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All My Children Transcript Monday 6/10/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Erica: What in the world?

Anna: I hope you can start over again with my husband.

Aidan: Some things are hard to come back from.

Leo: I was hoping that I could make an appointment with Count du Pres. He's my father. Hello?

David: Officer, I want you to arrest this man for stalking my wife and attacking me.

Aidan: You yanks really know how to make a bloke feel welcome.

Anna: He's not stalking. David, this is my sister Lindsay’s son. He's my nephew. He's yours, too, as a matter of fact. So you can leave. I can handle this. Thank you.

David: Officer, wait. If you don't arrest our long lost nephew, you can kiss your career good-bye.

Chris: Erica, what gives?

Erica: Your dirty little secret is out, Chris. Well, no one -- no one cheats on Erica Kane and gets away with it.

Kendall: Trey, where are you? This is Kendall. I need to talk to you right now. This is super urgent.

Vanessa: Oh, mine was even better than this. It said, "What leggy metro ingénue was seen turning heads at Ciro's last night?"

Trey: I've got a plane to catch.

Vanessa: You know, Mr. Hughes always sends his private plane.

Trey: Rosie --

Vanessa: Hmm?

Trey: Let Vanessa out, or I'll pitch Angie Dickinson for the lead in "The Innocent Dame."

Vanessa: Angie is so wrong for this picture! Trey, where's Leo? You know, I have to see my son immediately.

Trey: I'm sorry, Vanessa. Leo is unavailable.

[Leo coughs]

Leo: What the hell -- listen, man, you got the wrong guy, all right?

Man: No, mon ami, I have the right guy. Monsieur Leo du Pres.

Vanessa: Well, understand Leo and I settled all our differences, you know. I mean, he swore we would never lose each other again.

Trey: Leo jilted you for the city of lights. He's in Paris. France, not Texas.

Vanessa: No, no, no! Not Paris. Leo cannot be in Paris!

Trey: I hear it's tres jolie this time of year.

Vanessa: Well, you have to go over there and you have to get him back because he's going to get himself killed! I mean it. I mean it!

Leo: Listen, did we cross paths somewhere? What, did you -- you holding some ancient grudge against me or my mother, maybe? Some scam that we ran back in the 1980s? What is this, man?

Man: Don't play the innocent with me, Monsieur du Pres. Not if you wish to continue breathing.

Leo: I -- I don't know who the hell you are or what the hell you think I've done, but -- just stay there! All right? What do you want from me?

Leo: Okay, look, why don't you just back out the way you came in and I'll -- Greenlee -- stop it! Let go of her!

Greenlee: Ow.

Leo: Are you okay?

Greenlee: Yeah. Did he hurt you?

Leo: No, he just punched me in the gut.

Greenlee: Who is that guy?

Leo: I don't know, but it's not a good idea to make him mad.

Man: Now we settle things.

Anna: What are you talking about, I can kiss my career good-bye?

David: Playing favorites is going to cost you your badge.

Anna: I'm not playing favorites. I barely know Aidan.

David: Yeah, that's right. That's right. And you're willing to give your new nephew a break with the law?

Anna: He hasn't done anything. You know, that's my prerogative.

David: That's professional suicide.

Anna: Oh, I'm not --

David: I mixed it up with an officer the other day and I got a warning because of my connection to the chief --

Anna: That wasn't my call.

David: And now there's another relative -- no, I'm sorry, an alleged relative -- who breaks the law, and you turn a blind eye? Jackson Montgomery is gunning for you, Anna. I mean, this blatant abuse of power gives the D.A. all the ammo he needs to blow you out of office.

Anna: He wasn't stalking me. He is my nephew.

David: At the park, he was a total stranger. You pulled a gun out on him! So, what, now you're willing to take him out to dinner? Is that it?

Anna: I would love to, yeah, because my family is flung far and wide and I would love any connection.

David: That's great. Just what the world needs -- another member of the Devane clan.

Anna: Like your family's a picnic.

David: Yeah, no, you're right. My family is not perfect, but they didn't put out a hit on me.

Anna: Well, Charlotte's in prison for good, I hope.

