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All My Children Transcript Friday 5/31/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Trey: Would you like a glass of water?

Kendall: Yeah. Thanks.

Trey: Take a sip of water and tell the truth.

Mary: My daughter is marrying a gigolo whose mother is a criminally insane drug trafficker.

Vanessa: You will talk to the count over my very dead body.

Doctor: Your son is approaching liver failure. Ultimately, we will have to do a transplant.

Kendall: No, I -- I'm not lying. I'm innocent!

Trey: The results are inadmissible. This proves nothing.

Jack: It proves your client failed a lie detector test. I'll take that.

Kendall: I'm telling you I did not set any fire at Erica's house.

Jack: Well, maybe this machine just doesn't like you. At any rate, if I was your lawyer, I'd tell you to shut your mouth.

Trey: I truly thought you were going to pass this test, Kendall.

Kendall: No, I'm telling you, there -- there is something wrong with this machine. It must be broken. Something is wrong.

Mike: Looks okay to me.

Kendall: Well, then maybe you don't know what you're talking about because that can't be right. I want to see your license. No. No. I'm telling you I'm not lying. I'm not lying. I'm telling you the truth. There is something wrong here. You have got to believe me.

Mateo: Yeah, thanks, Trevor. I appreciate that. Yeah, I'll tell her. All right, listen, I got to go, okay? All right, I'll talk to you soon.

Brooke: Oh --

Edmund: Mateo.

Brooke: Mateo, hi.

Mateo: Hey, you guys. Thanks for coming.

Edmund: Sure. No problem. What's going on?

Brooke: What's -- what's wrong?

Mateo: I need your help. Enzo's sick.

Mike: Just so you know, the machine's just been tested.

Jack: Oh, I don't doubt these results, Mike. Not at all.

Kendall: I'm telling you they're wrong. Ryan, they're wrong. It's wrong. Why don't you do something?

Trey: I'm sorry, Kendall. I really thought you were telling the truth.

Kendall: I am telling the truth. There is something wrong with that stupid machine. Why are you making this out to be my fault when it's yours?

Trey: Mine?

Kendall: Yes! It's up to you to prove it. It's up to you to help me!

Trey: Kendall, I really wish I could.

Kendall: No. That machine is lying, something is wrong with it, and you have to prove it.

Trey: Well, how am I supposed to do that?

Kendall: You take the test. Hook him up.

Greenlee: Your migraine is gone?

Mary: Oh, thank goodness, yes.

Greenlee: Thank goodness.

Mary: I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly last night. I -- as a matter of fact, I'm sorry for a lot of things.

Greenlee: You don't have to say that, Mother. I'm just glad you're here.

Mary: Well, I just have a lot to make up for. You've been shortchanged in the mothering department.

Greenlee: I -- I don't know what to say.

Mary: You don't have to say a word. At a time like this, a girl needs her mother. And for once in my life, that's exactly what I plan to be, if you'll let me.

Greenlee: Mother -- thank you.

Mary: I realize that it's my duty to do for you what you can't do for yourself, no matter how difficult or unpleasant it may be.

Greenlee: Mother, what --

Mary: Darling, I'm going to get you out of this disastrous engagement, and you don't have to lift a finger.

Leo: Okay, just so we're clear --

Vanessa: Yeah?

Leo: You are Vanessa right now, correct? All your little friends are locked down for the evening?

Vanessa: Mother's listening.

Leo: Okay, this is -- this is an address for Count du Pres. Look -- little d, big P.

Vanessa: Well, what do you intend to do with that, huh? Send him a wedding invitation? Because he can't come. He won't come, you know. He's a very, very, very --

Leo: No, I'm through listening to your version of my life. I'm going to find him before the wedding. Yeah, I'm finally going to meet my father.

Vanessa: No, no, you can't -- no, Leo. You -- you'd just open yourself up for more heartache.

Leo: Why? What -- what harm could it possibly do now? Why shouldn't I introduce myself to the Count?

Vanessa: Bec -- because I have lied to you your whole life and that man is not your father.

Greenlee: Mother, I'm not going to call off my engagement.

Mary: You don't have to. That's my whole point. I'll do it.

Greenlee: No. You won’t.

Mary: Greenlee, now, you complain when I'm not involved in your life, and here I am trying to help you, and you don't want me to. I can save you from this unnecessary travesty. It's not too late.

