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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 7/16/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Brooke: Maureen Gorman. We found her.

Edmund: Brooke told me she was going out of town to visit Laura. Laura says she doesn't know anything about it.

Mateo: Are you sure?

Edmund: Why would Brooke lie to me?

Jack: You discharged your firearm in a lobby crowded with innocent bystanders -- now, that is a problem.

Duncan: And I pronounce you husband and wife.

Vanessa: Where's Leo?

Edmund: Wait. Why are you lying to me?

Simone: I'm not. I'm telling you, Tad and Brooke were kissing, and it wasn't on the cheek, either.

Edmund: Okay, okay, okay. All right, look, there was no way that Brooke --

Simone: No, I'm sorry, Edmund. I'm telling you the truth. Maybe it's better that you find out now, huh?

Edmund: Simone --

Simone: Before you marry Brooke.

Edmund: Simone, what's going on?

Simone: What?

Edmund: You know, you were caught sleeping with your best friend's father, and now you want to drag Brooke through the mud?

Simone: No! I didn't even want to tell you, all right? But you asked me where Brooke disappeared to. And now you want to blame the messenger?

Edmund: Look, you're wrong, all right? Brooke is not with Tad.

Simone: Well, then, why are you getting so upset?

Tad: Hurry. Maureen Gorman is here? What room is she in?

Brooke: It doesn't say. Let me scroll down.

Tad: Let me do it.

Brooke: Stop, all right? It's just slow. I lost it.

Tad: What did you hit?

Brooke: I don't know.

Tad: Well, then, just type in Maureen Gorman, and see what it spits out.

Brooke: I think I've got it.

Clerk: Got what? What do you think you're doing?

Brooke: Oh -- I'm sorry.

Tad: It's no big deal. We can explain.

Clerk: Explain it to the cops.

Jake: I just looked in on your father.

Greenlee: Please tell me that he's okay.

Jake: And they were able to remove the bullet.

Greenlee: Okay. Can we see him?

Jake: Well, he's still in and out of consciousness right now.

David: Greenlee, you might want to wait a little while.

Greenlee: No, I can't wait.

Jake: Well, you know, I think it'll be all right. It might even help you.

Leo: I'll go with you.

Greenlee: No, no, thanks. It's better if I just go.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, Mary.

Mary: She needs me. I'm her mother.

Leo: Okay, I'm ready. What else is going to happen?

Anna: Well, I think the worst is over, Leo.

Leo: Yeah?

Anna: Yeah.

Leo: Found Vanessa yet?

Anna: No, not yet, but we're on it, and I'm bringing your father in for questioning.

Leo: He's not my father.

Anna: What?

Leo: I didn't -- I didn't want to have to admit this, but I think he faked the D.N.A. test, and now he's probably off with Vanessa somewhere, living miserably rich off her drug money.

David: I don't think so, Leo.

Leo: David, come on. He conned me.

Guy: Leo, my God. I was so worried about you. You're safe.

Jake: Greenlee, the anesthesia still hasn't worn off, so he could be asleep or very groggy.

Greenlee: I just want to talk to him. Do you think he'll be able to hear me?

Jake: It's quite possible.

Greenlee: I'm so glad you're taking care of my dad. Thanks, Jake.

Jake: Well, I wish that your wedding day had turned out different.

Greenlee: Yeah, well --

Jake: I just want what's best for you, Greenlee. I always have. You and Leo deserve to be happy.

Greenlee: So do you.

Simone: Greenlee -- how's your father?

Greenlee: You're such a good friend. You're worrying about me and my dadd after I out you through a shootout at my wedding?

Simone: Oh -- it's not your fault. Please, don't blame yourself.

Greenlee: No, I blame the Count's homicidal henchman. If I lose my father --

Simone: You won’t. He'll pull through. He will. If not only by sheer willpower.

Greenlee: He may not be strong enough.

