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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/5/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: If we're going to make Liza look homicidal, there has to be a little danger involved. The car's brakes will fail.

Trey: Hey, you're out of your coma. Now I can make you pay for everything you've done to me.

Kendall: She doesn't like the idea of you and I working together.

Edmund: I love you, Brooke, more than ever. Nothing can stop us now.

Trey: Hey, you're still here.

Leo: Well, yeah. I mean, she is my mother. So, what's your excuse?

Trey: I'm her attorney.

Leo: Yeah, like I said --

Trey: First your mother was declared dead, then she miraculously revives. This will be the first time since your wedding that she speaks. I think that warrants sticking around.

Leo: Are you waiting for her to say something in particular, Trey?

Greenlee: Leo, call me as soon as you get this.

Kendall: Can't wait to tell him our plan to make Erica squirm?

Greenlee: Are you cracked?

Aidan: Bianca, why don't you grab a chair?

Bianca: Oh. Thanks.

Aidan: You got any idea what's good here?

Bianca: Huh?

Aidan: Don't worry. What would you like?

Bianca: Well, for starters, an explanation of that unholy alliance.

Aidan: I can tell you, but you're not going to like it.

Kendall: We're working together to bring down Erica, right?

Greenlee: Wrong. You think I would actually align myself with you? Please.

Kendall: No, it's the perfect solution.

Greenlee: Try to wrap your pea brain around this. I would hire Erica before I'd hire you.

Brooke: Okay. What are we looking at?

Edmund: Oh, oh, up there.

Brooke: Oh. Wildwind. I never knew you could see Wildwind from here.

Edmund: How do you like it?

Brooke: I love it. It's so beautiful. It really is. It's like a Maxfield Parrish painting. I think the only thing missing is the princess waving from the highest turret.

Edmund: Yeah, I kind of pictured you in that role. You want to share my enchanted castle with me? Well, I know we never really discussed, you know, where we would live.

Brooke: Edmund -- Wildwind was your home with Maria.

Edmund: Yes, but, I mean, you know, with -- with everything out in the open, I've never been more ready to move on.

Brooke: You love Wildwind so much, don't you?

Edmund: Yeah. And I will love it even more with you and Jamie living there. Will you consider it, I mean, now that we've put the past to rest?

Brooke: Wait, please. Please. Do you remember being in an accident?

Man: Need a taxi, lady?

Maria: Uh -- yeah, into town, to Pine Valley.

Man: The Valley Inn?

Maria: Well, I'm -- well, I'm not sure, actually. I -- is there a visitors' center, a center of town or something?

Man: There sure is. My cab's right out front.

Maria: Okay.

Adam: Where is J.R.? Tell me or I swear --

Liza: What? What, are you going to beat me and tell the cops that I did it to myself, add masochism to my rap sheet?

Adam: How can you torture me about my son?

Liza: That's nothing compared to what you did to me.

Adam: The boy could be killed in that car, Liza! Does that -- can you grasp that? Do you care?

Liza: Would you stop it? Whose fault would that be?

Adam: Damn it; tell me where my son went!

Liza: How would I know? I haven't seen him.

Adam: J.R. wasn’t here? He didn't take my convertible?

Liza: What, the car only you drive? No. I parked it in back of the greenhouse. I hope you didn't mind.

Adam: You made me believe that my son was lying dead along the side of a highway somewhere.

Liza: Adam, why would you think that?

Adam: That's unspeakably cruel.

Liza: I didn't cut the brake lines to my own car, you lousy excuse for a human being. How does it feel to be powerless, Adam?

Adam: You really are crazy, you know.

Liza: Just like you. How does it feel to teeter on the edge of losing your mind?

Adam: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Liza: Oh, aren't you? One second your plan is going along swimmingly, the next second instead of framing your wife, you think you might have murdered your own son.

Adam: This is a joke to you?

Liza: You know, you didn't think twice about trying to take my life away from me.

Adam: I wasn't trying to kill you. I intended to drive the car myself.

Liza: And use it as evidence. You were simply trying to arrange for me spending the rest of my life in an insane asylum! What a prince you are!

