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All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/23/02

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Marian: Why are you lying about your health? What's wrong with you?

Liza: I just need to get ready to go out.

Marian: If you don't tell me the truth right now, Iím going to tell Adam all about this.

Ryan: We have the bail.

Judge: Ms. Hart, do you wish to enter a guilty plea?

Kendall: No. I'm innocent! I didn't set that fire!


Liza: Mother, you can't go to Adam.

Marian: Liza, I know you're hiding something, and if I can feel it, so can Adam.

Liza: It's your imagination!

Marian: Oh, really? Have I imagined you and Mia with your heads together whispering? I come into the room, you suddenly just clam up?

Liza: You know, mother, I have a right to privacy.

Marian: You have no right to keep secrets from Adam. He's your husband.

Liza: You and I kept secrets from Adam and it never bothered you. I think what you really hate is me keeping secrets from you.


Trey: Hi.

Officer: How are you doing?

Trey: Can you just give me a second to talk to my client? A little privacy, please?

Officer: Sure.

Trey: Thanks.

Mia: What is your problem? What is it this time?

Trey: I'm looking at it.

Mia: Look, your client made bail. That's a win -- unless you want Kendall held over until the trial.

Trey: It's not about the bail, it's about how you made it happen.

Mia: Liza did this, ok? She -- she did this for Ryan. I had nothing to do with it. I just did the scut work, that's all.

Trey: I don't like to share the wealth, Mia.

Mia: Look, I tried to talk her out of it, I did.

Trey: You didn't try hard enough.

Mia: Trey, I already paid you off.

Trey: Oh, that was just the down payment.

Mia: What? That was an unauthorized withdrawal that I made. The paper trail's going to lead straight back to me.

Trey: Oh, are you afraid of Liza?

Mia: I don't want her to find out I took --

Trey: Because Liza is the least of your worries. This is the face you should fear.


Jack: Thank you. So, what is this all about? Is this about the fire? Maybe about Kendall?

Bianca: No, Uncle Jack. I wanted to see you, but it has nothing to do with Kendall.

Ryan: Hey. Kendall come back yet?

Mia: Uh -- no. No.

Ryan: No? I mean, I thought she just went to the ladies' room or grabbed her stuff or whatever, but I looked all over the place. She split.

Trey: This is a bad sign.

Ryan: I told her to wait.

Trey: Your girlfriend jumping bail is an admission to setting that fire.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, hold on a second. Kendall did not jump bail, all right?

Chris: This is good. This is really good. You post bail so Kendall skips town?

Ryan: No, no -- we don't -- we don't know that she skipped town.

Chris: Well, why don't you just clue me in then and tell me where the hell she is, Ryan.


Kendall: I'm not letting you shut me out, mother. Not this time. Not until you've heard the truth.

Erica: I'm calling security.

Kendall: Fine. By the time they get here, you'll see that what I have to say is valid.

Erica: Oh! There is nothing you can say that can excuse yourself, Kendall.

Kendall: There is plenty, mother. And for the first time in your life, Iíd like you to hear it.

Erica: What lame excuse for a judge let you out?

Kendall: Well, it almost didn't happen. They set the bail at a million dollars.

Erica: No kidding. How in the world did you ever get that money?

Kendall: It doesn't matter. Ryan raised it, which, given the evidence against me, is beyond amazing.

Erica: Amazing? It's certainly beyond amazing. It is aiding and abetting an arsonist.

Kendall: No, there's no case against me, mother. It's all a big mix-up.

Erica: Mix-up? I was there! You confessed!

Kendall: Look, I know how it looks, Erica, but you have to believe me. No matter how angry Iíve been or spiteful or hateful or jealous, out of control --

Erica: Kendall, you make it sound like all you have is a bad personality.

Kendall: Look, Iíve -- Iíve plotted against you, Iíve planned, Iíve schemed, but I would never physically hurt you or my sister or burn down your home.

Erica: How do you have the nerve to stand here and look me in the eye and lie in my face?

Kendall: I'm not lying.

Erica: You have already physically hurt your sister. You have already physically hurt me.