Simone: I wasn't talking about his. I was talking about yours. I have seen you accomplish so many amazing things. You will get your dad through this.

Greenlee: You really are the best.

Simone: See your dad.

Greenlee: Daddy?

Greenlee: It's me, Greenlee. I have some good news. Leo and I got married after all. I'm so happy, Faddy, and I want you to share it. Please wake up and tell me that you're happy for us.

Mary: What are you still doing here?

Simone: Oh, Greenlee --

Mary: Greenlee has been through enough for one day. She doesn't need her father's mistress hanging around.

Simone: Greenlee doesn't know about the affair.

Mary: Keep it that way.

Simone: Well, you're the one that's screaming it from the rooftops, Mary. I will not tell Greenlee. I do not want to hurt her that way.

Greenlee: Daddy, you're not still angry, are you? I'm sorry that we argued earlier. I'm sorry that I made you feel like a failure.

Roger: Uh -- sorry, baby.

Greenlee: Daddy, there's nothing to be sorry about now that you're okay.

Roger: No, but, baby -- I love you.

Greenlee: I love you, too.

Roger: Go back to bed, honey.

Greenlee: What?

Roger: What? I want you.

Greenlee: Daddy, it's me.

Roger: Come back, Simone, and treat daddy right.

Tad: Wait -- wait just a second. There's no need to involve the police.

Clerk: Yeah, give me one good reason why not.

Brooke: Oh, you know, I told you before, my sweetie is so shy.

Tad: That's right, that's right, and then if you call the police, then -- my wife --

Brooke: His wife will find out, and then she'll -- she'll let him have it.

Tad: She hit me with a waffle iron.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Clerk: Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you went hacking where you don't belong.

Brooke: Oh, you know, I can explain.

Tad: By all means, my little sex poodle.

Brooke: Well, we were just -- we were looking for a room with a theme.

Tad: Oh, my God! That's right. Like the place over by the mall, right? The place over by the mall, you know. They got a jungle room. Do you know that?

Clerk: Is that right? Well, we don't have a jungle room here.

Tad: Okay, no jungle room? That's fine, that's fine. How about -- how about a vibrating bed? I've got a boatload of quarters.

Brooke: Okay, and how about a heart-shaped jacuzzi?

Clerk: Look, we have beds with sheets, showers that work. No jungle room, no jacuzzi, and, sorry, pal, we're out of videotapes. Do you want it or not?

Brooke: We'll take it.

Tad: Why?

Brooke: Why? Because Maureen Gorman is here and we're not leaving until we see her. And it's not going to be much longer now, my little sweetie.

Tad: I can't wait.

Clerk: Now I'll show you to your room.

Tad: That won't be necessary.

Clerk: It is for me. After you.

Greenlee: Daddy, you're hallucinating.

Roger: Make me feel good.

Greenlee: Daddy, it's the drugs. You don't know what you're saying.

Roger: Come back to bed, Simone.

Greenlee: Daddy, it's me -- Greenlee.

Roger: Greenl-- Greenlee never has to know about us. Come on. Come back to bed, Simone. Let me treat you right.


Mary: Greenlee? Greenlee, what's wrong? Did something happen? Is it your father?

Greenlee: Uh -- something's been happening.

Mary: What is it? Is he all right?

Greenlee: No. No, he's sick. He's unbelievably sick. Mommy –

Anna: Why don't we let them talk. We'll let you guys talk.

Guy: Leo, you think I am a criminal, that I am in league with Wolfe?

Leo: Well, he does -- did work for you.

Guy: Leo, you have to believe me. I have no idea of his treachery. Although I should have. This debacle is my responsibility.

Leo: So you're not hiding money for Vanessa?

Guy: Why would I? I have my own money. But this Wolfe -- how could I have put my trust in such a creature? My stupidity almost lost me my own son right after I had found him.

Leo: Well, you're right. You are too trusting. Look, there's something else you should know.

Guy: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Leo: Not here. Let's go.

