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All My Children Transcript Monday 6/24/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Liza: Is it just really a friend who leaves a cufflink in your bed?

Mia: I told you, that wasn't Jake's.

Bianca: I will take that stand and lie that I saw my sister set that fire.

Joe: They found a match for Enzo.

Man: Name, please?

Maureen: Maureen S. Gorman.

Anna: I want you to put out an APB for me. Dr. David Hayward.

Hayley: So, what do we have to do now to perform the transplant?

Mateo: We need more tests, right? Blood, tissue, all that stuff?

Jake: Well, it's like Dad said, the donor went through a whole battery of tests to reconfirm, and I think we're good to go.

Mateo: So, what's the holdup?

Joe: Logistics, mainly. The donor does not live in the area, needs time to make travel arrangements.

Hayley: It's ok. We can wait. We can wait. Enzo can wait, thank God, and -- yeah, thank God our prayers were answered. He's going to be ok.

Brooke: Oh. What was that for?

Edmund: Oh, this is your doing. A perfect match from the database has turned up.

Brooke: Maureen Gorman? I'm afraid you're going to have to thank Tad because he must have gone into overdrive to find her.

Edmund: All right, I'll thank Tad.

Brooke: Ok.

Edmund: But she is amazing. I mean, she's going to do a complete, radical medical procedure for a complete stranger? I can't wait to meet this woman.

Liza: Your cufflink?

Adam: Yeah. One of a pair of those beautiful cufflinks J.R. gave me for my birthday last year. I hate to tell him I lost one of them. You haven't seem them, have you?

Liza: I'm -- I'm not sure.

Adam: Liza, are you all right?

Liza: Yeah, I'm ok.

Adam: Do you have another headache? Here, let me get you some --

Liza: No, you know what? If you offer me one more pill, I'm going to throw it in your face.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: Stop it! Just stop it. Stop looking at me like that with that look on your face and that tone in your voice.

Adam: What tone?

Liza: That tone.

Adam: Liza --

Liza: Look, every little pat on my hand, every damn glass of water -- you treat me like I'm in some sort of fog, that I don't know what's going on, that I don't notice things, Adam.

Adam: What things? Liza, you should sit down. You shouldn't get yourself so worked up. I know what you need.

Liza: Where are you going?

Adam: I'm going to get Mia.

Liza: Oh, please. Mia? Since when do you run to Mia every time to solve your problems?

Adam: Liza, there are no problems. It's just that since you -- well, Mia calms you in a way that I can't. She -- she's your sister, and she makes you feel secure.

Liza: How does she make you feel, Adam?

Anna: An APB. Well, if I knew where Dr. Hayward was, then we wouldn't be having this conversation. Planes, trains, and automobiles -- the works. Yes. Ok. Keep me posted. Thanks. Is Stamp coming back?

Aidan: He went to check on his girlfriend. It seems she has a headache.

Anna: Oh, his girlfriend is a headache.

Aidan: At least yours is gone. Suitcase in hand.

Anna: And a splint on the other hand.

Aidan: Any word from Uncle Dave?

Anna: You know what? Why don't we get out of here. I could do with some fresh air. You want to go to the park?

Aidan: Is it safe from ambush?

Anna: I think we can take him.

Aidan: Well, I'll settle up here and I'll meet you there.

Anna: All right.

Kendall: Anna, I have to talk to you -- now.

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, it's me. Where are you? What -- why don't you call me? Come home, do something, all right? I'm worried about you. If I don't hear from you soon, I'm going to have to check with the police, so call me.

Anna: Can this wait until tomorrow, whatever it is?

Kendall: No. No, it can't. I'm being framed. I'm not going to go to prison for something I didn't do.

Anna: Don't you think you should talk to your lawyer?

Kendall: No, not him. Please, I'm begging you, Anna. You have to listen to me. You're my last hope.

Adam: Liza, why don't you sit down. It's not good for you to get yourself --

Liza: What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of, Adam? You afraid my head's going to pop off and it's just going to explode?

Adam: One minute we're talking about cufflinks and the next you're raving about God knows what. You're ok. You're home, you're safe. I'm just going upstairs.

Liza: To see Mia.

