: See you around, Leo.

Leo: See you, guys.

Mia: I don't really know all of the details, but Liza went to New York --

Jake: Forget Liza. That was just a way to get you away from Leo.

Mia: What? Why?

Jake: So that you could come clean with me about you and Trey.

Mia: Jake, I told you --

Jake: Nothing that you have told me makes any sense. First you told me that Kenyon was the father to your child, then you admitted you were lying about that.

Mia: Yeah, and I apologized for misleading you.

Jake: And then you said that Trey found this terrific family to adopt your son.

Mia: True.

Jake: And now your pitch is that the guy is some kind of a creep and he's not to be trusted? What is it?

Mia: Look, it's complicated.

Jake: Well, yeah, I'm damn well confused. Mia, I'm trying to help you. Give me some help here. Give me a clue what's going on with you and him.

Mia: Okay, well, all right. Trey did find a family for my son. But he's also a lying user.

Jake: That's it?

Mia: That's it. You believe me. Right?

Jake: I believe that everything that you're telling me is true. I just don't think that you're telling me everything.

Mia: I'm not holding anything back.

Jake: Whatever you say. I got to get back to work.

Mia: Call me.

Jake: Sure.

Mia: Leo. What are you doing?

Leo: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm eavesdropping.

Vanessa: Oh, Greenlee, it does my heart so much good to hear you say you don't hold me responsible for Vanessaís cruelty. And I'm happy I'm free. I can finally see for myself how your love saved Leo.

Greenlee: Can you?

Vanessa: Oh, yes. He had a miserable childhood, Darling. Used and abused by his very own mother.

Greenlee: You couldn't stop her?

Vanessa: Heaven knows I tried. Seemed like all I could do was pray that, well, in spite of Vanessaís influence, someday he'd find happiness. And he did when he found you. I could see his eyes light up for the very first time. And that told me he finally found a home for his heart.

Greenlee: In spite of Vanessa.

Vanessa: Oh, God, please. Because that -- that was a horrible night when Vanessa was holding that knife up to your throat. I was so terrified for you and Leo and -- oh. Greenlee, can you ever forgive me for not doing more to stop her?

Greenlee: Forgive you?

Greenlee: Nessa, I owe you my life.

Aidan: You have a good time tonight.

Chris: That's the plan.

Chris: Ryan.

Chris' voice: "Hey, son. Great to hear from you. You know, I got to admit it's tough not having you around, but I get why you had to split. You know, having you gone has made it clear to me that I can't let anything or anyone I care about ever get away from me. So tonight -- tonight's the night I grab on to my life with both hands and never let it go."

Bianca: Mom, you were begging me to come work here a while ago. Now you're going to turn me down?

Erica: Yes, because you have made it so clear to me that you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the cosmetics business. And, honey, the truth is that you really do belong in school.

Bianca: Mom, I told you, I'm not ready for college right now. But I can't just sit around on my trust fund. I want to work, so why not here?

Erica: Because, Sweetheart, this -- this is my dream, but not yours. Where do you see yourself in one, five, 10 years from now?

Bianca: I don't know.

Erica: But not here.

Bianca: Okay, well, I don't know what I want to be, I don't know what my dream is, but I do know that I can learn so much from working with you, Mom. I mean, you've built this company up from practically nothing. I admire that. I admire you.

Erica: Thank you. That means a great deal to me, Sweetheart, but --

Bianca: And this -- to me, this is real life. This is making decisions and being creative, and I want to be a part of that. I need the experience and this will help me decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Erica: You are certainly much more grown-up than I ever was at your age.

Bianca: Let me learn from you, Mom. I want this gig on my resume.

Erica: Okay. If you are really serious about wanting to learn this business --

Bianca: I am.

Erica: Then part of the process has to be that you attend P.V.U. part-time.

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: It's a deal-breaker, Bianca. Two courses a semester towards your degree.

Bianca: Okay. You win.

Erica: Okay. Then welcome to Enchantment.

