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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 8/6/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Leo: My mother is dead? Ah! No!

J.R.: You don't have all the answers, okay? Nobody does.

Bianca: J.R.!

Brooke: I went to Nevada to track down Maria. I found Maureen Gorman.

Liza: Colby -- Adam, no!

[Car pulls away]

[Monitor beeps]

Zeke: CAT scan is normal.

Jake: Vitals are stable.

Vanessa: Oh, you know, I feel so lightheaded.

Jake: Well, we almost lost you. It's going to take you some time to get your strength back.

Vanessa: To think I came that close to almost dying. But you saved my life. Both of you. And here -- I -- oh, I owe you everything.

Zeke: Well, rest now. We'll be back in a little while to run some more tests.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Jake: What do you think?

Zeke: I've never seen anything like it.

Jake: Well, maybe that's what Vanessaís hoping.

Zeke: The tests confirm that a new personality has emerged.

Jake: Any possibility she's faking?

Zeke: No, this new version of Vanessa is a completely valid split-off.

Trey: Doctors? I'd like a word with my client.

Zeke: She's very weak.

Trey: I have urgent business.

Jake: It'll wait.

Leo: Yeah, we came to see Vanessa. How is she? What is it?

Zeke: There's been a change in her condition.

Mateo: Hayley's got some really good ideas for the reception.

Edmund: Uh-huh. Good.

Mateo: It's still at Wildwind, isn't it? Huh?

Brooke: Hi. Sorry I'm late. I was playing catch-up at the office.

Mateo: Don't worry about it. Hayley's off doing some errands somewhere. I don't know where she's at.

Brooke: So how is Enzo doing?

Mateo: Well, right about now he's probably out having his second breakfast with his abuela.

Brooke: His second?

Mateo: Yeah. Yeah, he's definitely got the Santos appetite.

Mateo: You know, the only other person that could put down more carnitas than me was Maria. You should try my mom's carn sometime.

Brooke: I'd like that.

Mateo: Yeah. Brooke, my mom's really happy about this wedding. Sam and Maddie having a mommy again -- it means the world to her.

Brooke: That's very kind of you to say that, Mateo, you and Isabella, really.

Mateo: Well, like it or not, you're now going to become an official member of the Santos family.

Brooke: Well, thank you.

Mateo: Yeah. It's the way Maria would like it. Oh -- it's the new supply guy. I'll talk to you guys later.

Brooke: They're such a close family.

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Did Mateo say something to upset you? Was it --

Edmund: Yeah. It was Maria.

[Doorbell rings]

Opal: Oh --

Hayley: Opal.

Opal: Hey, Hayley.

Hayley: Hey, you got schmutz on your face.

Opal: Oh, thanks. Look, enter at your own risk, you know.

Hayley: What's going on?

Opal: Well, this place is like one of those archeological digs, you know?

Hayley: Yeah.

Opal: And just about as lifeless as one, too.

Hayley: Wait a minute. J.R. should be doing this. J.R., get your buns out here!

Opal: Oh, honey, that isn't going to help.

Hayley: What, did he start sleeping with earplugs?

Opal: Sleep? That kid's head hasn't touched the pillow in this house for days.

Maggie: I want to go back to sleep!

Tim: Hey, hey, it's going to be cold.

Maggie: No! You know, I should --

Tim: Just hurry up, come on. Where is your sense of adventure?

Maggie: My sense of -- hello! In bed, where I should be!

Tim: Come on, look at that lake. It is calling to us.

Maggie: Maybe to you, but to me it looks like ice cubes. Do you do this every morning?

Tim: Yeah, it wakes me up.

Maggie: It wakes you up. How about just drink coffee, like a normal person?

Tim: Hey, later on this place will be packed with normal people, okay? This is our chance to be alone.

Maggie: Alone -- in the cold water.

Tim: Uh-huh.

Maggie: Whoa.

Tim: Or maybe not quite alone.

Maggie: Hey. J.R.? Hey, buddy.

Liza: Winifred!

Liza: Where's the car?

Winifred: It'll be here -- it'll be here in a minute.

Liza: Well, what about Barry? Did you reach him?

