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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 8/7/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Tad: There's nothing wrong with remembering Dixie.

J.R.: It's your fault she's dead.

Frank: Anyone tell you that too much sodium is bad for your health?

Zeke: Vanessa has split off into another personality.

Hayley: Taking Brooke away to Vegas for a quickie wedding?

Edmund: No. I'm going to look for Maria.

Aidan: Will you let me help you?

Simone: Okay.

Myrtle: Simone Torres. What are you doing here?

Frank: Myrt, honey, she's with me.

Mia: Winifred, where is everyone? Iím supposed to take Colby to her music class.

Winifred: Well, a lot happened last night when you weren't here.

Marian: That's right, Mia. The whole family is gone, and all because of you.

Hayley: I thought you said you were going to go see Maria. Uh-huh. That makes no sense.

Edmund: Remember when Brooke went to Nevada to look for the woman who was the tissue match for Enzo?

Hayley: The missing woman, yeah.

Edmund: She found her, and she looks just like Maria.

[Phone rings]

Tadís voice: It's me. I'm not here. Leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Brooke: Tad? Hi. I had hoped I would catch you. I'm just calling to say thank you and to tell you that you were -- you were right. I think I've finally put to bed all those crazy fears about Maria, and Edmund and I are back planning our wedding, and everything is right with the world.

Tad: You think I'm to blame for what happened to your mom?

J.R.: You drove her away, didn't you?

Tim: J.R., let's take this down a notch.

J.R.: Stay out of this, all right? You going to put me on house arrest now?

Tad: No. I'm going to love you and take care of you the way I always meant to.

J.R.: You wish you knew how. Man, you know, I knew I should have left last night when I had the chance. Anyplace is better than here.

Greenlee: Leo, don't stress. Another day, another personality. It's just Vanessaís world.

Leo: Oh, I don't know, it just feels Guy du Pres all over again -- you know, the parent that's too good to be true.

Greenlee: No, guy was a person worth having in your life. Vanessa is just psychotic.

Leo: Did you see her? Did you see the look in her eyes? She had this -- this caring, eager parent thing going on, Greenlee. I swear to you, I saw love in her eyes just like I saw in Guy's.

Greenlee: Leo, I can't just let you get sucked back into this black hole.

Leo: I'm not getting sucked back into anything.

Greenlee: Honey, you're diving headfirst into this fantasy.

Leo: No, I'm not. I think I've figured it out finally. We're going to escape this town. We're going to get out of here, Greenlee, and I think I've finally figured out a way we can go to Paris for good.

Vanessa: I was speaking with my son. The details of that conversation are private.

Trey: Well, I respect that, but there's information that I need in order to defend you, details that Vanessa concealed that you, as Nessa, must know.

Vanessa: Such as?

Trey: Where did Vanessa hide the $10 million drug fortune?

Trey: Nessa, you need to tell me where the Proteus millions are.

Vanessa: You know, is there really a good reason to visit that painful past? Vanessa's drug money has already destroyed thousands of lives, and I am on my way to being put away for life.

Trey: No, no, you're Vanessaís victim, too. You don't need to pay for her crimes.

Vanessa: Well, my body's the one that's going to have to pay. Besides that, the D.A. is out for blood, I understand.

Trey: He's out for justice. Jackson Montgomery is a terribly fair man. Handing over the Proteus millions will earn his trust.

Vanessa: So are you suggesting that I fire you and throw myself on the court's mercy?

Trey: No, no, no. You need me. I'm the only one who doesn't have a personal agenda in the Proteus case, the only one who's professionally and morally devoted to your best interests.

Vanessa: Really? And only a few weeks ago, you attacked me brutally and physically.

Trey: All right, I -- I admit that the confrontation was a bit of an extreme tactic, yes.

Vanessa: Oh, it revealed your true nature.

Trey: It revealed the depths of my devotion to you. My ultimate goal has always been to -- to secure for you what you've always wanted in life.

Vanessa: Yeah. Which is?

Trey: Leo. If you turn in Vanessaís drug money, he'll believe that you've vanquished Vanessa for good. He'll also be overjoyed that you, Nessa, are his true mother. Lead me to that money and you can finally be close to your son.


Greenlee: Please, Leo, let's go to Paris. We'll buy the first available Concorde tickets.