Adam: Dragging J.R. into this took it to another level!

Liza: Oh, I'm sorry, were there rules I didn't know about? Because you constantly used Colby -- that time in the park when I let her wander away from me.

Adam: That actually happened, Liza. It was your fault.

Liza: Because I had a brain tumor, Adam. It was because of the tumor. I didn't do it deliberately. I had memory lapses, and you capitalized on them.

Adam: Nothing I did comes even close to this.

Liza: That's debatable.

Adam: You made me believe that I was responsible, perhaps responsible, for my own son's death. That was an ugly, unspeakable game, Liza.

Liza: Gee, does this mean our family vacation to England’s off?

Adam: You can't come back from this.

Liza: Oh, unlike you. You can cut the brake lines in your very own car, get me to pick up a knife so my fingerprints can be identified later.

Adam: Well, if you're hoping for tears of regret --

Liza: I'm not crazy. Remember? What were you going to do? Run into a tree? Find a nice ditch? Point at your wacko wife who sabotaged you and then act all devastated as they carted me off?

Adam: No, the goal was to get Colby away from you before you dragged her off to some godforsaken spot without extradition rights.

Liza: What a caring and devoted father you are.

Adam: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am. I am. And this -- this stunt proves that I was right to want to keep you separated from my daughter. I wish to God I'd had you put away months ago!

Brooke: I never thought that you'd -- that you would want us to live at Wildwind.

Edmund: Well, you know, when -- after Maria died, I -- I didn't want to live at Wildwind.

Brooke: I never knew that.

Edmund: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, I couldn't wrench Sam and Maddie away from their home, though.

Brooke: You think maybe they're going to resent me for moving in on their mother's territory?

Edmund: I think they adore you, and so does their father. You breathe life back into me. I figure you'll make Wildwind shine. Okay, a little too much of a hard sell. I'm sorry.

Brooke: No. I want to move into Wildwind with you. I do, Edmund, very much.

Kendall: Come on, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Greenlee: Look, using our collaboration to threaten Erica was fun, but I really couldn't share airspace with you.

Kendall: Oh, come on, Greenlee. Why not? I'll help you get your power back.

Greenlee: I already have power.

Kendall: Compared to what you want and what Erica has, you don't have zip. Come on, we could be the perfect palace coup. We could decimate Erica.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello? I'll be right there. I have to go.

Kendall: Think about my offer. You'll take it.

Bianca: So, you want to get to my mother? I'm onto you, Kendall.

Trey: Your mother got a raw deal, Leo. She wasn't responsible for her actions.

Leo: If only you could prove that.

Trey: I still can. If she had died before we had a chance to clear her name, that would have been a major injustice.

Leo: Yeah, but she's still very much alive, so justice can be done, right?

Trey: She's a very strong woman.

Leo: Yeah, well, physically. Now I get it -- or I get you, I mean.

Trey: I don't follow.

Leo: You -- you're a fake.

Trey: With me, what you see is what you get.

Leo: Oh, come on, man. I got your number. You put up this wall around me and David.

Trey: Not that I'm aware of.

Leo: You do, you do, especially when it comes to defending Vanessa. You become all sort of cool and sort of removed, kind of like David and I are around Vanessa. You know, we were never really the warm and cuddly family, as you know, so --

Trey: Definitely not.

Leo: But, you know, after everything that she's done to us and the way we feel about her, we still understand that she is a human being, and you see that.

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do.

Leo: And you respond to it. And, well, you're -- I don't know, you're giving her the care and respect that I just can't give her right now.

Trey: Look, I wouldn't go that far.

Leo: Hey, hey, hey, I'm -- I'm grateful. I really am. And somewhere deep inside, I know that there's still -- there's still feelings there for her. I just can't -- I don't know, I just, I -- I can't reach in and bring them out right now.

Trey: Well, that's too bad.

Leo: And you're there and you actually care about what happens to her.

Trey: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do.

Leo: That's great, really. So thank you. Thank you, really, Trey.

