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All My Children Transcript Thursday 7/18/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Liza: Do you think that I could do something this vicious and not even remember it?

Mia: Adam showed me the shirt. I think you did it.

Erica: Kendall's entire reason for living has been hating me. Now that Ryanís gone, she's going to sleep, eat, and drink revenge.

Aidan: If you show your face on that site again, I'm going to call the police.

Erica: Opal. Opal, hi. When did this happen? How is Palmer? What did the doctors say?

Opal: Well, I got a call from Lorraine. You know, that maid at the Valley Inn that I hired to kind of keep an eye on the old goat, give him his three squares a day and everything?

Erica: And so, what happened?

Opal: Well, she was bringing in his lunch, and when he didn't answer the knock, she let herself in. She found him sprawled out there on the floor.

Erica: Oh.

Opal: He couldn't catch his breath, and so I called 911 and hightailed it over here to meet him. I'm just waiting to hear.

Erica: Oh, he is so lucky. I mean, you probably saved his life. Joe. Joe, how is he?

Opal: Oh, please tell me that he's going to be okay.

Joe: Ladies, I wish I could.

Jake: Liza? Hey. How are you doing?

Liza: I'm good. I'm just waiting for Dr. Greenberg to bring me my test results.

Jake: So, where's the entourage?

Liza: The what?

Jake: The entourage -- Adam and Mia. I was going to see if I could steal your sister away for a quick bite, if you could spare her.

Liza: Adam and Mia went home a little while ago.

Jake: Oh. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to book an appointment with Adam if I want to see Mia. Well, in the meantime, listen, why don't I go grab Greenberg and see what he has to say, okay?

Liza: Thanks.

Jake: All right. Be right back.

Marian: Oh, hi, Jake.

Jake: Hey, Marian, Stuart. Looking good.

Marian: Thanks. Right back at you.

Jake: Good to see you.

Marian: You, too. Boy, there goes one great guy. And what a catch for Mia, huh?

Liza: Well, if Jake is who Mia wants.

Marian: Well, who would be better suited for Mia than Jake, Darling?

Winifred: Mr. Chandler, this just came from the salon.

Adam: It's perfect. She'll love it. Would you take it up to her bedroom?

Winifred: Yes, Sir.

Trey: Designer threads for the wife who's embezzling you?

Adam: Never mind that. What do you have?

Trey: Well, unlike Liza, numbers don't lie. This should be more than enough for you to divorce your embezzling wife and boot her out of Chandler Enterprises. My advice is to go for the kill now.

Adam: I'll decide what to do with my wife and when.

Trey: Well, Adam, remember, divorce can be a drawn-out procedure. Unless you've got something else in store for Liza.

Liza: Mother, would you do me a favor?

Marian: I'll do anything for you, my darling.

Liza: I couldn't eat before my tests. Would you go across the street and get me something -- a smoothie, blueberry?

Marian: One blueberry smoothie coming up.

Liza: Thanks.

Marian: Stuart, why don't you show Liza the picture that Colby painted for her Mommy? I'll be back in a flash, my darling.

Liza: Okay.

Marian: Love you.

Liza: Bye.

Stuart: This -- yeah, this is -- it's Colby -- Colby and I have been working on perspective, and this, you can see, Adam's head is about as big as the house.

Liza: Yeah.

Stuart: And look at you. You're so little. And, of course, there's Aunt Mia. Liza? Are you okay? You don't seem yourself today.

Liza: People have been saying that about me a lot lately.

Stuart: Did Colby's drawing upset you?

Opal: Well, Joe, just give it to me straight, will you? I mean, what's wrong?

Joe: Opal, I didn't mean to alarm you. Palmer's condition has stabilized.

Erica: Well, that's good news.

Opal: Yeah, but what is the matter with him?

Joe: Exhaustion and dehydration have aggravated his heart condition. And frankly, if he doesn't start taking care of himself, the next time, he may not be so lucky.

Opal: Well, I'm going to see to it that there is no next time. I mean, that stubborn old coot, he thinks he knows everything. He never follows his doctor's orders. He'll think twice when I am done with him.

Joe: Opal -- Palmer asked me to give you a message. Go home.

Singer: Can you still remember how it seemed that we could live forever in a lovers' dream?

Ryan's voice: Just turn down the music, okay? Otherwise, I'll make sure that it stays off for good. You know what I'm saying?

Kendall's voice: Why? You own this roach motel?

