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All My Children Transcript Thursday 7/25/02

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Nurse: We have a possible O.D. just brought in.

Jake: Simone?

Liza: What happened?

Adam: I was hoping you could tell me.

Liza: Why would I do this to your favorite suit?

Tad: Frankie?

Joe: It's good to know Jesse’s spirit lives on.

Leo: What official business are you talking about?

Anna: I have to take you in for questioning, and if you fight me on this, I'm going to arrest you.

Colby: Don't show me your cards. It'll ruin the game.

Mia: I'm sorry. Sorry about that.

Adam: Oh, Mia, I need to speak to my wife. Have you seen her?

Mia: I thought Liza was upstairs.

Adam: Oh. Winifred! No, no, I just came down from up there. She's not on the second floor.

Winifred: Yes, Mr. Chandler?

Adam: Yes, have you seen my wife?

Winifred: Yes, Sir. She went out.

Adam: Damn it, Mia. You're supposed to be watching her. Why did you let her go out alone?

Tad: Liza?

Liza: Yes?

Tad: I came as soon as I got your message. What happened? Are you okay?

Liza: No, no, no. Everything's good, everything's fine. But listen, I want to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been a better friend. I know I haven't seen you since Dixie’s memorial service.

Tad: It's okay, it's okay. Rumor on the street is that you've been busy losing your mind. Although, that voice message you left was lucid enough.

Liza: I'm completely sane.

Tad: Except for the fact you married Adam.

Liza: Well, I need you to help me. Adam's busy working very hard to convince everyone that I'm crazy. Payback is letting him experience crazy. Crazy all-out.

Jake: Okay, clear and set up rooms one and two for trauma and notify O.R. and x-ray they may have some business.

Frank: What's up?

Jake: Road rage. Some guy caused a three-car pileup, then assaulted the arresting officers. The ambulance is about 10 minutes out. Listen, check her reflexes against seizures and watch her for respiratory depression.

Frank: Okay. You want me to do this alone?

Jake: It says "Dr. Hubbard."

Frank: Come on, Sweetheart. Open your eyes. Rise and shine. Rise and shine.

Frank: Hi. You woke up.

Simone: Oh. What happened?

Frank: Well, pills and booze don't mix.

Simone: Oh, please don't tell my dad about this.

Greenlee: What do you mean; you have to bring him in?

Anna: Well, I'm investigating a homicide.

David: Anna, not now.

Anna: No, I have no choice. This has to go down tonight.

Leo: No. No, no, no. Forget it. Forget it. I'm taking her home. She needs me right now.

Anna: David will take her home.

Greenlee: How long are you going to take him?

Anna: Well, that all depends on what he has to say.

Leo: You have got -- okay, fine. Fine. Not a word until after I take her home.

Anna: Leo --

Leo: What?

Anna: I'm not kidding. If you walk out that door, I will arrest you.

Leo: I dare you.

Anna: Leo --

Leo: Come on, baby. Out of my way.

Greenlee: Leo! Anna, how can you?

Anna: Calmly, please.

Greenlee: Leo –

Colby: Daddy, why did you yell at Aunt Mia?

Adam: Oh, sweetheart -- Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Daddy's a bit ragged right now, but I should be able to control my language and my voice.

Mia: He's just worried because he didn't know where your mommy was going.

Adam: But I'm sure she's fine.

Colby: How do you know?

Mia: I'm sure she's just running an errand and she'll be back real soon.

Colby: How do you know?

Mia: Because your mommy can't stand to be away from you.

Adam: Winifred, don't you have a surprise, something, some goodies in the kitchen for Colby?

Winifred: Yes. Yes, of course I do. I have ginger snaps.

Adam: Oh. Come on, Sweetheart, go get a cookie.

Mia: Yeah. Go pick one out for your mommy.

Adam: That's my girl.

Colby: Okay.

Winifred: Come on, Sweetheart.

Adam: Sorry I snapped.

Mia: No, that's okay. I understand why.

Adam: My wife is shredding my clothes, and now she's disappeared.