Winifred: I called him. He said that he'll come over as soon as he can.

Liza: You know, I should already be on a plane.

Winifred: No, Mr. Chandler's going to pull up that driveway any minute now.

Liza: Or he could be gone forever -- with my daughter!

[Door closes]

Tad: Hi. Miss me?

Liza: I thought --

Tad: I guess not.

Liza: Would you do me a favor? Would you call Barry again?

Winifred: Yeah -- oh, yes, yes.

Tad: Where are you going?

Liza: Adam took my daughter.

Tad: What?

Liza: Well, we had a fight. He knows everything.

Tad: You mean about you finding out about his little gaslighting scheme?

Liza: He went nuts. And he took my daughter.

Tad: And you're going after her?

Liza: Yeah, Adamís going to have to go a lot further than England to get away from me.

Marian: But, Liza, Adam isn't in England.

Liza: Of course, Adam is in England. Where else would he be?

Marian: Well, he's in Idaho.

Liza: What?

Marian: Adam and Stuart went on their annual fishing trip.

Liza: Mother, Adam kidnapped Colby.

Marian: Oh, my God.

Liza: How could he do this?

Marian: Listen to me, Liza. Stuart called me, and he said that Adam and Colby arrived this morning.

Tad: In Idaho?

Marian: Yes.

Liza: They're fishing?

Marian: Well, I mean, I thought it was strange that he had Colby, because you never mentioned it, and five weeks is a long time to take a little girl fishing.

Liza: Mother, what's Stuartís cell phone number?

Marian: I'm sorry, Darling. Adam made Stuart promise no cell phones on this trip.

Liza: Mother, what phone did Stuart call you from?

Marian: I don't know -- some tackle shop. They're moving up and down the river, Liza. He said he'd call me when he gets to a phone.

Liza: Adam could just take Colby and just take off from there. Wait a minute.

Tad: What?

Liza: I filed documents forbidding Adam to take Colby out of state without my permission.

Tad: How long ago was this?

Liza: It was at least a year ago. We had a fight, and I did this just to protect myself.

Tad: Then the action's enforceable.

Liza: So I could call the police and have them picked up?

Tad: Yeah.

Barry: Bad idea.

Liza: Barry, where have you been? Do you realize what Adam has done?

Barry: I've got a pretty good idea of what you've been up to.

Tad: Why? What's all that?

Barry: It makes for interesting reading. You sliced and diced Adamís clothes, you hear things, you see things, you become irrational whenever he's with your sister. Oh, and there's something about you -- oh, walking into the house sopping wet.

Tad: Come on, Barry, don't be ridiculous. That was for Adamís benefit and you know it.

Barry: The man fears for his life.

Liza: He kidnapped my daughter! And he's not going to get away with it!

Barry: Oh. Liza, if you go to the police with that absurd allegation, especially in your current state, you'll only confirm what's in those papers.

Liza: You know what these are? They're lies.

Barry: Listen to me. I've already filed this with the authorities. Now, you go ahead, rant to the police that one of this town's most respected citizens has kidnapped his own daughter. Maybe they won't cart you off to Oak Haven. You want to take that chance?

Liza: Barry, you're just --

Barry: I'm just the messenger. Oh, you can have those. I've got copies.

Liza: Adam's protecting himself legally. I guess there's nothing I can do.

Marian: Well, at least Colby's okay, Darling.

Liza: Not as long as she's with Adam. I've got to get to her.

Tad: Liza, wait a minute. Why don't you just wait till Stuart calls back, let him handle it from that end.

Liza: This is between Adam and me.

Marian: But you're never going to find them, Darling. We don't even know where they are.

[Car horn beeps]

Marian: Liza!

Liza: You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go to New York, and I'm going to hire the best lawyer that Adamís money can buy and I'm going to get my daughter back. I'm going to make sure that Adam never lays eyes on her again.

Tad: Well, thank God I know where my kids are. So, how late does J.R. sleep around this burg?

Marian: What, you're asking me, Darling?

Tad: Well, I just want to know if Adamís got him on some kind of military schedule.

Marian: Tad, J.R. hasn't been here for days.

Hayley: Maybe he just left early this morning.

