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All My Children Transcript Monday 7/29/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Man: I wanted you to know the security system is back on. You and Mrs. Chandler are the only ones who can turn it off.

Adam: They're on to me.

Tad: The surveillance tapes are blank. They've been erased.

Frank: Long time, no see.

Brooke: You have a Maureen Gorman working here?

Nurse: She's over there.

Frank: Hey. Some surprise, huh? You look great, Mia.

Mia: Oh, my God. It really is you.

Frank: As opposed to who? Oh, you mean the doctor garb. Yeah, it's not an act for research or anything. I'm really Dr. Hubbard.

Mia: No.

Frank: Believe it. I'm Dr. Frank Hubbard. You need an aspirin or anything, I'm your man.

Mia: What a surprise.

Frank: I know. I never thought that I'd end up like this, either.

Mia: It's incredible, you know. I just never thought I'd see you again.

Frank: What's up with you, Rocky? You --

Mia: Don't call me that.

Liza: That can't be.

Tad: I'm sorry, Liza. All the surveillance tapes -- all of them -- are blank from beginning to end.

Liza: I guess I was naive to think that Adam wouldn't erase the tapes.

Tad: Well, if those cameras did catch him setting up your insanity, then he was smart enough to have them erased.

Liza: So they're useless.

Tad: Yeah. It's too bad, too. I was kind of hoping that this would be the end of everything.

Liza: And there's no way to retrieve the images or to prove that they were intentionally erased?

Tad: You got it. I mean, it's just -- he's too smart. Look at the way he set this up, right? He tells you he's looking for an imaginary cufflink. You find said cufflink in Mia's bed. Then he says, "Wait a minute, I said 'pen,' not 'cufflink.'”

Liza: Adam told me that J.R. gave him the pen. J.R. says he's never given him a pen. He said "cufflink." I know he did. He's trying to make me think that he and Mia are having this affair. He cut up his own dress shirt --

Tad: Liza --

Liza: And has convinced me that I did it.

Tad: Liza, I believe you. I'm on your side. What I'm trying to say to you is catching on to a scam is one thing, but proving it in a court of law, that's another.

Liza: You know, I feel like I really am going insane.

Tad: No, no, no, no, don't say that. Please, don't even joke about it. Next thing I know, Adam will have me testifying to your big confession in family court.

Liza: You know, life with Adam has just been a big lie. All this phony compassion --

Tad: All he really wanted was Colby.

Liza: Yeah, well, he's not going to get her. I'll just have to play his sick little game.

Tad: How? The deck's already stacked against you. He knows that you had a brain tumor removed. He's going to work really, really hard to prove that, you know, you've got a diminished capacity.

Liza: I suppose he's not going to have to work that hard, is he?

Tad: Hey, this is no joke. You've got to remember, he did this to Dixie.

Liza: Yeah, but Dixie didn't know how lethal he really was.

Tad: Well, just make sure you don't lose sight of it.

Liza: I'm not. You know, Adam once looked me in the face and said, "I'm you and you're me, and we're the same." And he's about to find out just how right he was.

Barry: You should have told me about this.

Adam: It was none of your damn business.

Barry: Well, Adam, I am your attorney.

Adam: I knew what your reaction would be, Barry.

Barry: Adam, you're letting your emotions get the better of your common sense.

Adam: Liza's on to me, damn it. She knows I'm trying to make her look insane.

Barry: Oh, you never should have started that.

Adam: No, no, don't even go there. My daughter's future is at stake here.

Barry: Now, don't you think if Liza had discovered your plot that she would have confronted you?

Adam: No. She's too smart for that and too sneaky.

Barry: I'm afraid you've met your match, Adam.

Adam: You're very close to kissing your lifestyle goodbye right now, Barry.

Barry: Listen, you're in trouble. I'm just here to help.

Adam: Sorry. Liza has me a little bit off balance here. Damn, I wish I knew her strategy.

Barry: Well, don't wait for her to show you.

Adam: No, no, of course not. We can't wait. We have to act quickly and accurately.

Barry: You expect me to have a role in this?