Kendall: Petey, why don't you go score us some ice cream from the ice cream vendor over there. Oh, come on, you practically cleaned me out already.

Petey: That's not my problem.

Kendall: Who are you? Go!

Trey: I like that kid.

Kendall: Figures.

Trey: So talk.

Kendall: So, Trey, you owe me.

Trey: No, Kendall, you owe me.

Kendall: For?

Trey: My stint as your defense attorney.

Kendall: Well, Ryan covered that.

Trey: That was just a little retainer.

Kendall: Yeah, it's a lot more than you deserve. That was some great defense plan you worked out for me, telling me to plant a bug at Ericaís construction site. You know, that's when Ryan caught me with Aidan. It's your fault my life is in free-fall.

Trey: Oh, honey, your life was no great shakes to begin with.

Kendall: I had a future with Ryan. Now, thanks to you, I have no prospects, I have nowhere to live, and I'm making peanuts baby-sitting a tiny terror.

Trey: Well, to quote Petey, "It's not my problem." But if you want to go 10 rounds, bring it on.

Kendall: I don't want to fight. And I don't have to. All I have to do is call the Bar Aassociation. I think the ethics review might be interested to know the kind of advice you give your clients.

Trey: You're bluffing.

Kendall: They'd revoke your license, Trey, and then you can say bye-bye to Adam Chandler and all those billable hours.

Trey: What do you want?

Kendall: Justice. But that's not likely coming from you, so I'll settle for a place to crash.

Trey: Try the classifieds.

Kendall: Trey, I'm living out of my car. I can't afford first and last months' rent, let alone a security deposit.

Trey: And I'm pretty close to broke, too, thanks to my nonpaying clients.

Kendall: Yeah, well, at least you have a place to store your briefcase. I mean, I know you're sharing a loft with Simone.

Trey: Not anymore. Greenlee kicked Simone to the curb.

Kendall: Hmm. Well, that's perfect.

Trey: What? You want to move in with me?

Kendall: Well, I mean, Greenlee's in your building and she is my new partner.

Trey: So bunk up with her.

Kendall: Hello, she's married! And you're a carefree bachelor.

Trey: Oh. Yeah, right.

Kendall: Oh, come on. Come on, Trey. Might even be fun being roomies.

Trey: So what's in it for me?

Kendall: Listen, buddy, like it or not, you do owe me. And trust me, you want to stay on my good side.

Petey: Hurry, they're melting all over!

Kendall: All right, relax. Thanks. All right, go. Well?

Trey: Okay. You can move in with me -- temporarily. But just so you understand, now you owe me. See you around, kid.

Petey: I like that guy. But he shouldn't touch the hair.

Mia: You were listening to me and Jake?

Leo: Just -- and for what it's worth, I thought that he was coming down too hard on you.

Mia: Oh, yeah?

Leo: Yeah. If you swore to me that you were telling me the truth about Trey, I'd believe you. I just hope that I didn't cause any trouble between you and Jake.

Mia: Well, it's not really your fault, Leo, or your business, really.

Leo: Hey, Mia, I'm not -- I'm not trying to charm you here.

Mia: What do you want, Leo?

Leo: I want freedom, okay? Freedom to start a new life with Greenlee in Paris.

Mia: So what's stopping you?

Leo: Well, the D.A.'s office is holding me as a material witness against Vanessa and I'm a little short on hard evidence, and that's where -- that's where Trey figures in.

Mia: How is he involved?

Leo: Well, he's Vanessaís attorney. And I think he knows a little bit more about her illegal activities than he's letting on, if you know what I'm saying. I think he's using the information he has to squeeze Vanessa for more information, trying to figure out where she's hiding the drug money. Not only that, I think that he would kill his own mother to get to the money.

Mia: Oh, and how about you, Leo? How low would you go?

Leo: Look, I'm not -- I'm not -- this isn't me trying to get rich quick, okay? This is me trying to put all the bad stuff behind me, more specifically, away from my whack job of a mother, and like I said, to start a new life with Greenlee. So if you know anything, something that'll help me bury Trey, please tell me.