Greenlee: Mother, I don't want to end my engagement. I want to marry Leo.

Mary: Darling, I know you think you found your way to a bright and cloudless future.

Greenlee: I have.

Mary: You're not unique. And it gives me a great deal of pain to stand here and see history repeating itself. When I was younger than you right now, I thought that I had found my way, too.

Greenlee: Daddy.

Mary: Daddy. Totally unacceptable husband. A loser. Oh, he filled my head with romantic notions, too, but the fact of the matter is I married Roger to spite my parents.

Greenlee: I'm marrying Leo because I love him.

Mary: No. You're marrying Leo because you hate me.

Leo: No. You weren't lying then. You're lying now. This guy is my father.

Vanessa: Oh, come on, Leo. Don't carry on like you're your brother. I mean, for Pete’s sakes, you didn't even know the man.

Leo: I never knew him but I knew all about him. You made sure of that.

Vanessa: Not all little boys need a daddy.

Leo: You kept the stories coming. You even kept a scrapbook -- the Count with -- you know, playing polo, the Count at the opera, the Count with the Pope.

Vanessa: I'm surprised you even remember that.

Leo: Yeah, I remember. I remember everything -- how you said he was wealthy and titled and had a real family and how we're never, ever supposed to meet him because the scandal would ruin him. Remember that?

Vanessa: Oh, God, this is a plot from a bad Lana Turner movie.

Leo: What? So you made it all up? All of it? Did you even know the guy?

Vanessa: Oh, Leo -- well, does it really matter?

Leo: Why? Why? What -- why would you choose Count du Pres?

Vanessa: Because I liked the little d and the big P. Come on, Darling, don't be so ungrateful. You loved my fiction when you were a little boy. All right, now you're a grown man, and you deserve the whole truth.

Leo: Yeah, I think that you're right. I think that I do deserve the truth. So, who -- who is my real father?

Vanessa: Darling, please. You know, it was so long ago.

Leo: You don't remember?

Vanessa: Of course I do! But -- what's the point now, Leo? I mean, why would you believe me anyway?

Leo: Try me.

Vanessa: Leo, Leo, I am -- I am really so tired, Darling. Can you come back tomorrow?

Leo: Oh, so you can rehearse your little lies? No, I think I'm a little harder audience than I was when I was 6. Tell me.

Vanessa: Leo, please, darling, you will be sorry, I promise you.

Leo: You know, forget it. I stand a better chance with the Count.

Vanessa: No, no, Leo -- no --

Leo: You're lying, Vanessa! At least he'll tell me if he's ever heard of you.

Vanessa: All right, just -- just stop it. All right. I will tell you who your father is.

Brooke: It's a virus?

Mateo: Yes. I mean, no one knows how Enzo got it. The doctor says that we're really lucky that we caught it, though. The bottom line is that Enzo's liver is deteriorating rapidly and he needs a transplant. And, you know, we're running out of time.

Brooke: Oh, Mateo, I'm so sorry.

Edmund: We're here as long as you need us, okay?

Brooke: Is Hayley with Enzo? How is she?

Mateo: She's as expected. I mean, she's been by his side all day. He finally nodded off, so she -- she went to catch an AA meeting.

Brooke: Good. I mean, I know that that makes her feel better.

Mateo: Yeah.

Edmund: So, what happens now?

Mateo: Well, got to find a donor. But it's complicated.

Brooke: I mean, I know because of when Laura was sick. Are you on a waiting list?

Mateo: We're on the waiting list, but it's different with Enzo. He can receive a transplant from what's -- from a living donor.

Edmund: The liver regenerates, so the donor's liver grows back to a normal size and the piece the patient gets becomes a whole organ.

Mateo: Yeah.

Brooke: So that's good because that means that the wait for a donor could be a lot shorter, right?

Mateo: Yeah, but we don't have a lot of time to find a compatible donor. Hayley and I were tested, and we're not a match.

Brooke: You know, I hate to even bring this up, but what about Arlene?

Edmund: Can you even find her?

Mateo: I called Trevor. He's going to try to track her down. But, I mean, come on. Her liver? It's got to be 200 proof.

Edmund: Listen, you said you wanted to ask us a favor. You got "Tempo's" resources, anything you need.

Brooke: I did a lot of contacting donor banks when Laura was sick, so there's certainly that.

Mateo: Yeah, I'm going to take you up on that, but that's not -- I got a bigger favor to ask you.