Mia: I'll check her cell phone.

Adam: No, no, I've already called. It's voice mail. I left a message.

Mia: Okay, let's think. Where would Liza go?

Adam: Mia, what the hell is happening to my wife?

Liza: Adam's ultimate goal is getting custody of Colby. Making me think that I'm crazy is just him having fun in the process.

Tad: Yeah, but he did it by making you think that the tumor was back? That's low, even for Adam.

Liza: Adam has always had love confused with power. It's hard for me to even believe that he's deliberately terrorizing me.

Tad: How did you catch on to him so fast?

Liza: He grilled my doctor. He asked for a short list of the symptoms that I would have if the tumor had returned, and then he set on convincing me that I was sick again.

Tad: Does he know you know about what he's doing?

Liza: No. No, no, he does not know that I know. In fact, I've turned the tables on him, making him think that I am completely deranged.

Tad: Why?

Liza: To keep him off balance.

Tad: Wow. Nobody roughhouses like you two.

Liza: No, no, my daughter's future is at stake. I have to protect her.

Tad: I know. You're right, of course. It's just, you know, there's only one real joke in this whole sordid little plot, and it's a pretty sick one.

Liza: My marriage.

Tad: Exactamente. Too bad you didn't catch on to that as quickly as you found the tumor.

Liza: I caught on earlier than you think.

Tad: What's that supposed to mean?

Liza: You remember that money that was siphoned off from Chandler Enterprises?

Tad: Yeah. It's an unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of your condition, right? I mean, that is what we told our stockholders.

Liza: I knew what I was doing. I took the money before I was sick.

Tad: You stole all that money from your husband's company while you were firing on all cylinders? Cool. That is something. I mean, I couldn't figure out how you managed to dupe me with one lobe tied behind your back.

Liza: You know, I have to tell you, you were completely covered. And then I really did get sick. And I know you lost your job --

Tad: Yeah, that's all right.

Liza: No.

Tad: I lost a lot worse than that.

Liza: I know that you did, and I shouldn't be burdening you.

Tad: Oh, come on. I'm desperate for a distraction. You know, anything that will keep me from missing Dixie, and nailing your husband's my kind of therapy.

Liza: Well, I need to prove that Adam is intentionally trying to make me think that I'm crazy.

Tad: You have a plan?

Liza: Yes, I do. The home security system -- you know, our entire house has surveillance cameras everywhere. And I need to prove these three things -- that Adam planted his cufflink in Mia’s bed, that he caused the lights to flicker in the entire house, and that he cut up his own dress shirt. And there are the dates.

Tad: As much as I'd love to help you out there, doll face, let me point out one small hole in your scheme. If the walls have eyes, then how am I supposed to --

Liza: You are not going to get caught because I am two steps ahead of Adam Chandler, and that is exactly where I have to stay.

Frank: Mixing pills and booze -- that can seriously out your lights.

Simone: Having your stomach pumped is humiliation. I don't think you realize this, but my father -- he works here. And if he finds out about all this, I mean, he'll really do me in. I mean, forever.

Frank: Ah, don't worry; your old man is never going to get wise to this.

Simone: No, how can you be sure?

Frank: Because this is a hospital and patients' records are confidential.

Simone: Great. Just my luck -- I'm with a rook. You're clueless.

Frank: I passed all my boards -- eventually.

Simone: My father's job is to find out people's secrets. He always, always knows everything.

Frank: Okay, all right. Look, I don't know anything about your life.

Simone: No, you don’t.

Frank: I don't know anything about the hospital rumor mill. But -- but I can tell that you have a brain behind that pretty face, and I really don't --

Simone: Stop. Just save it for someone that deserves it.

Frank: Okay. In addition to all my other shortcomings, I don't have the goods to argue with this self-loathing attitude. But these internships are really tough to come by, so, you know, I intend to keep my job for more than a day, so would you please just give me your arm? Please? Thank you.

Greenlee: I need Leo.

David: You know, if you would just sit down, you would lower your blood pressure, your pulse rate, you would be relaxed.