Trey: Don't mention it.

Leo: Did she happen to say anything? Does she remember anything about what happened?

Greenlee: Leo?

Leo: Hey.

Greenlee: David called me. Vanessa flat-lined?

Leo: Yeah, yeah, but she -- she's back.

Greenlee: I was trying to reach you.

Leo: They made me turn my phone off, baby. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: What happened?

Leo: I'll be sure to fill you in on the whole thing when we get back, but I just want -- thank you again for everything that you've done.

Trey: Hey, no problem.

Leo: Okay.

Greenlee: Excuse me, what was that about?

Leo: A big, fat lie.

Kendall: So, Binks, how much of my conversation with Greenlee did you eavesdrop on?

Bianca: Actually, Aidan filled me in.

Kendall: Isn't he helpful.

Bianca: You don't honestly believe that you and Greenlee have what it takes to undercut Erica Kane, do you?

Kendall: Oh, we can sure have fun trying.

Bianca: You guys are amateurs. Whatever Greenlee knows she learned from Mom.

Kendall: Actually, Greenlee learned a lot in her new job.

Bianca: Well, you're not going to hurt Enchantment. You're just going to irritate Mom.

Kendall: Oh, Greenlee and I are going to do a lot more than that, believe me.

Bianca: I won't let you.

Kendall: You -- you have a high school diploma and a trust fund. That's the sum total of your assets. You've got no street smarts, Binks. I'll run over you and never even know it.

Bianca: Well, Kendall, all you've got is an over-inflated ego.

Kendall: You'll be in way over your head, baby sister.

Bianca: Look, you're not going to hurt my mother any more than you already have.

Kendall: Your mother is a cruel, self-serving, narcissistic little fool who deserves everything rotten I can pull down on her.

Aidan: Do you try hard to be this ugly, or does it come naturally to you?

Edmund: You know, there's something I -- I didn't bring up.

Brooke: Oh, now you want to live half the year in Budapest?

Edmund: No. Brooke, you know when you were in Nevada searching for that Maureen woman?

Brooke: What about her?

Edmund: Well, did it ever -- were you afraid that if by some miracle she turned out to be Maria, were you afraid that I would leave you and go back to her?

Adam: You'll regret this.

Liza: You know, my only regret is that I didn't make you suffer more.

Adam: I made a big mistake with you.

Liza: Oh, yeah, you did -- reviving that old gaslight routine. You should have stopped while you were ahead with Dixie.

Adam: No, that's not what I meant.

Liza: You know, I had a brain tumor, Adam. I had a tumor. I was terrified -- not just of death, but that I would never experience moments with my family, with my daughter.

Adam: I know the fear of being separated from a child.

Liza: I felt an emptiness and a pain that you will never, ever know.

Adam: You're wrong.

Liza: You used my fear and my pain, what almost killed me physically and emotionally. You used it against me for what? For revenge? To teach me some lesson?

Adam: Teach you? Nobody can teach you anything! You sabotaged my company!

Liza: Your company survived.

Adam: No thanks to you. And then you lied and you cheated and you stole to -- to organize your escape fund.

Liza: A life-threatening illness got in the way, if you remember.

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe it was your karma that tripped you up.

Liza: Oh, you know, I wanted to return the money. I could have returned the money.

Adam: This isn't about money! It was never about money! This was about love! Do you think you suffered alone when you had that tumor? Do you think I wasn't terrified?

Liza: I know you weren't.

Adam: I wanted to die if you died. I have never loved anyone as much as I've loved you.

Liza: Well, that's not really saying much, now, is it?

Adam: I learned what love really was because I loved you! And I know I'll never, ever again love so deeply and want anything so desperately! And you trashed it. You killed it -- for both of us!

Liza: So this is all my fault?

Adam: I'm not the one who plotted to take our daughter away.

Liza: You know, that money that I took was a cushion. It was a contingency plan in case you tried to pull anything.

Adam: Really? What kind of weaseling -- Liza, you can't justify it.

Liza: You know what? I'm not going to have you painting yourself as the only wronged person here.