David: This really stinks. Leo was so thrilled to think that guy was his father.

Anna: I know. That's exactly why I had the Count investigated.

Jack: So you investigated Count du Pres?

Anna: Yeah. Well, it was to protect Leo. It was part of the Proteus case.

David: You don't have to justify yourself to him.

Anna: You're right. What I have to do is find Vanessa.

David: Yeah, and I'm going to call Oak hHaven, give them hell for letting Vanessa escape with that quack doctor.

Anna: So call me at the station?

David: I will.

Jack: Where are you going? We're not finished here.

Anna: I'm in the middle of an investigation.

Jack: Which you blew, big-time. So why don't you turn in your badge?

Anna: What is your problem?

Jack: My problem? My problem is that you were under the influence of a drug when you fired into a crowded room. You could have killed innocent people. That's my problem.

Anna: I thought I was protecting those people.

Jack: Bull! Now, why don't you do the right thing -- turn in your badge.

Tad: This is just beautiful.

Brooke: What?

Tad: God, it's hot in this place. You want to tell me again why we just had to check into this dump?

Brooke: Because Maureen Gorman is here. We're this close to finding out if she's --

Tad: Yeah, I know -- Maria. Some chance.

Brooke: Did you or did you not tell me that the desk clerk recognized her picture?

Tad: Look; I am not saying that she does not resemble Maria. Anything is possible. Everybody's got a double. I did.

Brooke: Yeah, uh-huh. Yeah, somebody who's a perfect tissue match with Maria’s nephew like Maria was?

Tad: Maybe she's related to Maria in some way, okay? Come on, the Santoses are a huge family. They probably have relatives all over the country. Maybe that explains the resemblance.

Brooke: Uh-huh. And what about the fact that she drew a picture of Wildwind?

Tad: No, no. She drew a picture of a castle, which could be anywhere.

Brooke: It had the Marick crest on it, okay? Oh, God. I tell you, this heat -- I'm getting a headache.

Tad: I say we both need a drink. Where's the minibar in this hole?

Brooke: Oh, God. In this place? Are you kidding?

Tad: All right, listen, there's a burger joint. It's right down the street, right? They've got to have air conditioning. Let's just go there for a while. We'll have a meal. We'll cool off.

Brooke: When we're this close?

Tad: Have you taken a look at yourself lately? You're exhausted, okay? You haven't eaten. You haven't slept in God knows how long.

Brooke: I am not going to eat until I see her, okay? All right? I'm not leaving. I don't want to miss her.

Tad: How are we going to find her? What do you suggest, okay? That guy is going to throw us right out of here on our butts if we start knocking on doors.

Brooke: I don't know! Just -- oh, just let me think a minute, okay? Just -- I have to call Edmund.

Tad: Perfect. I'll get lost for a while.

Brooke: Why is he not answering his cell phone?

Tad: Cell phone? Try him at home. It's late in Pine Valley.

Brooke: Well, it's late here, too, isn't it? The machine -- where is he?

Tad: Well, probably asleep, the way we should be.

Brooke: I should be with him. That's where I should be. You know, I should be planning my wedding. I shouldn't be traipsing halfway across the country.

Tad: And certainly not killing yourself, trying to find your fiancé’s dead wife.

Brooke: Voice mail again.

Tad: Look, you don't have to do this. You know, you could go home to Pine Valley. You could get married. You could live happily ever after.

Brooke: Do you think that I could live my life knowing that Maria could be out there somewhere? I can't do that, all right? I've come this far, and I have to go the rest of the way. That's it.

Tad: Yeah. I know. So what's the next move?

Brooke: So we watch the exits.

Tad: The exits.

Brooke: I'll take the front. You take the back.

Tad: Oh --

Brooke: This Maureen Gorman has to leave sometime.

Tad: Terrific. I get to look at dumpsters for the next two hours.

Brooke: Yeah.

Clerk: Okay, okay. Take it easy.

