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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: Enjoy your daughter while you can, Mrs. Chandler. Crazy women don't get custody of their children.

Liza: How stupid do you think I am, Adam?

Mia: You think I'm sleeping with Adam?

Jake: Are you?

Anna: You will have a full report on your desk in the morning.

Jack: Turn in your gun and your badge right now.

Leo: Where did Greenlee go?

Mia: You think I'm sleeping with Adam?

Jake: Well, I'm not saying that you went after him.

Mia: Oh, well, okay, then. Never mind.

Jake: What, you saying that I'm wrong? That you made the first move?

Mia: There haven't been any moves.

Jake: You know, Mia, I have known Adam Chandler for a long time. He is one master manipulator.

Mia: He cares about his wife, okay? He loves her.

Jake: He always seems to have a lot going on, you know? Things that people don't know much about.

Mia: Well, this isn't about his business practices.

Jake: No, this is about his personal life, too. Liza comes home from the hospital and suddenly Adam's cufflink is found in your bed?

Mia: Yeah, because Colby dropped it there when we were playing dress-up.

Jake: That's one lame explanation, Mia.

Mia: Well, it's the only one that makes any sense.

Jake: You know, Adam Chandler would seduce you in a New York minute if it served his purposes.

Mia: Do you have any idea how offensive you're being?

Jake: You're a lovely woman. And the fact that you're Liza's sister wouldn't matter a damn to Adam chandler.

Mia: It matters to me. You have such great insight into people, why don't you tell me? Why do you think I would sleep with my sister's husband?

Adam: Well, actually, Jake has every reason to believe you'd do exactly that.

Anna: Do not -- please do not put me on hold again. I can't listen to The Carpenters anymore. I -- all I need you to do is to page Dr. Hayward. Yeah, I know he's here in the hospital. I saw him earlier. You know what, forget it. I'll find him myself. Thanks.

Jack: Ah, there you are, Chief. I've been looking for you.

Anna: Why don't you come by my office in the morning because I'm really not in the mood, Montgomery.

Jack: Well, that's a disappointment I guess I'll just have to live with.

Anna: What is this?

Jack: I want you to surrender your weapon.                                                           

Greenlee: You warned us. You said you'd ruin our wedding and our lives. Well, you did it, Vanessa. Because of you, my father is dead. But you know what? I don't have to live in fear anymore. I can protect myself. You did your worst, and I survived. You've managed to survive a lot yourself. But right now you seem a little -- hmm -- out of it. Is it an act, Vanessa? Let's find out. Let's see how much you can take before you freak out.

Mia: Um, how can you say that?

Adam: No, Jake -- Jake knows better. Liza's been telling him all about us. I'm right, aren't I? Liza told you that Mia and I are sleeping together.

Mia: Why didn't you say so?

Adam: Hmm? You're protecting Liza by accusing Mia of betraying her sister.

Jake: No, I came here to talk with Mia.

Adam: Liza's convinced that she and I are sneaking around behind her back. That's what she calls evidence.

Mia: Liza hasn't been herself lately.

Adam: No, she's slipping away, Jake. She's living more and more in a kind of parallel reality.

Jake: I haven't seen an indication of that.

Adam: Well, you don't live with her. And we don't run to you after she's -- every time she's had one of her episodes.

Mia: We just keep hoping that they'll just go away.

Jake: So what do you consider an episode?

Adam: She's paranoid. She acts out and then has no memory of it.

Jake: Have you talked to her doctors about that?

Adam: You doctors all think she's recovering right on schedule. Well, she isn't, Jake. She's ill, and I'm afraid I may -- that she may never get better.

Jake: Well, Adam, suspecting you of having an affair doesn't seem particularly irrational.

Adam: Nobody has taken better care of her, been more interested in Liza's welfare than Mia and myself.

Mia: She ripped up one of Adam's shirts. She's been having these mood swings that have been really scary.

Adam: You don't know what it's like being here with her, never knowing when she's going to lash out or maybe -- maybe hurt someone.

Mia: We're -- we're afraid to leave her alone.

Adam: If only we knew what was in Liza's mind. Maybe you can help us, Jake. What -- what can I do?

Jake: Well, actually, in my opinion, Adam, maybe you need to take some acting classes. And then next time choose your audience a little more carefully.