Adam: Your moral outrage is laughable.

Liza: You know what frightened me the most is that someday you would turn on Colby.

Adam: What?

Liza: Yeah, that you would turn on her instead of me. You would just turn on her for some slight, real or imagined.

Adam: I love Colby, and I loved you, and you betrayed me.

Liza: You know what? Your idea of love has been confused with your idea and your need to control people.

Liza: What about your first wife, Althea, the one that wound up in the coma? What did she do, burn your toast?

Adam: That wasn't my doing.

Liza: You know, and Erica -- I guess you couldn't really do anything to her. Her celebrity kept you from killing her or assassinating her character.

Adam: You cannot actually think that I would harm Colby.

Liza: Oh, you know what? Your parental credentials are impeccable. Hayley will attest to that, and J.R. has had such an easy time of it.

Adam: Well, you're no slouch when it comes to emotional sadism.

Liza: Well, I learned from the best. Did you think I wasn't paying attention?

Adam: No, no, no, you learned it long before you ever met me. Back in high school when you were jealous of Jenny Gardner? So you jumped in bed with her brother, Tad. And wasn't there an ugly accusation against Jesse Hubbard?

Liza: Isn't there a statute of limitations on ancient history? You're going to use that against me?

Adam: That's a tactic you reserve for yourself?

Liza: I was only doing what I did to protect my child.

Adam: Our child.

Liza: And against anything that you might pull.

Adam: Really? So you -- you -- you embezzled the money as a sort of insurance policy, is that it?

Liza: I have a right to protect my child and my custodial rights.

Adam: Against --

Adam: So? Where do we go from here?

Liza: I really don't care where you go. All I know is that after what you've done, I would die before I would leave you in a room for five minutes with Colby.

Adam: Do you really think that I would physically harm Colby?

Liza: I think you have other effective ways of damaging people. And I won't have her scarred by you.

Adam: So now, even after all this, you're still threatening to take Colby away from me?

Liza: You know, if I could, I would make sure that you never laid eyes on her again.

Brooke: Edmund, the possibility that Maria could still be alive was -- was so --

Edmund: I know. But did it ever occur to you --

Brooke: That if she were alive, that the two of you would get back together? I don't remember -- I mean, going to that place. You know, maybe I -- I couldn't worry about, you know, what would happen to me or, you know, how my life would change.

Edmund: I didn't consider what hell that must have been for you.

Brooke: I'm okay, really.

Edmund: Do you know how much I love you? Do you know you're not a fill-in for Maria? And do you know that I want to marry you?

Brooke: And I want to marry you.

Edmund: You've already proven that to me. You know that? You went searching for a woman that you were afraid might threaten our love. I mean, you're the most selfless woman I've ever known.

Brooke: Stop, Edmund. It's not true.

Greenlee: You mean, her eyes just, like, popped open? Oh, that's so "Fatal Attraction," except Vanessa’s in a hospital bed instead of the bathtub and she's your mother instead of your -- but I know why you're so freaked.

Leo: Greenlee, I'm telling you, it was so bizarre.

Greenlee: And I thought my day was awful.

Leo: What happened, baby?

Greenlee: I just had to deal with Erica being Erica.

Leo: Oh, I'm sorry.

Greenlee: No, it wasn't that bad. I made Erica nervous by joining forces with Kendall.

Leo: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Greenlee: Darling, it was a fake-out, but Kendall's so dim, she thought I was serious. As if.

Leo: Ah. Well, I had to -- I had to play Trey, too. I wanted him to think that I wasn't thinking what I was actually thinking. I mean, I --

Greenlee: I mean, why did Erica have to spill her guts out to that reporter? I mean, what do I have to do, sew her mouth shut?

Leo: How am I supposed to feel about all that?

Greenlee and Leo: Oh!

Greenlee: Do we need to get out of this place? And I'm talking the cosmic sense, not just the physical.

Leo: Well, we can always make a fresh start, right?

Greenlee: What do you have in mind?

Leo: Follow me.

Kendall: You have no clue who I am, so stuff it. This isn't your battle.