Maria: I need to check out.

Clerk: Checkout's not until later --

Maria: Right now. I need to check out now. Please, hurry.

Anna: What exactly are you accusing me of now?

Jack: You know the department's policy about firing a gun in a crowded area, and yet even though you were drugged, you pulled your gun and you fired and you killed the suspect.

Anna: He had already shot someone. I wasn't about to let him shoot anyone else.

Jack: Or maybe you just wanted to make dead sure he couldn't incriminate your husband.

Anna: Oh, yeah. That's it. That's right. My husband isn't involved with these people.

Jack: Well, you know, his computer was used to move drug money. We had evidence of that until, of course, that evidence was lost in that little manmade flood in the evidence lockup.

Anna: God, are you still harping on that?

Jack: You bet that I am, because tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, that's a crime, chief. I told you I was going to watch you. Believe me, I am still watching you. Now, maybe you got Hayward off this time, but you've raised some very serious questions about your own competence.

Mary: Tell me what's wrong. What's wrong?

Greenlee: Where's Leo? Leo. I need Leo.

Mary: I'll go find him. You just sit right down. Sit here.

Simone: Oh, Greenlee, there you are. I've been walking all over this place with this water. How's your dad? Oh, my God, what's wrong? Is he okay?

Greenlee: You two-faced, bed-hopping, backstabbing skank!

Brooke: Maria?

Brooke: Oh, my God. Edmund?

Maria: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Are you all right? Are you all right? Hey! Hello? I could use some help here!

Maria: Are you okay? Are you all right? Okay, come on. Come on. Wake up. Come on.

Brooke: Her -- it's her. It's --

Maria: Okay --

Tad: Brooke? Brooke, I found a vending machine.

Maria: Come on. Come on. You're going to be okay. You're going to be okay.

Guy: Oh, this is where we found out that we were both father and son.

Leo: Yeah, which, I guess, makes it all the more appropriate.

Guy: You are like your father, Leo. You don't like to tell bad news. What's the matter? Did your fiancee call off the marriage?

Leo: No. No. Actually, that was the one good thing that happened today. We kind of eloped.

Guy: That's wonderful.

Leo: Yeah.

Guy: That's the second good thing today. Also, that you are safe. I could not bear to lose my son when --

Leo: I'm not your son.

Guy: But of course you are my son. You saw the results right here.

Leo: The tests were doctored.

Guy: No. That's impossible.

Leo: Did Wolfe know about the D.N.A. tests? Then it is possible.

Guy: But how do you know?

Leo: You have blue eyes. Vanessa has blue eyes. Two sets of blue eyes can't make brown.

Guy: But you are my son.

Leo: I'm not your son. I'm sorry. I guess I should have known better. Vanessa obviously pulled some fake pregnancy scam when I was a kid. I don't know.

Guy: But the test --

Leo: Your genes -- they could be changed with a few ink drops. The D.N.A. is a little more difficult, but I guess Wolfe obviously figured out a way.

Guy: But why? What would be the point of toying with something so important?

Leo: I don't know. Access to Vanessa? To her drug money? I don't know.

Guy: It's an outrage. I feel responsible for Wolfe’s cruelty.

Leo: You shouldn’t. I always thought that meeting my father would change my life.

Guy: Leo, I am so very, very sorry.

Leo: Hey, don't be sorry, because you have changed my life.

Simone: Oh, God. Greenlee, who told you?

Greenlee: My father is lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life, and you know who he's calling for?

Simone: No.

Greenlee: You. "Come back to bed, Simone. Come to Daddy."

Simone: Oh, it's probably just because he's -- he's out of it.

Greenlee: He said he loved you.

Simone: Oh, Greenlee, he loves you.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. If he loved me, he wouldn't have slept with you. How could you?

Simone: I didn't mean to --

Greenlee: Sleep with my father? What, you accidentally fell into his bed?

Simone: No, I -- I didn't even know who he was the first time.