Opal: No, no, I doubt that. The bed is made.

Hayley: Oh. Well, when was the last time you saw him?

Opal: Thanks. It's my guess that he hadn't touched down here since Tad left town.

Hayley: What, Tad's gone?

Opal: Yeah -- you know, I came by, I saw the mail piling up, so I let myself in and found this dust pit.

Hayley: But no J.R.? Well, that doesn't make any sense. Tad made such a big deal about him staying here with him.

Opal: Well, you know, I just kind of figured that once Tad left town that J.R. made his way over to your daddy's.

Hayley: Well, I'd better get over there and get him moving.

Opal: Oh, you two got a breakfast date?

Hayley: Sort of. J.R. has work at S.O.S.

Opal: Oh, well, that's a good thing. Good for you, too, now.

Hayley: Maybe not. You know, a couple of the busboys over there squealed that he's been cutting out early a few days last week.

Opal: Oh, that poor kid. I mean, doesn't surprise me. Since Dixieís passing, he just hadn't known which way is up.

Hayley: I know that, and that is why I'm here -- because I know that he's supposed to be at S.O.S., like now, and I'm going to make sure he gets there.

Opal: I'm real glad he's got a sister like you looking after him, Hayley.

Hayley: Thanks. He could use a few more people. You know what I'm saying?

Opal: Yeah, I do know what you're saying. I just hope he makes it through this.

Hayley: You and me both, Opal. I'll see you later.

Opal: All righty.

Tim: Hey. Hey. Hey, wake up, man.

J.R.: What? Ow.

Tim: Sleep well?

J.R.: What are you guys doing here?

Maggie: What are we doing here? What are you doing here? Are you in trouble again?

J.R.: No, okay? I like camping. You got a problem with that?

Tim: Whoa, nature boy. You got your choice of two premium beds and some serious cush, and you choose to sleep on rocks?

J.R.: So what if I do? It's none of your freakin' business!

Leo: When I left yesterday, she was fine. What happened? Is she all right?

Jake: Well, your mother flatlined, Leo. But right now her heart rate is stable.

Leo: Are you sure? Because she's had a heart condition for years.

Jake: Well, that's not her main problem.

Leo: Then what is?

Zeke: It appears that Vanessa has split off into another personality.

Greenlee: There are more of her?

Leo: Oh, my gosh. You mean more characters?

Zeke: In someone as unstable as your mother, a traumatic event can force the emergence of a new personality.

Greenlee: But it's an act, right?

Zeke: Not this time. This new profile is completely genuine. She's docile, vulnerable.

Greenlee: And you fell for that?

Jake: Well, she can't fake the test results, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I don't believe it.

Trey: Well, it's like I said all along -- the evidence confirms that Vanessaís disorder is very real.

Leo: Real or convenient.

Zeke: According to our research, she's been afflicted with this condition for years.

Leo: No, that's not possible. I grew up with Vanessa. She's been a solo act even since the mid 1980S.

Zeke: You're familiar with the dominant personality. This condition dates back to when she was in Hollywood.

Greenlee: Oh, did Vanessa tell you that or did Rosie?

Jake: Well, it's in her hospital records.

Zeke: And now that we are more fully appraised with her mental history, we are in a better position to treat her appropriately.

Leo: Back up. What records?

Jake: Well, from her first breakdown, Leo. We were able to subpoena them.

Leo: Who exactly did you subpoena them from?

Greenlee: You. I should have known. This is just a ploy to set that murderer free!

Marian: Adam likes to know when J.R. is staying here so he can spend some time with him.

Tad: So he pencils in quality time with his own son?

Marian: Uh-huh.

Tad: What a guy.

Marian: Yeah, you can say that again. Well, nothing here, so I guess J.R., if he's not with you, must be with one of his friends, Darling. I don't know where else he could be. Oh, hi.

Hayley: Hey. I'm here for J.R.

Marian: Oh, well, get in line. He's looking for him, too.

Hayley: Wait -- well -- he's not here?

Marian: No, he's not.

Hayley: He's not at your place, either.

Tad: Were you just there?

Hayley: Yeah. Opal just filled me in. Evidently, he's been missing for a few days. You didn't know this?

