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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: I haven't decided what I want to do with Liza. We go our separate ways, Colby's coming with me.

Roger: I want you.

Greenlee: Daddy, it's me.

Roger: Come back, Simone, and treat Daddy right.

Stan: I told you Iíd be back.

Greenlee: Birds of paradise are Daddy's favorite. He really likes them because they're exotic. He likes exotic, you know?

Leo: Greenlee, he may not even be conscious yet.

Greenlee: Well, at least he'll wake up to something he loves.

Leo: Okay, but Jake did say you should be prepared --

Greenlee: You know, Jake doesn't know what he's talking about, okay? Daddy's going to pull through this. All right, I'm going to go in there. I want to put these someplace where he'll see them the minute he opens his eyes.

Leo: Okay. I'll be right here.

Greenlee: Okay.

[Glass shatters]

Liza: Mia, you look ready to take my place. Doesn't she, Jake?

Greenlee: No.

Greenlee: Daddy can't be -- he can't be --

Leo: I'm going to -- I'm going to go find out what's going on. I'll be right back.

David: Oh, look, I'm -- I was trying to track you guys down. Greenlee -- Greenlee, I'm very sorry.

Greenlee: I never should have left. I should have stayed. I -- I should --

David: No, there was nothing that you could have done.

Greenlee: He died alone. How could you let this happen?

David: There were complications.

Leo: Define "complications."

David: Roger had an infection. It was brought on by the bullet. Bullets can be very messy. We loaded him up on antibiotics, but he wasn't strong enough to fight it.

Greenlee: I bought him flowers.

Leo: Greenlee, wait.

Mia: No, I'm not. I couldn't. I wouldn't even know where to -- you were at the hospital, and I was just -- I was filling in.

Liza: And so well.

Mia: Adam told me how much the charity meant to you.

Liza: I'm sure he did.

Mia: And since you couldn't attend, I --

Liza: It's a beautiful dress, Mia.

Mia: Oh.

Liza: You know, that is not exactly the dress that a girl from the other side of Brooklyn could afford. How did you get it?

Mia: It's new.

Liza: It's couture. You must have been scraping your pennies for quite some time to afford it. All that work at the hospital.

Mia: Adam bought it for me.

Liza: How thoughtful. Adam enjoys buying things.

Kendall: You can't just barge in here.

Stan: Well, it's one of the perks for owning this dump.

Kendall: I want you to leave.

Kendall: I promised to pay you.

Stan: Well, you ain't got the cash, angel. But you do got a nice set of wings.

Kendall: My friend just gave you $50. That's -- that's good enough for a few nights.

Stan: Yeah, but I'm lonely tonight.

Kendall: You stay the hell away from me.

Stan: What did you have to for the moola that jerk threw down, huh?

Kendall: Nothing!

Stan: Yeah, right. Do for me what you did for him, and we'll call it even.

Kendall: I didn't! No! No! Please -- please -- please don't hurt me!

Stan: I don't want to hurt you, babe. I want to rock your world.

Kendall: No -- get out of my way!

Stan: You won't get away with this!

Leo: Do you want to be alone? You sure?

Greenlee: I can't believe that he's dead.

Leo: I'm sorry, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Why?

Leo: Why did Roger die?

Greenlee: Why are you sorry?

Leo: Because you loved him, you're going to miss him.

Greenlee: Why would I miss him?

Leo: Because he hasn't been back in your life for very long. You guys were still getting to know each other.

Greenlee: Seems like the more time I spent with Daddy, the less I knew him.

Leo: Well, you did get a late start. I mean, it's not like you grew up in the same time zone.

Greenlee: That was Mommy's fault. She said that Daddy loved me so much when I was a baby that she was jealous. He'd walk the floors with me at night.

Leo: Our Roger?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Leo: Would walk the floors with you at night?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. She wanted all of his attention. The junkets, their cruises, their gallery openings, their parties. She swears she did it all to keep him to herself.

Leo: And away from you.

Greenlee: Do you believe her?

Leo: Well, I don't -- I don't know why Mary would lie about something like that.

Greenlee: All she ever does is lie. What about the whopper that they were deliriously happy? She must want something. Why else would she spill all this?

Leo: Well, maybe because it's true.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Maybe she wanted to give you something for once in your life.

Greenlee: What?

Leo: Maybe she wanted you to know that your dad really did love you.

Greenlee: No, he loved money. He loved show. Those ugly orange flowers and Cuban cigars and 25-year-old single-malt scotch. He loved my mother once. He loved Simone. He didn't love me.