David: I'm not just talking about Charlotte. I'm sure there are plenty enemies out there from your years of being an agent. And now you're Chief of Police, which means you're right in the crosshairs, Anna.

Anna: What? You think Aidan is an enemy agent?

David: I don't know zip about this guy. Do you?

Anna: I know that he's looking for his family.

David: How do you know what he's after right now?

Anna: Because my instincts tell --

David: Oh, damn it, Anna! Why can't you let me take care of you for once? This guy, he showed up out of nowhere. Do a background check at least, okay, just to be safe?

Anna: It's nice to know you care. I will. I'll do a background check, but that doesn't mean I think he's one of the bad guys. Okay? Aidan? I have to take you in. David wants to file a complaint against you.

Aidan: Guess I made the wrong choice sticking around.

Anna: Well --

David: It's not like you had much of a choice. You were under armed guard.

Aidan: No offense to your mates in blue, but I could've disarmed you and the bobby here if I had the mind to.

Anna: Cuff him.

Aidan: Looking for these? I promise I'll go quietly.

Anna: Okay.

Anna: Happy?

Kendall: Trey, I've decided I can't do anything behind Ryan’s back and I don't care if that screws up my case. As of right now, Ryan is part of my defense team. And if you can't deal with that, then I'll get myself another lawyer. Why am I being such a hard case? Because Ryan is the buffest, coolest, most bodacious man I've ever met. He snores like a kitten and makes love like a lion. And he's --

Ryan: Kendall, I'm putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. You --

Kendall: Yes?

Ryan: You better get ready for the king of the -- I snore?

Kendall: Yeah!

Ryan: You never told me!

Kendall: You know you do, you snoring thing.

Ryan: Get over here. You snore.

Kendall: I do not snore!

Chris: What are you talking about? Proof of --

Erica: To think how I trusted you. I trusted you. I -- I opened my heart to you. I mean, what was shared in New York -- what I thought was shared. I've never allowed myself to become closer to anyone in my life.

Chris: Well, Sweetheart, that goes for me, too --

Erica: Yeah, like this restaurant in Little Italy, the secluded table in the corner. Now, that was not romance. That was you hiding me from her!

Chris: What, are you sniffing glue? You're talking loony tunes, here.

Erica: Oh, really? Then what is this, exactly?

Chris: What?

Erica: You tell me what exactly this is. "Dearest Chris -- every day, every moment away from you has been torture. We promised each other that our love would keep us going no matter what, and it has." Merry Christmas.

Vanessa: Oh, my God, Leo is in such danger and I got to get out of here! I've got to get out of here! I've got to help him!

Trey: You can't help anyone unless you chill.

Vanessa: I can't chill when my son is in trouble! I can't --

Trey: Vanessa, if you don't -- if you don't take it down a notch, they're going to put the restraints back on you!

Vanessa: No, no!

Trey: You must really love your son.

Vanessa: Of course I do. Leo and I, we share such a special bond, you know. I can't lose him. I cannot lose him. You got to help me. You've got to help me.

Trey: Well, what can I do?

Vanessa: You can go there. You can get him out of harm's way. That's what you can do.

Trey: You want me to fly to Paris, tell Leo that he has to come home because Mommy ordered it?

Vanessa: No, but you're a lawyer. You can manipulate something.

Trey: Leo basically hates my guts. I don't think he'll listen.

Vanessa: Well, he will. He will if you make it perfectly clear that his life is really in danger.

Trey: All I have to go on, then, is your word.

Vanessa: Oh, for God's sakes. What, you think I'm lying?

Trey: Overreacting, maybe. Tell me, Vanessa -- why did Leo go to Paris in the first place? I mean, what's there that might get him killed?

Vanessa: Oh, God. Okay, all right. There has to be somebody I can call. There has to be somebody somewhere I can call!

Trey: Well, I assume the police are out of the question. Calling them might tip them to the money.

Vanessa: The money? I don't know what --

Trey: The stash, Vanessa. The tax-free profit that Proteus made trafficking drugs. Is Leo -- is he on a suicide run without even knowing it?

Vanessa: Oh, God.