Kendall: I don't blame you for doubting me. I know Iíve given you a lot of reasons to hate me.

Erica: I have told you I don't hate you.

Kendall: Look, I never wanted to destroy your life, mother. Deep down, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to belong to you the way Bianca belongs.

Erica: I see. You just wanted to belong to me and be a part of the family. And how did you show that, Kendall? By coming back to Pine Valley and trying to bury me? By giving your teenage half sister alcohol and almost getting her killed? And then lying about her in court and saying that she stole that from you? And then siccing that -- that tabloid on me? And then holding a gun on me? Are these your family values, Kendall? Is this who you are? Is this how you show -- by threatening me? By threatening Bianca? This is how you show that you care?

Kendall: Ok, Erica, I know that Iíve messed up.

Erica: Messed up? No. This is not spilt milk we're talking about. You set a fire. You destroyed my home, and you almost killed four people.

Kendall: Oh, Erica, I did not set that fire. I swear to you on my life, I did not that set that fire!

Erica: You stood there and swore to me that you did it! You confessed, Kendall! So all this -- this groveling and this phony remorse and this lying is a -- it's a waste of time! The police have evidence against you. Save your phony act -- save it. It's phony! Save it for the judge!

Kendall: Erica -- Erica, I came here --

Erica: Because you are so desperate! Because you have no way out! No other way out, and you finally know it! Well, you have tried to take my life from me. You live to take my life and Biancaís life from her, and finally, life is just turning it around on you, and finally, you are going to be locked up where you can't hurt anybody anymore, finally! Finally.

Chris: What? She's not at Myrtle's?

Ryan: No. I'm going to try her cell phone. Hold on a second.

[Phone rings]

Mia: Hello.

Jake: Hey, it's me.

Mia: Hi, Jake.

Jake: So how are you?

Mia: I'm a little bit crazed right now.

Jake: Oh, what's Adam done now? No, Iím sorry. Cheap shot. Listen, why don't you and I get together later and not talk about Adam Chandler?

Mia: You know, I -- I don't think that I can.

Jake: Family took a pretty big hit here recently and I could sure use some company.

Mia: Oh, yeah. Listen, I -- I know. I heard about Dixie, and Iím really sorry, but this is just a really bad time.

Jake: Yeah, for me, too, so we can hold hands and tell each other life makes sense over a bottle of wine.

Mia: I'm sorry, Jake. I can't.

Ryan: Kendall -- Kendall, where are you? I'm at the courthouse. I'm waiting for you. Call me back.

Chris: You know, if she skips town, you're stuck for the bail.

Ryan: She didn't skip town, Chris. Look, I don't really like what Iím thinking.

Chris: What's that?

Ryan: Well, if you were Kendall, where's the first place you'd go to?

Chris: Oh, damn. Come on, let's go.

Trey: I own you. Get used to it.

Mia: Get off of me.

Trey: One call from me and down come baby.

Mia: You know, I wish to God Iíd never met you.

Maggie: You're busted, counselor.

Stuart: Liza, your mother has to worry about you. That's her job.

Liza: Yeah, I know, Stuart. I'm just not up for a mother-daughter chat.

Stuart: Ok. Why don't I get you both some tea?

Liza: No, thank you.

Marian: No, Liza saves her cozy, little tea parties for Mia.

Liza: Mother, you know, weren't you the one who encouraged me to get close to Mia?

Marian: Yes, I was, and Iím thrilled that you and your sister are so close.

Stuart: That's right. It was Marian that asked Mia to come live with us.

Liza: Well, then, mother, what's your problem? Mia's my best friend.

Marian: Adam should be your best friend. It's not right for you to put Mia in front of Adam. If there's something wrong with you, Liza, you should go to your husband and talk to him about it.

Liza: No, mother, butt out.

Stuart: Liza, that's not very nice.

Marian: Oh, it's all right, Stuart. Liza always has to have her own way, even when she's wrong. Even when she's terribly, terribly wrong.

Liza: Ugh -- ugh! Why does she have to be that way? Why?

Stuart: Because she's your mother and she cares about you.

Liza: She should get a life.