Anna: I do not have time for this, Montgomery.

Jack: Well, maybe you have time for Lt. Riley from Internal Affairs.

Lt. Riley: Chief Devane.

Anna: I thought you were from Internal Affairs. You don't waste any time, do you?

Lt. Riley: When an officer discharges her weapon, especially when civilians are endangered, the officer's weapon is confiscated.

Anna: I see.

Lt. Riley: Surrender your sidearm, Chief Devane.

Anna: I fired my weapon at a perp that had already shot an innocent bystander -- fatally, as it turned out.

Jack: You fired your weapon in a room packed with people.

Anna: Which is why I had to take out the shooter. It was clean. You know it.

Jack: What I know is that the people in that room were in as much danger from you as they were from the perp --

Anna: Oh, come on, Jackson!

Jack: And because of your actions, we never got a chance to interrogate the suspect.

Anna: Stop calling him "the suspect." He's not a suspect. Witnesses saw him shoot and kill Roger Smythe.

Jack: So you kill Wolfe and you let his accomplice get away. That's not exactly what I call top-notch police work.

Anna: What accomplice?

Jack: Count du Pres. The shooter's weapon was brought into this country in a diplomatic pouch.

Anna: You don't have any proof of that. I questioned him before he left the country.

Jack: Is that supposed to reassure me?

Anna: Yes. I was perfectly satisfied that he wasn't involved.

Jack: Well, bully for you. That's not your call. You're the police chief. I'm the D.A.

Anna: So read my report.

Jack: I would've loved to have read your report had you given me access to it before he fled the country.

Anna: He's a diplomat, Jack. He has diplomatic immunity. That's beyond even your jurisdiction.

Jack: Anna, if you had just come to me, if you had just let me do my job, we might have gotten important information.

Anna: Okay, here's the information -- Count du Pres has nothing to do with the Proteus case. There you go.

Jack: Why is it every time I have a lead on this case, I find you blocking my way?

Anna: I don't know. Is this an obstruction of justice charge, as well? Maybe the I.A.D. can help you with that, too.

Jack: Well, certainly, your conflict of interest in the Proteus case is a central issue.

Lt. Riley: Chief Devane, I'll take your service revolver now.

Greenlee: I don't have to tell you the damage a person could do with this. Why don't you try and tell me why I shouldn't demonstrate?

Greenlee: You can't fake me out. You don't care about anyone. You don't even care if they die. You forced my father into your drug business by blackmailing him, by threatening to kill me. You killed him long before that bullet finished the job.

Greenlee: You've never wanted your sons to have a moment of happiness. But Leo did it in spite of you. Leo and I got married, and there's nothing you can do to stop us. You're not going to hurt us again.

Leo: Hey, hey, whoa, whoa -- what are you doing? What are you doing?


Anna: Since you don't give me any choice -- you won't have it long.

Lt. Riley: Maybe not. We'll be in touch.

Jack: Thank you, lt. Riley.

Anna: I won't ever forget this.

Jack: Good. Donít. And don't forget why it happened. And don't try to rationalize that this was a case of professional jealousy. This was not about you making me look bad. This was about you making the job look bad.

Anna: I am doing the job, Jackson! I am doing the job.

Jack: You know, when you came onboard, you took an oath.

Anna: Yeah, I'm aware of that.

Jack: Were you listening? Did you understand the words coming out of your mouth?

Anna: Yes, I have an education.

Jack: Because your personal life has compromised your ability to do your job since day one.

Anna: That's your opinion.

Jack: No, those are facts. Fact one -- your husband's brother tampered with Proteus evidence. Fact two -- we had men in our hands right here who could've answered some questions for us --

Anna: You don't know that.

Jack: Don't interrupt me! One of them you let flee the country, the other one, you put a bullet in his back.

Anna: You don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: I know that you married David Hayward to keep him out of prison, and I will go to my grave knowing that you were the one that flooded the evidence room.

Anna: I didn't -- oh. I don't care what you think. I just don't care.

Jack: Well, Chief, when you tell your story, who the hell you think is going to believe you? Because your credibility is shot.

Anna: I'm not hiding anything. Nothing.

Jack: Then tell me -- what did Wolfe have on David and Vanessa? Why did you need so badly to shut him up?