Frank: You know, Simone, I travel slow, but I do get there. You slept with your best friend's daddy at the same time that your father was throwing you on the rejection pile. Paging Dr. Freud.

Simone: No, you're way off, Frank. My father is a good man. It's not his fault that I keep letting him down.

Frank: All right, you got until Labor Day to tell me one good thing the guy's done for you.

Simone: Well, just back off, all right? You don't know what you're talking about. My father has had his heart stepped on.

Frank: So every time he finds you in a mess, he gives you a business card? I don't buy it.

Simone: And you think that you're better, you're the expert now? What, you want to shrink-wrap poor little Simone so, what, you can become the new hotshot doctor?

Vanessa: Oh. Well, Greenlee, that's so sweet of you to suggest it, but I can't take any credit for saving your life.

Greenlee: It's all falling together. You saved me to spare Leo a lifetime of heartbreak.

Vanessa: Well -- I suppose I did.

Greenlee: You love him as much as I do. You'd do anything to protect him.

Vanessa: Well, without hesitation.

Greenlee: And I know you'd risk anything to give Leo the life that he deserves.

Vanessa: But is there something I can do right now?

Greenlee: Yes. Yes, there is. You can tell me where Vanessa hid the $10 million.

Erica: Here is your pass to the executive floor.

Bianca: Whoa, wait, Mom. Don't you think that I should be starting a little lower on the corporate ladder, like the mailroom?

Erica: Oh, don't be silly. You are going to take over Greenlee's old job and Greenlee's old office. So I'm going to bring you my interior designer first thing in the morning and she can talk to you, see what you like, and in the meantime, we can both work here. In fact, here's the key to my office.

Bianca: Oh.

Chris: Hey. My two favorite ladies.

Erica: Hi.

Chris: Hey, Bianca.

Erica: Hi.

Chris: Hey, Darling.

Erica: Hi. Oh, guess what.

Chris: What?

Erica: Bianca is going to be working here at Enchantment.

Chris: When did hell freeze over?

Erica: Oh, very funny.

Chris: This is true?

Bianca: This is true. I am a junior exec on training wheels.

Chris: Ah. Well, then I hope you're as happy here as you've just made your mom.

Bianca: Aw.

Erica: Do we have a date?

Chris: No, but I do need you upstairs in the penthouse. Some of my fixtures just arrived and I want to make sure they shipped the right stuff.

Erica: Well, now? You need me now?

Chris: As in yesterday.

Erica: Okay. Then I will see you, young lady, tomorrow.

Bianca: I can't wait.

Chris: But not too early, okay?

Bianca: Oh, uh-huh. Good night.

Erica: Bye. Good night.

Chris: Bye-bye.

Kendall: Well, well, well. Little Binky's playing dress up in Mommy's office.

Leo: Look, I know the idea of you ratting out Trey scares the hell out of you, but it's okay.

Mia: You know, I'm so tired of being scared and I'm really tired of keeping these secrets.

Leo: Okay, it's okay. You can trust me with anything. I'm not going to -- he'll never know where it came from, I promise.

Mia: I told you, Trey is a lying thug who uses people and throws them away like trash. Isn't that enough?

Leo: Uh -- uh-uh. I'm going to need a little more. And I believe you. I believe that he's all the bad things you say he is, but I need -- look at me. I need ammo, you know, something specific, something that's going to put him out of our lives for good. And if you help me, I promise you he'll never get near you again. So please, Mia, do what you know is right. Tell me.

Mia: Okay. I'll tell you every rotten thing I know about Trey Kenyon.

Trey: My, don't we look cozy.

Frank: Simone, you were my case when you O.D.'d on booze and pills.

Simone: Yeah, well, it was an accident.

Frank: It was a distress call and you need serious help.

Simone: You know, I can get my help, you know, from someone else without you.

Frank: Oh, yeah? From who? Your father? You go to him for a little T.L.C., you know what you're going to get? A referral.

Simone: My father wants to help me, okay? It's just not ethical for him to treat me himself, so he gives me a name of a shrink.