Edmund: You want us to be tested?

Brooke: You don't have to ask, Mateo.

Mateo: No, that's not what I had in mind. Enzo's best chances are to have a transplant from someone he's directly related to -- like Maddie. Will you let her be tested?

Trey: I have to apologize for my client. Obviously she's been traumatized by this procedure. Now, my advice is going to be --

Kendall: Well, I took your advice last time, and look where it got me. Everyone thinks I'm a liar.

Trey: Kendall, from here on out, the less you say, the better it'll be for your case.

Kendall: I don't give a damn about my case. I want Ryan to know that that machine is whacked and I'm telling the truth. Take the test.

Ryan: You know what, Trey? I'm kind of with Kendall on this one. This was your idea. You play it out, man.

Trey: It doesn't make any sense. Now, what's this going to prove, me taking --

Jack: Trey, Trey, Trey, Trey --

Trey: What?

Jack: I'm willing to humor your client in this case.

Trey: Well, why? What's the purpose?

Kendall: Trey --

Trey: Can't you see how this is not going to work for you?

Kendall: No. No. Take it. I am ordering you right now to take this test as my lawyer.

Jack: Mike, are you in a big rush?

Mike: I'm okay.

Jack: Then why not, Trey? Have a seat.

Greenlee: Mother, I don't hate you. All I've ever wanted is for you to notice me.

Mary: Darling, you've always accused me of being a bad mother. You were right. I never gave you the love you deserved. Didn't you ever wonder why?

Greenlee: Yes, Mother, I wondered why, but now I'm wondering why you want me to cancel my engagement.

Mary: Greenlee, why would a woman keep her sweet, beautiful daughter at arm's length her entire life?

Greenlee: What?

Mary: It was me. It wasn't you. I had ruined my life, and therefore I was incapable of showing love to anyone, and that must not happen to you.

Greenlee: It won't. I love Leo.

Mary: You're just like your father. You can't resist a challenge, no matter how inappropriate it may be.

Greenlee: But, see, this is news to me. Before last year, I thought you and Daddy were deliriously happy together.

Mary: Well, I have my pride. I -- I kept my misery very well-hidden. But you -- please.

Greenlee: I what?

Mary: You're going to be in everybody's face with this. I mean, Greenlee, really. Marrying the son of a drug lord? Who are you trying to shock?

Greenlee: No one. This makes sense to me now. You're not afraid that I'll be unhappy. You're afraid I'll embarrass you.

Mary: Am I supposed to let you make a spectacle of yourself just to prove that I'm a good mother?

Greenlee: You know, I should've known. I was so happy you were coming to my wedding.

Mary: I was happy, too, until I made a couple of phone calls and found out that my future son-in-law was a well-known, well-traveled gigolo.

Greenlee: You -- you've said that 150 times since you arrived. And I told you I don't care about his distant past.

Mary: You don't care that he was incarcerated? You don't care that he's being charged with tampering with federal evidence in a federal case?

Greenlee: There's a totally reasonable reason for that.

Mary: Yes, of course there is -- because he was trying to get his sweet, homicidal mother out of an insane asylum.

Greenlee: He did it for his brother.

Mary: Oh, his brother. Right. That's the mad doctor who poisons people on boats --

Greenlee: All right, that's enough, Mother! Leo and I are getting married, and we are going to have happiness every single day of our lives. If you are not willing or able to accept that, you can just go back to Europe and we will have this wedding without you.

Leo: Hello? I'm waiting. Tell me who my father is.

Vanessa: Leo -- Leo, I -- I want to tell you. I really do. The problem is it is so wild, it's so improbable, that what I tell you, you --

Leo: Just tell me!

Vanessa: All right, Darling, listen. I'm not proud of this, I have to tell you, but it's just -- all right. You see, your father is Frank Sinatra! No. Fidel Castro. Elvis. Elvis. No. Liberace. No, really. There was a time in his life when --

Leo: I could kill you right now. You know that? I could strangle you without even thinking twice about it.

Vanessa: Yes, you could, dear. But at least you know who your mother is.

Leo: No, you -- you're going to pay for doing this to me. Remember that.

Vanessa: Please, please, Leo, don't go away angry! Darling, please, I -- you can't possibly go -- Darling, I will tell you. I will tell you everything. But it'll be when we're safe and we're out of here because I'm just not myself. Honestly, I'm not. But when I'm out of here, you and I will be sitting on the beach in Saint Tropez, sipping mai tais -- I'll tell you the whole, droll truth. And believe me, Darling, the whole truth will be well worth waiting for.