Anna: Oh, God, I -- I don't know what you want me to say. I give up. I don't know.

Jack: Well, Internal Affairs is not going to give up, I'll guarantee you that.

Anna: My only concern was protecting those people in that room. I didn't want anyone else shot or killed. That's it.

Jack: I wish I could believe that. Now here's a little advice for you -- start reading the want ads because I'm not satisfied with you just surrendering your weapon. I want your badge.

Man: We want this resolved quickly and quietly.

Zeke: I understand. Let's do it.

Man: Make this look like business as usual, but let no one else enter this room.

Officer: You got it.

Man: Dr. Hayward, if you and this gentleman would wait outside --

David: Um, this is my brother. Yeah, he's her husband.

Greenlee: Why are you here?

David: Everything is going to be fine, okay? Just -- just let him deal with this.

Zeke: We don't want anyone to get hurt.

Leo: Look, she's not dangerous, I swear. Greenlee, come on, just give me the knife. Come on.

Greenlee: I was trying to get through to her. What, am I stupid?

Leo: No, of course you're not stupid. You're wonderful and you're loving, and you're grieving right now.

Greenlee: And your mother doesn't feel anything, Leo.

Leo: Put down the knife.

Greenlee: This?

Leo: Yeah, yeah.

David: Greenlee, I don't think she can even hear you.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, her face may be blank, but she's still thinking of ways to torture us.

Zeke: I assure you Mrs. Cortlandt is incapacitated.

Greenlee: You know what, I've heard that before. She acts like a possum, and all you medical types do is just take notes. She killed people. She tried to kill me. Does anyone remember that?

Leo: Of course we remember, Greenlee. Give me the knife.

Greenlee: Leo, stay back. I'm not finished here.

Leo: Okay, okay, okay. Fine, fine. So what exactly are you doing?

Greenlee: I want Vanessa to know what it's like when someone else has control and you can't do anything about it.

Leo: Yeah, but you did do something about it, Greenlee. Remember? You fought back --

Greenlee: Well, she's checked out, but I'm not finished.

Leo: No, I think you are. Give me the scalpel. I'm serious. She may not be reacting, Greenlee, but you're scaring the hell out of me.

Greenlee: You think I'd sacrifice us for her?

Leo: I think that -- I think that if we left you here with her, you might snap. And I'm not going to risk that, so -- come on, we're just starting our life together, Greenlee. You and me. Just put it down and -- and we can walk out of here. Isn't that right?

Zeke: I see no reason to file a report --

Leo: See?

Zeke: Over a simple misunderstanding.

Man: Yeah, I can live with that.

Leo: Greenlee, we're just starting our life together.

Greenlee: But if Vanessaís part of it --

Leo: She's not going to be part of it. We're going to Paris, remember? We're going to get the studio on the rive gauche? You think that Vanessaís going to wake up and she's going to regret everything she's done, but Vanessa doesn't matter. Nobody matters but you and me. So come on, Greenlee. We're just starting our dreams and we can still have those dreams if you just put down the scalpel. Just think about how we've been planning our future together and put down the knife.

Adam: I don't appreciate your attitude, Jake.

Jake: And I don't appreciate your low opinion of my intelligence. You actually expect me to fall for that garbage?

Adam: I thought you were Liza's friend. I thought you actually cared about her.

Jake: Yeah, I care about her plenty, and I care about Mia, too. I'm just not as open and trusting as they are.

Adam: Liza is in a dangerous situation.

Jake: Yeah, you're damn right she is. She's married to you.

Mia: Jake, that's uncalled for.

Jake: You don't know, Mia. You don't know or understand what I went through when we thought that Colby was my daughter after the lies this man perpetrated.

Adam: That has nothing to do with this!

Jake: You know, I think that Mia should know what you're capable of.

Adam: Liza has no regrets.

Jake: Oh, I doubt that. Adam switched the sperm samples to make sure that Liza was having his child whether she wanted to or not.

Adam: I'm not going to apologize for loving my wife or my daughter.

Jake: This is about your methods. This is about your lack of moral center. I could stand here all night long and list one scheme after another.

Mia: Shouldn't we be thinking about Liza here and what's best for her?

Jake: Yeah, that's right, and Liza's fine. This operation was a success. They removed a tumor and it's not coming back.