Stuart: You are her life, Liza, just like Colby is yours.

Liza: Mia, did you get Ryan the money for Kendallís bail?

Mia: Yeah, I did. Ryan said to thank you again.

Liza: I appreciate you handling it.

Mia: I just hope we did the right thing, that's all.

Liza: I'm just so happy that the money could be used by someone.

Liza: You know, I wanted to thank you, you know, for -- it just is such a relief to have you in control of this.

Mia: Liza, about that. I was thinking -- maybe you should take my name off the account.

Liza: Why?

Mia: Because you're well.

Liza: Maybe not.

Mia: No, you're well, come on, and you don't need me guarding the money anymore.

Liza: Mia, the money is there to protect Colby. If something were to happen to me, the only person whom I trust is you with those bank books.

Stuart: Ahem. Hi.

Mia: Hi, Stuart.

Stuart: Hi, Mia. Hi. Did Marian come back by here?

Liza: No, no. Maybe she's in the gatehouse, Stuart.

Stuart: No, no, she's not. I checked. It's just she's so upset.

Liza: Maybe she needed some time alone.

Stuart: No, no, it's not a good idea for Marian to be alone when she's like this.

Liza: Stuart, this afternoon, Iíll find my mother, we'll make up. We'll have a tea party or something.

Stuart: Just the two of you?

Liza: Just the two of us.

Stuart: Thank you. That will make Marian very happy -- and me. Thank you. Thank you, Liza. Bye.

Mia: Bye, Stuart.

Liza: My mother is clueless and she's having this meltdown. I mean, imagine if I had told Adam that I was having these episodes. He would just detonate.

Mia: They love you so much.

Liza: Yeah, well, you know, I love them. That's why I don't want to scare them.

Mia: Well, what about me?

Liza: You don't fall apart during a crisis. If there's one person that I trust to protect me, to take care of me, it's you. You would do that for me and Colby.

Mia: Yeah, well, we should get going because Dr. Greenberg is squeezing you in between appointments.

Liza: Mia, tell me that everything's going to be all right.

Mia: Everything's going to be A-ok.

Maggie: Wow. You are guilty of some bad impulse control.

Trey: Well, could we just say that Iíve had a rotten day and let me off with a slap on the wrist?

Maggie: Well, when you have these rotten days, you ever take it out on other things besides chairs?

Trey: Like what?

Maggie: I don't know. Like people. I heard that chick say that she wished she never met you.

Trey: I'm sorry you heard that, Maggie.

Maggie: Huh -- you remember my name. Very impressive.

Trey: Well, you make a very good first impression. I'm afraid I can't say the same for myself.

Maggie: Why would you be afraid?

Trey: Because you're the last person that I want to think badly of me.

Maggie: Why the hell would you care what I think about you?

Jack: Sweetheart, I do not want you to have to spend your life looking over your shoulder to see if Kendall is catching up, so we are going to prosecute her to the fullest extent --

Bianca: Uncle Jack, I mean it. I didn't ask you out to rip up my wicked half sister. This is about mom.

Jack: Oh. Well, Erica will be fine. She always is. She is of champion stock. Plus, she has you and Chris.

Bianca: Uncle Jack --

Jack: Mm-hmm?

Bianca: Are you still in love with my mother?

Erica: Do you -- do you have any idea how sick you are? You come here while the ink is still wet on your bail bond, and you expect me to forget all the times that you tormented my family and me! You think that all of a sudden, even though I stood there with you and watched my house burn down, and you confessed to doing it! Then all of a sudden you didn't do it?

Kendall: I did not start that fire. I did not. I do not deserve to go to jail!

Erica: You will go to jail. I will get up in that witness stand, and I will testify against you. And I will tell all the times that you tried to destroy my family and me. I will tell them. And you will go to jail, and I will make the world a safer place for everyone, including my daughter, Bianca, and me, no matter what it takes!

Kendall: I'm your daughter, too! You are my mother! You are my mother!

Erica: Your mother lives in Florida. Your mother raised you with love and your father raised you with love, and I am not your mother! I wish --

[Chris and Ryan walk in Ė Kendall rushes into the bathroom]

Chris: Erica?