Trey: Be straight with me, Vanessa.

Vanessa: I tried to warn him. I tried to warn him --

Trey: Tell me where I can find Leo and the money so that I can protect him. It is the only way that you can save your son.

Leo: This -- whatever this is has nothing to do with her, so could she just please --

Greenlee: I'm not leaving. You are messing with the wrong people, Frenchie.

Man: I do not think so.

Greenlee: I happen to be an American VIP with powerful business ties in this city. You ever hear of Revlon? Huh? If they find me floating face-down in the seine, they'll sic the gendarme on you so fast --

Man: They are in no danger of losing such a feisty young executive. And you, Monsieur, are in no danger if you simply return home and cease to harass the Count.

Leo: What -- what's your connection to the Count?

Man: Permit me to introduce myself. Marius Wolfe, private secretary to the Count du Pres.

Greenlee: Mr. Bodyblow's a secretary?

Leo: In America, most secretaries take dictation, not boxing.

Marius: Sometimes the personal touch is needed.

Leo: All I wanted to do was meet the guy. That's not exactly harassment.

Marius: Your calls are not welcome, and neither are you.

Leo: I make one phone call and he -- he sends guys like you to rough me up? You got to be kidding me.

Marius: Monsieur, the Count is not to blame. He is above such things.

Greenlee: Oh, but you're not.

Marius: I take it upon myself to deal with fortune hunters personally.

Leo: Fortune hunters? That's what you think I am?

Marius: Come on, now, Monsieur. You imagine you are the first faux du Pres to crawl out from under a rock looking for, as you Americans call it, free lunch?

Leo: That is not why I'm here, buddy.

Marius: I have done my homework, Monsieur. You have conned your way through the capitals of Europe.

Greenlee: No. Leo doesn't do that anymore.

Leo: Look, I came here to meet my father. All right? I wanted to invite him to be there when I marry this incredible woman.

Marius: The Count's schedule is full. He sends his regrets.

Leo: Does he even know that I'm alive?

Marius: He has no need to know. Now, it will be best if you would go without further delay.

Leo: And if I don't?

Marius: I will find a way to convince you.

Greenlee: You're nothing but a big bully.

Marius: Monsieur, I suggest you take your tempestuous fiancée and return to the states. You have what you cherish. Know how lucky you are and how quickly luck can change.

Anna: Sorry for all the hassle, Aidan.

Aidan: So much for the cop shows you see on the telly.

Anna: Yeah. Wasn't much of a warm welcome, I suppose.

Aidan: Yeah, next time I think I'll bring a tea towel with the queen's picture on it. Keep the family heirloom out of harm's way.

Anna: Well, don't worry about the music box. I'll get it fixed, I promise.

David: Hey, mate. Getting ready to see the inside of an American jail cell?

Anna: David, could you just finish making your statement, please?

David: I already signed my statement, Anna. And while I was doing it, I overheard two officers who did the background check on our new nephew here. You mind telling us why you're a wanted fugitive back in jolly old England?

Chris: Give -- give me that.

Erica: No, you give me some answers. Is this some interoffice affair that started when you were still at the bureau? Well, I'll give you some credit, Chris. You really learned your training very well because I had no idea. I mean, I didn't suspect a thing.

Chris: This is -- it's not possible. It's from her.

Erica: "It's her?" Oh, please. Please, spare me the performance.

Chris: Postmark -- it's dated yesterday. How --

Erica: Does your sweetheart know about me, too, or are you double-crossing both of us? Did you -- did you feed her bruschetta, too? Did you look into her eyes very soulfully, as well? Well, don't just ignore me, damn it! Don't stand there like I don't exist! Talk to me! How could you do this to me?

Chris: You had no right to read this letter. This is --

Erica: Don't you --

Chris: This is personal.

Erica: Don't you dare try to turn this back on me. You are the one who got caught cheating! You are the one who got caught cheating! And don't you dare walk out on me like that! We're going to settle this! Chris! Ugh!

Marius: Now, are we agreed? You return to the states and I will send you a wedding card personally signed by the Count.

Greenlee: Oh, what a guy.