Adam: To bring her back here, yes. You need her.

Adam: No. No, no, no. Here. I didn't mean to upset you. I just want to ensure that you remain a part of this family for years to come.

Liza: Mia? What's wrong?

Mia: I have to go.

Liza: Oh, my God.

Joe: The donor is someone we know.

Hayley: Who in this hemisphere haven't we tested?

Joe: Timmy Dillon. I guess he prefers to be called Tim now.

Hayley: Timmy, my -- my cousin is the donor?

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Stuart: Timmy -- he's a match for Enzo? Then he's your hero!

Marian: Oh, Hayley, this is wonderful news!

Mateo: Wait a second. He's not a blood match. Is that a problem?

Joe: Well, ordinarily the odds are against it and Timmy knew this, but still he insisted on being tested.

Mateo: And he's -- he's a perfect score?

Joe: Couldn't be better.

Hayley: I can't believe it. My little cousin is putting himself on the line for Enzo.

Joe: Well, he's not so little anymore. He's 19.

Mateo: So, when is he coming to town?

Joe: We're still working out the arrangements, but we'll know soon.

Hayley: Is he going to be ok -- I mean Enzo -- in the meantime?

Jake: Yeah, yeah. He's been responding well to the protocol. We're going to continue to monitor him, keep him stabilized with medications, and he's going to do great for the procedure.

Hayley: Oh, gosh. You know, it's like you were saying -- just because something bad happens, sometimes something good comes from it. I mean, this morning, our lives were just a big question mark, and now Enzo is -- he's going to be fine, and Tim is coming home to us.

Anna: Well, obviously this has something to do with your arson charge, doesn't it?

Kendall: I didn't burn down Erica's house.

Anna: Your trial starts soon. Can't you take this up with the judge?

Kendall: No, the judge won't help me, but you can.

Anna: Me? I don't see how.

Kendall: You know my mother hates me.

Anna: Wait. Do you want my help because I'm police chief or because I'm not wild about your mother?

Kendall: I didn't set that fire.

Anna: Well, Kendall, you were at the scene, and your lighter was found in the ashes, and if I'm not mistaken, people have said you said it was your fault.

Kendall: You think I'm guilty, too?

Anna: Well, no -- I -- I mean, that's for a jury to decide.

Kendall: But I have new evidence.

Anna: What?

Kendall: Of a conspiracy.

Anna: Oh. I don't have time for conspiracy theories.

Kendall: No, Bianca said she's going to lie on the stand and say that she saw me set the fire.

Anna: How did you come by this information?

Kendall: I overheard Bianca and Chris in the dining room.

Anna: You overheard?

Kendall: If Bianca gets on that stand and sobs that her evil half sister torched her Mommy's house, I'm finished.

Anna: You heard Bianca tell Chris that she was going to lie on the stand?

Kendall: I'm positive that Erica and Chris put her up to this, but I know she was more than happy to cooperate.

Anna: Yeah. I know that there's bad blood between you and Erica, but don't you think this is a little extreme?

Kendall: No, Erica is not going to be happy until she has me behind bars for good, and I'm in love. I'm getting married. Chance to be happy. Please don't let them take it away from me. Please, Anna, I'm fighting for my life. I need your help.

Anna: Ok. Ok. Well, if your allegations are true --

Kendall: You'll do something?

Anna: You're going to have to prove it.

Kendall: Well, isn't that your job?

Anna: No. See, I'm going to need something more convincing.

Kendall: I heard them.

Anna: Yeah, that's just your word against theirs, and that's inadmissible in court. You need concrete evidence.

Kendall: Like what, the broom from the wicked witch of Enchantment?

Anna: Kendall, concentrate. Without proof that Erica and Chris have set Bianca up to lie about you on the stand, there's really nothing I can do.

Aidan: You still around?

Anna: What? Oh, yes, I'm talking to Kendall. Ok, so are we all squared away about this? You understand?

Kendall: Yeah.

Aidan: Let's visit this ambush-free zone of yours.

Anna: Ok.

Aidan: Shall we?

Liza: Adam and Mia. No. No, no. No, it was a hug and -- and a cufflink. He wouldn't do that to me with my sister.