Erica: Oh, Chris! Oh, Chris. Chris. Kendall --

Chris: Ok. It's ok. It's ok. When -- when is this finally going to stop, Kendall, huh? After you manage to kill her? Is that when?

Chris: It's ok. Come on.

Ryan: Chris, come on. You know Kendall didn't come here to hurt Erica.

Chris: I don't know that.

Ryan: Well, instead of assuming the worst in her, why don't you just talk to her? Why don't you ask her?

Chris: No. No, no, no. You see, Iím through talking to her, Ryan. It's all right, Sweetheart. Just -- just relax. It's ok. I'm here now, ok? I'm here now. Just breathe in slowly, slowly. Are you ok?

Erica: It's just -- a little hard to breathe.

Chris: That's ok. Slowly. You breathe in slowly, all right? You should have called me. You could have called me.

Ryan: Hey, you should have called 911, too, you know?

Chris: What? Ryan, you think this is some kind of a joke?

Ryan: No, I don't think this is a joke, Chris, but you saw her. You saw Kendall. She couldn't hurt anyone. She was all shaken up.

Chris: I don't -- I don't care about her. You see, she burned her ticket with me. She gets no compassion from me, Ryan.

Ryan: Oh, that would be asking too much.

Chris: Ryan, just think. You post her bail, she breaks the sound barrier to get over here. Why? So she can take her freedom and shove it in Ericaís face, that's why.

Ryan: She dragged Erica out of a burning house, Chris.

Erica: No. No, she didn't. She didn't do that.

Ryan: Well, come on, she's innocent!

Chris: Not in my court.

Ryan: Well, she's not a killer, all right? Her only crime is that she exists, and for whatever reason, for whatever reason, Erica can't seem to deal with it.

Erica: Ryan, that's not true. It's never been true. She wants you to believe that.

Chris: Why don't you open your eyes? Her fingerprints are all over this mess.

Ryan: No, you're wrong.

Chris: No, no, no, no. I -- oh, I was wrong. You see, I thought there was hope for Kendall. That was until I found out how bad she really is. Me? I'm wise now.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you don't know her like I do.

Chris: No, I don't. You know, Ryan, you want to sleep with the devil, you go right ahead. That's your choice. You know, I just hope you wake up in time. So me, my eyes have been open. Look, the only reason why she stayed close to me when I was in that wheelchair was to get me to let my guard down. She was using me just so she could get a clearer shot at Erica.

[Kendall comes out of the bathroom]

Ryan: You see, this is the problem -- you won't listen. You're not even trying to hear her side of the story.

Chris: Get her the hell out of here. And you -- you stay away from Erica and from Bianca.

Ryan: Come on, let's go.

Kendall: Ryan, I didn't come here to hurt her. You have to believe me.

Ryan: I believe you. I believe you. Come on, let's go. We're off.

Chris: Shh. It's all right. It's all right. It's ok.

Jack: Thank you.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, I have seen the way you are with mom. And I overheard you telling her that you would never be able to be happy for her and Chris.

Jack: No, look, I want her to be happy. I just don't think she can do it with Chris stamp, that's all.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, I love you, but I really just don't think that you're cutting Chris a fair break here.

Jack: And you're all gung ho for this guy?

Bianca: I like him, but that's not the point.

Jack: So what is?

Bianca: The point is that mom is in a very shaky place right now, and the only time she feels safe and protected is when she's with him.

Jack: I see. You don't want me to interfere with that. Is that it?

Bianca: Uncle Jack, I -- you know that mom and I have not exactly gotten along for a long time, but Iím finally starting to realize how beyond lucky I am to have somebody like her for a mom, somebody who would have gone to prison for something that she didn't do just to protect me.

Jack: Look, I hope you know that I did not enjoy raking her over the coals in that courtroom.

Bianca: And I also know that you didn't enjoy Chris throwing out the rule book to defend her.

Jack: All of that aside, I just don't think that Chris is right for her. It's as easy as that.