Jake: All right, Liza, why don't I get you upstairs?

Liza: You're going to a party with my husband, wearing a dress from my husband and a necklace from my jewelry box.

Adam: I honestly didn't think you'd mind.

Liza: That you're dating my sister?

Mia: No, I can explain.

Liza: Oh, you always can, Mia.

Mia: I agreed to represent you at the benefit, that's all.

Liza: What about the eager escort? How's he going to benefit?

Mia: I had no idea that Adam was going.

Liza: The tuxedo didn't clue you in?

Mia: Please, make her understand. I had no idea!

Adam: Liza, it's true. She didn't know that I had decided to join her.

Liza: And I'm supposed to believe you?

Mia: He's telling the truth.

Liza: And I should trust you because why?

Mia: I thought you would want me to --

Liza: To what? Wear my things? Take my husband for a spin?

Mia: I thought I was doing something right.

Liza: Right for who, Mia?

Mia: We didn't expect you home so early.

Liza: Obviously.

Adam: Liza, you -- you've come home. You've been released. I didn't even know that. I haven't had a chance to welcome you home.

Liza: No! Stop it! This is not my home. Home is where you feel safe, Adam, and I do not feel safe. I shouldn't have come here.

Jake: Here, just let -- let me just take you up to your bedroom, okay? All right? Come on.

Adam: That's a good idea.

Liza: No, it's -- you know what? It's actually not a good idea because he wants me to leave the room. You want me to get out of here so I won't see what's going on here.

Mia: There's nothing going on.

Liza: Yeah, you're doing it right in front of my face, Mia! What are you doing here?

Trey: Well, I just --

Liza: What? Are you in on this, too? Are you a part of this? Are -- what are you staring at?

Adam: Liza --

Liza: I should have stayed in the hospital one more night.

Jake: Listen, I'm going to take you upstairs and I'm going to put you in the bedroom, okay? All right?

Adam: What exactly are you doing here?

Liza: Adam's through with me.

Jake: Liza -- you are the mother of his child.

Liza: I'm damaged goods. When Adam dents his car, he gets a new one. He gets something on his shirt, he throws it away. A wife that's straddling sanity? That's unacceptable.

Jake: I think you're overreacting.

Liza: I know my husband. He's grooming a replacement. You can't tell me that you don't see it.

Jake: See what?

Liza: Adam and Mia -- that chemistry. There's a lot more that they're sharing than a newspaper over breakfast.

Jake: I don't know about that.

Liza: Jake, it's obvious. They're sleeping together -- in my home.

Jake: Listen, none of this speculating is doing you any good. All right? You need to get some rest.

Liza: You know, I'm not sure I can really sleep. My mind is kind of spinning.

Jake: All right. What about those tranquilizers that Dr. Greenberg prescribed for you? Do you still have them?

Liza: They're in the bathroom.

Jake: Okay. Try to get comfortable. I'll get them.

Trey: I left some files behind.

Adam: Well, get them, and be quick about it.

Trey: And I have a few questions about the project.

Adam: Mia, where are you going?

Mia: I'm going to check on Liza.

Adam: I think the doctor's best qualified --

Mia: Adam, I need to explain to her what's going on.

Adam: What -- what good will that do? She doesn't believe us.

Mia: She thinks that we're sleeping together.

Adam: She won't be convinced otherwise, not tonight.

Mia: I shouldn't have let you talk me into this stupid thing in the first place.

Adam: It was perfectly innocent.

Mia: Not if it hurt Liza.

Adam: She's barely rational. There's nothing you can do to ease Liza's pain tonight.

Mia: Well, I can try.

Adam: The kindest thing we can do is let her sleep.

Mia: All right. All right.

Adam: Mia?

Mia: I'm just going to change, Adam.

Adam: What are you smiling about?

Trey: I'm in the presence of a master. I can't wait to see your next move.

Leo: The only thing your father deserved on Father's Day was a kick in the hindquarters, Greenlee, but he did love you.

Greenlee: My money, my best friend, not me.

Leo: Well, he just didn't know how to show it. That doesn't mean he didn't love you.

Greenlee: When he tried to give me this diamond bracelet, I blew it. I told him it was too extravagant. He got so upset.

Leo: Is that why you were crying?

Greenlee: He said I made him feel like a failure. Ever since I was a little girl, I --

Leo: Greenlee, he was -- he was operating on half a tank of scotch.

