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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: Daddy, Leo and I got married after all. Please wake up and tell me that you're happy for us.

Jack: When you fired into a crowded room, you could've killed innocent people. That's my problem.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Maria. Promise me that I am not going to lose him!

Tad: You're not going to lose Edmund.

Bianca: I've never gotten a mystery message before.

J.R.: [As Shaggy] Zoinks! Like, who'd want us down here in the middle of the night?

Maggie: I don't understand. Is this just someone's idea of a joke? I --

[Music plays]

Tim: De-livered man!

Bianca: Oh, man.

Maggie: Tim, you're supposed to be in the hospital.

Tim: Most of my vital organs are intact, so -- but thanks for the concern.

Maggie: Well, thanks, but I've had my keel-over quota for the day.

Tim: Yeah, I know. The news babes were practically hyperventilating about what went on at the wedding. So I figured with your bang-bang day and my banged-up gut and, well, J.R.'s banged-up life --

Maggie: Oh, what, we ought to hide out or something?

J.R.: [Normal voice] Yeah, right.

Tim: No, we could have a bang-bang party!

Maggie: Oh!

Bianca: Right!

Brooke: Edmund, I swear, this -- this is not what it looks like.

Edmund: What the hell are you doing here with your ex-husband?

Anna: Damn.

David: Come on. Beating yourself up isn't going to help. You saw me do the same thing when I lost a patient.

Anna: But you lost a patient while you were fighting for his life. I aimed and succeeded in killing a man, maybe for all the wrong reasons.

Vanessa: Leo --

Leo: Somebody get security!

Jake: Armed security, stat. Lock down this hall!

Vanessa: Leo, thank God, my baby!

Jack: Restrain her.

Vanessa: No, no, you've got to run and hide! You have to run -- no, Leo, you have to go because he'll kill you! He will kill you! He will kill you!

David: The situation was chaos, Anna. You were pumping adrenaline.

Anna: No, to be truthful, I was coming down from being drugged.

David: Which means you were even more amazing. What exactly were you supposed to do?

Anna: Well, what I've been trained to do, which is clear the area, secure it, and try to talk the gunman down if I could have.

David: You saved my brother's life. I'm not going to say that you did something wrong.

Anna: Right or wrong, it can be seen as being unprofessional. Oh, God. Oh, I need this job, David, I need it.

David: Of course you do. And you've earned it.

Anna: Montgomery's been after my badge since day one. He's constantly accusing me of shirking my duty.

David: To protect me.

Anna: I keep talking about the job, but I -- I don't want to lose you, either.

David: That's not going to happen.

Anna: What has it been like for you these past few weeks, you know, with your hand out of commission? You haven't been in the O.R.

David: It's been like living half a life.

Anna: Well, see? You know, I mean, I need focus, too. I need to feel like I belong, and I do now as chief and I'm going to fight for that.

David: And you should, because you're going to win, Anna. Everybody in this town is grateful to you for taking out Wolfe.

Anna: Well, I don't know. I mean, I feel like this shooting has given Jackson the ammo he needs. I mean, he can do it now. He can make me choose between the job I need and the man I love.

[Phone rings]

Anna: Yes. Chief. What? Oh, yeah, okay, we'll be right there. Your mother's turned up. She's at the hospital.

Vanessa: No. No.

Jake: Bring her right in.

Vanessa: Donít.

Jake: There's restraints in here. Restrain this woman.

Greenlee: There's no escaping her.

Leo: Come on, I'm getting you out of here. Let's go.

Greenlee: No.

Leo: Greenlee, your dad can't have any more visitors tonight. Let's go.

Greenlee: I don't want to see him.

Leo: What, you want to spend our wedding night at the hospital?

Greenlee: You might want to see Vanessa.

Leo: No, I don't want to see Vanessa.

Greenlee: At least find out what's going on with her.

Leo: Listen to me, Vanessa is what she's always been -- a deranged, homicidal faker.

Greenlee: And your mother.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Still a control freak, huh? I can certainly recognize that look, that, "Boy, if somebody would just put me in charge --"

Mary: Then I would the stop the chaos. You know I would.