Mia: But --

Jake: Mia, this man is playing a game with you. He is using you. There is nothing medically wrong with Liza.

Adam: You spend some more time with her, and you'll revise that opinion.

Jake: Liza is as sane as I am, and that's far saner than you've ever been.

Liza: Adam? I'm sorry, I know you're busy, but -- why -- why would I do this to your favorite suit?

Leo: Give me the knife.

Greenlee: I wasn't going to use it.

Leo: I know. We all know you couldn't have.

Greenlee: Stop acting for a second and listen. I'm burying you, Vanessa.

Leo: We both are. Whatever misguided feelings I had for you are gone. You cease to exist for me now.

Greenlee: Let's get out of here.

Leo: Can we go? Can we go?

Anna: Thank you. What was going on in there?

Leo: Just ask David about it. We got to get out of here.

Anna: You all right?

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: I just tried to have a meeting of the minds with Vanessa.

Leo: Yeah, well, it was a futile attempt because she lost her mind years ago.

Anna: David's still in there?

Leo: Yeah, yeah. We got to go.

David: So you're sure this condition is genuine?

Zeke: I haven't observed a single change of expression since we came in.

David: Yeah, she's good. But I don't think she's this good.

Anna: What happened?

David: Well, Greenlee pulled a psychodrama on my psycho mama. I thought that was bad enough for a smile, at least.

Anna: Yeah. Sorry. I had a drama of my own.

David: Look, my shift is over. Why don't we get out of here? You can fill me in on the way, okay?

Anna: Where are we going?

David: Follow me.

Leo: Greenlee, you're still shaking. Are you sure you're okay?

Greenlee: Ah. Could we just sit down?

Leo: Yeah. Can -- can I get you something to drink?

Greenlee: Yes. No, no.

Leo: Do you want me to get you a doctor?

Greenlee: No, I've seen enough of those today. I'm sorry --

Leo: Hey, no, no, no --

Greenlee: For scaring you.

Leo: Hey, the only thing that scares me is the idea of losing you.

Greenlee: That's not going to happen.

Greenlee: Mother.

Greenlee: You're crying because of Daddy?

Mary: No. I'm crying because of you.

Adam: Liza. Why did you do this?

Liza: I -- I cut up your suit, Adam.

Adam: Why?

Liza: I asked you that.

Adam: How would I know?

Liza: Well, maybe you could give me a hint. Maybe you asked me to have it altered and I got angry or something.

Adam: No, no, I haven't asked you to have anything done to any of my clothing.

Liza: It looks like I used nail scissors or something, but I don't remember where I put them.

Adam: Liza, why this particular suit?

Liza: I know you loved this suit. He looks so good in this suit. Put it on. Show it -- show it to them, would you?

Adam: No, Liza, not now.

Liza: Oh, I know. It's ruined. And I -- I destroyed it.

Mia: Liza, it's all right.

Liza: No, it's not all right. Look at this -- it's going to take so long for -- for these pieces to get repaired. Every little piece has to get sewed by hand.

Mia: You don't have to fix it. It's okay.

Liza: No, he does! It's his lucky suit!

Adam: I don't give a damn about that suit. I just -- I -- I can't believe you actually did this.

Liza: Am I crazy?

Mia: No, of course you're not crazy. You're not crazy. You must be tired. Let's go upstairs. Just go upstairs.

Liza: Maybe we can find what I -- what I used. Maybe a razor --

Mia: We'll look. We'll look.

Liza: Jake, it was nice seeing you.

Jake: I'll talk to you later, Mia.

Mia: Okay.

Jake: Adam, I --

[Phone rings]

Adam: Take your call.

Jake: Hello? Yeah, from Dr. McMillan? All right, yeah, yeah. I'll be right there. I'm on my way. I got to get back to the hospital.

Adam: Fine, fine.

Jake: Adam, for the record, I know you didn't sleep with Mia.

Adam: I don't care what you think.

Jake: But I wouldn't put it past you.

Adam: Get out of my house.

Jake: You know, I'm not really sure what's going on around here. But if you hurt Mia, I'm coming after you.

Adam: Get out of here. Just get out.

Mary: I really did love your father. And I'm sorry. You know, we just -- we weren't right for each other.

Greenlee: I'm going to miss him.