Greenlee: I cannot believe your wife arrested him.

David: No, no, Leo is not under arrest. He's just in for questioning.

Greenlee: You're right -- comfort is not in your med kit.

David: How about a home remedy? Tea. I'll go make you some tea.

Greenlee: Doesn't Anna care that I buried my father today?

David: All right, let's get something straight here. Anna has sacrificed her career on numerous occasions for this family, and now her job is on the line.

Greenlee: I know, I know.

David: Greenlee, I know you're suffering.

Greenlee: Oh, like hell you do.

David: I lost my father.

Greenlee: And you got to mourn, be sad, all pure and simple. But I don't know whether to bawl my eyes out missing roger or do the cha-cha because the dirty loser's finally gone.

Leo: All right.

Anna: Open the file on --

Leo: Strong-arming me away from Greenlee at her father's funeral? This job cost you your heart, Anna.

Anna: Leo, calm down. I am confident that you are going to cooperate with me because the faster we get this done, the faster you get back to Greenlee. And just look at me. Don't worry about her. David will take care of her. If anyone needs me, I'm going to be in here with Mr. du Pres.

Jack: No, in fact, you won’t.

Anna: Jackson, please. I have done exactly as you asked. What is your problem now?

Jack: The problem is Mr. du Pres is your brother-in-law.

Leo: So what? Get a life.

Anna: Yes. I am perfectly able to conduct an effective interview.

Jack: It constitutes a conflict of interest, and any good defense attorney is going to use that.

Anna: Okay, point taken. I will get another detective to question him. Could you get Derek Frye in here?

Jack: That's not necessary. The D.A.'s office has jurisdiction over this case. I'll conduct the --

Leo: No way, Anna. This guy's got an agenda. He's going to try to screw us all.

Anna: Leo, calm down. Leo --

Leo: I'm never going to get back to Greenlee. Forget it!

Anna: Let me handle this.

Jack: I'll tell you one thing, son. It's going to be a long time before you see her unless you cooperate. Your choice. Take him in there.

Anna: Jackson, you can't do that. I'm not going to allow this.

Jack: No, where the hell do you think you're going?

Anna: I'm going to observe with Bernstein.

Jack: No.

Anna: I'm going to be in there.

Jack: No, actually, you're going to wait outside.

Anna: I am not going to wait outside. This is my office.

Jack: That's right. And just as soon as I'm done with it, you can have it back.

Anna: Jackson -- Jackson, do not –

Frank: Her vitals are low normal. Her electrolyte balance is balanced. She's stable. Right?

Jake: Right. Right. Good work. Next patient this way.


Frank: Hang tight.

Jake: What's going on here?

Paramedic: Looks like a humeral head dislocation.

Officer: My partner?

Jake: Your partner is going to be fine, Sir. All right, 10 milligrams of oxycodone, stat. Administer the pain med I.M., then get this patient off to x-ray. All right, let's bring this gentleman in and put him down in trauma one right away.

Officer: My first partner was Hubbard, Jesse Hubbard. We did the academy together. Any relation?

Frank: My dad.

Officer: Oh, man, jeez. He was -- he was the guy to count on. I'd follow him through any door.

Frank: Yeah, me, too.

Officer: How's your mom?

Frank: She's good. She's really good. Yeah.

Officer: Angie patched me up here once, right here in this E.R.

Frank: All right, this might sting a little bit.

Officer: Angie must be busting about you.

Frank: Somewhat.

Officer: Your dad would have been proud.

Jake: Is there a holdup?

Frank: No. Officer O’Hara’s ready for Radiology.

Jake: Good, good. Let's go take some pics. This way.

Officer: You know who this kid's dad was?

Jake: Yes, Sir, I sure do. We're extra glad to have Frank -- Dr. Hubbard. This way.

Greenlee: Since Daddy died, I've tried to dwell on his good qualities, like his eyes were a nice color if you got past his barfly squint.

David: Look, you sure you don't want some tea? Something to eat?