Jack: Yeah, I recall that "Can do, will do, must do" attitude, too.

Mary: And I recall that you used to tell me there were simple answers to difficult questions.

Jack: Oh, well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. I've realized how full of it I was in those days. Believe me, I learned it the hard way.

Greenlee: You know, I -- I know that I've always tried to make choose between your mother and me --

Leo: I've already made my choice, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You've tried. But no matter how awful they are, you just can't cut out a parent.

Leo: I am completely and totally devoted to you.

Greenlee: I know, but you also care about Vanessa.

Leo: I don't -- I don't care about Vanessa.

Greenlee: You don't have a choice.

Leo: Greenlee, she tried to destroy us and she tried to kill you. For God's sakes --

Greenlee: She failed.

Leo: So far.

Greenlee: Leo, I saw something in Vanessa tonight that I've never seen before.

Leo: No, I'm not buying into this latest angle, so come on.

Greenlee: It wasn't an angle.

Leo: I know my mother. It's always an angle.

Greenlee: No, not this time. This time it was love, love for her son.

Edmund: Make this good, Brooke. Make this very, very good.

Brooke: I love you so much.

Edmund: That doesn't really square with finding you in bed with Tad.

Brooke: We were not in bed.

Edmund: You're getting sloppy, Brooke. You know, your behavior, your story -- it's not like you.

Brooke: I'm doing my best.

Edmund: No, you want to get caught. You want to come clean. You know you do.

Brooke: You're right, I don't -- I don't want to keep anything from you.

Edmund: Okay. Then just tell me -- ahem -- why you're jeopardizing everything we have, everything we've worked for, everything we've waited for.

Brooke: Edmund, please trust me, please. You're my happiness, okay? More than that. I only want to do what's right for you and what the best thing is for you.

Edmund: Okay. But if the positions were reversed, would you trust me? If Maria were alive and I snuck off for some secret meeting in the desert --

Brooke: I -- I don't know what I'd do or what I'd feel.

Edmund: You'd feel like everything you believed in, everything you loved just got blown apart.

Brooke: I'm sorry!

Edmund: Then stop it right now, okay? Just stop this before it goes too far and tell me why you're here right now.

Tad: He's right. He deserves the truth.

Brooke: Tad, please!

Tad: And if you don't tell him, I'm going to.

[Music plays]

Tim: Wow, who took over this place?

Bianca: Nobody. It's Leo and Greenleeís stuff.

Maggie: Gosh, Leo must've had some major premonition to get her out of the Valley Inn, huh?

Bianca: No, just they couldn't stand how fake their wedding was getting, so they ditched the big production and had the ceremony right here.

J.R.: No way. After everything that went down?

Tim: Yeah, I heard Leoís mom tried to off Greenlee twice?

J.R.: Yeah, and I heard her dad got shot.

Maggie: Yeah, I just hope that Mr. Smythe makes it.

Bianca: Yeah, me, too.

Maggie: Thanks. So did -- did Leo sound okay when he called?

Bianca: Well, it was just a message, but yeah.

Maggie: I hope Greenleeís all right. You know, her perfect wedding day detonated?

Tim: So answer the bazillion-dollar question -- why would anyone ever get married?

Bianca: Oh, what do you have against marriage? You know, most weddings don't end in a shootout.

Tim: Hello? Children of broken homes. Marriage is the end of fun.

Maggie: Hmm, and dates from hell.

J.R.: You know, I hate to do the whole male-versus-female thing here, but I'm going to have to go with Tim on this one. I mean, my dad and Liza? I'm lucky they're not nuclear armed.

Bianca: Look, I know it's cool to rip on marriage and stuff, and I'm primed to do it normally, but in my secret fantasy life -- what? What?

Tim: Nothing, we get to hear a girl's secret fantasies.

Bianca: Well, even they don't go your way, Tim.

Maggie and J.R.: Oh!

J.R.: Shot down! No, well, we'll take what we can get on this one.

Bianca: All right, okay, fair enough. In my deep, dark, hot fantasies, I want to blow off all the crap and concentrate on the cornball moments. I want to grow up ready, willing, and able to have a ceremony, a commitment just like this.