Adam: No, no, no. Here. I didn't mean to upset you.

Mia: Is Liza's head hurting her again?

Adam: Yeah, I think so -- not that she'll admit it. Don't ask her about it. It'll just rile her up again.

Mia: When I went upstairs, I mean, she seemed so content. What happened?

Adam: I know, I know. We were -- we were going to have a drink. Next thing I know, she's raving about the way I treat her.

Mia: What? You're like gold to her.

Adam: I know.

Mia: Her happiness and her security -- it's all you think about.

Adam: Yeah, I know -- in sickness and in health. I don't know. My love is no match for --

Mia: For what, Adam?

Adam: These flare-ups. They're happening more and more frequently. Just the other day, she -- oh, God, I'm frightened. I'm so scared. I live for Liza. The Liza I know is getting further and further away from me every day. What -- what if I lose her completely?

Mia: We'll get through this, ok? I promise.

Kendall: Trey, where the hell are you? Call me the second you get this. Listen, something's going down, and it could finish me. Unless I get proof.

Chris' voice: I'm going to need to run an extensive background check.

Aidan's voice: What, to lay sheetrock?

Chris' voice: Well, security is a main concern of ours. The first leg of this job is going to be running telephone lines from the -- from the office up into the penthouse.

Aidan's voice: So?

Chris' voice: So whoever has access to these lines will be privy to every detail in Ms. Kane's life, private and professional.

Kendall: Every detail. Tall, dark, and plugged into Erica's phone lines. Just my type. Ryan's going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

Aidan: Are you sure I didn't cut in on something?

Anna: No, no, it was just Kendall was trying to ask a favor.

Aidan: Yeah, she seemed pretty intense.

Anna: You have no idea.

Aidan: You know, being police chief, you must carry some heft in this town.

Anna: You'd think so, wouldn't you? Not with everyone.

Aidan: Well, the air's nice. That's why we came here, isn't it?

Anna: Busted. I just thought maybe I could get to find out some more things about you.

Aidan: So it is an ambush.

Anna: No, it's just me being nosy. Why did you come here, really?

Aidan: Curiosity, maybe.

Anna: Oh, yes. We're a very curious family.

Aidan: Yeah, that's probably why my aunt and uncle never mentioned you.

Anna: For your own good, I should think.

Aidan: For my own good? I've never really done anything for my own good -- until I found my mom's trunk after my aunt died.

Anna: We Devanes are very big on trunks. Did you know that?

Aidan: How could I?

Anna: Yeah. Did you find out much about your mother?

Aidan: Some.

Anna: I wish I had known her better.

Aidan: I know you loved each other.

Anna: Really? How come?

Aidan: She must have saved every drawing that you drew.

Anna: Oh, you're kidding. She saved them?

Aidan: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Oh, my God. I did thousands of them. I mean, I only ever drew one thing --

Aidan and Anna: Fairies.

Aidan: Yeah, I know something else about you, too.

Anna: What? Oh, that I scratched your favorite Beatle record. I did, you know.

Aidan: No, nothing quite so terrible -- Tigger.

Anna: Oh, God.

Aidan: She immortalized you on the back of her drawings -- "Tigger at 4," "Tigger at 5."

Anna: Oh, no. That's so sweet, and now I'm Chief Tigger. Oh, God, don't tell anyone, especially not David.

Aidan: Yeah, I don't get it.

Anna: What?

Aidan: Why a woman like you would end up with the likes of him.

Marian: I'll say a special prayer for Tim and Enzo tonight, ok?

Hayley: Thank you very much, and you -- you knew this was going to happen.

Stuart: Oh, the angels look out for their own, especially the little ones.

Hayley: I keep forgetting you have a direct link upstairs. Will you do me a favor? I've been keeping my dad out of the loop, you know. But I just want to let him know the good news, so would you tell him for me?

Stuart: Yeah.

Hayley: Ok.

Stuart: That's just what he needs.

Hayley: Yeah. Thanks.

Stuart: Ok, I'll tell him.

Marian: Bye, darling.

Hayley: Bye.

Marian: Bye.

Mateo: Bye.

Hayley: Oh, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Brooke: It's all going to get better now. You know, I think the hardest part is not knowing, and now you have the answer.