Greenlee: I mean, am I really supposed to mourn the loss of someone so selfish?

David: At least you've always known the truth about Roger. I didn't know that my father was a drug henchman until -- well, until it was too late.

Greenlee: David, don't rob yourself of what you did have.

David: Yeah, right. A lifetime of lies and crushing disappointment. Great. Don't leave home without them.

Greenlee: The way I heard it, your dad was a good man abused by Vanessa.

David: He was a fraud.

Greenlee: Or willing to sacrifice his soul for his son. Did he ever hurt you?

David: No.

Greenlee: Did he leave you any warm and fuzzies? Share.

David: Swings. The earliest memory I have of my father is him taking me to the park to push me on swings. And he would let me swing as long as I wanted, even after everybody left. And then when I had a bug collection, he -- yeah, right. He bought me an ant farm. He was trying to teach me that saving lives was better than taking them.

Greenlee: Trade you. See, when Roger hooked up with Vanessa, it didn't much change him. It just magnified who he always was.

David: Or maybe he was just trying to protect you, as well.

Greenlee: I thought about that already. Roger wasn't like your father. He wasn't even like your mother. He just cared more about himself than anyone else -- including me, his baby.

David: Sorry.

Greenlee: A girl has expectations, you know. A brag book of photos, a picture in his wallet, just an occasional comforting kiss on the top of her head. You know, Vanessa tried to kill me, Laura tried to rob me, Simone lied to me, and my mother has disappointed me a thousand times in a thousand ways, but no one ever hurt me more than Roger. No one.

David: Well, you know what you should do? You should count your blessings.

Greenlee: Huh?

David: Your father, he taught you from the git-go that you can't romanticize people.

Greenlee: I live for romance.

David: But now you can easily achieve what I have spent my entire life struggling to accomplish.

Greenlee: What's that?

David: Low expectations in people.

Greenlee: Leo. I need Leo. I want Leo right now!

Anna: This is my office. Jackson, what are you doing in there?

Jack: All right, let's try this again. You're told not to leave Pine Valley, so instead you skip the country.

Leo: I went to Paris to find Vanessa’s drug money.

Jack: And when you found it, what did you plan to do with it?

Leo: Return it to you and to the police and get the hell out of this town.

Jack: Gee, I'm sorry our little town doesn't offer enough gullible jet setters for you to swindle.

Leo: Oh, you know I don't swindle people anymore, Jackson.

Jack: What, is that kind of like not being hungry anymore?

Leo: You know, what is this? What the hell is this? You know, I was under the impression that you dragged me away from my grieving wife because you wanted to ask me questions about why Roger got murdered.

Jack: All right, let's ask those questions. Tell me this -- how did you first contact Wolfe and his accomplice, the Count Guy du Pres?

Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, Guy is not Wolfe’s accomplice.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did I hit a nerve on this one?

Leo: He was not Wolfe’s accomplice! He had nothing to do with the shooting! He's a decent man. I'm not going to let you attack him.

Jack: I notice the two of you share the same last name.

Leo: Oh, could one person I touch please not get sucked into this cesspool?

Jack: Now, I've got my own theories on the surname issue, but, boy, I'd like to hear yours, Mr. du Pres.

Leo: My mother is a very twisted woman; let's just leave it at that.

Jack: Fine. These are the records of your outgoing phone calls from the hotel you stayed in Paris.

Leo: Wow, you're quite the investigator, Jackson.

Jack: Thanks, son. Now, you say you went to Paris on a quest for vindication. Is that right?

Leo: Right. Exactly. To get you off my family just by recovering the Proteus drug money. Big deal.

Jack: Is that why the first phone call you made from Paris was to the Count du Pres?

Adam: You're absolutely certain no one has seen her anywhere in the building? All right. You call me if you do. Who's next?

Mia: That's it. Liza's really missing.

Adam: I'll find her.

Winifred: Excuse me, Mr. Chandler. Mr. Martin is here to see you.

Adam: Tell him to get lost. I have more important things on my mind than --

Tad: I don't think so.