Ryan: No, I don't own it. I'm staying across from you, okay?

Kendall: Really? Well, hi, neighbor. Want to party?

Ryan: No, I donít. I told you what I want. I want quiet.

[Knock on door]

Singer: A silly little love song for myself

Kendall: Who are you?

Man: The name's Stan. I hear you're in arrears.

Kendall: What?

Stan: Behind on your motel bill.

Kendall: Oh, I worked out a deal with Artie, the manager.

Stan: Well, I'm the owner. So whatever deal you worked out with Artie is smoke. Which doesn't mean that you and I can't do business. Do you want to pay, or do you want to play?

Stan: So, babe, you be good to me, and I'll be good to you, wipe out what you owe me. Deal?

Kendall: I'll get you your money.

Stan: Let me check out your assets.

Chris: What part of "no" don't you get?

Stan: Hey, man, we're doing business here.

Chris: Good. 50 ought to cover a couple of nights in this dump. Now, beat it.

Stan: You still owe me. I'll be back to collect.

Kendall: What a scuz. Thanks, Chris.

Chris: You can save your gratitude. I just did you a favor, and now you can pay me back.

Kendall: How?

Chris: You leave this town and don't come back -- ever.

Kendall: I don't get you, Stamp. You just paid for me to stay.

Chris: I just paid the sleaze off so you didn't have to play mattress tag for your rent.

Kendall: You did that for me?

Chris: No. No, I did it for Ryan.

Kendall: I wasn't going to let him do anything.

Chris: Please, please, please, look, I just saw you start to go into your act, and I was about to get sick.

Kendall: You're wrong about me.

Chris: You know, the only good thing about Ryan being gone right now is he doesn't have to be here to see you crawl.

Kendall: Forget you!

Chris: Start packing.

Kendall: Hello. Genius, I'm broke. No one's going to give me a free ride. What's this?

Chris: That's a one-way plane ticket back home to Florida, Kendall, and some cash to tide you over until you get some honest work. Now you have no excuse to stay here. All you have to do is get on the plane and never come back.

Opal: Well, I don't know why I would ever expect that old polecat --

Erica: Opal, I am sure that Palmer didn't mean --

Opal: No, no, listen, I got the message loud and clear. That old goat wants me to scram? Well, consider me scrammed.

Erica: No, don't go. I'm sure once Palmer sees you --

Joe: No, I'm really sorry, but Palmer was quite definite about not wanting visitors, especially Opal.

Erica: Well, he'll see me, Joe. You wait right here, Opal, because I'm going to give that old polecat a lesson in gratitude.

Erica: Palmer, I hope that I'm not disturbing you.

Palmer: Well, yes, you are, and I told Joe --

Erica: You can tell Joe, you can bark orders at Joe Martin, but Erica Kane takes orders from nobody, including you.

Palmer: Erica, come here.

Liza: I'm sorry, Stuart.

Stuart: Here.

Liza: It's just that I think that the brain tumor might be back, and if that's true, then I could be a danger to my daughter.

Stuart: You could hurt Colby? No, you could never do that. You love her too much.

Liza: I love Adam, too, but somehow I took a machete to one of his dress shirts and ripped it to pieces. It was just dumb luck he wasn't in it at the time.

Stuart: Why would you do something like that?

Liza: I have no idea. I don't even remember doing it.

Stuart: Well, maybe you didn't do it. A lot of people would like to slice Adam up. He's got a lot of enemies.

Liza: Who raid corporations, not his wardrobe. I think it had to be me. And the way that I've been acting lately --

Stuart: Can I sit down?

Liza: Yeah, yeah.

Stuart: Everybody has a bad day now and then.

Liza: This isn't just a bad day, Stuart. It's been going on for weeks.

Stuart: But to get this upset over a torn shirt --

Liza: It's not just a shirt. It's a lot of things. I mean, things disappearing, me seeing things and hearing things. I think I hear something, and then I find out later on it's completely different.

Stuart: Well, that happens to me all the time with Marian. Yesterday, she asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee, and I thought she was asking me, "Why are you so doppy?"

Liza: Do you ever get so angry and you accuse Marian of cheating on you?

Stuart: No.

Liza: You know, I can't help but think about that day in the park when I lost Colby and I didn't even remember being with her at the time.

Stuart: Liza, you were sick then.

Liza: What if I'm sick again? What if it's worse this time? What if I'm a danger to people that I love?