Tim: To Leo and Greenlee.

J.R.: To friends who get you through.

Maggie: Hmm. And to love that will survive anything.

Bianca: Cheers. Hey, J.R., think that canoe thing floats?

J.R.: Uh, yeah. Why, you want to take it out?

Bianca: Yeah, let's go for a little ride. Why don't you grab those paddles?

J.R.: Okay. Whoops, sorry.

Tim: So did Bianca inherit some anti-conflict thing while I was gone?

Maggie: Um, no, I've never seen her bolt like that before.

Tim: Weird, isn't it?

Maggie: What?

Tim: How we always end up alone together.

Tad: Look; you've got every right to be angry, okay?

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Tad: But not at Brooke. You can't blame her for how crazy or how cruel the world is.

Brooke: Tad, let me handle this.

Tad: She knows what it's like firsthand when we think the people that we love are dead and gone.

Brooke: Please stop. I'm begging you, just --

Tad: Sometimes the loss is a little more complicated than that. Sometimes it just hits you and it keeps on hitting you from all these bizarre angles, and --

Brooke: And you deserve your soul mate!

Tad: Yeah, I guess you do. Maybe you're right. I'd give anything to see Dixie again. Just one last time.

Edmund: Okay, that still doesn't explain the secret trip to the desert.

Tad: Do you remember two years ago I came out here, that little foray to the Queen of Hearts Cafe, right? I'd screwed up with Dixie and she came out here looking for me so that we would have another chance, okay? In the end, it led Stuart back to Pine Valley. Now call it what you want. You know, call it reliving the past or just making a trip to the lost-and-found of missing souls. I just -- I wanted to come back.

Edmund: Okay. So I understand you want to be close to your wife. Why are you here with him?

Tad: Because she's been with me from the start, ever since Dixie died. And so far, she's the only person I've been able to find who can bear the unbearable.

Edmund: Okay. So you had to put him back together again. Why didn't you tell me?

Brooke: What could I say that would make it okay with you?

Edmund: Ahem. Tad -- Tad, I know -- I know you hurt, okay? I know just how much you hurt and for how long, but these new depths of hell that you're going to do not justify the lies --

Brooke: Edmund, you'll regret this.

Edmund: No, you cling to women -- I don't care -- but you always seem to grab onto my fiancee.

Tad: Well, if that's the fact, then why don't you lighten up on Brooke and blame me?

Edmund: I blame both of you. Brooke, you know -- you know who he is, you know what he's done, and you know what he's cost us. And this perpetual threesome is going to kill us.

Brooke: No, it's --

Tad: Edmund, you got to come off your soapbox.

Edmund: Get out of my relationship, Tad!

Tad: Whether you know it or not, your fiancee is tearing her guts inside out trying to do the right thing.

Edmund: Oh, yeah? Then why don't you explain that kiss at the pit?

Greenlee: I want you to stay here and find out what's up with your mother.

Leo: This is how you want to spend our wedding night, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Well, I'd rather be in Bermuda sipping a margarita, but I'm just blissed-out that I'm married to you.

Leo: You really are the ultimate bride.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Leo: And you're also wiped out. So why don't you go home, slip into something naked, and I'll be back soon. Wait for me.

Mary: I think a hot bubble bath might be in order.

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: But you need --

Leo: Yeah, I need you to be home safe and comfortable, Greenlee, okay? I'll be back as soon as I can.

Greenlee: I'll be waiting.

Leo: Okay.

David: Leo.

Anna: Where is she?

David: What's going on?

Leo: Well, Vanessa came stumbling in here, babbling.

Anna: Is she secured?

Leo: Yeah, is she ever secured? Listen, I was going to go talk to her and figure out what's going on, but I don't -- I don't know if I can handle it, man.

David: If that's what you want to do, I'm right beside you. Come on.

Leo: Okay.

David: Come on.

Anna: Did you see how Mrs. Cortlandt entered the hospital?

Officer: No, ma'am. I --

Jack: Excuse us, please.

Anna: You're stopping me from doing my job now, Jackson.

Jack: I just wanted you to know that I'm not the only watching you anymore. It seems that Internal Affairs has taken an interest.