Edmund: Home stretch.

Brooke: Yeah.

Mateo: Yeah, I don't know. I'm not going to feel that way until -- until Enzo and Tim are in the clear, you know?

Joe: Hayley.

Hayley: Yeah?

Joe: Here's Tim's phone number. I thought you might have a thing or two to discuss.

Hayley: Uh-huh.

Joe: Why don't you use the phone at the desk. May I?

Mateo: What's wrong?

Hayley: I'm just trying to keep it together. I'm afraid I'm going to bawl like a baby.

Mateo: Are you kidding me? Tim is crazy about you. He'll be so excited to hear from you. Call him.

Hayley: I know. Yeah, what if I freak out and --

Mateo: I'm going to be right here. If you freak out, I'll take the phone away from you. Call. Come on. Come on.

Hayley: Tim-man? Hi. It's Hayley. We're here at the hospital. Yeah, Dr. Joe just told us the good news, and -- oh, thank you. Thank you. I mean, I am -- I'm on the floor, I'm in the clouds. I -- I don't know what to say. I mean, what you are doing for us, what you're doing for our son -- no, he -- Enzo is my whole life, and you're saving him. And I can't -- I don't know how I can ever repay you for that. I just -- I'm so thankful to you. We both are, and -- I don't know. "Thank you" is not enough for me to say to you, so -- you just wait until I see you, and we'll -- and we'll repay you somehow. But -- yeah. Travel safely, and I love you, and we'll see you when you get here. Ok.

Mia: Colby kicked the covers off again. She sleeps like an eggbeater, and then she wanted a drink of water.

Adam: In the butterfly glass?

Mia: Of course. I guess, for some reason, it tastes better.

Adam: Yeah, well it's because you gave it to her. Colby loves her Aunt Mia.

Liza: Oh, and you made sure of that, didn't you?

Mia: What?

Liza: Reading her stories, taking her to the playground, playing games. You like to play games, don't you, Mia?

Mia: I -- I don't understand.

Liza: Colby is my daughter!

Mia: Of course she is.

Liza: I know what you're doing.

Adam: Mia has been wonderful with her --

Liza: My child is not a replacement for the son that you abandoned.

Mia: Liza --

Liza: You just stay away from her -- starting now.

Mia: What? Why? I -- are you feeling ok? Because Adam said that you were --

Liza: Oh, well, Adam said, oh, I'm irrational, I'm overwrought. Is that why you're here? So you can hide the sharp objects?

Adam: Liza -- Liza, we're -- darling, we want to help you, but we don't even know why you're upset.

Liza: You want to help me? You want to help me? Oh, "We don't understand." "We"? "We" used to be you and me, Adam!

Mia: Why don't you just --

Liza: No! No, no, no. No more of your suggestions. You stay away from me!

Mia: Liza, if you would just explain --

Liza: Explain? I'm not the one who's supposed to be explaining, you are! You think I wouldn't find out?

Mia: I -- I --

Liza: You came into my home -- my home -- and you played me. You used me.

Mia: No. No, I would never do anything like that.

Liza: Then why are you sleeping with my husband?

Adam: Liza, how could you possibly think --

Liza: You know, you're not even good at this anymore.

Mia: Liza, you are so wrong.

Liza: Mia, the cufflink! The cufflink, Mia!

Mia: That the maid found in my room.

Liza: It wasn't Jake's, it was my husband's.

Mia: Adam's? Where is this coming from?

Liza: Secrets don't last very long in this house, ok? Adam was looking for his cufflink, and then I remembered where it was because apparently you forgot to give it back to him.

Adam: That's not true.

Liza: Oh, stop it! I am so tired of you telling me that I didn't see what I saw, I didn't hear what I heard.

Adam: I'm afraid this time, you're mistaken.

Liza: Not about you because I've had a front-row seat for years.

Adam: Liza, I would never --

Liza: Oh, but you have!

Adam: This is pointless.

Liza: Adam likes younger women. Dixie Cooney, remember? Oh, and you're just the perfect picture of that -- all pretty and young and fair and -- are you pregnant yet?

Mia: What?