Leo: Greenlee, I've lived my whole life on the run and I've learned exactly one thing -- you can't run from your problems.

Greenlee: But --

Leo: No.

Greenlee: But if we were sipping drinks on the Riviera --

Leo: Then we're going to be thinking about getting caught the whole time. This is horrible. We're going to be thinking about getting caught from the police, the Interpol, thugs who want to come down even harder on us. Greenlee, I'm not going to do that to you.

Greenlee: You believe this new personality of Vanessaís is legit, don't you?

Leo: Well, the doctors seem to think it's pretty legit. I mean, come on, they've got records from before I was born proving that she was mentally ill even back then.

Greenlee: This doesn't strike you as a little too convenient?

Leo: What do you mean?

Greenlee: Trey's been trying to get Vanessa to cop an insanity plea, but those records and her nice act -- they might be enough to set her free. Leo, please don't let us get sucked back into the Vanessa whirlpool.

Hayley: Wait, let me get this straight. The woman who was a perfect tissue match for Enzo happens to look like his dead aunt? That's very strange.

Edmund: Yeah. That was my reaction.

Hayley: So you don't believe Brooke?

Edmund: No, I trust her completely. I'm just not sure she got the whole story.

Hayley: All right, I think that this pre-wedding dinner party thingy, we just -- you know, it should be casual.

Mateo: Yep, that I think we definitely can do, but not with this menu.

Hayley: Okay.

Mateo: Hayley and I will put together a different menu for this pre-wedding thingy.

Hayley: Oh, thank you.

Mateo: Yeah.

Hayley: Hey.

Brooke: Hey.

Mateo: Hey.

Hayley: Can I talk to you for a second, hon?

Mateo: Yeah, sure.

Hayley: Thanks.

Mateo: Excuse us.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Mateo: What's going on?

Brooke: Well, good, you're back. So, you have any brilliant ideas for our non-rehearsal party?

Edmund: Yeah. Let's just invite people, they show up, and we see what happens. What do you think? That's enough planning for me.

Brooke: Yeah, me, too. I think our hearts and our minds are married already.

Edmund: I'm glad you think so.

Brooke: Because?

Edmund: I booked a flight to Las Vegas.

J.R.: Mom didn't do anything wrong.

Tad: No, she didn't. No matter what, your mother always, always did everything out of love.

J.R.: I guess that's what made her stupid with men, especially you.

Tad: J.R., I loved her, too.

J.R.: You made her miserable! Okay? She couldn't even tell you she was pregnant. She had to go to Europe to have the baby.

Tad: Because she knew I couldn't stand to see her risk her life. She knew how important she was to me, how much I loved her.

J.R.: Well, guess what -- we're all now paying the price for your love.

Tad: Sometimes I think that myself.

J.R.: Good. Good. You know, you should. You should do that. You should torture yourself with it!

Tad: J.R. --

J.R.: But just don't worry about me, okay? Because I'm leaving.

Tad: No, you're not. Because I will put you under house arrest if I have to -- anything that's necessary to keep you at home.

J.R.: Why? Did Nevada get boring? You bomb out at all the local bars, Tad? Or is it because you know that my mom's up in heaven right now crying her eyes out over you?

Tad: No. I'm just a selfish bastard who's already lost more than I can possibly take. I'm not about to lose you, too. No way. I'm not going to lose you, too.

Myrtle: Frankie, my darling boy! Oh, to think I wasn't here to greet you.

Frank: Oh, that's okay. The key was where it always has been. How's Rae? How's Llanview?

Myrtle: All is well. Let me -- let me look at you. My gosh. You are downright handsome.

Frank: And you are as hot as ever.

Myrtle: Oh, you are trying to make an old carny girl blush. Tell me, how's Angie?

Frank: Great.

Myrtle: And what about the hospital? Are they treating you right, or do I have to give Jake Martin a talking-to?

Frank: No, Jake has been great. Everyone has.

Myrtle: Wonderful. Well, I must say you interns seem to have lots of time for extracurricular activities.

Frank: Myrtle, are you getting old-fashioned on me?

Myrtle: No, I'm getting pragmatic.

Simone: Please, Frank, tell Myrtle the truth.

Myrtle: Frankie -- Frankie, listen to me. Now, you know that Opal is a friend of mine.