Adam: Would you just get out of here? I don't have time --

Tad: You need to see what I found.

Adam: The hell I do.

Liza: Why are we all in here? I mean, soak up some rays. Summer's sizzling.

Tad: I found her on my porch like this.

Liza: Oh, we should be in the pool.

Mia: Get a towel.

Tad: What the hell is going on?

Mia: Would you like me to take your hat and your glasses?

Liza: No, no, no. The sun is so strong.

Adam: Darling, the sun has set.

Mia: Why don't we dry you off? I don't want you to get a chill.

Liza: Oh, my goodness.

Tad: For God's sake, would you call her doctor? You can't allow this to go on.

Adam: The doctors are well acquainted with these symptoms.

Liza: Oh, man, I'm roasting.

Adam: Get Liza upstairs and out of these clothes!

Mia: No, don't bark at me, Adam. It doesn't do any good.

Liza: Yeah, you old beach hound.

Mia: Why don't we go upstairs, have a nice, relaxing bath?

Liza: Oh.

Adam: I'll be right up just as I soon as I get Tad Martin out of here.

Tad: I know the way. Go take care of your wife.

Adam: Yeah, you're right. You're right. Thanks for bringing her back. I'm coming right up!

Greenlee: Leo. Leo. Leo.

David: Listen, I've looked all over the place for this stuff, and I can tell you must cry a lot because there's no more left. They're completely gone. So, you know, you might want to stop crying.

Greenlee: Some comfort you are. Who needs family?

David: Greenlee, you're tougher than this. I mean, you're certainly tough enough to handle it.

Greenlee: I don't want to be tough. I want a life full of endless romance, astonishing success, and a humanoid family that can at least say, "There, there."

David: Greenlee, you're lucky.

Greenlee: Oh!

David: All right, all right, let me rephrase. You're -- you're very brave, and you're wise to see your father for who he really was.

Greenlee: That sounds like a compliment.

David: That is. That's a compliment. You see, because most people, a lot of people, they go through their entire lives lying to themselves, especially when their father is gone.

Greenlee: David, I would if I could.

David: But you can't, right? Because you're too -- you're too uncompromising.

Greenlee: I'm missing the compliment here.

David: Greenlee, you wouldn't let your father scam you.

Greenlee: That's a matter of opinion. I gave him, like, a million second chances.

David: But you held on to the hard truth, right? Now, that's a sign of character. That's a strength. That's something you can take into your marriage with Leo and make it work.

Greenlee: Hello? I love Leo more than my own life. That's what will make our marriage work, thank you.

David: Look, love, believe me, it ebbs and flows.

Greenlee: How can Anna stand you? You're the most unromantic person I've ever even heard of.

David: What I'm trying to say is that romance comes in spurts. No, I'm sorry, bad word. In moments, okay? And that honesty is something that helps you get through the hard times, honesty with each other, honesty about one another.

Greenlee: Are you trying to tell me some sort of secret message? Like Leo isn't being as honest as I think he is?

Jack: Count du Pres' diplomatic immunity helped traffic Proteus' drugs all over the world.

Leo: It wasn't him, Jackson. Guy had crooked help, I'm telling you. Or do you think that we should always blame the big man, is that it? See, you do because you people can't put the pieces together to build a case against Proteus. You can't even keep my mother from escaping a psych ward, for God's sakes.

Jack: It's all right, it's all right.

Leo: Over and over, this community is at risk. How many people got to die before you stop pointing the finger?

Jack: Take it easy, son. Now, there is one way that you can know for sure that the Count du Pres was not a part of Vanessa’s drug ring.

Leo: Okay. Okay, tell me. How?

Jack: Well, that is if you were part of the drug ring yourself.

Leo: Oh, you know, where the hell do you get off? I tried to help you, remember that? I secretly videotaped my own mother, hoping that you could finally convict her. You remember that?

Jack: Oh, come on. You're a veteran con.

Leo: I'm not a con! How many times do I got to tell you that? My mother tried to kill my wife.

Jack: And what better reason to cut her out of the whole deal, huh?