Tad: I just got back myself. I thought he was living here.

Hayley: What, is that your excuse for -- what -- losing him?

Tad: No. I --

Hayley: Well, where's Adam and Liza? Maybe they know what's going on around here.

Tad: Now they're out of town.

Hayley: Oh, well, that's just fantastic.

Tad: Okay, don't panic. He's -- J.R.'s an independent kid, you know --

Hayley: Who just lost his mother. How could you just leave him like that?

Tad: I had an emergency.

Hayley: Ugh. Ugh. You know, you and Adam are so caught up in your own dramas you just totally abandoned your son. Hmm?

Maggie: Hey -- hey, relax. We're not ragging on you, all right?

J.R.: I know. I'm sorry, okay? It's just mornings -- they really reek around here. My mom used to wake me up and make pancakes, and now, it's --

Maggie: I'm sorry. It must be hard without her.

J.R.: Whatever. It's fine.

Tim: You do this a lot, man?

J.R.: It's not like anybody misses me.

Maggie: Hey, you know, I know how that feels, too, except my mom was sleeping it off.

Tim: You know, I'm surprised your dad's goons haven't come after you yet -- or Tad.

J.R.: Oh, Tad, yeah. Tad's -- Tad's out in the desert with Brooke, and my kid brother -- he's planted at camp somewhere.

Maggie: And what about your father?

J.R.: The usual -- he's a typical alien.

Maggie: So how long you been crashing here?

J.R.: Long enough to -- to clear my head, make some decisions.

Tim: Like what?

J.R.: Like getting out of this town.

Tim: Where would you go?

J.R.: New York -- to stay with my cousin Scott.

Maggie: What are you going to do there?

J.R.: I don't know, but I'll figure it out when I get there. I just can't stay here, not anymore.

[Phone rings]

Tim: Well, don't jump in without me, all right? Hey, talk to me. Hey, Dad. Yeah, I'm chillin'. Hey, how's Manda bear? Yeah, well, I miss her, too. Uh-huh. Yeah. You want me to come home? Today?

Brooke: Do you think that Maria wouldn't want this? Us?

Edmund: Oh, no, of course she would.

Brooke: Well, is it about us living at Wildwind? Are you having second thoughts?

Edmund: No.

Brooke: So what is it?

Edmund: You do know how much I love you?

Brooke: Yes, I do. You show me every day, Edmund. So come on, what's wrong?

Edmund: Nothing -- nothing's wrong. Nothing's wrong. I just --I just need to know the truth for my own peace of mind.

Brooke: The truth?

Edmund: I'm going to Nevada.

Brooke: Why?

Edmund: The woman you investigated, Maureen Gorman? I want to follow up. But I can't unless I know that you understand why I have to do this.

Trey: Insanity is a bona fide defense, isn't that right, Doctor?

Zeke: In some cases.

Trey: And the record now shows that Vanessa has endured a lifelong struggle with mental illness, correct?

Greenlee: It's bogus.

Trey: I'm trying to help my client here.

Greenlee: Do you know how many lives she's ruined? You're despicable.

Trey: There's more to this than the legal aspect. The information subpoenaed shows that Vanessa can now get the help she needs.

Greenlee: Oh, like you care?

Trey: Vanessa flatlined. She saw the white light and came back as a different personality. Maybe now she's ready to talk.

Jake: All right, all right. Well, anything is possible at this point.

Greenlee: It'll just be more lies.

Trey: Well, what if it's not? Doesn't Vanessa deserve a chance? Doesn't she deserve a chance to be healed, to be whole again?

Greenlee: None of her victims got a second chance. How can you even consider unleashing her on the world again?

Trey: If I could just make her a productive member of society again, then --

Greenlee: God, you make my teeth hurt. Leo, are you okay?

Leo: Yeah. I want to -- I want to go in and see her.

Greenlee: I'm going with you.

Zeke: Well, we don't know what to expect from this current personality.

Greenlee: So she is dangerous.

Jake: Well, we don't think she's dangerous, Greenlee, but we just want to keep her monitored in case she becomes agitated.

Greenlee: Stop breathing down my neck.