Stuart: No, I don't think that could possibly be true. But no matter what, you don't have to worry about Colby.

Liza: I don't? Why not?

Stuart: Because Adam and Mia love her so much. Even if you did get sick, they'd take care of her. They'd keep her safe.

Adam: I pay you to investigate my wife. What I do with that information is none of your damn business.

Trey: You're the boss.

Adam: Don't you forget it.

Colby: Daddy, Daddy!

Adam: Ah, Sweetheart.

Mia: Sorry, Adam. I thought you and Trey were finished.

Adam: No, just finishing up a few minor details. Well, what's going on, pumpkin?

Colby: Is Mommy still in the hospital?

Adam: Oh, yes, she is, but she'll be home soon.

Colby: Good, because I miss her.

Adam: Yeah, I miss her, too. But your Aunt Mia's here. She can do anything Mommy can.

Winifred: Excuse me. It is time for Miss Colby's bath.

Adam: Okay, you run along with Winifred. Mia and I will be up later. We'll tuck you in and kiss you good night.

Colby: I love you, Daddy.

Adam: I love you, too, Sweetheart.

Mia: Well, it's such a nice night out. I think I'm going to go for a dip.

Adam: Wait a minute. You should be upstairs changing.

Mia: Why?

Adam: The fundraiser. Arts in Education. Liza's on the board. You're taking her place, remember?

Mia: Oh, Adam -- look, I changed my mind. I can't do it.

Adam: Why not?

Mia: There's no way I can take Liza's place.

Adam: Oh, that's where you're wrong.

Stuart: Liza, I'm going to tell you something that will help you stop worrying. I'm going to talk to Adam, and I'm going to tell him that you're afraid for Colby.

Liza: No, no, don't, Stuart. Don't do that. Don't do that. He's worried about me, and I don't want to pile my fears on top of him.

Stuart: Adam's very strong.

Liza: I know, but I can be strong. Don't say anything to him. Don't say anything to my mother.

Stuart: You mean, keep it a secret?

Liza: No, I know how you hate that.

Stuart: Yeah, well, so does Marian, and so does Adam.

Liza: Well, maybe just for a little while? Please?

Stuart: So you can talk to him about it first?

Liza: Yes. Yes, and I will. So, where do you think my mother is?

Stuart: Oh, the smoothie?

Liza: Yeah, probably.

Stuart: I'll go find her. I'll go look for her.

Dr. Greenberg: Oh -- Mr. Chandler.

Stuart: Hi. Bye.

Dr. Greenberg: Uncanny. How are you, Liza?

Liza: Anxious. You have my test results?

Dr. Greenberg: Best possible news -- your tumor has not returned.

Liza: Yet.

Dr. Greenberg: And there's no indication that it ever will.

Liza: Well, if it did, what kind of symptoms would I be experiencing?

Dr. Greenberg: Your husband has grilled my partner pretty extensively on that subject. Symptoms for the return of a tumor might include --

Liza: Excuse me, I'm sorry. My husband grilled your partner about this? When was this?

Dr. Greenberg: Several weeks ago. I was out of town on a sabbatical at a symposium, and Dr. Dacarlo filled in for me.

Liza: So Adam came to him and asked him information on my condition?

Dr. Greenberg: Yes. Apparently, he was very upset. He didn't share that with you?

Liza: No. But he probably didn't want to worry me about it, so since it's my condition, maybe you can just get me up to speed.

Dr. Greenberg: Yes. Warning signals for the return of a tumor might include such things as memory lapses, disorientation, auditory and visual hallucinations.

Liza: Hallucinations?

Dr. Greenberg: Seeing things that aren't there.

Liza: Like lights flashing or something like that?

Dr. Greenberg: Exactly.

Liza: And hearing things incorrectly.

Dr. Greenberg: Yes. It's a misfiring of the way the brain perceives information.

Liza: It's interesting.

Dr. Greenberg: But as I said, your CT scan is perfectly clear, so any fears you have would be ungrounded.

Liza: Thank you. Thank you for educating me.

Dr. Greenberg: I hope your husband doesn't mind that I informed on him.

Liza: No. No, I won't say anything. Oh, but don't leave. When do I get to go home?

Dr. Greenberg: Right now. I'll have the duty nurse call Mr. Chandler and have him come pick you up.

Liza: No, no, don't do that. This is really good news, and I want to surprise Adam myself.