Bianca: Well, that's not exactly your decision. Uncle Jack, she seems so happy. I really think she deserves that.

Jack: So what you're saying is you want me to back off.

Bianca: Yeah, I do -- for mom's sake and for your own.

Jack: You know, you are quite the little mediator, just like your old man.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Jack Montgomery. And when did this happen? Oh, you got to be kidding me. I'll be right down there. All right, thanks.

Bianca: Trouble?

Jack: Yeah, Kendall made bail.

Bianca: Yeah, I know.

Jack: You know? Well, I don't have time to find out how you know, but if you would like, I can drop you off at the Valley Inn. I have to get back to my office.

Bianca: No, it's a nice day. I'll walk.

Jack: Ok. You do know I love you, yes? And thanks -- I think.

Bianca: I love you, too. And you're welcome.

Jack: See you.


Nurse: Oh, Mrs. Chandler, hello.

Liza: Hi. I'm just a little bit early for my appointment with Dr. Eenberg.

Nurse: All right. I'll let him know you're here.

Liza: It's a weird feeling of deja vu.

Mia: Yeah, yeah, me, too.

Liza: You know, I keep thinking, what if the tumor's back? What if I have to have surgery again or if I don't survive surgery?

Mia: No, Liza. Just focus on your future and your beautiful family, ok?

Liza: But you know what? It's not myself that Iím really even worried about. It's Colby. I an, if I relapse, I mean, who's going to take care of her?

Mia: We don't even know that anything's wrong yet, so we don't need to press the panic button, ok? It's all right.

Nurse: Mrs. Chandler? Dr. Greenberg will see you now. Ok.

Mia: Do you want me to go in there with you?

Liza: No, Iím fine. Don't go anywhere, though?

Mia: No, no. I won't. I'll be right here.

Liza: I love you.

Mia: Jake.

Jake: Looking for me?

Mia: Actually, yeah, I was looking for you.

Jake: You found me.

Mia: And you're not running the other way, which is a good thing.

Jake: Well, why would I run?

Mia: Because I was just a complete rude jerk on the phone. I'm sorry.

Jake: Well, didn't take it personally. Much.

Mia: Don't be nice to me, all right?

Jake: Hey, you weren't in the mood for another round of Adamís sermons. I understand that.

Mia: You know, Adam is definitely not the worst guy in the world.

Jake: No comment. Just kidding, really. Listen, I know I put you in a bad spot. You live with the guy, and I rag on him all the time.

Mia: You're entitled to your own opinion. You are.

Jake: Ok. Well, I also know that you have too much class to trash your sister's husband. I respect that. I respect you.

Mia: Oh, God. All right, since we're being honest here --

Jake: Honest.

Mia: I didn't actually -- I didn't actually come here to see you.

Jake: Oh. Well, Iím wounded, but Iím coping.

Mia: I brought Liza here to see Dr. Greenberg.

Jake: Her neurologist?

Mia: Yes. She's having these -- she's disoriented again and she's experiencing this spaciness, and she's not sure if it's due to the recovery or if the tumor is coming back.

Jake: Ok, Liza doesn't want anyone to know in case it's nothing.

Mia: Yeah. I'm sorry I lied to you.

Jake: Mia, Mia, forget me. I know how close you are to your sister, and I know that you must be a wreck right now. Just tell me what I can do to help.

Mia: I'm in desperate need of normal. Can you do normal?

Jake: I can do normal or anything else you need.

Erica: You took my side. You took my side and in front of Ryan.

Chris: Yeah, well, he's having a tough time of it right now, and the closer he stays to Kendall, it's not going to be easy for him, but you know what? I'm going to take that headache. I'm going to save it for another time. The only concern, my only care, is for you. So what do you say?

Erica: I don't know. I don't know where to begin. I have so much that I have to do, and I don't know where to begin. I mean, the house, gone, and we have to live someplace. I don't know. I -- oh, Chris, Biancaís baby picture -- the one with her on the pony. My mother's pearl ring. So many memories, they're gone.

Chris: You know what? You know what? I know a special section salvage crew. I'll send them to your place. If there's even a false eyelash left, they'll find it.