Frank: Yeah, right.

Simone: Okay? That's all.

Frank: Yeah, right. It's against the rules for him to put his arms around his daughter and to give her a hug and tell her that everything's going to be okay? It's against hospital policy for him to act like a halfway decent human being? I don't think so.

Simone: My father is a brilliant doctor, and you'd be lucky if you did half the things that he's done!

Frank: You know what? You're right. I may never be as big a man as your daddy. But I will remember the oath that I swore to, which was "First, do no harm."

Simone: Discussing my father with you is just a waste of time.

Frank: Whatever you say. I got to go to the hospital. I will see you back here when I get back.

Simone: No, you wonít. I won't be here.

Vanessa: Oh, Greenlee, believe me, I'm beginning to understand exactly how important it is to everyone to find that money, and especially Leo.

Greenlee: Then tell me where it is.

Vanessa: The truth is I never really had much of a head for finances, and Vanessa moved that money around so much in order to keep it from being traced. I have no idea where it actually ended up.

Greenlee: That's what I thought you'd say.

Vanessa: No, no, wait, Greenlee, really -- oh, please, there's -- there is one more thing.

Greenlee: I doubt anything you say -- whoever you are -- matters a damn.

Vanessa: Oh, you're wrong, Darling, you're wrong. You're terribly, terribly wrong.

Greenlee: Okay, you've got my attention. What's the big deal?

Vanessa: Just this -- please don't hate your father. He loved you with all of his heart.

Bianca: Kendall, how did you get past security?

Kendall: I threatened a lawsuit. I never got paid for my last week here at mama's beauty barn.

Bianca: Oh, like you did anything to earn a paycheck.

Kendall: I worked my buns off here.

Bianca: Yeah, selling Mom out to the competition.

Kendall: Well, it was rough, but someone had to do it. So, my money?

Bianca: I'll tell payroll to cut you a check. Where are you parking your car these days?

Kendall: Why don't you connect me to someone who actually works here?

Bianca: You're looking at her.

Kendall: You lie.

Bianca: You wish.

Kendall: So this is for real?

Bianca: Absolutely. You and Greenlee decided to team up, so I thought I'd join forces with Mom. You and Greenlee are so toasted.

Kendall: Well, after I get my check, I'll be sure to go home and hide under my bed.

Bianca: What bed? You know what? Let's take a trip down to payroll right now before word leaks out that you're in the building and our stock takes a dive.

Leo: Hey, Trey.

Trey: What's going on?

Leo: Well, Mia was just telling me that she's hopeful that my mother's recovery is the real thing. Anywho, the doctors thinks this new persona's the true Vanessa.

Mia: Yeah.

Leo: Cut loose from Rosie and the cast of thousands.

Mia: And I'm really very happy for you, Leo.

Leo: Thank you. Well, we'll talk later.

Trey: What was that all about?

Mia: Leo told you already. Excuse me.

Trey: Uh-uh. You're not going anywhere till I hear every word that you were whispering to Leo.

Mia: Leave me the hell alone. I am so sick of you grabbing me and threatening me and trying to run my life. This is over, Trey, do you hear me? You're finished, and I'm going to make sure of it.

Simone: I can't stay here, Frank. I'd be bumping into you all the time.

Frank: I can take the wear and tear.

Simone: It's not your job to be my savior in scrubs.

Frank: That's not why I signed on.

Simone: Look, I was wrong about you. You're -- you're going to be a great doctor because you obviously really do give a damn. But that's why I've got to clear out, all right? If I stay, it'd be way too easy for me to let you take care of me.

Frank: That's not so scary.

Simone: It is for me.

Frank: Well, Myrtle, looks like the lady's moving on. But I want you to know that I would never tell you how to live your life, Simone, not with how I've messed up my own. So if you want to leave, I'm not going to stop you.

Simone: Thank you.

Frank: But one thing that I have learned from my messes is that you don't learn how to dig yourself out of one until you first admit that you're in one.

Simone: Well, I think we've well established that.

Frank: Okay.