Greenlee: But he knew what he was saying.

Leo: What, with the scotch and the in-laws and the ex -- come on, that's a hell of a cocktail.

Greenlee: He told me I was my mother's daughter.

Leo: Ah. Well, there you go. He wouldn't say something like that unless he had a snoot full.

Greenlee: It's just not what he said. It's how he looked at me -- like he was fed up, like he hated me.

Leo: Greenlee, Roger hated Roger. He knew that he wasn't good enough for you. I mean, look at the guy. He finally had the chance to be the father he always should have been, and he couldn't do it.

Greenlee: Why not? I didn't care about the money. All I ever wanted was for him to love me.

Leo: Baby, why don't you let me spoil you? Let's go back home, take a bubble bath, put on some clean jammies.

Greenlee: I want to go back.

Leo: Back where?

Greenlee: To the hospital. I want to see him. I want to see Daddy.

Palmer: Miss? Are you all right? Excuse me, young lady. Is there something I can do for you?

Kendall: Go away.

Palmer: Are you hurt? Do you need some help?

Palmer: Good Lord. It's you.

Kendall: You still want to help me? No, right? No, no one wants to help me -- not my mother, not the cops, not anybody. So, what are you waiting for? Run. I might torch your house or give your kid liquor or pull a gun on you. Isn't that what Ericaís told you?

Palmer: I just thought you were in trouble, you see.

Kendall: So what? Save your good deeds for another bench. This one is taken.

Palmer: Your blouse. It's -- it's torn. Tell me what happened.

Kendall: It's what I deserve. Isn't that what you're thinking?

Palmer: Well, actually, I --

Kendall: What, you want to snap a picture and capture the moment? Erica would love that. There's nothing that she would love more than to see me totally degraded.

Palmer: You can only degrade yourself.

Kendall: I really can't handle a lecture right now.

Palmer: Have you done anything to be ashamed of?

Kendall: No.

Palmer: Then whatever brought you to this bench, at let you have your dignity, hmm? And let me tell you, that's worth a great deal more than, well, money.

Kendall: Try telling that to my landlord.

Palmer: What?

Kendall: Either I'm hallucinating or you're being a teeny bit nice to me.

Opal: Palmer? Palmer? Oh, there you are. Whatever possessed you, sneaking out of the hospital like that? Are you out of your mind? I -- oh. Well, I guess you must be if you're talking to the likes of her.

David: Hey. I got your message. He hasn't been moved yet.

Leo: All right. Thank you for meeting us. Uh -- Greenlee, are you sure you want to do this?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Leo: You want me to go in with you?

Greenlee: No, I want to be alone with him.

Leo: Okay, well, I'm right here. I'm not moving.

Greenlee: Okay.

Leo: Okay.

Greenlee: Who are you, Daddy?

Adam: My next move?

Trey: Well, your wife's going over the edge, and you're letting it happen. You might even be giving her a nudge. Why?

Adam: I'll give you five minutes to get the hell out of my -- how's Liza?

Jake: I recommended a sedative. She wants to talk to you before she takes it.

Adam: Do you think that's a good idea, Jake?

Jake: What are you afraid of, Adam?

Adam: I'm not afraid of anything, Jake. I'll go right up.

Jake: Don't be long. She doesn't need much more of you tonight.

Adam: Show yourself out.

Trey: I'll just grab the files.

Adam: I'll messenger them in the morning.

Trey: It's always a pleasure, Mr. Chandler. Mia.

Mia: What a horrible night, huh? It doesn't make it any better that Trey was here. What?

Jake: I don't know what he's up to, but he's definitely up to something.

Mia: Trey?

Jake: Adam.

Adam: May I come in? Um -- do you mind?

Liza: It's all right.

Adam: I'm sorry we upset you.

Liza: No, I'm the one who should be apologizing -- again.

Adam: It was hardly the homecoming I'd planned.

Liza: It's -- it's just that I saw Mia in the gown with my necklace, and I thought -- you wouldn't hurt me, would you?

Adam: How can you even ask that? Liza, I know how much you love me. And I'm going to spend the rest of my life making sure you feel just as loved.

Liza: I know how much trouble I've been.

Adam: What did Dr. Greenberg say?

Liza: She said there's no sign of the tumor, that physically I'm fine.

Adam: Well, you should be thrilled.

Liza: Why? I don't know the difference between what's real and what's my imagination. I can't trust myself. I do horrible things, and I don't even remember them. I mean, my God, Adam. What's happening to me?