Frank: Most everyone is, yeah.

Myrtle: Yeah. And nothing, absolutely nothing happens in this town that gets by her, if you get my meaning.

Simone: So you're saying that you've already heard about me?

Myrtle: Listen, honey, the whole town watched you in action with Mateo Santos. And then when you go horizontal with Roger Smythe and pretend to be his daughter's best friend -- now, that takes a particular kind of juggling.

Simone: Myrtle, I am sorry. I didn't mean to intrude here in your home.

Myrtle: Look, what you do is your business. But what you do in my home is mine, and then I feel free to give you a warning.

Frank: Now, Myrtle, your inner mama tiger is just roaring herself silly this morning. Now, I don't think --

Myrtle: The hell I am, darling! You've only been here three nights.

Frank: And if anyone's been bad, it's been me.

Marian: And now Adamís off with Colby and Stuart somewhere in Idaho, and Liza's in New York seeing a divorce/child custody lawyer.

Mia: This is terrible.

Marian: You really think so?

Mia: Yes, of course I do. It's obvious that you think I'm responsible in some way.

Marian: Yes, in many ways, Mia. Ever since you came barreling into our lives, there's been nothing but secrets kept in this family.

Mia: What?

Marian: Yes, Liza keeps secrets from her husband and from me with your help.

Winifred: Excuse me.

Mia and Marian: Yes, Winifred?

Winifred: The landscape architect needs approval on the changes that he's making on the grounds.

Marian: Oh, Liza was probably too upset to give him instructions. I'll take care of him --

Mia: Tell him that I'll look at the plans.

Marian: Excuse me?

Mia: I'll meet him on the terrace. Would you please serve iced tea?

Marian: It's too early for iced tea on the terrace.

Mia: It's hot outside, Marian. And Liza trusts my judgment completely. She would want me to handle this.

Maggie: What?

Tim: Oh, come on. My offer to spring for food barely even cracked a smile.

Maggie: Hey, we just watched a family implode. Come on, J.R. and Tad? You don't remember?

Tim: The father-son showdown stuff was shuck and jive. Practically G-rated.

Maggie: What are you talking about?

Tim: Okay, I get your sensitivity. Your family's probably all pot roast every Sunday, big bag of popcorn, and, you know, videos.

Maggie: Oh, Timmy, Timmy -- if you only knew my mother. No, she used to freak out over burnt toast.

Tim: Well, then why do I have to explain the basic problem of life to you?

Maggie: Which is?

Tim: Families. You know, you can't live with them and you can't make them disappear.

[Phone rings]

Hayley: S.O.S. Pork chop! What's up? T, now that Tim-man's in town. Are you kidding? He's officially my favorite cousin. Wait, Tim said what?

Brooke: So you're going all the way to Nevada to double-check my research?

Edmund: Brooke, you're the best at this, but what if you missed something? I have to see this Maureen Gorman for myself.

Tad: You're right. After Dixie died, you should have automatically become my first priority. But you have to understand -- for the longest time, the pain of losing Dixie and that baby was the only thing I could see. It's the only thing I could feel.

J.R.: But somehow the Tad show kept on running, didn't it?

Tad: No. It just seems like that. And when Brooke called me and asked me if I wanted to go out west, I jumped at the chance because I wanted to get lost in someone else's problems.

J.R.: And so do I, so just let me go, please.

Tad: Why? What happened?

J.R.: The truth is, missing my mom, all the emptiness and pain that I have inside, it's only getting worse. It's not getting any better.

Tad: It's because you've had to deal with this alone.

J.R.: Tell me something I don't know, Tad.

Tad: Okay. How's this? I can't let you go because you're -- you're the only thing I have left that reminds me of your mother.

J.R.: I wish that I had anything left.

Tad: You've got me. Dixie always swore that I had what it takes to be a really good father. I know I haven't done too much with the raw material just yet, but --

J.R.: Right.

Tad: If you give me the chance, I'll -- I'll do whatever I have to to be the kind of father she believed I can be. I'm not going to tell you you're going to get over Dixieís death. But I will tell you that I'll do whatever I have to to help you through it.

J.R.: Bull.

Myrtle: Now, listen, Frankie -- your girlfriend is officially in the shower, so you can come clean.

Frank: You want all the gory details?