Liza: Because, you know, Adam's very concerned about expanding his dynasty. If he can't find a decent test tube, he'll just do it the old-fashioned way. You know, you were tripped up by a cufflink! You're getting pretty sloppy.

Adam: Liza, I'm not having an affair with Mia, and I was not looking for a cufflink.

Liza: Yes, you were. Don't -- don't do this. Please, don't deny this because I saw you --

Adam: I was looking for a pen. I told you that.

Hayley: Oh, you heard?

Isabella: News from heaven. We have a donor!

Jake: I called Isabella when Dad got word that Tim's a match.

Joe: We thought you and Mateo might like to share the news with your son.

Hayley: Oh, did you hear? Mommy's cousin is coming. He's coming to help us and make you all better. Yes, he is. He's going to make you all better. Do you have besos for Aunt Brooke and Uncle Edmund? Do you have besos?

Isabella: Es un milagro. Es un milagro, Mateo. After we had so much heartache -- having to say good-bye to Julia, when Papa died, when Maria was taken away from us. Did you know I asked God to make our family whole? To give Lorenzo a long and healthy life? Now I know he's heard my prayer. God would never deny us the joy of that child.

Mateo: I got to tell you, I was really afraid for -- for a bit there.

Isabella: But you have faith, and Lorenzo can feel your strength and your love. You're a good father, mijo. With your prayers and your love, you and Hayley have given this child the gift of life -- twice.

Mateo: I love you. So, we've got a pretty big week ahead of us, huh?

Hayley: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Is there anything that we can do?

Hayley: Oh, no. You've done so much for us already.

Edmund: You let us know. We're here to help, ok?

Mateo: Thanks.

Hayley: Thank you.

Mateo: Ready to go?

Hayley: I just need a minute.

Mateo: Ok.

Anna: Let me give you the short version. Actually, there's only a short version. I married David to keep him out of jail.

Aidan: A pair of romantic fools in love, you two.

Anna: Well, no, it was the right thing to do.

Aidan: Is he always such a pompous idiot?

Anna: Yes.

Aidan: So what's the attraction?

Anna: He's a double dare.

Aidan: He's a what?

Anna: When I was a little girl -- I think actually your mother was still alive, because I seem to remember where we were living -- there was this boy, a horrible boy, and he double dared me to climb up this trellis, a really sort of old, rickety trellis. And I was terrified out of my mind. I did it, though. I mean, I fell, of course, and I broke my arm. But -- but it was fantastic. It was amazing. I -- I think that that feeling just stayed with me forever, and -- and I just thrive on a challenge.

Aidan: So, what, with David is it -- is it love, or is it an adrenaline rush?

Anna: Well, there's nothing wrong with both.

Aidan: Well, it depends if you're happy.

Anna: I am. I mean, I think you've seen David at his worst.

Aidan: I severely doubt that.

Anna: No, I mean -- the only thing David likes better than a fight is to win; and, I mean, that could mean anything, you know, from saving a patient's life to getting in the shower first, and I'm not kidding.

Aidan: So here's the part where you tell me that he's just a big teddy bear?

Anna: No. I've always preferred puzzles to teddy bears.

Aidan: Yeah, and your man of mystery has at least one piece missing.

Anna: Look, David lives his life with passion. Right or wrong, he gives everything he's got; and he dreams and works with every breath he takes, and I love that about him.

Aidan: Even if he blows you off, tears out of town, like he did tonight?

Anna: Well, he's going to come back.

Aidan: And if he doesn't?

Anna: I will go and fetch him.

Aidan: And then what?

Anna: Very clever, nephew.

Aidan: What do you mean?

Anna: Well, this is my ambush. I'm the one asking the questions.

Aidan: Well, go ahead. Ask me anything you like.

Anna: Are you going to answer me? I know you think deep thoughts when you're drinking dark ale and that you -- you were with the British Armed Forces and that you were stationed in Afghanistan.

Aidan: How did you know that?

Anna: Well, I made some inquiries.

Aidan: Well, don't, and you could stay out of my business.

Ryan: Hey, could you connect me with the desk sergeant, please? Where have you been? What -- hey. Hey. Shh. It's ok. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What -- what happened? Where have you been?

Kendall: You'll never guess what they're up to now.