Adam: Liza, you know I'll always take care of you.

Liza: I'm just afraid.

Adam: Whatever happens, we'll face it together. I give you my word -- I won't stop until there's a happy ending.

Liza: I just -- the way that I've been and my moods -- what if I really am going insane?

Adam: Oh, no, shh, shh. There's no reason we have to worry about that now.

Liza: I miss the old me.

Adam: You are exactly the woman I married. Are you getting tired?

Liza: I think I'm going to kiss Colby good night.

Adam: No, no. Colby's been in dreamland for hours.

Liza: I won't wake her.

Adam: She spent the whole day at the beach, went to sleep during dinner. So we -- you can see her in the morning.

Liza: You're -- you're right. I wouldn't want to disturb her.

Adam: You can spend all day tomorrow with Colby -- if you feel up to it.

Liza: You do want what's best for Colby, always, and for me.

Adam: Yes, and I always will. Everything's going to work out, Liza. I promise.

Mia: You know, you always suspect the worst of Adam.

Jake: Chalk it up to experience.

Mia: Why are you so convinced that he's up to something?

Jake: Because he can't help himself, Mia.

Mia: You know, Adamís done things that he's not proud of.

Jake: What, he confides in you?

Mia: What's it to you?

Jake: No, no. You seem to be getting awfully chummy with him.

Mia: Oh, come on. He's my brother-in-law. And he's been good to me.

Jake: You're a godsend to him. He doesn't know what the hell he'd do without you.

Mia: I'm part of Adamís family, okay?

Jake: No, you're part of Liza's family, okay?

Mia: Yeah, they're the same.

Jake: Are they?

Mia: You're angry.

Jake: Call it concerned.

Mia: No, you are. This is about Adam taking me to the benefit.

Jake: No, this is about Adam manipulating you.

Mia: How naive do you think I am?

Jake: You know, all of this talk about filling in for Liza? I don't know what the hell his game is, but he's definitely using you, Mia.

Mia: You know what? That was my idea.

Jake: Was it?

Mia: Yeah, it was -- I think.

Jake: You know what? Adam has taken advantage of --

Mia: What? Go on, say it.

Jake: All I'm saying is, is that Adam has a knack for finessing women into doing things against their will.

Palmer: Move along, Opal. Go on.

Opal: Not without you.

Palmer: I am in the middle of something here. I --

Opal: Nothing that is any good for you.

Palmer: Opal.

Opal: You are supposed to be in the hospital, Palmer.

Palmer: All I need is sleep, and I can get that in my own bed.

Opal: You could have a heart attack if you're aggravated enough.

Palmer: Then leave and save my life.

Kendall: A heart attack?

Opal: He's had heart palpitations. His health is at risk by being here. Now, come on, Palmer, we're --

Palmer: Opal, please don't.

Opal: You know, your son is hoping that you will be at his swim meet this weekend, but you can't do that if your heart's on the blink. Now, please, Palmer.

Palmer: Ooh. Would you excuse us just a moment, please?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.

Opal: Why are you cozying up to that nasty little blister anyway?

Palmer: You got eyes, haven't you? I mean, she obviously is in trouble -- crying, her clothes are all torn.

Opal: She is a country-western song on toothpicks, Palmer. There's nothing you can do to save her.

Palmer: I was only trying to --

Opal: I know what you're trying to do. You want to help. You've always had a soft spot for strays, but this one's got rabies.

Palmer: I'm well aware of Ms. Hart's shortcomings.

Opal: Palmer, she's not Dixie.

Palmer: What the hell has that got to do with it?

Opal: You were like a Daddy to Dixie. Her passing blew a great big hole in your heart, and you're looking for something or someone to fill it, to take the ache away. But it's just not as easy as picking up some mutt that's been kicked to the curb.

Palmer: Why do you always stick your nose in what is not your business?

Opal: Because as long as you and me share Petey, your business is my business, okay? And besides which, I just may not want to see you get hurt.

Palmer: Ooh! Would you please just give us a moment or two?

Opal: You stubborn old fool.

Kendall: She warn you away from me?

Palmer: Not easily scared. Here -- ahem -- this ought to keep you until something comes along.

Kendall: Oh, no, no. I -- I couldnít.

Palmer: Yes, you could.

Kendall: Thanks. If Erica knew about this, she would definitely think you've gone to the dark side.

Palmer: Use that wisely.