Adam: I've witnessed a lot of her bizarre behavior, and there's been enough of it that I'm sure any judge -- any judge anywhere -- would be convinced that she's mentally unfit to raise a child.

Barry: Me, Adam -- why am I here?

Adam: Before the end of the week, I want you to have Liza committed to Oak Haven and I want to be awarded full custody of Colby. Yeah. Do it -- quickly, accurately, efficiently, and permanently.

Tad: So what kind of counterattack do you have in mind?

Liza: Well, I have to find some way to prove that he's gas lighting me. It shouldn't be that hard. I should think of something. Adam doesn't even know that I'm on to him.

Tad: Which is good, but, you know, I hate to point out the fact --

Liza: We just have to play along.

Tad: Play along? What do you mean? Just let him keep thinking that he's pushed you over the edge?

Liza: And hope to get it on tape, and then hope to get my hands on the tape before he does and he makes them disappear.

Tad: That's a lot of ifs. Look, I don't want to be a wet blanket here, but you know what you're doing is very dangerous.

Liza: I'm not going to give up my daughter. I would die before I would give up my daughter.

Maria: It's you.

Maria: From the motel. You fainted.

Brooke: Yes.

Maria: You're following me. Why? Why are you following me?

Brooke: Don't you know who I am?

Frank: Why don't you say that a little bit louder? I think they missed it in Philly.

Mia: It just came out wrong. Sorry.

Frank: No, I get it. No more nicknames. Okay.

Mia: It's just that, you know, I've changed since then. Completely.

Frank: That makes two of us. It's too bad about you, though, Rock-- you could have been a contender.

Mia: Yeah, well, boxing was just an outlet.

Frank: Hey, you punched the bag harder than most men. How's that uncle of yours? Is he still --

Mia: He passed away a while back.

Frank: I'm sorry to hear that.

Mia: Yeah, well, me, too. Look, you want to go get some coffee or something?

Frank: After the double shift I've had, coffee would be excellent.

Mia: Okay. S.O.S. is nearby.

Frank: Sure, let's go. Sorry. Habit.

Mia: No, it's okay.

Frank: No, whatever. We're not there anymore. You're still ticked.

Mia: No. Me? I'm not -- I'm not angry.

Frank: You were.

Mia: Let's not do this here, okay? Let's just go get some coffee.

Frank: Lead the way, Champ.

Barry: That's not asking too much. Let's see -- have Liza locked up in an asylum and get you awarded full custody of Colby in less than a week.

Adam: Exactly. Get to it.

Barry: Have you forgotten that you've been down this path before?

Adam: You're talking about that little incident with Dixie?

Barry: Little? You had her committed, man.

Adam: That was ages ago.

Barry: Into the same facility.

Adam: I only use the best.

Barry: Now, you don't think that the staff or maybe the courts, as well, might detect a pattern here?

Adam: I've had several wives who avoided oak haven completely.

Barry: All right, all right, say those longheads can't add two and two, it's no longer the 1800s, Adam. You cannot have a wife committed simply because she's no longer convenient.

Adam: Barry, I have loved Liza from the depths of my soul. I've been devoted to her. I've wanted nothing but for her to be happy for our entire lives.

Barry: Adam, end this.

Adam: Barry, she plotted to steal my child. And this is months before we heard anything about this brain tumor thing. She was -- she was embezzling funds, preparing her escape.

Barry: And you don't think that that could have been a result of the tumor?

Adam: Oh, no, no. Absolutely not. I talked to the doctors.

Barry: Doctors can make mistakes.

Adam: No, no, they said she would be dead right now if that tumor had started in 1999. That's when all this began.

Barry: I see. Liza has been busy.

Adam: The woman I trusted, the woman I treasured has been lying to me to my face day after day, night after night, week after week.

Barry: Yes, I know how -- how her betrayal hurt you.

Adam: Liza can go to hell! But she's not taking Colby with her.

Barry: You do not have to lose Colby.

Adam: Believe me, I won’t.

Barry: Well, I can't simply check her in. It isn't a hotel. I mean, she has to be declared incompetent, a danger to herself and others.