Trey: I'm her counsel. I should be in there, too.

Jake: It's a good idea.

Vanessa: Oh, my baby. My baby! Thank God they didn't get to you.

Zeke: It's all right. It's okay.

Vanessa: I'm sorry.

Zeke: It's all right.

Vanessa: Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, it's just the sight of -- I've looked forward to this for so long.

Zeke: Why don't you tell him who you are?

Vanessa: I'm Nessa. Would you come closer, dear? Please. Please. It's all right. I -- I understand. I understand this is very difficult for you. But I have loved you your entire life, even though I'm a complete stranger, but I've always been there praying for your happiness.

Greenlee: Oh, please.

Vanessa: Well, if you'd only stayed in Kansas, none of these crimes would have ever happened, you know. Of course, Vanessa would disagree. She said if he stayed there, we'd all be dead from boredom. But then you would never have been born, and you've been our greatest sense of joy. My, what Vanessa put you through. You have no idea the times I feared for your safety.

Leo: So if you were so concerned, why didn't you pop out before?

Vanessa: Well, I'm ashamed to say, I'm just not that strong. Well, Vanessa was so determined to keep me down, along with the others. But that's over now. Vanessa will never hurt you again.

Leo: Did Vanessa love me?

Vanessa: Desperately -- in her way.

Greenlee: If you think anyone is buying this, you truly are a non-compis beanbag.

Vanessa: Please, you do believe me, don't you? Remember the time, the one time the tooth fairy remembered to leave money under your pillow?

Leo: In -- in Lucerne.

Vanessa: That was me. You were so excited, you were jumping up and down on your bed.

Greenlee: Leo, Leo, the tooth fairy doesn't exist, and neither does Nessie.

Vanessa: It's Nessa.

Greenlee: Tell me you're not buying this.

Vanessa: Please, Darling. I do understand your hostility, and Vanessa should never have tried to kill you.

Greenlee: Oh, you think you can apologize and make it go away?

Vanessa: Oh, come, my dear. I have looked so forward to getting acquainted with you. I have so much I want to tell you.

Brooke: I don't understand. You know, I told you everything, and I was almost convinced that this woman was Maria, and that's why I -- I mean, that's why Tad --

Edmund: Checked her out -- I understand.

Brooke: Yes, and he's the one who confirmed that it was -- it was just a case of mistaken identity, Edmund. You can ask him.

Edmund: I don't have to. I believe you.

Brooke: It wasn't Maria.

Edmund: And I'm not chasing her ghost.

Brooke: Then why? Why do you have to go to Nevada?

Edmund: The curse of being a journalist?

Brooke: Well, you know, there's an end to every story.

Edmund: Not this one, not yet. Look, it's your fault.

Brooke: Oh -- what?

Edmund: Well, you know, you found this Maureen Gorman who was a match for Enzo's liver and -- I mean, even when Tim was found as a donor, you -- you didn't give up on her.

Brooke: I just wanted to make sure that Hayley and Mateo had options just in case anything went wrong.

Edmund: But even -- but Enzo's fine now and you're ---

Brooke: I was focused on her because there were so many coincidences that I just couldn't ignore.

Edmund: Exactly. Exactly. I mean, the woman was a match for Mariaís nephew. Blood tissue match? I mean she looked like her, matched the same physical type. It was just too much. You had to check her out firsthand.

Brooke: And I did, so why can't that be enough for you?

Edmund: It wasn't enough for you. I just want to see for myself, like you did.

Tim: No can do, Dad. You know, I'd love to come home, really, but, well, I just canít. No -- no activities yet. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, I got a few tests, a kind of post, postop kind of thing. Oh, no, no, no, no. You know, my liver's doing great. Dr. Joe says it's -- it's standard procedure. Yeah. Uh-huh. What -- oh, no, no, no, no, no. The second I'm sprung, I'll -- you'll be the first to know. Yeah. Right. Okay. Yeah, well, give Amanda bear a big smooch for me. Yeah. Where's Maggie?

J.R.: She went to get coffee.

Tim: Because she's afraid to take the plunge. Come on, man, you up for it?

J.R.: Not that it matters, but why were you lying to your dad?