Greenlee: Oh, no! No details, please

Simone: When I met him --

Greenlee: I told you how happy I was to have my father back.

Simone: I know.

Greenlee: I wanted to see my mom and my dad at my wedding together. Guess you and Daddy had a chuckle over that one.

Simone: No, we didn’t. I wanted that for you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: How can I believe anything you say? All those lies? Oh, that so-called engagement party that you and Daddy were going to throw for me? You know, the one you never did? Well, was that just an excuse for you two to go back to the loft and hook up? Oh, yeah, the loft, the loft -- all those times that I came there, he was there, wasn't he? Your secret lover.

Simone: You know, you didn't seem to mind when you thought he was a married man.

Greenlee: Oh, so you think I wouldn't mind that you were with my father?

Simone: That's not what I meant!

Greenlee: Huh? Or maybe that's how you get your thrills, huh? You couldn't get any attention from your own dad, so you went after mine.

Simone: I didn't mean that!

Greenlee: Or maybe you just get your kicks after other people's men?

Simone: I don't!

Greenlee: Well, it isn't the first time. Remember Mateo? You are one sick puppy.

Anna: I think that you need to find a hobby, Mr. Montgomery, because this obsession with my husband is unhealthy.

Jack: What, do you think I'm going to just sit by and watch as Hayward commits felony after felony and you have the entire police department looking the other way?

Anna: Well, you think my husband is a criminal and I'm his accomplice. Is that it?

Jack: I think your husband has you blinded to just exactly what he is, and I think that makes you a bad cop and an even worse Chief of Police -- a job which you got, by the way, by climbing over the bodies of people far more deserving than yourself.

Anna: Is this because I beat out your friend Derek Frye for the job? Is that all this is about?

Jack: No. No. But it figures you'd think something like that. What it's about is the abuse of power.

Anna: No.

Jack: All right. Point of example -- when did you start investigating this Count du Pres? You didn't tell anybody.

Anna: There was no reason to.

Jack: You were protecting David’s brother, using department resources to have him tailed.

Anna: Oh, because it's part of an investigation!

Jack: Oh, that's right, of course.

Anna: I just don't get what your problem is. First, you want me to investigate my husband's family, and then you complain when I do.

Jack: My problem is how you do this.

Anna: Well, that's just too bad, isn't it, because you don't have the power to fire me, and I don't have to listen to you.

Jack: Well, I can't hand you a pink slip, no, but I can get on the phone to the commissioner and start the ball rolling like that.

Anna: The commissioner didn't give me this job.

Jack: Oh, that's right. I forgot. You went over his head. You went to Chris Stamp and his friends at the F.B.I. I guess I'll just have to go over their heads.

Anna: Good luck.

Jack: Don't need it. You know what might be more fun, though? Just go to the mayor, go to the people. Write a letter to the editor of "The Pine Valley Bulletin," asking the pointed question -- why did Chief Devane let David Hayward’s mother escape again? That'll get the fires going, don't you think?

Anna: I think it's going to do wonders for your political career.

Jack: You're so shallow. This has nothing to do with politics.

Anna: I'm shallow?

Jack: It has to do with doing the right thing. And if you care one little bit about doing the right thing, you'd turn in your badge. You'll save yourself an embarrassing investigation, a humiliating scandal.

David: Don't you even think about it.

Tad: Brooke? Brooke, come on. Brooke. Honey?

Brooke: Hey --

Tad: Are you okay? Hey. Come on. Sit up. What's wrong? What happened?

Brooke: Wha-- wha-- what?

Clerk: Now what game are you two playing?

Tad: It's not a game. I think she fainted. Here, can you drink something?

Brooke: I thought I saw -- oh, my God. It's true.

Tad: What's true? What happened?

Brooke: Oh -- I -- I can't tell you here.

Tad: Sure, you can.

Brooke: No. Take me to the room. Take me back to the room, okay?