Anna: I'll be sure to wear lip-gloss.

Leo: Mother?

Vanessa: I had to get you to a safe place, Leo.

Leo: But why did Wolfe want to kill me?

Vanessa: But we're safe?

Leo: The Wolfe. Ma, the Wolfe. The Count's assistant.

Vanessa: That blackmailer. Just want my money or my heart.

Leo: And, what, you just couldn't part with the cash?

Vanessa: Because it's keeping you alive, Leo.

Leo: Okay, that's a new one. I don't buy it.

David: You know what I think she's really saying? That if she told Wolfe about the money, he'd have no use for her any longer, he'd get rid of her.

Vanessa: He wanted to make me watch you die at your wedding. But you see, I kept silent. I did. I knew it. Find some way of stopping him. His injections -- so sick. No. Then I rushed him. I ruined his shot, didn't I? I ruined it?

David: You took off to protect Leo.

Vanessa: I've got to get you away. Because your life, Dear, depends -- your life -- yeah.

Anna: Okay, so our approaches to law enforcement are radically different, but our goals are exactly the same, so why can't we build a relationship based on that?

Jack: Maybe we could if you didn't let your methods and your personal relationships destroy case after case.

Anna: Oh, right, so this isn't about crime-fighting then. You're after my job because you don't like my husband.

Jack: Oh, this is about crime-fighting, all right. Your husband's a criminal.

Vanessa: Oh, Leo, I love you.

Leo: Then you prove it to me. Tell me where the money is.

Vanessa: Leo, I can't because Wolfe -- he's unstoppable. He has to kill --

Leo: No, no, listen to me, Wolfe is dead. Okay? Anna shot him. Wolfe's dead.

Anna: He died instantly, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Oh, God. I did it. I did -- all this turmoil, I saved my precious son. Oh.

Leo: Tell me where the money is. Hey. Vanessa, hey. Hey. Tell me --

David: Leo, it's okay, it's okay. Look, let's just forget about Vanessa for tonight, okay? She's secure; she's not going anywhere. Now it's time for you to focus on what's important.

Leo: That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to clear you and Anna and me.

David: I appreciate that, but it's your wedding night, Leo. Go home.

Leo: All right.

David: Come on, come on, let's go. Greenlee needs you.

Leo: Thank you. Thank you for being my big brother.

David: Hey -- anytime. Anytime.

Leo: And you. Thank you so much for saving my life.

Anna: I'm glad that I could.

Leo: All right.

David: Go home.

Leo: All right.

David: We'll see you. Just give me a minute. All right, so what's going on? Vanessa's doing it again, right? This -- this temporary insanity, it's just a ruse?

Mary: Milk or lemon?

Greenlee: Uh -- milk. Did you call the hospital?

Mary: Your father's still critical.

Greenlee: Oh.

Mary: You want to tell me what happened when you went in to see him?

Greenlee: No.

Mary: Okay. I want to tell you some things about your father.

Greenlee: I don't want to hear about it.

Mary: There was a time when he loved you exactly as a father was supposed to love his daughter.

Greenlee: It's way too late for damage control, Mother.

Mary: Just listen to me. He used to pay off your nanny so that he could keep you all day. He used to sleep on the floor by your crib if you so much as even coughed.

Greenlee: So, where'd that Roger go?

Mary: Away with me.

Greenlee: What?

Mary: Well, you know, I did love him. And by the time you were walking, I had him off jet-setting and partying all over the place again. I had to keep my Roger away from my competition -- you.

Greenlee: But I was your baby.

Mary: But you stole my husband's heart. And I thought that if I kept him away from you that it would save our marriage, not realizing that I was destroying my family in the process.

Greenlee: No. No, I've had enough today. I can't handle this.

Mary: Greenlee, you have just married a man who adores you. With Leo by your side, you can handle anything that happens.

Greenlee: You don't think Daddy's going to make it.

Mary: Let's pray that he does. But if he doesn't, I want you to know the truth.

Greenlee: No.

Mary: Greenlee, the truth is the only thing I have to offer you right now. You were robbed of the father you should have had and the love that he would have given you because I took him away from you.