Adam: Weren't you about to get me that Ingalls file out of your car?

Trey: Right away.

Adam: Yeah. Now, about that fundraiser --

Mia: I know you think I'm a very silly person, but the charity circuit -- it's just not my thing.

Adam: Why not?

Mia: Schmoozing with C.E.O.s, trying to hit them up for donations -- that's your life, Adam. That's where you and Liza shine.

Adam: Well, Liza and I are hardly society brats. I was raised in pigeon hollow, for crying out loud. Here. Our idea of a big night was possum stew and lantern slides.

Mia: Well, you've certainly come a long way from Pigeon Hollow.

Adam: Well, I picked up what I needed along the way, and so will you.

Mia: I don't really think so. I'm more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person.

Adam: That would be a waste of a beautiful face.

Mia: I'm not anywhere near as gracious or poised as Liza is.

Adam: Oh, come on, forget Liza. I mean, you just have to be yourself and you will charm the socks off those stuffed shirts the way you've charmed all of us.

Mia: Look; even if I think I can pull this evening off, I don't have anything to wear.

Adam: Behold your fairy godfather.

Mia: Excuse me?

Adam: I've gotten one of Liza's designers to whip you up an appropriate confection, complete with shoes, bag, and earrings. Winifred's putting it all in your room.

Mia: You know, the thought of going out while Liza's sick, it's just --

Adam: Oh, but it's -- it's for a very worthy cause, and it's an obligation, believe me. Liza will be very grateful that you're handling it for her. Takes a lot of stress off of her.

Mia: Well, if you put it that way, I guess it would be kind of selfish if I refused.

Adam: Then you'll go?

Mia: I'd be honored. Thanks for talking me into it.

Adam: Good. Maybe you should go up and change.

Mia: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Adam: What are you smiling about?

Trey: Because I finally get it. You're not just dumping your wife. You're trading in the old model for a new one.

Palmer: Why all this fuss over a few heart palpitations? My heart's going to be just fine in the morning. It really is.

Erica: Palmer, I wish that were true, but it takes time for a heart to mend once it's been broken.

Palmer: I haven't the vaguest notion what you're talking about.

Erica: Palmer this is me you're speaking to. You can't fool me. I know what's got you down, Palmer. Losing Dixie was a blow to just about everyone, but to you, I know it was like losing a daughter.

Palmer: Oh, God. Erica, I miss her so much. Damn it. I just -- I don't know how I'm going to go on without her.

Erica: Oh, Palmer.

Kendall: You can save your trip to nowhere and your money. I'm not leaving.

Chris: Why? What's the problem?

Kendall: I'm looking at it.

Chris: You don't get it, do you, Kendall? Nobody wants you around here. You're the town pest.

Kendall: Do I look like I care?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, it does. That's why I'm going to leave this here with you, let you sleep on it. And if you're really smart, you're going to take me up on my offer and get the hell out of town. You got some hell of a nerve holding on to something that's not yours.

Kendall: No. Ryan gave it to me.

Chris: Yeah, he gave it to you. He gave it to you when he thought you were someone worth sharing his life with, someone who wouldn't stab him through the heart the first chance that she got.

Kendall: What, you mean like your slutty pie Gail did?

Chris: Shut up.

Kendall: Notice I didn't ditch Ryan to go back to some drug-dealing wife beater --

Chris: You shut that trap of yours!

Kendall: No, no! No way in hell!

Kendall: No, you can't have this. It's all I have left of --

Chris: Keep it. Whatever meaning it had, it's gone. What? Are you here to help her?

Aidan: No, I think Kendall can handle her own affairs.

Kendall: Well, you both can just go to hell. Get out! Go. Get out.

Chris: Let me offer you some free advice -- you give Kendall a wide berth, a very wide berth.

Aidan: That won't be a problem.

Chris: Glad to hear it. I'll see you on the construction site.

Aidan: Thanks, Chris.

Kendall: Aidan, wait. I -- I need you to do something for me.

Palmer: You know, you're right. Dixie -- she was like a daughter to me.

Erica: And she loved you the same way, Palmer.

Palmer: She had her whole life ahead of her, her whole life. And, of course, that new life inside of her.

Erica: Your grandniece --

Palmer: Yeah.

Erica: Little baby Kate.

Palmer: I was looking forward to her arrival. You know, I imagined her a little miniature -- Dixie is fearless, full of joy. You know, I wanted to guide her through life and protect her from all its bumps and, you know, disappointments. Well -- I'm not going to have that.