Myrtle: No, I think the abridged version will do just fine.

Frank: I met Simone in the hospital. Simone is a patient of mine.

Myrtle: Is that young girl ill?

Frank: Not exactly. She got hold of a pretty nasty cocktail of alcohol and pills.

Myrtle: Good Lord. Was she trying to kill herself?

Frank: No, I -- I don't think so. But she got pretty close anyway, so I gave her an empty room on my floor.

Myrtle: Oh, Frankie. You got the same good heart as your parents.

Frank: No, I don't, and there's absolutely zero need for you to go protecting my honor.

Simone: Myrtle, I wanted to pay for last night's stay. I hope you accept credit cards.

Myrtle: Now, honey, put that away. And I apologize if I was harsh, but, you know, that boy there --

Simone: Is totally safe from me.

Frank: What?

Simone: The last thing I need right now is a relationship. Even one with a good guy is a bad idea.

Myrtle: What do you need?

Simone: A job. A little self-sufficiency.

Myrtle: I approve of that. I hope we'll get to know each other better. In the meantime -- in the meantime, I've got a million errands to do. Now, I want you two to finish your breakfast and I want clean plates.

Frank: Thank you --

Myrtle: Oh, Darling.

Frank: For everything, okay?

Myrtle: I can't believe it. I got Jessie and Angie's boy in my home. God is smiling at me. He truly is.

Frank: Oh.

Myrtle: Oh, I love you. I love you.

Frank: I love you, too.

Myrtle: See you later.

[Door closes]

Simone: I'm a total fraud.

Frank: What, you lied to Myrtle?

Simone: No. But this whole job thing --

frank: Pretty dicey, huh?

Simone: My references totally hate me.

Frank: You know, I might have a solution for your problem du jour.

Simone: Oui? Look, you're really being too nice.

Frank: Well, you make it easy. Everything except for that lower-than-a-snake-belly self-esteem of yours. Now, you get this fixed up. I'll be back in a bit.

Mia: Marian, Liza asked me to be in charge. Can you please just respect her wishes? Winifred, would you just give this to the architect? But make sure to remind him not to touch Colby's garden.

Winifred: Yes, Miss Mia.

Mia: Thank you.

Marian: Don't make yourself too comfortable, Darling. This still is Liza's home, you know.

Mia: I know.

Marian: And no matter what happens between Liza and Adam, her position is not available.

Mia: Look, I am not looking to take my sister's position. I'm just trying to help out in any way that I can.

Marian: Really? You know, I gave you a place to stay when you had nowhere to go, Mia.

Mia: I know, and I'll always be grateful for that.

Marian: But the second you got a chance to move to the main house, you --

Mia: The only reason I moved in here was to help Liza.

Marian: Don't think I didn't notice your eagerness to upgrade. And sooner or later, Liza will, too. Remember that, Darling.

Vanessa: Oh, Vanessaís money. It's hard to remember. I've watched her make, spend, and hide so much over the years.

Trey: Why don't you just talk it out? I'll put it together.

Vanessa: What good can it possibly do now?

Trey: It could make you a new kind of heroine.

Vanessa: Well, don't tease. I'm still going to pay for what Vanessa did.

Trey: Not if we get that money into the hands of the D.A. If we do that, then your name will be cleared. I promise.

Vanessa: Really? No insane asylum? No prison?

Trey: Just instant freedom, as soon as you lead me to that money.

Leo: Of course I don't trust Trey.

Greenlee: Well, you asked him to be your lawyer.

Leo: To keep him close in case I have to testify. I'm just trying to figure what his -- what his endgame is, that's all. You know what? I got an idea.

Greenlee: What now?

Leo: You remember the shrink talking about how Nessa has always been inside Vanessa?

Greenlee: Yeah, something like that.

Leo: Well, obviously, Nessa knows everything that Vanessa knows. Right?

Greenlee: You mean like where she hid the money?

Leo: Exactly. Exactly. Ah, Dr. Jake. Any news on my mother?

Jake: Not about why she flatlined, no.

Greenlee: How about why she revived?

Jake: Not yet, not yet, but Dr. McMillan has ordered a new psych evaluation.

Leo: Can I go see her?

Jake: Yeah, but just remember that we don't know how volatile this new personality is.

Leo: Yeah, I can handle it. Will you wait for me?