Leo: Okay, all right, I'll tell you one more time, all right?

Jack: Please.

Leo: I went to France so that I could clear my name and my brother's name. That's it.

Jack: And you were remarkably unsuccessful, now, weren't you?

Leo: I'll work on my spy techniques when I'm on my honeymoon -- if I ever get to take one.

Jack: You got ahold of some of Vanessa’s drug money a few months ago. What did you do? You rented a very expensive hotel suite, went on a spending spree. You didn't give one dollar back to the D.A.'s office.

Leo: That's -- that's not what happened.

Jack: Well, then why don't you tell me what happened?

Leo: Well -- well, I -- I was going to -- I couldn't give you the money back because you took it from me before I had a chance to. Remember that?

Jack: Ah.

Leo: Plus, I was just trying to numb out after watching my mother hold a knife against Greenlee's throat.

Jack: Oh, I see, so we get a little blue, a little under the weather, we steal, we spend --

Leo: She was free because you let her escape, if you remember.

Jack: No, no, no. No, that was the police department, not the D.A.'s office. Now, you tell me, why should I believe that you've given up on this jackpot of cash when you hoarded that paltry sum?

Leo: I don't know.

Jack: Let me put it to you this way, son -- why should I believe that you're not sitting on Proteus' millions right now.

Frank: This doctor thing is one tough gig.

Jesse: You're doing great, kid.

Frank: At least I haven't tanked -- yet.

Jesse: Don't worry about it. These people have got your back. You couldn't have found a better place.

Frank: And that cop, O’Hara --

Jesse: He's a good man.

Frank: He says you'd be proud of me, Dad.

Jesse: He knows me well.

Frank: I wish that I thought the same. But I suppose you're wise to why I started the doctor route.

Jesse: What matters is you are making it work.

Frank: Could be a seriously bad idea. I'm no natural.

Jesse: Well, your secret is safe with me.

Frank: Being a doctor gives you an opportunity to seriously mess up a lot of lives, and we both know that that's, like, my personal specialty. But when I saw O’Hara’s arm all messed up and I saw that girl detoxing, I knew this is what I needed to be doing. I knew this is where I need to be. I know it.

Jesse: So feel good about it. Feel good about yourself.

Frank: Yeah.

David: Greenlee, Leo’s not lying to you.

Greenlee: Then why the "Don't trust your nearest and dearest" lecture?

David: I'm just pro realism, okay? It decreases your personal vulnerability.

Greenlee: What kind of computer chip are you? I know my dad's a whoring, money-grubbing dirt ball, so his getting shot and killed is no biggie?

David: I'm just saying that you're not burdening yourself with illusions.

Greenlee: Because Roger never burdened me with love and affection and an ant farm. Try losing what you never had, David. Try.

David: You know, once you start putting your time and your energy back into work and once you start --

Greenlee: You know, I don't want to work. I don't give two turnips about next season's lip stains. I just want my Daddy!

David: Greenlee, I'm sorry, okay? Just -- here. There, there.

Greenlee: There's only one person in this whole world who makes me feel like going on right now.

David: Leo.

Greenlee: Why isn't he back yet? Why won't the world just leave us alone? Why can't we snuggle? Just snuggle. Leo, I want to snuggle!

David: That went well.

Leo: You know what, Jackson? We've been over this over and over and over a million times.

Jack: Yes.

Leo: If you think I've got Vanessa’s money, prove it. I'm tired of trying to help you out, man.

[Phone rings]

Anna: Anna Devane.

David: You better wrap it up with Leo. She's in really bad shape.

Anna: Yeah, I know. She's going to have to make do with you right now.

David: She tried, okay? Believe me. And I failed miserably. Now, Leo is probably aching for his wife about now, too, right?

Anna: I know.

David: Anna, their misery quotient is too high for newlyweds. They deserve a hell of a lot better than separation and interrogation for their honeymoon.

Anna: You are entirely right. I have to go. Okay. What is going on, please?

Jack: Nothing that has anything to do with you. You're off the case.