Tad: I will in a second. Just take it easy. Can you drink some juice? Come on.

Brooke: No. I don't want that! I'm sorry. I just -- just get me out of here, okay, please?

Tad: Okay, okay, fine, sure. Whatever you want.

Brooke: All right.

Clerk: Hey, I'm not cleaning that up.

Tad: Brooke, look at me, look at me. Are you okay?

Brooke: No. No, I'm not.

Tad: It's okay.

Brooke: I'm not.

Tad: Come on. Come on.

Leo: You're a good man.

Guy: Too gullible, I'm afraid.

Leo: Well, you're good, and you expect others to be. But I think that you're decent and you're honest.

Guy: Leo, you are --

Leo: No, I've been a con my whole life. But -- but I want to be the kind of man that your son would be.

Guy: Leo, I wish with my whole heart that you were my son.

Leo: You don't know what that means to me, for somebody to say that they actually wish that they were my father, especially somebody like you.

Guy: I don't know what to say.

Leo: Me, neither.

Guy: I wanted so much to believe.

Leo: Me, too. But, you know -- anyway, you should -- I don't see any reason why you have to stick around Pine Valley anymore. I think you should probably go back to Paris to your real family.

Guy: Well, I will have to answer the questions for the police, and then I will have to find out how deep Wolfe’s corruption runs in my company.

Leo: Well, I think that he laundered money with your company. I think he laundered Vanessa’s drug money.

Guy: I will find out the connection between Wolfe and your mother, and I will pass it on to the police.

Leo: Okay. Thank you.

Guy: Leo, you are wrong about one thing. You say you are a con and a bad person, but you are not a bad person. You are just simply a bad con.

Leo: You know, you don't know my past.

Guy: The past is past. You are too good a person to hurt people. You don't need me to be decent and honest. You already are.

Leo: They say you can't pick your relatives. It's too bad.

Guy: Well, someone has already picked you -- your beautiful bride.

Leo: Yeah.

Guy: I wish you both all the luck in the world.

David: There's no way I'm going to even let you consider resigning.

Jack: No, you'd miss that get-out-of-jail-free card, wouldn't you?

David: I got a great idea, Montgomery -- why don't you focus on your own job?

Anna: Why don't you?

David: Any competent D.A. would have had Vanessa in jail by now. And my brother's wedding wouldn't have turned into a free-for-all shooting gallery.

Jack: I tell you what. I'll make you a deal. You give me a police chief that doesn't obstruct justice and I'll show you what a really competent D.A. can do.

David: Don't listen to anything he says. He's just a bunch of hot air. He can't force you to resign, and he knows it.

Anna: What if he's right, you know? Maybe that's what I should do.

Simone: I wanted to tell you. I really did. But Roger thought it would be best for you not to know.

Greenlee: Oh, my father never once thought about what was best for me. And how could he? He was too busy playing daddy to you.

Simone: I never wanted to hurt you.

Greenlee: Oh! Oh, I hate that stupid cliche! It's all a lie. You did hurt me. I wanted a father, and you took him away from me.

Simone: I didn't.

Leo: Hey, hey, hey, hey --

Greenlee: Yes, you did. What do you have that I don't? What makes you more lovable than me?

Simone: I'm not!

Leo: What's going on? Is it Roger? Is he --

Greenlee: She's been sleeping with my father.

Simone: Leo already knows. He didn't want to tell you, either.

Simone: Don't you see? None of us wanted to hurt you. We've been trying to protect you.

Tad: Listen, I hate to say it, but you look like a wreck.

Brooke: You were right. I should have never come here.

Tad: It's all right. No, it's all right. You're probably just stressed out from being separated from Edmund.

Brooke: Oh, God, Edmund -- how am I going to tell him?

Tad: You don't have to, okay? We're going to call off this wild-goose chase and go home after you get some rest.

Brooke: I had to do this. I don't know why. I had to investigate. I had to push.

Tad: You had your reasons.