Marius: But that is where it ends. Any further attempt to contact my employer will be met with extreme displeasure. Are we clear? Bon marriage.

Leo: Not so fast. I've got a message for your boss.

Marius: Oui?

Leo: Yeah. Could you please tell Monsieur le Count that my mother, Vanessa Bennett, sends her love?

Leo: How weird was that?

Greenlee: I'm calling the hotel doctor to check on your stomach.

Leo: I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Greenlee: You know that's how Houdini died? A punch to the gut?

Leo: Put the phone down, Greenlee. All right, I'm not going to die, and neither are you. But Wolfie wanted us to make like Houdini and disappear, didn't he?

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I'm not going to let that guy chase us away. I wish I'd hit him harder.

Leo: You were great. You were really great. But what the hell was up with that? He acted like we were the ugliest Americans he's ever seen.

Greenlee: And we weren't even in a restaurant.

Leo: So do you think that my father -- the Count, or whoever -- sent that guy to put the scare on us?

Greenlee: I don't know.

Leo: Neither do I, but I'm going to find out, you better believe it. I'm not leaving Paris until I see Monsieur le Count face to face, you better believe that.

Greenlee: Yeah, how are we going to get past Monsieur Wolfie?

Leo: We're not, Greenlee. You got to pack your things and go back to Pine Valley right away.

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Leo: Don't fight me on this, Greenlee. I promised that I was going to keep you out of danger.

Greenlee: We're partners, Leo. Five-o, five-o, till the end.

Leo: My little amazon. The way you went after --

Greenlee: Nobody hurts you and gets away with it. So I'm staying. What's our next move?

Leo: Well, you saw the way he iced up when I mentioned Vanessa's name.

Greenlee: That old bat would freeze anyone's blood.

Leo: I think that I scored a hit there. I really do. I would bet a million eurobucks that Vanessa and the Count and Wolfie are all connected somehow. I bet that her name will open up doors for us.

Greenlee: Vanessa's name would open up the gates of hell.

Leo: Well, don't worry about that. She's locked up in her rubber room at Oak Haven, okay? She's completely out of the loop.

Vanessa: Trey, I really do appreciate you keeping me informed.

Trey: I can do more than that. I can protect Leo and the money.

Vanessa: Yes, well, as the saying goes -- "In God we trust." All others have to earn my confidence.

Trey: Fine. Test me. I won't fail you.

Vanessa: Well, I can't do that. Not yet. I mean, this is, after all, a very deeply personal family matter.

Trey: Hmm. No offense, but I don't see a lot of your family showing up to support you.

Vanessa: And I don't know all I need to know about you.

Trey: You know what you need to know. I'm your lawyer. Everything you tell me is protected by client-lawyer confidentiality.

Vanessa: Yes, yes, and as my lawyer, I'm sure you're going to expect, what, 10% off the top, plus a nice, tidy little bonus of a finder's fee, as well?

Trey: Depends on how much money we're talking about.

Vanessa: Oh, don't worry. You'll get your fair share if you get me out and free of this itty-bitty snake pit.

Trey: You've got to give me something to go on here if you want me to help Leo.

Vanessa: All right, here's all you need to know. Leo went to Paris to find his father -- a very dangerous man -- the Count du Pres.

Trey: French royalty.

Vanessa: And you have to stop him from meeting this man. I tried everything in the books. I tried to convince him. Even at the last minute, I told him that the Count was not his father. Obviously, he did not believe me because that's the way -- the reason he's gone on to Paris! At this moment, he's in Paris!

Trey: Is it true? Is the Count du Pres Leo's father?

Vanessa: Oh -- oh, look. I love this -- this is my favorite. "Hicks nix pix in sticks." Don't you just love Hollywood? I mean, I adore it.

Ryan: Now, it feels like the world has stopped and we're the only two people in it.

Kendall: Let's leave it like that.

Ryan: Yeah. Except when the sun comes up tomorrow, back to reality.

Kendall: Says who?

Ryan: I'm sorry; I seem to remember a trial looming? Something about a fire?

Kendall: Yeah, but listen -- Trey is out of town, which means that I'm free, at least for the next few days.