Simone: Okay.

Frank: But be sure. If you leave here, don't end up back in a bar or in an E.R. And if you're not sure, there's no harm in you sticking around here till you are. Myrtle, I'll be at the hospital.

[Door opens and closes]

Simone: Well, I'm going to get my purse and go.

Myrtle: Wait a minute, Honey. Just a minute. Now, of course, I want you to suit yourself, but I think you're making a very big mistake. You know, when you're drowning and somebody throws you a life preserver, you grab it and you hold on to it for dear life.

Vanessa: He loved you more than his own life.

Greenlee: Why are you saying this?

Vanessa: Because you need to hear it. Do you remember when your father and I were in Paris together? One afternoon, we went to the louvre to see the Mona Lisa. Well, I thought she was the most peaceful creature I'd ever seen in my life. And he looked at her and he said, "She doesn't even hold a candle to my little girl." But that's when Vanessa got her hooks really into him and he never quite got free. You see, Roger knew that she would -- she would go after you if he didn't do exactly what she ordered, and he was right. So he did exactly what she asked in order to protect you. So, in a roundabout way, he -- he gave his life for you. Now, Darling, I know you don't believe me, but somewhere in your heart, you know I'm telling you the truth and you know I am not a liar. I am not a pretender, Greenlee, and I would never, ever hurt you.

Greenlee: I have to go find Leo.

Vanessa: Greenlee, please, can we do this again, because we have to be friends. I mean, the kind of friends that have no secrets from each other.

Myrtle: You think I never needed a friend to hold me up from time to time?

Simone: And you think Frank is my --

Myrtle: Frank? Now, Frank -- if Frank is anything like his father, you're going to hear what he thinks whether you like it or not. But he'll be there for you. You can count on it.

Simone: Myrtle, why are you telling me this? I mean, you made it clear that you don't really trust me.

Myrtle: Well, I changed my mind.

Simone: Why?

Myrtle: Well, at first, I thought you were using Frank. And then I decided that if he saw something in you that was worth caring for, that was good enough for me. You know, Darling, you are not the first person to come through that door of mine who had hit rock bottom. And, you know, a boarding house is as a good a place as any to start over fresh. You know, my advice to you is plant yourself right here. And from time to time, you'll see a bit of Frank.

Chris: Careful. Watch your step.

Erica: I'll try. "Watch my step." Oh, Chris, I'm supposed to be working.

Chris: Work, work, work, work, work. Work can wait.

Erica: Well, where is this light fixture you want me to see? Oh. At least I can see.

Kendall: If it's war you want, baby sister, it's war you're going to get.

Leo: Greenlee, Greenlee, I think I finally figured out a way to nail Kenyon. This might be our ticket to Paris, baby. Greenlee, what -- what's wrong, baby?

Greenlee: God, it's worse than I thought.

Leo: What is? What? Tell me, tell me.

Greenlee: It's Nessa. She's so good, it's scary.

Leo: Okay, baby. Try not to be afraid. I know that she scammed us before, but maybe the doctors are right this time. Maybe -- maybe she's not faking it. But you got to admit; you got admit that this kinder, gentler Nessa's a hell of a lot nicer than Vanessa.

Greenlee: No, Leo, you're wrong. She's a hundred times worse.

Mia: You can threaten me all you want. I don't care. I am done taking orders from you.

Trey: Yeah, well, that's a shame, Mia. After all the hard work we put in placing your son in a loving and happy home, here you are ready to throw it all away, to ruin his life.

Mia: I'm not into destroying things, Trey, that's your game.

Trey: You know, I was just thinking about little Williamís birth father. He has no idea that he has a son, does he? I'm sure that if he knew what a wonderful boy William was, he'd fight for custody. Yeah, yeah, and, in fact, he'd have a good chance at winning. If you call tearing a little boy from the only family he's ever known winning. Are you sure you want to put him through all that torture, Mia, hmm?

Mia: You leave Williamís father the hell alone.

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Guard: I don't see any hair spray.

Leo: Greenlee!

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