Edmund: Maddie?

Mateo: Yeah. Edmund, you said you read about the procedure. Maddie will heal completely. It'll be like -- there are no lasting effects. It'll be like it never even happened.

Brooke: Mateo --

Edmund: Maddie is so young.

Mateo: So is Enzo.

Brooke: Well, Maddie might not even be a match.

Mateo: I -- I know that, but can we just at least test her and figure that stuff out later?

Edmund: Um -- I'll have to check her blood type. And I need to find out more information about the transplant procedure before I can make a commitment.

Mateo: You know, if you had asked me the same thing, I don't know what I'd do. I really wouldn’t. I'm sorry. I would think of Enzo first. I mean, I'm --

Edmund: Don't have to ask --

Mateo: I'm asking the impossible. I'm looking at my son in there, you know, and he's sick, and I have to ask -- I have to ask you that, you know?

Brooke: Mateo, it's okay. You know, I mean, when Laura was sick, the only thing that I could think of was her getting better, and I was waiting for someone to die so that her life could be saved. I know it's a terrible feeling.

Mateo: I -- you know, I told Hayley -- I keep telling her we're not going to lose him. I told her we'll try -- we'll do anything, you know?

Brooke: Mateo, Edmund understands that. We all do.

Mateo: You know how much Hayley and I love Maddie and care about Maddie, right?

Edmund: I know you would do nothing to ever harm her.

Mateo: Absolutely not.

Edmund: I know that.

Mateo: Absolutely not. I'm sorry.

Edmund: I understand. I understand.

Mateo: There's Dr. Joe. Hey, Joe.

Joe: Well, I imagine Mateo has filled you in as to where we are.

Edmund: Yeah, he has, Joe. Listen, I want -- I want to talk to you about transplant procedures and Maddie as being a donor. She's a blood relative.

Joe: I know, I know. She's too young to be a donor. 18 is the minimum age --

Mateo: What are you talking about, she's too young? That means that he can't have his brother Max or his cousin Amanda -- that rules them out?

Joe: Afraid so. I know, but the rules are quite specific.

Mateo: The rules? What -- what rules? Nobody told me -- why didn't you tell me before? I've been wasting time calling people.

Joe: Look -- if Dr. Conway didn't give you all the information you need, I certainly can.

Mateo: No, I got the information, Doc, but -- I've been reading it. I mean, with all the medical terms, I'm crossing my eyes here, you know?

Joe: Look, Mateo, I'd be happy to go through it all with you and answer any questions you may have.

Mateo: Answer any questions? Yeah, I got a question. How do I save my son? Can you answer that question, huh?

Isabella: Mateo? Hi. Hi.

Mateo: Hi. Listen, listen, everything's going to be okay.

Isabella: Okay.

Mateo: He's going to be okay.

Isabella: Of course. Of course everything's going to be okay. Nothing will hurt Lorenzo. He's in God's hands.

Mateo: Did you -- did you bring the papers?

Isabella: Everything you asked for. There's got to be an answer here to our prayers.

Mateo: I'm sorry about that, Doc. I -- you know, I appreciate your honesty about everything.

Joe: What do we have here?

Mateo: I asked my mom to bring the family medical records. Now, there's going to be some blood types, and you'll hopefully -- hopefully you're going to find a potential donor in there.

Mike: Okay, let me just put this pack on your arm. Please look straight ahead.

Trey: All right, but you do realize this is completely pointless.

Kendall: I don't care. Just do it.

Mike: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?

Trey: No, no, I'm fine.

Mike: We can use the other arm if you like.

Trey: No, just do it.

Ryan: You freaked out last night when I -- when I grabbed your arm. What's going on? Did you hurt yourself?

Doctor: What happened?

Trey: I was just doing a guy thing, you know? Walking on a retainer wall and trying to find that edge, you know, and just didn't see the support beam sticking out.

Doctor: You fell?

Trey: Yeah.

Doctor: Yeah. Well, that explains the abrasions. What it doesn't explain is the burn.

Trey: On second thought, maybe we should use the other arm. I strained this one playing football with some kids. I still think this is a big waste of time, you know. This guy doesn't come cheap.

Kendall: It's going to be worth it. We're going to prove that this machine is busted.