Ryan: So your lawyer went out of town without telling you?

Kendall: I guess I'm not his only client. But anyway, with him gone, we don't have to worry about the trial.

Ryan: Okay. So --

Kendall: So --

Ryan: What do you want to do with all this sudden freedom?

Kendall: I've got a few ideas.

Ryan: Yeah, I bet you do.

Kendall: You know what we could do? We could take your bike to Mount Evangeline. There's this really pretty lake. We could -- we could make a little bed out of the little pine needles and lay in the sun --

Ryan: I like it. I like it. When the sun goes down, we could build a fire and maybe --

Kendall: Let's skip the fire, considering.

Ryan: Bad call. No fire. No fire. We'll just stare up at the moon, and then I'll tell you the story of the guy with the hook who escaped from the insane asylum, and I'll scare you right back in my arms.

Kendall: You know, I think you can skip the whole fright night thing because I'm already there.

Ryan: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: It's the guy with the hook. It's the guy with the hook. I'll protect you.

Kendall: Oh, I'm not afraid. No, no. You know what, just be quiet, be quiet. Maybe they'll go away.

Ryan: Okay. Come here.

Kendall: Yes.

[Knock on door]

Chris: Ryan? It's me, Chris.


Chris: Ryan?

Ryan: Just a sec.

Chris: You're not going to believe what just happened.

Opal: Good evening, girlfriend. I brought you a little care package, sort of a fire safety kit. Well, let me see, what have I got here? I got a fire extinguisher -- that's a good thing to have. Here we have a smoke alarm. And here we have a -- ooh, what have we here? A tiny slipper I found outside. Looks like yours. What's up?

Erica: Chris and I are over.

Opal: Well, until you make up, that is.

Erica: No. There's no going back, Opal. Chris is cheating on me.

Opal: What? No, that is not possible. Honey, that man is completely gaga over you.

Erica: No, Opal, he's not. This is serious.

Opal: Well, how do you know? Did you catch him in the act?

Erica: A letter arrived.

Opal: A letter? A letter from who? Oh, now, don't tell me. Did you open his mail?

Erica: Oh, now, don't look at me like that, Opal. A letter arrived for Chris, and I was perfectly justified because the handwriting was very feminine. It was intimate.

Opal: Oh, and you being an expert handwriting analyst and all --

Erica: Well, my instincts turned out to be 100% correct.

Opal: Well, if that is the case, who's the hussy?

Erica: I don't know. Just somebody named Gail. I didn't have a chance to read the whole letter.

Opal: Oh, so you didn't even read the whole letter, but you're sure it was a love letter.

Erica: Opal, I know a declaration of love when I see it.

Opal: Well, did you give Chris a chance to explain?

Erica: A chance? I demanded an explanation, but he lied in my face and then he walked out the door.

Opal: Now, honey, I mean, maybe you just pushed him a smidge too hard.

Erica: I pushed him?

Opal: Yeah, I mean, what if the guy was innocent?

Erica: He is not innocent.

Opal: And then you pitch a four-star jealousy fit over nothing. That would make him bolt.

Erica: Excuse me, Opal, I am the one who was deceived. I am the one who has been wronged.

Opal: Well, I don't know. I just don't know. I mean, speaking as somebody who has been two-timed more times than I care to imagine, you know, my radar is pretty experienced by now, and I'm not picking up anything. I mean, this guy has been glued to your side 24/7. When would he even have had time for any undercover activity?

Erica: Well, you see, you're forgetting his training in undercover activity in the FBI. He's an expert at subterfuge.

Opal: Well, I hate to say it, but it seems to me that the only one here who is guilty of romantic subterfuge is you.

Erica: Me?

Opal: Yeah. You take a few lines from a letter you had no business reading in the first place, you put your own spin on it, and you use it to trash a great relationship with a really terrific guy.

Erica: Opal, why would I do that?

Opal: That's a good question, honeybunch.

Chris: We need to talk.

Ryan: Come in. Anything you have to say, Kendall can hear, so go ahead.

Chris: In private. This is -- it's personal.

Kendall: Does this involve the queen mother?