Edmund: Look, I don't think you two are having an affair. I think what's going on between you is far deeper than sex.

Tad: Edmund --

Edmund: I'm talking to Brooke.

Brooke: And I'm listening.

Edmund: You say your marriage to me is the most important thing in the world, it's what you want, but Tad gets your time, Tad gets your energy, your secrets?

Brooke: Because --

Edmund: No more excuses, Brooke! If there's someone between us, what we have is going to die.

Brooke: Don't you think I know that? Don't you think sometimes I just want to curl up with you and just let this whole bizarre world disappear?

Edmund: Then do it.

Brooke: I canít.

Edmund: Then there's no reason for me to think that Tad won't always come first. I should just bow out now.

Brooke: All right, wait, wait! Just -- just brace yourself because I'm going to tell you the real reason that I came out to this godforsaKen desert!

Tad: To save my sanity. Look, trust me, okay? Just take it from a guy who's hurting, she didn't kiss me back, Edmund. You got 100% of her heart.

Edmund: You don't look like you're hurting.

Tad: Well, I've had a lot of help holding it together.

Edmund: Okay, you've earned your merit badge. You want to help us get back together?

Brooke: Just tell me how.

Edmund: Come home with me, right now.

[Music plays]

Maggie: So, what's the real story?

Tim: About what?

Maggie: You. You weren't let out of the hospital tonight, were you?

Tim: I released myself.

Maggie: Oh, you're feeling that good, huh?

Tim: I am when I'm around you. Or it could be that I was marinating in antibiotics, so --

Maggie: Oh, is that another pickup line?

Tim: Why, is it working?

Maggie: No, not at all.

Tim: Okay. Ahem. Well, I got really cooped up and, you know, the hospital gown wasn't doing much for the nurses, so I came to get some fresh-air poisoning. Man, you can really get lost up here, can't you?

Maggie: Yeah. Lets you take a major break, right?

Tim: What do you need a break from?

Maggie: Oh, let's see. Well, all this talk of death and what might've been. The search for dignity, purpose, and cheap rent.

Tim: Heavy stuff. I'm still looking for intelligent life in the universe.

Maggie: Oh, yeah?

Tim: Which is why I'm glad you're here.

Maggie: Oh, well, if you're looking for a fight about baseball and crazy family, you can count me out.

Tim: Look, I just want to hang.

Maggie: Well, this is a good place for that.

Tim: Yeah. Yeah, real good.

Greenlee: You think you robbed me?

Mary: Of course I did.

Greenlee: Love isn't like money, Mother. You spend money, you have less. You spend love, you get more.

Mary: Well, you certainly didn't learn that one from your parents. Oh, I wish.

Greenlee: What?

Mary: I -- I wish I knew whether you took milk or lemon in your tea.

Greenlee: It'd be nice to feel close to one parent.

Mary: But I thought you and Roger were creating --

Greenlee: What, a pile of lies?

Mary: Oh, Greenlee. Some people, some men are very moldable, like clay. And if they find the right woman or the right position, they become their best selves. But your father fell into my life.

Greenlee: Roger made his own choices.

Mary: Yes, he did, but I want you to know that he made them out of weakness and not out of badness.

Greenlee: Well, Leo would never do that.

Mary: No, Leo, your husband, would never do that.

Greenlee: My husband. I like the sound of that. I wish my husband were home right now.

[Key turns in lock]

Leo: Honey, I'm home.

Greenlee: Leo.

Mary: Take care of her Leo, for all the people who love her.

Leo: Oh, I will, Mare.

Mary: Good night, Darling.

Greenlee: Mother? Thanks for hanging out.

Mary: Thank you for having me.

Greenlee: You okay?

Leo: I am now.

Zeke: Right now, your mother is responding to people and events, not trying to manipulate. That is an improvement.

David: I guess. So you're saying that she's not a fake?

Zeke: Not at the moment. Look, I'll keep you up to date on her treatment.

David: Okay, Jake, don't keep me waiting for your usual lecture. I know I brought a visitor in to a psych patient without authorization.

Jake: Yeah, well, you came through for Leo, and I understand why.

David: Uh, my hand has recovered full movement. My private patients are expecting me back in the O.R.