Adam: She's been running all over this house shredding my clothing.

Barry: No, Adam, you have been shredding your clothing, and the destruction of your wardrobe will not land Liza in the cracker factory.

Adam: She's a threat to me.

Barry: No, she's a threat to you getting what you want.

Adam: She's trying to kill me.

Barry: Oh, Adam, Adam, please. Oh, God, you have proof of that?

Adam: I will.

Barry: You will?

Adam: She's trying to kill me. She has to be put away.

Tad: Would you listen to yourself? What do you mean; you would die before you'd lose Colby?

Liza: Wouldn't you die for Jamie?

Tad: Yes, and J.R., too, but let's just keep in mind what we're talking about here, okay?

Liza: I am keeping that in mind. You know, this is a part of me. This is the best part of me -- my daughter. And Adam’s trying to take it away.

Tad: She's a part of him, too. She's his daughter, too.

Liza: Yeah, right. Only because he switched the sperm samples.

Tad: Point taken. That doesn't change the fact that he loves her, okay? He's never given up easily, and he's not going to start now.

Liza: I know that he's going to fight to the death for Colby, and, you know, that's one of the reasons why I did what I did. I wanted to protect Colby. I siphoned off that money from the company so I'd have a cushion in case I had to run away.

Tad: Desperate but understandable.

Liza: No, you know what? It's not. It was wrong, and I'm sorry I did it. But, you know, Adam -- what he's doing to me now? He knows what he's doing. And he knows where I've been with the tumor. He was so -- I mean, I was afraid I was going to die.

Tad: Liza, at the risk of saying "I told you so," this is Adam’s style. You know that. It's always been his style. He sticks you in the ribs and twists the knife, and keeps twisting until you stop twitching.

Liza: Well, you know what? Adam is going to lose this one.

Tad: Well, whatever. I'll help you any way I can.

Edmund: Never at a loss for a shoulder to cry on, hey, Tad?

Liza: Edmund, I was just leaving.

Edmund: Oh, don't let me break up anything, Liza.

Liza: You're not. I'll call you.

Tad: Yeah, sure.

Liza: Bye, Edmund.

Tad: Considering I don't owe you any explanations, do you want to tell me what you're doing here?

Edmund: I want you to tell me where Brooke is.

Maria: Should I know you?

Brooke: Is there someplace that we can talk?

Maria: What, like someplace isolated? No. No. No way. Okay, who are you?

Brooke: Brooke. Brooke English.

Maria: That doesn't mean anything to me.

Brooke: Wait. Are you saying that you never heard my name? You honestly say you don't know who I am?

Maria: You had some guy with you at the hotel. Is he here, too?

Brooke: No, he went back home.

Maria: Where? Where is that? Home?

Brooke: I know this is uncomfortable for you. I'm sorry.

Maria: Well, yeah, it is.

Brooke: It is for me, too.

Maria: Oh, really? Why is that?

Brooke: You know, I don't want to frighten you, and I don't want to sound -- I think maybe I know who you are.

Frank: Coffee. So, what brings you to Pine Valley?

Mia: Well, I was working at the hospital for a while.

Frank: The hospital? My hospital?

Mia: Yeah. I didn't know it was your hospital.

Frank: You know what I'm saying. What were you doing there?

Mia: P.T.

Frank: You were a physical therapist? That's great.

Mia: Well, you know, in training, and then I quit to help my sister.

Frank: Your sister? You never told me you had a sister before.

Mia: Well, today is full of surprises, isn't it? Liza. Liza Colby Chandler. You know her?

Frank: Liza? As in Marian Colby’s daughter?

Mia: Yeah.

Frank: Mia, you never told me any of this.

Mia: Well, it was kind of a secret. So, what happened to you? I mean, you went from film director to M.D.

Frank: The film stuff was getting old.

Mia: You just started. I mean, you have that great indy short "Sounds of the Street." I thought it won at some film festival.

Frank: It was fun for a while, but over the long haul -- you know what happens to old film?

Mia: They end up on cable.

Frank: No, not old films, I mean old film, like the stock itself. It disintegrates. That's it.