Hayley: It's a lousy thing to do to a kid. I don't blame him for ditching either one of you.

Tad: Ditch -- wait a minute. You don't think he's run away from home, do you?

Hayley: How should I know? I'm not his father. I'm not his father figure. I'm not the one that promised that I would be there for him to help him deal with his mother's death.

Tad: Well, when's the last time you saw him? I mean, he's got to be carrying a full schedule at S.O.S., doesn't he?

Hayley: Whenever he bothers to show up.

Tad: What?

Hayley: Oh, you didn't know that he was barely coming to work?

Tad: No, I thought he was doing fine.

Hayley: What, so you decided to bolt town? You can't do this over the phone. You're supposed to help him mourn his mother!

Tad: I know that.

Hayley: Oh -- oh, do you? Do you also know that he is desperately trying to hang on to something, anything? You can't do this from wherever the hell it was that you were. He needs you.

Tad: I know.

Hayley: I don't think you know. One of the reasons he chose to live with you instead of Adam is because you made him feel safe and Adam can never do that for him.

Tad: And I bailed on him.

Hayley: How many chances do you think you get to destroy a kid's trust?

Tad: Not many. My God, I've screwed up.

Hayley: Well, yeah. We established that. How do you plan to fix it?

Tad: By taking the best possible care of J.R. that I can. I know I can't hold a candle to Dixie in the parenting department, but you can be sure I'll be working on it.

Hayley: Maybe it'd be better if you told J.R. that.

Tad: Yeah.

Hayley: You got any idea of where he hangs out?

Tad: A couple. Listen, I'm going to go see if I can find him and try to fix this. And while I'm at it, I'll mention S.O.S.

Hayley: Thanks. Listen, Tad, I'm really -- I'm sorry if I -- I'm sorry if I yelled or if I was mean to you. I just -- he's my brother and I love him.

Tad: I love him, too. And he's all I have to remind me of Dixie. Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen to him on my watch.

Brooke: So you're determined to do this?

Edmund: Only if I'm sure that, you know, you understand why I have to do this.

Brooke: I just don't want you chasing dead-end leads all over Nevada and wasting your time.

Edmund: It's not going to be a waste if I turn up new information.

Brooke: So you think I missed something, that there's more to the story? Is that right?

Edmund: Isn't there always?

Mateo: Brooke, Brooke, Brooke, Wendyís on the line, something about a deadline.

Brooke: Oh, thanks. Thanks.

Mateo: Use my office. You'll have more privacy in there.

Brooke: Great. Thank you, Mateo. Are you going to tell Mateo?

Edmund: Why?

Brooke: Why? Because he's Mariaís brother.

Edmund: I don't think him knowing will do him any good.

Brooke: Well, I don't think you double-checking my research will do any good either.

Greenlee: Nothing you can say can change the fact that Vanessa tried to kill me.

Vanessa: And I wanted to stop her, but Vanessa is so strong.

Greenlee: So you've said.

Vanessa: Oh. You two are such a beautiful couple. No, from the inside out. And I'm -- I'm just so thrilled that you love Leo the way he deserves to be loved.

Greenlee: Is that why you tried to drown me and cut my throat?

Vanessa: Oh, dear heart, that was Vanessa. No. It's because she didn't understand your love for Leo. She thought that was a threat to her hold on Leo, which poor Vanessa never really did have, did she, Leo? Oh. Oh, please, know that unlike Vanessa, I think you're the best thing that ever happened to my son.

Greenlee: Is this, like, a hidden-camera thing?

Vanessa: Greenlee, honestly, I'm trying to reach out.

Greenlee: Yeah, and what, strangle me?

Vanessa: Oh, Darling, you're -- there's so much anger there, but it's all right, it's all right, because I'm going to -- I'm going to prove my love to you and Leo. Oh, after all, we're family now.

Greenlee: Oh! Oh, if you think that I'm going to pretend that we're family --

Leo: Hey, that will be enough for one visit. Let's go, you guys. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Vanessa: Leo? Would you stay behind? Please?

Leo: It'll just take a minute, okay?

[Greenlee sighs]

Leo: Go on.

Greenlee: This is all your fault.