Ryan: What? Who?

Kendall: Bianca said that she's going --

Ryan: You went to see Bianca?

Kendall: I went to see your father.

Ryan: Why? Why would you do that?

Kendall: Ryan, I swore to you on this ring that I would never, ever hurt you.

Ryan: Yeah, you did. That doesn't mean you set yourself up as a punching bag for my dad.

Kendall: I wanted to fix things between you guys.

Ryan: Well, that's not for you to do, all right? That's between him and me.

Kendall: Yeah, but you and Chris are working things out. I don't want to ruin that.

Ryan: All right, listen to me. Listen. He made his choice, ok? He chose Erica. He's going to be -- come here. Sit down. He's going to be beside Erica 100%. Just like us.

Kendall: Like us?

Ryan: Yes, like us. Except that I'm going to be probably, like, 200% there for you.

Kendall: Yeah, but he's -- he's your father.

Ryan: Yeah, and you're going to be my wife.

Kendall: Yeah, but maybe we should wait. Maybe Chris is right. I mean, if I go to prison --

Ryan: Stop --

Kendall: Then you're going to be miserable.

Ryan: Stop. You're not going to prison. I won't let you go to prison. We have plans. We got, like, big plans.

Kendall: You think it's possible?

Ryan: Yes. Listen, your charges are going to be dropped, and we're going to be happy, all right? We'll be happy if it means living in Raccoon Junction. Except that we got to be smart. Smart. That means no more visits to go see Erica or Chris or Bianca, all right? No more confrontations, no more scenes, no more fixing things.

Kendall: No, I can't -- I can't just sit around and do nothing.

Ryan: Well, that's exactly what you're going to do. I need you to promise me. Promise me.

Kendall: I can't. Ryan, I can't. I have to fight back. I have to.

Ryan: Why?

Kendall: Because. Because I've never had anything real before to lose. If they convict me, then --

Ryan: They won't.

Kendall: I'll lose you.

Ryan: You won't! You won't. All right? Together, we're going to beat them. Together -- you, me, us, together. You're never going to be alone again.

Ryan: Come here.

Hayley: You know what? He's tired. Maybe we should just take him home.

Mateo: Yeah. Well, we've been through it today already, huh? You can take a five. Here. Here, Enzo. Come here, big guy.

Hayley: Ooh, such a big little boy.

Mateo: Oh, yeah. Come here. Look at these toys. Look at these toys.

Hayley: Is he going to be ok?

Mateo: He's going to be better than ok. Come here, but for you -- what can I get you, huh? Some coffee, some water?

Hayley: Nothing. I have everything I need right here.

Hayley: Oh, gosh.

Mateo: It's not in the handbook, is it?

Hayley: No, it's not in the handbook. You know, you love your kids, you do everything for them -- anything. Tear out a piece of yourself, and it's just not enough. Somewhere inside of me, I feel like I failed Enzo.

Mateo: What are you talking about? You're the center of his universe.

Hayley: Yeah, but I couldn't save him, and I've never felt so helpless in my life.

Mateo: Brooke and Edmund searched the database. She and Tad crossed the country looking for a donor. I mean, everybody we knew volunteered to be tested, and your cousin Tim just happened to be a perfect match. I mean, even your mom, Arlene -- she was ready to give up a piece of herself to help us. I mean, we're not helpless with that kind of love, with those kind of friends. You know, that's what Stuart was talking about.

Hayley: Yeah, I guess that's where the faith part comes in. Sometimes, you just have to side with the angels.

Mateo: That's right, and they're everywhere, and they're as alive as you, me, and Enzo.

Hayley: Such a big boy.

Mateo: Hi. Hi.

Liza: No. No. You're lying.

Adam: No, Liza, I'm not.

Liza: No, I was in the hall with Mia, and you came in here and you were pouring us a drink, and I saw you, and you were going through the sofa, and I asked you what you what you were doing, and you said you -- you lost one of your best cufflinks.

Adam: You're right about the drink, but I was looking for a fountain pen.

Liza: No. No. No, you said it was one of the ones that J.R. gave you for your birthday.

Adam: No, I said it was the silver fountain pen with my initials on it that J.R. gave me for Christmas.