Mia: Yeah, I mean, nothing in life really stays the same. But that was your dream.

Frank: Dreams change, too. Life doesn't always turn out how you expected.

Mia: Yeah, that's for sure.

Frank: I don't -- I don't see a wedding ring.

Mia: Yeah, because I'm not married.

Frank: Where are you living?

Mia: With my sister.

Frank: Liza Colby Chandler? That makes Adam your --

Mia: Adam's my brother-in-law.

Frank: So you're bunking at the Chandler mansion?

Mia: For now, yeah.

Frank: So, is that why you dumped me? The magnetic pull of the Chandler fortune?

Adam: There's not a court in the world that would give my sweet, innocent daughter to a homicidal maniac. It's perfect, Barry.

Barry: Adam, you have given Liza countless reasons to want to murder you, and she hasn't tried yet. And now you expect people --

Adam: Leave it to me, Barry.

Barry: You are getting deeper and deeper into dangerous territory, Adam.

Adam: Your concern is very touching, Barry.

Barry: Well, when things go bad, you run to me. Now I may not be able to dig you out of this.

Adam: You won't have to. I will leave Liza disarmed, defenseless, and in the bin before she knows what hit her.

Barry: How do you intend to do this? You going to stage some faked attacks?

Adam: Do you want the details?

Barry: It's my job to advise you on the legal consequences of your actions.

Adam: As a semi-ethical lawyer, you're better off in the dark. You wouldn't want people thinking you might be an accessory.

Barry: Thanks for your consideration, Adam.

Adam: Oh, Sweetheart, there you are. Is everything all right?

Liza: Yeah, everything's fine. Why wouldn't it be? Something happen?

Adam: The doctor. You were going to the hospital. What did he say?

Liza: Oh, yes, yes. That's -- yeah. I don't remember. So I guess it must not have been important.

Adam: Yes, I'll call Dr. Greenberg later and get a full report. Oh, you're going to be fine. I'll take care of everything.

Tad: How should I know where Brooke is?

Edmund: You're kidding, right?

Tad: No, I'm not kidding. I'm perfectly serious.

Edmund: Well, maybe because every time she drops out of sight, I find her holed up with you someplace?

Tad: Well, by all means, if it will make you feel better, go ahead, search the house.

Edmund: I'm glad you find this amusing, Tad.

Tad: I don't find this amusing, you know. I find it kind of disturbing, actually.

Edmund: You know, you're a real piece of work.

Tad: Look, what you saw when you walked in --

Edmund: Playing the grieving widower with all your exes. Is it effective?

Tad: Look, you're a friend, okay? Brooke's a friend, too. I think I'm just going to overlook that comment.

Edmund: That's right -- you're a lover, not a fighter.

Tad: Edmund, come on, give me a break. If I knew where Brooke was, I would tell you.

Edmund: I feel for your loss, Tad. I really do because I've been there. But using it this way --

Tad: Oh, come on, just don't push me, Edmund, please. I don't want to say anything I'm going to regret. Why can't you just accept the fact that Brooke loves you, okay? She loves you and only you.

Edmund: But you love her, don't you?

Tad: Yeah. Of course I love her -- as a friend, as a very dear friend.

Edmund: Right. So do your friend a favor and stop screwing up her life. Stop preventing her from getting some happiness.

Tad: Happiness? What are you talking about? The woman is killing herself trying to protect you. You and her.

Edmund: Protect us from what?

Maria: You think that you know who I am?

Brooke: Wait. Listen, the man that you asked me about before, the one who was with me and I said he went home. His home is in Pine Valley. Does that mean anything to you?

Maria: Big Valley and Sun Valley -- no. Basically, no. It's not --

Brooke: It's in Pennsylvania?

Maria: I've got things to do, okay?

Brooke: Wait, please. Please. Do you remember being in an accident?

Maria: I was in an accident?

Brooke: Yes.

Maria: Yes. It was incredibly, horribly painful

Edmund: Tad, why is Brooke protecting me?

Tad: No, no --

Edmund: From what?