Mike: Please just answer yes or no. And relax. Was it raining when you came here today?

Trey: No.

Mike: Is it light out?

Trey: No.

Kendall: You don't have to do the whole damn test from the top. We know it's not snowing out there. Ask him what you asked me -- "Did you set fire to Erica's house?"

Trey: Could you just let the man do his job?

Jack: No, let's just start with that question. Why not? Let's see how the machine reacts when Trey answers the question that Kendall supposedly answered honestly. Trey, did you start the fire at Erica's house?

Trey: No, no.

Kendall: Look at it. See? It's doing the same damn thing with him.

Ryan: Well, according to the polygraph, Trey's lying about not setting the fire.

Trey: Well, hey, hot damn, my client was right. That thing is not working properly.

Kendall: You see? You see? I told you I was telling the truth.

Jack: Mike, what the hell is going on here?

Mike: I don't know how this could be happening.

Kendall: Ugh, please. Now it's your turn to be honest. That gizmo is shot.

Jack: Well?

Mike: This machine's in perfect working order.

Kendall: Really? Oh, well, then you're guilty. I want another lawyer, one who isn't an arsonist, because you're going to have to convict Trey of burning down Erica's house even though he doesn't know her or have a motive. But, hey, that machine doesn't make mistakes --

Ryan: Okay, okay, Kendall, take it easy.

Kendall: No, no, wait a minute. As far as they're concerned, we're both guilty. I mean, that's what it says. I mean, we're in this together. It's a vast conspiracy.

Jack: Are you about done?

Kendall: Is that what you believe?

Jack: Are you about done? Because I am. Mike, wrap this up. This is over.

Trey: Oh, no, oh, no. You're a fair man, aren't you, Mr. Montgomery? As long as we've come this far, why don't we get a little more proof?

Jack: Yeah? What you got in mind, son?

Trey: We both doubted my client. I think I have a way to prove that she was right. Ask me a question, a simple question, one that you all know the answer to, and I think this should show that this machine is not working properly. Ask me -- ask me my name.

Jack: What's your name?

Trey: James H. Kenyon III, son of James H. Kenyon Jr. See? Sorry, Mike. Looks like you'll have to get yourself a new machine.

Isabella: Raquel faxed Max's records, too. They're all in there -- everything.

Mateo: Mom, he can't be a donor. He's too young.

Isabella: Well, Rosa and Anita both said that they would fly in for more testing if they were a match.

Joe: Isabella, I'm sorry, but you're the only one there with Enzo's blood type.

Isabella: Mm-hmm?

Joe: And, you know, you have been suffering from anemia for quite some time. So, really, you're not an appropriate candidate.

Isabella: But why not? Are you saying that for my sake or Lorenzo’s?

Joe: It's principally for your protection.

Isabella: But I don't care about me. He's my grandson. I'll do it. I'll sign whatever you want me to sign. I'll --

Joe: It just won't do. People with risk factors are automatically excluded. Those are the --

Mateo: Those are the rules, right? The rules. My God. I mean, it seems like the rules are keeping people from being saved.

Isabella: Mijo, mijo, lo siento. You know I would do anything for the baby, no matter what happened to me.

Mateo: Mom, please. We don't want anything to happen to you, all right? Enzo wouldn't want that.

Joe: I'll come back later on. You and I will sit down; we'll go through everything and figure out what should be done next.

Mateo: Thanks. Thanks, Joe.

Edmund: Joe will do everything he can for you guys. You know that.

Isabella: Joe's a kind man, but this hospital isn't the same without Maria.

Mateo: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself.

Edmund: I think that every time I walk in this place.

Isabella: Mateo, will you be okay while I go to the chapel and light a candle?

Mateo: Yes. Yes, go.

Brooke: Isabella, I'll go with you.

Isabella: Thank you, Brooke. I'd appreciate that.

Mateo: Everything's going against us.

Edmund: You don't want to put your mom at risk.

Mateo: No, but, I mean, the only person who's compatible has a risk factor? I mean, come on.

Edmund: There's still time. We'll find somebody.

Mateo: What about Julia? My mom said she brought Anita’s and Rosa’s records, but she didn't say -- they're not here.

Edmund: Mateo --

Mateo: They're not here. So that means she's still a possibility, and I know how we can get in contact --

Edmund: Mateo, think. You really want to put your sister's life on the line?