Liza: Do you still have the cufflink? Do you still have the cufflink?

Mia: Yes.

Liza: Go and get it. Go get it!

Mia: Ok.

Adam: Why are you so determined to see this through?

Liza: You know why.

Adam: You want it to be true?

Liza: I know what I heard.

Adam: Well, if you're right about the cufflink, you want -- you want to believe that Mia and I are having an affair?

Liza: I know what I heard!

Adam: You mean, like the other day, when I said I was going to see our accountants and you thought I said lawyers?

Liza: Why are you doing this? It's like you're taking every opportunity to make me doubt myself.

Adam: Liza, I'm trying to help you.

Liza: No, I don't want your help! I don't want your help if it doesn't have anything to do with the truth.

Adam: Liza, what is the truth?

Liza: Give it to me. You see? I was right.

Adam: My cufflink.

Liza: In Mia's bed. How did it get there?

Adam: You tell me, Liza.

Chris' voice: So whoever has access to these lines will be privy to every detail of Ms. Kane's life, private and professional.

Anna: I didn't mean to pry. Well, actually, I did. I'm sorry.

Aidan: Your apology is accepted, but I'm not going to start here and say --

Anna: No, no, no, no, no. That's ok. I won't ask any more questions about Afghanistan or what you think of my husband or --

Aidan: Ok, that about covers it.

Anna: Done.

Aidan: Well, I've learned to choose who I trust, and it takes more than blood.

Anna: But it is possible.

Aidan: Yeah, it's happened.

Anna: I'd really like you to trust me. I mean, if you stick around.

Aidan: I might do.

Anna: Really?

Aidan: Yeah. Chris Stamp -- he might offer me a job.

Anna: Oh, God help you. What is it? What did you think of Stamp? No, it's ok. I won't ask any more questions. I mean -- unless you've found a place to live. Have you?

Aidan: When I do, I'll invite you over for a glass of wine.

Anna: Ok. I'd like that very much.

Mateo: Ready to go home, take our boy back to Pedro the Bear?

Hayley: Yeah, if I can only tear him away from this trove of toys he has right --

Mateo: You see that?

Hayley: You just take a step? Did you just take a step?

Mateo: Did you just take a step?

Hayley: Who took a step?

Mateo: That's my boy.

Hayley: He's the biggest boy. Oh. Such a big boy.

Mateo: Yeah.

Edmund: You forget the number?

Brooke: It's burned in my brain. It's the only number I have from that Maureen Gorman. I just thought I would leave her a message in case she -- in case she checks in.

Edmund: What, to tell her she can keep her liver intact?

Brooke: Yes, something like that.

Edmund: So why the hesitation?

Brooke: I was just thinking about Laura. You know, we had her donor all lined up and everything looked great, and then they discovered that, you know, the guy had cancer and the heart wasn't viable, and I just don't want Hayley and Mateo to go through that.

Edmund: But Timmy's a perfect match, honey.

Brooke: I know. I'm sure everything is going to be fine. I --

Edmund: You just want to keep their options open, right?

Brooke: I just don't want to sign off on Maureen Gorman until we know that -- you know, that Enzo is completely well.

Edmund: Very wise, future wife-to-be.

Brooke: I'm just overly -- overly. Will you do me a favor?

Edmund: Sure.

Brooke: Don't say anything to Hayley and Mateo? I just -- I don't want them to have a wisp of doubt that anything could go wrong.

Edmund: Not a word shall cross these lips.

Brooke: Ok.

Adam: Liza, we're waiting. Tell me -- how did my cufflink get into Mia's bed?

Liza: Why -- why would I put your cufflink in Mia's bed? That's -- that's absurd. It's crazy. Why -- why would I do something so --

Adam: Sick?

Marian: Darlings, we have wonderful news. What a day!

Stuart: Adam, you won't believe it! Is something wrong?

Woman's voice: Maureen, this is Fran from the hospital again. You left so suddenly, we've been worried. Some nice people were here. They came all the way from Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, to talk to you. Please give us a call as soon as you get this message. Take care.

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Adam: I don't care if Liza leaves me. Colby stays with me.

Ryan: You're not going anywhere -- not until you and I get a few things straight.

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