Tad: That's not what I meant.

Edmund: That's what you said.

Tad: I know it's what I said, okay? You're jumping all over me. I'm sorry. Got confused, that's all.

Edmund: I don't think so. Brooke thinks I need protecting. You know where she is and what she's doing.

Tad: No, I don't, Edmund. I swear to you, I don’t.

Edmund: What do I need protection from? >From you guys? From what you two have going on?

Tad: Oh, no, man, don't do this to yourself.

Edmund: I was right, wasn't I? You went to Switzerland. All the old feelings came back. She held your hand --

Tad: You are so off track on this one.

Edmund: You love her as a friend and as the mother of your child. That is not enough for her. She deserves better.

Tad: I agree.

Edmund: I love her completely, not for the past, for what we have right now --

Tad: Good --

Edmund: For who she is, okay?

Tad: That's the way it should be.

Edmund: I love her -- she's smart, she's funny, she brings out the best in me. She's my soul mate, Tad.

Tad: Edmund, listen to me for a second, okay, please. You got to believe me. I'm not trying to take Brooke away from you.

Edmund: Prove it. Tell me where she is.

Maria: The accident -- ahem -- was in the third grade, and I had to use the restroom, and we were in the middle of making all these mosaics, and I was afraid that if I left, the other kid might steal my tiles. And I couldn't hold it until recess, so it's the accident that everybody in the school would not let me forget.

Brooke: When you were in the third grade? That would have been in Texas, wouldn't it?

Maria: No, it wouldn’t. I was born in Northern California.

Brooke: In what town? What year?

Maria: I'm not going to answer any more of your questions. I'm not going to tell you anything else.

Brooke: Look, you don't have to be afraid of me.

Maria: Really? All of a sudden, I've got these people following me and asking me all these questions and all this stuff. I don't even know who you are or what you want!

Brooke: My name is Brooke English. I'm the editor of "Tempo" magazine.

Maria: You're a reporter?

Brooke: I'm not doing a story. It's personal, all right? You asked me who I was. I'm telling you.

Maria: And you're looking for someone.

Brooke: Yes. Maria Santos Grey. M.G. -- The initials like yours, Maureen Gorman.

Maria: I have a friend named Molly Gallagher. Would you like to stalk her, too?

Brooke: I'm not stalking you.

Maria: Well, you know what? It feels like it to me, okay? So if you don't back off, I'm going to call the police and I'm going to have them arrest you.

Mia: And you accused me of being angry.

Frank: Well, you were. You left.

Mia: You're the one who's still angry.

Frank: It was just a question.

Mia: Look, you really think I left you because of money?

Frank: Mia, come on. I produced a fairly well respected indy short. That's a far cry from Chandler's megabucks.

Mia: This talent you have for insulting me -- this is new.

Frank: Okay. Okay. That question was reflex.

Mia: I didn't find out about Liza until after we broke up.

Frank: Hey, I apologize for being a jerk. What difference does it make? It was in the past anyway. Let's forget this.

Mia: Right. Done, over.

Frank: I just thought we were happy.

Mia: Yeah, well, you know what? It got too wild.

Frank: You used to like crazy.

Mia: Not all the time.

Frank: Well, hey, Mia, you could have clued me in.

Mia: When?

Frank: I was busy, but I wasn't that busy. You could have said something sometime.

Mia: You were obsessed with your career. You wouldn't have listened to me.

Frank: Okay. So it was all my fault?

Mia: Frank, I admired your dedication to your work. I did.

Frank: Until what? Until when?

Mia: I don't know.

Frank: You must know, Mia. You took off. What happened to us?

Boy: Look, Mommy. Mommy, I finished.

Liza: I have some exciting news.

Barry: And I'll let you tell Adam all about it. Adam, you yell if you need me, and you take care, Liza.

Liza: Did something happen at the office?

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. Barry -- he just likes to drop by to pretend he deserves the enormous retainer we pay him. Well, what's your news?

Liza: I'm taking Colby away.

Adam: Excuse me?

Liza: Yeah, I thought it would be fun to go away for a few weeks, go to England to the cottage. It would be really wonderful to have the time off, don't you think?