Greenlee: Yeah. Leo Ė

Leo: Hey, Trey. Did I miss something?

Vanessa: Darling, hello. Of course you didn't miss anything.

Leo: I thought that you left.

Trey: I just wanted to run some defense strategies past your mother.

Leo: She's really, really exhausted right now -- not exactly herself.

Trey: Of course not. Forgive my overeagerness.

Leo: It's all right, it's all right.

Trey: I hope I didn't overwhelm you.

Leo: So, that'll be good.

Trey: Please think over what we discussed whenever you feel up to it.

Vanessa: Of course.

Trey: Oh, and, Leo -- I also have some strategies for you.

Leo: Thank you. That's good to hear, buddy.

Leo: So, is there anything you want to tell me? Anything that you might have been afraid to tell Greenlee or the police, or maybe even Trey?

Vanessa: Yes. There is, Leo.

[Doorbell rings]

Mia: Would you get that, Winifred?

Winifred: Yes, Ms. Mia.

Mia: Oh, no.

Mia: Hi. This is Mia Saunders. Yes. I'm looking over the north lawn plans and my niece plays there, so I'd like soft grass, not hearty. And if you're going to put in any shrubs, they should be flowering, nothing with thorns. Yeah, that'd be fine. Revisions by this afternoon. Great.

Frank: Man, oh, man, did you dust red hook. I guess wannabe dreams do come true, huh?

Tad: You know, when I started looking for you, I went by the house. It's kind of silly. I ran across this.

J.R.: So what? I have, like, a million of those.

Tad: Mm-hmm, but this is special. For some reason, it was in a box of your mother's things. I wanted to have it with me when I ran into you.

J.R.: She always liked building bridges.

Tad: Yeah, she did. And she was always a lot smarter than I was. Under the circumstances, maybe you and I should think about our relationship like that -- be patient with ourselves and each other, try to work on trust one step at a time.

Mateo: How's Trevor?

Hayley: He's fine. He's a little freaked out about Tim.

Mateo: Well, Tim just did have a major surgery.

Hayley: Yeah, that's not why he's freaked out.

Tim: How's Enzo? What's his latest and greatest?

Mateo: Well, he's flashing his new teeth trying to pick up on girls and wiggles a baby macarena if the teeth don't score.

Maggie: Uh-oh, watch out.

Tim: Looks like they unloaded more than just my liver, right?

Hayley: Well, lucky for us, he didn't inherit your con man skills. So tell us, Timmy -- why are you lying to your dad?

Edmund: Brooke, my curiosity about Maureen Gorman is completely separate from how much I love you and trust you. Can you understand that?

Brooke: No, I donít.

Hayley: It seems that Uncle pork chop is a little worried about you, especially since you told him that the doctors are going to be keeping you in the hospital for an additional month.

Tim: Okay, now, I admit it. You know, your pullout couch is -- it's heaven on springs, and, you know, your fridge is majorly stocked, so --

Hayley: Please. Please. I love you. You saved my son. But I will not lie for you. I love you too much and I love Uncle Trevor too much to do that.

Tim: I'll straighten everything out. I promise.

Mateo: Come on, honey. Cut him some slack.

Maggie: Well, you're just the old pro, huh?

Tim: At what?

Maggie: Sweet-talking yourself out of any situation.

Brooke: I told you, Maureen Gormanís resemblance to Maria is coincidental.

Edmund: And I told you that I trust you completely.

Brooke: Prove it. Don't go to Nevada.

Frank: Now that you're so established, I thought that maybe you'd like to help out a needy kid.

Mia: A child?

Frank: A woman named Simone, actually, who hasn't mastered being an adult yet.

Mia: Oh.

Frank: She's a screw-up like we used to be, like we'd still be if we didn't have some very good people watching our back. Thought you'd like to return the favor.

Mia: How?

Frank: Score Simone a job. Your sister -- she still runs the Chandler outfit, right?

Mia: Yeah.

Frank: Well, you know, a place like that is always needing someone to push the pens. Word is that Simone's a really good reporter. You know, she could write press releases, disclosures, that kind of thing --

Mia: No, I -- I'm not going to use my sister's relationship like that. No.

Frank: I'm not looking for a handout here, Mia. I'm just looking for a better situation than fate dealt, that's all.

