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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Roger: The Proteus story is my story, too. You write it. This could be very therapeutic for Greenlee. It could help her close the book, so to speak.

David: I am not grieving for Dixie because you won't let me!

Tad: When Maria died, you got through this. How do you possibly get through this?

Edmund: You don't.


[Anna and David are reading the morning paper in bed]

David: Hey, listen to this.

Anna: Oh, David, I hate being read to.

David: No, no. A writer in the Op-Ed page says that you're doing a fine job as police chief.

Anna: Oh, actually, what he said was "under Devane's leadership, public confidence in local law enforcement has skyrocketed."

David: You peeked.

Anna: I had an advance copy. You know, the press adores me.

Anna: Did you know about this?

David: What? No.

Anna: Are you going?


Priest: Edmund.

Edmund: Father Claude.

Father Claude: Well, God gave us a beautiful day for Dixie's memorial.

Edmund: Thanks for coming.

Father Claude: Tad, Brooke, we saved this first pew for you and the boys.

Tad: Thank you, father.

Father Claude: Boys, my prayers go out to both of you.

Tad: Thank you for allowing us to use the chapel. I remember how much Dixie used to love to come here on Christmas Eve.

Brooke: The flowers are beautiful.

Tad: Daisies. They were always Dixie's favorite.

J.R.: Tad? Now?

Tad: Yeah. Sure. Put it right up here where everybody can see it.

J.R.: Do you think you could do it?

[Tad takes a large picture of Dixie and puts it on a stand]


Leo: Dad. Pull up a chair. Coffee?

Roger: Why did you insist on meeting me here, Leo?

Leo: So Greenlee wouldn't find out what a big, fat liar her father is.

Roger: What do you mean?

Leo: You know what I mean, Roger -- that bogus "you're getting back together with Greenlee's mother" routine.

Roger: My relationship with my wife --

Leo: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh -- ex-wife.

Roger: Is none of your business, and I want you to butt out, Leo.

Leo: It is my business, Roger. You're dangling Greenlee's fantasy in front of her knowing it's a bunch of bull.

Roger: You don't know what you're talking about.

Leo: And the only reason I haven't told Greenlee is because the timing stinks.

Roger: You won't tell her, Leo, because it would destroy her and she would hate you.

Leo: Well, if that's what you think, then you don't know your daughter.


Simone: Oh, oh-oh. Oh, Greenlee, this gown is so you. Vera Wang meets Audrey Hepburn. Yeah.

Greenlee: It's really happening.

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: Leo and I are getting married.

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: Oh, Simone, didn't I tell you?

Simone: What?

Greenlee: My mother is coming to our wedding.

Simone: Really?

Greenlee: Really.

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: And the icing on the cake -- my dad told me he and mommy are getting back together. Is that the best present ever?

Simone: Yeah. Yeah, that's great.

Leo: My one job is to make sure that Greenlee stays on top of the world. Now, if she finds out that you're yanking her chain --

Roger: She won't, she won't. I promise.

Leo: I mean it, Roger. You will ruin her wedding. Now, get rid of your little side dish, whoever she is, at least until after the wedding. Got it?

Roger: I will. I will break it off today. All right? Now, we'd better get going because Greenlee's waiting for us.

David: No, I think I'm going to have to pass on the service for Dixie today. I have a full patient load and frankly, I'm already running late as it is.

Anna: Is that going to be all right?

David: What?

Anna: Well, you know, if you don't go.

David: I doubt very much I'll be missed.

Anna: You know what I mean. Will you regret it?

David: What do you want me to say, Anna?

David: I think the best way to honor Dixie for me today is to go to work, you know? Help the living. So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Anna: There was a house in the real estate section. It's a Victorian house with a big garden and I thought maybe I'd go and have a look at it this morning.

David: Sounds great. You'll have to fill me in on the details.

Palmer: Nobody loved Dixie the way you did.

Mia: Tad, I'm -- I'm really sorry.

Tad: Thank you.

Myrtle: I've said too many good-byes.

Bianca: I think I'm going to go find J.R.

Myrtle: All right.

Jack: I'll see you.

Tad: Hey, Myrtle. Thanks for coming. Hi, Ma.

Opal: Honey. How are you holding up?

Tad: I'm ok, all things considered. I saved you a seat with dad and the rest of the gang, so --

Opal: Ok.

Tad: Ok.

Jack: If you need anything, you call me, all right?

Tad: Ok. Thanks, Jack.

Jack: No problem, buddy.

Tad: I just can't believe she's gone. Liza, how the hell am I going to get through this


David: What's this? Half of my appointments have canceled. And where's the rest of the staff?

Sherrie: Dr. Joe and Jake are at Dixie Martin's memorial service. Most of the staff got the morning off.

David: Really?

Sherrie: I'm surprised you're not there, Dr. Hayward. Didn't Mrs. Martin work for you?