Erica: Palmer, your son, Petey, needs you so much, and so does Dixieís son, J.R. They need you to be there for them.

Palmer: No, Erica, you know I love those boys very much. I really do. But boys are different. They strike out for independence so soon.

Erica: Well, I know someone else that you can be there for, someone who still cares very deeply about you, palmar. And if you would swallow that silly pride of yours, you would admit that you still have feelings for her, too.

Palmer: No. No. Opal and I are finished. She is out of my life, and I can't let her back in -- ever.

Adam: Trey, need I remind you that anything you hear or see in this house remains in this house?

Trey: Strict client-attorney confidentiality.

Adam: And any of my private business that you make public, I will tell the world where Trey Kenyon III's body is buried.

Trey: Message received. I'll see you in the morning, boss.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Adam Chandler.

Woman: Mr. Chandler, this is Ellen Mahoney from the hospital.

Adam: Yes, Ellen?

Ellen: You asked me to report back to you about your wife. Mrs. Chandler will be leaving the hospital shortly. She's being released tonight.

Adam: Your bank balance will reflect my gratitude. So Liza's coming home. Well, I should dress appropriately for the occasion. Winifred! Lay out my tuxedo!

Jake: Liza, I just got the good news from Greenberg. What a relief.

Liza: Yeah, I'm lucky.

Jake: Yeah. Well, listen, nothing personal, but I don't want to see your face around here again.

Liza: Well, it's a deal.

Jake: Hmm. Oh, I was going to ask you to give this to Mia.

Liza: What is it?

Jake: There you go. It's an article from her old neighborhood in Brooklyn. Thought she'd get a kick out of it.

Liza: Well, I'll tell you what -- give me a lift home, you can give it to her yourself. Maybe you can even grab a bite to eat.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, there you go. The night's starting to look up.

Liza: Actually, you know, I have a question for you. Are you serious about Mia?

Jake: Well, you know, I'm not really sure. Stuff keeps getting in the way.

Liza: What stuff?

Jake: Well, for starters, your husband.

Aidan: I told you before, Kendall, I don't want to be a part of these games that you play.

Kendall: Well, I didn't take you for the play-it-safe type.

Aidan: You didn't take me at all.

Kendall: Whatever. Do me a favor and give this to your boss. Tell him I don't need handouts.

Aidan: You sure about this? I mean, I heard Artie asking you for the rent yesterday. You know what? A change of scenery might be just the ticket.

Kendall: The scenery here in Pine Valley suits me just fine, not that anyone asked you.

Aidan: And the rent?

Kendall: I'll come up with it somehow. I don't need charity from Chris Stamp.

Aidan: Chris I get. But what about my money? Is that dirty, too?

Erica: Palmer, do you know that Opal saved your life tonight?

Palmer: One more reason I can't face her.

Erica: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Palmer: Well, every time I fall, Opal's there.

Erica: To help you up.

Palmer: No, to say, "I told you so." Her and her blasted intuitions. Whenever she gets a feeling, damned if it isn't always right.

Erica: And this is a bad thing?

Palmer: Well, it's just bloody embarrassing. You know, she was right about Vanessa.

Erica: She was right about your not taking care of yourself.

Palmer: She'll just march in here with that smug look. She'll wag her bony finger in my face --

Erica: Palmer, Opal is right outside, and the look on her face is anything but smug. She's worried about you, so much so that she has someone looking after you at the Valley Inn. Did you know that? Since you won't look after yourself.

Palmer: Well, I don't need a nursemaid. I donít.

Erica: No, what you need is your family, and that includes Opal, divorced or not. Opal understands better than anyone exactly how deeply Dixieís death has affect you, how lost and alone you feel.

Palmer: Oh, all right, I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes with the old witch. I mean, if it's going to make her feel better. But if she starts in on me, let me tell you, to the moon --

Erica: Well, I will tell her to come in.

Erica: Opal --

Opal: Well, so, how is the old grinch holding up?

Erica: He is waiting for you to come in.

Opal: Well, he's going to have to wait till they make snowmen in hell because I am not going in there.

Jake: Liza, Mia is your sister and she wants to help you in any way that she possibly can. It just bothers me to see her give up her own personal life and put it on hold, you know, especially now that you're doing so well.

Liza: Well, Mia's amazing.