Brooke: I always have to sort of do the right thing, you know, no matter -- no matter what the cost.

Tad: You know what? You're not exactly making a lot of sense.

Brooke: I don't want to lose this time! I am tired of being the loser, all right? I -- I don't want to -- I want you to tell me that I'm not going to lose.

Tad: You won't lose.

Brooke: I don't -- I don't want to be the loser, not after everything, okay? I want you to promise me that I am not going to lose him.

Tad: Brooke --

Brooke: I want you to promise me.

Tad: You're not going to lose Edmund. I promise.

David: Please tell me that I'm hearing things. You can't possibly believe that Montgomery is right.

Anna: He made a good point.

David: Do you honestly believe that I'm Vanessa’s partner in crime?

Anna: No, not that. I know you're not working with her. Maybe I shouldn't have shot Wolfe.

David: The guy was threatening a room full of people with a gun, Anna.

Anna: He was running away. I took a huge risk.

David: A calculated one, based on the fact that you're a professional. What were you supposed to do, let the guy walk away?

Anna: I'd been drugged. You know, what if my aim was off and I hit a civilian?

David: But you didn't. Your aim was dead-on. And the fact that you were drugged is a nonissue.

Anna: Yeah. I still haven't closed the case. You know, Vanessa is out there, and if she hurts someone, it's on my head.

Leo: It's true, Greens.

Simone: Don't be mad at him, please.

Leo: I don't need your help, Simone.

Greenlee: Leave. Now. You wrecked whatever I had with my father. Can't you leave me alone?

Simone: Oh, please. Just let me explain.

Leo: Just go!

Leo: Greenlee, I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Please don't say that.

Leo: I didn't know about any of this until it was already happening, and they promised me they were going to end it.

Greenlee: They lied.

Leo: I wanted to tell you, and I was going to tell you a bunch of times, because we weren't going to keep secrets from each other anymore, remember? But your mother was making you crazy and you wanted the wedding to be perfect, so I --

Greenlee: You wanted to elope.

Leo: I wanted -- I wanted to keep you from people who weren't good for you. Please forgive me.

Greenlee: For what?

Leo: Well, I lied.

Greenlee: You didn't lie. This affair wasn't your fault. You just -- you just tried to keep me away from the grossness of it all.

Leo: So you're not mad?

Greenlee: Not at you. I should have listened to you and run away with you.

Leo: Well, you did, remember?

Greenlee: How can I forget? The candles, our own vows. It was heaven. If we'd gotten married with Simone and Daddy by my side, our memories of our wedding would have been ruined.

Leo: Shh. Greenlee, let's not talk about Simone or your dad right now. We just got married.

Greenlee: But Daddy's so fragile and he's so weak. I mean, I can't even be mad at him.

Leo: Yeah, I know, but he's going to pull through this. He's going to pull through it, I promise.

Jack: No, Mary, Mary, Mary, just -- just let them be.

Greenlee: I'm so grateful for you. You're the reason that I can get through this.

Leo: Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore because I'm yours forever. You see? See?

[Greenlee gasps]

Tad: It is. It's going to be okay.

Brooke: No, it's not.

Tad: Yes. It is. Look, you just need to get a little food and water into you, you know? A little rest.

Brooke: Stop saying that!

Tad: It's absolutely true, it’s the truth, and I'm not going to take no for an answer.

Brooke: You don't know. You don't know.

Tad: Look, come here. I want you to lie down. Lie down for a second, okay? Please? Just cooperate. Lie down. Take some deep breaths, all right? Just try to stay calm.

Brooke: You don't know. I saw her.

Tad: It doesn't matter.

Brooke: I saw her.

Tad: What?

Brooke: I saw her.

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Anna: I keep talking about the job, and I don't want to lose you, either.

Leo: Hey, Vanessa is what she's always been -- a deranged, homicidal faker.

Greenlee: And your mother.

Edmund: Tell me why you're here right now.

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