Anna: Escort Mr. du Pres out, please.

Leo: Anna, what now?

Anna: I'm releasing you.

Jack: Where's du Pres?

Anna: Oh, I released him.

Jack: You rele-- what, are you nuts? Are you out of your mind? He was to be held without bail. He's a material witness in both the Proteus and Roger Smythe investigations.

Anna: Well, I wasn't on the case. You know, maybe you should keep me in the loop.

Jack: How about instead I have you arrested for impeding a criminal investigation? How would that be?

Anna: Try it.

Jack: Oh, well you know what? Why don't you sit there and watch me. I need two officers from Internal Affairs. I want them here now!

Anna: Cancel the D.A.'s request, please.

Jack: I'll tell you what, sister -- you got nerve, I'll give you that. But it is about to land you in a place that you do not want to be.

Anna: It's nowhere I haven't been before. See, your inability to be a team player is what's wrecking your most important cases. And personally, I can't wait to hear you explain this latest episode to the judge -- how your case was impeded by the chief of police, who knew nothing of your strategy. I mean, if you'd told me that you wanted to hold Leo, well, we would have seen whether I'd follow orders, but you didn't give me the chance, so -- who do you think the judge is going to blame? Hmm? The uninformed chief of police or the paranoid, control freak D.A.?

Liza: Tad, are you here?

Tad: Is he gone?

Liza: Hi.

Tad: Hi.

Liza: Yeah, Adam and Mia took Colby to get ice cream.

Tad: You're kidding. I wouldn't leave you alone unsupervised.

Liza: Well, Adam didn't want Colby to see me when I wasn't myself. Did you find anything?

Tad: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did.

Liza: I've got to look at them.

Tad: No! Not here, not now.

Liza: But we have at least a half-hour. I mean, Adam -- he wants Colby to always eat gourmet ice cream. I mean, that's clear across town. What's this one?

Tad: That's supposedly when you tore up his shirt.

Adam: I thought you left.

Liza: Oh! I thought you left.

Adam: Mia wanted to stop by the hospital.

Liza: And you can't get ice cream for Colby by yourself?

Adam: I realized there was a phone call I had to make, so Winifred took Colby.

Liza: Well, what's wrong with your cell?

Adam: Not charged.

Adam: What are you two watching?

Orderly: Ms. Torres?

Simone: Yeah?

Orderly: Your room is ready.

Simone: Well, let's go.

Frank: Mind if I check on you later?

Simone: I would think that a new doctor would be too busy.

Frank: After rounds.

Simone: And too tired.

Frank: Why don't you let me decide what I'm up for?

Simone: You know, you seem nice, like you actually really care about people.

Frank: Well, I'm glad that my bedside manner meets minimum standards.

Simone: So I'm going to do you a favor and I'm going to clear out of your life before anything gets started. Can we go, please?

Greenlee: David, what are we doing here?

David: Leo, you don't smoke.

Leo: Yeah, I know. I just always wanted to do that.

Greenlee: I thought I'd never see you again.

Leo: Greenlee, I promised you and I promised you, no more mean, crazy parents, no more weirder than sci-fi scenarios. From now on, it's just going to be you, me --

Greenlee: And snuggling.

Leo: That's right.

Greenlee: And more snuggling.

Leo: That's right. I'm your husband now. I'm going to make sure I come through for you.

David: All right, you kids, time to go.

Greenlee: Where?

Leo: On our honeymoon.

Greenlee: But you can't leave town. The D.A. --

Leo: That's a minor inconvenience. Isn't that right, David?

Greenlee: Leo, where did you get that plane?

Leo: Well, that's one of David’s megarich patient’s. He got his heart going again, and I guess, for some reason, the guy feels like he owes David one.

David: All right, guys, you have to go.

Leo: David, I owe you.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just get on that plane.

Leo: I mean it. I owe you forever. All right, let's go.

Anna: Of all the hangars in all the airports in Eastern Pennsylvania --

David: [As Humphrey Bogaert] I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Sweetheart.

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