Aidan: You know what? If you wage war in public, anyone can join in.

Kendall: Listen, your boss lady and her precious offspring here -- they're trying to ruin my life.

Aidan: Wow, and a talent for whining, too. Do you ever just -- oh. Look, Kendall, you can't take this complaining and whining to the bank. It just doesn't suit you.

Kendall: Wow. A psychologist and a construction worker. Well, that's -- that's some catch.

Aidan: And all the noise people make -- usually, it's to cover the fact that there's nothing much there.

Kendall: Oh, your lecture's putting me to sleep.

Aidan: And your bad temper is putting me right off my feed.

Bianca: Do you want a rain check?

Aidan: Yes, I'd love to. Maybe we can do this another time, when the atmosphere's a lot more pleasant.

Bianca: You got it.

Aidan: Thanks. I'll -- I'll call you.

Kendall: Bianca, you and Aidan? Has the good ship lesbos sailed into the Bermuda triangle? You do realize that's a guy, don't you?

Bianca: You know what? Kendall, I'm pretty liberal. I think I can deal.

Kendall: You know, he came on to me a while ago. Who knows -- maybe he has a thing for the daughters of Erica Kane.

Bianca: Oh, that must have been before you opened your mouth.

Kendall: No, I gave him the old heave-ho. But, hey, if you like slightly used, knock yourself out, go for it. Experiment to your heart's content.

Bianca: I owe you, Kendall.

Kendall: For what?

Bianca: For giving me the most incredible idea. Thank you. I mean it.

Leo: Oh.

Leo: This world, Greenlee -- sometimes it's just -- it feels so out of whack, and then I look at this ring --

Greenlee: You don't imagine that through your nose or connected to a ball and chain?

Leo: No. I feel you. And I feel stronger, and I feel more centered, and -- I don't know -- it makes me feel like there's a reason why I'm on this planet earth, you know?

Greenlee: Me, too. I was born to love you, Leo.

Leo: Oh. Me, too, you.

Greenlee: My mood's improving. How about yours?

Leo: Do you ever notice what an effort it is dealing with other people?

Greenlee: Hmm. Maximum energy drain.

Leo: It's like an endless battle.

Greenlee: But we will never do that to each other, though. Our love won't need self-help books, or we won't disintegrate into constant bickering.

Leo: No way. The only fighting we're going to do is against other people. Know what I'm saying? Nobody's going to take us down. Nobody's going to bring us down, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No kidding. We have to keep us us.

Leo: Us. For us, I would fight to the death.

Greenlee: Me, too. And gladly.

Leo: There's nothing -- nothing that'll take me away from you, Greenlee, every day and every night for the rest of our lives.

Greenlee: There is no life without you, Leo.

Adam: Obviously, there's nothing here to salvage.

Liza: Definitely not.

Adam: Anything decent we ever felt for each other is dead.

Liza: That's abundantly clear.

Adam: Our only mutual concern is Colby's welfare.

Liza: The only reason you're allowed to have any concern for Colby's life is because of your illegal switch at the sperm bank.

Adam: My only involvement with Colby was because I loved you.

Liza: Oh, brother.

Adam: I just -- I don't want Colby to sense what's happened between us -- that her mother and father only have hatred and revulsion for each other.

Liza: And your solution?

Adam: I'll go up and pack a bag. You can reach me at the Valley Inn.

Liza: Well, that will work for tonight.

Adam: Yeah. I'll send for the rest of my things tomorrow. You and Colby can have this property.

Liza: That's a little too easy.

Adam: I hope it is easy for Colby. It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

Adam: Despite what you think, I put Colby's concern first.

Liza: Dear God, how did we get here?

Edmund: I didn't mean to upset you.

Brooke: Don't paint me as a saint. I'm not. If it were Maria, if she were alive, who knows where we would be? Who knows what we would be saying to each other right now?

Edmund: I swear to you, you can believe in my love for you.

Brooke: Your love means everything to me. I would sell my soul. I have never been happier than I am with you.