Jake: Yeah, she is. I just think it was a real mistake for her to leave, especially since this job was doing so much to help her self-esteem.

Liza: You know, now that you've shared that with me, I agree with you, and I think I should have a talk with Mia and encourage her to take her job back.

Jake: That would be great.

Liza: You know, Dr. Greenberg says I'm fine. I mean, I'm really fine. There is no reason why she should be at the house with me and Adam.

Jake: Good, good. Well, I'm glad you see it that way. I think Adam's the one that's going to take some convincing.

Liza: Well, I'll tell you what -- you leave Adam to me.

Jake: Gladly. Shall we?

Liza: Yes.

Winifred: Miss Mia! You look like a princess from one of Colby's fairy tales.

Mia: Thank you, Winifred.

Winifred: Oh, I just wish Mrs. Chandler were here to see you.

Mia: Uh -- yeah. Where's Mr. Chandler?

Adam: He's right behind you. You look stunning. It would be a privilege to have you on my arm this evening. Shall we?

Mia: No way. I'm not going anywhere with you.

Erica: Opal, excuse me. I do not understand you. Just a few minutes ago, you would have given anything to go in there and see Palmer and see that he was all right.

Opal: Well, that was before he sent out the "Do not disturb" signal.

Erica: Oh, Opal.

Opal: I don't have to have a safe fall on my head, you know?

Erica: Opal, believe me, it is not personal.

Opal: Oh, yeah.

Erica: He is feeling very fragile right now. He is because of Dixie and because of a lot of things. His pride is at war with his need to connect with people who really care about him.

Opal: Well, there's only so much caring you can do until you just have to give it up as a lost cause.

Erica: Well, you know something? I'm already late to meet Chris, so don't you give up on anything, okay? Get in there.

Winifred: Excuse me, please.

Mia: I thought I was doing this alone.

Adam: You're not willing to go to a fundraiser with me? I -- well, why not? Am I such terrible company?

Mia: Adam, Liza already thinks that we have something going on. She outright accused us of --

Adam: And we know there's nothing going on.

Mia: You know people are going to talk. All of your friends will be there, and word will get back to Liza that we're --

Adam: That we what? That we raised some money for a worthy cause?

Mia: I am not going to cause any more trouble for you or your wife, who is my sister.

Adam: Coward.

Mia: What?

Adam: This has nothing to do with Liza. You're afraid. You're afraid to face that crowd. You're afraid that you won't measure up.

Mia: Adam --

Adam: Well, let me put your doubts to rest. You'll outshine every woman in that room tonight. And if I may be so bold as to add a small finishing touch.

Mia: It's beautiful.

Adam: Allow me to put it on you?

Mia: Is it real?

Adam: Of course it's real. I gave it to Liza for Christmas.

Mia: No, no, Adam, I canít. Take it off.

Adam: Oh, no, no, she would want you to wear it. You look like it was made for you.

Erica: She loves you.

Chris: Hey.

Erica: Hi. I'm sorry I'm late. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.

Chris: Hours, hours. But the wait was worth it. So, how is Palmer?

Erica: He's going to be fine. And I did a little matchmaking.

Chris: Good. I want the whole world as happy as we are. And here's something else that might brighten your day.

Erica: What?

Chris: I bought Kendall a one-way ticket back to Florida, plus expenses.

Kendall: What is this? First you cut me dead, now you want to toss a few thou into the save Kendall Hart fund?

Aidan: No, but I'll tell you what -- I will give you 30 bucks for that boom box. Music will really help my job go a lot faster.

Kendall: Get out. Out! Get out! No, get out! I don't want to see your face around here.

[Music plays]

Singer: Do I have to tell you everything I think

Erica: Well, did she accept?

Chris: She threw the buyoff back in my face, but I left it with her to rethink. And with any luck, she'll just do the right thing and take off, Sweetheart.

Erica: Oh, come on. When did she ever do the right thing?

Chris: Well, Darling, there's always a first time.

Erica: Chris, I want you to know I have been completely honest with her. I've told her there's no way we can ever connect on any meaningful level. I mean, why doesn't she just go home?

Singer: I don't think I could say just how it feels arching flower, reckless wheel I'll give you an inkling show you a notion nothing more you get what you pay for you get what you pay for you get what you pay for

Stan: I told you I would be back.

Singer: You get what you pay for you get what you pay for

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[Glass shatters]

Kendall: Don't hurt me!

Liza: Mia, you look ready to take my place.

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