David: Yeah, once upon a time.

Father Claude: Dixie, we invite your spirit to join us in this circle of love everlasting. In glory and in remembrance, we honor you. I would like to invite those of you who would like to share your memories of Dixie to come forward.

Adam: I first met Dixie when she came to work for me. We ended up having a child together, a son -- Adam Jr., J.R., The light of both our lives. I'll never forget the day Dixie told me that she was pregnant with J.R.

[Adam remembers]

Adam: I've told you you don't have to worry. Everything's going to be fine. Dixie, you're going to have my baby. Mine. You know how much that means to me. You know how much I've wanted that. I'm going to take care of you.

Dixie: Just so many things kept going through my mind last night -- the way that we made love to each other in the boathouse and how much this baby means to you.

Adam: You've understood me all along. You -- you knew why I wanted a baby of my own blood so badly, why that was so important to me when you offered to be the surrogate mother.

Adam: Nothing has ever touched me the way that did. I always knew where I stood with Dixie, although we were often on opposite sides of any given question. But not where our son was concerned. That was one blessing we agreed Your mother loved you more than life, J.R. I see her in you and I expect you to pick up where she left off -- to keep me honest, make me a better man, the father you deserve.

Brooke: As sweet as Dixie was, she was a force to be reckoned with. Just ask Tad or J.R. She loved you, J.R. You were the center of her world. But she also had a dream of having a child with Tad.

[Brooke remembers]

Dixie: No, I had asked you point-blank once before whether this was Tad's baby and you had said no.

Brooke: It isn't!

Dixie: No, you lied to me. That is Tad's child you're carrying!

Brooke: The dream of a baby for Tad and Dixie was cut short, but she loved Tad's son, our Jamie, as much as if he were her own. Dixie had a big heart. And she made room for everybody.

Brooke: Because of that, our hearts are full.

Simone: This is your dream, right, you know -- to have your mom and your dad together at the wedding?

Greenlee: Oh, it's not just for the wedding, Simone. It's forever. My wedding put my parents back together.

Simone: Sounds almost too good to be true.

Greenlee: Oh, it's happening, Simone. I would have told you about it last night, but you were so upset about your dad.

Simone: Right. Oh, yeah. Ugh -- you know, I'm sorry. I just have this crashing headache.

Greenlee: I didn't mean to depress you.

Simone: Oh, no. Oh, no, hey, it's not you. It's -- you know, I just really just need to go back to my place and just lie in a dark room.

Greenlee: Hiding in the dark won't help. Talk to me.

Simone: No --

Greenlee: You know, I kind of feel like our friendship's a one-way deal. I share everything about my life with you, but I know nothing about this guy in your life.

Simone: Greenlee, please. I -- I just can't -- I can't do this right now.

[As Simone starts to go - Roger and Leo walk into the loft]

Roger: Look who I found in the elevator -- hello, Sweetheart.

Greenlee: Hi, Daddy.

Roger: Simone, how are you? So, you ladies have your charge cards all revved up, ready to shop?

Simone: Actually, no. Excuse me.

Leo: What, are you taking off?

Simone: Um -- well, I've got a headache. I just need to go lie down.

Roger: You know, I have the most amazing relaxation technique for your neck. Can I show you?

Simone: No. No, no -- I'm fine. I'll be fine.

Greenlee, I'll just see you at work later, in the office, ok?

Leo: So how's everything going? Are you doing any writing besides copy for Revlon? Well, not that there's anything wrong with that. But you --

Simone: Yeah. Well, actually, I was playing around with something, but, you know, it was a dead end.

Greenlee: What was it about?

Simone: Oh, you know, it really doesn't matter. It won't be written.

Greenlee: Speaking of writing -- Leo, our invitations came back from the engravers.

Leo: Oh, how'd they turn out?

Greenlee: Don't know. I wanted to look at them together.

Leo: Aw.

Greenlee: Excuse us. Come on.

Leo: All right. Feel better.

Simone: Thank you.

Roger: What's this about our book not happening? I thought we had an understanding.

Simone: You can forget about our understanding, Roger. Forget you! You know, I hope everything works out just dandy for you and your wife.

Opal: There's a story that Dixie liked to tell on herself from back in the days when she was a girl in Pigeon Hollow. And I think it shows what a really sweet, big-hearted person she truly was.

David: Stop!

David: You're not talking about Dixie, not the real Dixie, not the one I knew. Yeah, she was -- she was kind and gentle. But she wasn't perfect. She was wounded and flawed. And God knows how much I loved her.

[JR jumps up - Tad stops him]

Tad: Not now. It's all right.

Tad: Go on, David. You were saying? You knew Dixie so much better than the rest of us, why don't you tell us who you remember?