Edmund: Okay. See up there? See it right there? That's where I want to grow old with you.

Brooke: Before we get any older, take me home to bed, okay?

Edmund: Ever tell you I like the way you think?

Man: Do you want one?

Maria: No, thanks. Do you know what that building is up there?

Man: Wildwind. A haven of wealth. There's some really good birding up there. Do you want a closer look?

Maria: Thanks. Do you know -- do you know who owns it? Do you -- do you know who it -- no! Help!

Maria: Oh, my God! That's everything -- that's everything I have. Oh, my God. What am I going to do?

Aidan: Are you okay?

Greenlee: You need help getting in the mood?

Leo: You don't want a soundtrack on the film of the rest of our life, Greenlee? Fine, I can take it out.

Greenlee: No, I do, just promise me that it's serious. No chipmunks or novelty songs.

Leo: Oh, come -- you cut me deep, girl.

Greenlee: I know you well.

Leo: Okay, here's a little preview.

[Music plays]

Leo: Uh-huh.

Greenlee: Our street musician in Paris!

Leo: Yeah, I thought that sounded familiar.

Greenlee: Leo, how did you do that?

Leo: You know me, Greenlee -- a man of the world. I pull a few strings and -- voila -- all your dreams come true.

Greenlee: I love you so incredibly much.

Leo: You know, if our honeymoon lasts the next 70 years, it'll be too short.

Greenlee: What do you mean, "if"? Our honeymoon isn't about a trip, it's us.

Leo: Oh. Damn it, I love us. I do. And I love Paris. Everything about that just felt so right.

Greenlee: Yeah, but everything we've felt and thought about -- my mother, my father, your father -- it was wrong.

Leo: Yeah. But if I didn't have you with me to trust and believe in, I'd --

Greenlee: I know. I feel the same way about you. Let's never change. Let's add a P.S. to our vows, wedding vows. I, Greenlee, will never change. I will always be this wildly, madly, passionately in love with you. Your turn.

Leo: Uh -- it's too late. I've already changed. I'm changing every day.

Greenlee: Well, stop!

Leo: No, I mean it, Greenlee. Every morning I wake up to this, and I just -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm more in love every single day, I swear to you. You know, we never got a chance to dance to that $10,000 band we hired for the wedding reception.

Greenlee: This is worth a lot more.

Kendall: Uh-huh. Yeah, well, I've been out of the country for a while, at the Paris office, but I do have my old I.D. Would that satisfy security? I'll get back to you.

Bianca: Kendall, what I said before about you inspiring me --

Kendall: Well, I hope it involves Vermont and a wedding ceremony with you and your bride wearing white tuxedos and comfortable shoes.

Bianca: You know, for the longest time, I have tried to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Kendall: I'm telling you, Vermont. Raise goats, make your own sandals from old tires -- that sort of thing.

Bianca: You've given me focus, Kendall. I finally know where I'm headed. And it is all thanks to you.

Kendall: Ew. Like I don't get enough hell from Erica Kane. Now I get the Bianca bonus?

Maria: I turned around for five seconds, and this -- this would-be bird watcher just takes off with everything I own!

Aidan: A bird watcher? That's an interesting cover. But are you hurt?

Maria: Yeah, my -- I hurt my head, but he took my purse, he took my clothes, he took my -- everything that I own.

Aidan: I'm well connected at the police department --

Maria: No. No, no, no. I'm not going to report any of this.

Aidan: Okay. Well -- um -- I could take you by the hospital, and we can get you checked out by a doctor.

Maria: No, no, no. Okay? I'm -- I really -- it's not necessary.

Aidan: Well, you can't stay here.

Maria: Look, I will figure something out. Thanks.

Aidan: Will you let me help you?

Maria: How?

Aidan: Well, that's what we're going to have to work out.

Maria: Okay, you go. I'm -- I'm right behind you.

Liza: How am I going to tell Colby daddy’s gone?

Liza: Colby? Colby? Darling? Colby? Colby? Colby? Colby!

[Car starts]

Liza: Adam --

[car drives away]

Liza: Adam, no!

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