Erica: Oh, no.

Chris: What?

Erica: I just remembered. There's a stockholder's meeting in New York today, and I would send Greenlee, you know, but she's such an ungrateful brat. She defected to Revlon, and now I have to go, and I don't want to go. The only thing I want to do is just run away.

Chris: Well, we can do both.

Erica: What? How?

Chris: Well, Iíll take you. You do your meeting. You show the shareholders what a trouper you are, and then we'll have some quality down time alone. You and me, alone. Nobody else. Mano a mano. Zool a zool.

Erica: Zool a zool.

Chris: Alone. Come on, baby. Come on. What do you say?

Erica: Oh, my God, I have nothing to wear.

Chris: So what? We'll go shopping. Blaze a trail down Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, whatever avenue you want. But when we get back to the hotel and we're alone, all bets -- or clothes -- are off. All right?

Erica: Oh, Chris, it sounds ideal, but I can't. I can't leave Bianca alone, not at a time like this.

[Bianca walks in]

Bianca: Yes, you can, mom. And you're going to.

Trey: You, Maggie, are one of life's truth tellers. You see things for what they are, and I hope that you'll see me as a friend.

Maggie: Well, I don't know. Depends. Are you still playing lawyer for my Aunt Vanessa?

Trey: Does that make a difference?

Maggie: Oh, me being one of life's truth tellers, yeah, it makes a hell of a difference.

Jack: Hello, Maggie. If you would excuse us, I need to talk to Trey for just a minute privately.

Maggie: Sure.

Jack: Thanks.

Maggie: See you.

Jack: So I understand I missed a hell of a show this morning, huh?

Trey: You're referring to my client making bail.

Jack: Yes. Were you surprised about that?

Trey: Let's just say, given the evidence, I didn't expect it.

Jack: Well, it sounds like you don't have a whole lot of faith in Ms. Hart.

Trey: Faith isn't a prerequisite. I'll defend her regardless.

Jack: This could be a real headlining case. I mean, you've got a high-profile celebrity. You've got arson, you've got the family angle.

Trey: Are you suggesting a change of venue?

Jack: No, no, no, no. I'm just suggesting that my office better not screw this up. So what Iíve done is Iíve hired a forensic expert in the area of arson.

Trey: To cinch the case against my client?

Jack: Or to eliminate her as the suspect. Either one.

Trey: Really? Because your office pursued the arrest so aggressively.

Jack: Well, yes, but I have no intention of prosecuting her unless I have hard proof she actually set that fire.

Trey: Hmm -- well, what if these experts don't come up with anything?

Jack: Oh, they do. They always do. They're very good at what they do. Whoever set that fire is going down.


Ryan: You got to know that this thing with your mom -- it's a dead end. It's a dead end, and the only fix is distance. All right? And Iím going to put as much distance as I can between you and Erica.

Kendall: What, we're going on the run?

Ryan: Yeah, after you beat the arson charge, you know, and you clear your name so you're not jumping out of your skin every time you hear a cop siren.

Kendall: Yeah, I can't go to jail, Ryan. I can't. I'll die.

Ryan: You're not going to go to jail. You're not, because you're innocent, ok? So we're going to stay here and we're going to fight. And when it's done, you can live any place you want as long as it's a zillion zip codes away from here.

Kendall: You would -- you would do that for me? Give up everything?

Ryan: Can you give up Erica?

Kendall: Can you give up Chris? I mean, he cares about you so much.

Ryan: I'll send him a post card from wherever we land, all right? But you got to know this is your decision. It's got to be your move, Kendall. All right, just know that I am with you all the way.

Ryan: Now -- are you with me? Are you? Can you trust me enough to find out who we are together?

Kendall: Yeah. I trust you, Ryan. I trust you with my whole life.

Ryan: And you promise not to run out on me again?

Kendall: Only if you promise not to wake up tomorrow morning and be someone else.

Ryan: Not a chance.


Stuart: Oh, Marian. Oh, Marian. Why -- why did you run away? Why have you been drinking, Sweetheart?

Marian: Secrets.

Stuart: What?

Marian: Secret.