David: I may not have a -- a lifetime of memories to draw from, but the ones I do have are precious. My first memory of Dixie was of a -- of a pale beauty. Pale because she was sick. Her Uncle Palmer had brought me to her for treatment.

[David remembers]

David's voice: Dixie, can you hear me?

Dixie: Tad? I wanted -- I knew you'd come.

David: It's Dr. Hayward, Dixie. I'm going to take very good care of you.

David: Dixie ruled her life with a -- with a passion and determination. But sometimes her strong will just -- just wasn't enough.

[David remembers]

Dixie: I don't want another doctor! I want you! You're the only one that can make it all right.

Ruth: Take it easy, Darling. Take it easy. Doctor's doing everything he possibly can.

Dixie: Oh, come on, baby, hold on. Mama's here. Mama's here. Oh. Oh.

David: Dixie's heart was huge. And, yeah, she can be a -- a sucker for a lost cause. But she was a true steel magnolia. And in the end, it was her honesty that I loved most.

And --- David remembers]

David: Everything that we have shared has brought us to this very moment, right now. It's time to act, Dixie. It's time for us to stop putting barriers on our hearts, when we know that whatever is there is inevitable. I need you, Dixie. I want you. I want you so badly that I feel like I can't even go on to the next moment without you. And you feel the same way. I'm right, aren't I? You want me as much as I want you. Can you honestly say that I'm wrong?

Dixie: No.

David: No what?

Dixie: No, you're not wrong. I want you, David.

David: I'm sorry, Tad. I really am. I'm sorry for any pain that I caused you and your family, then and now. But I did love Dixie. Now, I know she belongs to you. I know that she will always belong to you. But for one brief moment, she was mine.

[David walks out of the memorial service]

Greenlee: We can't send these out. There's no way.

Leo: Well --

Roger: Greenlee, did you need to see me about something?

Greenlee: I -- yes. Daddy, you know that Revlon is paying for my whole wedding, right?

Roger: Wow. That's a perk.

Greenlee: Yeah, and they don't finance any old ceremony. Revlon's aware of the Smythe's rank and social register, so naturally you'll figure prominently as the father of the bride. And Revlon will pay you for your image.

Roger: Really?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Roger: Well, it doesn't seem right somehow -- making money off my daughter's wedding.

Greenlee: Well, they already cut you a check. Here.

Roger: Well, that's very generous.

Greenlee: You're worth it.

Roger: As long as you think so. I love you, kitten. I've got to run.

Greenlee: But you just got here.

Roger: I know. I know, but there's something that I have to take care of before your mother gets here.

Greenlee: A surprise?

Roger: A surprise? Oh, good God, no. Your mother hates surprises. I love you. Bye-bye. Leo.

Leo: Dad.

[Roger rushes out of the loft]

Greenlee: So, how was your workout?

Leo: My workout? What do --

Greenlee: Yeah, you were going to the gym, remember?

Leo: Oh, yeah.

Greenlee: But your gym bag's in the closet, so -- what'd you really do, Leo?


Roger: Simone? Simone, it's me. Simone, open the door, please. I can explain about Mary.

[Simone opens the door]

Roger: Darling, may I come in

Simone: Don't touch me! Damn you, Roger! You used me.

Roger: No, I didn't.

Simone: Yes, you did -- for a book deal. Yeah, a hefty advance from a publisher.

Roger: Listen to me. Greenlee told you that my wife and I are getting back together? Simone: The best wedding gift you could have given her. She's ecstatic.

Roger: No, she's delusional. Sure -- Mary's coming back to the wedding, but the rest of it is Greenlee's wishful thinking, Sweetheart.

Simone: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, right. Save it.

Roger: Simone, my wife means nothing to me. I can't remember the last time I even laid eyes on her. You're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Every time I lay eyes on you, I can hardly believe that you're mine.

Simone: Am I yours, Roger?

Roger: That's up to you.

Leo: Greenlee, I --

Greenlee: I know why you're sneaking around, Leo.

Leo: You do? What --

Greenlee: That lame bit about running into Daddy in the elevator -- please. You're in cahoots. My two favorite men planning to wow me. Hello? My wedding present? I mean, you are getting me something, right?

Leo: Yeah, I -- sure. You know, something borrowed, something blue --

Greenlee: Hey, dope, that's the maid of honor's job, which reminds me -- I really want to get something nice for Simone. She's been really down lately.

Leo: Well, she'll work it out.

Greenlee: I'm going to go check on her.

Leo: She's got a splitting headache, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, and I've got these pills from when loony Laura was giving me migraines. I'll just take them down to her.

Leo: Don't you think maybe you should call first?

Greenlee: You know, she's probably sleeping, so I'll just use my key, tiptoe in, and leave them by the bed.

Leo: Wow. My Greenlee to the rescue. Aren't you --

Greenlee: It's what friends do, right? They take care of each other.