Greenlee: Mother, what are these X’s you drew here?

Mary: Security.

Greenlee: No, I mean what are they, really?

Mary: Extra security. It's a legitimate concern. I don't want everybody jeopardized. I mean, your future mother-in-law did threaten to show up at the wedding, didn't she?

Greenlee: This is just another way for you to undermine Leo.

Mary: Darling, Leo is involved with a criminal element. I'm not imagining that.

Greenlee: But you're exaggerating it. Leo leads a perfectly ordinary life, okay?

Mary: Okay.

Greenlee: There is no danger involved at all --

Leo: I've had it! If she doesn't tell me where that drug money is, I'm going to kill my freakin' mother!

Mary: Are you really? So, this is a changed man?

Mike: If you could just give me a minute --

Trey: Why bother? We've seen enough.

Mike: I have a test I can do to make sure that the machine is not malfunctioning.

Kendall: Oh, give me a break. That machine is totally whacked.

Trey: Kendall, we shouldn't leave until we're absolutely fair. Maybe we should all step out here for a second and give Mike a chance to work on --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa --

Ryan: Hey!

Trey: I'm sorry. That -- so clumsy -- I --

Jack: You know, I don't know what exactly happened here this morning.

Trey: It was an accident.

Jack: Listen to me, son. If you're playing games, you play games like this in my courtroom, and you're going to make yourself look like a fool and your client look like a fool, and I will take you downtown. You follow me? Come on, Mike. Leave it there, leave it there, leave it there.

Ryan: Look out, look out.

Jack: I'll get somebody in here to clean this up. Go ahead. What's the matter with you?

Trey: Congratulations. You really got us out of that one.

Ryan: What? Nobody deserves congratulations. You blew it!

Mateo: Edmund, Stamp knows people in the witness protection program. He knows how to get in contact with Julia.

Edmund: You want him to do that?

Mateo: What do you mean, do I want him to do that? I mean, she would want it. And he already did it, I mean, when Enzo was born.

Edmund: This is different, okay? Stamp sent her a picture. How do you think Julia’s going to react when she finds out that her baby nephew is ill?

Mateo: She'd want to help. That's what I'm saying.

Edmund: She's going to take the first plane out. She's going to say, "Witness protection be damned."

Mateo: Okay, so we'll smuggle her in safely. I'm telling you, Stamp will know how to do --

Edmund: There is no "safely." Everything is a huge risk.

Mateo: I got to think of Enzo.

Edmund: Wait a minute. Julia -- she was probably -- she was hospitalized here, right?

Mateo: Of course she --

Edmund: Yeah, she's got her blood -- her blood type's on record here, right?

Mateo: Absolutely.

Edmund: Okay, so we ask Dr. Joe for Julia’s blood type, okay? We figure out if it's a match, go to the next step. Maybe we'll have her tested wherever she is, and then if she's a viable donor, it's worth the risk --

Mateo: We'll bring her in.

Edmund: Exactly.

Mateo: That's beautiful.

Edmund: Okay.

Mateo: That's perfect. Thanks for talking me off the edge there. Okay, listen, so, if we're lucky, then she'll be a match. Let's go get Joe. Come on.

Leo: Boy, those rap songs. You hear them once, they're stuck right in your -- gonna kill my freakin' mother gonna kill my freakin' mother

Mary: Oh, it's okay. You don't have to pretend with me. I know how terribly frustrating it must be not to be able to get your hands on your family's drug money.

Leo: Well -- I would actually never consider killing any freakin' body.

Mary: Right.

Greenlee: Ahem.

Leo: That's right.

Greenlee: Leo is helping the police and the FBI find Vanessa’s drug profits. Then she can be put away for good and out of all of our lives.

Mary: Oh, that's wonderful. And, no doubt, his cooperation will help reduce the charges against him, right? Right?

Greenlee: Ahem.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello? Oh, hi. Yes, Casey, I have lots of ideas. Let me get my notes. Work stuff. Oh. Okay. Wait till you hear these ideas that I came up with. They're fantastic.

Leo: She definitely loves her new job at Revlon, and they are absolutely crazy about her.

Mary: Oh, well, why wouldn't they be? She's smart. She's very talented. Which brings me to the question -- why in the world would you think that you deserve my daughter?

Mateo: Thank you.

Woman: Mr. Santos?

Mateo: Yeah. Do you have information on Julia’s records?