Mia: Look, Frank, I thought we made a deal that we were going to pretend like we didn't know each other from our messier days.

Frank: Yeah. Yeah, we did. Sorry. I just thought you might like to consider. Forget it.

Mia: You know, you used to be all about filmmaking. You would step over anyone small or needy to get a shot --

Frank: Stuff happens. People change. Look at you, right? Mia?

Trey: I can get your baby adopted, but there's something you have to understand. Once you sign these papers, there's no reclaiming the baby.

Mia: I know what I have to do.

Trey: Okay, well, I guess I'll just need some information, then.

Mia: Okay.

Trey: The father's name?

Mia: Frank Hubbard. But he's completely out of the picture now, so when the baby comes, I don't want to name him. Is that okay?

Trey: Yeah, yeah, it's perfectly fine.

Leo: What do you have to tell me that you couldn't say in front of anyone else?

Vanessa: I want to make up everything to you, Leo. Everything.

Leo: That's very generous, but --

Vanessa: All those years and I was locked inside Vanessa as a prisoner, I had to watch you suffer. I could not comfort you.

Leo: And now?

Vanessa: I want to be a real mother, a good one. What can I do for you now, son?

Leo: You can help me get clear of this whole Proteus mess.

Vanessa: How?

Leo: You know the money that the police are looking for, the money that Vanessa hid?

Vanessa: Oh, yes.

Leo: I need you to help me find that.

Vanessa: What? You want it, too?

Leo: Who else asked for that money?

Frank: Wow. You clean up good.

Simone: Thanks. I've cleared my mind, too. I've decided that I don't want your help.

Frank: Already sized me up for a newt, huh?

Simone: No. No, you just -- you're just a little too in-line for me, Dr. Hubbard.

Frank: Hmm. You know, I'll let you in on a little secret.

Simone: Yeah?

Frank: Yeah. You know, every time my pager goes off, I look down and I say, "Oh! That's my mama checking up on me again."

Simone: I -- I don't mean to sound ungrateful --

Frank: You sound freaked.

Simone: It's just my little, you know, lean-on-a-man M.O. has never landed me anywhere good.

Frank: Well, no reason to rely on me because I bombed the job thing. So --

Simone: Yeah, it's okay. I've survived unemployment before. You don't know this, but, actually, I'm a lot tougher than I act around you.

Frank: Whatever you say.

Simone: People aren't usually nice to me for no reason. And whatever your reasons are, I'm grateful.

Mateo: If your dad really wants you to get home, I think you need to go home.

Tim: Mateo, you cannot send me home, man, because I'll take out my stepmom.

Edmund: Look; I'm sorry if my instinct hurts you, Brooke.

Brooke: I just --

Edmund: You wouldn't mind if I was checking out a regular story.

Brooke: There's nothing regular about this.

Edmund: I'm just trying to deal with the same hopes and fears and doubts that you've already faced down.

Brooke: Yes, I did.

Edmund: I'm not going to chase a ghost. I'll cancel the plane reservation.

Brooke: Without resenting me?

Edmund: Everything I need is right here.

Leo: I -- I need you to tell me who else has been asking about the Proteus money.

Vanessa: Oh, who hasn't? There's the D.A., the lawyers, the police. I mean, everyone has questions for me.

Leo: So I suppose you're pretty wiped out.

Vanessa: Well, truth -- I'm totally exhausted.

Leo: All right. Well, then I'll let you get some rest.

Vanessa: Oh, but you will come back?

Leo: Well, we're not finished here, are we?

Vanessa: Oh --

Leo: Have you seen my wife?

Guard: Afraid not.

Leo: Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee, we're so close to Paris I can just feel it.

Trey: What are you trying to scam me out of, du Pres?

Greenlee: If you hear me scream, be a hero.

Guard: Okay.

Greenlee: You have a lot to prove to me. For Leo, I'm going to try to be nice to you.

Vanessa: Oh Ė

Leo: Jake? I need you to do me a big favor.

Jake: Sure. What, Leo?

Leo: Keep Trey Kenyon away from my mother.

Jake: Well, I don't know if I can. I mean, Kenyon is her lawyer.

Leo: I understand that, but --

Mia: Jake, listen to Leo. You don't know what Trey is capable of. You have to do what he says.

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