Chris: No. No, it doesn't, Kendall. No.

Ryan: Look, you know I'm trying to clear Kendall of these arson charges, so if you're here to talk me out of it --

Chris: Ryan, this has nothing to do with Erica, it has nothing to do with Kendall, it has nothing to do with that freaking fire. This is -- this is just between you and me, son. Just the two of us. So if you'd just give us a little time alone, I'd really appreciate that, please.

Kendall: Yeah, sure. Take as much time as you need.

Chris: Thank you.

Kendall: Sweetie.

Ryan: So, what's this about? What's going on?

Chris: I -- I don't know where to start.

Ryan: Listen, if this is bad news --

Chris: No, no, this -- Ryan, I -- I just got a letter from your mother.

Leo: If Vanessa is in cahoots with the Count, that would explain the reception I got.

Greenlee: How?

Leo: Oh, if the guy is the kind of person who would hire thugs to do his dirty work, then he's obviously the kind of guy who would help Vanessa stash her drug money, right?

Greenlee: Or your history as a con artist beat you here. I mean, maybe he wanted to discourage you from targeting him.

Leo: Well, he's not even curious to see me? Who I am, what I'm about?

Greenlee: Honey, Vanessa warned you that the Count would make trouble for you if you tried to track him down.

Leo: I make one phone call, and he sends mountain man to rough me up? No, that's overkill.

Greenlee: No, it's not if you're using his name under false pretenses. The name that Vanessa stole for you?

Leo: What's in a name?

Greenlee: A lot if there's a title attached to it.

Leo: No, there has to be more to it than this, Greenlee. The guy not only doesn't want to meet me, he wants to banish me like I'm some kind of a threat. Why?

Greenlee: Leo, I know that this is rough. You came all this way to meet a man who may or may not be your father, and this isn't the way it was supposed to go.

Leo: I didn't expect a lot. I mean, I knew the chance of there being a warm, fuzzy, father-son connection was pretty remote, but I got to admit I expected something a little warmer and fuzzier than a punch to the stomach. And the hell of it is, I'm no closer to the truth now than I was back home.

Greenlee: Home. Now, there's a warm, fuzzy thought. If you want to go back there, forget Paris, forget the Count, forget thugs, I'll do it. I'll give up my job here at Revlon. I love you that much, Leo.

Leo: No. We've come too far, Greenlee. We can't turn back now.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Allo? Oh. It's you. It's our ham-fisted friend Wolfie. He wants to talk to you. Vanessa's name must have made an impression.

David: Interesting reading, you have to admit.

Anna: Thank you. You can go. Thank you.

David: Well, it looks like I was right about our new relation here. So what's going on? Why are you really here? What do you want from us?

Aidan: I can't imagine a thing I'd want from the likes of you.

Anna: Aidan, can you explain this? You didn't mention that there was an outstanding warrant for your arrest in Britain.

Aidan: We've only just met. Admitting I'm a fugitive is not a real good icebreaker.

Anna: But you were going to tell me?

Aidan: Do you intend to tell me all your deep, dark secrets? Any past mistakes you've made?

Anna: Well, yes, I've made a few, but Interpol hasn't issued a lookout for me.

David: As they say across the pond, this puts a spanner in the works, huh?

Anna: David, could you let me handle this, please? So what can you tell me about these assault charges?

Aidan: Only that it's totally ridiculous.

David: Why don't you tell that to the witnesses?

Anna: David, please.

Aidan: I was walking down the street --

David: Minding his own business --

Anna: Okay, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Go on.

Aidan: And this guy was giving his wife a hard time. He was totally cussing her out. He got really physical. The guy was slapping her, he was pushing her, he was shoving her around. He had her down on the ground. I pulled him off of her.

David: Oh, so now you're a hero?

Aidan: I got this thing about bullies. Anyway, I probably saved the lady's life.

Anna: So why were charges filed?

Aidan: By the time the cops showed up, the wife had done a 180. She didn't want her husband carted off to jail. She told the officer I started the fight.

Anna: But you were just trying to keep her alive.

Aidan: Yeah, must be something in the family gene pool. But I learned my lesson. Next time I see a spot of trouble, I'm going to mind my own business.