Adam: Yeah, well, that's a wonderful idea. I'll clear my calendar.

Liza: Oh, well, I know that you're very, very busy.

Adam: Exactly why I need a vacation with my family.

Liza: Oh, well, okay. Well, then we'll go, and you can meet up with us later.

Adam: What? And let my two favorite women travel all that way alone? Oh, no, no. Not on your life. No, no, no. I don't want to be without you for one minute.

Adam: How perfect of you to think of the cottage.

Liza: Well, it's so peaceful there, and I always feel so centered there.

Adam: Yeah. It's the age that draws me. The age. It's 400 years.

Liza: You always seem so different there.

Adam: First time I ever saw it, I knew it had to be ours.

Liza: Yes, you had said that it was enchanted.

Adam: You thought I was crazy -- until you saw it.

Liza: Well, yeah. I still remember walking through that mist. I felt like a character out of a Jane Austen novel.

Adam: They say that money can't buy happiness, but when I -- when I saw you walk through that door the first time, it was priceless.

Liza: I cried.

Adam: But you still looked just like an angel. I fell in love with you all over again.

Liza: It was then that I realized that you were the most wonderful man in the world.

Adam: Maybe --

Liza: What?

Adam: Maybe we should have spent more time there.

Liza: To make the magic hold?

Frank: Are you nervous about something?

Mia: The espresso just kicked in a lot faster than I thought.

Frank: You know what this reminds me of? You remember that night we had dinner at Mario’s?

Mia: Yeah. On East 78th Street.

Frank: Mm-hmm. There was about 15 of us at the table.

Mia: Typical intimate dinner -- you, me, and the entire film crew, yes.

Frank: And right across from us was a table full of kids who decided to have, like, the last great French fry war. Remember that?

Mia: You didn't find it amusing. You wanted to kill them.

Frank: No. I was upset with their parents because they refused to set limits for their kids.

Mia: Oh, yeah, "How the hell can people let their rugrats run all over the rest of us?"

Frank: Did I say that?

Mia: Minus your explicit profanities, yeah.

Frank: Yeah, well, back then I used to think that anyone who brought more rug rats into the world was criminally negligent.

Mia: You've mellowed since then?

Frank: Hey, I used to be the angry young man with the camera. I mean, what do you want?

Mia: Now you're not the angry young man with the stethoscope?

Frank: Mia, you said you were different back then, okay? So was I. I've done lots of things that -- that I'm ashamed of.

Mia: You know what? Whatever you did, I'm sure that you always had your reasons.

Frank: Well, whatever. But you and me not staying together, that was my fault.

Mia: It wasn't just you.

Frank: No, come on. When I wasn't filming, I was hanging out with the party-hard crowd.

Mia: Yeah, well, we both were.

Frank: Yeah, well, if anybody at the hospital ever found out about the stuff that I used to get into. I mean, if Jake Martin were to ever hear about --

Mia: Why should he? Why does anyone need to know about the past?

Frank: What are you thinking?

Mia: Maybe we should just pretend like we never knew each other. It would solve a lot of -- a lot of things.

Tad: Look, how many ways can I say it? I don't know where Brooke is. What do you want me to do, make something up?

Edmund: If you honestly believe that you can make Brooke happy --

Tad: Oh, my God, don't do this. This is so off track, Edmund.

Edmund: I love her enough so that you --

Tad: No, no, no, no. Okay, look, before you say something else that's really, really dumb, believe me, Brooke has waited her whole life to get what you two have together. She loves you -- you -- the way that Dixie loved me.

Edmund: But she's gone.

Tad: Yeah, okay, fine. So take that up with her when she comes back. But until she does, you got to know this is the kind of love you can't beg, borrow, or steal. You would be an absolute moron to be willing to walk away from it, trade it back, turn it in even for one moment.

Edmund: Okay. But I don't, you know -- there's more than just me that's affected.

Tad: No, you know what? I am not involved, okay? That's your mistake. I'm not involved. People aren't interchangeable. You couldn't plug Dixie in for Brooke any more than I could stand in for you.