Mary: Well, believe it or not, I am, too. And you always loved him, Greenlee, despite everything he was or wasnít.

Greenlee: I don't know why. He made me so furious.

Mary: I know. But you created a bond before you were a toddler. I never did that with you, thanks to my selfishness and stupidity.

Greenlee: I do love you, Mother.

Mary: That's okay. You don't have to tell me that to make me feel better.

Greenlee: No, I'm not. It's true. I do love you.

Mary: Leo, what you said to all of us at the rehearsal dinner was absolutely true. We were being self-centered and selfish about the wedding, and I was the greatest offender of all.

Greenlee: Wait a minute. Where was I in all of this?

Mary: Leo spilled a drink on you and got you out of the room.

Greenlee: You ruined my dress so you could yell at my family?

Leo: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Greenlee: I married the smartest guy in the world.

Mary: Smart enough to make me realize that I don't deserve you.

Greenlee: Don't say that.

Mary: Well, no matter how badly I have treated you, you've always been sweet and kind to me.

Greenlee: You're my mother.

Mary: But I've been horrible.

Greenlee: Well, I mean, there were times when you were thoughtless, and sometimes you weren't there for me when I needed you --

Mary: Sometimes? Sometimes? I never baked cookies with you, and gossiped about the boys at the club.

Greenlee: I didn't expect you to be like other mothers.

Mary: Yeah, but I didn't have to behave like a total stranger.

Greenlee: Well, you're still my mother, and I do love you.

Mary: You make it sound so simple. And I wish I could turn back the clock and make it all up to you.

Greenlee: It's too late for that.

Mary: Oh, I know. I know. And you're embarking on this wonderful new life with Leo.

Greenlee: It's not like we're moving to some desert private island.

Mary: Oh, no. I know. And I want to come and visit you.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Mary: What I would really like is to be your mother, the one that you're going to need in the future.

Greenlee: Really?

Mary: You don't believe me, do you?

Greenlee: It's not that I don't believe you.

Mary: I know, it's just that you are not used to hearing me say anything remotely like that because I didn't realize how much I needed you.

Mary: So, if you're willing to put up with me, maybe we could help each other through this time difficult time.

Greenlee: I'd like that, Mommy.

Mary: Me, too.

Liza: It's the oddest thing. One minute I'm looking at the suit, and the next minute it's in shreds.

Mia: Just try not to think about it, okay?

Liza: It's like someone came into the house and went snip, snip, snipping on it, and I didn't even see him.

Mia: I think you need some sleep.

Liza: Yeah, I'm tired. Just -- I'm just tired. I think it's just the pill.

Mia: Wait a minute. Whoa, wouldn't you -- wouldn't you rather --

Liza: You know what --

Mia: Get ready for bed?

Liza: I'm tired.

Mia: Okay.

Liza: Isn't that enough?

Mia: I just thought maybe you might be a little more comfortable in bed, maybe.

Liza: Yeah, the bed would be the best thing. I don't even know what I'm thinking anymore. I can do it.

Mia: You know, I hope you're able to get some sleep.

Liza: Mia, I'm -- I'm really happy that you're my sister. You do love me, don't you?

Mia: Yes, of course I do.

Liza: And you wouldn't do anything to hurt me?

Mia: No, never.

Liza: I know that. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

Adam: I just wanted to say good night to Liza.

Mia: You know, I can stay until you fall asleep if you like.

Liza: No. Thank you, Mia. Thank you for everything that you do.

Anna: It's not that I don't like your cabin.

David: Aw, come on, what's not to like? It's peaceful. You can hear yourself think.

Anna: Is that supposed to be a good thing?

David: All right, you can clear your head, then -- get rid of all those voices.

Anna: Wait. Nope, Jackson is still in there ranting and raving.

David: Just give it some time.

Anna: I can't run away from this, you know, David.

David: You're right, you canít. But you can take some time out -- at the very least, for a pep talk.

Anna: Okay. If you're going to be my cheerleader, I at least want pompoms.

David: You need to regroup, Anna. You're going to fight for your job, and you're going to keep it.

Anna: Where do you get your confidence?

David: Jackson is wrong about you. You're damn good at what you do.

Anna: Well, he's right about some things. You know, I did cover for you.