Jake: Then you're back on rotation. Feel free to schedule surgery.

David: Good. I'll study the charts tonight.

Jake: Work will help.

David: Yeah. Yeah, work is a necessity, for both me and Anna.

Edmund: There's a flight back tonight.

Brooke: Good. I'm glad. I'm dying to get back home, back to us.

Tad: I'll pay the bill.

Edmund: What about being close to your wife?

Tad: Didn't work.

Edmund: So you're going back to Pine Valley?

Tad: No, I'm just going back to be with my son.

Edmund: Any particular reason why you just booked one room tonight?

Tad: Oh, lot of lonely people around here. Guess the place was booked.

Brooke: Edmund?

Edmund: Yeah?

Brooke: Will you be able to get past -- get past this?

Edmund: I don't know.

[Music plays]

J.R.: Oh, hold up. You guys going to exchange vows now or something?

Tim: Um -- yeah. I vow never, ever to come to this place ever again without bug spray. I mean, why couldn't Leo and Greenlee get citronella candles?

Bianca: Stop, it's so beautiful.

Maggie: I know. It's way more romantic than the setup at the Valley Inn. Oh, I just wish I could've been here for the real thing, you know?

J.R.: Well, you made it to the after-party, didn't you?

Tim: So did you beach the boat?

J.R.: Yeah. Why, you want to take it out?

Tim: Yeah, I do.

Bianca: So, you and Tim getting along?

Maggie: Yeah, I guess.

J.R.: Yeah, I barely knew her sister, Frankie. I hooked up with her, though, but I barely knew her. But this Maggie, she seems pretty tight.

Tim: Yeah, there's nothing like a chick who knows everything.

Edmund: Just wonder what would've happened if I hadn't shown up.

Brooke: Edmund, you know despite all the craziness that you are the only man that I will ever love.

Edmund: There's one way I'll be able to forgive you.

Brooke: How?

Edmund: Tell me what you're really doing here in the middle of the desert.

Brooke: I already have.

Edmund: I need some air. I'll get the car.

Brooke: Good.

Brooke: Yes, can you tell me if Maureen Gorman is still registered at the motel? She's checked out? Thank you.

Brooke: It's not her. It couldn't be. Maria's not alive.

Leo: Ah. We finally did it.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Leo: Despite everyone and everything, we did it.

Greenlee: We're husband and wife.

Leo: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: I always thought that that would make life perfect.

Leo: Me, too.

Greenlee: But your mother will always be your mother. And now my father's in critical condition.

Leo: Greenlee, I don't know -- I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to make up for everything. My mother and Wolfe --

Greenlee: I don't even know why I care. My father is a money-grubbing leech and a dirty old man.

Leo: Oh, hey, come on. Now, you gave me the go-ahead to care for Vanessa, and I'm going to give you the go-ahead to forgive Roger. Okay?

Greenlee: But he's so weak. He's so messed up. The doctors say that he could -- that he might not --

Leo: Shh. Baby, it's okay. It's okay. Look. Look. See that? We're hooked up forever. No matter what, I'm going to be right beside you. Okay? We can take on anything.

Jake: Thought those two were on the same side. See you tomorrow, David.

David: Thanks.

Jack: I very strongly suggest that you retain counsel.

Anna: Yes, I will. But I suggest that you go out there and find criminals to prosecute instead of persecuting me. I'm a colleague, Jackson.

Jack: You'd just better hope I don't have to prosecute a colleague.

David: I tell you, it was torture just standing by, but I thought I should let you fight your own battle.

Anna: Thanks.

David: Well, looks like you've got Jackson on the retreat.

Anna: No. He thinks the shoot was bad. He's filed a complaint with the I.A.D.

David: Internal Affairs? All right, so what does that mean?

Anna: I could lose my job, be sued, brought up on murder charges, spend the rest of my life in jail. I don't know.

Jake: Look at her eyes.

Zeke: Mm-hmm?

Jake: Did you change her meds?

Zeke: No, no. Her disassociation trigger has always been self-preservation. This time it was her son.

Jake: Which one?

Zeke: Leo. When she learned he was safe, she just checked out.

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