Edmund: You find out anything, you'll let me know?

Tad: I will.

Tad: Yeah, hi. Mr. McMahon? Yeah. This is Tad Martin, a friend of Brooke English. Has she called in for an update on your investigation of Maureen Gorman? Wait, wait, wait -- Maureen Gorman -- she used her credit card where? Nevada. And Brooke knows this? When did you tell her? Yeah. No, no, no, that's fine. I'll do it. Thank you. Brooke, you got to get home soon while you got Edmund to get home to.

Maria: I'm Maureen Gorman. Okay, I'm not this Texas woman that you're looking for, okay? So -- and I don't like being bullied or spied on or followed all over the place.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Maria: Oh, look, you're going to back off, then, all right? I mean, you're -- because if you don't, I don't want to have to, but I will call the police.

Brooke: No, that won't be necessary.

Maria: You're going to stay away from me? I mean, seriously? You're going to stay away from where I work and where I live and where I -- I mean, if I so much as see you across the street from me --

Brooke: I won't come anywhere near you, I swear.

Maria: Okay. Okay. All right, look -- I hope that you find this woman that you're looking for. Look for her someplace else.

Liza: What are you doing?

Colby: I'm watching my baby animals tape.

Liza: Oh, okay.

[Tape plays]

Liza: Life doesn't get any better than this.

Colby: Look! There's Mommy and Daddy's fairy tale.

Liza: And you love me and you accept me for everything that I am -- for my sense of humor and my really bad moods. You accept me. And that's what I want to give you in return.

Frank: You want to pretend that we didn't know each other before?

Mia: Why not? I mean, we've both done things that we'd probably rather keep quiet.

Frank: Well, it would definitely head off a lot of questions.

Mia: We're both starting new chapters in our lives, you know. This way we start with a clean slate.

Frank: This means a lot to you.

Mia: It means a lot to you. What do you say, hmm? If people know we lived together, we knew each other --

Frank: The questions would never stop. Nice to meet you, Ms. Saunders.

Mia: Likewise, Dr. Hubbard.

[Pager beeps]

Frank: Oh. Oh, the hospital calls, I got to go. See you around, stranger?

Mia: Yeah, well, it's a very small town.

Frank: I'm glad I ran into you, that we ran into each other. I'll get the bill on the way out.

Mia: No, let me. Welcome to Pine Valley.

Frank: Thanks, Mia. I think I'm going to like being back here. See you.

[Phone rings]

Edmund: Edmund Grey.

Brooke: Edmund. Hi.

Edmund: Brooke. Where the hell are you?

Brooke: I feel awful running out on you. I just -- I got this wild call from this woman who claimed to have some inside information about lapses in our national defense plans.

Edmund: Brooke --

Brooke: So I -- I swore to her that I would meet her in private and I would maintain total secrecy.

Edmund: Okay, fine. I won't bother asking you anything else.

Brooke: Thanks. Just know I love you.

Edmund: I love you, too. Brooke?

Edmund: What the hell are you hiding?

Maria's voice: I'm Maureen Gorman. I'm not this Texas woman that you're looking for. I was born and raised in Northern California.

Brooke: It happens. I mean, they say everybody has a double. Tad had Ted Orsini. I mean, it's possible this Maureen Gorman could just be a dead ringer for Maria. You know, so, she has a look-alike. It doesn't prove anything. I mean, why should I disrupt her life any further or mine or -- or Edmund’s?

Brooke's voice: Maria Santos Grey. M.G. -- Like your initials, Maureen Gorman.

Maria's voice: I hope you find this woman that you're looking for.

Brooke: No!

[Phone rings]

David: Dr. Hayward.

Maria: It's me. I just -- that lady came back, the one that I told you about. What do I do? David, what do you want me to do?

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Kendall: Oh, God! Oh! Mr. Cortlandt, Mr. Cortlandt, thank God. You have to help me.

Tad: Now, I am going to prove to you that Maureen Gorman is not Maria once and for all.

David: I'm telling you, Maureen, you've got to leave now. Your life depends on it.

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