David: You didn't do anything outside the law, and he knows it. Now, as far as protecting me is concerned -- well, yes, that was the basis for our marriage.

Anna: Hmm. Well, nothing we can do about that now.

David: Isn't there?

Anna: No.

David: Here. Go ahead, sign it.

Anna: What is this?

David: It'll start the wheels turning on our divorce.

Greenlee: I feel better. I do.

Mary: So do I.

Leo: Hey, why don't we take you home?

Greenlee: Okay. Aren't you coming with us?

Mary: Oh, uh -- do you want me to?

Greenlee: We both want you to.

Mary: Leo -- thank you so much for not telling Greenlee about my involvement in the wedding.

Leo: No, no, no. She knows how much you love Wall Street.

Mary: As I said, thank you. I'm very grateful.

Leo: Yeah, well, just be grateful how much I love your daughter. And be grateful that I'll do anything for her, that I'll put up with anyone.

Zeke: Well, Mrs. Cortlandt is completely unresponsive.

Jake: Sure, while she figures out her next move.

Zeke: Oh, I was open to the possibility that it was an act until I fully examined her. She is catatonic.

Jake: Zeke, you can't be serious.

Zeke: I did reflex tests, Jake. This is not a woman pretending that the world doesn't exist.

Jake: Well, she's desperate. It's a fake-out.

Zeke: No, I was in the room when Greenlee Smythe tried to scare the hell out of her.

Jake: Well, if her reaction to Greenlee is your litmus test --

Zeke: She was wielding a scalpel, Jake. She scared the hell out of the rest of us.

Jake: Not Vanessa?

Zeke: No. No reaction. Didn't even flinch. Never retreated to her "Rosie" persona and try to talk her way out of it -- nothing.

Jake: Well, maybe Vanessa really has slipped into a disassociative state.

Zeke: In my opinion, yes.

Anna: I didn't ask for a divorce.

David: You need to protect yourself, Anna.

Anna: Well, not from you. Don't be daft.

David: I will not be the reason why you lose your job.

Anna: I'm not going to lose my job, and I'm certainly not going to lose my husband.

David: I can't ask you to put me first.

Anna: You can't ask me to bail on my marriage just because Jackson doesn't like it.

David: Well, I've certainly given him the ammunition, haven't I?

Anna: We both have. We've both done that.

David: Anna, just sign the papers.

Anna: No. I don't take orders from you. I'm not going to sign this.

David: I am probably the worst thing that's ever happened to you.

Anna: You know, sometimes I don't know whether I want to hit you or just -- come here.

David: Why?

Anna: Come here.

Anna: You idiot. You're the best thing in my life.

Anna: I don't want a divorce.

Adam: You feeling any better?

Liza: I wasn't sick that way. I'm fine.

Adam: All right. How are you now?

Liza: Have you figured out why I did that to your favorite suit?

Adam: I tried. No, I -- I havenít.

Liza: You know, if I'm crazy, I -- I don't have control over what I do, or --

Adam: Shh. You mustn't think that way.

Liza: Why not? Because you're afraid I'm going to do it again? Is that it?

Adam: No.

Liza: Because I don't always remember the things that I do. Well, are there more things that you haven't told me, Adam? Are there?

Adam: No. No, no. I'd tell you.

Liza: Colby.

Adam: Whoa -- where are you going?

Liza: I'm going to check on Colby. We should make sure that she's okay.

Adam: No, no, she's fine. I just checked on her. She's fine. She's having sweet dreams, which is what you should be having right now.

Liza: I don't think that I will.

Adam: Well, will you just try to just close your eyes? For me? I'll go check on Colby.

Liza: Will you kiss her while she's sleeping? And would you tell her that I love her?

Adam: Of course I will.

Liza: Are you sure? You don't mind? It's not too late?

Adam: Darling, I would do anything for my little girl.

Liza: I know that you would. You would do anything for Colby.

Adam: Get sleep.

Liza: Yeah, I won't dream. I don't want any bad dreams.

Adam: Good night.

Liza: Actually, it's a great night.

Adam: Mia, everything's okay. Liza's asleep. The coast is clear.

Mia: Hey, what are you doing?

Adam: What we've both been dreaming about.

Mia: No, get away!

Mia: It was a dream. It was only a dream.

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