Tim: I didn't exactly lie to my dad.

J.R.: Bull.

Tim: He's way too overprotective. You know him. And besides, I can live my life without him getting, you know, hepped up over nothing.

Maggie: Hey. I miss something?

J.R.: You get one of those with extra sugar?

Maggie: Oh, no.

Tim: I guess I'm going in alone, aren't I?

J.R.: Yeah, looks like it.

Maggie: So, there you go. Oops.

Tad: Thank God. Where the hell have you been?

J.R.: When did you get back?

Tad: Never mind that. Do you know how worried I was?

J.R.: Yeah, right. Whatever.

Tad: You do not take off like that without a word. Do you understand?

J.R.: Oh -- oh, I'm sorry. Maybe I should have been more like you -- leave a sticky note on the fridge -- "Brooke and I went on vacation. Be back soon." You know, even if I did, who would be around to read it?

Tad: You're right. It was irresponsible. I should have been here.

J.R.: Whatever, Tad.

Tad: No, really. Really. I am very, very sorry that I left you like that.

J.R.: Actually, it was a good idea. I'm taking off, too -- today.

Vanessa: Leo, no mother could love her son more than I love you. But you poor dear. How can you possibly look into these eyes and believe one word I've told you?

Leo: Get some rest.

Vanessa: Will you visit again?

Greenlee: How dare you do this to us.

Trey: I did it for my client.

Greenlee: No, you want to put that cheesecake back on the streets --

Leo: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa --

Greenlee: And smack dab in the middle of our lives.

Leo: Just give a rest, Greenlee. Come on.

Trey: I'll see you around.

Leo: Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Trey: What do you want?

Leo: You. As you know, I'm facing a whole slew of charges because of Vanessa and I'm going to need a lawyer.

Trey: You think I'm a bottom feeder?

Leo: You know Vanessaís case, and, well, I'd appreciate it if you'd take mine.

Trey: I'll -- I'll think about it.

Leo: Thank you. Thank you.

Trey: You're sure?

Leo: I'm very sure. All right, let's go and get some air.

Vanessa: Hello.

Trey: So, Nessa, are you ready to tell me what you said to Leo?

Tad: What do you mean, you're leaving? And what is this? You've been sleeping here?

J.R.: Yeah. I have.

Tad: Come on. Let's -- let's go home.

J.R.: You know, I'm not going back there, okay?

Tad: Why not?

J.R.: Mom's all over the place.

Tad: There's nothing wrong with remembering Dixie.

J.R.: Yes, I know that, but we shouldn't have to. She should be here with us.

Tad: I know. I'm sorry.

J.R.: You're sorry? You're sorry? She's gone because of you, okay? You're the reason she left. It's your fault she's dead.

Brooke: Have you seen Edmund?

Mateo: He left. Didn't he say anything?

Maria's voice: I'm Maureen Gorman. Okay, I'm not this Texas woman that you're looking for, okay? So -- and I don't like being bullied or spied on or followed all over the place --

Brooke: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Maria: Oh, look -- you're going to back off then, all right? I mean, you're -- because if you don't, I don't want to have to, but I will call the police.

Brooke: No, that won't be necessary.

Maria: You're going to stay away from me -- I mean, seriously? You're going to stay away from where I work and where I live and where -- I mean, if I so much as see you cross the street coming --

Brooke: I won't come anywhere near you, I swear.

Maria: Okay. Okay. All right, look; I hope that you find this woman that you're looking for. Just look for her someplace else.

Edmund: Flight 33, nonstop to Vegas tonight. Right, thank you.

Hayley: Hey, big spender. Taking Brooke away to Vegas for a quickie wedding?

Edmund: No. I'm going to look for Maria.

Maria: Nancy? Hi. It's Maureen. I was wondering if you can send me the rest of my stuff to Pine Valley. Yeah. I think I'm going to be here for a while.

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Marian: The whole family is gone and all because of you.

Hayley: Why are you lying to your dad?

Greenlee: Leo, please don't let us get sucked back into the Vanessa whirlpool.

Trey: Where did Vanessa hide the drug fortune?

J.R.: Don't worry about me, okay, because I'm leaving.

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