David: Great. You can mull that philosophy over while you're being extradited.

Aidan: You're going to turn me in?

Anna: It's not a question of if I believe you or not.

Aidan: Then what is it a question of?

Anna: I have to keep you overnight while I straighten things out with the British authorities.

David: There's nothing to straighten out, Anna. He's a felon and a fugitive.

Anna: If you are telling the truth, you will be free to go.

Aidan: If? "If" means you think my story's a crock.

Anna: Let me find you an attorney.

Aidan: You can lay off on the favors, all right? Just show me my cell.

Anna: Could you show Mr. Devane down to lockup, please? It's going to be all right. I promise.

David: You did the right thing, Anna.

Anna: I'm not so sure.

David: Come on. Don't get sucked into this cockney street charm. This story about the husband and the battered wife is probably as bogus as his passport.

Anna: He's my sister's son.

David: And you know that how?

Anna: I know it. My gut tells me that he's legit.

David: Right, right, of course. Probably also the strong family resemblance, right? What's that?

Anna: Aidan gave it to me when we were in the hospital when you were being fixed up. It was my sister's.

[Music box plays]

Anna: This means nothing to you, but I used to fall asleep to this when I was a little girl. It's one of the few things I have from my past, and Aidan gave it to me.

David: Anna --

Anna: No, David. You may be ready to write off your childhood and block out your family, but I'm not. I'm not going to lose what I've just found. Not for you, not for anyone.

Leo: Yeah, that'll work for me. What's the address? Okay. All right. I'll be there, and you better not punch me again.

Greenlee: Well? What happened? What did he say?

Leo: Well, it seems like Wolfie did a fast about-face.

Greenlee: Yeah?

Leo: Yeah, he did some schedule shuffling, juggled some appointments, and, well, I got a date to meet Count du Pres tomorrow. I finally get to meet the man who may or may not be my father.

Vanessa: And you know something? I want you to go right up to Mr. Sheridan, and you tell him I will not do a screen test for him. However, I will read for him privately.

Trey: Vanessa?

Vanessa: Oh, Vanessa's getting a beauty rest. Come to think of it, I'm the one that has a 5:00 a.m. call in the morning. I need my beauty rest. Ciao.

Trey: I'll be on the next flight to Paris.

Vanessa: Oh, listen, don't forget to bring me back "My Sin," "My Sin," in Paris. Oh, they so go together.

Trey: I can do better. Much, much better.

Erica: Honestly, Opal, you have to stop head-shrinking your clients when they're trapped underneath your hair dryer.

Opal: Well, cutting hair has taught me to listen, you know -- hear the real meaning behind the words.

Erica: Well, I am not afraid of anything. Certainly not a man.

Opal: Well, you may not be man-o-phobic, but I would say you've clearly got a case of relationship-o-phobia.

Erica: I just should have known that Chris Stamp was too good to be true.

Opal: Well, and so maybe that's why you jumped all over him, so that you'd have a good reason to put on the brakes before the hurting started. I mean, this always happens to you. You give yourself to a man, and then you end up with your heart smashed to smithereens.

Erica: Honestly, Opal!

Opal: Well, honestly. Think about it. Come on, I'm not somebody who's here to kick you when you're down. You've been through the ringer. Kendall burned your house to the ground. That is proof. Yes, bad things do happen. Chris isn't one of them. You know, I would put my hand on my mama's Bible and swear that that man loves you, body and soul, no matter what some letter says. And I think that if you search your heart, you would know that I'm speaking the God's honest truth.

Erica: But, Opal, he still walked out on me.

Ryan: You just got a letter from my mom?

Chris: Yeah --

Ryan: What -- what are you talking about? She's been dead for months.

Chris: No, no, no. She -- she just wanted this to be mailed after she was gone. I guess her will is out of probate, so they finally sent it.

Ryan: I don't understand. I mean, she scammed you. What could she possibly have to say to you?

Chris: Just -- just read this. It'll explain a lot of things. And everything that we believed -- it's all been a lie.

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Chris: You read the letter and I'll never bring it up again.

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