Woman: Dr. Martin got a chance to review the medical records, and unfortunately the blood type isn't compatible.

Mateo: So she's out. It's no use, you know?

Woman: This is going to be a long process. You should be prepared for that.

Mateo: At least now I don't have to worry about Julia, huh?

Woman: You folks are waiting for Dr. Conway, right?

Mateo: Yeah, but she's not here. But my son is her patient. Why? Is that -- is that from the donor bank? Did you guys find a donor here in Pine Valley?

Woman: I'm very sorry. We're not allowed to give out any information.

Mateo: Why? This is my son we're talking about. All I'm asking is if you found a donor or not.

Woman: The information has to be verified.

Mateo: But if you found a suitable donor, why can't you just tell me?

Woman: Until the potential donor is contacted and agrees to the procedure, we are not allowed --

Mateo: Not allowed to break rules, right? You can't break the rules. All right, I don't care. Fine. Do -- do what you need to do. They found a donor for Enzo.

Kendall: It wasn't Trey's fault the machine screwed up.

Ryan: What? What are you -- he was taking a huge chance with your future.

Trey: All I can say is I'm sorry. You're the one that hired me, Ryan, but it's up to Kendall to fire me.

Kendall: No, Trey, I don't want to fire you. Ryan, it's not Trey's fault.

Ryan: Okay. All right, fine. But please don't take any more unnecessary risks, all right?

Trey: Well, the fact is we don't have a lot to work with right now. We don't even have the results of a successful polygraph.

Kendall: We're sunk. We're totally sunk.

Trey: No, I'll think of something. But I'll be in touch. We'll discuss strategy for the trial, okay?

Kendall: Thank you. Thank you for standing up for me. But you can't blame Trey. I went right along with it.

Ryan: Well, I'm not defending you, either.

Kendall: Well, I know how bad it must've looked to you walking in here seeing -- seeing that machine go off the chart --

Ryan: You know what? I don't really care about the machine, all right, so can we just drop it?

Kendall: Well, at least we proved that the machine was broken. God. I feel sick. Almost like I have a hangover or something. Can -- can we just go home?

Ryan: Yeah. All right, let's go.

Kendall: You were right about this plan blowing up in my face. But at least it didn't prove me a liar today, right?

Ryan: Well -- well, I don't know. I mean, I don't know if the machine can handle somebody as incapable of telling the truth.

Kendall: I don't get it. Why are you so mad at me?

Ryan: Well, no, you were telling the truth about the arson charges, but what about the breaking and entering?

Kendall: Excuse me?

Ryan: Why didn't you tell me that you broke into Erica and Bianca’s house?

Leo: If you think that Greenlee can do better, then we're in agreement. But she happens to want me, so I don't need your approval.

Mary: Well, you're very far from it. But I'm talking about so much more. To begin with, on more than one occasion, Greenlee has been subjected to physical danger because of you.

Leo: You're right again. But I'm going to protect her, and that's a promise.

Mary: And I'm not going to take your word to the bank.

Leo: Gee, Ms. Smythe, if you want us to disagree about something, you're going to have to try harder.

Mary: Oh, if you really want to win her, why don't you drop the charm and be honest with me and look me straight in the eye and tell me that you really think that you're right for Greenlee.

Leo: Greenlee and I belong with each other. I'll swear on anything that you want me to. I love your daughter more than life itself.

Mary: She has a very bright and promising future with just one thing that's standing in her way.

Leo: Let me guess -- me?

Mary: And if you really love her, you'll do what's best for her and leave her.

Greenlee: Mother, you take that back or get out. I don't want you at my wedding.

Hayley: Oh, God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Please, God, help me.

Woman: I'm holding for Dr. Conway.

Brooke: Mateo, don't.

Edmund: Could you wait, Brooke, if it was Laura’s case, just to follow the rules?

Brooke: No, I couldn't.

Mateo: My son's life is in that folder. I'm not waiting.

Woman: Mr. Santos --

Mateo: Listen --

Woman: I explained to you --

Mateo: I am not waiting for Dr. Conway, okay? I'll take full responsibility, so just back off. I'll give this back when I --

Edmund: What is it?

Brooke: Mateo?

Woman: Please, Mr. Santos, this won't help your son.

Mateo: She's right about that.

Edmund: What did the file say?

Mateo: The perfect match for Enzo, the only person in this town that could save his life was Maria.

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