Kendall: Mr. Cortlandt? I'm sorry about your niece. Dixie was one of a kind.

David: Can I get you anything?

Leo: No.

David: Leo, I am sorry. Once infection sets in --

Leo: I know, I know. You guys did everything you could.

David: Yeah, we did.

Leo: Except that bullet shouldn't have been there. It was meant for me.

David: Oh, don't -- don't do that to yourself, Leo. This is not your fault.

Leo: Roger's dead and Greenlee's a mess because of me.

David: Roger came to the end of the line -- end of story. At least Greenlee had a chance to see her father before he died.

Leo: Do you know why Greenlee's so messed up? Because his last words were "I love you" and "I'm sorry."

David: All right. So why does that bother you?

Leo: Because he thought he was talking to Simone. Punk didn't even recognize his own daughter. His last act on earth was to -- was to shred whatever is left of her heart.

David: So that's how she found out about --

Leo: Yeah. She found out her dad was doing her best friend. You know, it's just unbelievable to me. I mean, you'd think that he could do the one thing that she needed -- he could at least say that he loves her or that she matters. But, no, he had to kick her in the teeth on his way out.

David: Look, I don't mean to sound callous, but the guy hurt her so much while he was alive, maybe she's better off without him.

Leo: Yeah, I think that you're probably right because when he was sucking air, he wasn't there for her, not even when he was in the same room. And now he's dead and I'm just afraid the son of a bitch is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.

Greenlee: Daddy, remember when you told me I was an accident? I was so relieved. Really, I mean -- I was just a surprise you and Mommy never got used to. I'm sorry if I complicated your life. I'm sorry if I made you feel like -- if you loved me so much, why did you let Mommy take you away? Why didn't you fight to be with me? Did you know I used to wait for you, Daddy? I'd line my dolls up in the window to help me watch for your car, but you never came. You were always trying to make Mommy happy. Capri. Barcelona. Did it work? Were you ever really, really happy? Now you've left me again, so I'll never know.

Leo: He's at peace, Greenlee.

Greenlee: How can he be? He died thinking that I thought he was a failure.

Leo: He was a failure, but you loved him anyway. He couldn't handle that.

Greenlee: We were really making progress. I mean, we'd laugh at the same joke or he'd kiss me on the cheek, and I felt it. But then he'd lie or --

Leo: Pull a Roger. Look, Greenlee, no matter how much you loved him, whenever things got too real, he just -- he just screwed it up.

Greenlee: But why? There has to be a reason. I mean, was it me? Was it him? What?

Leo: Whatever the reason, he took it with him. Can you forgive me?

Greenlee: Leo, this wasn't your fault.

Leo: Well, you know what? He would still be here if it weren't for my mother, you see?

Greenlee: Yeah, well, you can't control Vanessa. No one can.

Leo: Greenlee, I should have had -- I should have been more careful. I should have had more security --

Greenlee: No, you had nothing to do with Daddy being shot. You're just as much a victim of Vanessa as Daddy was.

David: Leo, Leo, listen, I was just speaking with Jake again. Vanessa's becoming increasingly unresponsive.

Leo: What, is it another scam?

David: No, I don't think so. Here, take a look at this.

Leo: Where did Greenlee go?

Opal's voice: You were like a Daddy to Dixie. Her passing blew a great big hole in your heart, and you're looking for something or someone to fill it, to take the ache away.

Kendall: Hey, Mom, it's me. How's Florida? No, I'm not coming home. No, I am not calling for money. Everything is fine here. Yes, really. Listen, I have a favor. Do you remember that trunk that Del left behind? Yeah, yeah, that's the one. Listen, how quick can you send it? I need it. Great. The sooner, the better.

Mia: Before you make me feel worse than I already do, what are you getting at?

Jake: I'll tell you what I'm getting at. Adam has taken advantage of a lot of smart women.

Mia: "Taken advantage of"?

Jake: Slept with.

Mia: So what are you getting at?

Jake: Oh, come on, Mia. Come on, Mia. That cufflink did not end up in your bed because of Colby.

Mia: You think I lied? You think I'm sleeping with Adam?

Jake: Are you?

Adam: Sweetheart, you get some sleep. How about your medicine?

Liza: In a minute.

Adam: Why not right now?

Liza: You take such good care of me.

Adam: We'll have breakfast with Colby. Would you like that?

Adam: Enjoy your daughter while you can, Mrs. Chandler. Crazy women don't get custody of their children.

Liza: How stupid do you think I am, Adam?

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