Leo: You think she has any idea how lucky she got in the best friend department, hmm? Hmm?

Anna: David?

David: Hey.

Anna: Oh, finally. I've been searching all over for you. How have you been?

Father Claude: Is there anyone else who would like to share their feelings about Dixie?

Tad: When I was very young, I learned that the world could be a pretty frightening place. And consequently, for a while after I was adopted, I had a kind of a sad little trick. I would lie on my bed at home and close my eyes and try make the world go away. All I wanted was to live my life with everything and everybody at arm's length so that nothing would ever touch me again. I wasted a lot of years like that. Afraid. All that changed when I met your mother because when I looked at Dixie, all I ever saw was home. And when I held her, I just knew, for some reason, that I was right where I was supposed to be. No matter what --

Tad: Excuse me.

Singer: No matter what, I finally loved somebody who truly loved me back. The past doesn't just go away, and all too often, I made that harder than it had to be. Most of the time, out of fear.

Tad: That's what I regret most of all -- the too many times I ended up hurting the person that I truly loved the most. And I didn't want to. Most of the time, didn't even know the reason why. But I swear that she was always first in my heart. She was my life. And I just feel so lost without her. I don't understand why she's not here. I don't understand why I'm never going to get the chance to hold my baby girl. Why I will never get the chance to be the kind of father to her that Joseph Martin was to me. And lately, when I'm not crying, I just -- I'm so angry. I'm angry at everything. I'm angry at the car she was driving. I'm angry at the road she was on, the weather, everything. But mostly, I think I'm angry at myself because the person that I love the most paid the highest price possible for my flaw. For my fear. I was so afraid of losing Dixie that she actually felt she had to leave her home to follow her heart. And because of that, I lost her anyway. And because of that, I am and I always will be so sorry.

[Clips of Tad and Dixie together are shown while the song is played]

Singer: You'll remember me when the west wind moves among the fields of barley u can tell l the sun in his jealous sky when we walked in fields of gold so she took her love for to gaze a while among the fields of barley in his arms she fell as her head came down among the fields of gold will you stay with me? Will you be my love among the fields of barley? And you can tell the sun in his jealous sky when we walked in fields of gold I never made promises lightly and there have been some that I've broken I swear in the days still left we will walk in fields of gold we will walk in fields of gold singer: When we walked in fields of gold when we walked in fields of gold


Anna: Where did you disappear to?

David: Why? What's up?

Anna: I went to see the house. The one I told you about in the paper.

David: Oh, right -- the -- the Victorian with the gabled roof.

Anna: It's fantastic. It is beautiful. I mean, it's really -- you're going to love it. It's exactly what you were talking about. It has a huge fireplace and this enormous back yard. And what is in the back yard?

David: What?

Anna: A weeping willow tree. Did you see this place?

David: You're kidding.

Anna: No.

David: No, I didn't see it, no.

Anna: It's -- it's really -- it's a nice house. So -- I don't know what you want to do. If you -- if -- because -- I'll go for it if you want -- a mortgage, a dog, a SUV. A baby -- if you want.

[JR comes up behind David and yells - - -]

J.R.: Damn you, David! You couldn't even leave us alone, not even at my mom's memorial!

[JR hits David]

Anna: Oh, David!

Mateo: Yeah, well, we'll be home in a minute, ok? Bye. Hey, I'm sorry, but we got to go home.

Hayley: Why?

Mateo: Enzo's got a fever. I think we should go.

Brooke: Oh.

Hayley: Ok. All right, well, call us if you need anything at all.

Tad: Will do.

Mateo: It'll be ok.

Tad: Thanks.

Hayley: Bye.

Brooke: Oh, kiss that cute baby.

Hayley: I will, thanks.

Tad: Well -- we made it.

Brooke: You did good.

Tad: If that's true, it's because of you. And I'm more grateful than I could possibly say. But you know something? I'm not the only person who needs you. Why don't you go spend some time with Edmund? Go on, be happy. Because God knows, you deserve it.

Brooke: Is that Dixie talking?

Tad: It's probably both of us. Go on. He's waiting.

[Roger and Simone are making love on her couch - - the door knob turns - - the door opens]

[Key turns in lock]

Leo: Ah --

Greenlee: My name is Greenlee, not Greenleaf! Do I sound like a freaking tree? Well, you'll have to redo the invitations on a rush. They have to go out next week.

[Greenlee hangs up the phone]

[Doorbell rings]

Greenlee: Oh! Leo. You'll have to put starting -- put your key around your neck.

[Greenlee opens the door]

Greenlee: Mommy!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Anna: Don't you dare walk away from him.

Simone: I'm going to go see Greenlee. Are you coming with me or not?

Mary: He's very handsome, and he doesn't look at all like a gigolo.

Edmund: But being here today made me realize something I'm glad I know now, before we got married.

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