Stuart: Sweetheart, here, here.

Marian: Oh.

Stuart: Come on.

Marian: Oh.

Stuart: It's ok. Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. Ok, ok. What -- what secrets, hmm?

Marian: Liza. Liza. My beautiful Liza. Secrets. Oh.

Stuart: What secrets? Liza and the bank book?

Jake: So Tad's having the memorial service for Dixie tomorrow.

Mia: Yeah, I know. I heard. I was going to go, you know, show some support for JR and all.

Jake: Well, we can go together, I mean, if you want.

Mia: I'd like that.

Jake: Well, good, good. I seem to be one for one here, so Iím going to go for it again. Now, you said no to dinner on the phone, but can you say no to my face?

Mia: Dinner would be great, actually.

Jake: Huh.

Liza: Hi.

Jake: Hey.

Mia: Hi. So what did the doctor say?

Liza: Everything's going to be fine.

Mia: Oh, good! I knew it, I knew it. Oh, God. Oh, God, ok. Oh, I hope you don't mind. I told Jake because he was a consult on your case and all.

Liza: No, that's ok. Just don't say anything to Adam about me coming here.

Jake: I wouldn't. So specifically, what did Greenberg say?

Liza: He said that my post-op recovery is coming along just fine and that he wants to see me back next week for an MRI.

Jake: Good, good. It's a routine follow-up. That's absolutely normal.

Liza: He also said it was normal for patients to fear relapse, maybe get a little out of control, so I think maybe I just overreacted.

Mia: Yeah, well, fear is a normal thing, you know.

Liza: Yeah, I mean, I would have been a basket case without Mia. I count on her more than anyone.

Mia: Liza, don't make me out to be someone special.

Liza: You are someone special. I mean, Adamís always busy with business and with business deals, and that big old house would be lonelier if you weren't there.

Mia: It's been good for me, too.

Jake: Ah, can a guy join this mutual admiration society?

Liza: No, I don't think so. I think this might be a girl thing. You know, me, and my sister, and Colby. Tonight it's DVDs and popcorn.

Mia: I forgot to run by the rental place and pick up --

Liza: It's ok. No, we'll just do it on our way home.

Mia: Yeah, ok, sure, yeah.

Liza: So I guess Iíll see you tomorrow at Dixieís memorial.

Jake: Yeah. You look great, and Iíll see you there.

Liza: Ok.

Mia: I am so sorry about tonight.

Jake: What?

Mia: I'll see you tomorrow, though, ok?

Jake: Good.

Erica: Thank you, Honey. Oh, thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me. Well, I am so blessed.

Chris: I guess that makes all of us blessed, then, huh?

Erica: Yes.

Bianca: Ok, you guys better get going before somebody starts singing "Kumbaya."

Erica: I'm going to call you.

Bianca: No, you better not. I don't want any phone calls. I want you to pretend this town doesn't even exist.

Chris: I like this girl.

Erica: I love you, Sweetheart.

Bianca: I love you, too, mom. One more.

Erica: All right.

Chris: Ahem.

Bianca: Ok, ok. We love you, too, Chris.

Chris: Yeah, "Kumbaya."

Bianca: Bye. Ok?

Erica: Ok, Sweetheart.

Bianca: I'll miss you.

Erica: I'll miss you.

Erica: Isn't she amazing?

Chris: Just like her mom. Come here. Let's create some memories, ok?

Erica: Oh! Chris!

[Knock on door]

Trey: Hey, Ryan, did you find the -- Kendall, you're here. Good, good. Is everything ok?

Ryan: Yeah, we got everything under control.

Trey: Glad to hear it. May I come in? I've got some news about Kendallís case.

Kendall: What? My bail's been revoked?

Trey: No, this is good news. I think Iíve figured out a way to get you out of this mess.

Kendall: Oh, you mean you're finally doing what you're supposed to do as my lawyer?

Trey: That was a mistake to ask you to plead guilty.

Kendall: What, all of a sudden you believe in me?

Trey: Kendall, Iím betting everything on how much I believe in you. Now all I need from you is your complete faith in me.

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